Sex therapy

Final results and consequences

by LydiaSalia

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Update 9/13/2021

The test came back positive for semen. Specifically, cysteine-rich secretor protein 2 (CRISP-2) and prostate specific antigen. The detective called and said using PCR amplification they were able to obtain sufficient DNA for a match. That's the good news. The bad news is they need probable cause for a search warrant to obtain a DNA sample from Dr. Allen. They need proof that the sex is not consensual. It is their recommendation to try and catch him taking liberties with me after he hypnotizes me. Apparently a divorce lawyer in Ohio was caught, tried and convicted using a hidden camera.

Before I agree to this, I need to think long and hard. Dr. Allen had sex with me one time, but I used my hypnotic wiles to seduce him. Or more accurately, subLydia hypnotized him. The only scenario where it makes sense to destroy his career and marriage is if he is having repeated sex with me against my wishes. Does my alter subLydia feel the same way? I’m not sure.

I apologized to Angela for suspecting her of foul play. As part of a strategy not to be discovered, Angela hypnotized me to believe I do NOT have a spycam -so in case he asks I will say “no, I am not secretly recording you.”

Before the police get involved I need to know if he deserves blame in all of this. If it records him hypnotizing me and having his way with me, then I will agree to a sting operation. If subLydia is responsible for starting this, I want to make sure that it is Dr. Allen, of his own accord, who is continuing it.

I am scheduled for my regular therapy and ketamine infusion tomorrow.

I arrived on time, he started the IV and I awoke feeling wonderful. I thanked him and headed home. Rachel was waiting for me this time to make sure I didn't accidentally erase the video. We watched it together. He took me deep into hypnosis and was doing legitimate therapy. Talking to me about allowing my submissiveness to emerge when it needed to, but always in a controlled manner. He was sitting next to me. He reached over and squeezed my hand. It was innocent and endearing. Human touch. That is all.

Maybe I squeezed his hand back or showed some other sign I was receptive. His voice is low and quiet, but his words are clearly discernible.

”Lydia, you will listen very carefully to me. You love how I make you feel when I hypnotize you. You are deeply hypnotized and feeling very submissive to me. This makes you feel very aroused. You want to submit to me. You want to submit to your master. Who am I and what do you want to do for me?”

”I want to submit to you master. I will do anything for you.”

”You are so obedient. Such a good girl. You want to feel me. You are becoming so aroused. You want to feel me rubbing you, massaging your breasts, penetrating you. You desperately want to feel me inside you again. Tell me what you want.”

“I want you to fuck me. Please fuck me.”

Does this meet the legal definition of consent? Probably not.

He took my hand and placed it on the front of his pants. Simultaneously he began massaging my breasts. The rest is history. He put on a condom and had his way with me. He got smart, or at least he thought he was. I no longer consider him the innocent party.

When he was done he pulled off the condom and tossed it in his waste basket, then he had me orally satisfy him one last time. His voice is clear on the recording.

”You did very well Lydia. Your master is very pleased with you. Now listen very carefully. You will not recall that we had sex. You will only remember how well you are responding to the treatments I am giving you and that there is no one else who can help you like I can. I am your master when you are alone with me. At all other times I am simply your doctor. Is this perfectly clear?”

”Yes master.”

”You are such a good girl. I am going to stop the ketamine drip and you will awaken on your own in several minutes feeling absolutely wonderful. Feeling euphoric and knowing only I can make you feel this good.”

I always wake up a little stoned from the sessions, but that is to be expected coming off the ketamine. I feel so good after our sessions that I know I will miss them. I realize what he is doing is wrong, but he is like an addictive drug. It is like my nucleus accumbens is hard wired to seek his control. Like a heroin addict. Has he programmed me to be addicted to his control? It’s possible. I’m definitely conflicted. This will be hard for me.

We showed this to the police. I thought that would be adequate, but the D.A. said chain of custody was not maintained so the video is not admissible in court. The police will need their own recording. So that is what we did. I returned to him at my regularly scheduled time and the sequence started to repeat, except the police busted in when he began to grope me.

You will probably hear about this on the news. This is an ongoing police investigation for now, but as soon as the media is notified, I will release a link here to the news story. I’m fucking done. I really am. This is my last story.

What a goddamn mind fuck. I write a fucking story about this, tell everyone it is an elaborate ruse and then this!

Now for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Nothing, I mean absolutely nothing about this story is true.

At the time of writing/finishing this story I was very frustrated and thinking about giving up writing altogether. I had been censored again. My story was ‘blocked’ and I was prohibited from publishing any more stories until I acknowledged that I had been ‘a bad girl.’ Goddamn it. This infuriates me. Specifically, in the original story I had a link to a news story about a psychiatrist that had been arrested for hypno-rape. The link was ‘couched’ in such a way as to suggest it was Dr. Allen. If you went to the link and read it, you would come to realize it was different circumstances, several years earlier and simply could not be this story. I was trying to alert 'the vulnerable', people such as myself, that even doctors entrusted with our mental health, could not always be trusted to have our best interests in mind. Nonetheless, that was enough to piss some reader/stalker off who took it upon them self to notify ROM that I was breaking the rules. So, I vouched to stop writing. If a 2nd (3rd) site was going to ban me, fuck everyone. Fortunately that issue was resolved amicably - this time. With the mcstories site I was never given an option to fix the offense and my stories were simply deleted from the site in mass. That was a low point in my life, I must say. At one point in my life that happening to me on top of everything else happening to me would have been enough to push me over the edge. Goodbye cruel world…

Btw, the admins on the site almost always refused to publish my stories without significant redactions. The dictatorial, editorial oversight was just too much. I gave up on them.

