The Traveling Master visits my mind and stays for a spell.

I give Mark the keys to the castle. I tell him how to take me deep. I'm such a dumbass.

by LydiaSalia

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Addendum: 10/10/2021 When I originally put these emails together, I was kind of manic. I truncated many of them and put some in the wrong order. That was pointed out to me by a reader. Below is an email that set the stage for TM hypnotizing me. I even told him what to do to take complete fucking control over me. How fucked up is that? I have relocated it (correctly) here.

At this point I am gone. I am calling him master and that seems perfectly normal. It is not normal. Fuck me.

Lydia <>

Fri, Jul 23, 7:05 AM (3 days ago)

to Traveling

Good morning Master!

This will have to be in two parts due to time constraints.

I feel like I was moderately deep. My memory is fairly intact. I was already aroused from rereading the story. I was entering trance when I began to experience the flickering of the flame. I was reading, so I wasn't able to actually see it. I felt the warmth of it grow. I felt your large hands exploring me. I felt goosebumps. I felt your hands on my chest. I think or I imagined that I thrust my chest out, my breasts, to meet your hands. I felt you cradle my breasts, massage them, touch my nipples and then I was able to feel your hand cupping my pussy. I was so wet. I was building to orgasm and then I felt you rubbing my clit and I felt a sense of urgency. I think I was whimpering-moaning at this point. Then I felt you insert a finger into my pussy as you commanded me to cum. It was a pretty wonderful orgasm. Very deep and satisfying. Thank you again.

This is where I tell him how to deeply hypnotize me…. as if he didn’t already know….

I want to give you the keys to the castle. I'm going to tell you exactly how to take me or any girl deeper than deep.

Trust, relaxation and focus are the key starting points. You already have those three with me, so you do not need to linger very long there. I am already an excellent subject when I want to be. Your stories hypnotize me. I enter waking trance when I read them.

With me, build vivid story loops as you capture my imagination, build arousal and take me deep. Describe the room, perhaps a warm fire in the fire place with crackling wood. We are having a glass of wine together. Describe the color, the bouquet, the taste as I swirl it with my tongue. Describe how you lean over to kiss me, taking my head in your hands. Your kiss is tender. My body presses against yours. I am longing for you to carry me to your bed. We stand and hurriedly undress. I want you inside me. I need you inside me.  You scoop me up in your arms and carry me to your bed. You part my legs and test my wetness. You are pleased.

Now you slow down with words of encouragement. I want your control. You want me so bad and I want you so bad, but first I must surrender to you.

"I am going to give you a beautiful, amazing orgasm. But first you must be my obedient good girl. You are deeply hypnotized Lydia. You love my control. You crave my control. You trust me and know I will protect you. It will make me happiest if you go even deeper for me Lydia. Let yourself drift even deeper. You feel so wonderful. Loved and safe, secure and happy. You want to please me. You want to please me more than anything. You will do that by following my directions without thinking. No thinking. No judgement. My words are your thoughts. I am your master and you obey me. Say aloud, 'I obey my master'".

If I'm hypnotized (which I will be), then I will comply. You can also try a count up to 10 by having me say aloud the depth of my trance. Then having me repeat "I am going even deeper for my master. The deepest trance possible." Then say "you will continue to drop deeper for me. Feeling so good. The deeper you go, the better you feel. The better you feel, the deeper you go. When you reach the deepest state of trance, you will open your eyes and resume reading. 

At this point my mind is child like. No misspellings or unclear concepts. Keep it simple or risk my conscious mind being asked to understand something that is too complicated for the subconscious. "Good girl" and other compliments are good reinforcement here..

You will be able to test the depth of my trance by inducing complete amnesia of the session. You need to install other triggers like a Remember trigger and instant SleepTrigger. "When you read the word 'Remember' in bold, after you are fully awake, everything will be revealed to you."

If you are going to use a Sleep trigger on me, please always make sure I am in a safe place where I will not be disturbed.

You can test my memory of the trance and if I was deep in trance, I will not know what you are talking about. You can even blind me to the fact I was hypnotized and tell me not to reread the trance (to keep it hidden from my conscious), by simply telling me, "you will ignore any old email from me that is titled at the top with the word 'Ignore'.

