Sex trafficked. It's all fun and games 'til someone loses an eye...


by LydiaSalia

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I was back at school. Following Alfred’s murder, I had taken a semester off for my own mental health. I thought about Karen and Alfred every day, but my hopes for saving Karen were dimming as each week passed. My good friend Julie had been my support during this difficult time. I cried on the phone to her many an evening. She volunteered to hypnotize me to help me deal with my sadness and I agreed. It helped. I was starting to accept the fact that they were gone and there was nothing I could do. Then I got an unexpected call.

My phone rang, “Lydia, this is Jim. I think I may have some good news. Don’t get your hopes up too high, but we have identified a Dr. Phillips who works for prince Abdul. We think he is the one that is responsible for brainwashing Karen. We don’t have a lot of details but based on some papers he has written on brainwashing that we were able to retrieve from the dark web, he uses a drug cocktail to induce a supercritical suggestible state and then, we think, standard brainwashing/hypnosis. We are going to arrange to have him detained and then you can use the hypnodisc to interrogate him.

31 hours later we were, once again, in Riyadh. Dr. Phillips was a South African physician anesthesiologist. He had been working for the Saudi family for quite some time. How many young girls had he brain washed I wondered? Well, he was in the other room and I was going to find out. First, I studied him through a two-way mirror.

I observed the doctor bound to the chair with heavy nylon restraints. He was visibly nervous.

“Jim, please have the nurse administer 5mg of Versed. I want to achieve anterograde amnesia, so he does not remember me hypnotizing and interrogating him. I think the plan of action I have in mind will work best if he does not know who I am or what my skills are.”

I waited for 2 minutes after the drug was administered before entering the room. “Hi doctor” I said in as soothing a manner as I could muster. “I’m going to help you. I want you to get out of here as soon as possible, so help me help you. I just need to ask you a few questions. I promise I can see that you are released unharmed if you just help me understand a few things. If you are wondering who I am, I’m just a hypnotist. I will use my skills to help you relax so that you can be honest with me. Does that seem reasonable?”

The doctor lifted his head to squint at me, “Yez, that sounds reaznable...”

“Doctor, I know you are an anesthesiologist. I’m sure you know better than I what drugs can help you cooperate better. I need you to obey my instructions. Since I need your conscious mind in abeyance, we are going to give you some drugs to help you relax. I’m telling you everything we are doing so that you might feel a little more at ease and be able to trust me. How does that sound?”

Eyes closed; the doctor nodded.

I replied, “Good. I’m very pleased.”

I looked over at Jim who indicated he was starting the infusion.

“Doctor, you are going to begin to feel very heavy and relaxed. It is such a pleasant feeling. You love this feeling, don’t you?”

The doctor appeared much calmer and smiled through half closed eyes. “I mide be able to guess what is this drug, but I would rather just enjoy it.”

“Good boy. I am going to hold a small screen in front of your eyes with pretty lights. I want you to concentrate on it. ok?”

“Ok” he said agreeably.

Jim had recently upgraded the hypnodisc he had developed years before for DARPA to a more modern iPhone app. The app was a small white brain icon that, when launched would sequence through a dizzying array of colors. Unique to the app was the way the lights pulsed in synchrony to brain waves. The initial pattern corresponded to beta waves. These were the brain waves that were associated with intense focus. The lights would eventually settle into a rhythmic 4-6 Hz Theta/Delta cycle which corresponded to a deep state of hypnosis and absence of conscious, analytical function. The Theta range was where I would take the good doctor as I judged the level of trance and adjusted the frequency of pulses accordingly.

“Doctor just follow the pattern of lights. Notice how they change from red to violet and then blue. It’s so pretty, isn’t it?”


“See how the pattern undulates as it slowly spirals into the center, each wave following the other, taking you deeper and deeper into the spiral. You will soon be very deeply asleep and ready to follow my commands.”

