Is the FBI harassing me again or am I acting paranoid?

Be careful what selfies you take and post on social media

by LydiaSalia

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Shaun had enjoyed controlling me. Now it was my turn.

I decided I would play an old game. Wake him up with a negative hallucination. What did that mean? It means he would wake up naked, but have no realization he was naked, nor aware that he was under a hypnotic compulsion to obey me. Yes, negative and positive hypnotic hallucinations are a real thing.

Shaun was sitting next to me on the couch. Now for purposes of this story, I am going to have him recount his perception of what was happening. This is similar to what I did to Dr. Howard in my story 'Hypnotic Breasts'.

Shaun typing

I must have dozed off after the incredible sex we just had. Lydia has written extensively about how analytical thinking is suppressed by arousal. She goes into detail about how to amplify arousal until the prefrontal cortex virtually shuts down. Boy, if I had known this a teenager, I would have fucked every cheerleader in our school. This was so cool and I just proved it works - on a neuropsychiatrist and master hypnotist no less. I could take hypnotic control of her libido and make her suck my cock any time I wanted now and there was nothing she could do to stop me. Heh heh.

Lydia here. True and false. There is a refractory period after sex. The effect of clitoral stimulation will still be there, but it will be 'de minimis'. After reading his take on things, I don't feel bad at all for all the hoops I am going to make him jump through....

"Lydia, please get me a drink and make us a snack."

"Glad to."

Lydia was sitting next to me, not wearing a thing, while I had dressed and was relaxing with a drink and some chips. I flicked on the TV and found the Adult Swim channel. Rick and Morty were always good for a laugh. I looked over at Lydia. She was oblivious. Sitting there with her beautiful, full breasts and beckoning pussy. I might just have to fuck her again in a few minutes. As soon as my balls recharged.

Lydia typing

I was fully dressed and Shaun was naked. This game never gets old to me.  "Shaun, do you think I can hypnotize you?"

"No. I think I've already proven it is the other way around."

"Since I am helplessly controlled by your penis, will you be truthful with me now about the FBI surveillance? I mean you can always make me forget, right"

"Ok Lydia. Yes, you were under surveillance and I was conducting a sting operation. We deemed you harmless, however. Want to know something else shocking? Do you realize you are sitting next to me naked?" Then he commanded, "Aware!"

"What?! No!"  I feigned surprise and covered up. "How did, what...?" I looked up at him like I was truly flummoxed. Goddamn I'm a good actor.

"I hypnotized you Lydia. I control you. You obey me now."

He was looking at me like he was studying me. "Stand up next to me so I can take a picture. Relax your arms to your sides"

Oh this would be good. He took a selfie of us.

"I will send this off to my team to show how I hypnotized the great Lydia Salia."

"Is that wise? Won't they be disturbed that you have me helplessly hypnotized and standing here naked?"

"Nah. I'm the boss. It's my team. I can't have you remembering this so I'll just make you forget. "Sleep for me Lydia."

I closed my eyes like I was dropping into trance. He took a few more pictures of me. I thought to myself. What is the FBI going to think about this? Him standing here naked taking pictures of us. Well, I have a spycam that recorded everything that happened to me earlier. He essentially raped me. I don't think they will want to reopen this investigation.

This did create an interesting problem though. His team would notify him that he was the one hypnotized, not me. If I wanted to have fun with him, if I wanted to humiliate him, then it would have to wait for another time. Now I needed to play the victim. I opened my eyes and looked at him. He was studying his phone. I reached over and touched his forehead while commanding him, "Sweet dreams Shaun."

He crumpled to the couch. I looked at his phone. He had sent the pics. Shit. I wonder how long before a rapid response team will barge in to save their leader. I decided to buy myself a little time. I typed into his phone, "Hey guys, I just finished fucking this bitch. I'm thinking about resigning from the FBI to enjoy my new skills as a hypnotist. A hypnotist who controls the mighty Lydia Salia. I’ll send a pic of Lydia naked and in trance."

