Sex trafficked. It's all fun and games 'til someone loses an eye...

Houri in a harem

by LydiaSalia

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Houri is the term for virgins that devout Muslim men will enjoy when they are in paradise.


Karen slowly regained consciousness. She touched her face. “Ouch!” Her eye and lip were swollen. She was in a hot, dark enclosure, a box truck she surmised by the noises and bumps in the road. She became aware of girls in various states of distress. Some were crying. Some were praying. All were terrified.

“Does anyone here speak English?” she asked.

“I do. My name is Cynthia. I think at least 10 of us speak English.”

Although too dark to see, Karen’s eyes were wide as she contemplated the dire predicament, she was in. “How many of us are there?”

Cynthia volunteered, “I’m not absolutely positive, but I think maybe 20?”

The girls that were able, huddled up and discussed their plight and possible options. Maybe we can rush them when they open the door”, suggested a girl named Mary. Another thought, maybe cooperation was the best strategy. Karen didn’t like any of the options. She thought of Lydia. Maybe Lydia could hypnotize her way out of this mess..., but probably not. There were limits even to her superpower.

The truck arrived at its destination. The lift was raised and the bright sunlight streaming in caused Karen and the other girls to shield their eyes.

“Salir del camión pendejo putas!”

Karen was rightfully terrified. Along with the other girls she was pushed and shoved until they were formed up in a line to be inspected. She surveyed her surroundings as a Caucasian male barked, “Remove your clothes!". He repeated, louder “Quitate la ropa!”

One girl hesitated and received the butt of a rifle stock squarely to her abdomen, dropping her to her knees. Karen took the hint and quickly discarded her clothes.

The white man casually strolled over to her and rubbed her blonde hair between his dirty fingers. Blonde girls are highly prized. “A pretty girl like you should not be ashamed to show your beauty. Do not try to hide your breasts and your pussy from me.”

Her hands haltingly obeyed and she let them rest at her sides. Despite the heat, she could not stop trembling.

A man with a clipboard was taking notes. Names were recorded and orders given.

Karen soon found herself marched to a small aircraft to be flown to some other destination. She was afforded the dignity of a simple peasant dress and given food and water. Then she felt the sharp jab of a needle in her arm. She awoke in a large room. Strange female voices, maybe another language. She couldn’t focus and the room was spinning. She closed her eyes and prayed she would soon wake from this nightmare.

Karen slowly became aware of her surroundings. She was sitting naked, strapped in a chair. The room was dark. Only a screen was visible on a wall directly facing her. She realized she had some kind of helmet contraption on her head and an IV was in her right arm. She felt calm. I wonder what they gave me, she thought. A male voice came over the loudspeaker.

“Karen, my name is Dr. Phillips. I am here to help you. We rescued you. You were kidnapped. Now, you were pumped full of many different drugs and were subjected to intense brainwashing. I am going to play some videos and flash some lights so that we can help you regain your memory and your senses. How does that sound?”

Karen felt the tears running down her cheeks. “Oh, thank you! thank you for saving me! Are the other girls ok?”

“Yes. They will be fine. They are receiving treatment just like you as we speak.”

Karen had tensed up at first, but now she allowed herself to relax. A profound peace descended over her. And then she thought to ask, why am I naked? but before she could voice the thought, she felt stimulation from the helmet against her scalp and a light show began to play on the screen.

Dr. Phillips watched his subject on the computer monitor. With commencement of the electric current through the helmet, strong magnetic waves were transmitted deep into targeted brain areas. Karen’s mouth drooped open and her expression became blank. Her eyes were fixed on the screen and her pupils were dilated. Almost like a dead person, but she was very much alive. The crown prince was standing next to him. “With what this is costing me, I assume you are guaranteeing results?”

“Yes” said the doctor. Memories of her past life will be replaced with memories of her devotion and loyalty to you.”

The prince looked on, curious to see how this mental magic would be accomplished.

“Karen, I’m giving you something in your IV to help you relax. I want you to stare at the screen. Pay very close attention.”

“What is in the IV?” enquired prince Abdul.

“It is my own special concoction of MDMA, Ketamine and heroin. This will induce an incredible euphoria and make her extremely open to my suggestions. Later I will use synthetic cathinones also known as bath salts and LSD to induce a state of terror. Memories that we want her to incorporate into her subconscious are reinforced positively. And in later treatments we will amplify these newly embedded memories. The feelings we want to eliminate are associated with negative stimulation. Pretty simple really.”