I will be blown away by the sudden revelation, I can promise you. You should also at some point test inserting false memories and beliefs. My conscious brain will accept these as my new reality unless you tell me otherwise. I am not like most girls you have known. My subconscious gets equal billing with my conscious brain. I have high empathy (a high emotional IQ) and a high IQ generally. My thinking brain can and does serve me well, but I am a slave to my subconscious. We all are. Most people just don't realize how much their subconscious shapes their thoughts and ideas.

My conscious brain, from emailing you and reading your stories, knows you are kind and gentle and trustworthy. My subconscious has fully accepted you. You do not need to reinforce trust at this point. I trust you. Now I want to feel your power and dominance.

At this point, if you want to reward me, I will be laser focused on your words. You can suggest that my legs part for you with a wave of your hand. I will see this and feel this. You can tell me you are entering me and the sensations will be as if we are making love. The beauty of this is I will orgasm in trance and then I can be made to forget it. But the 'Remember' command later will bring the experience back to me as if it happened. A strong orgasm can drop someone out of trance, so be sure all your triggers are in place before you go there.

I should have the time later today to describe the timeline when I started to subconsciously respond to you. I can tell you, it was in your stories. Then your emails. I will have to go back and study your emails to figure out where I started to surrender to you/

Btw, I'm in full 'conscious' mode. My subconscious would never be capable of putting all this together. But it does watch me, guiding me, making sure I am a good girl for you.

❤️💋 Lydia

Traveling Master

Jul 23, 2021, 7:48 AM (3 days ago)

to me

Good Girl.

Do you even know how hard you just made me? Probably not... 

"I want to give you the keys to the castle. I'm going to tell you exactly how to take me or any girl deeper than deep."

Those words made me wish I wasn't at work and wearing such tight pants. You keep telling me that you can't resist and don't want to resist my growing influence over you. That your subconscious already surrendered to me and trusts me completely.

And I believe you. I trust you to always me a good girl for me and tell me the truth.

But... Giving me the keys to your castle...

That is an incredible step. A leap of faith... yet again...

I'm so happy and aroused by the deep trust you feel for me. You keep giving me more and more... Freely... Because you know I would NEVER have commanded that you do. 

The fact that you chose to do this with your mind so free and clear. fully rested after your night's slumber... 

You are one incredible woman Lydia. Truly.

You've given me something I've never had before. I promise to cherish that and be worthy of the trust you give. So thank you.

Enough rambling about trust ;) 

I'll have to think about your words. I want you to feel my dominance and control... So much... And you do. In a small way... Everytime you read my emails. Read my stories. Your mind knows that your Master is speaking to you. 

You raise interesting possibilities... I WANT to dive in... I WANT to see if I'm talented enough to place triggers in your mind. You've showed me the path and you've basically given me your consent to do it. Amnesia, REMEMBER and SLEEP TRIGGER... All alluring things... 

I'll start slow. I want to learn as I go. So... I'll hold off on the SLEEP trigger until I am satisfied I can implant it safely. In a way that makes sure you are always safe before I use it. 

Who knows... I might just implant foreign language triggers... Part of me feels like this would limit the people that could use them. Especially if I am able to make you unable to reveal them to anyone... Or rather... Do like our story. If someone asks 'Does the Traveling Master have triggers in you? What are they?" Then you would instantly think of the english version and tell them that instead of the real trigger.

Call it an added layer of protection for you... 

If you NEVER reveal, through your stories, that I control you with my 'other language' words, then no one will be able to use them. If they do, then you would instantly know what they are trying to do because they'll be using the english version. 

Just like I tried to help protect you by making you imagine a shield protecting your mind. A shield that prevents anyone you don't trust from bringing you deeper into trance... Just like that concept, this layer of protection could help defend yourself. No one would be able to accidently slip and trigger something in you and piggy back on my control.

I'm thinking of the good girl trigger here...

Unless you tell them... Trust them...

It might not be possible... Maybe your brain won't accept a word it doesn't readily understand... But if it is possible, I'll certainly try once I've gained the experience I need.

So in the mean time... I'll try to see if I can come up with something... 

Have a great day my dear.

Your Master

---------------And then we discuss the text trance he sent me  -----------------



Traveling Master

to me

Addendum 8/20/21: Wow. He is no beginner hypnotist. He might be a great guy, but he down played his skills. He knows exactly what he is doing and I fell for it hook, line and sinker.

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