Ill intentioned hypnotists

The actual induction script

by LydiaSalia

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This was a .doc file I just found on my iCloud drive. It is the original, unedited written induction script sent to me by David L.

This will not work on me now. I say now, because it would have worked if I was not aware of it's 'payload' and I 'trusted' the sender. David L. had previously hypnotized me online. I am someone who can be very deeply hypnotized if I let my guard down. That is one of the reasons I think I must leave all hypnokink sites. They are too dangerous for me. But before I go, I want to expose and warn hypnotists and subs alike to the dangers lurking around every corner.

As a hypnotist myself, I can tell you that a written induction like this will only work on a small percentage of the population. Perhaps 2-3%. It is my belief (a theory really), that people who suffer from dissociative disorders are the ones who are most susceptible to a hypnotic induction like this. It is estimated that 1-2% of the general population have dissociative disorders like mine. In the hypnokink community, I suspect that percentage is even higher - perhaps double or triple. That means a 'sub' who is responding to a 'master' may not be acting consensually but may, in fact, have a mental illness that causes one of their 'alters' to crave the control. I'm not sure how you discover this before beginning hypnoplay. I have a dissociative disorder (OSDD), but I did not share this with the man who came to briefly control me named The Traveling Master. Fortunately, by all accounts, I got lucky. He could have abused his control, but I do not believe this occurred.

In another story, I will release soon, I plan to write about a doctor's use of hypnosis on me against my express wishes! My psychiatrist chose to make me forget many details of my experience with The Traveling Master. I sent two frantic emails to my friend pleading for help if I was forced to forget. She got me into another therapist who had me remember everything. Then... of course, the decision was made that it was unhealthy for my mental condition and I really should forget. I agreed this was what was best for me. I signed a 'consent' this time that I agreed to be hypnotized to forget. That is where I find myself now. Reading my stories - some for the very first time seemingly, I am coming to understand what has happened to me. I was, fortunately (or unfortunately) hypnotized by my new therapist/hypnotist to remember my encounter with a psychiatrist who abused my trust.

So, in summary. The script below was sent to me by a hypnotist who some time ago, had coerced me to send him naked pictures of myself. My sub does that when she gets aroused. I guess its a form of attention seeking or approval seeking. I became alarmed at the control I was relinquishing to this man and I blocked him. I made the mistake of unblocking all my email contacts when I sent an email blast 'advertising' a new story I had written. David L. got unblocked. He, in a very innocent appearing email, did not share what the script was intended to do. The .doc file was labeled 'Hope induction'. That sounds pretty benign, right?

He had hooks in my subconscious from his previous exploits and I responded to them. He said I would 'want' to read the induction. Because I was leery of him, I did not open the induction. Instead I sent it to The Traveling Master (TM) to see if it was safe. But while I was waiting for a reply, the compulsion to read it was growing. I began to have a very strong compulsion to read it. Fortunately, for me, TM told me to delete the email immediately, which I did.

In retrospect, having looked more closely at this induction script, I would have succumbed to this trance. At that point he could have deepened his control with other trances that he could compel me to read. The final result being, I would eventually, fully surrender to his control and be compelled to fly out to meet him. I would have become his obedient sub to do with as he wished. 

This is a form of nonconsensual hypnotic control. It meets the definition of sex trafficking if he compelled me to have sex with his friends or strangers. Otherwise, it is just hypnotic rape. Is this level of control really possible? You bet it is. When I think about what could have happened to me I break out in a cold sweat. This shit is real. Please, please if you are a sub, be careful. If you are a ' master' or even a run of the mill hypnotist, don't do this.

Actual script named 'Hope induction'. How nice.

If you are prone to enter trance easily/deeply you should probably not read this. It is an expertly crafted induction. I should know. I used to do this kind of shit to people. Well, not quite like this. Definitely ONLY READ THIS if you are in a safe place where you will not be disturbed.