Karen stared blankly ahead, but in her mind she was smiling. The feelings flooding her brain were overwhelming. It was like a continuous gentle, happy orgasm of the mind. In front of her images of life. Bumblebees pollinating flowers, young couples deeply in love, hand in hand strolling at sunset and then her own marriage. There she was in her wedding dress, swooning as her soon to be husband was kissing her. Except, was that her husband? It was the crown prince?

Karen had already been indoctrinated into who the crown prince was, his appearance, his presence on the world stage and his many other accomplishments.

The pictures of her with his highness were unmistakable. It was clear that he loved her deeply and she felt the same towards him. But then her memory drifted to Alfred. Who was Alfred again?

The doctor hit some buttons on the computer and a large dose of profanol was infused into the IV. She was quickly rendered unconscious. “Now we will wait for the drugs to clear her system. She is unconscious so she will not have the opportunity to try and analyze what is happening. Then when the heroin, Ketamine and MDMA are cleared, we will awaken her just long enough for shock therapy. I must say, I am very pleased with my treatment protocol.”

“Good for you doctor. Advise me when we are ready to begin next treatment.”

Lydia answered the phone. “Hi Lydia. Our satellite identified the girls on a small airfield called the Pista de Aterrizaje de Talpa, near Mascota. The girls were loaded up on small airplanes and flown to larger airports. Karen was routed to Saudi Arabia. I have no doubt that she will be added to one of the royal family harems. You need to understand, we might not be able to save her.”

“NO! That won’t do. You must be able to do something. Let me help. Alfred and I will do anything to save Karen. She is one of the purest souls I have ever known and I can’t live with the thought that she is some asshole’s fuck toy.”

“Ok Lydia. Let me brainstorm on this and see if my friend at the CIA has any ideas. I’ll get back to you in the next 24 hours.”

The next treatment was ready to begin. The crown prince looked on, curious to see how this one would go.

“Karen”, intoned the doctor. “I want you to look at the screen. There are some very bad people in your life that want to deceive you, to hurt you. You must abandon these people. Forget they ever existed. They mean you only pain and suffering. They are devils that will try to trick you.”

The drugs were coursing through her IV as he spoke. A mixture of bath salts and LSD. Although barely conscious, she would soon experience stark terror.

It seemed almost too cruel thought Dr. Phillips. The screen began to play images of mutilations, violence, young girls being raped and sodomized and all other manner of horrific acts. And then the electrodes in the helmet began to stimulate deep areas of the brain in the limbic system associated with fear and rage. Karen was soon writhing in the chair, held only by tight restraints as she wailed and screamed. At the peak of these emotions, images of Alfred appeared on the screen. Simultaneously a powerful electric shock was administered directly to her clitoris and nipples. The pain must have been excruciating. Karen’s face distorted to one of abject horror. Then she lost consciousness.

The doctor spoke, “I will still infuse propofol to induce a deeper and longer anesthetic state. But losing consciousness demonstrates that the conditioning is appropriately severe.”

The doctor continued, “She is responding well. We will repeat the pleasure conditioning again tomorrow. Based on her response, she may be ready for your bed in 2 or 3 weeks.

“Very good doctor. I have to say, I am impressed.”

Lydia waited by the phone for Jim’s call. Finally, he rang. “Lydia, I think I have some good news. My friend at the CIA pulled some favors and got a key player of the royal family’s acquisition team detained for questioning. This is where you can help. We will meet you at the airport and fly together to Riyadh.

Thirty-one hours later we arrived at the Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh At Kingdom Center. Jet lag was a bitch. But I was eager to interview this turd and get him to spill his guts. Fortunately, he spoke perfect English. Jim had brought the infamous hypnodisc to assist in the interrogation. It would likely be necessary as Amir would undoubtedly resist standard induction techniques.

The three of us arrived at the CIA safe house. “Hi Amir. My name is Lydia. I’m going to hypnotize you so that we can find out more about your rape operations at the palace.”

Amir was clearly nervous but replied discourteously. “Fuck you cunt.”

I was quick to respond. “Amir, I so hate that word. It is so crude and degrading to women, don’t you think? No need to answer. Since you seem inclined not to cooperate, we have something here called an ophthalmic speculum to hold your eyes open. That is because I will need you to stare at this hypnodisc in my hand. I guess the downside is your eyes dry out, but I have some drops to help with that. After all, I don’t want you to suffer.”

“I tell you what you want to know” he whispered.

“That was too easy”, I thought.

He said something, but it was faint. As I leaned in to hear him, he spit in my face.

“I don’t think I like you Amir. I was hoping I could, but I don’t. Unfortunately, I have all the cards. You know what we call that in California? It’s called ‘you’re fucked’.”

