When Hypnodommes collide

Amateur Night

by LydiaSalia

Tags: #D/s #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #m/f #pov:bottom #exhibitionism #scat

Pay back is a bitch.

I spoke to several fellow hypnotists after my lecture who were curious to know what Kendall had done to me. I wasn't eager to share intimate details, but I confessed that she had me calling her master and licking her feet. Most of them couldn't believe it. One skeptic said, “You wouldn't do that if you didn't want to.”

That irritated me. He was so ‘old school’. "Listen friend, I hate to burst your bubble, but you are under some rather strong misconceptions about hypnosis. First, someone who is highly hypnotizable like me can be instructed to do something that they would not normally do. I tend to want to be cooperative, by nature. If my subconscious is convinced that the command is ok or beneficial, or something that I want, I will do it. I do this to my subjects all the time. I make them believe they want to do something, or they want to please me and by obeying my command I will be pleased. As long as you navigate around the conscious mind's desire to 'think' about the suggestions, as long as you bypass 'analysis', you can make most people do just about anything. People can be hypnotized who do not intend or want to be hypnotized. Your understanding of hypnosis is what some of the schools teach, but it is outdated thinking."

The skeptics wife was holding his arm and blurted out, "George was one of the ones you hypnotized in your lecture."

George responded, irritated, "Shut up with that. I was not hypnotized."

I smiled. She had made my point.

I spotted Kendall speaking to a few attendees. "Kendall, come on over here." I expected she would comply as I had instructed her not to be embarrassed over the rather loud orgasm she enjoyed during my lecture. Kendall sauntered on over. She was inundated with questions.

"Yes, I hypnotized Lydia to be my bitch for a day."

"No, I did not realize I had been hypnotized during my massage”.

"Yes, I am wondering how Lydia 'woke up' from my suggestions. That is a neat trick, especially given my sleep trigger no longer works."

Then Kendall volunteered, "I guess we're even now?"

"Sure" I said to her, while I thought to myself, fuck no, we are not even yet. It will take a lot to reach even after you made me eat ass.

Kendall’s ‘loud orgasm’ pretty much confirmed I knew what I was talking about. A few people had wandered off. Before I lost any more I decided to drop the invitation. "Listen everyone, I have arranged for a private party of strippers to strut their stuff tonight at Club Dominion. We have the place to ourselves. Now I have hypnotized a few of the strippers and have some very funny surprises in store for everyone. I expect to see all of you there tonight at 8pm. The first 2 rounds of drinks are on me and, of course, I'm picking up the tab for the show. There are three very fine male strippers as well as three beautiful girl strippers. You will not want to miss this.

At 8pm, friends of mine, some of the attendees at my lecture today and Kendall wandered into the club. All told there were about 30 of us. Kendall had been instructed to arrive without her boyfriend. Yes, she was under a hypnotic compulsion. We all received our first round of drinks and music started playing. There were two small dance platforms. It was an intimate setting. One of the female strippers adorned the pole on the stage directly across from me and the male stripper was on the other stage. I was waiting for the DJ to announce it was time for amateurs to come up on the stage. At around 8:30 pm, he made the announcement and Kendall stood up and walked to the stage. The announcement “It’s time for amateur night!” dropped her into trance. She didn't seem the least bit shy. She began a slow, sensuous dance, swaying her hips. About half way through the first song, she was about half way undressed. She continued to gyrate her hips and managed to remove her top and bra. She had nice jugs and was cradling them sensuously for the others to see. With the second song, all clothes would come off. And they did. Kendall was stark naked, dancing on the stage as her fellow hypnotists made cat calls and threw dollar bills on the stage. After she was done I motioned for her to come sit down next to me wearing only her panties and a bra.

She looked at me suddenly aware. "I can't believe I did that. Can I get fully dressed now?"

My response, "No. We ain't even yet girl."

She had a forlorn look as she contemplated what she had gotten herself into.

"We haven't even had the main course yet." Almost as if on cue, one of the black male strippers came over and began gyrating against Kendall.

I hadn’t really hypnotized the strippers. Their motivation for following my directions was cash.

At first Kendall was shy and inhibited, but I had made sure that would change. The Nubian prince had a firm ass. He was facing away from her, rubbing it against Kendall's chest. She was leaning back in her chair, but then her hands slowly, tentatively came up to feel his hips and legs and then migrated to his ass. I looked at her and she appeared quite hot and flustered. This went on for another minute of so. The stripper turned to face her. He was wearing a g-string and he was all but popping out. Kendall was staring at his schlong like she was in trance. She was in trance. A waking trance. She reached up and free'd him. Holding his massive black cucumber in her hand, she began to lick up the entire length of his shaft. Soon she was deep throating him and he was enjoying it as much as her. I stood up and whispered in his ear.

He smiled and reached down pulling Kendall to her feet. She stood motionless as he removed her panties and her bra. He then turned her around and bent her over. I had retrieved my cell phone and was recording everything. He hesitated at her quivering pussy, then launched his entire length deep into her. She let out a howl and was soon bucking against him. After two minutes of this he came and blasted her with is seed. I watched fascinated as his balls pumped, and pumped and pumped. I could only imagine how much sperm he had deposited in her. When he pulled out it was like the damn broke. Thick, white jism gushed out of her pussy. So much. It was impressive. Before the night was through, I had Kendall orally satisfy two of the three female strippers and then she took it up the ass by one of the male strippers, who appeared to be Hispanic. All and all, a good night. Everyone had a hell of a time and thanked me for the show.

Now just so you don’t think I’m a total shit. I personally confirmed that the strippers fucking Kendall were free of venereal disease of any kind. Giving her HIV, warts or herpes would have been a terribly unethical thing to do.

Kendall was quiet. I dropped her back into trance before letting her leave.

"You had a wonderful time this evening. You have no remorse, no shame. If anything you want to give me a hug for being such a good friend. I am a good friend. Tomorrow morning you and I will meet up and I will teach you some techniques to be a world class hypnotist. You actually think you may be falling in love with me. You really enjoyed my control, and you are thinking you might want to become a thrall. But you will be honest with yourself and think long and hard before you make a decision one way or the other. No matter your decision, I will respect it."

I woke Kendall and she gave me a hug and a kiss. I would see her tomorrow and see if anything was amiss. I didn't really know her morals and upbringing. If she was like Julie, she would probably dwell on what she just did and suffer guilt. If so, I would work on that in the morning.

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