I continued to deepen the trance as I adjusted the pattern to a slow, oscillating 4 Hz, synchronized perfectly with the subconscious in a very deep state of relaxation.

“Doctor, I want you to tell me everything about what you do for prince Abdul. You will be completely honest and spare no details.”

The doctor described the system he had invented of injecting pleasurable psychoactive drugs associated with positive reinforcement and then what he called ‘the Devil’s cocktail’ of bath salts and LSD that was associated with negative reinforcement. Although under the influence of a potent mixture of psychoactive drugs and hypnosis himself, he was able to relate all of the details that Jim and Lydia needed. Lydia completed the interview and motioned for an additional amnestic dose of Versed to be administered.

I ushered Jim back into the observation room.

“I have a plan. You aren’t going to like it, but it is the best chance we have of getting Karen back and stopping the prince from doing this to any more girls.”

“I’m all ears”, Jim responded.

“Dr. Phillips is completely under my control. He will have no memory of ever having met me. And he is completely, 100% under my control. This is the perfect set up. He is going to think I’m one of the new girls brought in for the prince’s pleasure. He will believe he has conditioned me like all the other girls, although he will just go through the motions. I will not receive any drugs in the IV. For all practical purposes, the prince will not be expecting anything. I can slip him some Ricin, which as you know, has no antidote. We will need to kidnap Karen again somehow and immediately begin the deprogramming process.”

Jim contemplated the plan for several moments before proclaiming absolutely not. “This is way too risky. Something could easily go wrong.”

“Jim, I’m a big girl. I know what I’m doing. This evil son of a bitch has to be stopped and I will be able to get close to him. Within a couple days of getting the ricin he will get sick. It will appear he contracted COVID or the flu and he will just die. Simple. Done. End of story.”

It took another day of haggling to convince Jim that the plan had merit.

In the meantime the doctor, locked in a cell, was trying to remember what had happened to him. Some girl had been talking to him. He had been given some drugs. But he could not remember for the life of him if he had divulged what he really did for the prince. It didn’t matter because he was escorted back to the holding room, strapped back into the chair and an IV was started. Versed 5mg was administered once again and he was in La La land.

I walked into the room, gave a post hypnotic command to induce instant trance and began the process of programming the doctor. When we returned to the prince’s lab together, he would begin programming this new girl (me) for the prince. The doctor thought to himself, “I love my job!”

Jim had given me the Ricin wrapped in a gelatin capsule. It was hardly larger than a grain of rice, but it was highly lethal. I would have to handle it with care. This was placed in a small hair tie where it would be easily retrievable. The trick would be to dissolve it in the prince’s food or water. The doctor was soon walking into the palace, his hand holding my arm tightly. He believed I was drugged, and he was escorting me to his lab. I walked unsteadily, playing my part perfectly. When we arrived at the lab I was undressed and placed in a chair. A TCMS helmet was placed on my head and an IV was started. Since the doctor controlled the administration of both the current and the drug cocktail, I was not too worried. The doctor would not turn the switch although for all practical purposes, any observers would not know the difference.

I was very self-conscious, sitting completely naked in a chair with strangers walking around. And then a male tech came up to the chair, parted my legs and inserted something into my vagina. Maybe some sort of vibrator? I thought.

The doctor spoke into the microphone.

“Young lady, I am Dr. Phillips. You were kidnapped, given powerful drugs and brainwashed. We saved you and I am going to reverse those effects. Your name is Lydia and you are a college student right?”

I volunteered, “Yes sir. I’m at Stanford. Thank you for saving me.”

The doctor paused and remarked, “We had another young lady from Stanford. Small world.”