Jim positioned the eye speculum to hold Amir’s eyes open as I positioned the hypnodisc in front of his eyes and activated it. Just to ensure he was not too combative; he had already been dosed with a mild dissociative anesthetic.

“Look at the hypnodisc Amir. Notice how the light patterns form dizzying arrays and seem to spiral in towards the center. It’s very beautiful, is it not? The sound you hear is called a binaural tone. That, along with the subtle dimming and brightening of the lights is associated with the alpha brain wave frequency. Surrendering to my voice, surrendering to my control is not really voluntary... it is an inevitable consequence of the situation you find yourself in.”

Amir had ceased struggling. He seemed fascinated by the spiral of lights. In short order I had induced a deep trance. “You may remove the eye speculum Jim.”

“Amir, I am going to help you to close your eyes. My friend here will remove the device holding your eyes open. It will just be a moment. You are doing so well. I am so proud of you.”

Amir told us everything he knew. Jim recorded the conversation and I asked follow up questions as requested. Then Jim said something to me that caused my heart to skip a beat. Amir was responsible for the murder of countless of these women. He could not be released. I nodded and accepted what I must do.

“Amir, you are deeply hypnotized and know that your sole existence is to obey me. You know this to be true at the very foundation of your being, in your soul you know this is true. Now I am going to give you a command and you will obey it. I want you to slow your heart rate. This is something I know your subconscious can do. And as you do this, I want you to slow your breathing. Shallow breaths. You will soon drift off to sleep and as you sleep, you will not remember how to breath. You will simply stop breathing and your mind will be flooded with happiness. You will soon be with Allah. Allah so much wants you to join him in paradise.”

He was the enemy, a bad man, but taking a life was not something I was accustomed to. I closed my eyes, bowed my head and said a quiet prayer for his soul.

Several minutes passed and Jim checked Amir’s pupils and listened for a heartbeat. He had passed. It would be assumed when he was taken to the hospital that he had simply died in his sleep from central sleep apnea, a not uncommon medical condition.

Karen regained consciousness only long enough to become aware of the magnificent visions and profound feelings of happiness coursing through her soul. The doctor, of course, had timed the drug infusion and images of her happy life with the prince on the screen. She was vacantly staring at the screen with a broad smile on her lips—absolutely content in the love she had for this man. All the while her sex was stimulated by a small intravaginal vibrator timed to the images of procreation on the screen. She observed the prince gently making love to her and found herself becoming increasingly aroused until she experienced a wonderful orgasm in the chair—at which point she was taken back down to unconsciousness with propofol. This same process of joy followed hours later by the aversive conditioning of pain was repeated over 2 more weeks until the doctor decided she was ready.

He called the prince. “She is ready prince Abdul,”

The prince ordered, “Take her to the harem and have the concubines prepare her for this evening.”

Karen was living the dream. How had she been so blessed by Allah to meet and fall in love with such a man..., a prince no less. Abdul was perfect in every way. She was excited about tonight. She relaxed while male concubines sponge bathed her and then dressed her in lavish flowing robes. She was ready. Perfume scented her nether regions and the fellow harem girls had expertly applied makeup. One of the girls remarked, “You are so fortunate to be blessed by Allah with perfect beauty. The prince will prize your blonde hair and fair complexion.” Karen, suddenly infused with confidence, smiled to herself. She would make this an evening he would remember. She was accompanied to the prince’s chambers by her escort concubines who then closed the doors behind her. Her prince was waiting for her. She looked down at the tent in his shorts, pushing up against his robes and a powerful wave of desire shook her to her core. She knew it was not her place to approach the prince. She cast her eyes down in supplication and meekly said, “I am so grateful to be in the presence of your magnificence.”

“Come here child.”

Her heart skipped a beat. Is it possible that he would look upon her with favor? She wished to the very core of her being that it would be so. Her eyes cast down, she walked to the prince. He stood up, moved behind her and gently parted her robes. These dropped to the floor by her feet revealing the most beautiful sight the prince thought he had ever seen. Alabaster white skin, wide, baby birthing hips and a narrow waist. Her breasts were bulbous..., perfect. He reached around her waist and cupped each of her breasts in his hands. She let out an involuntary gasp. Then he moved to suckle each breast.

This cannot be happening to me she thought. Her eyes rolled up in her head at the sensations. It was almost more than she could bear. She couldn’t help herself. She reached up, grabbed his face and kissed him passionately. Then she quickly released him, dropped her hands and lowered her eyes in submission to her master. “I am sorry your majesty. I could not help myself. Please do not be displeased.”

