Sex therapy

The nonconsensual induction

by LydiaSalia

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The doctor decided that I would relinquish all contact with TM and the hypnokink community and I had no say in it. That did not sit well with me. He decided to hypnotize me against my will. I was understandably upset as was my friend Rachel. I think I have a legitimate basis for a complaint to the state medical board.

I missed my scheduled appointment with Dr. Allen and he knew I was pissed with him. He sent me an email. He was very apologetic.  I decided I would give him another shot. Rachel thought I was nuts. Well…, I am. Nuts.

I returned to see my psychiatrist for a follow up visit (prior to him pissing me off). TM had prepped me and told me to be totally honest with him about our emails and the little trance play we engaged in.

Actual emails to my psychologist friend Rachel before I was sedated/hypnotized against my will.

From: Lydia <>

Date: Wed, Aug 11, 2021 at 9:51 AM


To: Rachel Landry <>

Hi Rachel,

Oh fuck me. This is bad. 

I am still corresponding with Mark.  My psychiatrist is not pleased that I’m emailing Mark again. Or that I read erotica this week. Or that my sub personality got caught up in it all over again. He wants to hypnotize me to forget The Traveling Master and even all my writing and emails with others. I told him I don't  think that is even possible, but he insists he can do it and it is what I need.  I haven’t agreed to this.


From: Lydia <>

Date: Wed, Aug 11, 2021 at 9:57 AM


To: Rachel Landry <>

This shit is getting real. I’m scared I’m going to lose everything. I have a short story series on sex trafficking that Mark has agreed to publish for me. It is to build awareness of sex trafficking and it is very important to me.  My doctor isn't giving me a lot of options and is threatening involuntary commitment if I don't agree. I don't think he can legally do that.

Ok.  I just lost my shit when he said he was going to make me forget everything. He has no right. I’m sorry.  I bit an orderly who tried to restrain me. They gave me a shot that is making me sleepy.he said I can only email you. I have to send this quick. I can feel it shutting me down. Please don't let me lose forget everything of my past. I know I'm not acting like 'normal' Lydia, whatever the hell normal Lydia is. If I forget will you talk to Mark? I am not goin to forget.

Thank you for being my friend Rachel. You are so good for me. I need to close. Y eyes


Wow. I shudder when I read this. Rachel told me that I blind cc’d The Traveling Master (TM), who apparently shared her disdain for this doctor.

This is an abuse of hypnosis in my opinion. Especially in the medical use setting. I will not divulge the actual name of the psychiatrist, but suffice to say Rachel agreed I should see someone else. Interestingly, after he sedated and then hypnotized me, I returned home thinking he was some kind of wonderful. If I’m to be honest, I found his hypnotic control of me to be sexually arousing. That spell was broken soon enough. Rachel showed me these two emails and I decided he wasn’t so wonderful. Rachel found another therapist who specializes in dissociative disorders and someone else to induce a trance so that I could remember if my shrink did anything inappropriate. He did not.

Still, I’m angry that he made me forget without my permission. Actually, against my express wishes. I still wonder if I should complain to the state medical board.

What I decided to do instead was write a story about non consent by medical professionals. It is rare that you read about a doctor (or psychiatrist) using hypnosis to seduce a patient - but, it’s not rare that it’s happening. It’s under reported. Certainly many patients fall for their doctor. That is known as ‘transference’. I know of patients that have fallen in love with and married their doctors. That is generally frowned upon, but if the doctor follows a strict protocol of firing the patient from the practice, then the medical boards look the other way. That rule does not apply to psychologists and psychiatrists. If a mental health professional fucks their patient… that isn’t very professional, is it? Sorry, I couldn’t resist the joke. If sex between a shrink and his/her patient is discovered, the doc is the one that is fucked.

Why are shrinks singled out among medical professionals? Because they are dealing with psychologically unstable people. With people who are much more susceptible to authority or suggestion or unhealthy behaviors than the average person. Like me. I’m definitely not average. If I have sex with my therapist, I can see how society would frown on that. Even if it’s my idea?

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