The Traveling Master visits my mind and stays for a spell.

My master's magic induction

by LydiaSalia

Tags: #dom:male #m/f #truestory

My master emailed me his induction to include in my story. Mark is not just a good master. He is the best. He knows how sensitive I am to his words, so he is including key parts of his induction without replicating it exactly. If he did that, I would be unable to get through it without falling into trance. This is the email he composed immediately after my 'awakening'. I awoke from trance and I awoke to the realiziation that I was his.

This is the email I sent Lydia about her powerful trance experience. She got it the morning after, but for obvious reasons, she wasn't able to go through it like I intended. It was the same morning her friend Rachel shocked her awake. 

Header: Things you need to know about your induction.

First of all. You do not need to worry about a thing my dear Lydia.

The trance you experienced was deep and I am going to tell you everything I did so that you know that I didn't leave anything there that could surprise you.

Our... Friendship? Ownership? Relationship? Partnership? (Ok I don't have the words to describe our connection) Anyway... 

Our connection is very important to me and I want you to know that I don't take your submission lightly. In fact, I approach it more from a non-hypnotic point of view. Hypnosis is just there to help us connect and play.

Hypnosis is NOT my tool to MAKE you submit. I keep repeating that because to me it makes all the difference.

Why am I telling you this? Because as your master, It is important that you never doubt my intentions. I want you to trust in my actions and never doubt me. I don't want you spiralling out of control by wondering... OH god... that was too intense... what if it wasn't the first time? What if we ALREADY Zoomed? What if...

These worries are normal, but I want you to know that I will always be honest and open with you. If you have questions, you are ALWAYS free to ask and I will answer.

Besides... If you do have questions like... Oh god what did he implant now? or... Oh god... Is this real or am I having a negative/positive hallucination?

Well... That will be because I decided you should experience them. For my enjoyment and yours... ;) 

So in that spirit of truth and openness, here is what I did during your session. If you aren't curious about this, then stop reading. 

But... If you are. It would please me a lot to have your thoughts on my technique. So...


Make sure you are rested. I don't want this to make you dive back in. So get up and move around or something! Don't let this affect you ok?


You surely remember this part, but I started by making you relax in much the same way I used when I sent you the 'orgasm trance'. It wasn't truly meant to put you under at the time, but since you told me that you zoned out and fell into a light trance, I decided to use it to start.

After that, I assumed you would be close to a light trance, if not already in it. I moved things along by telling you that my words were 'wiksing' you away to a special place. I had you visualize a room by describing what each of your senses experienced as one by one, they came to you.

The first of your senses to appear is touch.

You can feel your body. You can feel your skin. You are sitting down comfortably on a sofa. This is the only feeling you have in my special place. It makes you focus more and more on your sense of touch. You are wearing a silk dress, but nothing else. It feels so nice against your skin. You can feel it so keenly. So soft and wonderful.

So on and so forth. One by one, I describe the what each of your senses experienced and instructed you to use your powerful imagination to experience it as if it was real.

Touch... Smell... Sound... Taste... and finally sight.

Of course I threw in a few...

Deeper and deeper… You relax more and more as you listen to the inviting fire.

Mainly because I had to way to know if it was working so I figured I needed to continue deepening you.

By then, you probably had a vivid image of where you were. Suddenly, my special place was real for you. I told you that in that place, emotions were free.

In my special place, all your emotions are free. You cannot hold them back. The moment you see me, you feel your arousal grow.

Then, I proceeded to describe what happens while making sure to tell you how much your arousal was growing. It was very erotic... It ended with you naked, standing before the fire as I told you to focus on the flames while my hands caressed you and finally checked your wetness.

Exactly like you instructed. I'm somewhat of a hopeless romantic, so I decided to stay tame and not move it to the bedroom. It seems I wasn't wrong since you told me how horny you were after the trance.

Then I used your 'keys to the castle' and told you that I could give you an amazing orgasm, but first, I needed you to go deeper, deepest possible... I used your own words here and had you say aloud 'I obey my master' and 'I am going even deeper for my master. The deepest trance possible.'

I followed your suggestions and had you repeat twice before using your words again to instruct you to go deeper and feel good. deeper you go better you feel, better you feel deeper you go and having you open your eyes after you thought you were in the deepest state of trance.

Lydia. I want you to wake up. This email is NOT putting you in a trance. WAKE UP.


So after that. I congratulated you for being such a good girl and told you how proud I was. I assumed that you were in a deep state of trance so I dove into your 'programming'

I started with the 'remember' trigger. Much like you suggested I write, I made sure to say that 'all will be revealed'. Seems it worked nicely! Thank god... ahahhaha

Then, I complimented you and reinforced my control and your happy feeling of being in a trance for me before implanting the sleep trigger. Now... I'm going to copy the text I used here, without including the actual trigger of course.

I want to know your opinion as a hypnotist. We haven't used it yet (of sorts...) and I want to know if my safeguards would work like I think they will. I know I'll only use it on you when you are safe and alone, but I also need to know that you won't trigger yourself by accident. I care for you and I don't want that to happen. So here it is:

You are deeply hypnotized and it feels incredible. You can finally feel the control and dominance I have over you. It makes you happy. So happy and euphoric. You love to be my good girl and deeply hypnotized for me.
You will want to experience this again. In the future, when you read my words and you see the words ‘*’ in bold, your mind will instantly shut off, become completely blank and open to my suggestions.
Your eyes will open and continue to read my instructions. You will be a blank slate ready to receive my suggestions and commands. This post-hypnotic suggestion ‘’ will only be effective if you are safe and alone.
If you are not alone, you will feel only an incredible wave of euphoria wash over you.

Hopefully this won't break the magic! hahahaha

Everything was ready for my test. So I had you enter a waking trance. Making sure you would be compelled to continue to read my words. 

