You Fucked with the Wrong Hypnodomme

Holy shit!

by LydiaSalia

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #m/f #pov:bottom #sub:male #bondage

You should have finished When Hypnodommes collide before starting these two chapters. After Lydia's run in with Kendall, she ended up in the hospital with a gram negative pneumonia and sepsis. She was 8 weeks pregnant by her ex-hurband Doug. She very nearly lost her life and she miscarried. Kendall thought a little scat play would be fun. Maybe for Kendall. Not so much for Lydia. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

This story contains scenes of explicit sexuality. It is not intended for viewing by minors. If you have not reached the age of majority in your area then please do not proceed.

All characters and situations depicted in this story are fictional. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

Copyright @ 2021 Lydia Salia

by Julie Adams

Lydia receives a call from my phone every week. When she doesn't enter the correct code, I know something is amiss. Something is amiss.

I tracked Lydia down to a hypnosis convention and the hotel where she was staying. She had been taken to Southern Hills Hospital and Medical Center by ambulance. That was all I knew. I arrived at the hospital and was informed Lydia was in the ICU. She was in septic shock. I informed the hospital that I was her only family and the doctor came out to talk to me.

"She is in and out of consciousness and disoriented. She had gastric lavage to remove any toxic substances she might have ingested and that is when it was discovered she had fecal matter in her stomach. The working diagnosis is small intestinal bacterial overgrowth or SIBO, although she doesn’t seem to have any risk factors. Also, she was pregnant, in her first trimester. I’m afraid she lost the baby.”

Lydia remained in the ICU for two more days and then was deemed stable enough to move to a private room. She had developed a 'gram negative' pneumonia from aspirating stomach contents when she threw up, but her oxygen saturation was ok now, and her lung x-rays were starting to improve. She received strong IV antibiotics for the next 5 days and then was discharged to home on oral antibiotics. I picked her up for the drive back to our commune.

When we got home, everyone came up to give Lydia a hug. The girls were there and all very sympathetic. Ex-cop Cynthia had recently proven her mettle and Lydia asked her to join us. We sat down in private, and I started to get the details.

Cynthia was in the dark as I recapped what had happened. "She was really sick. The doctors said you could have died. She miscarried the baby."

"You had shit in your lungs... and stomach? What happened?" Cynthia asked.

"I'm not sure. I woke up choking and realized someone was shitting into my mouth and trying to get me to swallow it. It was terrible. Then I woke up in the hospital. I think it was a woman I met at HypnoThoughts. A woman named Kendall."

"Were you hypnotized?"

"I think that’s a good assumption."

"Why would anyone do such a thing?"

"She is a hypnodomme like me and I got the best of her in a trade of wits. Well, I guess until this happened."

Lydia was thinking, searching her memory. "She said she could help me with my depression. She tricked me into thinking that eating chocolate would raise my serotonin levels. Well, chocolate does do that... but that wasn't chocolate."

Lydia agreed to be hypnotized by me to retrieve the memories of what had happened. Lydia can go very deep. Kendall had used a shock induction on her to get the drop.

Apparently, she was upset with Lydia for making her perform on stage at Amateur night at a strip club and then for having her screw a black guy. That sounds kind of racist.

Kendall had her boyfriend take a video while she squatted over Lydia's open mouth.

The following depiction is designed to evoke a ‘visceral’ response in the reader. We are genetically programmed to recognize the scents of decomposition and feces. It is vile and disgusting to our primate brains. Our olfactory system is exquisitely sensitive to aromatic amines such as ‘putrescine’ and ‘cadaverine’ and the heterocyclic aromatic amines in feces. We instinctively know to, ‘stay away’ or this will make you sick. While this can bring humans death, to Dung and Carrion beetles, it is life. Nature… the ultimate recycler. If the description that follows evokes disgust, then your subconscious is responding to me.

