The Traveling Master visits my mind and stays for a spell.

Hypnotic love letters

by LydiaSalia

Tags: #dom:male #m/f #truestory

This was the email text I woke up to this morning. Mark asked if I wanted these words in a trance and I did. Here is the jist of it without the induction part. How do I feel? I feel empowered.

OK I've finished...

Good morning :)

My dear Lydia... Your words warm my heart. Truly.

I want you to be a good girl for me ok? You will read these lines and KNOW that I truly mean them. 

They come from the bottom of my heart. Free of all arousal, free of all desires. They are my purest thoughts. You can feel that. 

You KNOW that.

I'm not refusing your submission. I embrace it because you give it to me freely.

But I also want you to know that you are completely free to take it back. 

You are free to choose, always. 




But more importantly, 



DId you do it?


Traveling Master

Jul 21, 2021, 6:20 PM (5 days ago)

Did you delete the thread 'Notification of a super hot new story' ? PLease confirm me that you did. Temptation needs to be removed. Immediately.


Jul 21, 2021, 6:28 PM (5 days ago)

Yes. It was a strong compulsion. Thank you for being my anchor.

Traveling Master

Jul 21, 2021, 6:33 PM (5 days ago)

to me

My pleasure Lydia I assure you.

How strange and wonderful that we managed to grow so much in the past few days. How thankful I am that our mutual trust naturally grew. 

It allowed me to help you. Know that I feel extremely happy that you obeyed. Well... Listened to my voice and chose to obey.

Compulsion to obey when you feel such warm trust feels so much better than forced compulsion. Doesn't it Lydia?

You can feel your special brand of euphoria and bliss wash over you as you realize how much I care for you. How much I am pleased that you listened to my words and willfully complied.

Good Girl.


Jul 21, 2021, 6:39 PM (5 days ago)

You are an amazing human being. And I really do want only the best for you. I’m not sure what that script had in it, but if it was humiliating or degrading, I t

Traveling Master

Jul 21, 2021, 6:44 PM (5 days ago)

to me

Now I want you to focus on my words again. Don't worry, I just want to make you feel good and safe. Focus for me Lydia. More and more...

Very good...

I want you to relax. You feel so calm. You feel so good. Take a deep breath for me. Now... Let it out slowly... 

Good. Very good.

I want you to continue to breathe in slowly. Letting the air drain from your lungs as it takes away all those bad feelings. 

Do this again. Take your time. In... And out...

Do this as many times as you need. once... twice... More if you need.

Take your time. Only continue to read once you are perfectly calm for me.

Very good.

You are calm and relaxed. 

Now without worries, I want you to think back to the email blast you sent out about our story. Think hard and focus your entire mind to the task. Think back and remember. Did you unblock others that sought to trick you? Did you unblock others that abused your trust? Take a deep breath and stay perfectly calm and collected for me.

Good. Very good.

If you can think of anyone that you unblocked. I want you to calmly think about it. Was it the best decision? Do I trust that person? Your mind is so clear for me. You can easily think and collect your thoughts. Collect your emotions. You will know if you need to block others. Others you don't trust. 

Now relax. Calmly scroll to anyone that you wish to block. It makes you happy to realize this. It makes you feel better about yourself. You have the will and strength to do this Lydia. For yourself. 

Now block everyone you you don't trust. You know you have earned a new life. Earned a life filled with happiness. 

You are doing so well Lydia.

Good Girl.


Jul 21, 2021, 6:55 PM (5 days ago)

I feel like I took a Xanax. Wow.I have blocked 3 others. Daniel is one who I know hypnotized me and I wrote about it in Mind Hack. I don’t think any of that sto

Addendum 8/20/2021: When I originally wrote these chapters, I didn't always include the full text. That was me writing in a frenzied, manic sort of way. What TM is referring to below is a hypnotist named DavidL who took advantage of me.

Traveling Master

Jul 21, 2021, 6:56 PM (5 days ago)

to me

If you must know...

If the script put you under, which I think it would, then it would have made you strip and kneel. Think about submission to him. cum and then he places his hooks by making you email him. WHICH YOU WILL NOT DO! He has you write a special title so he knows his induction worked. then he links it all to your pleasure and tries to compel you to want to experience it again and again.

Lydia. Focus. You will not feel curious about it. You can plainly see this for what it is. Trickery to force his control on you. Did he ask before he sent this to you? no. He commanded you to read it. Trying to play on past submission to get you to fall for him. 


You are strong and beautiful Lydia. You can do this. Feel the anchor of your trust for me in your mind. Feel it there. Solid. Unbreakable. It is there for you. Calming you. 

Now forget all those bad emotions. They drained away with your long slow breaths. Concentrate on the positive. Earlier today, you experienced a wonderful fuck in the privacy of your mind. Think about that... Play your little porn movie... Relax and enjoy yourself if you are free to do so. Once you fall asleep later tonight, you will feel the warmth of my trust. My trust in you has responded to your own. It grows steadily stronger every day.

Hand in hand with your own. Build on each other to ground your mind.  

