Operator’s Manual to Programming the Human Mind

by LydiaSalia

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This is a How to Manual for wannabe hypnotists. It can take a newbie and make him/her competent. If you are an expert, I can take you to master level. I implement these actual techniques in my various stories, although I embellish details to make my stories more entertaining.

Disclaimer – Please read this!

I have written several books, some fiction, some more or less true. Some titles are under my name. Some are under an alias. I’m a hypnodomme and have enjoyed having thralls serve me in real life. I have since released my thralls as I decided it was unethical. Even though my thralls desired my control, I can honestly say that, at least in some cases, I programmed that desire into their subconscious. They thought they were acting of their own free will. That was not always the case.

The mind control concepts described in my stories are real. The hypnosis is real. The subliminal brain washing is real. This manual will teach you the techniques to control others without them being (fully) aware of your control - the calibration techniques to win over your subject’s trust and to disarm their subconscious defenses. The application requires expertise, finesse, and patience. The depth of control, as described in my stories is exaggerated, however. Achieving mindless slave level control is possible in a select, (very) small population of so inclined individuals, but when it happens in real life, these people desire this level of control. If they do not want to be owned by you, they will eventually wiggle free. No one is coerced into sexual servitude. The trick I employ in real life and in my stories is to convince the subject that it is their idea or desire to do something – like have sex. This programming manual is the recipe, but it still requires an extraordinary chef (hypnotist) to make it into a gourmet meal.

Part One of this manual describes the optimal techniques for hypnotizing a subject and deepening them. Part Two deals with subliminal programming. This occurs in audio loops. This is so called ‘brain washing’ although I prefer the term brain conditioning. Once a person is deeply ‘conditioned’; conditioned to worship and obey you, then you can begin the laborious process of changing their thoughts, beliefs and memories.

If you wish to become a master hypnotist, then you will need to learn how to instantly recognize subtle changes in your subject’s demeanor that might indicate resistance. Did you say something that conflicts with their subconscious interpretation of right and wrong? You will need to learn how to instantly respond and deflect any conscious (analytical) thoughts about what you have said. I will teach you these techniques. For me, hypnotizing and exerting control over another’s subconscious is child’s play. It wasn’t always so easy. I was a beginner once just like everyone else. It took me a good three years to become a master hypnotist.

I recommend you reread this manual as many times as it takes for you to be able to virtually recite the techniques. That is the only way you will be able to easily and rapidly adjust your response to your subject when ‘resistance points’ inevitably occur. After all, you are looking to exert control over them, not just help them stop smoking. You will encounter resistance at some point… even in true submissives, although subs are generally compliant.

This manual is not a fiction story like the others, but rather a ‘How to’ manual for exerting control over others. The degree of control varies based on several factors.  These include the ‘constitution’ of the targeted subject, the skill of the hypnotist, the length of time of the indoctrination and optimal application of the techniques described herein. Lest anyone doubt the power of these techniques in real life, I made the mistake of imparting my ‘trade secrets’ to a hypnotist known as The Traveling Master. He recounts his play time in my mind here. He implanted a ‘forget’ trigger. I don’t think he planned on me finding out. See link to his blog.

Lydia typing - Doug, who is now my ex, briefly had me under his thumb. The original manuscript had many of his thoughts and observations. I generally concur with his statements. If I disagree with something he says, I will make note of it. I decided to include his comments here rather than deleting them. He has some good insight on how I controlled him and how he, using the very same techniques I elucidate in this manual, briefly flipped the tables on me and my friend, Julie

Copyright @2021 Lydia Salia


by Doug Crawford

The Operator’s Manual to Programming the Human Mind was originally published on an erotic story site and later removed at Lydia’s request. Lydia’s friend and fellow hypnotist, Julie Adams, and a few stalworth readers convinced Lydia that the manual held too many dark secrets about how to subvert a person’s subconscious defenses and coerce them into obedience. Well, it does work. How do I know? I was the ‘willing’ victim of these techniques – or at least I think I was willing. The trouble is, I wasn’t always able to discern my free will from Lydia’s suggestions. I’m a pretty strong alpha male and Lydia had me under her thumb for some time, so when an opportunity presented itself for me to escape, I took it. That story is recounted in  Commune Life.   Briefly, during a little party time where the girls experimented with ‘Kitty flipping’ (a combination of ecstasy and ketamine), I succeeded in covertly hypnotizing them. I now use techniques described in this manual.  They now listen to audio loops I created just for them. If you can't learn to manipulate someone after reading this manual, then give up hypnosis. Full, master level control is not applicable to the population at large. That level of control requires selecting the right subject and near perfect application of the principles outlined in this manual.

Lydia again. I am no longer under Doug’s control. He almost had me. I will leave his comments as I believe they shed insight into how the mind works and how to disarm the subconscious. The fact that both Doug (and I) escaped deep level (semi-permanent) programming speaks to the fragility of owning another person. There was a brief time when I was so enthralled (hypnotized) by Doug, that I would have taken a bullet for him. These mind programming techniques are very powerful, even on someone who understands this shit – like me.

How I finally broke the bonds that held me down 

By Doug Crawford

Lydia used these audio loops on me and her other full-time thralls to gain control. Control of our beliefs, behavior, and memories. It is quite ingenious. I, of course, co-opted these techniques to use on Lydia and Julie to gain control of them. How did I come about to be in control?

The story ‘The Commune life’ is about Lydia and Julie experimenting with hallucinogens. Julie helped disable some of the blocks in my subconscious after Lydia's stroke.

Lydia had a mild stroke from COVID on December 26, 2020. Fortunately, the doctors got to her quickly and she had negligible brain damage.

Neutering Lydia’s hypnotic powers at the time of her stroke was necessary to keep her from exercising bad judgement. Being able to command people to do your bidding when you have all of your faculties intact is, potentially, subject to abuse. Doing so when your judgement might be impaired is a disaster waiting to happen. Lydia agreed that curtailing her use of hypnosis was a good idea until she was better. She voluntarily relinquished her command and sleep triggers. This made it possible for me to re-exert my authority as the natural head of our house. The temporary disabled blocks have now been permanently disabled. Once I hypnotized Julie by using X and vitamin K to numb her brain, it was 'game over' for those two.

Using the 'Operator's Manual to Programming the Human Mind' as a baseline, I made my own set of audio loops that Lydia listens to at night. Initially these helped her overcome the anxiety and sadness associated with her stroke. Obviously, I've extended the range of suggestions to extend my control. I believe Lydia is generally unaware as these suggestions do not begin in earnest until audio loop #5. I also spend the first few minutes of each evening’s audio loops inducing deep relaxation and trance. The loops seem to be working quite well. Julie has a different set of suggestions she listens to, to help her with the anxiety of leaving Texas to join our commune. I also help her with motivation to stay on her diet and exercise regime.  The suggestions that she will become progressively more obedient and submissive to me start in later loops. The audio loops become progressively more intrusive. Initially influencing Julie's mind was quite easy. She already admires me and has a 'schoolgirl' crush on me. That has made it easy to manipulate her. Taking her to the deepest state of obedience may be a little tougher. She seems to be aware that she is losing control. I did succeed in recruiting Julie to hypnotize and suppress Lydia. By May/June (2021) I anticipate Julie's programming will extend to her being completely submissive to me.  When Julie automatically addresses me as master, without conscious awareness, I will know I have achieved a very deep level of control.

It is my belief that given the natural limitations of 'traditional hypnosis', the risk for most people to fall completely under someone else’s control is low. Subjects may be under ‘degrees’ of control, but rarely can you obtain absolute control. In most people, their subconscious will protect them from harm. Profound control also requires a very skilled hypnotist. An amateur could not pull off the kind of control Lydia has enjoyed (in her previous life) regardless of their knowledge. 

As an example of the effectiveness of this brainwashing, one need look no further than what happened to me. I was an extreme alpha male. It was not in my plan to get married and settle down. I was a player and Lydia was a conquest. Several years ago, as I was attempting to seduce Lydia, as described in the story Bow (Beware of Wallflowers), I discovered (woke up to the fact) that she had, in fact, seduced (induced) me. I was an unsuspecting insect caught in her web. Ever since I fell victim to her charm, I have been an obedient thrall, but also intrigued with hypnosis and her ability to control me. Starting as an unwitting subject who was then transitioned to thrall, the power of this shit is undeniable. Lydia eventually freed me from being her thrall and made me an equal. Gradually, with the benefit of Lydia as the world’s greatest practitioner and teacher, I learned and mastered the art of hypnosis myself. I have hypnotized others using rapid and covert inductions, among others. I’m not as adept as pre-stroke Lydia, but I’m very good. Btw, I think Lydia realized she had to give me some rope. My personality is not such that I will amicably agree to be a thrall forever. I think I would have eventually broken free. Her hypnotic brilliance is her ability to ascertain these mental mindsets and adapt to them. By making me her ‘near’ equal, she disarmed my subconscious reluctance to be her perpetual slave.

Despite evidence to the contrary, here are several myths about hypnosis that should be dispelled. For the most part, people are not mindless automatons. Lydia herself sometimes exaggerates the level of control she can achieve with hypnosis alone. Now I agree with her that the subconscious can be changed slowly, over time, with 'simple truths' repeated in audio loops. That is what is euphemistically referred to as brainwashing, not hypnosis. But true, absolute, slave like control? No, I don’t think so. 

*Slave like control is absolutely possible. Just not easy in strong alpha males like Doug.*

Even people in cults sometimes question their leaders (true). Having been subjected to hypnosis (and audio training loops) and to Lydia’s control for several years, I am going to set the facts straight. While these myths have basis in truth, the fact is, only in the deepest states of trance do (some) people become unaware and then only if they are instructed to. I don’t recall a time when I was ever totally unaware. I was, however, compelled to obey Lydia once upon a time. So, I would call that more of a waking trance. Actually, I suppose, if I was made unaware, I would not recall… Soooo, I acknowledge my last statement is a logical fallacy. Strike it. Granted, there were times when I was a little out of it, but only like a mild drug stupor and only when Lydia was really working it. So, control is rarely absolute. If I was to make an educated guess, maybe 1% of people can be controlled so thoroughly that they will obey any command their master gives them. Also, most people are ‘aware’ even when deeply hypnotized. The single biggest ‘truth’ or fact regarding hypnosis is disinhibition. The subconscious mind will allow a person to do things that they normally would not do. But again, most people are perfectly aware of what they are doing. Most such people do not really believe they are hypnotized. They just believe they are being a good sport. And the truth is, if they decide some suggestion is too dangerous or outrageous, they simply snap out of trance and refuse. Your subconscious will keep you from harm - mostly. As opposed to hypnosis, the deeply brainwashed person can be commanded to do things that anyone else’s subconscious would scream out, “hold on there fella!” In people that have been conditioned over a long period of time, in a cult for instance, they can be compelled to do just about anything. They are aware of their actions, but their ‘belief system’ has been altered sufficiently that whatever the action, their subconscious deems it is ‘ok’. Brainwashing is the ultimate form of ‘waking trance.’

