Mind Hack

The Church of Consciousness

by LydiaSalia

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This chapter has some great twists and turns. Religion and hypnosis... They seem, somehow, related...

Julie is a genius. She is having us use our unique skills to help build out her organization. I’m building out her IT infrastructure. Doug is handling some of the web programming and Lydia is our hostess seeing to our needs and the needs of parishioners who come in. Yes, Julie has it all figured out. She has started a church called ‘The Church of Consciousness.” That seems like a strange name, but it means something to her. I think it has to do with the fact that God is everywhere, and consciousness is the secret to understanding God and the Universe. Except Julie renders people unconscious. My logical mind trying to make sense of it all. I really should not be questioning my master’s plans. She knows what is best. Best for us and best for everyone. She is anointed with the holy spirit and is God’s messenger. I wasn’t religious before I joined the family, but Julie opened my eyes. She really is a goddess. I love her so much and would do anything for her.

You might imagine I was surprised when Lydia took me aside and suggested Julie was deranged and becoming too power hungry. I thought Lydia was on board with our mission, but she is a traitor. Doug was in on it too. Were they planning a coup or something? I objected and then I found myself waking up, strapped down on a table. I didn’t know where I was.

Lydia had some contraption, helmet, or something on my head. She looked down at me and smiled. Then I felt tickling on my scalp and my head started swimming. Then darkness. I woke up disoriented. Lydia asked me if I knew where I was. I didn’t. She asked if I knew who I was. “Yes, I’m a drone in the service of Master Julie.” Lydia looked over at Doug. I heard a buzzing sound and then I blacked out again.

I woke up sitting in a chair. I had a headache. Lydia told me that would pass soon. Doug and Lydia explained that Julie had indeed formed a cult. There were now over 30 dedicated followers. We recruited these men and women by providing sexual services to them and then would do a covert induction on the ones deemed worthy of joining the family.

I asked, “How can you make people agree to something so opposite of their beliefs or subconscious understanding?”

Julie interviews candidates and picks the ones she thinks she can manipulate. Remember, these people are seeking God and God is always a good way to sneak into someone’s mind. The Church of Consciousness motto is "Cast off the mental shackles that imprison your mind." It’s a fancy way for manipulating people to think that their inhibitions and societal behavior is an artificial construct. Julie uses bible verses to trick people into trusting her. Once she has their trust, she is halfway to capturing their minds. I had to admit, I was impressed. Never in a million years would I have imagined that Julie was capable of this. She never came across as a mastermind intent on world domination. Well, maybe her plans weren’t so grandiose as world domination, but I don't think L. Ron Hubbard started out with plans to make Scientology as big as it is either. Dianetics found its origins in the hypnotic skills of L. Ron Hubbard. He apparently gave several lectures on the use of brainwashing to manipulate followers and he was known for his hypnosis parties where unsuspecting guests could be observed standing around naked, drinking and laughing totally oblivious to their situation.

Unaware, naked attendance did happen at Hubbard’s parties. Hubbard was a master hypnotist, and the naked guests were under the influence of a negative hallucination.  

Julie seemed to be following a similar strategy. Lydia and Doug somehow ‘woke me up’ and allowed me to escape the mental maze that Julie had created in my mind. Like a rat looking for a piece of cheese, I was singularly focused on helping Julie execute her plan.

"How did you both wake up? I asked.

"Do you remember someone named Johan? He was one of Lydia's fans on EMCSA. Lydia asked if she could invite him to Colorado and Julie agreed. Julie didn't realize Johan had become such an accomplished hypnotist. When Lydia tried to hypnotize Johan, he somehow turned the tables on her. He must have suspected something."

Johan was standing in the shadows. "Yes, I thought there was some funny business going on, although I thought Doug was the puppeteer. I roofied Lydia and that made it easy to hypnotize her. It is very clever how Julie fooled everyone. Once I figured out what was happening, I dropped Doug and between Lydia and I, we broke his programming. You were the last we needed to wake up."

