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What’s the difference between rape and seduction?

by LydiaSalia

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No story is complete without some moral to impart. In the foreword I make some profound observations about consent that many will be shocked by. Read to the end and you will understand why.

How do you distinguish between rape and seduction when the ‘victim’ enjoys the sex? It can become muddled. Here is a moral paradox to ponder. What is the difference between rape and seduction? Answer: Salesmanship.

I doubt one reader in a hundred could see any moral justification to using hypnosis to seduce a subject into having sex. What about just ‘seducing’ someone. We induce a waking trance in someone when we manipulate their subconscious to become aroused. Images, stories, touch and 'suggestive' suggestions... When I am fascinated with a man who is making me laugh, who impresses me with his charm and intellect, who uses innuendo or other subtle clues to suggest he is sexually interested… I am being influenced. I may be adamantly opposed to engaging in sex, but if the 'seducer' (or seductress) is skilled, if he/she knows what buttons to push, then I or anyone can be covertly 'suggested' into sex. I will argue that this borders on 'non consent'. Most people in the hypnokink community would probably disagree. Technically, they would be wrong. Tapping into the subconscious is relatively easy. The sex centers of the brain, the amygdala and hippocampus, are part of the subconscious. If taking someone from being a 'good girl' one minute to a sexual animal the next is not hypnotic manipulation of the subconscious, then I don't know what is. I myself, have been convinced to spread my legs by clever men and women. This is a subtle form of hypnotic waking trance. It is covert, subliminal influence of the subconscious. As I have often said, we go into waking trances throughout our day. Some people are more suggestible than others. Trust in the goodness of your fellow man is not always prudent.

I give examples below of specific phrases that have been used to manipulate a person's subconscious to desire sex. Obviously with men, very little convincing is generally necessary.

When I used to watch porn (actually… still do), I used to marvel at how innocent women could be convinced to gradually relinquish control by suggestion alone. The best examples of covert inductions of the subconscious were in the ‘calendar auditions.’  The premise was an audition for an innocent calendar app. There was no mention of anything racy and the girls were ‘ambushed’ by expertly delivered suggestions. Suggestions designed to induce a waking trance.

Suggestions like "You can model a bathing suit or tasteful lingerie, right?" Or, "you can be a little wild sometimes, right? Show the producer you stand out from the competition. Show him you can be fun." Or, "You can be spontaneous, right? Sure you can. Let me see your personality." And "You love it when guys look at you. Sure you do." Other insidious influence over the subconscious and suggestions designed to induce submission, "Your body is perfect, but we need to see your personality. We need to see that you can follow instructions." These take downs typically occur over 20-30 minutes. "You are so beautiful" and "You have a perfect ass." Eventually the girls become aroused. Then, unless the 'seducer' says or does something really stupid, the girl will respond sexually - often being the one to instigate the sexual encounter.  Believe it or not, the girls eventually will follow the command, "Show me how you touch yourself when you are alone." The girls have already been ‘suggested’ into arousal. Remember, arousal is primarily subconscious. As the point of no return is approached, some girls will object. The reply is perfect. “Don’t think about it, just do.” Just do is code for 'obey.' Don’t think about it is telling the neocortex to disengage. Their subconscious is to follow instructions. They are disinhibited, exactly as if they were hypnotized. Why? Because they are hypnotized. Just not in the traditional sense.

Unless a girl totally rejects authority, she can be expected to obey. Most people do object to the intrusions into their personal space, but, like a fish on a hook, the seducer/seductress knows how to let out just enough line to reassure them before reeling them back in. Suggestions like these gradually increase arousal in the amygdala and nucleus accumbens. The suggestions are subtle and disarming and it works. Good girls can be made to fuck like rabbits. When they touch themselves, other areas in the brain are recruited that amplify the arousal. These include the insula, middle occipital, anterior cingulate and fusiform gyrus, striatum, pulvinar, and substantia nigra. Men and women become slaves to their arousal. It’s programmed into us. In the case of these amateur auditions, many of these girls are truly 'good girls'. They are not porn actresses, or easy or sluts. Sure, some 'pros' go to calendar auditions or rap video auditions, but most are unaware of what they are getting themselves into. The male directors are quite skilled at suggesting that they slowly, progressively surrender their modesty until the subconscious ‘sex center’ of the brain lights up like a Christmas tree. At this point they have lost free will. They believe they want to have sex of their own volition, but that is a mirage. At this point of hyper-arousal, the ventromedial prefrontal cortex (vmPFC) and amygdala become suppressed. Even I, with the knowledge of how my subconscious is being affected by arousal, am incapable (at that point) of disengaging. The decision of whether or not to have sex at that point is no longer voluntary. It is not really consensual if you apply cold hard logic to the facts. Conscious thought has gone offline. This is exactly what happens! Cortical suppression prevents the woman from contemplating her choices. Women predators do this to men as well (google “female agent porn”). It can be argued that men require very little persuasion... This is the fine line between seduction and sexual assault. It's not considered sexual assault if a 'victim' initially resists a sexual advance, but then subsequently, enthusiastically agrees to partake in the forbidden pleasures of the flesh. But based on the neuroscience and involuntary manipulation of the subconscious, it should be.