Stage hypnotists invoke waking trance in their subjects. They are hypnotized and they are disinhibited, so they can be ‘convinced’ to do some rather embarrassing things. But they believe they are just playing along for the show. They believe hypnosis is their ‘excuse’ for acting out on stage. No, they are, in fact, hypnotized. Besides disinhibition, hypnotized people will often become aroused. It is speculated that the salience network involved in achieving trance results in arousal. A good hypnotist can use this to 'seduce/induce' the subject and/or deepen trance.

A hypnotized person’s own innate personality and beliefs about hypnosis or mind control have a strong influence on how deeply they can be hypnotized. Lydia is an expert at reading people and manipulating certain of these beliefs to improve the depth of trance in her subject. Now that I’m back in charge, I had Lydia review, correct, and extend the manuscript under my direction and not even realize I compelled her to do so. Yes, Lydia is a master hypnotist who is unknowingly following my commands.


Not any more

How deep do I plan to take my control over Lydia and Julie using the audio loop brainwashing files? How about this? Can I program the girls to place my life above their own? That would be the ultimate test. I haven’t yet decided how I might test this, but whatever I decide I will not take any chances with their safety. I love all my girls. This may become worthy of another book someday. A book to complement ‘Confessions of a Hypnodomme’.

Without further ado, here are the key tenets of exerting control over another.

Original manuscript as described by Lydia


The risk of this manual being used nefariously seems minimal. These techniques still require a highly skilled hypnotist to be successful.  It is not an automatic process.

This is an excellent primer in the technical aspects of hypnosis, brainwashing and programming the human brain. In my short stories I implement these techniques and the reader is able to see for themselves how well they work in different situations.

My first short stories, ‘Confessions of a hypnodomme’, are about my life from innocent high school student to college student at Stanford, to seasoned hypnodomme.

Some of the stories are dark. To understand why I do some things, you must understand the context of the situation. People need to be accountable for their actions. I will punish bad behavior when punishment is warranted. Demonstrating absolute domination – absolute authority over my subjects underlies some of my darker, more strident commands. I have had on occasion, the need to discipline a misbehaving thrall. When I took my English prof as a slave, I conducted Skype and in person sessions with him (not me) in the nude. He was often argumentative, and I found it necessary to squash that aspect of his personality. After I compelled him to wear and soil a diaper in front of my girl friends, his tendency to rebel diminished markedly. Humiliation is not something I recommend to budding hypnotists. That should be reserved only for the most skilled hypnotists. I have not had to force any of my female subjects to soil a diaper. They just seem more malleable than some of the alpha males I have programmed in recent years. So, before I recanted my ‘need’ to control other people I had 5 full time thralls and probably 10 people on an erotic story site (EMCSA) who called me master.

That might be why I was banned from EMCSA. Someone complained and my stories were permanently deleted from the site! No chance to appeal.  I often use subtle inductions within my stories that compel people to follow my instructions. Some of my suggestions can be pretty extreme and they are, for the most part, obeyed. I sometimes wonder if I really am a succubus imbued with supernatural powers. Nah, it’s just mind manipulation…

At one time I counted Doug as one of my thralls. I subsequently released him and even taught him some of my hypnosis tricks. The second half of this manual will describe brainwashing techniques. These work in conjunction with hypnosis but are different from hypnosis.

Ideal circumstances and subject characteristics for achieving deep trance.

These are not all prerequisites, but they improve your chance of achieving very deep trance. Brainwashing/mind control is hypnosis on steroids - covered in chapter 2.

You should strive for your subject(s) to believe

… that you will, indeed, hypnotize them

… that they will gain or benefit in some way from being hypnotized

… that your will is powerful and stronger than theirs.

The hypnotist must project confidence in him/herself – almost to the point of arrogance. Confidence cannot be overemphasized and is a core tenet in the Mandel Triangle. Repetition is what makes suggestions stick in your subjects, so I shall repeat. Confidence in yourself is critical! You must project that confidence and authority to your audience.

Besides confidence there is congruence of message and conviction. World class hypnotist Mike Mandel, who originated this concept, also describes a fourth characteristic - ‘calibration’. I might have selected slightly different words to describe these characteristics if I had invented the triangle, but I didn’t invent it. So, I will just try to clarify the meaning of the words. Congruence is simply consistency in the delivery of your message. The cadence of your voice, your tone, your mannerisms. If you have a mousey voice, good luck.

Conviction is best thought of as your ability to project your authority. You are in charge. Your subject must understand this. If they ‘distrust’ you or the process of hypnosis, then you need to spot this (so called calibration) and challenge the subject immediately and with authority. The challenge will either get the subject to submit to your authority or refuse. It is better to know what their true intentions are up front so that you can ‘authoritatively’ dismiss them. Calibration is best thought of as empathy. If you can read your subject, read their body language, perhaps the furrow in their brow, then you can better anticipate what their resistance points are. If you have challenged your subject and they have acquiesced, I like to follow this immediately with a compliment. “Thank you for being honest with me. I want you to have an awesome experience with hypnosis and I know you can now have that experience by recognizing any concerns or resistance you might have had.”

Of course, your dialogue might be slightly different depending on the subject’s response. Even though you are projecting confidence and authority, it is important that your subject feels they are important to you– that they matter. A really good (ethical) hypnotist cares for the wellbeing of his/her subjects. Your subjects can usually intuit your true intentions. Maybe not if you are a sociopath. Let them know that you appreciate them for taking part in the hypnosis demonstration.

Other important characteristics for establishing a successful trance


Trust in the hypnotist – subject should believe you have a good heart/pure motives.  If your stage name is Dr. Hypno Evil, then good luck with that. I always start by telling my subjects that hypnosis can help them achieve some goal such as more self confidence, healthier eating or maintaining an exercise program. Identify what goals they wish they could achieve but have been unable to before you begin your induction. If they fully ‘trust’ (believe) you have only have their best interests at heart, then you have scaled a big hurdle on the way to taking control.

Belief they will gain or benefit in some way from being hypnotized

I have used an ulterior motive in alpha males before. Doug wanted to get in my pants, so I had him first agree to a relaxation exercise with me (ostensibly so I could ‘trust’ him). In my story titled, Distraction Induction, a distraught alpha father wanted to connect with his daughter. That was his ‘subconscious’ motivation for letting me ‘help’ him. In ‘Distraction Induction, I used that motivation to disarm his defenses/skepticism. I was able to help him gain insight and skills to better express his love to his daughter. That, by the way, is loosely based on a real person in my life.

What about the person who has said they don’t believe in hypnosis or do not want to be hypnotized? Well, this is a little trickier and timing is critical. You can’t launch into an induction while their conscious mind is mulling this over. Here I will distract them by talking about something else for a while. Perhaps help them relax a bit with a glass of wine. Then, if I think they are receptive, I will launch into a line of discussion about something I have discovered that is “amazing”. For instance, “I was amazed by a demonstration my professor gave us this week on cognition and learning. We learned a technique that helps you reorganize your brain and improve your memory and, oh my God, it really works! My memory is amazing now. I think I can learn and recall anything!”

Your subject will, of course, want to know the secret. This is where you lead in with a deep relaxation exercise. You reinforce how important it is for your subject to use their imagination and to concentrate and if you are a half ass hypnotist, you will succeed in hypnotizing them. That does not mean they will do anything you want. You have to understand the nuances of manipulating a person’s subconscious. You have to understand how to deepen the trance. Using sexual arousal, assuming your subject is not too prudish, can go a long way. I find this to be especially true in men I hypnotize. In my experience, male hypnotists seem to have an easier time with female subjects and female hypnotists seem to have an easier go with male subjects. That is part of the sexual attraction/arousal theory. If your subject is gay, same gender hypnotist/subject. Btw, the hypnotist does not have to be thin and attractive. If you have projected your command and authority AND you have induced arousal by having them use their imagination, then you can suggest they want to feel your touch… “Imagine your perfect lover is touching you… rubbing you. You are so aroused. I am going to take your hand so that you can show them how much you appreciate their touch….”  Get the idea? I know of unattractive men and women hypnotists who get their fill of sex by expertly administering these techniques.

Confusion and Misdirection

Don’t give your subject time to ‘analyze’. Confusion is an advanced technique that can help disarm the skeptic.

Highly intelligent subjects can be a blessing or a curse. You want to discourage your subject from ‘thinking’ about what you are saying. You want them to use their superior concentration and imagination to visualize your suggestions. Compliment their intelligence and creativity. Compliments go a long way towards disarming the skeptic. Often you can accomplish this by augmenting certain phrases with the use of confusing statements. Each sentence should follow the other with nary a pause. Do not give your subject time to ‘think’. I have used this script with the analytical types and the skeptics before with good success. Say this fluidly, without pausing.

“Don’t think. Thinking is not thought. Thought is not contemplation. Rather, feel. Feel the happiness you feel listening closely to my instructions. Imagine how good you feel as you slowly surrender to my words, surrender to my soothing voice. Relaxation is the goal. My words a black hole. Sucking you in. Mindless relaxation. No thought, no worries, nothing matters but my voice. No choice, but my voice. Begin to give in. Euphoria consumes you as you surrender to my words. You hesitate, you resist, but only for the briefest moment before we are one, you and I. My mind in your mind, your mind in my mind. Entwined. Surrender. Do not resist any longer. Allow yourself to surrender to my sweet words and the euphoria you want to feel. Just let it happen. You trust me. I care for you. You are safe. You are loved. I only want the best for you. It feels so good, so very, very good to let go and let me take charge. You know that is what you want and you are going to let that happen. On the count of three you will surrender completely to my will. No thoughts, no cares. Knowing that I care for you and I will take care of you. Surrender. One, two, three, deep asleep. Good boy (or girl). I am so proud of you. You have done so well. I want only the best for you. Now I want you to go even deeper for me. Deeper than you have ever been. Deeper than you imagined was even possible. Surrender completely to my words and instructions and you will experience joy and pleasure that you didn’t know was possible.”