The prince smiled. “I am pleased with you. You have a personality. I am going to fill you with my seed so that you can birth me a male son.”

Again, Karen’s heart skipped a beat. “Thank you, majesty. Thank you for allowing me to bear you a son.”

The prince leaned her over the bed. Her pussy lips were glistening with excitement. He reached down and touched her. Her juices were flowing down her legs. Yes, the doctor had done a good job. He inserted his penis into her vagina. She did not respond as he had anticipated. While obviously excited, she barely moved.

“Why child are you so still?”

“It is not my place to enjoy myself before you master. I live only to serve your pleasure.”

He instructed her, “It would please your master if you fully enjoyed this.” At which point she let out a whimper and screamed, “It’s good! Thank you master. Thank you.”

The prince began pumping her slowly, egged on by her obvious and enthusiastic moans. Soon he was thrusting vigorously as she was howling approval. He inserted himself fully before unleashing a torrent of sperm. She pushed back against him as hard as she could so as not to allow one drop escape. But it was a futile effort. When he pulled out, seemingly buckets of sperm escaped. She hopped onto her back quickly and lifted her legs in the air to try and forestall any further loss of the precious bounty. “I’m sorry master. Some spilled out before I could get on my back.” She looked like she was about to cry.

“It is ok my pretty little girl. I will give you many opportunities to get pregnant. You have pleased your master greatly.”

Karen returned to the harem with the other girls. She was in a dream. She had never been so happy. She began to think of ways she might further serve and please her master.

Jim had been informed that Karen would soon accompany the other ladies in the harem to a local market. She would be wearing a hijab, but her eyes would likely be exposed. Alfred and Lydia would need to help spot her if she was in the group. Weeks went by and vans would unload, but no Karen. Then one day, providence shined upon them. One of the girls was slightly taller than the rest. She had blue eyes and a wisp of blonde hair was visible. This was it.

Jim had hired mercenaries just for this opportunity. Two male guards were dispatched with well-placed shots between their eyes, but another shadow van engaged the team. Jim scooped Karen up and made a dash for the escape vehicle. She screamed and fought him and he found it necessary to knock her unconscious. She was pretty strong, he mused. Alfred was in the back seat with an unconscious Karen. He pulled the hijab back and it was her. He hugged her as tears streamed down his face. Lydia, sitting next to him looked at her friend, then Jim. She was so grateful for his help and then unexpectedly, she found herself sobbing. “Thank you Jim. Thank you.” She leaned over and hugged Alfred as he hugged Karen.

Jim spoke first. “Listen. I think the royal family has probably doped her up on heroin and who knows what else. She will likely go through withdrawal and will require treatment and observation for some time. I am going to drop her off with you Alfred. When she wakes up, I want her to see your face. It will be a shock I’m sure and the flood of emotions you both experience with being reunited will likely lead to some serious ‘alone’ time. Lydia and I will put a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on your door for the next 24 hours, but then you will need to be ready to travel to Germany for treatment at our hospital, the Regional Medical Center in Landstuhl. They have the best facilities in Europe and will be well positioned to treat any withdrawal symptoms she might experience. Alfred nodded agreement. Lydia was just happy for them and could wait to see them together.

Karen slowly began to regain consciousness. Where was she? Her head hurt and the left side of her face was sore. And then she heard a voice.

“Karen, its me Alfred.”

She froze, her heart so racing it felt like it would explode from her chest. She looked up at him through downcast eyes but dared not move or speak. It was as though if she remained absolutely still and quiet, she might escape notice.

Alfred spoke again. “I know you are in shock baby, buts it’s me. You look scared. It’s me baby.”

After several minutes she ventured to slowly sit up. She kept her hands and feet tucked in close to her body as if to protect them from being ripped away by some strange demonic force. She dared not speak. She rested her head against knees drawn up to protect her chest.

Alfred observed her and was deeply concerned. He decided to call Lydia and explain the situation.

Lydia suggested that she had been brainwashed and would require deprogramming. “Don’t worry Alfred. Between the equipment in Jim’s lab and my skills, we will have her back to her old self in no time.”

Alfred felt better. He spent the next hour speaking to Karen in soft even tones while telling her she was safe. He reminded her of their honeymoon, their campus life and her best friend Lydia. Finally, it seemed to have the desired effect. Karen lowered her legs but remained still on the couch in a defensive posture. She was looking up into the air, like she was solving some obtuse math problem, analyzing what she had been told. Then she volunteered, “I’m a math major?”

“Yes baby. One of your favorites is the Collatz Conjecture.”

