Is the FBI harassing me again or am I acting paranoid?

Catch me if you can

by LydiaSalia

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Having recently obtained certification as a neuropsychiatrist, I will be interspersing actual facts about brain function and behavior with regard to specific stimuli. We are little more than human computers programmed from birth to follow biological and cultural norms - to behave as good little citizens. I feel like I’m my own person, but truth be told, I’m not. Nor are you. We are slaves to our early childhood programming.

Which brings me to my latest story. I keep thinking it will be my last, but then someone yanks me out of my reverie with a story that begs to be told. A fan is the basis for this story.

Fans often contact me and rain compliments on my writing. One recent fan named Shaun called me a prodigy and suggested that my stories could be made into a movie. I must say the compliments were very flattering and went straight to my head giving me an endorphin rush. Shaun has experienced the power of my writing and has been compelled to contact me. Now perhaps I can lure him into a meeting in real life. I have already influenced Shaun's subconscious with my stories. I embed subtle, carefully disguised text trances in my stories. An unwary reader, who becomes engrossed in my stories will eventually enter a waking trance.

In my many stories I describe how we all enter waking trances through out our day. If you watch a good movie and are focused on it, you become less aware of your environment. You are, by definition, in a waking trance.

Then, if they read one of my hidden triggers, they will feel compelled to contact me. Shaun had been triggered. Like a spider in it's web, I felt the vibration as he stumbled into my lair. Just a little closer before I deliver the paralyzing bite.

Shaun, of course, believes he is acting of his own volition. He has read all my stories. That means he has come across my covert text triggers that compel him to contact me. They don't always work, but if a reader is sufficiently engrossed in one of my stories, then he/she is already in a waking trance. Shaun was following his programming. Simple instructions to begin.  Then progressive surrender to my control and ultimate, unconditional subjugation. Shaun was awakening the succubus that dwells inside me - the succubus that is longing to get out. I can keep her at bay most of the time, but if she gets too aroused, she demands relief. Hypnosis arouses me. Controlling others arouses me. Succubus Lydia is hungry for another mind to feed on.

Or was there more to this? Was he just another wayward soul that had stumbled into my web? Into my hypnotic stories designed to entrance and ensnare my victims until I could drink their bodily fluids? My spidey sense suggested he might have ulterior motives. I would know soon enough.

I have a fan who has been emailing me of late. His name is Shaun. We have exchanged many emails and he has shared with me that he used to be in law enforcement. He has read all my stories and says he loves them. When was the last time someone read all my stories? That is a lot of reading. He seems curiously curious. With all the shit that has happened to me in the last year, trust is no longer a word in my vocabulary. Wait… I just used it in a sentence, so I guess it still is in my vocabulary. Do you realize you just spent seconds of your life, precious seconds you will never get back, reading my inane musings? No wonder I piss people off for no particularly good reason.

Plus, given my previous run in with the FBI, I need to be careful.

What run in with the FBI? I wrote an extremely realistic story called  Commune Life. In that story my “imaginary” husband takes imaginary control over me, my friend Julie and half a dozen girls and programs us to be his fuck toys. Since I email with fans on a regular basis as part of my writing style (breaking the 4th wall), some fans believed I was actually being sex trafficked. A dude in Europe of all places contacted the FBI's sex trafficking web site. Holy fuck. That created a shitstorm for me and I got banned from a popular erotica site. Nonconsensual sex is frowned upon. I get it, I don’t do that. If I sleep with someone, they are always the instigator of the sexual encounter. At least that is what they believe....

Btw, for the benefit of the FBI if you’re reading. I have never owned thralls. That is part of the fiction, part of the mystique. I’m not even a certified hypnotist. I know what I know from ‘the street. I guess you can say I have street cred…

I have repeatedly said people can be made to do things against their will. The books say you can’t do that with hypnosis. The books are correct. But… I can change a person’s will with hypnosis. Just sayin. I’m a good girl now. I don’t coerce sex or obedience. It is given freely. Also, fyi, most everything you read is fiction! There may be nuggets of truth in my stories. Maybe. But that is for me to know and you never to find out.

I contacted a computer nerd/hacker named Ralph - yes, the same boy who built the ‘Phallus Mind fuck device’ for me. He traced Shaun’s email back to the source using a dark web program.