Hope Induction

Note: if you have any “safeword” you use to allow your hypnotist to know if you would like to stop being in trance, you will find they work completely normally even when deeply within this trance.
To begin make sure you're in a comfortable position

a position that you can relax into

one that won't require you to move too much to make yourself comfortable

but one that'll allow you to relax deeper than you already are

just let yourself settle naturally

focus on the words that I have typed

and clear your mind during each pause

not needing to anticipate

or think about what was just said

just letting your mind go blank

between each line

if thoughts cross your mind during each pause

let them go through your mind

and pass away, and let your mind go clear again

it's easy just to focus

it takes no effort to let your mind go blank

and begin by focusing on your feet

feeling as if a warm ball of energy

has entered through the sole of each foot

relaxing the muscles, letting out the stress

relaxing so much that you can’t even tense them if you try

relaxing so much that the feeling is overpowering

not unpleasant, just comforting

to know that the stress has left that part of your body

and now feel that warm ball of energy moving through your calves

so wide it encompasses each calf

relaxing the muscles in that part of your body

making it impossible to tense up

just bring peace and comfort and rest

that now spreads up to your thighs

so that your legs now are motionless

completely relaxed

you're anticipating feeling this throughout your entire body

you know it will feel so wonderful to let go completely

and feel this warm ball of energy as it moves up to your waist

feeling relaxation spreading into your torso

through your waist and up to your stomach

relaxing more, and more,

feeling your body becoming heavier

the lower half of your body completely immobile

just a wonderful feeling of peace and relaxation

can't even move those muscles if you wanted to

but you know there's no need to

and that you have no desire to move

feel the warmth spread up through your chest

you feel those muscles relaxing, don't you?

I'm going to count from 5 to 1

when I reach 1, all that will be left untouched are your arms and your head and neck

everything else completely relaxed

impossible to consciously move if you tried

5, feeling your body becoming heavier and heavier

4, the energy spreading pleasure through your body

3, sinking down deeper and deeper

2, so light and yet so deep and heavy

1, complete relaxation

complete heaviness

complete peace and comfort

now that warm ball of energy

which you know is a hypnotic energy

is coming up through your neck

when it reaches your mind, you will be in a trance

feeling your neck become more and more relaxed

as the energy works its spell

feel the muscles of your neck lose the ability to tense

no longer responding to your conscious choice

just letting go

letting go

letting go

and feel as that wonderful hypnotic energy

moves its way through your jaw

through the back of your neck

enveloping the area around your mind

not touching, not yet,

just relaxing

but when it does

you will be hypnotized, and entering trance

I want you to count from ten to one in a moment

after each number, you will say aloud, "I am entering trance"

when you reach 1, you will feel the hypnotic energy envelop your mind completely

and you will say "I am hypnotized"

Count down from ten to one out loud, NOW











deep, deep trance




feeling so good

feeling so relaxed

so entranced

you can't help but smile

knowing that you are hypnotized

just as you've fantasized

and will only go deeper

and deeper

and deeper

this excites you

to go deeper

and deeper

sinking down

and down

all you need to do is focus on my words

now let yourself relax even further

allow yourself to answer “yes” aloud to my questions

you want to choose even deeper relaxation, don't you?

you want me to guide you to complete relaxation, yes?

to relax, you need to clear your mind, yes?

to clear your mind, you must focus, yes?

and you will focus on my words, yes?

to completely focus on my words, they must captivate you, yes?

to be captivated by my words, you need to rely upon them, yes?

you need to let them be your guide, yes?

they are your only guide while you are in trance, yes?

while you are in trance, my words are your only guide, yes?

when my words are your only guide, you know they are right, yes?

when my words are your only guide, you will immediately agree with them, yes?

when my words are your only guide, you will always say "yes"