Traveling Master

Jul 21, 2021, 7:00 PM (5 days ago)

to me

I'm so proud of you Lydia. Thank you for focusing on my words like you have. I was worried for you. I know your desires and suggestible mind can lead you astray. When you choose to let it happen, it brings you so much pleasure. If my humble emails can show you how different it can be, then I am happy. 


Jul 21, 2021, 7:34 PM (5 days ago)

My master David says I am his fuck doll now and I must not listen to you. I am to fly out to meet him and fuck him silly... I'm just screwing with you. My subco

Traveling Master

Jul 21, 2021, 7:52 PM (5 days ago)

to me

My heart stopped for a split second there! hahahahahahaah  Good one!

I'm still naive and new to real hypnosis, especially in the written form. So I'm just assuming what would happen to you with everything you've taught me. And with how suggestible you are...

I'm glad you feel confident that your subconscious is protected. Your agitation worried me. But you seem like your 'old' self now. Confident and happy. The Lydia I have come to know and care for. 

No... I certainly DON'T think less of you. How could I?

With everything you experienced and the number of times you were taken advantage of, I could not think less of you for wanting to feel safe. For yearning to feel trust. You've responded to me in many ways and I'm so happy we could connect like this. 

You can call me whatever you feel comfortable with. I understand that you already know how arousing I find it for you to call me Master. And if that is your wish, I won't argue. As long as it is your choice. 

I accept that. I accept you.

I hope you realize that I did very little. YOU are the one that saved yourself. YOU decided to let me in. YOU decided to give out your trust slowly. YOU decided to open up to me. YOU decided to listen and focus on my words. 

YOU decided to save yourself. 

I was just your anchor.

And you are right... Mark does seem... Less than it should be... 

So... I feel like I should reward you for being such a good girl. A strong girl.

Master is certainly something I yearn to be called. But I feel like you deserve a little more... Not as a way to dominate or control.

But as a way to prove my own trust in you.

Since you've trusted me with your mind. I am willing to trust you with something I've never revealed to anyone online.

My REAL name. 

Only if you wish to know it of course. If you wish, deep down, to simply call me Master. Then that is fine with me.

But I feel like your trust needs a real anchor. Something tangible. But only if you feel you need to know. 

The depth of our connection won't waver. One way or the other. Not as long as you choose to feel it anchor you.

It is your decision Lydia. 


Jul 21, 2021, 9:45 PM (5 days ago)

I was nervous because I wanted to read the induction, but I knew the hypnotist who sent it was skilled and dangerous based on my past experience. I think I was 

Traveling Master

Jul 22, 2021, 4:11 AM (4 days ago)

to me

I'm so happy to have been able to help you Lydia.

Of course, part of me figured, as I drifted off to sleep, that you had gradually sank into your more docile and submissive self as the day progressed and we exchanged emails. I could subtly feel the differences in your responses. 

Which is WHY I was so worried when you emailed me about him. I also knew that your curiosity would surely make you scan it. My mind was going... "No... She has to resist! NO no! Maybe there will be a trigger word somewhere in BOLD characters that will trigger her like the good girl one. Her eyes will be naturally drawn to it and she'll read it... Get triggered... She's vulnerable right now... Maybe her defense are taking a break!!!"

Hence why I was shaking... Part of me felt intense indignation and rage, while the other part felt incredibly guilty. ALthough I haven't hypnotized you, I realized that you were willingly telling me that my words speaking to your subconscious and I couldn't resist the allure and indulged us both. It was my fault you felt on edge and vulnerable.

I would have never forgiven myself is some asshole came in and took advantage of you while you are letting yourself trust me. Letting yourself feel submissive in a way that wasn't forced or compelled. 

I would have been GODDAMN LIVID! 

I actually had a mix of dreams... Not sweet at all... Woke up in the middle of the night, not remembering what I dreamt, but feeling edgy and pissed. Like the nightmares I used to have as a child.

I'm also glad that you've had a good night's rest and are back to your normal self. I knew Master was a bit much a bit too quickly, but I also knew that you probably felt it very keenly last night. You could have skipped telling me. enjoyed it until you were rested and back online. For lack of a better word... 

So I didn't make too much of it. My opinion of you didn't change. Didn't waver. 

Fuck, I'll be late for work! I'll continue my thoughts in a few moments once i get in!

Traveling Master

Jul 22, 2021, 5:41 AM (4 days ago)

to me

Ok, I'm at work. Read the first part of my email or... hahahaha Much like our endings, this won't make much sense ! ;) 

No... My opinion of you didn't waver. it evolved? You always hinted at your submissive side, something wondering if it was because of your past experiences, sometimes at times when you were clearly enjoying how it made you feel. But all in all, I've really 'talked' with you while you felt so submissive. I felt like I had a small window into your mind. Seeing it a little more for what it was. Incredible by the way... ;) 

Dominance and submission, as you know, are powerful emotions to have. Regardless of hypnotic compulsion. Although part of me felt a wave of rather intense satisfaction and elation when you said that I was basically your Master, my little angel was there to remind me of how emotional you must have been. 

What it tells me though... Is that part of what you felt yesterday is very real. The circumstances probably simply just 'unleashed' something you had started to feel already. Which is normal. True trust builds over time. My stories and emails have crafted a certain image of me. You've told me before how you (or your subconscious) already saw me as a commanding figure. Alpha and Dominant. Since you do have a submissive side, it responded to that. Afraid of having found YET another creep that wanted to trick you into trusting him. I am guessing here, but I would assume that your submissive side has been craving to come out, but not being forced out.