Under hypnosis I had Lydia remember everything. I woke Lydia who began to share, "I remember waking up and seeing Kendall's boyfriend taking a video of me. Kendall was squatting over me and I looked up in horror to see a large turd dropping down onto my face and she also started to pee in my mouth. I couldn't move. My mouth was wide open and I couldn't close it. I started to have trouble breathing, with all the pee. The first poop kind of bounced off of me. I was trying to gargle the pee out of my mouth and throat. Finally, I had to swallow or drown. Kendall managed to drop one log directly into my mouth and then tried to get me to chew it and swallow it. I started choking, gagged and threw up. When I threw up is when I think I took a breath and inhaled some of the poop. I started coughing and I couldn't stop. That was the last thing I remember before waking up in the ICU.

"She could have killed you Lydia."

"Yes, I know. She did kill my baby. She needs to be punished, but I'm not certain how just yet. I don't think her intent was to harm me. She just didn't think through the ramifications of such an act. I think she just wanted to prove she could completely dominate me and have a video as proof. That and revenge for what I made her do."

"What did you make her do?"

"Well, I was extracting my own revenge for something she did to me earlier. I may have gone a little overboard. I had her dance naked at a strip club in front of her fellow conference attendees and then I had her fuck a black stripper and Hispanic guy. I think she was angriest about fucking the black guy... racist bitch.

After what Lydia and I had recently been through at the commune, I was no longer patient with evildoers. I was angry. "Maybe we should make her a lapdog here at the commune. She could service all the other girls. She is going to be on guard for any kind of induction. You know that means something like candy flipping to capture her mind."

Candy flipping is mixing LSD and MDMA. Even the most determined adversary can be rendered docile and pliable. Don’t try this unless you know what you are doing. The LSD needs to be just higher than a micro dose level or the subject will be too fucked up to accept commands. Also, giving it without consent is a felony. Just warning you.

"I see nothing wrong with exerting nonconsensual control over her, all things considered."

Cynthia spoke up, "We will have to kidnap her. I don't like breaking the law, but if ever there was an exception, this is it. I will find out where she lives. Now that Daniel has joined the commune, he can help me bag her. Once we find her, can you join us Julie? Three hands is better than two."

I offered, "You will need to be careful. She and her boyfriend were talking about all the guns they own and how much they like to shoot."

"No problem. We will wait for her to go into town. I know how to be discreet."

"Ok. We gotta do what we gotta do."

Lydia typing

A month had gone by and I had almost forgotten about Kendall. Julie had contributed a lot to the plan. She could be devious when she wanted to be. I had just started training a doctor to be a thrall. That was when Cynthia, Julie and Daniel showed up with Kendall in tow. They had reconnoitered her routine and waited for her to go to her favorite bar. It was relatively easy to slip her some Rohypnol. She woke up at the commune in restraints and clearly terrified.

Cynthia asked "What is the plan?"

Julie knew my plan. "Lydia has been training a doctor Howard. He will be a drone here. He is still early in his training. I suspect Lydia will add Kendall to the training schedule and train them together?"

"You are correct.” I smiled at Julie and squeezed her arm. “I'm going to go talk to Kendall. Want to join me?"

Kendall had a gag in her mouth and her hands were handcuffed behind her. She looked terrified.

"Hi Kendall. Sorry we can't be speaking under better circumstances. Do you know how sick your little hypno-scat play made me? I could have died. I got pneumonia and blood poisoning. Something called gram negative sepsis. I was in the ICU. I was two months pregnant. I miscarried thanks to you. You should consider yourself lucky. If I had died, they would have traced this back to you and you would have been charged with murder. As it is, you could still be charged with murder."

Kendall was tearing up. I couldn't tell if it was because she was remorseful or because she was scared. I asked Julie, “Should we feel bad for her?”

“Hell no.”

“I like the way you think.”

I know for a fact that many scat slaves are repulsed by their master shitting in their mouth. But they are powerless to resist. Many of these scat slaves are, in fact, being sex trafficked. This is a sub-fetish of dom/sub hypnoplay and it’s pretty vile. When hypnosis is used to coerce subs into prostitution and other perversions, that is a form of sex trafficking. Obedience training by a master hypnotist, in a submissive subject, using brain washing and dehumanization/humiliation can compel scat play.

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