Ill intentioned hypnotists

The Traveling Master's analysis of a terribly unethical induction

by LydiaSalia

Tags: #cw:noncon #bondage #dom:male #m/f #subjugation

This chapter is submitted by The Traveling Master (Mark). I want to include the script that David L. sent me, trying to trick me into becoming his obedient fuck toy. I didn't feel safe reading it and forwarded it to Mark. I didn't figure it would hypnotize him. :)

I deleted the entire thread after Mark told me how dangerous the induction was. He has the only copy. His anger when he first read this was visceral. I could visualize the veins popping on his forehead.

.From: Traveling Master <>
Date: Mon, Jul 26, 2021 at 4:09 AM
Subject: DavidL induction analysis for ROM
To: Lydia <>

I was emailing with Lydia when she suddenly broke away and told me that an old hypnotist, which she had blocked before but unblocked, had contacted her. 


She was nervous and decided to share some of her exchanges with him.


I wasn’t too worried at first, mainly because Lydia had spent days re-assuring me that she was strong and had plenty of defenses against ill-intentioned hypnotists. Here is the first email of him she sent me.

On Wed, Jul 21, 2021 at 2:54 PM David La Rush <> wrote:


Dear Lydia,

Thank you for sending this link, I've really enjoyed your stories and was sad that you could no longer post on MCStories. I have to admit, that your last story had me thinking that your husband had brainwashed you and your friends into being his slaves.

Would love to hear back from you if you still trust yourself around me. I recall last time you felt I was such an Alpha Male that you couldn't help yourself around me. To that, I say; Good Girl ;)

Have a great day!

David L

Now… You have to keep in mind that Lydia already told me about how her ‘good girl’ trigger made her feel. She’s not sure when or how it became locked into her subconscious, but it is and I had already seen its delicious effects on her. 


So… Seeing a hypnotist, which had apparently already subjugated Lydia ‘somewhat’ against her will. I say ‘somewhat’ because Lydia can’t resist sometimes. She often jokes about how curiosity killed the cat… Seeing that ‘good girl’ trigger raised a red flag for me.


20 minutes later, she comes back to this email thread and shares this with me:


Jul 21, 2021, 5:33 PM (4 days ago)

to Traveling

"He made me dumb and full of cum. I was sending him lude photos - not of my own accord, but because he commanded it. He was breaking my trust and my conscious or subconscious said I was surrendering too much and was in danger. And I was forgetting things. Too many things. He was scaring me." 

Red flags indeed… I was getting worried for her. I wasn’t sure she was feeling exactly, but I could tell something wasn’t right with her. 

I told her that I was glad her subconscious managed to wake her up and for a few minutes, she answered me on another discussion we were having. But then… She sends me this…


Jul 21, 2021, 6:48 PM (4 days ago)

to Traveling

He sent me this doc and told me I will open it and read it.

I am resisting, but it makes me feel a little agitated. 

I need to block him again, right?

I have a strong compulsion to open this. Tell me if it's safe please

The doc wasn’t attached, but I could see the email thread leading to the doc file and her email to me. I was momentarily flattered by her kind words and admittedly, that’s probably the first time I realized she was subconsciously ‘submitting’ to me. But that soon passed as rage completely took me over. I just lost it when I realized that in response to Lydia telling him point blank that his words are too powerful and she CAN’T TRUST  herself around him… He turns around and jumps on the occasion to send her a trance. 


A pretty clever trance that surely dug up strong emotions from her past inductions. Note how he didn’t ASK if she wanted to experience a trance again with him. He just TOLD her she would want to read it. To Lydia, that’s like dangling a feast in front of a starving woman.

On Wed, Jul 21, 2021 at 5:08 PM Lydia <> wrote:

"Your trigger or words or whatever you do to me is too powerful. I can’t trust myself around you.

My stories have gotten better since we last emailed. You should check them out. 

Traveling Master is influencing me now. I don’t want to use the word controlling, but his words are powerful. And I trust him completely"

On Wed, Jul 21, 2021 at 4:56 PM David L wrote:

I've attached my own induction to this email, which you will want to read.