It took about 20 minutes for Ralph to trace the IP address back to a ‘fake server’ that spoofs the real sender. Ralph shared the news with me. I was not happy. The email originated at a server in Washington D.C. FBI headquarters. Lovely. Ralph ran a program called ‘Deep probe’ and discovered this page on the server. All this means is that an FBI web page is somehow related to the origination server for Shaun’s emails. Fuck me.

Am I surprised? I thought this shit was behind me. The FBI task force on sex trafficking. I had told those guys when they came calling the first time that my stories were all fiction and when I did briefly 'entertain the thought of owning thralls', I never actually followed through with it. Any sex I ever had with subjects was always completely consensual. Releases and informed consents signed and witnessed. I'm not going to risk going to jail over some crazed sub who claims I sexually assaulted them. I thought my first run in with the FBI would be my last. Apparently one of my recent stories, touched on a nerve. I guess the FBI takes complaints second time around more seriously. Or they are part of the vast ‘Soros’ globalist conspiracy. That seems far fetched even for me.

Shaun on the FBI Sex Trafficking task force? He was or had been in law enforcement. I had verified that. And here I am writing stories educating readers about sex trafficking in order to build awareness. I thought I was doing a good deed. Then a friend in the hypnokink community contacted me on the ‘down low’ with a warning. Everything was starting to make sense.

He informed me that I had once again pissed off prominent hypnokinksters with the moral imperatives I weave into my stories. I had unwittingly exposed the sexual deviancies of some powerful people. Along the way, perhaps I shared too many personal details about their actual lives from our email exchanges. Oops. Guilty as charged. So what are they going to do? Sue me? No, as it turns out they want to make an example of me. Hang me out to dry by the Epstein gang. I imagine Hunter Biden with his Chinese and Hollywood friends would like nothing better than to shut this bitch up. Hey, it’s not like I am calling these people pedophiles or anything. Drug addled degenerates sleeping with crack whores maybe, but not pedophiles…

Anyway, making comments like this in my stories, especially when there are elements of truth, tend to piss off powerful people in high places. Sorry Hunter…

Shaun might be an innocent pawn in corrupt law enforcement or he might be one evil son of a bitch. I wasn’t sure. Shaun was playing his cards close to the vest. He was feigning fandom in order to gain trust and get me to lower my guard. I guess he wanted me to try and hypnotize him and then record what I would try to compel him to do under hypnosis. If they got audio proof they could barge in and arrest me. A woman can be charged with sexual assault for using hypnosis to get in a man’s pants just as easily as a male hypnotist can get in trouble for hypnotic rape. There are ways for him to fake being hypnotized, but that usually works on less experienced hypnotists than me. He could certainly be ‘programmed’ to resist suggestion and perhaps even take a stimulant to avoid relaxing and slipping into trance.

I had to think about how I was going to handle this. I went to bed and woke up the next morning with a plan. This would be a game. The best the government could throw at me versus the best I could dish back. Molly Bloom would be proud. And Jessica Chastin could play me when the story of my victory was eventually turned into a movie. Rather than Molly’s Game, I would title it ‘Lydia’s Game’.

Let the games begin. Shaun contacted me again by email. He was very enticed by the idea of meeting me and being subjected to my hypnotic charm. I suggested he masturbate to my picture. He obeyed me, although he failed to send photo ‘proof’ as I had instructed. No problem. He didn’t know that I knew. That was my ace in the hole.

Here are actual emails between us. He is ‘daring me’ to take control of him and ‘humiliate him.’ I suppose that is all the FBI needs. Proof that I use hypnosis to subjugate a person and then compel them to perform degrading acts or have sex. Before my guard went up, I sent emails of my exploits. In retrospect, he was playing to my ego and egging me on.

From: Shaun <>

Date: Wed, Sep 15, 2021 at 2:46 PM

Subject: Your stuff is great!

To: <>

I love your writing! You are an incredible writer and hypnotist!

Is it crazy that I’d be tempted to irritate you into hypnotizing me and humiliating me?

Keep at it!