Which does not exclude your Dominant side. Far from it. LIke I've said time and again, a good Dom is actually the servant. Slave to the needs of the Sub. The dark side of your Dominant self, much like mine, is aroused by the less ethical parts of hypnotic dominance. But I know that deep down, you are a deeply caring person. I can easily imagine you as an elegant Dom. All dressed up in your sexiest attire. Tall. Strong. But gently caring for the half naked man kneeling at your feet. Giving him what he needs to feel. 

Your powers of hypnosis just tempted you towards the dark side while a need for retribution against Alpha male pigs and abusers fueled your resolve do dive into a sinful use of hypnosis. Since you have found God, I think that you are slowly replacing that need. 

Since the temptation for retribution probably acted like a shield to protect your submissive self, I figure that the protection is wearing off. NOT the belief in God can do that just fine! Far from it! ;) 

But... I feel like you are slowly re-adjusting your balance after covid and your new found faith. Your submissive side (real or created) had an unforgettable experience and was traumatized. I've often seen you write that you feel like your submissive side makes you feel unworthy. (I might be remembering wrong here...) Which is a natural reaction to your trauma. But submission doesn't have anything to do with unworthiness. Well... Not to me. 

To me submission is the exact opposite. I've talked with a few subs over the years that fall in the same sort of trap. They wish to give up control so much that when they can't find a suitable dom, they feel intensely unworthy. But it doesn't mean that at all unless a bad Dom abuses that gift and tell them that they are. Giving up control, willingly, is very emotional.

To me, submission is a gift of trust. A gift that is sacred. A gift that a weak or unworthy person CANNOT give. When a weak person, convinced they are unworthy, gives up control and yields to a Dom. They do so out of fear, desperation, or a lack of will. That's not submission. Well... yes... it is the definition of submission... But a good Sub, like a good Dom, needs to be the reverse of what the name implies.

The Sub is the one to CHOOSE who is worthy of HER. She CHOOSES to give up control because she wants to give it up. She CHOOSES to let someone else take control. 

A person like that... Well... Needs to be Strong. Needs to be confident. 

Submission can be incredibly confusing. More so for someone like you which has a strong dominant side.

WOW... Sorry about all that. Opened a can of worms there... 




I feel like I don't deserve to be the great Lydia Salia's Master. ;) The idea is insanely alluring to me however...

As I've said yesterday, call me by whatever name you feel most comfortable with. Mark... Master... It doesn't matter to me as long as you still feel comfortable trusting me. 

Maybe That's my goal... To slowly gain your trust to finally accept your submission naturally... hahahahah

That would certainly be hot... Admittedly in a Vanilla kind of way... ;) 

But no. That's not my goal. Well not entirely... I do want you to trust me and I am so happy that you do. It enabled me to help you and be your 'Rock of Gibraltar'. It also made you feel wonderful things, which in turn made ME feel wonderful things. 

I'm not aiming to claim you as a sub. In fact... A few years ago I realized that my work schedule didn't allow for that. I was sad when I realized that of course...  I wanted to be able to explore my Dom side and have an online sub. But since I 'disappear' for weeks on end while I dive back into my real life, I leave the sub on their own... And that's not right.

Not right at all.

So no, I'm certainly not aiming to have you submit to me. 


I won't refuse if you decide you want to. Far from it.

You are an intelligent and powerful woman Lydia. If our collaborations and friendship make us evolve towards that, I will gladly embrace it.

I won't turn away or decline. You needed an anchor and offering that to you was an experience I've been craving for years. To be able to be that solid foundation for a person's desires and emotions. A bit like I do with my wife and my wife does for me. But... She can't offer me what my other half needs. So... 

If you like the way you feel when my words softly take control of you, I'm MORE than willing to continue. 

Master can come later... ;) 

Finally... I'll end this tirade with a thought...

You've ignored my offer to know my real name twice now. Should I assume that you don't wish to know? The offer still stands.

Because even if you feel more like yourself and less submissive, you've shown a deep trust in me and that needs to be answered. You've earned my own trust and this is my way of showing you. 

It is your decision. Real names can certainly break illusions and spells we create about someone, but then again, the person you are talking to is the real and COMPLETE me. 

Oh and... I would not try to compel you to call me Master. If I do write sometime like that for you... Well... Maybe I'll compel you to start using some other name... Or maybe I'll just re-enforce your submissive side... Master can come later... Naturally... 

Sir can do just as well in the meantime... 

Regardless. I'll be the anchor you need. If anything... Maybe I can be the anchor and shield against ill intentionned hypnotist. Far away Prince you say? Maybe... But Knight in shining armour seems more fitting. I could be your 'soft' Master in that sense. A Master that serves as a shield against bad people taking control. If Lydia Salia is controlled by Mark, then how could anyone else take over? If she is locked down and protected by her submission to him and it serves as added protection for your subconscious.

Then I would be extremely happy to be able to do that for you.

Time will tell...

Have an awesome day Lydia Salia. 