The corollary to this is the person (usually a sub), who so wants to be hypnotized that they can’t relax and focus. They are analyzing everything. “When will that moment occur when I am no longer consciously aware? When I won’t remember.”  These eager beavers need a little help to disconnect their frontal cortices. That comes in the way of a dissociative anesthetic like ketamine. I like to mix a little ecstasy with this (so called ‘kitty flip’). Sometimes a hallucinogen like psilocybin or even low dose LSD needs to be added to the mix. If you are going to play with these combinations you need someone who is highly knowledgeable with the pharmacology/pharmacokinetics and informed consent is mandatory. Don’t do this unless you know your shit. Fortunately…, I know my shit.

The last part is deepening of the trance. I may have my subject orgasm as their reward. At a minimum I will have them experience euphoria. These feelings will reinforce their desire to drop deeply for me in the future. Embedding a future sleep trigger, after bringing your subject euphoria or an orgasm, becomes a mute point.

Imagination – Emphasize that the subject must use their powers of imagination to feel the relaxation you are describing. To ‘see’ in their mind’s eye, their arm floating up, or the weight of gravity increasing exponentially, or their descent on an escalator. Creating story 'loops' to keep the subject's imagination engaged prevents their conscious mind from having time to try and analyze what you are saying. Use a vivid, 'fluid' complex story to engage their imagination - to maximize their focus. By fluid, I mean don't intersperse  pauses and 'uhs' as you try to piece a cogent story together. You are spellbinding them with your story! Once they are concentrating on what you are saying, they are already well on their way into trance. Whatever deepening measures you employ, seek to compliment them on their wonderful imagination and how they can use it to help them reach a deep state of relaxation.

Covert Inductions - By the way, when I do a covert induction, I avoid any mention of the word hypnosis or trance. I focus on deep relaxation as a means to an end. Focus their attention by engaging their imagination. The motivation to listen to you and relax may be so they can achieve super memory or confidence. If a person is suspicious or anxious about hypnosis, you can circumvent this fear by using a covert induction.

Distractions can impair intense focus/concentration. Focus is the critical first step in inducing trance. You should ask your subject to intensely focus on your words. Interview your subject before you start if possible. If they are afraid of heights, floating high above the earth on a cloud is probably not an optimal relaxation/imagination technique. If I use a ‘salt water pool’ relaxation induction, I always find out first if the person has any anxiety with water. If you determine the person has no anxiety over water, you might say something like, “Listen very carefully to my words. Imagine yourself floating in a dark, giant relaxation tank of warm salt water. The water is buoyant and feels so good on your skin. You take a deep breath and a cool, relaxing mist of fresh air fills your lungs. It has a faint fragrance of orange and you love it. It seems to be drugging you, making you sleepy. You are completely calm and at peace. Completely content. Now describe exactly what you see and feel floating in this tank and what I just described. Is there a faint outline of the tank in the dim light? Any muffled sounds or do you only hear your own breathing?" A good subject may already have slurred speech. If they forget any detail, then you have two choices. You can gently admonish them, “You must listen more closely to each and every word I say” OR you can challenge them, “If you are not going to pay very close attention to me, then we are both wasting our time. Are you ready to concentrate on each and every word I say or are we done?” Which approach you choose; gentle admonishment or direct challenge depends on your understanding of their current mental state. This is Mandel’s calibration or what I prefer to call empathy.

Submissive by nature. ‘Beta’ males and females are easier to manipulate than alphas. I have used psychoactive substances before to help breach the defenses of alpha males. That and sexual arousal usually do the trick.

Spiritual. Belief in the mystical or supernatural. I am distinguishing between ‘submit’ and submissive. If I read my subject properly, if I’m empathetic and I ‘calibrate’ accordingly, I can usually coerce my subject into ‘submitting’ to my suggestions – even if they are not submissive.

Non-religious (unless you are using the ‘prophet’ angle to gain obedience). Religion is an extremely powerful adjunct in gaining control over people if they believe you are ‘the anointed one’. But, it is not for everyone. Your flock has to believe in God and they have to believe you have some special connection. Frankly, unless you can recite bible verses fluently this is not an ideal approach. You will be spotted as a phony soon enough. I think many spiritual leaders in cults actually become ‘hypnotized’ by their own bullshit and come to believe they are ‘the chosen one’. Religious cults are the scariest. Members can be indoctrinated to believe in crazy ideas and take equally crazy, violent actions.

Sexual arousal – Ok, I love to use sexual arousal in my trances. Both in the inducement phase and in amplification/deepening. Of course, I’m an erotic hypnotist. A hypnodomme. So that goes without saying. Several of my stories describe how I use sexual arousal to gain control over someone.

Group setting – the more the merrier… up to about 20. You want to identify the easy targets. Drop these people with some dramatic flair and the skeptics will crumple in your arms. Personally, I prefer a group setting of 5 to 10 people. I identify certain individuals who then become ‘influencers’. Start by recounting how we all enter trance when we are driving and lose track of time or when we are watching a movie and become so engrossed in the movie we lose track of those around us… Ask, who among us does not shed a tear when watching a movie and a beloved character dies? This should give you a basis for who in the group will make good subjects.  Or, if you’re in a hurry, simply ask, “Who thinks they are suggestible… who can be easily hypnotized?” The largest group I ever hypnotized was about 30 people. That is described in my story about a pool party where I performed a Group Drop.  There were many skeptics in the crowd. When it was all said and done I had hypnotized 23 of the 30, 8 of whom were pretty deep.

Ideally, try to know your subject. What are their secret wants and desires? Do they have any hang-ups that might thwart your attempt at gaining control. Do they have some secret desire that would help you in your quest. Depending on the secret, you may or may not be able to pry it out of them. When working with one, two or three subjects, I like to start by asking them directly. Are there any things you hope to accomplish with hypnosis? Perhaps a strong desire to lose weight or stop some bad habit? Conversely, do you have any fears? Like fear of losing control or embarrassing yourself? You must address and reassure each point that is brought to your attention.

Negatives to being hypnotized are the opposite of the above noted traits. Can a deeply religious person be hypnotized? Yes, but it requires finesse. Likewise, alphas are harder. If a person wants to engage in a contest of wills – my will is stronger than your will bullshit, it is a waste of my time to even try to hypnotize them. You can sometimes turn the table on these folks with a sudden display of aggression. “Don’t waste my time or yours. This is NOT a contest of wills. You either will follow my instructions or forget it. Do I make myself clear?” This is said forcefully, confidently. Insist that they give you an answer. “Are you going to follow my instructions?” They either cave and agree not to fight you or they remain defiant. These folks require quite a bit of finesse regardless of whether or not they agree to submit to you. Generally, you are better off leaving these folks to a master hypnotist. Even I, on occasion, come across someone who seems ready to be hypnotized but who subconsciously refuses. I can usually ferret out these inhibitions or reservations, but not always.

I can hypnotize almost anyone of reasonable intelligence who is not throwing up defenses. For me, the fun is hypnotizing people who might think they can resist me. I don’t always succeed, but more often than not I do. So, how do I circumvent these various defenses? My stories do a pretty good job of describing just how I handle such situations. I will review some of these methods here.

Belief that the hypnotist will hypnotize them

In a group setting, I do not try to hypnotize the skeptics. I ignore them while I drop the more suggestible. I like to have a host or hostess (confederate) interrupt everyone and announce there is a master hypnotist attending the event and then look over at me. I feign surprise and then mutter something like, “Yes, this is true. I suppose everyone wants a demonstration. I can hypnotize you, but why bother if you won’t remember anyway.”

How do you know who the skeptics are? Well, you can ask the crowd, “Who here believes hypnosis is fake? Who believes it is real?” Segregate the believers from the nonbelievers. “Let’s find out.” The more dramatic the induction – like crumpling to the ground, the greater the impact on the skeptic’s confidence. By the time I turn my attention to the skeptic(s) they are already in a light waking trance and ready to succumb. Being able to read a person and manipulate their subconscious is a pre-requisite to becoming a master level hypnotist. As previously mentioned, confidence in yourself as a hypnotist and the ability to project that confidence is a critical requirement of being a successful hypnotist. Your confidence is also tantamount to establishing your authority.


I have been asked about scripts for deepening. Once your subject is in trance, you are ready to begin deepening them. If you have used story loops to engage their focus and imagination and they appear to be deeply relaxed (their jaw is slack), then you can gently suggest that they are ready to go to sleep for you. "You are so perfectly relaxed. You feel so wonderful and you have done so well relaxing for me," Now close you eyes and sleep for me - or if their eyes are already closed- "Your eyes are closed. You are deeply asleep. Deep in hypnosis. You feel so wonderful. It feels so good to go deep for me. 

Once you think you have taken them fairly deep, you can ask them. "On a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the deepest state of hypnosis possible, what number would you say you are? Answer me truthfully." Someone might answer "a six." I then engage them in what I call a ‘count up’. It is a great technique to take someone to the very deepest state of trance.

Then you follow with, "You want to go even deeper for me. Ten times deeper. It feels so good to surrender and go deeper for me. You trust me completely because you know I only want the best for you. One hundred times deeper. When you reach 7, you will simply say loud enough for me to hear, 'seven'."

"Now that you are at a level of 7, you can imagine how wonderful you will feel going even deeper. As you surrender to my control, you are filled with euphoria. It feels so good. You are even feeling a little bit aroused. I want you to go deeper, to the next level deeper. To an 8. As you drop deeper, you know you are safe. I will protect you. I will keep you safe. You can totally let go for me. No resistance. And as you do so, you feel so, so good. When you reach the level of 8, you will simply say 'eight'. Doesn't it feel so good to drop even deeper for me? I know it does. You are such a good boy/girl."

I like to tell their subconscious what it means when they reach a level 10 of trance. "When you reach the deepest state of trance, a wonderful feeling of euphoria will come over you. It will almost feel like a drug. The best drug you have ever taken. And you will be so grateful to me for taking you so deep. Total surrender. I only want the best for you. You trust me. You obey me. Once you completely surrender to my will, I will be so proud of you. I am so pleased that you are following my instructions. It excites you when you surrender to my will. You are becoming aroused and it feels so good."

Continue to talk lovingly to their subconscious. Complement them. They will eventually say 'ten'"

At that point you instruct them what that means.

"I am so proud of you. You have done so well. You have followed my instructions perfectly and now you feel wonderful. Total bliss and harmony. You love this feeling of surrender. Completely surrendered to my control. You will do anything for me. Anything I ask. Obeying me is so exciting. What will you do for me?"

Response will be "anything", although I have had the rare people say, "I wouldn't kill for you."