I finished typing the text and sent it. Now to undress and stand naked in front of Shaun. I instructed him to stand up and open his eyes while remaining in trance. "You will begin recording a video of me. You believe you have once again deeply hypnotized me and you will command me to walk over to the bed and spread my legs to receive you. You will take a 30 second recording of this on your phone and send it to your best friend. You will have no memory of being hypnotized or giving this command. You will be certain, even if you are subsequently hypnotized by someone else, that it was you who hypnotized me and commanded me to have sex with you. Do you understand?"



I had closed my eyes and appeared to be waiting for his command.

"You are deeply hypnotized by me Lydia. You want to fuck me. Desperately. Open your eyes while remaining in trance and then walk over to the bed and spread your legs for me."

I opened my eyes and followed his instructions. Soon I was lying on my back with my legs spread for all the world to see. How embarrassing. But it was my insurance policy that the FBI would not think it was I who was calling the shots.

"Beg me Lydia."

Time for my acting skills once again. "Please fuck me. Please Shaun. I need to feel you inside me."

Good. The deal was sealed. He sent the video. Funny thing about imagination and what just happened. I was stimulated again. But not that stimulated. I thought to sit up, but before I could act, Shaun surprised me by launching his head between my legs and sinking his mouth into my snatch. Oh shit. His tongue felt wonderful... incredible. "Ohhh. Wait... I... Oh fuck... that feels good. So good..."

I became lost in the sensations and Shaun soon had me bucking against his mouth. My thinking was once again... suppressed. Who cares. I just wanted a good fucking now and he was going to please me. He was eager to please. Such a good boy.

"Mount me Shaun. Ram your cock into my pussy."

He was an obedient big boy. I felt the head of his penis throbbing against my hole. I was so wet, so randy I couldn't stand it. He waited tantalizing seconds before plunging into me. "Oh my fucking god!"

My body responded to him. I began bucking up a storm and was soon in the thralls of a powerful, and I might add, highly satisfying orgasm. That boy could fuck. We fucked for the better part of an hour. Then all hell broke lose. I opened my eyes to my front door being kicked in. Agents rushed in to find Shaun on top of me. I pretended that the noise and commotion was bringing me out of trance. Then I looked shocked, and scared and ashamed. I tried to cover up with the bedsheet before being unceremoniously dragged out of bed onto my stomach and handcuffed.

"Shaun, what the fuck is going on here?!"

"What the fuck are you doing crashing in on us?  I had everything under control."

"You sent us a picture of her dressed and you naked standing next to her. We assumed she had hypnotized you."

I was hoisted to my feet as a female agent draped an FBI windbreaker over my shoulders in an effort to afford me some semblance of decency and privacy. I looked like I was waking up, confused.

"What happened? What is going on?"

Shaun spoke first. "This is not how I remember it. She was naked and I was dressed."

Everyone looked at me like they wanted an explanation.

"Lydia Salia, do you have anything to say?"

"I... I'm not sure. What is going on? Do I need a lawyer?"

"Read her her Miranda Rights and get her the hell out of here."

I was booked at the FBI field office. I said nothing while I waited for my attorney. This was another shitstorm I had gotten myself into. I weighed my options. I would admit to hypnotizing Shaun with a negative hallucination. But then he had hypnotized me.  I was pretty sure of this... (wink, wink) After all, I keep a hidden spycam for my protection. It would show him taking liberties with me. FBI agents aren't indemnified from a charge of rape just because they are FBI agents, right? I didn't want anything bad to happen to him, but he did bring this on himself. He used my own article against me to pull off that little stunt with hypnotic seduction. Was this the end of our little story? I still wanted him to pay for the embarrassment and financial harm I suffered as a result of the FBI barging in and arresting me. Maybe after everything was said and done I would look him up and resume our playtime. Perhaps I could even enter him into the Cotillion competition next fall.  There was not enough time for obedience training this year, but if I could start him by December, that would be enough time.

Ok, before anyone gets riled up. This is a fantasy piece. Entirely fiction. No need to go contact the FBI again to protect poor Shaun. Seriously. Get a life.

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