You are such a GOOD GIRL. You deserve every happy moment that comes to you.


Lydia <>

Jul 22, 2021, 9:00 AM (4 days ago)

to Traveling

You have profound empathy. You are exactly right in your analysis of what happened. I opened up and relaxed to your words. I was traveling most of yesterday, so I did not get to enjoy making sweet love to you in my mind. Which just made the desire grow. I was drunk in happy surrender. In a delicious, warm, happy place. When I saw the email from 'David L.', and his instructions to read the induction, I was very tempted. But my subconscious was nervous and alerted me to the danger. I might not have been so cautious if it had come from someone else, but him? No way was I going to read it. I did give it a cursory scan. Without focus, a written induction isn't going to work. I knew that, but a compulsion to go ahead and read it... it will be ok, started growing in me. That is when I got scared and asked you to read it. He must still have some control hooks in me because the urge did start to become... 'urgent'.

Based on what you shared with me, he went all in to try and dominate me. I can't imagine I would have totally surrendered, but who knows, stranger things have happened. What I didn't consider was if he had an old trigger waiting for me to read 'in bold'. If so, I missed it in my cursory scan.

I do and I don't want to know your real name. I feel like I'm falling in love with my knight in shining armor. It's all a fairy tale right now. If I know your real name, then my love starts to become real. I can't afford to love you. You are married, happily. With children. I can't let these feelings become more. But god it's hard.

You are so perfect. Caring, gentle, but so strong. Your anger yesterday was so arousing to me. I trust you. I know you care for me and I care for you. More than you can know. I will try and temper these feelings. You are just such a strong alpha male, I can't help myself. Fuck.

Please ignore my ramblings. I just want to serve you, to make you happy. I will write for you, anything you want. You have pierced my heart and captured my soul. I want you to know, your gallantry yesterday, very well may have saved my life if I had slipped my head into that hypnotist's noose. If so, I owe you my life.

That sounds extreme, but I was captured once and submitted to obedience training. I doubt he would do such a thing as pimp me, but that is happening in the dark shadows of hypnofetishism. 

Thank you. Thank you is not enough. 

I submit myself to you. Master. You are my Master and saying that. I'm delirious with euphoria. I want to be your very good girl. Always.

I love you

Please forgive me, I can't help it. Command me otherwise and I will obey.

Lydia ❤️😢😢 

Tears of joy and happiness. And a little sadness I cannot be by your side

Addendum 8/20/2021: Holy shit! TM is no novice at hypnosis. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I have totally fallen head over heels for him. Are any of these feelings mine or did he suggest them?

Traveling Master

Jul 22, 2021, 9:46 AM (4 days ago)

to me

My dear exquisite Lydia...

You do make me happy. Every day.

I honestly think you did most of the saving. I was just an anchor so you could stop and center yourself. If my meager influence into your subconscious helped you, it was because you've trusted me with it. 

In some ways, I guess that can be just as powerful as hypnosis.

Your words of praise truly have an intense effect as they wash over me.So thank you Lydia. 

No. I will certainly NOT ignore your ramblings. They are part of how you feel and offer me small indications of the feelings swimming around in that lovely head of yours. I need to know these things to better understand you and your multiple desires. You are so strong Lydia. never forget that.

Deep down, I know that like you say, maybe yesterday you dodged a major bullet. And maybe your safeguards would have been good enough to keep you from his grasp. You are strong, but extremely curious and since your subconscious mind is always lurking in the shadows to take over... Well maybe it wouldn't have worked.

I'm glad I could help.

As for my real name. I understand your feelings better than you think. So I'll refrain from telling you. However. I urge you to tell me if there is something you would like me to share or say to show you how much I trust you in turn. 

You feel like you owe me your life, but in truth, I cannot except such a powerful praise. Like I've said. I only allowed you to anchor yourself so you could do it. 

We'll never know sure if I truly 'saved' you from another bout of intense control like you escaped from. One thing is sure, We won't try to find out. Ok? Let's agree to that. Here and now.

Something wonderful happened yesterday when something bad could have. You resisted the urge and kept yourself centered.

Now... I'm not refusing your submission. FAR from it... I feel my own sort of euphoria to know that you would trust me like that.

But for my own sake, I want to ask one last time Lydia.

Are you sure you really wish me to be your Master?

I feel like your submissive side is the one that woke up this morning and couldn't help but be enchanted with me all over again. I want to make sure ALL of you is ok with this decision. 

If you do want this to be true, then I will assume the role with great pleasure. But I will also warn that if you give me that consent, then I will also assume that I am free to send you suggestible stories... Words that will influence your subconscious to make you feel wonderful things. If you give me this initial submission, I'll assume that you agree to this. I'll stop being SO cautious about what I send you. 

But inversely, if you truly agree, then I promise you this on my honor as an erotic writer and as a basic human being: I won't abuse that incredible gift. I'll always make sure to read into your reactions and judge if I'm going too far. I'll always be mindful of your real off line life and never try to intrude into it. I'll always be truthful when you ask me questions about texts I sent you are things you think I'm making you do or feel. I'll always cherish the trust you are willing to give me.

This is heavy I know... But your reaction is equally heavy so I must react in turn to respect all those powerful emotions.