The doctor had been given a largely false background on my close friends and family. These would be the images flashed on the screen. Soon a light show began. I steeled my mind in order not to be influenced by the images on the screen. I could resist being hypnotized when necessary. The doctor showed images of me and the prince together. I saw the prince in ceremonial parades and galas. His prominence was repeatedly drilled into my head. I was indoctrinated with Islam. The prince was next only to Allah in importance. It was quite well done. It looked like I and the prince were in love, walking hand in hand on a beach. After some time the light show ended and I knew to pretend to go to sleep. This was the sequence the doctor followed. A drug cocktail with positive reinforcement, followed by a powerful anesthetic Propofol and then an hour or so later, infusion of the ‘Devil’s cocktail’ associated with severe aversive conditioning. The heroin, MDMA and Ketamine that I supposedly had in my bloodstream would need to be cleared by the liver and kidneys before proceeding.

The doctor spoke to his staff. “I will be back in an hour to begin phase 2.”

One of the male techs waited for the doctor to leave, then walked over to me and pretended to be adjusting my IV. Making sure no one observed him, he reached over and fondled my breast. Then he reached down and inserted several fingers into my pussy and began rubbing my clit between his thumb and fingers. I felt the stimulation which though uninvited, resulted in pleasure signals being transmitted to my limbic system. This was the area of the brain associated with sexual response. I understood the science, but I also felt the positive sensations from this act stimulate my libido. I told myself to “stop it” while I continued to imitate a state of sleep. Fortunately, this did not go on for very long.

The doctor returned and looked at his watch. Good. He could begin the aversive conditioning.

I acted like I was waking up when the doctor spoke into the microphone.

“Lydia, I want you to stare at the screen for me.”

I realized I would need to put my best ‘acting’ foot forward to convincingly act out the pain and terror of what was about to occur. Although the doctor would not activate the infusion of bath salts and LSD, onlookers must be convinced I was indeed being caused great anguish. On the screen horrible scenes of mutilations and other horrific scenes played out. Images of fabricated friends and lovers that I and Jim had concocted for the ruse flashed on the screen. Faux family members flashed on the screen while the doctor told me these were evil, terrible people that were there to hurt me. I could only trust prince Abdul and Allah. Infidels were not to be trusted and would lead me to ruin. He continued telling me I must give myself to Allah and the prince and I would be safe from harm. I played the part well. I twisted and gyrated, trying to turn my gaze from the terrible images while seemingly wailing in profound psychological distress.

I thought to myself, “This acting is tiring.” How diabolical this. I wished at this moment that I had enough Ricin to give the prince, the doctor and both of these male techs. But that was not the mission. I would need to stick with the game plan.

The brainwashing completed; I was transported back to the harem to be attended to. I was washed by the young houri who were eager to know more about me. I relayed that I had been rescued by the prince and I was being deprogrammed from some evil men so that I could faithfully serve my prince. I looked around my surroundings. These were all young girls. Most no older than 15 or 16. This must be stopped. Then I spotted Karen. Karen was staring at me, a look of concern on her face.

Karen walked over to one of the concubines watching over the harem and whispered something in his ear. “Oh shit”, I thought. “I should have anticipated this.”

Soon I was lifted out of my chair by two strong men. I was transported to a room where a person dressed like a policeman was studying me. The doctor was called and reassured everyone that it was ok. That his subject was responding as expected to his protocol. The prince was notified and arrived to speak with the doctor. “Dr. Phillips. Do you know who this is?”

The doctor responded as he had been programmed, “She is a girl your men kidnapped in order to add to your harem your highness.”

The security guard leaned over and spoke in the prince’s ear.

The prince appraised the doctor for a moment before saying, “No doctor, there was no such operation. I think someone might have gotten to you. I think maybe this girl is CIA. She was spotted with a man we have identified as Jim Fellows. They were involved in the failed plot to kidnap my faithful Karen.”

“Are you CIA Ms. Lydia?”

“No sir. I was here vacationing when some men kidnapped me. They didn’t have a uniform or anything. Maybe they were freelancers.” I volunteered. I knew I was in trouble.

Have Dr. Murphy conduct the next programming segment.

“Oh, fuck me”, I told myself. And to make matters worse, I watched as the chief of security removed his sidearm, leveled it at the back of the doctor’s head and fired. I involuntarily screamed.