Lydia Salia   Wed, Sep 15, 6:21 PM (7 days ago)
Yes, it would be crazy. I’ll show you a pic of the last guy who thought he could resist my hypnosis…
I emailed Shaun some pics of a Skype session with a subject where I ‘supposedly’ hypnotized him to strip naked, then remain frozen in a chair on cam while I made his dick jump for me by suggestion alone. Then he jacked off for me. Just showing proof of my skills…
Shaun   Wed, Sep 15, 6:48 PM (7 days ago)
Holy shit…may I ask what he did ? And if I may say so you are beautiful! Shaun On Sep 15, 2021, at 5:21 PM, Lydia Salia <> wrote: <IMG_167
Lydia Salia   Wed, Sep 15, 8:10 PM (7 days ago)
This is his story. His name is Luke XXXX. An English prof who crossed me.
Shaun   Wed, Sep 15, 8:13 PM (7 days ago)
Oh Damn, that was him?! You are powerful :) On Sep 15, 2021, at 7:11 PM, Lydia Salia <> wrote:

On Sep 16, 2021, at 1:11 PM, Lydia Salia <> wrote:

Now, when you have an opportunity, I want you to masturbate to my picture. Imagine that I control your hand and I am directing you to stroke yourself until you release. Then send me a picture of how my suggestion took control of you.

Here’s a little treat.

I sent a rather provocative picture.


Oh my you ARE beautiful!

The crazy thing is that part of me wants to challenge you and part of me wants to be enslaved.
It’s terrifying and exciting at the same time.
Worshiping feet would be utterly humiliating—yet I want to be forced into it.
I’m weird lol

Holy fuck I just did it right at my desk lol.
Now I’ve got a spot on my pants!
I gotta be careful reading your messages! 


Ok. He is playing me. He says he nutted, but he fails to send me proof. A photo would unhinge any government case against me. Does Shaun not understand I am a master hypnotist? He and his task force are playing with fire. Maybe I'll seduce the whole lot of them and make them my slaves. Just kidding. Remember, this is all fiction...

First thing I will do is invite Shaun to meet me in person. I will need to know if he is wearing a wire. I have an idea.

After a few more emails, we arranged to meet at my place for a hypnotic ‘therapy session’. It was under the guise of showing him the power of hypnosis and how I could help him overcome a perpetual challenge he has with procrastination. Of course, he threw in the challenge, “I want to see if you can take control of me and make me do things I would otherwise never do. I am a pretty strong alpha male, so if you can, I will be impressed… and pleasantly surprised.”

Shaun was revealing subconscious ‘tells’. He might have an agenda to ensnare me for the task force, but he was truly curious to see if I could take control of his subconscious and compel him to perform ‘humiliating acts’. Yes, I can do that Shaun.

I was ready for him. Wired or not. He arrived on time with a dozen roses.

“Oh my. Is this a date? You are very charming… and disarming. Perhaps you can just wrestle me to the ground and handcuff me. And if my dress or panties get torn off in the scuffle, well that happens sometimes, right?”

“You’re funny Lydia. I was in law enforcement briefly, but a saw too much corruption to stay around. Now I just do firearms training in private industry.”

I opened a bottle of wine and poured each of us a glass. "This helps me to relax. I hope you aren't a teetotaler." Shaun accepted the glass and I sat down next to him.

“Can you show me your piece?...  I mean your gun?” I somehow accidentally brushed my hand against the front of his pants as I was sitting down. Clumsy me...

Shaun obliged. He removed the clip and ejected a round from the chamber. I guess he didn’t fully trust me. “It’s a Glock G22 MOS gen 5, .40 S&W with a Tritium night sight.”

“Impressive package. I like your gun too.”

That brought a smile. One of my tricks is to introduce arousal to gradually diminish cognition. As people become increasingly aroused, they become less capable of intelligent, rational thought.

True fact. Once a certain threshold of stimulation and arousal is passed, even the most well behaved 'church lady' can be compelled to fuck like a rabbit. Their analytical, thinking brain becomes suppressed! No shit! 

See arousal is trance. Damn. Tumbler has jumbled my content because I broke their pornography guidelines. To see the article about arousal, you have to scroll almost to the bottom of my posts.