I have enough loyal fans that encourage me that I decided to keep writing. I can ignore the critics and the various evil hypnotists that lurk on these forums searching for their next victim provided I know there are fans who appreciate me. I’ll keep writing as long as I can imagine new scenarios. If you, the reader, have a good idea for a story, please email me. I love it when I can write something exciting that some of you would like to see.

Now I’m coming clean. First some truisms about hypnosis. Hypnosis is suggestion on steroids. Some people are hyper-suggestible and subject to deep trance/control by an alpha male or female whether formally hypnotized or not. Brain washing is little more than ‘repetitive’ suggestion. It works best when 'administered' to a relaxed individual on audio tapes before they go to sleep at night. Suggestions influence our subconscious interpretation of reality - whether awake or in formal trance. Repetition is what gradually embeds these suggestions as new 'truths' in our subconscious. Propaganda is simple statements repeated over and over ad nauseum to a population. If you believe in far right or far left nonsense, you have been brainwashed. Trump is not the anti-Christ. I don’t care for him, but I respect the right of people to wear MAGA hats in public. Likewise, anti-vaxxers are a bit right of crazy town, but to each his own. Neither political party gets a passing grade on morality, decency or honesty. But some of us have been brainwashed to believe whatever our own party says.

I want to dispel a common misunderstanding about hypnosis. People can be made to do things against their will. People can be hypnotically compelled to have sex. A highly skilled hypnotist can even make you believe it is your own idea and you are acting of your own free will. Arousal can be targeted and a skilled operator can have you or I fucking our brains out within 30 minutes of starting a ‘waking’ induction. 

I often provide external references and other ‘proof’ to my statements. My efforts to ‘educate’ created a great deal of cognitive dissonance in many readers. Some believed that I was being sex trafficked or I was doing that to others. Nope, never happened. I have tried to write my stories in a manner that makes them highly believable and engaging. Unfortunately that has created a lot of personal criticism. Criticism that perhaps I deserve. I don't know if I can really change, so that is why I have been contemplating giving up writing. I do think I have done a lot of good and have imparted a lot of wisdom, but perhaps at too high an emotional cost. I was hypnotized by, and became ‘addicted’ to, The Traveling Master, a hypnotist and erotica writer like myself. But it was under false pretenses. He pretended to know nothing about how to hypnotize someone. I actually ‘educated’ him on how to take someone deep. That backfired. Badly. I started addressing him as my master and I did NOT want that. Fuck me once gain!

He was as distraught as I was in ending our writing ‘affair.’ I felt like I was losing my sense of self under his control - not a good place for me. He is a good guy. I wish nothing but the best for him. These are facts. Most of the persons, places and situations I write about are completely fabricated. Bullshit. Now for the dirt on me.

Final revelations: My real name is Linda, not Lydia Salia. I am closer to 35 than 25. You should have picked that up from the many age appropriate historical references I have made. I am highly intelligent. That is true. I do not suffer from mental illness. I do go deeply into trance when hypnotized and trance is on the ‘dissociative’ spectrum, although my symptoms have never been considered serious enough to warrant a mental illness diagnosis. I have never ‘seriously’ attempted suicide. My half hearted attempt in high school was a ‘suicide gesture.’  I am divorced. I went to medical school and became a psychiatrist. A neuropsychiatrist to be exact. I gave up clinical practice after 3 years to be a full time mom. I am a non-practicing physician and an amateur scientist. I dabble in quantum physics and I’m a master hypnotist. I believe in god. 

I fancy myself as a ‘near’ real life Harley Quinn, ‘transmuted’ by hypnotic arousal. I really do seem to be on the dissociative spectrum sometimes when I lose myself in trance…. Kinda like Harley did.

Will I go to hell for stringing people along for the last year? Probably not, but I do need to atone for my sins. I hope that my positive, educational messages buried in my stories helps me make peace with my maker. Fortunately (or unfortunately), I have a hypnokink like so many others here. I am aroused by mind control or I wouldn’t be here. I am neither dominant nor submissive, although non consent does fire up my amygdala. I have been compromised rather severely in the past when I allowed myself to go into deep trance. I’m much more careful these days. Not so much a dom-sub thing, but close. I believe I can block any hypnotist that would dare try to take advantage of me, although I don’t wish to test this.  A covert induction is designed to be covert. If I somehow don't recognize one for what it is, then all bets are off. I did lower my guard and was hypnotized by The Traveling Master. Although I generally trusted him, I was not happy with how submissive I was became or my powerlessness under his control. Call me paranoid, but it was freaking me out a little bit.

What about when I was covertly hypnotized as a teen? I underwent obedience training - for real! See hypnotized to fuck johns. The man who hypnotized me was learning how to program girls. I think I was his first. I learned later that he was arrested for sex trafficking these girls. I escaped before anything like that happened to me. These are things that haunt me from my past, but I deal with them through strength rather than victimhood. I have lived with that secret, sharing it only with the hypnokink community. Not even my ex knows. Finally, I am bisexual. I slightly prefer girls over boys - most of the time.

God bless you. Please try to live your life morally. I know temptation can make it hard, but it doesn't prevent you from always trying to be a good person and when you stray... coming back to a center path.


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