when you are under my trance, you will always say yes

when you are under my hypnotic spell, you will always say yes

when you always say yes, you are under my hypnotic spell

you always say yes

you are under my hypnotic spell

saying "yes" brings you deeper into trance

it brings you deeper under my hypnotic spell

in fact, speaking "yes" out loud would bring you deeper

you're doing it now, softly to yourself

every time you speak yes, you go deeper

every time you read my words, you think yes and you speak it

that word brings you so much deeper, every time

so much deeper into hypnotic obedience

so much deeper into the pleasure that goes with it

and it feels so good to agree

so good to obey

so good to sink into my words

to let yourself go

and to feel the comfort of total obedience

and complete submission

these excite you so much

you've craved this for so long

and you love this feeling

you want to agree with my words, with all your being

you want to obey my words, with all your being

you find your whole body wanting to obey my words

you find your whole body wanting to obey my hypnotic commands

feel submission flowing through your mind

feel the craving for obedience

know that your body responds to all my commands

like a reflex, unquestionable

you cannot disobey if you try, but you love to obey anyway

just letting the peace and relaxation of hypnosis bring you such pleasure

loving the certainty and comfort of hypnotic submission

you want to be my good, submissive girl

so very obedient

just reading these words, and responding as you are told

makes you so excited

and gives you such pleasure

you want to experience more of this...and you want it to be more erotic

you want to feel sexual pleasure come from your obedience

the anticipation is exciting you right now

quickening your breathing

tightening your nipples

making you wet

you realize that you need to be naked for your master

feel your hands start to act of their own accord

slowly stripping you

you have no choice in the matter, you must be naked for your master

shedding your clothing only makes you go deeper

go deeper

go deeper

it feels so good to obey

it feels so good to be naked for your master

once you have completely removed all clothing, feel yourself sinking in front of your monitor

the urge to kneel is overwhelming

spread your legs slightly as you sink to your knees

place your hands behind your head

you may only move them to help you read more commands

thrust out your breasts

offering them to your master

your nipples are hard

you are so wet

feel how good it feels to obey

to be submissive

to be mindless

it is so hard to think

and so easy to obey

you are my obedient slave

my mindless, obedient slave

my mindless, docile, obedient slave

your thoughts are mine now

you have no thoughts but my thoughts

you will think what you are told to think

say out loud and believe “I will think what Master tells me to think”

saying these words gives you intense pleasure

you will think what you are told to think

say out loud and believe “I will think what Master tells me to think”



realize now that you are the mindless slave you have longed to be

you will obey my every command

and in a moment, I will command you to Cum for me

you will have no choice

you have no will of your own

and when you Cum, the pleasure will be intense

so deliciously intense

later on, you will touch yourself while thinking about how completely in my power you were

and each time you Cum

you will say out loud to yourself

“this mindless slave must Cum for her Master”

but for now

Cum, slave

Cum, again for your Master

Very good

Good girl

Good slave

In a few moments, I will wake you from this trance

You will once more be able to move and think freely

when you awaken, you will feel an overwhelming desire

To write me

You will begin the message by saying “this mindless slave has Cum for her Master”

And then

You will tell me how my words make you feel

You will desire to experience this again and again

You will reread my words whenever you want to experience the pleasure

Each time it will be easier to drop into trance

Each time you feel more mindless

More obedient

Each time your pleasure will be more intense

You will send me a message each time you enjoy this trance

Let these commands embed themselves in your subconscious

And to seal them in…

Cum once more for your Master

You have been so very good

Now it will soon be time to awaken

On the count of 5 you will awaken from this trance

Remembering everything you have experienced

Eager to tell me all about it

Feel yourself slowly coming out of it

1, starting to wake


3, halfway there

4, almost there

5, alert and awake and refreshed

Wide awake now

I hope you enjoyed yourself. Tell me what you thought of it.

If you enjoyed an orgasm, good for you. There is a command to write the hypnotist,

"when you awaken, you will feel an overwhelming desire

To write me

You will begin the message by saying “this mindless slave has Cum for her Master”

No contact information is included, so there is no way to write about your experience to anyone. You are safe. Just be aware (beware), this is a powerful hypnotic script and it can have profound, disastrous consequences for some, suggestible girls lured into a hypnotist's control. Someone with very low self esteem might easily sink into deep depression. How many people do you think might commit suicide over something like this? Not many... at first. But given time, the slave-dom thing could devolve into something quite dark. A sub might feel suicide was the only option to escape a bad situation. Sadly, no one would probably ever know why.

Be a good person. Control of your fellow man or woman may be exciting, but it is not healthy. It darkens the soul of the hypnotist and it has the very real potential of burning the submissive. I used to hypnotize men and women in real life. They wanted to have sex with me. Did they want that before I hypnotized them? Maybe, but they sure as hell wanted it after I brought them out of trance. I was having guilt over this and eventually prayed to god for forgiveness. And god answered. The compulsion to control others didn't entirely disappear, but I got a good handle on it. When I hypnotize someone now, I insert subconscious programming that helps them be better people. Kinder to others. More willpower over their eating and health. Enjoyment of exercise. That's what I focus on these days.


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