Sex trafficked. It's all fun and games 'til someone loses an eye...

It was all a dream

by LydiaSalia

Tags: #cw:gore #cw:noncon #cw:protagonist_death #D/s #dom:male #f/f #m/f #multiple_partners #sub:female #bondage #dom:female #humiliation #sadomasochism

Lydia finally has an opportunity to enjoy Julie. Or was it a dream?

I called Julie when I got back home and told her about Jim. She was very sorry and consoled me. Then I called my mother. We had a good cry together. This renewed my commitment to helping identify these high-level sex traffickers. Julie asked again if she could help.

“This could be dangerous. I don’t want to put you at risk.”

“Girl, if you are going to put yourself at risk let me at least be your wing woman. I can watch your back.”

I thought about it and agreed if she promised to stay out of the direct limelight and not take any chances. She agreed. We decided we could pool our talents and visit the city of sin. Las Vegas was a center for child sex trafficking. I wanted to put an end to this, or at least make a dent. I figured it wouldn’t be too difficult to ambush hypnotize a few well dressed, flashy men and ask them about their sexual proclivities. If we identified someone with connections to sex trafficking, we would use our own version of Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth and compel our subject to spill their guts while in deep trance. Then maybe we would ‘spill their guts’. Well, we wouldn’t do it, but perhaps they would be careless and do it to themselves. Kind of like how toxoplasmosis infects the central nervous system of rats and makes them unafraid of cats. The cats eat them, get infected with the parasite and the life cycle of the parasite repeats. Our equivalent of a toxoplasmosis brain infection would be our command triggers.

When Toxoplasmosis infects the brains of humans, it causes them to be careless and distracted and has been identified as a key factor in increased incidence of serious car accidents.


Now we would never use our powers for evil. But some people don’t deserve to live. If we can help them along to meet their maker, why not? I’ve always wanted to ask the bad guy, “Do you believe in God?”

If they answer “Yes”, then my reply is “good, because you’re about to meet her”. If their answer is “no”, then a slight twist. “Too bad, because you’re about to meet her.”

Julie and I arrived on different flights, she from Texas, me from Colorado. I checked into our hotel first and she a few hours later. We had decided to stay at the Bellagio. They had the most amazing water show every hour in front of the hotel and plenty of high rollers. I figured we could be on the lookout for some sleazy looking high roller, flashing a lot of money around and that would be our target. Well, it was a target rich environment. When we walked through the casino everyone looked sleazy. I suggested we eat, shower, put on something sultry and make our way down to the casino. I figured the first night would be intel gathering and then we could acquire our targets and strategies for engagement for the following evening. I’ve been watching a lot of CSI. I laughed to myself. It almost sounded like I was speaking in a foreign language - target rich environment, acquire/engage our targets..

I selected a somewhat slutty dress. A red sequin side slit deep V-neck dress with red high heels. I would never wear this anywhere besides Vegas, but I was in the mood to be adventurous. Julie selected a black Svana plunge A-line dress. It looked more like a negligee than a dress.

“Julie, you’re going to be arrested if you wear that.” I smiled.

“Is it too much?”

“No. You look hot. I’m declaring you to be fully fuckable.”

“Lydia! I’m going to wash your mouth out with soap. I prefer the term dickable or even pussy pleasing”, Julie laughed.

We went down to the casino and started our patrol. There were a lot of swank, gorgeous women. Competition was going to be stiff. We sat at the bar and it wasn’t long before some dude wearing a bolo and his goofy friend came over to us. “Can we buy you ladies a drink?”

“No thank you. Our church doesn’t tolerate alcohol or fraternizing with men without a chaperone.”

“No shit! Well then, to each their own” They strolled off.

Julie looked amused, “That’s one way to get rid of them.”

“Julie, how come we never got together? I mean sexually? I may be a little more of a sex addict than you, well.., probably a lot more, but I’ve seen you look at me before in a way that makes me think you were feeling a little lustful.”

“Lydia. You are my dear friend. That is all. I am not gay. It’s best we just keep it at that.”

I smiled warmly at her. I must be losing it. I thought I had been reading a little female on female attraction. My bad I guess. “Ok. I apologize for bringing it up. Please forgive me if I made you feel awkward.”

“Girl, nothing you ever say could make me feel awkward... you don’t have to apologize. I will always love you as a sister.”

Then Julie proffered, “although I will admit the ‘circle of trust’ was tested by your recent hypno-pranks.”

Julie was still irritated with me for the little command trigger I had her act on in one of my stories on mcstories.

“You started it”, I reminded her.

“Water under the bridge. Let’s turn our powers of persuasion onto these sexual predators.”


Hypnopranks Gone Wrong is a story on ROM that describes the real life pranks Julie and I pulled on each other. Until it got out of hand and we needed to call a truce.