And I have followed with, "you would even kill for me, but I would never ask you to do such a thing. I only want the best for you. Understand - you are mine. You have completely surrendered to my will and now you wish only to please me. I own you. You are my loyal pet. You love that I own you. You realize your sole purpose in life is to serve me now. Your only purpose. I will take such good care of you. I will love you as you love me. When you please me, you will feel such happiness. If you ever feel nervous about my level of control you must simply say “slow down” and I will slow down.  It is your safe word. And you are safe with me. I will protect you.

The last few 'ownership' statements obviously require the deepest state of trance. I look at the subject's brow for any evidence of furrowing that might indicate subconscious resistance. If you see them furrow their brow, ever so lightly, then they are not as deep as they need to be. They probably have trust issues that you will need to address before you can take them to the highest levels of obedience. You can use this script to take someone deeper than they thought was possible. Once they say they have reached a ten level of trance, their conscious mind is offline and they are ready to be programmed. If it is your desire to have sex with them, no problem. You just increase their arousal until they are near orgasm. Then suggest they will continue to be this aroused until they have satisfaction. Then you gently wake them up and suggest they may continue with you (or your designee). Be careful with this. They must have signed a consent BEFORE they are hypnotized consenting to sex. Otherwise you are at risk of being charged with sexual assault. There is no shortage of hypnotists who have used hypnosis for nefarious means and have subsequently gotten in a lot of trouble. See Hypnosis and the law.  Discuss the goal of the hypnosis session before hand. Explain that there will be sexual arousal and the subject may wish to engage in sexual relations. You should add, “it is always 100% your choice whether or not you engage in sexual playtime.” If you do a good job with the trance, you will control their subconscious… so, not really their choice…


I do not condone giving subjects sedative-hypnotics. That is illegal. If, however, the subject decides of their own accord to partake in a little kitty or candy flip, that is their choice.

I will start with a disclaimer. Do NOT give a subject a drug without obtaining written consent. If they are hypnotized ‘against their will’, they will believe it was nonconsensual if you ‘drug’ ambushed them. You are opening yourself up to potential civil and criminal penalties. Tell them the drugs are recreational, to help them relax, whatever. Then they must decide that they want to take the drug(s). You cannot slip them a drug without their knowledge. DO NOT DO THAT.

The primary drug to be used is Molly (ecstasy). Some people supplement this with low dose THC, ketamine or even low dose LSD or psilocybin. I recommend against this unless you are very knowledgeable about the pharmacology of these drug combinations. Scopolamine has also been used in the past but has a narrow therapeutic window and is extremely dangerous. Narrow therapeutic window means the effective dose and the toxic/lethal dose are not that far apart! How does ecstasy help with trance? It creates a very receptive, happy state. Trust is established. You only need to concentrate on the induction.

Drugs are useful in certain ‘personalities’ that are naturally resistant to entering trance. Someone with ADHD. The eager beaver who so desperately wants to be hypnotized, they can’t help but analyze every waking second. Hypnosis requires intense focus. Intense focus shuts down the frontal cortex. If a person has previously been ‘amped’ on X, then a gummie can help them relax before starting the session. Understand something. Serotonin levels in the brain are depleted after taking ecstasy. This is important as low serotonin levels are associated with depression. You do not want to go down this route if there is any history of depression or bipolar disorder.

Core tenets that I want you to drill into your subconscious…

Trust is critically important. Both before starting a session and in my audio loops. I generally like to ask someone if I have their permission to hypnotize them. I am building trust.

“There is nothing I say that can make you do anything you don’t want to do. This should be a positive experience for both of us. I only want what’s best for you.”

Now, if they do something they would not normally do… well, that is what hypnosis is all about. Disinhibition. Maybe I suggested they would want to do this, but it was their decision. Wink, wink.

Trust is a core mantra in the first week of my audio loops. I must establish trust before I can begin to mold people a certain way. “You trust me… to help you be the best you.” In a group setting I will sometimes use a confederate to reassure the timid in a crowd that I have been able to use hypnotic suggestion to help so many people to achieve greater confidence or motivation or whatever. By the way, I learned a while back when I’m programming someone who believes in God, avoid at all cost any suggestion that you own them… that their ‘soul’ belongs to you. That is a red flag to their subconscious to get the hell out of dodge – you could only want their soul if you are a demon. Don’t go there. It will end badly for you.

Ability to intensely concentrate and follow directions

Well, this can’t be emphasized enough. If a person has ADHD, good luck hypnotizing them. Your subject must understand the importance of them concentrating on your words. You must emphasize this. After I have drilled this point home, I will test them and ask them to repeat something I just said to them. If they mess up, then I scold them. “You are not taking this seriously. I’m not continuing unless you pay extremely close attention! Do I make myself clear? Do you understand?” I will often follow this by requiring them to obey me. “Do you agree to concentrate as hard as you possibly can on each and every word I say? Answer ‘I agree’ if you wish for me to proceed.”

I’ve never had anyone say, “fuck no I don’t agree.” If they ever do, I guess the session is over…

Now, with this admonishment, I have also established authority. You are the authority, and they need to acknowledge this. One time that I used the ‘concentration ‘scolding’ was with a friend at a bar in Palo Alto. I describe how I hypnotized a local by scolding him about his lack of concentration. I incorporated this encounter in chapter 1 of Sex Trafficked. Although Sex Trafficked is a work of fiction, this incident really happened. The beauty of it, the victim did not even realize how I did it or that I was even responsible for his mishap. It was pretty hilarious what happened.

Know your subject’s beliefs and desires when possible

Is your subject highly sexual? Are they spiritual? Are they religious or a prude? The more you know about your subject, the easier it will be to circumvent any subconscious resistance you might encounter. Or, the opposite of resistance, any ‘inducers’ you might be able to take advantage of. If a person has a hypnofetish, hypnotizing them becomes trivial. I myself can be hypnotized much too easily and it has created problems for me in the past.

Sexual arousal

Do I really need to explain this? A female hypnotist can dominate a male by using sexual arousal in the induction. Something like, “Wouldn’t it be nice if you could achieve sexual release just by using your imagination? As you drop deeper I want you to imagine your perfect lover. Think back to one of the first times you had sex. Think about how wonderful it was. Remember the sensations. You do not need to share this with me, it is your own experience, but I want to flood your mind with the visualizations, with the memories. With the touch and sensations..”

If I’m talking to a man I might talk about how great she feels sliding up and down on you or conversely with a woman, how good it feels, him sliding in and out of you. I use present tense. After all, you want them to relive the memory. Once you observe sexual arousal, taking them to orgasm is not especially difficult. You do need to make sure you address any subconscious reservations they might have. Suggestions like, “You are safe to express your affection and arousal. You are so sexy. You love the idea that others are becoming sexually excited as you.” If I plan to induce an orgasm, I tell my subject, whether male or female, “So that I can anchor your focus, I am going to place my hand on your upper leg” If they hesitate, add, “I will only be resting my hand on your thigh, on the top of your leg, to help you focus on your body. If I have already planted the seeds of arousal, I never get turned down. As I deepen the trance and amplify the arousal, I will often gently massage their upper leg. That gets the men to tent their pants without fail and makes most women wet. If they become self-conscious, you probably went too far or took it too fast. Some hypnotists ask the subject if it is ok if they place their hand on their upper leg. That is perfectly fine, although you may be spinning up their frontal cortex ‘to think’ about your question, which can decrease the depth of trance.  Knowing how best to motivate (manipulate) your subjects takes empathy. You need to recognize how your subject feels and be prepared to pivot to address their concerns or reservations. This comes with experience. You will have failures. It’s the nature of the beast. Deal with it, learn from it and move on. And do NOT allow your failures to affect your confidence. You are after all, a great or soon to be great, world class hypnotist.

If a person is hesitant to follow a suggestion, their subconscious is intervening on their behalf. I have literally brought people out of trance before to talk to them about what is bothering them and then offer them reasons this is ok and will not (or is not to) bother them. Talk it out and get their verbal consent when they are resisting and then you are good to go. Someone who has just been hypnotized is, for want of a better word, ‘primed’ to go back into trance. You can drop them back into trance with a simple sleep command, or rapid induction. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. If then, despite your best efforts, the person is still not interested in continuing, then you suck as a hypnotist. I’m kidding. You just took it too far, too fast.

Compliment to reinforce positive responses.

After I have taken a person into trance, I will look for opportunities to complement them. If they respond well to a suggestion, then I reward their subconscious. Remember, the subconscious is like the inner child. Treat it gently and fondly. Reward the id with flattery, “You are such a good subject,” and “I am so proud of you.”  “Good boy/good girl” (once a person has entered trance and you are communicating with their subconscious) is always good to both compliment and establish your authority. 

Many of the techniques outlined here are demonstrated in my stories. I use these techniques to gain control over my subjects. Are the stories real? There is some truth to some of my stories. At the end of my stories I describe what was real and what was… exaggerated.

Resistant subjects can often be tricked into succumbing to hypnosis by using covert inductions/visualization suggestions like deep relaxation breathing exercises and something like a balloon levitation/visualization  induction. If the subject agrees to take a low dose of X and/or K of their own accord, then they are virtually helpless to resist the suggestions of a good hypnotist. Here, practicing your induction until you have it down pat, confidence in yourself and establishing authority over your subject will all go towards a successful induction. Placement of a ‘sleep trigger’ is the obvious next step once you have a deeply hypnotized subject. All this really does is save time. Repeatedly dropping them with a sleep trigger, followed by your instructions, will allow you to accomplish much of what the repetitive audio loops can do. I like the audio loops because you record the session ahead of time. You can make sure you do not miscue any instruction. Also 45 minutes of programming, while they are in twilight sleep, goes a very long way. Programming is so called ‘brainwashing’.

Part 2 - Programming the Human Mind

Now for the brainwashing or ‘programming’ side to achieve more permanent changes in the subject’s personality and behavior.

First take-home point. Once you have induced trance (even light trance), repetition is the key to cementing a thought, an idea or belief. Repetition is the key to cementing a thought, an idea or belief. The more you hear it, see it, the more your training becomes integrated into the person’s subconscious (internal belief system). Repetition is an element in ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response). Repetition in hypnosis is less relevant than it’s importance in brain washing. In 3 channel audio programming, repetition is key! That is where it will help you slowly transition another person to your way of thinking. Repetition is used in the last 10-15 minutes of an audio loop to cement the new 'truth'. Three channel audio at the beginning of an audio loop is to help obtain your subject’s complete attention and focus  Initiation of trance requires intense focus.  I cannot overemphasize the importance of focus and concentration. The links are to scholarly articles substantiating what I say. You cannot hypnotize someone if they are unable to focus their attention. Keener minds, higher intelligence allows one to laser focus. If you have trust and focus you are 90% there.