I'd love to read the rest of your stories. Where can I find them?

I presume at least the first part of this new story is mostly true. In which case I figured you two were lovers and mutually hypnotizing each other.

What's your husband up to in the meanwhile?

David L

I got it a few minutes later and jumped in…

I was shaking with rage. The way she described him and the fact that instead of backing off he commanded her to read an induction sent my mind reeling. But I needed to check for Lydia so I concentrated. I fear I missed a few bits that make it a little less dangerous than I originally thought. I am only human and rage can cloud the mind just as easily as any other emotion. 

He starts off by saying telling her that “Note: if you have any “safeword” you use to allow your hypnotist to know if you would like to stop being in trance, you will find they work completely normally even when deeply within this trance.”

When I read it again with a calm mind, I cursed for having missed it. But then I thought about it and I realized that he spells it out right at the beginning. I’m in no way an expert in hypnosis, but I feel like this instruction wouldn’t really stick once Lydia dropped deep for him. So why use it at all?

1- She was not in a trance yet. So that instruction had the same power as me ordering cheeseburger.

2 – HOW the hell was she supposed to use a safe word in an email induction? Not fucking likely. She is helplessly reading for fuck’s sakes. Who is going to stop her?

So… why add it at the beginning?


Because it creates a false sense of security. The subject thinks ‘oh good… My safe word will work…’ 

Lydia can add her thoughts here, but I believe a better way would be to use it a little later, once she has fallen under, and say something like, you are deeply hypnotized, but if you have any reservations about this trance, I want you to say your safe word aloud. You will say it again and again until you wake…



Sorry… Still pissed… Anyway…

Lydia wants me to include the WHOLE induction as a way to warn suggestible subs to steer clear of this type of induction. I feel like I can’t consciously do that.  Lydia insist that it’s ok and it can be a good thing, but instead, I’m going to break it down into parts so no one gets caught by his seductive words.

I can’t be sure what his underlying goal was/is with this type of shady trance, but from what I’ve seen with Lydia’s trances so far, this would certainly have brought her incredibly deep. And while she was there… He used lines like…

you are my obedient slave

my mindless, obedient slave

my miNdless, docile, obedient slave

your thoUghts are mine now

you have no thoughts but my tHoughts

you will think what you are told to think

say out LOUd and believe “I will think what Master tells me to think”

Apologies for the interspersed ‘bolder’ letters. Lydia, in her incredible knowledge, informed me that the best way to prevent your words from creating a trance was to make grammar errors, use a ‘strike through’ every so often or use Caps/bold in the middle of words. It disrupts the focus and the conscious brain must be ‘awakened’ to figure out what is wrong.

Now that was only later one of course. He is very skilled, from what I can tell anyway. His induction feels very natural and inviting. Just like all inductions must me to capture your attention and create a sense of comfort.

He uses powerful visualisation to make you follow a ‘ball of energy’ throughout the body. In truth, under other circumstances, it would make for a wonderful induction. That is… If the end of it wasn’t soaked in mindless slave obedience. I’ve written many stories about this very endgame, but that is fantasy.

In reality, as my readers know, I am against non-consensual hypnotic play. 

True, if both parties agree to go down that road, then all the better. But Lydia never agreed and it sent me flying off the reservation.

But I digress…

Here is what I was talking about.

it takes no effort to let your miNd go blank

and begin by focusing on your feet

feeling as if a warm ball of energy

has entered through the sole of each foot

The ‘ball’ then moves and changes so that you are guided to imagine that the energy relaxes you and makes you unable to move.

relaxing the muscles in that part of your body

making it impossible to tense up

just bring peace and comfort and rest

that now speeds up to your thighs

so that your legs now are motionless

completely relaxed

For someone with a powerful imagination like Lydia, this would have worked perfectly. The induction guides you until your whole body is enveloped in the ‘energy’. Everything except the arms and head. (Of course, … He wouldn’t want to immobilize the arms; how else would she scroll down?) And then he instructs her that she ‘knows’ the energy is hypnotic energy.