“Probably not CIA”, mused the prince. “I don’t think they are so squeamish.”

I was held in a locked cell for the next 2 days as the prince’s security detail researched who this strange woman was. I was not CIA, they soon verified.

I was escorted back to the indoctrination chamber and my clothes were removed. I was strapped back into the chair and an IV was started. A helmet was applied over my head. I knew what this was... kind of. It looked like trans cranial magnetic stimulation, but the way the helmet fit suggested there was something more.

“Hi Lydia. My name is Dr. Murphy. I didn’t much care for Dr. Phillips. His methods are too gentle for my liking. I think we will be good friends. I have reviewed your file. It appears there is more to you than meets the eye. You are a master hypnotist. How interesting. I achieve the same results, but I use drugs and deep brain electrical stimulation. It works better and faster. I am going to demonstrate to the prince how I can make you do anything I want. Even if you are pretty much conscious and aware of what I am doing to you. I bet that is not something you can do with hypnosis.”

I struggled but to no avail. And then I felt an electric current coursing through my brain, then... confusion.

Dr. Murphy addressed the prince. “I have induced a focal Temporal Lobe Seizure. I will follow this with stimulation to the anterior cingulate gyrus in her limbic system. If she goes on to develop a grand mal seizure, I can stop that with midazolam in her IV.

“Impressive” observed the prince.

“Her limbic system is hyper stimulated. Specifically, if you care to know, I am electrically stimulating the amygdala and the hippocampus. Her autonomic and hormonal responses to sexual arousal will be quite obvious as you observe. Watch how she now incorporates my suggestions into behaviors in the chair.”

I was so aroused I couldn’t stand it. I had to have relief. I raised my legs up, inserted my fingers into my vagina and began fucking myself. I was alone, so I could enjoy myself. Soon I was bucking to a full on, powerful orgasm. Then my brain seemingly exploded with a dazzling display of fireworks.

Lydia went from masturbating herself in front of everyone to a full blown grand mal seizure. Her eyes rolled up, her head twisted sideways, and her body contorted into an unnatural position. She began convulsing, jerking in synchrony to the disorganized electrical impulses coursing through her brain.


“Do you have to stop the seizure?” the prince asked.

“No, we can let it run its course.”

For the next 3 minutes Lydia spasmodically jerked and grimaced. Drool and blood escaped from her mouth where she had bitten her tongue. She lost bowel and bladder control. It was quite a mess. Finally, 3 minutes into the seizure the doctor suggested she receive midazolam to stop the seizure or risk having permanent brain damage. The prince acquiesced.

Dr. Murphy walked into the conditioning chamber and checked Lydia’s pupils with a penlight. “They are slow, but still reactive.” She reached her fingers into Lydia’s vagina and remarked, “She is soaking wet. This was not play acting. She had a powerful orgasm. I will repeat this with the programming, and she will be eating out of your hand.”

I awoke completely confused. Unaware of where I was, who I was. I fought, but strong arms kept me from hurting myself or others.

Gradually the room came into focus and I realized I was back in a holding cell. The male attendants released me and exited the room, locking the door behind them. Then I smelled the odor and realized I had soiled myself. I was mortified.

Dr. Murphy suggested the programming sequence start the following morning, to allow her brain to unscramble from the seizure she had experienced.

Soon enough I found myself once again strapped into the chair, stripped of my clothes and an IV placed into my arm. A vibrator was placed into my vagina. I focused with all the intensity I could call forth. I repeated in my mind, “I am here to save Karen and kill the prince. I am here to save Karen and kill the prince.”

Then the drugs flowing into my vein began to dull my senses, “I’m here to safe Karen and kill de prinze..... I’m her to keel...prinzzzee..”

An incredible calm descended over me. Between an extreme state of relaxation and twilight sleep, the most profound euphoria I had ever experienced consumed me.