If not for being a master hypnotist, I would be the world’s greatest hypnotic subject. Why? I have a very high I.Q. I am highly creative with a great imagination and I can laser focus on something to the exclusion of all other sensory input. Add that I’m also a very trusting person. I really am. Not sure why, but I tend to see only the best in people. Now, if a confident alpha male ‘takes charge’, I become submissive... aroused. Putty in his hands. I can’t help myself. It is in these situations where I have personally been deeply hypnotized and had absolutely no recollection of what transpired. Such deep levels of trance have been linked to ‘dissociative disorders’ like DID. I believe that rather than a mental disorder, ability to enter deep trance is just a continuum (outlier) on the spectrum of trance. I am the 1% of people that enter an esdaile or somnambulistic level of trance. I’ve learned to erect defenses. They serve me well… usually.

I have used repetition in the programming of a thrall to convince them them that I am their master. All I do is repeat, in the last 5 minutes of their audio loop, “You are mine.” They hear this on three separate audio loops every evening, hundreds of times. They fall asleep to this. Gradually they come to believe that I am their master (their owner).

I will describe how to start out with your audio loops to build trust, light trance and then take your subject progressively deeper down the rabbit hole.

1) Build trust in the first two to three loops with relaxation/self-help suggestions

2) Invoke light trance before initiating deep programming (3 channel audio requires the subject’s intense focus)

3) Repetition. Repeat simple 'truths', fifty or more times over the course of 45 minutes

4) Embed a compulsion to listen to your voice every night

5) Embed ‘honesty’ as a 'truth' - the desire for the subject to always share everything with you and never hold anything back

6) Make only very gradual changes. Change the subconscious perception of 'reality' slowwwly. (new beliefs, behaviors, or memories)

7) Interview your subject before introducing the next loop to find out which new 'changes' need to be reinforced or if you need to alter or eliminate a suggestion that is creating cognitive dissonance. Use gaslighting judiciously to confuse your subject, redirect their focus if they seem incredulous.

8) Project authority and temerity in your voice and persona. Youth and sexual vigor help here. If you are effete or timid your subject will not surrender their will to yours.

After you have established trust, the first compulsion that needs to be installed in a training loop is the craving to hear your voice. This statement, along with trusting me, is repeated perhaps 50 times over the left, right and center audio channel of my audio loops. These audio loops are the key to changing long term beliefs, behaviors and implanting (or suppressing) memories. Do you have to use audio loops or can you just have daily hypnosis sessions? I prefer the audio loops because they induce a false sense that the listener is in control, plus I can mix audio tracks on three channels and incorporate binaural beats. Three channel audio forces the listener to focus. It takes intense concentration to hear what is being said on all three channels. You want your subject to desire to hear your voice. The first few audio loops focus on self-improvement (to build trust). Then you add a positive reinforcement that “it feels so good to listen to my voice”. Finally, if the subject is ready, you can add pleasure (even sexual arousal) that the person feels when they obey and please you. If you use sexual arousal, make sure that you command the person to masturbate or have sex with a partner after awakening from trance.  Their orgasm will cement in their mind that being under your control is exciting and brings them release. I know some hypnosis practitioners have actually created entire audio loop sessions to achieving command orgasms in their subject. I have not done this, but it certainly is one way to associate pleasure with your voice and authority. When I do this, it is in person, not on an audio loop.

As part of this storyline, I will describe the technical aspects of brainwashing. Brainwashing is hypnosis on steroids. Cult members who die for their leaders are obviously deeply brainwashed and unequivocally controlled. What happens to the brain when someone is hypnotized versus brainwashed? They are very different, and I will describe this in detail towards the end.

Brainwashing overview and techniques


I like to use sexual excitement to manipulate a person, although faith or other conditions can act as behavior amplifiers. As the programming advances, the person progressively loses their identity until you replace it with something more to your liking. And this is a gradual transition. You can’t rush these things. I slowly and methodically change a person’s personality. If they have certain undesirable traits, I remove them. I don’t touch certain behaviors. If a person has mental illness or is stupid as a board, I’m not going to waste my time on them. Since my degree is in psychiatry, identifying such traits is relatively easy. Before you judge me as unethical for doing these things, consider this. My subjects may have had issues with anger or drugs. Depression is harder to fix. I haven’t been able to do that in myself after all. After a few weeks of daily hypnosis and nightly audio loops, my thralls are happy, productive members of society. If they choose to continue to serve me, it’s because they want to. My subjects are allowed to leave whenever they wish. No one has ever left.... not even my English professor who, after being humiliated and sissified, wants to remain my thrall.

As a person progresses through the audio loops, you will need to interview them to see what they like or what they may find distressing. After all, you are asking them to change long held beliefs. I usually conduct my interview with my subject hypnotized but that is not necessary if you have very good rapport with your subject.

To achieve more permanent behavior changes in your subject use a combination of traditional hypnosis with programming in the form of repetitive audio loops played at night in headphones. To repeat a well-worn adage, it has been said that all hypnosis is really self-hypnosis. Whoever said that was an idiot. What is really happening is, I have manipulated the person’s memories, feelings and thoughts with suggestions. They may think that what they want to do is their own idea, but I have inserted that idea somewhere along the way. A good example of this is the following. I repeat to the hypnotized subject in a repetitive audio loop the mantra, “You trust me... to help you sleep.” Or “You trust me... to do what’s best for you.” There is a very definite pause after “You trust me” followed by a harmless statement that is obviously to the benefit for the hypnotized subject. If I just said, “You trust me” and stopped at that, some subjects would be in conflict with that statement and even come out of trance. This might be said a hundred times in an audio loop. Later, sometimes much later, the subconscious has accepted “you trust me” and I no longer have to qualify the statement. It has become, to the subconscious, a fact - a fixed truth. My first audio loops also reinforce the need for the subject to hear your voice every day. I build control from these baby steps. As you can imagine, it can be very time consuming to own another person. By the way, none of what I am saying is especially difficult to understand or believe. The Branch Davidians were hypnotized and brainwashed by David Koresh. He used repetition, sleep deprivation and the conditioned belief in God and the bible to reinforce his control. People burned alive for him. That is how powerful (and evil) this can be. Please, don’t use hypnosis for evil.

With my Doug, I had to use every trick to capture him and maintain control. Even today I have to reinforce certain behaviors. Doug is conditioned to put the headphones on periodically. He craves to hear my voice. He can only go for 3 or 4 days before he has to (wants to) listen again.

Now, just to be clear, my subjects have already succumbed to hypnosis. They have received instructions to listen to my voice in these nightly sessions. They find it sexually exhilarating. That may be their own innate sexual proclivity, or, along the way, I may have suggested the arousal. Either way, sexual desire is a strong motivator. Over many weeks and months, as a person hears these ‘new’ truths repeated on a daily basis, they become incorporated into the subconscious. If someone knows what you are doing they can resist – to a point. Give me 6 months, add trance to the mix and sedative hypnotic drugs if needed and I can take the most stubborn, recalcitrant alpha male or female and turn them into a compliant drone. Doug might be the one exception. I think I did well just to make him fall in love with me. Pinning him down to one woman was a herculean task.

I have included examples of the text I use in my first audio loop. The statements are simple and repeat on 3 separate audio channel loops. The subconscious mind slowly incorporates these statements as fact. For this to succeed you must be slow and deliberate. Your statements cannot conflict too greatly with their subconscious perception of fixed truths. Simple repetition is the key to introducing a new “belief”. After several evening sessions I interview them under hypnosis to judge their level of acceptance of new ideas and then begin the next series of audio loops if they’re ready. My subjects are compelled to be truthful while hypnotized.

Audio loop #1. I complement my audio loops with binaural beats to help induce trance. One of my early favorites in binaural beats to transition people from alpha to theta ishttps://youtu.be/HePF0xlKzNE. The only downside is it is a little too rapid. You only want the delta pattern after you are finished with suggestions and you want them to slip into natural sleep. I play this on all three audio channels. I tend to mix these other loops now, but I do a better job at attenuating volume during the transitions. You must take care not to have any abrupt transitions. The best way to do that is maintain a low volume during transitions, slowly increasing the volume until it is slightly lower than your spoken words.

Nowadays I start with a gamma wave frequency binaural tone playing in the background. I use this audio file ( https://youtu.be/Mnt4VO9uH1E ). It is designed to promote concentration and can be played at a higher volume than the others. This tone gradually dims in intensity and is replaced with alpha (https://youtu.be/WPni755-Krg) at about 5 minutes.  I use the left and right channel for binaural tones, but they are dim enough that I can easily be heard speaking on the center channel. This is a pleasant tone I like to use for relaxation, although there are many different mixes. Just google the proper tone. Start with gamma. Then Alpha, then Theta. Theta after deep trance is achieved. Use Theta at low volume (https://youtu.be/BWYyGMuZSgc). Another Theta mix I like is https://youtu.be/jHC1VW_0CpI. I tend to reserve this one for the last 10-15 minutes of the audio loop. It is more ‘musical’ than the pure theta tone.

You can experiment with the volume, but I like to keep these low enough that they do not interfere with hearing and understanding my spoken words. A high level of concentration is critical to the process of inducing trance. My goal is to achieve light trance within the first 2-3 minutes. I use three audio channels with my words in one channel slightly delayed and often similar, but slightly different text. For example, I might be saying in the left channel, “You crave hearing my voice”. In the right channel, “You love hearing my voice” and in the center channel, “My voice excites you”.

Three channel audio is really diabolically clever. I’m going into some highly technical detail here, so don’t go to sleep on me...

The subject must focus intently in order to understand what is being said in each channel and in so doing, communication to the frontal cortex in the brain actually slows. Specifically, the salience network neurons affect the firing of neurons in the default mode network. There is a visibly slowing of blood flow and glucose uptake in the conscious regions of the brain (on f-MRI). The ability to intensely focus, to intensely concentrate on something, along with the ability to deeply imagine an image, memory or feeling and last, the ability to trust that you are safe and you desire this situation, is the key to being hypnotized. Covert hypnosis does not require the 3rd part—trust, as the person is unaware that they are being hypnotized. When they do figure it out, it is often too late.

