Have you ever come out of trance while riding cock? I just did.

Time to flip this kitty

by LydiaSalia

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #dom:male #m/f #pov:bottom #pov:top #f/nb #m/nb #nb/nb #sub:male #sub:nb

If you want to put a cocky male in his place and teach him a lesson about female superiority, how would you go about it?

Lamictal is a potent anti-seizure medication. Besides inhibiting unwanted epileptiform discharges, it taps down emotions like mania and arousal. It is not a 'fun' medicine, but sometimes you need the business side of a pill. I was now prepared to resist a Hypnomaster or Lisa shock induction. On the other hand, my 'kitty flipping' combo of ecstasy and ketamine was all about fun. They were familiar with it's use, having read my erotic stories. I had volunteered to bring some so that we could have wild sex while high. Hypnomaster had given me a post hypnotic command that I would enjoy being in his company and seeing him. As far as he knew, I was awake and alert, but I 'consciously' desired to be with him. He wanted the intelligent, witty and charming me so that he could enjoy the take down that much more I suppose. His name in real life was Simon. He was a big man, perhaps 40, sporting a greying, short cropped beard and ripped abdomen. I was about to give Simon and Lisa my special mixture when Simon tapped my forehead and commanded me to sleep. I must say, it almost worked. I felt momentarily dizzy and my head began to spin, but then I recovered. I acted surprised - which I was, then I allowed my eyes to flutter closed.

"Lydia, you will resume addressing me as master. Explain to me what this 'Kitty flipping' is."

"Yes master. Kitty flipping is a mix of ecstasy and ketamine. It makes sex wonderful...." I allowed my voice to trail off in a dreamy way. "I have enough for two people."

Hypnomaster responded as I had hoped. "Lydia, my sweet girl. You are hypnotized. You do not need to kitty flip. That is something for Lisa and me to enjoy."

I pondered his statement for a moment. Lisa was totally onboard with him. She was helplessly under his control and programmed to obey him. Trancing her was no longer necessary. I wonder how long it took for him to rewire her neural circuitry with brain washing and other techniques. I was guessing probably the better part of a year. Hypnomaster instructed me to give Lisa and him the concoction. It would take about 20 minutes to kick in.

"At 20 minutes I spoke up. "Master, I can amplify the good feelings by saying some relaxing things. Both of you should take deep cleansing breaths and allow good feelings to wash over you."

Good. They both responded without thinking. "Take another deep, relaxing breath. It feels so good to listen to my voice. You feel so totally at peace, so wonderful."

It wasn't long before I had induced trance. Kitty flipping was the perfect trance inducing combo - as long as your subject did not suspect foul play. I tested the depth of trance. They were both deep and ready for me to have some fun.

"I am going to refer to you as Simon from this point on. You absolutely love my voice. It makes you feel so, so good. Euphoria washes over your body. You know you can enjoy this feeling just by listening to and following my suggestions." I spent several minutes deepening both of them. "Simon, you realize that you have always wanted to be a girl. The ketamine and ecstasy makes this so clear to you. And Lisa, you realize now that you have always wanted to be a boy. Simon, you want to spread your legs for Lisa. You want to feel a hard cock in your vagina. That is right, your vagina. You have one of those now. Actually, your name is no longer Simon. It's Simona. It has been Simona for as long as you can remember."

I helped Simona undress and positioned him/her for Lisa. Lisa, you are eager to fuck that tight pussy. Simona's pussy is wet for you. You no longer obey Simona. She obeys you. You control Simona. She will do anything for you and you relish this control you have over her. Tell Simona what you would like her to do."

Lisa looked at Simona lying on the bed and took charge like she had been in control for a very long time. "Eat my ass Simona. Clean my asshole with your tongue. I took a shit earlier and need you to clean me up good. Just like I have done for you in the past."

Ah...., good. Lisa was getting a little payback.  Lisa straddled Simona and spread her cheeks as she squatted down over his mouth. She had not cleaned up as well as you would think a prim and proper lady should do. No matter. Simona obeyed her instructions. His/her/their tongue lapped up and down until nary a spot of brown fecal matter was left. "That's right Simona. Lap it up and swallow it down. Good girl. I am so proud of you."

In the meantime, I had helped Lisa attach my favorite strap-on. She now sported 'the monster'. That was my nickname for twelve inches of thick man cock. Lisa was eager to fuck his pussy. That is what she truly believed his asshole was. Pussy. Hypnotic hallucination at it's finest.

"Spread your pussy lips slave!" I heard Lisa say. Simona obeyed. Lisa placed the tip against his puckered lips and inserted herself. I had lubricated the monster as best I could. It slid in, but not without encountering some resistance. Simona moaned. "You're too big!"

"It's big, but you love it. You can't get enough of my fat cock." She began sliding in and out as Simona groaned approval. I found it interesting that Lisa had naturally adopted the role of dom. Maybe they had role reversed before or she was more naturally a dom than sub. In any case, Simona was taking it like a... woman. After several minutes of pounding Simona tensed up, grasped Lisa's hips to hold her in place and shuddered. "Come inside me master. Please cum inside me!" Simona was having an orgasm. I wanted to cement this role reversal and pleasure was one way to do that. I had Lisa lay back while I instructed Simona to make her cum with his/her/their mouth and tongue. Lisa was soon screaming out as she had her own intense orgasm. Excellent.

I spent some time giving each of them post hypnotic instructions. Lisa was Simona's dom. Simona was the sub. Simona would obey any instruction Lisa gave her without hesitation. In fact, Simona loved the idea of being a girl and realized she had always been a girl. Simona would want to transition to a girl as soon as possible. Lisa would remain a girl, but now, according to my instructions, she loved both cock and pussy equally. She would find the idea of being with me irresistible and would seek my approval and companionship. I installed a sleep trigger in both of them for future use. This will not be the last fuckfest. Next time it's my turn.

Did I go too far by turning the tables on Hypnomaster and having him get fucked? I didn't fuck him non-consensually, so how can I be held accountable?

Before any readers get their panties in a bunch and go off reporting me for being a bad girl... This did not happen. It is fiction. I sincerely doubt Hypnomaster will say otherwise. I'm sure he is much too embarrassed...

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