Shaun was relaxed and trying to figure out how to make his boner go down. I looked down at the bulge in his pants, mouthed a ‘wow’ and smiled, remarking, “It looks like you need to relax and I know just what to do. Why don’t we begin the session?  You have already shared with me that you are a strong alpha male. That will require a longer induction than I normally use. Are you ok with time? I mean, are you ready to kill the next hour or two?”

“Sure. Whatever you need.”

Perfect, I smiled to myself. “I’m going to begin by playing some light music and massaging your temples.”

I turned on a pre recorded script with an ‘entrancing’ Celtic chant in the background. My voice would begin at the 1 minute mark. I had Shaun sit on the floor with his legs apart and I cozied up behind him and began to massage his temples. Then, in one smooth movement, I wrapped my legs around his waist to lock him in place while simultaneously placing him in a reverse naked choke hold. Once my arms were locked in place, it wouldn’t matter if he was the world’s greatest martial artist. He would be unable to escape before I rendered him unconscious. It took about 10 seconds before he was completely unconscious. To induce retrograde amnesia, so that he would have no recollection of the choke out, I continued to compress both carotid arteries for another 10 seconds. He spasmed and developed decerebrate posturing. That was ok. There would be no permanent brain damage. I just needed to make sure he was offline for the next minute or two.

Satisfied he was incapicitated, I stood up and quickly patted him down. As I thought, he was wearing a wire. I carefully removed it and placed it next to him. All the while my soothing voice played in the background creating the illusion that I was sitting with him, inducing a typical trance. Any FBI people listening in would hear my pre recorded, agonizingly long induction. I grabbed Shaun by his arms and dragged him into my bedroom and closed the door. My voice on the recording droned on about taking deep breaths and relaxing. This was going to be fun.

Shaun began to stir before I was quite ready. No problem. His prefrontal cortex would take 30-60 seconds to reboot. I reapplied the choke and once again rendered him unconscious. That gave me time to get him into a chair. I secured his arms to the chair with plasti-cuffs and placed a ball gag in his mouth so that he could not alert his FBI buddies. This was only necessary should he rouse before my special drug concoction and hypnotic induction were in place.

Now, considering he would wake up and figure out that something had gone horribly wrong, I needed to suppress his critical thinking if I was to induce a deep trance. My special concoction of ketamine and ecstasy would do the trick. Time was of the essence, so I injected this directly into a vein in his foot. Why the foot? It is less conspicuous than an arm puncture. No one would notice. As he started to stir again, I walked behind his chair and once again choked him out. That would be the last time that was necessary. The X and K would kick in soon. I removed the ball gag and wrist restraints. He was chemically restrained at this point.

I watched as Shaun slowly became semi-lucid. Not fully awake as the drug concoction prevented that.

“Shaun, listen to me carefully. Focus on my voice. You are very relaxed. You feel so good. My thoughts are your thoughts. My voice and words are inside your head. They are your own voice and words. You trust me completely and know I only want the best for you. It feels so good to listen to my voice. Totally relaxed. You feel waves of euphoria washing over you. You realize Lydia only brings you peace and joy and you are grateful to her for making you feel so good. My words are your words. You are so completely relaxed that you can scarcely keep your eyes open.”

His eyes were at half mast anyway. He wasn't completely here. 

“I am going to count from five to one. When I reach one, you will be unable to keep your eyes open a moment longer. They will snap shut and you will drift off into wonderful hypnotic sleep. Five, feeling so incredible. So wonderfully relaxed.

Four, eyes so heavy, they just want to close.

Three, taking a deep cleansing breath for me.”

I observed his lungs expand as he obeyed my command. Good. No resistance.

“Now exhale. Two, almost there. You so desperately want to drop into trance for me.

One, Deep Sleep Now.”

Shaun was in lala land. I lifted his eyelids and observed his eyes rolled back into his head. He was very, very deep. I removed the restraints and ball gag.

“You will remain in the chair unable to move. You will not speak unless I ask you a question and you will answer in a quiet, subdued voice. Do you understand?”


“Very good. I am very proud of you.”

Unfortunately I do not have time to fuck him or ‘fuck with him’. That will have to wait until he goes back to his bosses and tells them what a good girl I am. I spent some time building trust and rapport. Once I was certain he was extremely deep and I could subvert anything the FBI had installed to thwart me, I proceeded to talk to him about the 'sting operation.'