The positive reinforcement images repeated, but this time aided by the drug cocktail I had been spared the first time. Dr. Murphy said something into the headset inside my helmet and I felt a tingling on my scalp. Hypnotic sleep would be my companion going forward.

Dr. Susan Murphy was British. She had studied under Dr. Phillips and was well versed in the techniques. She had a certain sadistic streak and reveled in using the “Devil’s cocktail”. She looked forward to starting the aversive conditioning after a sufficient time had passed for the MDMA and Ketamine to largely clear her bloodstream. As the Devil’s cocktail was infused, Lydia was soon shrieking in terror. Unimaginable images of pain and suffering flashed on the screen while methylenedioxypyrovalerone and LSD polluted her brain, making rational thought impossible. This brought a smile of satisfaction to the doctor’s face. Dr. Murphy repeated the brainwashing sessions over the next 3 weeks until she was satisfied the programming was firmly established. Lydia was removed to the harem chambers to be prepared for her evening with the prince.

methylenedioxypyrovalerone is the active ingredient in bath salts


Jim had not heard from Lydia. This was fucked up. She must have been discovered. He had no way of knowing. He was desperately worried but must resign himself to wait and hope. A call to his CIA friend was unhelpful. The state department would not intervene. The Saudi family was off limits. If the 2018 assassination of dissident Jamal Khashoggi under Saudi royalty bin Salman’s watch could be allowed to happen without consequences, then Lydia was on her own.

In the interim, Lydia was ready for her appearance before her prince. She was bathed and perfumed. Beautiful Egyptian cotton robes adorned her and she wore a simple, but elegant gold necklace.

Lydia thought to herself, “I was counting the minutes until I could be with my master. The concubine escorts lead me to the prince’s chambers. They ushered me into the room and closed the doors behind me. The prince was sitting on the bed.”

Lydia looked down at the floor in submission as she was programmed to do.

“Come here pretty one”, the prince instructed. I timidly approached him, all the while keeping my head bowed down in supplication.

The prince untied my sash and my robes fell around my ankles.

The prince studied his prize. Lydia was a beautiful girl. She had a thin, athletic body. Her breasts were not large, but neither were they small. They were about perfect for her frame. She had the most beautiful, intelligent eyes. The prince walked around her admiring her. He lifted her chin so that he could stare into her eyes. Her skin was soft, her breasts soft and supple. The prince applied his mouth to her breast and suckled.

I shuddered. The feeling was even more intense, more arousing than I had imagined. He bent me over the bed (as he was want to do with new girls) and inserted himself into my waiting pussy. I gasped as he went deep.

The prince thought to himself. ‘I must talk to Dr. Murphy about these girls. They are always so damn wet that I barely have any sensation. Lydia’s secretions ran down her legs. She was more than wet. She was like an animal in heat.

As the prince quickened the pace, I felt herself nearing climax. But I knew it was not my place to enjoy myself before my prince. Only the pleasure of my master mattered. I could not, would not allow myself to orgasm without my master’s permission. Then after what seemed an unbearable amount of time, the prince unleashed his load. I felt the warmth of him suffuse me. The prince then commanded me, “You may cum now!” And I did..., powerfully. I whimpered while bucking wildly. “Ohhhemmm. It’s so good!” I was exhausted and was grateful for the prince rolling me over on to my back so I could hold my legs up and keep as much of his sperm as possible pooled next to my cervix. I lay there smiling, my mind blank, when some strange thought crept into my consciousness. Something was wrong. There was a voice in my head, a man’s voice saying, “Wake up Lydia.”

It slowly dawned on me. In my mind thoughts and images started to rotate in and out of awareness. The prince is my master? No, that’s not right. Is that right? Jim is a bad man...? No, he’s a good man.” I felt so confused and suddenly so very alone. Something is wrong with my brain I thought to myself.

The prince noticed something had changed. “What is it my child?”

I hesitated, “I’m sorry master. I feel as if I could have done better. You deserve perfection and I don’t know if I am good enough.”