Last warning my dear Lydia: If you do choose to submit to me. I need you to understand that I'll always be there for in your mind as well as in my own. BUT, I sadly won't always be able to respond to your email when I am home with my wife and kids. I don't want you to despair and regret this decision later on when you wake up to this reality. The most I can offer when I am away from the kink community is to write you calming stories... In time... Suggestive stories... Stories you'll be able to read so you can feel me with you. Anchoring your mind in times of need.

Of course, if you truly decide to submit, we will simply continue to grow and evolve slowly as we explore this together.

It's hard for me to suppress my desire to TELL you to submit. But I must...For both our sakes.

This is purely your decision Lydia. Please think about it calmly. I first wanted to include guiding words to help calm you, but I won't. Feel what you need to feel and answer me once you are satisfied.

I'll be eagerly waiting for my good girl's response.

Damn... Couldn't resist... You bring out such erotic things in me...


Lydia <>

Jul 22, 2021, 1:38 PM (4 days ago)

to Traveling

My submissive side wants to be told what to do. My dominant side says no, I don't want to give up my life. The fact that you would allow me to not call you Master all the time is somehow, deeply reassuring. We have a great thing going. Why mess it up? I respond so well to you, all you have to do now is command and I will obey. You are my Master when and where you want to be. Otherwise, I am your greatest fan and supporter. Anything else I write on human sex trafficking, you are most welcome to add to on your site/Brother's Keeper.

My submissive side is curious to know if I would fully surrender to you. Perhaps like yesterday's script. The fact is I would do anything for you now. I have fully surrendered to you and I love the feeling. I could not do this without feeling so safe in your arms. I knew in our first emails that I could trust you. You are such a good man. Your wife is so blessed to have you.

I shall go about my business, write my stories, safe in the knowledge that I am yours and you only want the best for me.

I want to call you Master as I type this, but I shall refrain until you command my subconscious to do so.

I am yours for the asking. Smart, thinking, analytical Lydia or submissive, obedient, unquestioning Lydia. Honestly, being smart and analytical does not bring me near the endorphin rush as being your obedient good girl.



Traveling Master

Jul 22, 2021, 2:24 PM (4 days ago)

to me

Good Girl.

I was hoping to get such a response. I love both sides of you Lydia. Your creative mind and Dominant nature always fascinates me. In my wildest dark fantasies, You would be right there at my side as we collected thralls... A Mistress among thralls... Obedient to only me... Dominant to all others... My perfect girl... strong and elegant... While also eager to obey... 

I accept you Lydia. 

All of you.

You are simply too much of an exquisite person to change. I'm glad you feel safe with me. In my arms... I wouldn't have it any other way. 

I am asking. No. Telling you.

I would be honored to be your secret Master. To be the anchor and foundation you can always rely on as you go about your wonderful life. With time and practice. We'll work and explore like we have done. Continuing to build our mutual trust as we go. And soon... Once I learn the right skills...

I'll seduce your subconscious... Fully. I'll make your submissive self bloom and understand that it is mine.

No one else's.

I'll seduce it and remind it that it gave me the keys. It surrendered willingly into my caring arms. I'll work tirelessly to protect and arouse your wonderful mind. 

If it is at all possible, I'll work on a way to make your subconscious consider me as first among all others. A way to safeguard your mind. Or rather... A strong and immovable doorman. You wish to access Lydia's subconscious? Sure. Be my guest. BUT. Here are the rules and I won't let you pass unless you obey them.

Is it possible to make your subconscious compare new controls with mine? making sure it is safe and not something that could corrupt you and take you away from your life? I don't know... But I will certainly try.

I am your Rock of Gibraltar. Your Secret Master. 

As long as you'll feel safe in my care, I'll be exactly that. Behind the scenes... making you feel safe and loved. Giving you a secure place for your submissive self while you continue to enjoy the freedom and pleasures of your Dominant side.

As long as you wish to be...

You are mine. 

Because you gave yourself to me.

I'm fully aware of what that means.and I'll cherish that leap of faith. 

As my first command to you Lydia. 

You will call me Sir when you experience the rush of euphoria you feel when you submit. When you wake up in the morning and feel submissive... When you read an erotic story and your submissive side flourishes... When you email me and you are safe in that special state of mind...

You will call me Sir. Nothing more. Nothing less. That will tell me everything I need to know about your state of mind.

You are not compelled to call me Sir every minute of every day. Far from it. Only when you feel submissive... Only when you feel like you'd like me to play with you a little... Or a lot... Only when you feel the delicious rush you experience every time you've been my obedient girl.

This is important to me Lydia. I always want to know when you need me. Need my strength. My words. 

Do you understand?

I'm sure, with your incredible mind, you do.

Good Girl.

Your Secret Master.


Jul 22, 2021, 2:45 PM (4 days ago)

Yes sir. I understand. Thank you sir.

Traveling Master

Jul 22, 2021, 2:52 PM (4 days ago)

to me

Very good... I'm very pleased.

I think our conversation has effected my second chapter a little... But I think I managed to stay true to the main part and my subsequent vanilla ending. I think... hahhahaah I can't wait to hear your thoughts once you read it. Personally. I think you are going to freak in a good way... But we shall see... 