“Shaun, I know the FBI has been looking into my writing and the possibility that I am keeping thralls. My writing is 100% fiction. Any temporary control I extended over others in the past was consensual and, in any case, I decided to stop all of that in December of 2020. I decided it was immoral to coerce others into sex or other acts of servitude. Sure, I talk about it in my stories, but it is all fiction - all fantasy. You realize I am just an innocent victim in this FBI sting. My stories are hyper realistic, that is all. You realize now that I only want to use my hypnotic skills for good. You will recommend that the investigation be closed and no further action taken. Do you understand?


“Now, I promised to help you with your tendency to procrastinate. In the future, when you have a task that you are tempted to put off, you will discover that doing so makes you feel very uncomfortable. Almost a dysphoric reaction. On the other hand, when you start and finish the task, you will feel a pleasant wave of euphoria wash over you and you will feel a sense of accomplishment and joy. You will discover that you no longer want to procrastinate. It just feels so much better to finish whatever the task is. Tell me you understand and you will obey my instructions.”

“I understand. I will obey.”

“Good boy. You realize I am exciting and someone you want to get to know better. You recognize I have a heart of gold and you are fascinated by my mastery of hypnosis and my desire to help people. You will contact me in the next 2 weeks and suggest we have a date of sorts. Dinner perhaps, a movie and then a little wine at my place. Your desire to see me again will grow and grow until you act on it. In the future, when I touch your forehead and say, “Sweet Dreams’, you will immediately drop back into a deep state of trance. Equally deeply hypnotized as you are now. You will have no conscious memory of this sleep trigger. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand.”

“We are going to have so much fun together. You can hardly wait to see me again. You do not believe you can be hypnotized. You want to see if I can really hypnotize you. You are certain that you just became very relaxed and fell asleep just now. That I did not really hypnotize you. Now, I am going to walk you back into the other room. You will hear my voice playing on a recording. You will ignore this. I will very carefully and quietly reattach the ‘wire’ you were wearing on your chest. Then you will sit back down on the floor in front of me and we will finish up our therapy session together.”

I had timed the recording to end with the same self improvement suggestions and desire not to procrastinate. He would awaken believing that I had not hypnotized him, but that he had simply fallen asleep briefly and was simply playing along. I emptied the wine bottle in the sink and turned it on its side to suggest he had had a bit too much to drink. Then I stopped the music and recording and began speaking for the benefit of the FBI.

“I have stopped the music and will be waking you up now. I hypnotized you, even though you may feel like nothing happened. Even though I don’t think you went very deep, I still think we made good progress with your procrastination problem. I suppose all the wine you drank affected your ability to focus. You are welcome to have other sessions with me if you would like me to reinforce the self improvement suggestions. Now, on the count of three you will awaken feeling fantastic. You will only remember the positive self improvement suggestions I have given you. Everything else will be a blur, like a dream, only to fade from your memory. 

One, feeling wonderful

Two, slowly waking up, feeling stronger and better than ever

Three, fully awake, feeling fantastic.”

I watched as Shaun opened his eyes and looked around.

“Wow. That was soooo relaxing. I’m not sure you really hypnotized me, although I do feel very good and… a little dazed and… dizzy. I remember the self improvement suggestions you gave me. I am eager to see how well they work.”

“Very good Shaun. I think the dizziness is the wine. This was a nice evening. I think you need to go easier on the wine next time… if there is a next time.”

“I would like to… to explore hypnosis with you further, if that’s ok?”

“We’ll see.”

I bid Shaun good night. I expected the FBI probe to be dropped and then I could have my fun with Shaun. It was kind of sneaky what he had planned for me. I am a good girl. I really am, so maybe he deserves a little payback. Maybe a little obedience training. What harm could there be?

You want to know the truth? Reality is a mirage.  Nothing is true (or real) until it is consciously observed. You must read this link if you are to have anything more than a shallow, transcendental understanding of reality.  Reality is unreal. Really!

Now for something a little less metaphysical. Except for the email exchange, nothing in this story is true. It is all part of the elaborate yarns I weave.

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