People start out in the beta range of brain frequency. That is the frequency when a person is engaged in ‘conscious’ activities and conversation. I want to turn off the thinking, analytical mind, so I augment the induction with a gamma wave binaural beat. As brain waves switch to gamma, the person has entered a deep state of focus. They will become unaware of external noises and interruptions unless their subconscious interprets an interruption to be a possible danger. The conscious analytical mind is being denied feedback and as this happens, it slows, then shuts down. A switch in the subject’s brain to gamma is the initial, early stages of trance. Our subconscious actually controls the pathways to consciousness. If the subconscious areas of the brain decide you are asleep or that you smell chocolate, then that is what you do. This is a fact. An excerpt from the Stanford study and I am paraphrasing, “the subconscious includes the “dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, the medial prefrontal, and the posterior cingulate cortex. The decrease in functional connectivity between these ‘subconscious’ regions of the brain and the frontal cortex represents a disconnect between someone’s actions and their awareness of their actions.”

You can google Stanford hypnosis research to garner more details.

Alpha waves (on an EEG) are a crude way to measure the decreased activity of neurons in the brain—this is, for no better term, the relaxed mind. Communication between the different areas of the brain involved in alertness, analytical thinking, etcetera. begins to slow down. It is during the initial induction that gamma waves in the brain are most visible (an indicator of concentration). As you laser focus on the induction, you become less aware of things around you. Your brain is transitioning to gamma waves on EEG. More specifically deep trance states require a singular ability to intensely focus on the task at hand. As mentioned earlier, this has been conclusively demonstrated using functional MRI. The fMRI showed that intense focus resulted in decreased communication between the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and the medial prefrontal and the posterior cingulate cortex. This inhibitory tone is similar to how propofol sedates the conscious mind, although the mechanism of action is entirely different. Propofol works by increasing GABA-mediated inhibitory tone in the CNS. Once the frontal cortex is “offline”, the person ceases to compare what they are being told to what their subconscious stores as ‘true’. They accept as true what they are being told. And this works even on someone like me who understands exactly what is happening. It can be very hard to resist a skillful hypnotist... as I have discovered on occasion. As a general rule, new information must be presented slowly, repetitively and with the understanding that it is not too different from their current belief system. That is if you wish to permanently alter someone’s perception of reality. Hypnosis can achieve identical results in highly suggestible people, although the permanence of these new beliefs or behaviors is less ‘sticky’. As an example. If you are a card-carrying member of the Republican party and I wish you to become a Democrat, I cannot just say you are a Democrat. Under hypnosis you might pretend to be a Democrat, but to effect a permanent change in your party alignment, I would have to proceed slowly. It requires the methodical identification of your beliefs and the gradual replacement of those beliefs with new ones. Ideally, you define why a new belief is better. If I want to change a person’s opinion on gun ownership, I will interview them before hypnotizing them to identify their ‘baseline’. If they have a strong, emotional connection to gun ownership, then I would not tackle this with them until they were on loop 8 or 9 and already firmly addicted to my voice and control. It might take me three months for you to accept that guns are a problem and should be restricted. Even longer for deeply entrenched beliefs on abortion. But I can do it given time.

Just to be clear. Everything you have just read is fact. It is not conjecture. It is not opinion. It is cold hard fact. The human brain is pliable. It is an extremely complex and sophisticated computer. It can be programmed. Propaganda is repetition of some simple statement that, heard often enough, becomes incorporated into our subconscious as a ‘truth’. The N. Koreans are brainwashed to believe Kim Jon-Un is a god. Germans in WW2 believed Hitler was their savior. Mein Kampf is a manual on brainwashing an entire population. As the Nazi Party rose to power, Hitler used the slogan "Make Germany Great Again." Does that sound familiar? Can I turn anyone into a mindless slave? No, because that is not how you do it. How about into a willing participant? Yes, I can do that!

Here is some of the text of the first ‘conditioning’ loop. I do like to induce light trance in the first few audio loops, but it is not absolutely necessary. The person does not have to be in trance for this to work. It is gradual and insidious. They just have to be compelled to listen to it night after night... for about 30 minutes. After I have established fairly deep control, I extend loops 8-10 to 45 minutes. The last 10 minutes or so is repetition of one ‘truth’. Examples, “You are mine” repeated over and over and “Obedience brings bliss, Bliss brings obedience.” As long as the ‘truth is very basic and repeated (like ‘You are mine’), I will switch to the delta frequency. This is a state of sleep. Not REM, not dreaming, but natural sleep. At this stage the old saying K.I.S.S. applies. Keep it simple stupid. In later audio loops I establish progressively more control over desired beliefs or behaviors I want them to incorporate into their subconscious. The key to all of these recordings is reinforcement of the craving to hear my voice. The craving becomes a new subconscious ‘habit’. It seems rather innocuous, but it works. My subjects want to listen to the audio loops. I suggest they are addicted to hearing my voice and eventually they are addicted.

Julie actually admitted to me that when she tried to stop listening to the audio loops that Doug had made, she felt very uneasy and couldn’t sleep. She stared at the ceiling for two hours before giving in to the compulsion to put on her headset and start listening to his voice.

Important caveat. Three channel audio is really only necessary during the induction. As previously stated, the key to successful trance induction is the subject’s undivided attention. Three channel audio requires intense concentration to follow what is being said in all three channels. So, use 3 channels the first 5 or so minutes, then again during the programming of new truths. I use three channels at the start of the last 15 minutes as I coax the subject to sleep (delta). But you can repeat a simple truth on the center channel only. I prefer three channel only because the voice switches between left and right and there is overlap of the spoken words. You definitely want to switch to center channel only the last 5 minutes as the person drifts into delta sleep and you want to gradually lower the volume. The subconscious is not very smart. Remember the K.I.S.S principle once deep trance has been induced. Short, simple sentences. No thinking.

Statements must be very simple and basic. Reinforcing ownership for example. “You are mine.” During the terminal phase of programming, it is one statement repeated. Do not vary the statement. That will only serve to bring your subject out of delta. Delta is where these new instructions and memories are instilled into the subconscious. Other terminal programming phrases I repeat include, “Lydia loves me and I love Lydia” and “I obey Lydia”. Remember, as theta transitions to delta sleep, do not mix and match these messages. Its one simple message repeated.

Example of audio loop #1 and initial trance induction

Center channel -  “take a deep, cleansing breath in.


Now let it out.”

“Concentrate on your left hand. Make a fist.

Now concentrate on your right hand. Make a fist.

Feel the tension in the muscles of your hands.

Now relax your hands and feel the tension drain from your hands. Visualize in your mind’s eye, the tension flowing up through your arms and down your body into your feet. You feel the tension exiting your body through your feet. As the tension drains away you feel yourself becoming relaxed.

I repeat this for the other muscle groups and then after several minutes instruct the subject to close their eyes if they haven’t already done so.

You feel so relaxed, so peaceful. Nothing else matters but the sound of my voice.”

Right audio channel—“you love the sound of my voice”

Left audio channel—“you love to hear me speak”

Center—“The sound of my voice makes you feel so good”

These are layered and begin to play simultaneously,

Right channel—“Lydia makes you feel so good”

Left channel—“Lydia makes you relaxed”

Center—“I love listening to Lydia”

Right channel—“I trust Lydia... (pause).... to do what’s best for me”

Left channel—“I trust Lydia...(pause)... to do what’s best for me”

Center—“Lydia only wants what’s best for me”

Right channel—“I need Lydia”

Left channel—“I want Lydia”

Center—“Lydia knows what’s best for me.”

A few minutes into the loop.

Right audio channel—“my voice is so soothing”

Left audio channel—“my voice is so calming”

Center—“You crave hearing my voice”

Right audio channel—“you will listen to my voice every evening”

Left audio channel—“ you will listen to my voice every night”

Center—“My words are like a drug relaxing your mind”

The message is simple, easy for the subconscious to digest and is looped for 30-45 minutes. In the first loop I work on building trust and craving to hear my voice.

The loops become progressively more compelling... and controlling.

Example of loop #5 (I interject statements from previous loops)

Right channel—“I trust Lydia”

Left channel—“I obey Lydia”

Center—“I want to make Lydia happy.”

Right channel—“Lydia is my reality”

Left channel—“Lydia is my fantasy”

Center—“Lydia is my reality and my fantasy”

Right channel—“Lydia cares for me and I care for Lydia”

Left channel—“I belong to Lydia”

Center—“Lydia knows what’s best for me.”

I have a total of 10 audio loops now (up from 8) that play over months to gradually program the subconscious to desire…, then crave higher and higher levels of control.

Here is an example from loop #6. The phrases vary as the minutes tick off.

Right channel—“I crave hearing Lydia’s voice”

Left channel—“Her words are like a drug”

Center—“Her words relax me”

Right channel—“Lydia is my reality”

Left channel—“Lydia is my fantasy”

Center—“Lydia is my reality and my fantasy”

Right channel—“Lydia cares deeply for me”

Left channel—“I only want to make Lydia happy”

Center—“Lydia is my everything.”

Right channel—“I’m falling in love with Lydia”

Left channel—“All I can think about is Lydia”

Center—“Lydia loves me and I love Lydia”

I transition to center channel describing the person’s new reality. Right and left channels alternate, “I love Lydia”, “I love obeying Lydia”

Center channel – “I belong to Lydia. Lydia controls me. I love being controlled by Lydia. Lydia wants me to be healthy and happy. I trust Lydia. I will do anything for Lydia. I love her so much. Lydia commands me, I obey her. Lydia loves me and I love Lydia. Lydia wants me to be healthy and fit. Lydia only wants the best for me.”

In loops 3-5, I induce trance at the beginning with a simple trigger and then deepen trance with pure theta frequency. By inducing trance with a trigger, you can bypass the need for gamma or alpha waves. https://youtu.be/BWYyGMuZSgc. The subject is already conditioned to enter trance. My trance induction is brief and to the point. Don’t draw this out, just knock them out.

“Listen to the faint background hum. It is causing you to feel very relaxed. It is synchronized to brain waves in the theta range associated with trance. I want you to close your eyes and allow yourself to completely surrender to the sound… completely surrender to my voice. Completely relax. Good. Continue to listen to my voice as I take you deeper. Your eyes are closed, and you are asleep now. You are hypnotized by me and it feels wonderful.”

I put this on the center channel and will speak over the same channel if I am using three channel voice commands. The amplitude of the binaural beat needs to be just audible. Volume can be turned up later after the subject is asleep but should never be loud. 

In loops 7-10 I use the same theta frequency, but with a little more uplifting musical beat. https://youtu.be/jHC1VW_0CpI

Audio should be played at a very low volume for the first 10-15 minutes. After you have instructed your subject to enter a very deep state of relaxation and obedience, you can increase the volume. It should never overpower your spoken words. By stages 7-10, you want to reinforce positive behaviors. If they are referring to you as master as they have been instructed, then their nightly audio loops will have ‘reward’ validation comments directed to the subject’s subconscious.