And guess what happens next? The hypnotic energy travels to the head, making you fall into a trance. A very clever and fun way to induce someone. Even if I’m angry at the creep, I can still nod my hat to a job well done. He describes how the energy slowly makes its way up. Neck, jaw, etc.… Then has her count down from ten to 1.

And of course, …

She has to say the numbers aloud while also saying something along the lines of I am entering a trance or something…  and on zero BING!!! Instead it changes from entering to am. 

After that, he praises her and deepens her trance for a long while. Also alluding that she fantasized about being hypnotized. Is this a ‘blast from the past’? No way to know because even Lydia can’t say for sure what was real and what was a trance. After reading how the rest goes, this could be simple play to seduce her subconscious, but it could also just as easily play into past inductions and trances where he might have implanted that desire for her.

With deep hypnosis and trances, one can never know.

Up until this point, the induction is innocent. Fun even. And maybe this next part is also innocent, but I feel like it can send someone susceptible pretty deep. Lydia will be better at describing what he is using as way of technic here. I’m not familiar with it, but I can clearly see the logic behind it.

allow yourself to answer “yes” aloud to my questions

you want to cHoose even deeper relaxation, don't you?

you want me to guide you to complete relaxation, yes?


to relax, you need to clear your mind, yes?

to clear your mind, you must focus, yes?

It loops in with the preceding statement and guides the subconscious in a sort of logic loop. I can easily see how it can lead the mind deeper. Especially after spending SEVERAL lines having her repeat yes… Which is the clever setup for the end of that part.

while you are in trance, my words are your only guide, yes?

when my words are your only guide, you know they are right, yes?


when my words are your only guide, you will immediately agree with them, yes?

when my words are your only guide, you will always say "yes"

when you are under my trance, you will always say yes

when you are under my hypnotic spell, you will always say yes

when you always say yes, you are under my hypnotic spell

you always say yes

you are under my hypnotic spell

saying "yes" brings you deeper into trance

See how devious it is? Again… Up until now, this script is all good. The goal is to convince the subconscious that they have no choice but to listen to the hypnotist’s words. As of that moment, it isn’t about taking complete control, it is simply a way to seduce the subconscious. 

Which it does perfectly.

This is where things get a little more intense. The logic of that ‘yes’ part is undeniable, but it is devious because he tends instructs her that …

every time you speak yes, you go deeper

every time you read my words, you think yes and you speak it

that word brings you so much deeper, every time

so much deeper into hypnotic obedience

so much deeper into the pleasure that goes with it

After this... Well… He spends line after line linking pleasure and obedience. COMPLETE obedience. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised that Lydia would have already been in a DEEP trance. So why drill all that in her head? What was his goal?

For myself, with Lydia, each trance I created for her had a specific goal. A trigger… A special experience… Whatever it was, it wasn’t a trance to compel her obedience. That is why I’m so mad about this whole situation. He clearly wanted to make her read it. He clearly worked hard on making it fun and pleasurable. And then, he worked very hard to link the pleasure with complete submission and obedience.

The lines I stated at the beginning were prime examples of this part. 

But… Of course, … It didn’t stop there. He links everything to obedience and pleasure as he instructs her to undress. Even going so far as to make every article of clothing a part of the submission. Once she is naked and kneeling, he plans to make her cum on command.

you will have no choice

you have no will of your own

and when you Cum, the pleasure will be intense

so deliciously intense

later on, you will touch yourself while thinking about how completely in my power you were

and each time you Cum

you will say out loud to yourself

“this mindless slave must Cum for her Master”

but for now

Cum, slave

Cum, again for your Master

See how he pops in a quick post hypnotic suggestion? If this affects her like he plans, then she’ll be trapped every time she pleasures herself and think about this induction. Clever huh? Pleasure can be an incredibly powerful hypnotic tool. Just ask Lydia.