The prince reassured me, “You did very well. You will get to rejoin your schoolmate. I understand you know Karen from college. She was the one that told us all about you. But we told her that we straightened out your thinking - that you are now happy to join your sisters in serving me.”

I was searching my memory. “Karen... Karen. Oh yes. I go to school with her. That’s right, she is here isn’t she?”

“Yes, indeed she is. And I think I would enjoy having both of you at the same time.”

“That would be wonderful, master.”

I was led back to the harem by the two concubine escorts. While I walked my mind was busy trying to remember. The prince is a major player in sex trafficking? No, really? And then I thought, “And I’m in the middle of it?”

“What is going on?” I searched my memory. My memories were in conflict. I loved the prince. Well, I did, but now everything was confused. Then I remembered a post hypnotic command deep in my subconscious? Maybe? This command would activate at the moment I or the prince had an orgasm. It was my idea for Jim to do this. It virtually guaranteed I would not ‘wake up’ before everyone around me was convinced I was a loyal thrall of the crown. That was my best hope of escaping with Karen. But I had trouble distinguishing reality from fantasy. I knew who I was this instant. But what about after I went to sleep for the night or if I was required to attend another brainwashing session.

I searched the room for Karen. I saw her and made my way to her. Karen looked up at me uneasily. I began, “You are so fortunate that our master finds favor with you. He told me you are his favorite.”

Karen smiled, “Hi Lydia. I am so happy you will be joining us. The prince told me you were not here to cause trouble but would be joining me and the other girls. I am so happy I will have someone I know to talk to.”

Later when I was alone, I began to search and organize my memories. Things were much clearer now. The post hypnotic command had activated when I or the prince orgasmed. I was not sure which activated it. The hairband with the ricin was nowhere to be found. “Think Lydia, think!", I told myself. “I can get the prince alone with the temptation of great sex, but I can’t hypnotize him. There is no technique, covert or otherwise that would work in this situation.”

“What about Karen?” Karen’s brain was all but fried. “What if I tried the old post hypnotic suggestion I had embedded in her when she was in our study group.” Karen, along with Alfred and Kevin had been in Lydia’s English lit study group and I had hypnotized all three deeply.

I decided that was my best shot. I waited until Karen and I were alone and then walked up to her, “Karen look me in the eyes and take a deep breath.” Karen looked at me curiously but did as instructed without really giving it a thought.

“This might just work” I thought. I commanded “Karen, deep sleep now!” as I touched her forehead.

Instead of dropping into trance, Karen seemed to be stunned... shocked. She started to say something, and I repeated the command, “Deep sleep for me now Karen!” And I pressed the palm of my hand against her forehead.

Karen’s eyes fluttered, then closed. I quickly deepened her and then began the process of telling her what had actually happened to her. While describing the aversive conditioning she had endured, tears rolled down Karen’s cheeks. This was soon followed by her shoulders convulsing in waves of sobbing.

“I’m sorry Karen. I have to tell you these things to try and wake you from the brainwashing.”

Karen came out of trance. “You don’t understand. I killed Alfred.” And the grief-stricken wails resumed.

I was beside herself. The prince had used my friend to kill her beloved husband. Death was too good for him.

I allowed Karen to cry her heart out and then told her that I had a plan and it would require Karen not to show any emotion. Karen agreed to be hypnotized again so that she could help in the plot without exposing them. I realized for our plan to succeed we would both have to play our roles perfectly. We could not risk for the prince to suspect the conditioning had waned. Karen was instructed, “My plan will require us to be with the prince in his bed chambers so that we will be left alone. You cannot afford to show any negative emotions. I am going to instill some powerful post hypnotic suggestions that will mask any fear or revulsion you have when you are with him. You will be extremely sexually aroused in his presence. You understand this is necessary?”

“Yes” Karen agreed, resigning herself to the necessity of the ruse.