Center channel “Your reward for obedience is profound bliss and happiness.”

Left channel “Good boy (or girl)”

Right channel “I am so proud of you.”

Later, with delay between channels so that subject can hear each sentence. “It makes me so happy when you call me master.”

“When you call me master, a wave of euphoria washes over you.”

“You love being submissive to me.”

Loop #8 (generic conditioning loop)

Loop begins with, “My thoughts are your thoughts. My words are your thoughts. You know that everything I say is true and right. I only want the best for you. Your mind is speaking to you through my voice.”

“Lydia is my master. She has always been my master. I do not remember a time when Lydia was not my master. It excites me to obey my master. It makes me so happy that she is my master. I am only happy when Lydia is happy. When Lydia is sad, I am sad. My most important duty is to serve my master. I love and obey my master. I love master and master loves me. I worship master.”

Progressive and deeper control comes in later, custom loops. Some of these are custom messages specific to the needs or programming of a particular subject.

The point is the loops gradually alter the subconscious mind’s perception of reality. These stack on one another as you achieve more and more surrender and as you build on simple truths you wish to cement into the person’s subconscious. To understand this better, there are YouTube videos that do a good job of describing the Illusion of reality. We really are just creatures of our programming.

We “hallucinate” our reality. Hypnosis makes new realities possible...

Technical paper on the Illusory Truth Effect (https://www.apa.org/pubs/journals/features/xge-0000098.pdf)

Wikipedia has a less technical description of the Illusory Truth Effect ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Illusory_truth_effect ) and how it leads to false knowledge.

Experimental Modalities

Deep brain radio-frequency stimulation (DBS) is a real thing. It can be accomplished rather crudely with transcranial magnetic stimulation. For the budding mad scientist, it should be possible to stereo-tactically converge pulsed low amplitude 300 gigahertz (low end range of microwave) signals to target specified deep brain structures. The challenge is thermal injury. The brain has an excellent vascular supply, so if you were to pulse the current, you should, ‘in theory’ be able to avoid injury (though not necessarily the thermal effect). All that is necessary is to achieve a critical depolarization of neuronal cell membranes. Neurons have a resting state of -60mv. It doesn’t take much to depolarize one. Others will propagate the signal if a critical threshold is breached. So, if you stimulate the left claustrum/anterior insula and succeed in achieving a critical mass of neuronal discharge, you will render the subject unconscious. Their subconscious will still be online, so it is not like a general anesthetic, but they will not be ‘consciously’ aware. This has intriguing possibilities. What if the head was incapsulated in circulating ice water or an ice water enema was concurrently administered to cool the blood and help it rapidly dissipate heat from the brain? Obviously, this is not something that should be tried on humans (it might induce cardiac arrest), but it would be curious if this sort of stimulation worked on test animals like pigs. DBS is already done in medical centers with embedded electrodes. Doctors do this to precisely target and avoid the heating issue with things like essential tremor and Parkinson’s. Someday it will probably be used to interrogate prisoners or induce trance. In theory there is no reason why it would not work. Just not safe to experiment. We do not want any vegetables. There are enough of those in politics today…

Humiliation as a means to achieve absolute domination.

 The culmination of deep programming can be absolute domination. This is a slippery slope that I do not recommend – especially in the U.S. where authorities frown upon this sort of thing. Breaking your subject’s will is an element of deeper programming if it is your desire to replace their identity. This is the sort of deep state, government black ops sort of programming. It is cult level control. I will not go into much detail on how to achieve such profound dominance. Suffice to say, it can involve things such as ‘candy flipping’ (low dose LSD/ecstasy) to bypass their ‘superego’ (conscious mind) coupled with humiliation (diaper/toilet training). At the height of my ‘succubus’ career, I ‘dehumanized’ some subjects and transitioned them to be pets. They ate dog food out of a bowl, slept in a kennel and did their business each morning in the yard. I took hypnotic control to this extent in 3 subjects, all of whom required deeper programming to make them fully compliant. The formula is straightforward and works even in alphas. Certain personality types (narcissists and sociopaths), however, are not going to respond well to this.

Hypnosis alone will not accomplish this level of control. BUT hypnosis opens the door for more in-depth brainwashing. In real life, when I did obedience training with thralls (I’m reformed now), I sometimes resorted to having them soil themselves in front of others. Only if they were resisting and I needed to prove to them who was in control. Once they recognize they are helpless, once they realize their situation is hopeless, I will reward them with positive reinforcement. Extreme, aversive conditioning followed by positive reinforcement can be a powerful formula to achieve complete domination. But one misstep, and they can and will rebel. Really know your stuff and really know your subject before embarking down this path.

Once a thrall has been broken, I will hold them lovingly, tell them how happy their obedience has made me and kiss them tenderly. I have even been moved to show my gratitude for their obedience by making love to them. That is just me. But it seems to work to cement my control.

I said I would explain the differences between hypnosis and brainwashing. Hypnosis induces a state of heightened suggestibility and disinhibition. People become far less inhibited. This occurs because of short term changes in the person’s brain as described earlier—as the salience network becomes more active, the frontal cortex is inhibited. This has been conclusively demonstrated in the brains of hypnotized subjects with functional MRI and PET scans. This, however, is temporary.

Repeating a simple ‘new’ truth on a continuous audio loop, in a relaxed/lightly hypnotized subject is the basis for more permanent brainwashing. The subconscious compares old memories/information to new information. New information is slowly incorporated and actually replaces old information/memories provided two conditions are met. These ‘truths’ become cemented in the subconscious as the person transitions to natural delta wave sleep. Success is measured over time. This is a slow, gradual process. Simple, easy to comprehend (to the subconscious) repetition is the secret sauce. A statement repeated often enough becomes true to the subconscious. But the new truth can’t be too radically different. Success is measured in subtle gradations or degrees of difference.

There is an important caveat to this. If you make one small change to a person’s subconscious beliefs (or memories), then you can build on that with the next, subtle incremental change. Over a long enough period of time, you can have a person believing and behaving just about any way you want them to. If a person is highly skeptical, not very bright, has a poor imagination or is ADHD, then programming them can be difficult if not impossible. The person needs to be convinced that this is something they need. You cannot brainwash someone if they dislike you, are afraid or otherwise ‘on guard’. A clever hypnotist knows how to allay such fears.

Actually, there are ways to program someone who dislikes you, but that involves things like sleep deprivation, mind altering drugs and other unsavory methods. It is a felony to give someone a drug of this sort without their consent. You also want to build trust. Therefore, always let the person decide for themselves if they would like to imbibe a mind-altering substance. I have pretended to 'candy flip' with someone before, but I did not take the drug combo. If I was fucked up, I would be unable to take control of them. It is best if you can establish trust and manipulate them to ‘like’ you or at least be neutral towards you. If I want to accelerate the process, I precede an audio loop with deep trance and I have the subject listen to the audio loop two or three times a day. Other drug combinations that have been used are kitty flipping (ketamine and ecstasy), THC and X and mescaline (peyote) and X. Molly is the common denominator. It is not necessary to use Molly or any of these drugs except in the most resistant, skeptical of subjects. With all hallucinogens, you defeat the purpose if they become too ‘altered’. Use a low dose of the hallucinogen. If you have poor results, lower the dose further still or eliminate it all together and rely just on the X (if you must use drugs). Again, your subject must be the one who decides if he/she wishes to augment the session with illicit drugs. That is not for you to decide.

We are what we have been trained to be, told to be, repeatedly by our parents, teachers, the news, social media and society. Cult leaders are proficient in applying these techniques. Kind of scary to think about. I had to reconcile myself long ago that I don’t really control who I am. My thoughts and my memories are fashioned from my childhood. I also recognize I can be changed slowly, over time, by external influences - and sometimes more quickly by hypnosis. Don’t think for a moment that you can’t be manipulated/programmed. Free will is an illusion. Social media and mainstream news have enormous sway over public opinion. Extreme opinions on the far left and far right are the result of frequent repeat exposure to these messages. And highly intelligent people can be manipulated to believe some really crazy things. For instance, did you know that lizard people from a distant galaxy walk among us hiding under human skins? Some people actually believe that! But I’m pretty sure it’s false. :)

Happy hunting and, above all, be a good steward of your new found hypnotic powers.  Hypnoplay can be a lot of fun for hypnotist and sub alike, but when abused, it is ugly. Don’t go there!


Addendum 09/2021

I am adding a section from another story of mine that speaks to the very subtle use of suggestion to build arousal. Arousal is often part of inducing hypnotic trance. In the examples I will list, arousal activates subconscious brain structures which in turn, through corticothalamic pathways, inhibit the anterior prefrontal cortex. As arousal builds, the subject becomes incapable of discretion - losing the ability to arbitrate between choices. They become stupid.  'Slaves to desire.'

How do you distinguish between rape and seduction when the ‘victim’ enjoys the sex? It can become muddled. Here is a moral paradox to ponder. What is the difference between rape and seduction? The old answer? Salesmanship.

The new answer? Not clear. Sex between consenting adults is perfectly ok, right? Yes and no. What if a woman resists the advances of a man. What if she makes her feelings on the matter abundantly clear. If she subsequently 'changes her mind' and hops in the sack with the man (or woman), is that consent? She has been seduced, right? Seduced to want to have sex. What's wrong with that? As it turns out, plenty.

I doubt one reader in a hundred could see any moral justification to using hypnosis to coerce a subject into having sex. That is clearly 'mala in se'. What about hypnotizing the person to become aroused - to desire sex. If they insist it is of their own volition, is it really of their own volition? No. It is not. The are coerced to have sex based on brain structures in the subconscious tasked with insuring procreation.

I have come to realize this distinction as I've been studying the neuroscience of arousal. I include research links that support my contention that seduction is coercion.

What about just ‘seducing’ someone. We induce a waking trance in someone when we manipulate their subconscious to become aroused. Images, stories, touch and 'suggestive' suggestions... When I am fascinated with a man who is making me laugh, who impresses me with his charm and intellect, who uses innuendo or other subtle clues to suggest he is sexually interested… I am being influenced. I may be adamantly opposed to engaging in sex, but if the 'seducer' (or seductress) is skilled, if he/she knows what buttons to push, then I or anyone can be covertly 'suggested' into having sex. I will argue that this borders on 'non consent'. Most people in the hypnokink community would probably disagree. Technically, they would (could) be wrong. Tapping into the subconscious is relatively easy. The sex centers of the brain, the amygdala and hippocampus, are part of the subconscious. If taking someone from being a 'good girl' one minute to a sexual animal the next is not hypnotic manipulation of the subconscious, then I don't know what is. I myself, have been convinced to spread my legs by clever men and women. This is a subtle form of hypnotic waking trance. It is covert, subliminal influence of the subconscious. As I have often said, we go into waking trances throughout our day. Some people are more suggestible than others. Trust in the goodness of your fellow man is not always prudent.