After that, he was getting ready to wake her up, but he wasn’t done. His wake-up sequence includes something that truly convinced me that he wanted to bait and ensnare her. After all… Why else instruct her, under DEEP trance, that she would WANT to experience it again and again?

The induction is pleasant and it makes her feel so. Why wouldn’t she want to do it again? Only… That pleasure was linked to obedience and docile submission. Which can be powerful aphrodisiacs of course, but since they were linked to HIM, they became chains. 

The order is reversed. If docile obedience is erotic to someone, use that to deepen their trance or arouse them. If you go about it in reverse and bring them deep before linking the joy and pleasure they feel to docile obedience… 

Then you can clearly see the chains it creates in your mind. Especially if you link it to a specific person. 

And to top it all off, he instructs her to SEAL them into her subconscious… With a last commanded orgasm… 


when you awaken, you will feel an overwhelming desire

To write me

You will begin the message by saying “this mindless slave has Cum for her Master”

And then

You will tell me how my words make you feel

You will desire to experience this again and again

You will reread my words whenever you want to experience the pleasure

Each time it will be easier to drop into trance

Each time you feel more mindless

More obedient

Each time your pleasure will be more intense

You will send me a message each time you enjoy this trance

Let these commands embed themselves in your subconscious

And to seal them in…

Cum once more for your Master

And then he has her wake up. Feeling refresh and all that fun stuff. I was half surprised he wanted her to remember it. But then… I figured why. He had been blocked before and his goal was to seduce. By having her remember her pleasurable experience, he wanted her to feel good about his trance. 

He wanted to distract her to the fact that he was linking pleasure and obedience to him. 

And also, by making her eager to talk about hat experience with him.

Again, if this same exact trance had been discussed beforehand, the powerful emotions and links to complete submission could have been a trip for both hypnotist and subject. But it wasn’t. Instead, he tried to Dom her into reading it by saying that she wanted to. 

Depending on her mood, this can either backfire or seduce her. Lydia is a very clever and complex person. 

To all the subs out there, please be careful when you engage in hypnotic play. It can be wonderous and intense, but it can also lead to horrible places if done by ill-intentioned persons like our friend here. So, before you take the plunge, please take the time to talk with the hypnotist and build a comfortable measure of trust before you dive in. 

I think you’ll find that your sessions will become infinitely better. Just ask Lydia.

Let it be a lesson to all. Even you Hypno Doms out there. Always be mindful of your subjects. When deep trances are involved, consent can slip down a slippery confusing slope

Mark is concerned some of my readers will put him in the same basket as other hypnotists who have taken advantage of me. I freely submitted myself to Mark. He didn't ask for it and didn't even want it. That was part of the attraction. Once I opened up to him, once I threw myself at his feet, he obliged me. He has taken me places that are wonderful. His mere words fill me with bliss and arousal. His trances are so romantic and exciting. I'm getting tingly just sitting here typing this up.

Mark (The Traveling Master) started as a writing partner. He has become something much more. How much more? See for yourself. Mark visits my mind and stays for a spell.

Addendum 8/20/2021: I am trying to edit and finalize my library of stories. I have decided to stop writing erotica. It is not healthy for my mental state. Though not formally diagnosed, I probably have a mental illness called UDD (Unspecified Dissociative Disorder). It can result in me entering dissociative states and being unaware of who I am or where I am. My use of hallucinogens and high hypnotizability complicates the diagnosis. It may just be I’m on the ‘trance’ dissociative spectrum. This is a reasonable synopsis of what's wrong with me. I started out just wanting to write highly erotic stories, but I have felt a calling to do more. If my stories can impart a moral or some other parable of morality, then I can rationalize some of the guilt I feel for writing them.  Trafficked is a story that is a must read. It is, of course, very erotic and entertaining, but it also exposes the seedy underworld of human sex trafficking and how depraved these people are. Please read it for me. If you read no other of my stories, read Trafficked.

Addendum 10/2021: I have continued to write. I can’t seem to help myself. Of course I have as many fans as critics, so thank you to those of you who have encouraged me to continue writing.

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