Karen was awakened from trance and leaned over and hugged me. “Thank you for saving me. I’m ok now. Tell me your plan.”

The prince was given word that the two friends from Stanford wanted to show him something called ‘American hospitality’. He wasn’t exactly sure what that was, but the idea of those two, at the same time, got his hormones raging.

“Bring them to my bed chambers this evening” he commanded. “Dress and bathe them so that they will please me.”

We were attended by the concubines and harem girls who washed us and anointed us with perfume. We were dressed in lavish gowns and escorted to the prince’s bedroom. I activated the posthypnotic suggestion in Karen so that she would become sexually aroused by the prince.

As always, the prince was sitting on his bed. He beckoned us to walk over to him.

We both looked down as we approached, our palms up in supplication. The prince walked up to me and released my sash allowing my robes to fall to my feet. He grabbed my breast and I convincingly gasped in pleasure. Then he unleashed Karen’s robe and reached down. Her pussy was soaking wet in anticipation. He decided she would be first. He bent her over the bed and began pumping her. She let out appreciative groans motivating him to thrust harder. He felt my arms around his upper back and neck, massaging him from behind, coaxing him and then, strangely, he felt me applying a choke hold. The prince recognized this. It was a rear naked choke, also called a sleeper hold. Why would Lydia be doing that he wondered.

Then the prince heard me say, “Awake now Karen!”

Karen ceased thrusting her hips in rhythm to the prince’s thrusts. She quickly dislodged herself from beneath him and helped me roll him onto the bed. I was lying on my back, the prince on top of me facing away from me. My legs were securely locked around his waist preventing him from extricating himself from the choke hold. Karen held a pillow against his mouth so that he could not scream for help. Soon the choke hold had the desired effect. The prince was rendered unconscious.

I instructed Karen. “If my plan does not work, we have no choice but to kill him here and now. But I’m hopeful as he begins to regain consciousness, I can access his subconscious mind and as many times as needed, drop him back into unconsciousness before he can mount a ‘conscious’ defense.”

Karen volunteered; I will help keep him from calling out.

I released my hold just enough so that the prince spasmed a few times and started to come around. I began a mantra. “Prince Abdul, you obey Lydia. I am your master, have always been your master and you love obeying me.”

“What the fu..” I reapplied the choke rendering the prince unconscious again. This process repeated a dozen times over 30 minutes. The prince was allowed to reach twilight consciousness before being submitted to sleep once again. Each time I deepened the trance, I reached further into his subconscious. I began to test the depth of the programming. “Who is your master?”

“Lydia is my master.”

“And what will you do for your master?”


“Address your master properly.”

“Yes master. I will do anything you command.”

I felt satisfied. He had never had a chance to achieve full consciousness. Most of the time I had been addressing his subconscious. His subconscious would not try to discern truth from fiction. It would accept as true anything that I suggested—assuming I had timed the choke outs with the suggestions.” I programmed him repeatedly with a powerful post hypnotic suggestion that I was sure he would be unable to resist.

To test that he was not faking, I instructed him to stand and then I used my ‘freeze in time’ command. In this command the conscious mind and the ability to process external stimuli are frozen or blocked. I needed to make sure. His penis was flaccid. “Karen, you need to suck him like a porn star. You need to make him hard. This is critically important. Karen got on her knees and launched into the prince sucking him and caressing his balls. No man could resist this.

This continued for almost 2 minutes before Karen stopped looked up at me. “I’m sorry. I tried as hard as I could. He won’t get hard.” She looked like she was about to cry.

“Karen, it is ok. The fact that he did not become hard means that he obeyed my hypnotic command. He is, in fact, deeply hypnotized and everything should work out for us as I planned. As I am hoping.”

I decided to choke him out one last time. I wasn’t sure if that was necessary, but I wanted his thinking, analytical mind to be offline for some time. Maybe a few days even. This time I compressed his carotid arteries for a  full 60 seconds after he was unconscious. Was cerebral anoxia necessary to keep him from processing any irregularities he might have perceived? I wasn’t sure, but I didn’t want to take any chances. If brain damage occurred, it would likely not be serious. We would have time to leave the chambers and return to the harem before he was any the wiser.