I give examples below of specific phrases that have been used to manipulate a person's subconscious to desire sex. Obviously with men, very little convincing is generally necessary.

When I used to watch porn - yeah, guilty as charged, I used to marvel at how innocent women could be convinced to gradually relinquish control by suggestion alone. The best examples of covert inductions of the subconscious were in the porn ‘calendar auditions.’  The premise was an audition for an innocent calendar phone app. There was no mention of anything racy and the girls were ‘ambushed’ by expertly delivered suggestions. Suggestions designed to activate subcortical brain regions can and do influence the subconscious. To induce a form of waking trance.

Suggestions like "You can model a bathing suit or tasteful lingerie, right?" Or, "you can be a little wild sometimes, right?" There was no shortage of carefully timed and crafted messages. "Show the producer you stand out from the competition. Show him you can be fun." Or, "You can be spontaneous, right? Sure you can. Let me see that side of your personality." And "You love it when guys look at you. Sure you do." Other insidious suggestions designed to influence arousal and induce submission, "Your body is perfect, but we need to see your personality. We need to see that you can follow instructions." These take downs typically occur over 20-30 minutes. "You are so beautiful" and "You have a gorgeous body." Compliments appeal to the subconscious. They help to lower defenses and improve compliance. Eventually, inevitably arousal is induced. Then, unless the 'seducer' says or does something really stupid, the girl will respond sexually - often being the one to initiate the sexual response.  Believe it or not, the girls eventually will follow the command, "Show me how you touch yourself when you are alone." The girls have already been ‘suggested’ into arousal. Remember, arousal is primarily subconscious. As the point of no return is approached, some girls will object. The reply is perfect. “Don’t think about it, just do.” Just do is code for 'obey.' Don’t think about it is telling the neocortex to disengage - their subconscious is to follow instructions. They are disinhibited, exactly as if they were hypnotized. Why? Because they are hypnotized. Just not in the traditional sense.

Once a girl is compelled to self stimulate, additional brain regions are recruited which amplify the arousal. A fascinating example of this was a very smart, conservative, small town girl named Rose. She finished (finished!) college at age 17! She was just 22, living the life in Hollywood as a fitness instructor and she came across an ad for a calendar app. She decided to audition for it. As smart as she was, her ‘thinking’ brain went ‘dark’ once she became sufficiently stimulated (literally dark if an fMRI were to be done at that point). The full video requires a paid subscription, but this link provides a snippet of the techniques used to build arousal and suppress her ability to resist. (suppress her ability to think). Other notable examples of suggestion inducing waking trance include an RN named Missy and a girl named Luna date 8/13/2018 on Netvideogirls. Unfortunately these videos do require a paid subscription, but you can cancel it after viewing.

Unless a girl totally rejects authority, she can be expected to obey. There was this other lady named Jessa. She was extremely intelligent and had a high paying job as a financial analyst. She was older, 30 I believe, and she had a boyfriend of many years. She reminded me of me. Anyway, she objected to just about every question that was at all personal. She was a wall.

I watched in rapt attention as the videographer gradually reassured her, cajoled her and complimented her in order to gain a 'level of trust'. It was fascinating as he gradually chipped away at her defenses. First he got her to hike up her dress to show off her lower body - for the calendar shoot of course.  She resisted at first, asked why was this necessary and such, but reasonable arguments were provided that an off site producer needed to pick between a large number of girls and would need to see her body. She, along with every other girl, was disarmed with statements like, "if there is ever anything you are uncomfortable with, we can stop filming, end the session and you can leave, no harm done." Eventually all these girls, including Jessa, were convinced to touch themselves. Even after Jessa was obviously highly aroused, she tried to resist personal questions and actions. She believed she was in control. She wasn't. The arousal reached a point where her prefrontal cortex was suppressed. The conscious part of her brain that would keep her safe was disarmed. By then she became the aggressor and she sought sexual relief. Being the nice guys they were, they obliged her. In the span of 30 minutes she went from vigorously objecting to any mildly personal question or sexual innuendo to asking the man to fuck her. She went from good girl to slut. Along with Rose, these two are great examples of very smart girls sabotaged by their ‘reptilian’ brain. Suggestion induces arousal, which promotes compliance/submissiveness, which increases arousal until they are effectively in a waking trance and helpless to resist their genetic programming. Frankly, neither girl knew what hit her. If I were subjected to the same barrage of ‘arousing suggestions’, I would crumple and find myself on my back with my legs spread. This is some powerful mojo.

Most people do object, initially, to the intrusions into their personal space, but, like a fish on a hook, the seducer/seductress knows how to let out just enough line to reassure them before reeling them back in. Suggestions like these gradually increase arousal in the amygdala and nucleus accumbens. The suggestions are subtle and disarming and it works. Once a girl relents and touches herself, whether her nipples or clitoris, additional brain structures involved in arousal are recruited. The middle cingulate cortex and operculum-insular cortex specifically. Areas ultimately activated in the cascade from sexual desire to completion include the insula, middle occipital, anterior cingulate and fusiform gyrus, striatum, pulvinar, and substantia nigra. Sex, at that point, is a foregone conclusion. Good girls can be made to fuck like rabbits. Men and women become slaves to their arousal. The desire to procreate is programmed into our DNA. In the case of these amateur auditions, many of these girls are truly 'good girls'. They are not porn actresses, or easy or sluts. Sure, some 'pros/sluts' go to calendar auditions or rap video auditions, but most are unaware of what they are getting themselves into. The male directors are quite skilled at suggesting that they slowly, progressively surrender their modesty until the subconscious ‘sex center’ of the brain lights up like a Christmas tree. At this point they have lost free will. They believe they want to have sex of their own volition, but that is an illusion. At this point of hyper-arousal, the ventromedial prefrontal cortex (vmPFC) and amygdala become suppressed. Even I, with the knowledge of how my subconscious is being affected by arousal, am incapable (at that point) of disengaging. The decision of whether or not to have sex at that point is no longer voluntary. Thus, it is not really consensual if you apply cold hard logic to the facts. Conscious thought has gone offline. This is exactly what happens!  The frontal cortex becomes progressively more suppressed as arousal builds.

"One of the cerebral hallmarks of high sexual arousal during genital stimulation is a steady decrease of activity in ventromedial PFC and medial temporal cortices (Georgiadis et al., 20062010; Georgiadis & Holstege, 2005). Conversely, ventromedial PFC and adjacent subgenual anterior cingulate cortex were most active during the phase of steepest penile detumescence after sexual stimulation had ceased (Georgiadis et al., 2010). It is well-documented that these areas play a critical role in moral affiliations, self-other relations, self-awareness, and related behaviors (Forbes & Grafman, 2010; Lou, Gross, Biermann-Ruben, Kjaer, & Schnitzler, 2010). One way to conceptualize deactivation of these areas in relation to high sexual arousal is that it helps to dissolve normal body boundaries, thereby facilitating sexual interactions. In turn, this might contribute significantly to the experience of sexual arousal. If, conversely, enhanced activity of these areas is inhibitory to sexual arousal, these areas would provide an interesting gateway to sexual regulation. For one, it would predict their activation to counteract sexual arousal. Moreover, it would imply that exaggerated moral or self-referential thinking, which can in fact be taken from cultural learning or learning from experience, counteracts sexual arousal. These predictions are in line with clinical findings of ventromedial PFC and subgenual anterior cingulate cortex hyperactivity in depressed people (Hamani et al., 2011; Mayberg, 1997). During orgasm, activity in these areas seems to approach minimum levels and, moreover, spreads to orbitofrontal and dorsal parts of the PFC, which might at that point reflect one of the main features of orgasm, the experience of ‘loss of control’ ."

This is Lydia. I have been owned before. I can tell you, the compulsion to obey certain commands was very strong. The control was not something I intended or wanted. I was covertly hypnotized as a teenager (hypnotically 'kidnapped') and then underwent obedience training including toilet training. Fortunately, my owner was not very skilled. I escaped and he faced legal consequences. Hypnotic control should be done lovingly and consensually. When I had thralls, I loved my pets and they knew this. That was a key element in convincing their subconscious that they desired to be under my control. They didn’t all start out feeling that way, but I can be very… persuasive… given time.

Your subjects will not remain loyal and controlled if their subconscious comes to realize that their master does not love them. Yes, love. Telling someone you ‘care for them’ does not carry near the weight that telling them you love them. I suggest to my subjects that they are falling in love with me, usually around audio loop #6, although sometimes sooner depending on my ‘read’ of the subject. Of course, I reciprocate the love. I honestly do have my subject’s best interests at heart when they are loyal and obedient. You must remember to reward the subject’s subconscious and demonstrate care and love. The exception is if your subject is a masochist and desires humiliation or emotional/physical abuse. That is something you should know way ahead of time. If you have implanted an ‘honesty’ trigger and you interview them to know intimate details of their psyche, then there should be no surprises. I do not engage masochists in hypnoplay as I believe the hypnosis is dark and potentially dangerous to their psyche… and possibly mine. I need to keep the succubus that resides in me at bay.

There is a gray line in all of this. Hypnosis, in America, needs to be consensual or you can face some very harsh consequences. Coercion is a form of sexual trafficking. Don’t go there. Help guide your subject to the realization that they are the ones who, of their own free will, have decided they want to obey you. Otherwise, your control will eventually wane. If your subject comes to resent your control, good luck. You’ll need it.

In case anyone wonders, I have since abandoned owning thralls. It is both immoral and dangerous. Not only can I harm their psyche, but I harm my own. Owning people is wrong. Period. I believe we will all be judged by our actions one day. I hope that my net contributions to society of goodness and grace will outweigh the dark periods in my life. I still get tempted to use my powers of ‘persuasion’ on occasion, if only because I can. Especially with a loudmouth alpha. But hubris is not a good look for me or anyone for that matter. I’m even conflicted about posting this manual in it’s entirety. There are certain details I will not include regarding the dehumanizing aspects of hypnosis. Please use this manual to better your skills but do so in an ethical manner. Having sex with your subjects is one of the many benefits of hypnosis, but make sure it is consensual. If you can’t seduce someone when they are awake, I see nothing wrong with relaxing them and then seeing if you can change their ‘subconscious’ mind…


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