Alfred thought he saw the glimmer of a smile as she recognized it. “I remember that”, said Karen. “But that was so long ago. A different life...” she trailed off.

You have a new life. I have saved you with the help of dear friends. I love you!” And then Karen began to tear up. She was still obviously confused.

The prince looked at his head of security. If you had not put the tracking device on her hijab, you would find your head in a noose right now. How could you let her be taken? The hapless commander looked down submissively. “Your Highness, we have tracked her to this location. Only one man is with her. My team will kill him and extract her.”

“No. I will do this myself. You ‘abalahs will end up getting her killed. Stay in the vehicle until I return with her.

Loosely translated ‘abalah is imbecile.


Alfred heard a knock on the door. He figured it was Lydia and he wanted to share the good news. He opened the door with a big smile and found himself staring down the barrel of a gun. The prince walked him backwards into the room and then glanced over to see his prized possession. It was all Alfred needed. The split second necessary to knock the gun arm aside while grabbing the arm and moving into the man’s body to keep him from being able to fire at him. The weapon was silenced. Several rounds discharged and he heard multiple thuds followed by the sound of glass shattering as the bullets ricocheted around the room. He was able to disarm the prince and looked to see if Karen was alright. She was standing up, holding Alfred’s Glock17 which he had left on the coffee table.

Karen shakily leveled the weapon at the prince’s chest.

“Good baby,” Alfred smiled.

She closed her eyes, choked out “I’m sorry” and discharged the weapon. The prince looked down eyes wide. Bright red blood splattered across the front of his long white tunic. He stumbled backwards into the wall.

Alfred looked over at the prince leaning against the wall. He expected the prince to collapse any moment, but he stubbornly refused to fall. Blood from the chest wound had splattered onto the wall and onto the prince. Then Alfred looked down. Alfred noticed that the blood on him seemed to be spreading out from the center. Was he bleeding? Curious he thought. And then, his hearing muffled and vision collapsing, the realization hit him. He began to slide down the wall, slowly, deliberately, desperately clinging to life. As the curtain of perpetual darkness began to descend over his eyes, he gazed upon his beloved Karen one last time and mouthed, “I love you.” He came to rest upright, his eyes open, staring and vacant. A single tear rolled down his cheek.

Karen dropped the gun and hurried over to her master. “Please forgive me for splattering your robe with this Chelb’s blood. I thought I had no choice but to shoot him.


Chelb is a very derogatory term meaning dog.

The prince thought to speak. “For a moment I thought you were going to shoot me. It looked like you were aiming at me.”

“I’m sorry master. I had just picked up the gun and I was trying to make sure I could look down the sights and aim it properly. I was not sure I was doing it right.”

“And what did this man say to you?”

“He tried to trick me by saying I was married to him and I had another life. I started to have a few faint memories, but I knew the devil was trying to confuse me. All that his lies did is make me feel terrified. I would want no part of such a devil’s life. I live only to serve you.”

“Very good my child. I shall reward you by filling you with my seed until you are heavy with child. Now we must make it back to the palace before his friends come looking for him.”

Jim and Lydia arrived at Alfred’s door. He had not answered her call. Maybe they were in the throes of passion right now. Or maybe not. Lydia noticed the door was partially ajar. Something wasn’t right. She wasn’t really alarmed, but she and Jim both agreed the better part of valor was to leave for Germany right away. She knocked but no response. With some trepidation she pushed it open. The first thing she saw was broken glass and signs of a struggle. Then she screamed. This was followed by an agonizing wail. Jim pulled out his gun and entered the room. “Oh no” he cried to himself. Alfred was resting against the wall. He was clearly dead. Jim was the first to speak. “Lydia, Lydia, you must listen to me. You must get hold of yourself.” He grabbed her by her shoulders and pulled her into his chest as she continued to weep uncontrollably. “We must leave this country immediately. Alfred was murdered by someone associated with the royal family. We cannot be found here, or we will likely be blamed and end up at the end of a hanging rope or worse, locked in a Saudi prison for the rest of our lives.” Lydia nodded her understanding. The long flight back home was quiet. No words were spoken. Lydia would grieve silently and then she would figure out some way to tell Alfred’s mother and Karen’s parents that their precious children were lost. Silent tears streamed down her face as she contemplated the terrible task before her.

Jim’s eyes downcast, he looked at Lydia. She was devastated. If only he had insisted that they leave the country immediately. It was at that moment that he decided he would devote the rest of his life to, if not ending sex trafficking, at least putting a serious dent in it. And he could start by saving Karen. But he didn’t know where to start. Yet he did have an abundance of time and resources. That would have to do.

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