We returned to the task at hand. The only men who approached us looked like they needed to borrow money for a decent shirt or shoes. We aren’t going to find any high rollers here. I told Julie, lets go talk to some of the people betting at the craps table. That didn’t work either. A casino manager came over to me and told us to leave the players alone. I finally got the hint when he grabbed my arm firmly and walked me a few yards away from the table. He thought we were prostitutes. The way we were dressed, who could blame him? I felt rather stupid.

“Maybe we need a different strategy. I have a friend who might be able to tell us what to do.”

We returned to our room and I called Chris. I had hypnotized and enjoyed him. He was a dealer in a casino on the east coast. I had visited Chris recently and had had a nice time, if you know what I mean. I explained what I was doing in Vegas. At first he thought it was funny... the idea of trying to pick up some wealthy guy at the gaming tables. Chris said, “If you want to strike up a conversation you better have a stack of chips in front of you and start betting.” And then he became alarmed at what I was trying to do. “Lydia, the evil of these trafficking rings is horrible. You cannot be doing this.”

“We’re being careful.” I reassured him. With a little cajoling, Chris agreed to speak to some of his management contacts in Boston and see if they knew who the players might be in Vegas.

Player here refers not to a gambler per se, but someone who might be a high-ranking organized crime member


I told Julie let’s call it a night and go to bed. And then evil Lydia got an idea. Julie was standing next to the bed. I had a command trigger buried in her subconscious. We used to hypnotize each other frequently—less so these days after some of our hypno-pranks on each other got out of hand.

“Julie, look up.”

As Julie looked up I touched her forehead and commanded “Sleep for me Julie.” It still worked as advertised. It was an interesting reaction. Her eyes briefly crossed before rolling back into her head. Her head dropped to her chest.

“Julie, I want you to go deep for me. Very, very deep. It feels so good to drop down for me. You love surrendering to my voice. And as you do so you notice it makes you aroused. Just knowing that I am controlling you makes you so flushed with excitement and desire.”

I noticed that Julie actually became slightly flushed across her upper chest. Julie was responding as much to being controlled as anything I suspect.

I continued, “The dress you are wearing is so beautiful. You look so sexy in it. So desirable. And you find you are attracted to me. I look so sexy in my dress. Now tell me, have you ever thought of being with another woman?”


“You aren’t attracted to me even a little?”

“Maybe a little, but..., but.. only as a friend.”

“That is ok Julie. You want to be with me. That does not mean you are a lesbian. Just as I want to be with you and I’m not a lesbian. It is ok to be with a girl one time. You realize that your true feelings have been suppressed by your upbringing. You realize that the bond we feel for each other can include physical contact. In fact you desperately want to feel my lips on your lips. You desperately want to feel my touch, to feel my caress.”

Behavioral patterns etched into our subconscious from childhood can prevent us from achieving our full potential. Likewise, guilt, social norms and fear all inhibit us from reaching the pinnacle of a complete sexual being.


I observed Julie’s breathing quicken and her chest becoming more flushed. “When I awaken you the compulsion to be with me will be very strong. It will increase and increase until you act on it. You will have no conscious memory of having been hypnotized, you will just think this is something you want.”

“On the count of 5 you will awaken, feeling so sexy, so eager to lay with me. No guilt, just pleasure. 1,2 feeling wonderful, 3,4 starting to wake up, 5 fully awake.”

Julie opened her eyes and was looking at me intently. She was just standing there contemplating, studying me.

“What I asked?” smiling.

Julie did something I did not expect. “Lydia, WAKING TRANCE NOW!

“Very deep for me.”

“Remove your dress and panties and lay back on the bed.”

This is what I wanted, but it was strange that she was commanding me... and I was obeying without conscious thought. My hands had a mind of their own as they undressed me. I was a passive observer watching her operate me like a puppet. I laid down on the bed as instructed.

“Spread your legs wide for me Lydia.”

My legs did as they were told. This Waking Trance command was something else.

She leaned over and planted a long kiss on my lips. A deep passionate kiss. It kind of took my breath away. I kissed her back. Then she moved down to my breasts. I felt her lick and kiss me and it gave me goosebumps. Julie then moved to the inside of my thigh. First my left, then my right thigh. It is hard to describe when someone that is your best friend, who you had never considered doing this with before, is stimulating you. I was nervous for some reason. My legs were shaking. Julie calmly held my quivering legs. She kissed me on my knee, first my right, then my left and the quivering began to slow. Then she simply pressed her head to the inside of my leg and gave me a gentle, reassuring kiss and lasting hug. I melted in her embrace. After she judged I had calmed down, she moved to my sex. She took care to avoid my vulva and kissed around my panties. She was teasing me and it was so hot. The nervousness turned to lust in short order. Julie then began administering gentle kisses to my mound. I lifted my hips, beckoning her to move to my inner sanctum. Then gentle, loving kisses over my panties, directly over my entrance. I was gushing with excitement. She opened her mouth and using long strokes of her tongue, began licking me up and down over my slit through my panties. I think I might have passed out. The sensations were so intense. Then she pulled my panties to the side and began licking the inside of my slit. It was like an electric current. I held her head into me and raised my hips. It was so good.

