You Fucked with the Wrong Hypnodomme

Howard and Kendall’s Obedience Training

by LydiaSalia

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #m/f #pov:bottom #sub:male #bondage

Ideally you should have read When Hypnodommes collide and Hypnotic Breasts before reading this. Kendall and Howard were bad and are being punished. Then obedience training for the two of them.

Recounted by Howard

My master greeted me in my kennel sleeping stall like she did every morning. “Good morning Howard. Are you a good boy?”

It felt like I was wagging my tail, although I don’t think I had one of those….”

Doggie training mode.”

My master pulled up a chair and I sat down on the floor next to her. I felt like licking my balls, but I couldn’t reach them. I nuzzled my nose against my master’s foot and licked her toes.

“Pet, lick all over my toes and feet.”

I licked between her toes and along the bottom of her foot then she offered me her other foot to do the same. She smiled down at me, patted me on the head and said “Good boy”.

I tried to think, but thinking was hard. Things were still kind of confusing. Something was off.

“Pet, I am pleased with your obedience training. I only really started it in earnest two weeks ago, but you are a very fast study. Your brain absorbs instructions like a sponge. I’m very impressed.”

That made me feel good. I was so happy.

Then my master said, “Are you hungry? Speak!”

I was kneeling with my arms out in front, hands curled down like a pet dog might beg its master.

Then I hear myself bark, “Ruff, ruff.“

Thinking back on this, it seemed normal at the time. After all, Lydia is my master.

My master opened up a can of Alpo and put it in a dog bowl for me. It looked delicious. I lapped it up.

When I was finished, master bent over and grasped my penis as she stood up… tugging me to stand up with her.

She led me into a bedroom. “I have a bitch in heat for you Howard. A doggie for you to fuck. You’ve been a good boy, so you get to breed her.”

Kendall was on all fours on the bed. Her legs were held apart and fastened to each bedpost and a ball gag was in her mouth. Likewise, her arms were restrained. Her ass was sticking up in the air, inviting Howard to mount her. I observed as Howard licked his lips. I was making sure Kendall was fully conscious for this.

Like all of his encounters while hypnotized, I had Howard later type up what he experienced.

This bitch looked extremely appealing positioned on all fours. I pushed my snout into her box and took a deep whiff. Then I started licking her. She tasted good and I felt my erection growing out of it’s sheath. I hopped up on top of her and rooted around for her pussy. I used my paws to hold her against me and then my penis found her opening. I started humping her furiously. She was bone dry, just the way I liked it. When I came, I held her into me. It took a while to pump out all the sperm. There was a lot. She tried to pull away, but I was able to easily hold her still while I came.

My master was pleased. “You’re a good boy.” My heart filled with joy. To be told I was a good boy by my master was the best.

My master looked at her watch, “I don’t have time to walk you this morning, but I am going to put you outside for a few minutes so you can poop and pee. I suspect the Alpo will stimulate a bowel movement.”

My master had a leash on me and on the female bitch. She led us both to the back door, but only I went outside. She opened the patio door for me, and I scampered out. She had a potted plant. I lifted my leg and peed on it. Then I squatted on the grass. I did have to poop. Master watched as I did my business. I looked out and saw a human walking her dog. I couldn’t help myself. I started barking. Master yelled, “hush” and pulled me back into the house by my leash.

Lydia typing

This is day one of Kendall’s training. Howard has been in training for 3 weeks now. He has become very compliant and can be left in his kennel at night without locking the cage. I was notified the authorities were looking for him and I decided to take the initiative.

Two officers showed up at the commune and proceeded to my cabin. I unbuttoned the top buttons of my blouse, smeared my lipstick and mussed my hair. It looked like I had just had a romp in the sac.

Dr. Howard emerged from my cabin wearing my pink bathrobe, with me right behind him.

”Ms Salia, we are here to speak with Dr. Howard Thompson. We understand he is here voluntarily, but we need to confirm that please.”

”Hello officers. You are probably looking for me. I’m sorry. I decided I was sick of the rat race and when my sweetheart Lydia here invited me to give that life up and join the commune, I jumped at the opportunity.” Howard placed his arm around my waist. It looked like his subconscious had fully accepted his new reality.

”Sir, there are a lot of people worried about you. Are you sure you are ok?”

”Yes officer. I left a voicemail on our answering machine that I wasn’t coming back. Perhaps it got deleted by accident. I will call again and reassure everyone. I’m so sorry.”

The officers looked at each other and turned to leave. I’m sure they had come across stranger situations.

I motioned for Howard to re-enter my cabin. “Please remove my robe Howard.”  He was not wearing anything underneath. I walked him over to Kendal who was kneeling on the floor.

Doggie mode Howard. Good boy. You made mommy proud. Would you like a treat?” Howard barked and stuck out his tongue. I gave him a doggie biscuit.

“Kendall, this is what being a hypnodomme is all about. Howard is a doctor. Was a doctor. He is in training now and will soon be joining the commune as a drone… as will you. Howard was reluctant at first. He put up quite a fight, but now he is docile, content and happy to obey his master…, just as you will be. Why am I sharing this with you? I want you to understand the futility, the utter desperation, of your situation and what happens when you fuck with the wrong hypnodomme.”

Kendall was sitting there, unable to speak, ball gag securely in place. She was almost catatonic as she considered her plight. Julie arrived with Shelly and let herself in the back door.