I'll expect your honest thoughts of course.


Jul 22, 2021, 3:05 PM (4 days ago)

Yes Sir. I promise.


Jul 22, 2021, 4:11 PM (4 days ago)

These are some of the old emails David L sent me. I remember another one which was pretty intense, which I came across and can’t find now. In that one he gave m

Addendum 8/20/2021: Holy shit again! I think I need to get fitted for a chastity belt. I wasn't always so hypersexual (easy). That happened after my obedience training.

Traveling Master

Jul 22, 2021, 4:20 PM (4 days ago)

to me

My heart is racing again...

First. I am very happy you shared this with me. Thank you. I don't know if the triggers you listed for him (Julie's triggers) are still active, but I would be careful who i sent this to. I'm happy you trust me with this. 

Second... I'm shaking again... Just slightly. But my heart is pounding as I read his waking trance trigger which obviously affected you to obey. I'm not sure if you understood that it was a trance command that compelled you to tell him your triggers. was it? if not. Then it makes me even more pissed.

I'm so happy you took the time to reassure me that you were ok. Thank you.

Strange feelings to have right after the euphoria of finishing my possible opus... You certainly know how to make my heart pound me Dear.

Lydia <>

Jul 22, 2021, 4:40 PM (4 days ago)

to Traveling

“ Strange feelings to have right after the euphoria of finishing my possible opus... You certainly know how to make my heart pound me Dear.”

I’m sorry Master

Traveling Master

Jul 22, 2021, 4:51 PM (4 days ago)

to me


I almost added a quick instruction for you to keep calm and happy as I told you that. But I know you are strong. You are a strong beautiful girl after all.

No need to apologize. I WANT you to tell me everything that bothers you. if I can help, regardless of what I'm feeling at that moment, I'll be there.

That's MY job as your Secret Master.

And making my heart pound is all part of your unique allure Lydia. ;) Don't worry and be happy that you have such wonderful effect on me. 

Lydia <>

Jul 22, 2021, 5:43 PM (4 days ago)

to Traveling

Yes Sir. But I want to call you master after reading your delicious story. I couldn’t wait. I have to masturbate so bad. I will have to figure something out. Maybe in the restroom again

Traveling Master

Jul 22, 2021, 6:08 PM (4 days ago)

to me

The beautiful thing about the trust we are building together is that I don't have to use hypnotic words to make you feel like calling me Master.

Did you even realize?

You called me Master when you apologized to me for causing my pounding heart. 

Since, by your own words, you already view me... No... KNOW that I'm your Master. Your subconscious will slowly start to influence your thoughts. 

You are allowed to call me Master when your submissive side blooms. Just like my command for you to call me Sir. 

I allow you to call me Master when you feel the need to do it.

However, you will to obey my command and always call me Sir when you feel submissive. Master is fine as well, but I won't command you to do it.

I don't have to...

Now, only if you are able to do it safely without attracting attention, find a good safe place to indulge your naughty little arousal. I'm so happy you loved my delicious story. When you have time and are free to relax and write. Tell me your honest thoughts about the things that happened between us in my ending. Make sure to write every exquisite detail. 

I don't know where you are or what type of evening you are about to have, but I'm sure you'll be able to enjoy it thoroughly. 

Especially since somewhere deep inside your mind, you'll feel the arousal of our story linger... Nothing distracting... Just enough to make you feel happy.

Lydia <>

Jul 22, 2021, 6:29 PM (4 days ago)

to Traveling

"You called me Master when you apologized to me for causing my pounding heart. "

No Sir, I did not realize it. I KNOW you are my master. 

I have to wait to get back to my hotel to release. Thank you Master for such an amazing story.

Traveling Master

Jul 22, 2021, 6:31 PM (4 days ago)

My pleasure my dear Lydia. ;)

Lydia <>

Jul 22, 2021, 7:19 PM (4 days ago)

to Traveling

This was the email I couldn't find for some reason. My subconscious is keyed to obeying your instructions now, so his triggers are blocked. That is my 'awake' brain telling you what is going on with me. Weird I know, but my subconscious is very responsive to you. I know this, I feel it. It just is.

I steeled myself 'conscious ' brain before I went looking, like you told me to. You are my shield.

Seeing this... I think there are others. When I finish my 'exposé' story, can you include the extended relaxation trance he wanted to use on me. From my scan, it looked like it was quite sophisticated - that he spent some effort disguising it until I would be in trance and locked in.

Thank you,


Attachments area

Traveling Master

Jul 22, 2021, 7:53 PM (4 days ago)

to me

Pretty fucking sneaky... 

You ask and honest question about the waking trance trigger, then he uses it to deepen his control over you... Making you think it is your own idea. 

Really... he really irks me. 

If I was a Grizzly bear, my hair would be standing on end... 

I'm glad that your subconscious is 'keyed' to me. I'm not sure what it means exactly, but you seem confident that it will help protect you. I am very pleased Lydia.


Of course I am your shield. That is my job as your Secret Master. A good Master always strives to indulge the needs of his sub, yes... But he must also offer protection and security.

I can see it now... I can picture it so clearly...

If you wish, I'll make you see... Read further if you are alone and ready to begin. Ready to let me into your mind. 