I was so close and then Julie said, “You will now make love to me.”

I didn’t question. I just obeyed. My arousal was beyond what mere mortals could withstand.

Julie was still dressed. She told me to undress her. Her sheer dress came off easily. She was so beautiful. I cupped each breast in my mouth and licked around her areola. She tilted her head back. She was enjoying the attention I was giving the twins. Her moans only motivated me to ravish her more deeply. I pulled her panties down and laid her back on the bed. I knelt between her legs and then hoisted her legs up so that her pussy was perfectly accessible. Slowly at first I kissed and licked her labia. She was so wet. I licked inside her slit and was met with a rush of clear mucus. It tasted divine. I began to lick and kiss her more aggressively and soon she was thrusting her hips up against my mouth. She reached behind my head and held me firmly, planting my mouth over her pussy. All the while I darted my tongue in and out of her and rubbed her clit with my fingers. She came very hard. And that excited me. After she finally settled down I looked at her and asked, “My turn?”

And she said, “no, I’m done.”

I think my soul left my body for a moment. This was too cruel.

After agonizing moments, she smiled, “I’m kidding. Lean back and take your tongue lashing like a good girl.”

Julie had a sadistic streak I decided.

She spread my legs, pulled off my panties and leaned in to administer my punishment. I was beyond wet. She flogged me with her tongue and I nearly lost my mind. Soon I experienced the strangest orgasm I had ever had. Strangest, not just strongest. It was both. It was primal, continuous and consumed me completely. I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t think. My body was rocking against her mouth and fireworks were exploding in my mind. I think I might have passed out again. My vision slowly returned, and I started crying.

“Lydia, what’s wrong?”

Julie was looking at me with deep concern in her eyes.

“I think I was in heaven.” And I was dead serious. “I didn’t want to come back.”

Julie decided it was the waking trance and told me to come back. “Wake up Lydia. Fully awake.”

“It wasn’t the waking trance.” I said. I think maybe I had a little petit mal seizure. My limbic system was over stimulated. Either that or I did get a glimpse of heaven.”

Julie smiled, “You’re ok. Ms. Scientific trying to figure everything out.”

I was spent and lay down next to her. I had a shit eating grin on my mouth. She leaned over and kissed me on the lips.

Julie then did something else unexpected. “I’m sorry. I should not have taken advantage of you with my Waking Trance command. I had just noticed how beautiful you looked tonight, and I couldn’t help myself. I guess you were right. Maybe I’m a little lesbo and didn’t know it.”

I felt kind of guilty. It was my trance that had made her randy. And she was clueless. I wasn’t going to tell her... not this time.

“No. We just love one another, respect one another deeply.”

Of course, never one to miss the opportunity for a good joke I quipped, “To be honest Julie, as good as you are, you can’t match a thick penis pounding the kitty.”

“Ditto. Great stuff, but penis rules.” Julie agreed.

I turned to say something, and Julie grabbed my hand and I think said “Sle...”

I awoke feeling incredible. It was morning and the sun was peeking through the curtains. I looked over at Julie sleeping in the other twin bed. And then I tried to remember my dream. Like most dreams I could only retrieve bits and pieces. We had made love. It was so sweet... so good. I sighed. If only I could do this for real. Maybe I would drop Julie and have my way with her. But that seemed wrong. I could always dream of us making love to one another someday. But this was not the time.

I needed to focus on getting intel on the sex trafficking ring. Could I find out who the leadership was somehow? If I found the right source I could pump him or her for information and maybe find the next higher person, then hypnotize them. It seemed a monumental climb. Slowly, gradually climb the ladder to the top of the organization. I still wasn’t even sure where to start.

And that is when Chris called. “I talked to a casino manager I’m pretty tight with. She knows all about the sex trafficking that’s going on. They had a problem with it in Atlantic city briefly but were able to shut it down. Lydia, she told me of a casino manager in Vegas that has bragged about the young girls he gets whenever he wants. He is apparently high up in the food chain.”

“Oh my god, thank you so much Chris. I’ll check in with you in a few days and let you know how we are making out. Thanks again, Bye, bye.”

I wrote down the details and smiled at Julie. “I’ve got my first solid lead.”

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