So, what am I saying? Only that sexual predation is not always black and white. We all have sexual needs. Some people are better than others at exploiting our innate behaviors. One could certainly argue that my thinking is specious if not outright flawed. I am in a quandary with all of this. I’m using rationalization as a defense mechanism to help me justify my decision to let bygones be bygones. I feel like ruining Dr. Allen's career and life is too high a price to pay for his indiscretion. That is if something really happened.

What about Angela? She seems so coy and innocent. But is that a front? Does a succubus lurk somewhere deep in her psyche preying on her entranced victims? Could she really be so evil that she would implant false memories that result in the ruination of a man? Why is she so insistent that I should not have a forensic examination for sperm? Proof of rape requires collection of sperm (or semen). Evidence of sex must be obtained within 120 hours.  I haven’t gone for a rape test yet. I still have time. Also, why does she not want me to discuss the ‘sex therapy’ with Dr. Allen. Shouldn’t he have an opportunity to defend himself or refute that it happened, if indeed it did not happen?

Is Dr. Allen an innocent bystander in all of this or did his libido betray him as it has done to me so many times? I believe in forgiveness when a person has remorse. But does the good doctor have remorse? I mean, from what I remember… or was made to remember, he wants me to start on birth control. My memory of him screwing me is so very clear. I’m not sure a memory can be implanted that is that clear. He told me he wants to continue the sex therapy sessions. Did I not find a discarded box of Plan B in my trash?

I know for a fact that Dr. Allen does not have any guilt or remorse about fucking me.

How do I know? Because he never did (fuck me). This ‘hypnotic rape’ never occurred. Gotcha!

It’s just my writing style. POV and suspension of disbelief. I hope my words created a visceral, emotional reaction in the reader. If so, I consider that a good yarn. If you got caught up in the story, then you were in a light waking trance. Now calm down and take a chill pill. I don’t want you to blow a gasket worrying about my attempts to rationalize rape.

Now what about Angela? Truth?  We have not had sex yet. Well, at least I don't think we have. I did wake up in my bra and panties so that is suspicious. But, in her defense, she said her air conditioning was broken and it was hot in her apartment.  Even scantily clad I was perspiring. What about the scene where I woke up during an orgasm? I made that up for the story. Since my libido is subject to ‘suggestion’ (hypnosis), I can’t help but distrust Angela’s motives. Even if I am sexually attracted to her, is it really me?  And the truth be known, the Scooby gang would prefer I stick with Blakley and Angela. I’m not quite ready to write Dr. Allen and the ketamine infusions off. The ‘K’ is a definite plus.

What is really true in this story? You will have to wait till the end to get the juicy details, but suffice to say, I was non-consensually hypnotized. I was made to forget against my express wishes. Angela hypnotized me and I awoke in my bra and panties…

Maybe it could be argued that I was coerced to masturbate in front of my doctor. However, that is a long shot. He did not tell me to do that. But he didn't stop me. Would you?

One last question, although it may not matter as this is probably my last story for a very long time.

I have read on a Tumblr blog that many readers get upset when I drag their minds through the mud. Making them wonder if what is happening to me or what I'm doing to possible real life characters is nonconsensual.  I usually (but not always) start my stories with a disclaimer that everything is made up unless specifically noted otherwise. l suppose not knowing can be traumatic. I used to get frantic emails asking if I was alright (after publishing Commune Life).

In the story Commune life , my husband Doug (ex-husband) hypnotized me and Julie to be his love slaves. I captured the imagination of my readers who believed we were being hypnotically subjugated! In fact, the story seemed so real that it got me banned from mcstories (EMCSA). There was also a complaint to the FBI’s sex trafficking site! Holy shit people can be gullible. Sex trafficking never occurred. It was entirely fiction! Doug isn’t even real!

Should I discard this writing style entirely? I’ve added a 'what is real and what is fake?’ to the end of most of my stories. Is that enough? Also, there are many grey lines between right and wrong. Is it wrong to introduce moral dilemmas into an erotic story? Why can't we put our souls through a wash cycle from time to time? The longer you wait, the harder it is to get rid of the smell.

Finally, a what if. Could this really happen? Could this happen to someone like me?  Absolutely it could if the hypnotist was sufficiently skilled and used ketamine or MDMA. In fact, this is exactly how I would do it.

Such is the reality of covert inductions on susceptible individuals. Hopefully my doctor doesn't read this story and get any ideas.

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