Is the FBI harassing me again or am I acting paranoid?

The People against Lydia Salia

by LydiaSalia

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I seem to have pissed off some powerful people. Exposing celebrities, sons of presidents and multi-billionaires, for the acts of evil they commit, does not win popularity contests. Frankly, I didn't see how the government could proceed against me with the propensity of evidence so clearly on my side. That is until the spycam found in my apartment mysteriously disappeared with the video evidence. Then there was the 'thrall' I took control of and had perform deviant sexual acts... Except I had never met this man. It was entirely a set up. If the government decides they want to fry your ass, good luck. 'Justice is blind' is bullshit. If the rich or famous want to fuck you in the ass, they will find a way to do it. God we need you now.

Don’t think of this as a partisan song. Just listen to the words. Fuck Trump. Who cares about Trump. But also fuck Soros, the CCP, Fauci and all of the other people with hidden financial agendas. Evil exists. You have to be blind not to see it.

My attorney was confident. Well, he had been confident. But now, with the jury impaneled, he seemed unsure. "What's the matter?"

Do you see what the government is doing. They have made a sham of 'voir dire'. Jury selection was a farce. I'm even worried that the jury may be stacked against you. What in the fuck have you done to piss the government off.

"You mean besides suggesting the president's son should stop selling access to his father? I mean he is such a talented artist. Who wouldn't want to pay half a million dollars for one of his paintings? Also, whoever says he is sleeping with crack whores is full of shit.  I'm pretty sure they are just prostitutes. There are just so many scandals that one family can have. Keeping track of them all is exhausting. Most everything that is highly damning is suppressed by main stream news. Well, except FOX. But since FOX is a partisan right wing hack, I found a Time article lambasting Biden's intelligence and honesty instead. The FOX stories are so much more damning. It would be unfair to show them and expose the truth.

"Ok Lydia. Is your point that the Democratic party is evil? Hell, both parties are evil."

"Yes. I didn't think it could get any worse than Trump. But oh my fucking god. Biden and 'spread her legs Kamala' bring a whole new meaning to awful."

"Lydia, you must understand something. I am thinking of asking the judge to recuse me from your case on the grounds of a conflict of interest. It would be better if you fired me and sought the advice of other counsel."

"You can't do that! You will be disbarred. Why would you leave me high and dry like this at the 11th hour?"

"I have a young daughter and a son. They are precious to me. My wife went to pick them up from kindergarten and observed a dark SUV. A man in a dark suit got my wife's attention. He rolled down the window, looked at my children and then wagged his finger while shaking his head 'no'. She is terrified. I can't let anything happen to my family."

"I understand. You have to do what is best for your family. Can a mistrial be called?"

"Perhaps. That is what I will argue for. I will pray for you Lydia. There are some very dark forces at work here."

My attorney did, ultimately, bail on me. For health reasons… I wasn’t going to say anything. It is what it is.

The trial started badly and went south from there. The attorney assigned to me by the court was probably not at the top of his class. Shaun testified that I hypnotized him and took sexual advantage of him. Then there was some dude that testified that I took control of him and made him send me thousands of dollars in bitcoin. They had financial records to prove this. Except it never happened. Then they paraded all the people from EMCSA and other forums that I had taken control of and forced to do my bidding. Well..., that was partially true. Fuck me. But when I took control of people, I always tried to make it a positive experience. I worked to improve their diet or exercise habits or confidence. Shit, I had given TM super power confidence and he kind of used it against me. The only person who came to my defense was a man named Chris who I had taken control of on EMCSA. He was a blackjack dealer in an east coast casino. He was a character witness in a criminal case, so it was allowed. He did the best he could, but his testimony was marginalized in cross examination. 

"Sir, did you not refer to Lydia Salia as your master?"

"Yes, but that is common in sub/dom parlance."

"What did she command you to do?"


"You must answer the court."

"She commanded me to take full frontal naked pictures of myself with my face showing."

"And you did this?"



"I don't know. I... I didn't feel like I had a choice."

"Did she hypnotize you?"



"I'm not sure. Maybe in a story or text trance."

An expert for the prosecution testified that text trances were effective in suggestible people and could compel them to do such things as masturbate on videocam or send nude pictures of themselves.

I could have told them that. Nothing new there. Well...., as you might imagine, the prosecution made me look like some horrible person. I even started to believe it myself.

I was found guilty and sentenced to 14 years in a federal prison. I started crying, I didn't want to, but I couldn't hold back the tears. I wasn't crying so much for myself, but at my terrible sadness that evil people in power could be allowed to continue to commit terribly immoral acts. Was Biden part of the Epstein pedophilia ring? Probably not, but there were certainly many 'smoking guns' that implicated power figures. Prince Andrew? Check. Bill Gates, not clear. Bill Clinton, check - at least if you believe third party eye witnesses. Did Bill have sexual relations with an underage girl? Who knows, but there is a hell of a lot of circumstantial evidence.... Does anyone honestly believe that Epstein committed suicide in jail? If you believe that, stop reading now. I do not want idiots reading my stories. See link.

Have any readers ever been incarcerated? You arrive at prison on a converted school bus and are marched in chains through intake. I was forced to bend over and spread my cheeks while a dike prison guard explored my rectum and vagina for contraband. There is probably nothing quite so degrading as this. We are assigned a number and marched in to the women's section. The female inmates are staring at us. They look very menacing. I was definitely intimidated. I think there is nothing quite so dehumanizing as incarceration.

Fourteen years. I will be close to forty when I get out. Although with good behavior, maybe I could get out before I turned thirty-five. I was going to be a good girl. A very good girl.

Any ideas where I should take this? I have a mental block. How does she get out of prison? Does she get revenge on Shaun? Many possibilities…

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