I'm not sure if you remember this... But I greeted you before proceeding. Just in case this might be powerful for you, I want you to WAKE UP. Stop reading for a moment and DON'T let this email put you under. You are strong Lydia.


Ok good read on! ;) 

Hello Lydia.
My words are here for you.
Take your time and focus.
(I told you that you were experiencing a waking trance. Not going to use the words I used. Just in case they have an affect on you)
I am so proud of you Lydia.
You are such a Good girl.
My good girl. 

I want you to feel something very special for me.

This is the moment I told you about... The moment where I got so excited I had to stop writing. Just thinking about you actually being in a waking trance... Because of my words... Fuck... Anyway...

Then I had you experience something erotic. I wanted to steer away from anything too powerful because like I said, I was scared shitless that you would wake up. So I stayed tame and only had you experience my lips on yours. 

Do you remember that? I hope you do... ;) 

Then I told you that I was going to drop you again, but that before I did, you had to  obey a command. A command you could not resist and did not want to resist. I also told you that while you obey the command, you would stay deeply hypnotized and in a waking trance. 

The command was simple. You were to send me an email with a specific title and describe how you felt during that waking trance and what you were wearing. 

Which you fucking did! WOW... I can still remember the intensity of the rush I felt when that email popped into my inbox... Fuck my heart was pounding! Anyway... 

I assumed you would comply after I told it was time to obey the command. I welcomed you back and told you I was about to drop you.

Good girl.
Welcome back.
I hope you told me all about how it felt to be helpless as you obeyed my words.
Now I am going to drop you back in that wonderful trance.
You cannot resist my words.
You do not want to resist my words.

At which point I used the 'sleep trigger' I installed before. Seems it worked while in trance! I briefly instructed you to go deeper while complimenting you and calling you my good girl. 

Test 1 - waking trance: Successful!

Time to move on to test 2 - Amnesia.

I told you to forget everything you did while you were in a waking trance. 

And you did... Fuck... I was convinced you were playing with me and half expected you to burst out laughing and tell me 'nice try Master'. But you didn't... Which means that...

Test 2 - Successful!

Now on to test 3 - Negative hallucination

As part of the forget test, I wanted to see if I could convince you to forget you sent me the email. To a point where you couldn't even notice it in you gmail. So...

You never sent me an email titled ‘Ignore – My waking trance experience.’ If you see a title begin with the word ‘Ignore’. You will not notice it and immediately forget you saw it.

Test 3 - Successful!

I was skeptical... But fuck...  It worked! You really are an amazing subject Lydia. When I asked you to check your 'sent' box for it and you still couldn't see it.. Damn... I was pretty hard I tell you! 

So on to test 4 - Memory replacement.

I immediately instructed you to remember something else. I wanted to see if I could convince you that my false memory was what really happened.

You remember waking up in a waking trance. You remember only that my words made your hand lift up on its own. You were amazed. Impressed. It was so funny watching your arm lift like that. You remember thinking that you found me a bit tame. That I should have made you remove your top and take a picture. Or maybe even guide you to another wonderful orgasm.
The memory will be so vivid. So clear. You will not doubt that it actually happened.
You remember it perfectly.

Ok. I'll admit that I didn't add the 'disappointed part' per say. But I think that since the memory was so real to you, it did create the same emotion and in a way... 

Seems like I'll have to stay creative with the great and amazing Lydia Salia... ;) 

test 4 - successful!

Now I was about ready to wake you up. But before I did. I wanted one last test of sorts. I'm not sure if it worked though. My goal was to make sure all my little tests and surprises worked well so I didn't want you snooping around the induction to see what I had in store for you.

Maybe I didn't word it right or insist on it enough... I think you already sneaked a peek... Or maybe sneaking a peak doesn't go against the instruction so you weren't affected? Who knows...

In a moment, I will awaken you from this trance.
When I do, you will have a burning desire to email me. You will want to talk about this experience with your Master. You will email me and tell me how much you loved falling into a deep trance for me.
You cannot read this induction again. It is forbidden.
You must ask your Master for permission if you wish to experience this again. You accept and understand this. I am your Master and you will obey.
I will count down from 5. As I do, you will slowly come out of your trance.

So? Do you feel like you COULD start reading the induction again? Or was I too vague and you are confident you don't need my permission. Because as of right now. YOU DO NOT HAVE my permission.


Curious to know if that works... 

There you go my dearest Lydia... It is a full account of what I made you do and experience during your trance last night. I wanted to share this for 2 reasons:

1- Because like I said, I feel it is important that you continue to trust in me. Since that was the first time you truly went deep, it felt to me like you were truly giving yourself to my care. Thank you for that trust Lydia. Now you know everything I tested and tried.

2 - Because I want your Dominant hypnotist self to be able to comment on my induction. Guide me where I might of mistepped. Give me notes if possible. etc... 

And... Well... I want your 'awake' dominant self to know how much control I have. I want it to read my play by play and realize that everything I intended to test came to pass exactly like I wanted it to. 

The respect I have for you talents and dominant self is always present and I couldn't help but seduce it a little. Maybe even make it respect my level of talent and control? heheheeh

Well... You were a big help of course. I'm convinced the 'keys to the castle' were what helped me make this so powerful for you.

Anyway... hahahah Enough rambling! 

Safe travels my precious Lydia...

I wanted to experience hypnosis again last night. Master obliged me and I fell deep for him. We had the most surreal love making and orgasm. I lived it. Every sensation down to the bouguet of the wine, the crackling fire and the red silk dressed he slipped off my body. I could feel him kissing me, loving me. I orgasmed so fucking hard. Let me tell you, being able to drop deep into trance has it's benefits.

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