Are you calm? Are you relaxed? Can you already see what I am seeing?

Make yourself comfortable and read on.

Focus for me and I will show you. Focus on my words Lydia. Relax yourself and let your thoughts fade away. Very good. You are doing so well. You are an incredible person with a powerful mind.

Focus on the words you are reading. Focus on them completely. My words have a special place in your mind. A safe place only you and I can reach. It is you inner most self. Your true self. Take a deep breath and relax for me. Good. Very good. I am there. In your most inner self. My words carry me there. Following your lead. Allowing me to enter your subconscious. Deeply... Perfectly... You are not worried because you trust me. That is why I can enter here. You trust me and that allows me access.

Trust is your key Lydia. As long as you trust me. I will be able to come here. Enter your wonderful mind. Help you keep it safe and secure. Trust is your key. 

Only those you trust can enter here. You are safe and secure. Your subconscious is safe and secure Lydia. It is keyed in to only let the people you trust in. 

The shield is real. You can picture it in your mind. It repels everyone you don't trust. It keeps you safe and secure. It keeps your subconscious safe and secure.

Now see it grow Lydia. I'm adding my own resolve to it. My love. My care. My determination. I'm helping you build on your own wonderful defenses. You can see so clearly. The shield completely protects you. Growing stronger and stronger as I work on it tirelessly. Your trust in me enables me to help you. Your trust helps me protect you. More and more you see it grow stronger. It is so strong now. Enveloping your mind perfectly. Protecting you completely. 

I am your shield Lydia. I am here for you. You can feel me in your mind. Anchoring your thoughts. Embracing you tightly in my warm caring arms. You feel so good now. Happy. Blissful. You are so safe in my care. You know I only want what is best for you. You realized it so slowly. So naturally. You already know it is real. You trust me and I trust you Lydia.

I can only influence you because you choose to trust me. I am able to protect you because you trust me. You feel so warm inside because you know me. I am kind. I am gentle. I am caring. You've told me so many times. That is why you trust me. That is why I am here. In your mind. Protecting you.

Trust is your key.

Only the people you trust can enter. Your shield protects you completely. Your trust shields you perfectly.

Trust is your key.

Only the people you trust can enter your mind. Only the people you trust can enter your shield.

Trust is your key.

Now take a long deep breath for me. In... filling your lungs with nice clean air. And out... Letting the air drain away. Letting yourself relax.

Again. Breath in and feel yourself waking up. You can stop focusing so hard for me. Breath out. Letting the air drain out slowly as you feel yourself awaken. 

You are fully awake for me Lydia. Rested and calm. Feeling the mild euphoria as you realize I can enter your mind and protect you.

Good Girl

Addendum 8/20/2021: I have to be careful reading TM's words in these emails. They have an effect on me. I can see myself easily becoming hypnotized by him if I relax my guard for even a second. This is not where I need to be in my life right now.

Lydia <>

Jul 22, 2021, 8:14 PM (4 days ago)

to Traveling

Omg. You are so powerful master. I love it when you control me. I feel so good. And so aroused. Make love to me. You can make me cum with your words. If you have the time, that is the favor I would ask. If you do not have time, I will read our story again in 30 minutes and pleasure myself.

If I can last 30 minutes.

Thank you master for being my master. I can't resist your control and I DON'T want to resist your control. I am yours.

Lydia <>

Jul 22, 2021, 8:22 PM (4 days ago)

to Traveling

I drop into trance so easily for you. It is trust. But also, you are an excellent hypnotist. I am in awe of you.

When I come out of hypnosis after you have tranced me, I'm giddy with euphoria. I love how you make me feel.

I am your good girl. 💋❤️

Lydia <>

Jul 22, 2021, 8:48 PM (4 days ago)

to Traveling

I can't wait any longer. If you have a 'cum trance' for me, I will read it tomorrow night. What exquisite surrender it will be. I'm shaking thinking about it.

Now I must finger myself as I read your words.

Addendum 8/20/2021: Well shit. I want to read the next email. It is an orgasm induction. I'm stopping right now. I will come back and finish a cursory scan of these emails when I have collected myself.

Traveling Master

Jul 22, 2021, 8:55 PM (4 days ago)

to me

My pleasure Lydia.

Now be a good girl for me and only read this if you are ready. Only read this if you are safe and secure. Only read this if you are alone.

Are you alone? If you are being a naughty girl and reading this in public, I'll be very disappointed.

Now if you are alone and ONLY if you are ready. Please... read on...

I want you to focus on these words. They are my words. You love to read my words because it makes you so happy. So euphoric. So aroused... 

Focus on my words. You know they are my words. You know that they can follow you in.

Focus on my words. You love to feel my words control you because you trust me so completely.

Focus and relax for me. Take a long slow breath and feel yourself focus more and more on my words. Let the air out slowly... It is draining away from your lungs... relaxing you more and more as all the stress and excitement drains away. It gives you more and more focus. You can focus on my words so easily. You trust my words completely.

Trust is your key Lydia.

You are doing so well for me. You can see it in your mind now. My words are floating in. Flowing you as you go deeper and deeper for me. You can feel my presence now. All around you. Making you safe and secure. My words follow you into your inner most self. You trust them to make you feel good. 