”Everything ok with the police?”

“Peachy. Howard is pretty much lobotomized now. I’ll start the serious mind fucking tomorrow with Kendall.”

“Lydia, such language.”

“Sorry. I forgot about your puritan upbringing. Obedience school. She’ll join Howey in obedience school.”

“Much better.” Julie smiled and looked at Shelly. “We’ll take her back to the kennel. Wait, does she know she’s your doggie pet yet?”

“Not yet. Like I said, that training starts tomorrow. But she can spend the night in the kennel with Howard. Cotillion is this fall. We have enough time to get them both ready, especially if you can help.”

Julie replied, “I would love to. This hypnodomme stuff ain’t half bad.”

“Such a way with words. Must be your formal education,” I laughed.

“Kendall, I think you and Howard will get along just fine. He’s an ass sniffer, but hell, somehow, I bet you like that. He’s also a horny little fucker. Hope you don’t mind getting fucked frequently. Well, if you do mind now, you won’t mind much longer. You’ll soon be a little bitch in heat, clamoring to get dog penis. That will be one of your treats when you obey.

I looked over at Howard who was sitting on his haunches looking up at me. If he had a tail, he would be wagging it.

Back to an adult human Howard. Go brush your teeth, then lather up with soap in the shower, wash off, then dry off and get dressed. Then you may start your chores.”

Howard typing. I realize I’m here and aware…

Why was she explaining everything to me? That was all self-evident. “I know how to shower and dress master.”

“That’s right. Of course, you do. I sometimes forget I’m speaking to an adult and not a pet or a toddler.  When you are done feeding the chickens, help Rita and Angela with the garden.”

Before showering, I hosed out my kennel stall and cleaned up in the kitchen. I started the dishwasher and made sure everything was put away and counters were spotless, the way master liked it.

I thought to myself, I hadn’t had much respect for females before meeting my master, but she had opened my eyes. She had shown me that women are superior to men. It is an honor and a privilege to be her pet. I worship her and will do anything for her. In the meantime, I am going to be so good. She will be so proud of me.  I could feel a wave of euphoria wash through me and I couldn’t help but smile.

Lydia typing

It’s been 6 weeks since I started Howard’s obedience training. I used some new tricks to cement my control over him. The same tricks I’m using on Kendall and the others. Howard’s response to programming is nothing short of phenomenal. He does have some deeply rooted prejudices about male superiority that as soon as I think they are erased, they magically reappear. But I’m chipping away at it. He is compelled to obey me, but I want him to do this of his own free will. We are not quite there yet, but we are close. He has been on my audio loop programming now for 4 weeks. I’ve added the ‘Phallus’ mind fuck device to the nightly audio loops that will result in a ‘rewiring’ of his brain. He really won’t be the same person when this is done. Within 8 weeks he will be completely subservient to me. He won’t remember a time when he did not worship me. As far as his past chauvinism? Well, that will be a relic from his past very soon. A couple of my feminist girlfriends, who attended his ‘coming out’, have asked to borrow him from time to time. I reminded them that he is no longer a male chauvinist pig and that they must be nice to him. They understand and have agreed. As long as he agrees, I have no problem with loaning him out on occasion for a little fuckfest or even to do some light house and yard work. Again, as long as he is agreeable. Somehow, I do not think that will be a problem. 😉

As for Kendall. She is being uncooperative. Even after I had her pee and poop herself in front of others a few times, she is fighting the takeover. I’m chipping away her identity slowly. I used candy flipping on her to get her into trance the first 2 weeks. Now she drops with my standard sleep command. I believe Kendall will be ready for ‘Cotillion’ this fall. Cotillion is where she will demonstrate what she has learned. She will not be alone. Hypnodommes from across the country meet to show off their conquests. Kendall and Howard will be paraded before a panel of judges, not unlike the Westminster Dog Show. I will demonstrate the hoops I can make them jump through. I have other surprises in store for everyone. Will Doug be attending? Oh yes, Doug. Where is Doug in all of this? I think Doug will be at Cotillion also.

Is this level of control really possible?

Yes it is, but not in alphas. Some people thrive on being controlled like this. I am working diligently to program the newest additions to the commune. When they refer to me as master, of their own free will, with no need for a hypnotic compulsion, then I will agree that their programming is complete. Until recently, there were gaps in my ability to fully control some individuals. With additional strategies such as candy flipping, my ‘Mind Hack’ app on my iPhone and the Phallus helmet, I now have every weapon at my disposal to dominate another person. Phallus stands for Pulsed Harmonic Amplified Locked Latency Ultra Sequencer. It is an experimental device that uses radiofrequency to directly stimulate deep brain structures. It is quite amazing, although there may be some long-term effects that are not yet fully appreciated. Specifically, I’m concerned that overuse may result in subtle brain damage. The boy that built the device for me says his sister, which he tested it on, is having some issues. I will document it’s effects and effectiveness in overcoming three very resistant subjects in my care.

Ok, let me re-iterate, this is all fiction. I’m sure somewhere in the world people are controlled in this way. That is a form of sex trafficking. Such control is normally exerted with addictive drugs and fear of harm. But, theoretically, hypnosis might be used in such a manner to manipulate another’s subconscious. I myself was subjected to such training when I was captured by an evil man. Fortunately for me he was not that skilled or clever. I escaped. Not everyone is so lucky.  Link to hypnotic subjugation here.

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