“What are we going to do?” I asked.

“I think we have to corner Julie when she is alone, drop her into trance and let Lydia begin the process of brainwashing her. I don’t think it will be easy. I’m sure Julie has followers that guard her and she won’t drop into trance without considerable help. Like Ecstasy or something even stronger.”

I listened as we discussed ideas and then Lydia came up with a plan that sounded reasonable. Johan would stay in the background as our fallback. I agreed to help.

Julie was in her study preparing for a sermon she would deliver to the congregation that evening. The three of us knocked on her door.

Doug took the initiative. “Hi Master. Can we come in and talk to you about a parishioner that we think could be a problem?”

Julie smiled and ushered us into her office. Doug closed the door behind him. One follower was outside the door, apparently guarding it, but paying us no mind. “Please, speak pets. But no barking.” Julie thought she was hilarious, but I was insulted. Lydia had maneuvered to the side of Julie, just out of vision and had retrieved a cloth doused in something. Chloroform I presumed. My job was to distract Julie long enough for Lydia and Doug to subdue her and render her unconscious. It went down as planned. Lydia placed the cloth over Julie's mouth and nose and Doug swiftly moved in to help her. Julie struggled briefly before becoming limp. I made sure the door was locked and Doug lifted Julie up in his arms and moved her to the bedroom.

Lydia started an IV and gave Julie propofol while we prepared her for a shock induction and ‘expedited’ brain washing. I had never heard of such a thing. Lydia told me it was not as good as the longer, more structured brain washing, but by using drugs and deep brain stimulation you could achieve similar results. A helmet was fastened to Julie’s head and she was allowed to awaken from the anesthetic agent.

“Wha… where am I? What happened?”

Lydia activated the TCMS helmet, and I watched as Julie’s mouth drooped open and her pupils dilated, her eyes staring, unblinking into the distance.

TCMS stands for transcranial magnetic stimulation. It is the real deal. Deep brain electrical stimulation can be used to augment the effect if you want to target certain brain structures like the amygdala or hippocampus.

“Julie, you are having a vision. You are in a waking dream. This is God speaking to you.” Doug had some kind of voice changer that altered his voice making it deeper and with an echo quality. I noticed Julie’s expression change to one of awe, then fear.

“Julie, I love you. You are one of God’s children and I cherish you. But I want you to understand, you must not use my church for your own personal gain. Do you understand?”

Julie looked horrified. “I’m sorry God. Please forgive me. The power went to my head.” And with that Julie began sobbing. Tears were streaming down her cheeks. I wasn’t sure if it was remorse or fear. But she did seem sincerely contrite.

It was done. Julie had been muzzled. Doug gave her anesthetized brain several suggestions and we prepared for phase 2 of our plan. Thinking back on this, it had been way too easy. Julie was an idiot not to erect more defenses. Even having guards with her in the room would have prevented this. She would go before her congregation this evening and renounce her false God before releasing them. The Julie God of subjugation. Owning people was a sin and God would punish her.

      *                                    *                                           *

I watched as parishioners wandered into the room to be seated. Lydia, Doug and I had joined Julie on the stage. We served as elders and took our spots to either side of her. She was sitting still, looking out at her flock. She would soon give her speech, ask for forgiveness and then release everyone she had turned into sheep. I almost felt bad for her, but she had let absolute power corrupt her absolutely. Lydia looked over at me with a knowing smile.

We waited patiently for Julie to begin. The crowd quieted down so Julie could start. She stood up and approached the lectern to address her followers.

“Parishioners of the Church of Consciousness. I come before you tonight in supplication. I allowed my hubris to come between me and my God. Jehovah most high, I beseech you to forgive me. You warned me to avoid the unclean. To avoid fake Christians and false prophets.