I checked to make sure he was breathing. He had a strong pulse. Then he kind of spasmed, snorted and started snoring loudly. This was a hindbrain survival reflex. Yes, he would come around. Maybe a little fucked up, but that was ok. We dressed and opened the doors. “We wore the prince out. He is asleep.”

The concubines looked in and observed the prince snoring. They escorted us back down to the harem. I looked at Karen and said, “now we wait.”

The beauty of the rear naked choke is it induces retrograde amnesia. The prince would have no memory of being choked out. Nor would he remember the sex except for maybe the first minute or so.

I could only hope that my suggestions were not diluted by the diminished blood flow to his brain.

Jim watched as the van unloaded the girls at the market. It had been weeks and no Lydia or Karen, but this was to be his lucky day. It appeared Lydia and Karen were together in hijabs. The escort van was attacked this time at the same time as the two men guarding the girls. The operation went smoothly for a change. His men grabbed Lydia and Karen and roughly manhandled them into his waiting van. They sped off, but not before Jim applied 15 million volts from his stun gun to both of the girls to prevent them from struggling. He was not going to allow their brainwashing to get in the way. I had screamed, “Wait Jim!” just as he applied the shock. Lydia collapsed to the floor. Maybe he should have hesitated, but no matter. She would wake soon enough.

Both girls slowly regained consciousness. Their wrists and legs were bound in plasti-cuffs.

“Hello Lydia. Do you know who I am?”

“Yes Jim. Did you shock me?”

“I had to make sure you were not under the control of sheik shithead.”

“I’m ok. The post hypnotic suggestion you implanted in my subconscious was enough to reverse the effects of the brainwashing..., but just barely. I was able to reactivate a post hypnotic sleep trigger in Karen, so she came around. And then we subdued the prince with a sleeper hold and were able to place a suggestion in his subconscious that we would be allowed to go to the market together.”

“Excellent” said Jim. “But you didn’t get to kill him, so the sex trafficking will continue...” Jim sighed.

“Maybe not” I suggested. I implanted a strong sexual need in him that is frowned upon in the Muslim world. I hope the prince won’t be a problem much longer.”

Safe back home, Lydia received a call from Jim. “My CIA contact advised me that the prince was caught having sex with a young man in the Saudi household. Homosexuality is not tolerated. He was unceremoniously executed by the King.”

I gave a sigh of relief. “I was hoping the prince was not a homophobe. Otherwise, I wasn’t sure if my suggestions would stick. All’s well that ends well.”

I entered my final semester at Stanford. I would complete my psychology degree but forego medical school.

A young woman approached me while I was sipping a latte in the commons. ““Hi Lydia, my name is Grace. We have been watching you and my boss is very impressed. We are an off-book intelligence agency of sorts. We are looking for people like you. Smart, talented, with astute powers of observation. We think you would make a fine addition to our team. Here is my card. I would like to introduce you to our team. I think you will be intrigued by the possibilities. Grace was gone as quickly as she had appeared.”

I looked at the card. The name on the card was Grace Belaire, A.I.C., American Institute of Consciousness. What was this?... a reverse anagram for CIA? I was curious, but I had already planned out my life. This was just so different. I vacillated over whether or not to make the call. But days then weeks passed, and I forgot about it.

In the meantime, sex trafficking remains an ever growing problem. Young, attractive American girls are often targets when traveling overseas. Jim advised me that it was his plan to pursue this as the final chapter in his life. Sex trafficking and pedophilia were abominations and the perpetrators needed to be stopped with extreme prejudice. Six months into a deep cover sting Jim disappeared. It was upon learning of this that I pulled out the card and made the decision to contact Grace. I could not allow this man to sacrifice himself in vain after all he had done for me.

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