Trust is your key Lydia.

Your trust makes me so happy. So aroused. You know that I care for you deeply. You know I only want what is best for you. That is why you trust me so perfectly. 

Now... Focus... My words are with you. They are like your shield. They make you feel safe and secure. Focus on them. As you focus on them, you can feel that they hide a special gift. A reward for my good girl. 

Now focus... take a deep breath for me and relax. You are safe Lydia. Nothing can hurt you here. You are inside your shield and there is nothing but truth and bliss inside your shield. Inside your mind. Focus on my words. You can feel it. There is a gift for you inside my words. Focus and take a deep breath. Let it out and relax for me Lydia. Deeper and deeper for me... Good... Very good...

Now we can begin. You are calm and perfectly focused on my words.

I want you to imagine a candle. Can you see it? Right there inside your mind. It flickers and dances with warm welcoming light. My words have called it to you. It was hidden deep inside your mind. It is your gift. Your reward for being such a good girl for me.

The candle flickers and grows.

I want you to focus on the flame. Can you see it? Of course you can see it. You are such a good girl for me.

The candle flickers and grows.

The flame is very special. I know exactly what it is. My words can tell you if you focus on them. My words called out your arousal. It is there. Right before your eyes. Feel your arousal grow in time with the flame. It is small. Flickering and dancing for us. You can see it so perfectly. You can feel your arousal dancing inside. Feel how my words can affect your special flame.


The candle flickers and grows. Your arousal flickers and grows. You can feel it now. All around you. The warmth of my words is coursing through your delicate veins. Your arousal grows more and more as you look into the flame. Focus on my words and relax.

Feel the warmth of my words caress your skin. Small goosebumps erupt as you picture my fingers tracing on your arms.


The candle flickers and grows. The flame is hotter. Making you feel so good. Feeling me all around you as my words aroused you.

You can't help it. My words have complete control of your arousal. I want to make you feel good Lydia. So focus. Be my good girl and focus on my words.

You can feel my fingers trace along your arms... Caressing you tenderly as they leave small goosebumps along your soft skin. My fingers reach your shoulders. Feel my hands as they gently rest on your shoulders. 


The flame flickers and grows hotter and hotter as you feel my hands on your skin.


The flame dances now, bigger and stronger with my every word.

My hands move down in front of you. You can feel them caress your exquisite chest. It makes you feel so good to feel my hands on you. So aroused.


The flame is hotter and hotter. Making your arousal grow and grow. My hands lovingly caress your chest. You can feel the erotic touch spread all along your skin.


The flame is so hot now. You can feel it. Your arousal is so strong. So intense. You need release. You want to cum. You want to be a good girl for me and cum. You know my words are leading you there. 


My hands have moved. Going lower and lower. Commanding the arousal you feel. You can feel them on your hot skin. My fingers start to tease your clit. You can feel them so keenly. So perfectly for me. 


Hotter and hotter the flames grows more and more. It is a roaring fire. Feeding your arousal more and more as my fingers caress your clit. The pleasure you feel is so intense. So special... The trust you feel only makes my words more powerful.  More intense.


The fire is almost unbearable. Your pleasure is mounting. More and more. You feel my fingers play with your arousal. Making it grow more and more. You know it will be powerful because my words are there to guide you. You know the pleasure will be special because I command it.

You know your pleasure will consume you deliciously because you trust me. 



More and more it because almost too much. You need to cum. You need to feel the pleasure release... You need to feel it consume you...



And it will. In a moment, it will consume you. Your pleasure will carry you away into the most powerful and caring orgasm of you life. You trust me completely and it makes your pleasure hotter. 


Now feel all that pleasure focus in your clit. All the hot pleasure... Making your clit throb with need. 


You are about to cum. You can't hold back. Once you do. You will awaken. Feeling all the love and pleasure consume you. Feeling all my trust carry you away into a perfect orgasm for me.


You will awaken the moment you cum. Feeling all that delicious euphoria consume you.

Now focus all that pleasure.... 


Lydia <>

Jul 22, 2021, 9:30 PM (4 days ago)

to Traveling

I'm laughing master. You made me cum. So hard. I came when you commanded me to. That has never happened to me before.

Fuck that was intense. I felt you touching me. I actually felt you touching me. Thank you master. 

Now I want to please you. More than anything. 

I am so glad I met you. Now I'm sleepy. You took it out of me. I'm going to sleep good tonight.

Goodnight sweet prince,


Traveling Master

Jul 22, 2021, 11:13 PM (4 days ago)

I'm so happy you trust me enough to allow me to do that for you. To you... You respond so well for me... A humble Master like me could not hope for a better sub


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Addendum 8/20/2021: I had to come back to this later to finish it. Reading these emails  was affecting me too much. In my emails above, I gave TM the keys to inducing a deep trance. He apparently did do just that. I do not remember any of this, but I am pretty certain these emails are authentic.

Addendum 9/01/2021: The more I discover, with the help of my therapist, the more I am scared shitless. TM got inside my head and I think could have had his way with me. Anything. He could have probably summoned me and I would be sitting at his feet in shackles sucking his dick.

Reminds me of this Star Wars scene.

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