2 Peter 2:1-3 says, “But there were also false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you. They will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the sovereign Lord who bought them—bringing swift destruction on themselves. Many will follow their depraved conduct and will bring the way of truth into disrepute. In their greed these teachers will exploit you with fabricated stories. Their condemnation has long been hanging over them, and their destruction has not been sleeping.”

I thought to myself, this isn’t exactly where I thought she would go with this, but she was getting there.

“Behold, as God is my witness, merciful Lord in heaven, make the unclean reveal themselves before your majesty. Shame them before your people. Strip them of their pride. Humble them before your all-knowing gaze.”

What is she talking about? She is veering from the script we gave her. Wait. Now I was remembering something else. New memories flooded my consciousness. We were interrupted. I was grappled to the ground. Not now, but earlier. Did we hypnotize Julie? Or was it a dream? I couldn’t be sure. My memory was spotty, confused. And now what? I looked over at Lydia and Doug. They were stripping off all their clothes. They were standing naked before the congregation. What the fuck?

“God has exposed these fornicators for who they really are. I am anointed in his holy power to punish them for their sinful nature.  God has given me the power to open their eyes to their own sin. They are unaware they are naked.”

I was suddenly quite anxious. I think Julie had the power alright, but not from God.

Awaken sinners!”

I looked down and realized I was standing naked in front of several hundred people.  When did I remove my clothes? The three of us, all exposed for the world to see.

“God, what would you have me do to help them to atone for their sins?”

Julie paused and looked up to the ceiling like she was waiting for God to send her an instruction. She deserved an Oscar for her performance.

“Yes Lord, I understand. They are to be transformed into dogs before the parishioner’s eyes.”

I looked over at Lydia and Doug. They were walking on all fours and Doug put his nose into Lydia’s ass to sniff, just like a dog would do. And I realized I was on all fours.

“My faithful, do not question the Lord’s wisdom. He has spared them the physical transformation into dogs, but they will act as dogs.”

I found myself with a raging erection and the need to mount Lydia from behind. I crawled over to her and sniffed her box. Her pussy was smiling back at me, inviting me, as I licked it. Her musk was overpowering. I mounted her and my penis rooted around for her pussy. I soon found it and I plunged into her. I started humping furiously. It felt so good. It almost felt like I was locked into her. I couldn’t help myself. I was grunting and humping and soon blasted her with my sperm. Then I realized I had just performed this sex act in front of everyone.

I awoke in my bed. What a dream! That was a dream, right? This is getting unreal. I dressed and wandered into the kitchen to see Lydia and Doug hunched over a cup of coffee.

“Guys, I had the craziest dream.”

“We all did” enjoined Doug.”

“Oh shit. So, we didn’t really hypnotize Julie? She just planted that memory?”

“Bingo. I think we are royally screwed” offered Lydia.

Julie strolled into the room. “Good morning my pets. Did you have a good night’s sleep? No need to answer, I know you did. Now, what else should I do for your punishment?  You know the chloroform you used on me almost worked. You got so far as fastening a helmet on me before my faithful responded and stopped you. Everything else that happened… didn’t. I implanted those memories. Pretty convincing, huh? You went right up on stage - oblivious. Too bad for you that I have cameras monitor my chambers just to protect me against such unwelcome intrusions.”

Julie surveyed us. “It’s not totally your fault. I forgot that Doug and you are such alpha males. Your subconscious is naturally going to resist the idea of someone controlling you permanently. I am surprised you were able to break my programming without giving up some clue that you were unhappy with your plight."

Julie was looking at us, thinking. “Well, I can’t have you doing this again. I can’t kill you. Well I could, but I’m not evil. I think I shall just give you a lobotomy.”

“Lobotomy?” I swallowed. “Please no.”

“Not an actual lobotomy silly. I will just give you the intellectual depth of a child. Perhaps 6 year olds? Or younger? What do you think?" It's not hard to do. Lydia taught me this little regression trick. It does require some brainwashing and a subconscious stupid trigger, but it works like a charm. The upside is you won’t worry about anything and you will be happy.”

      *                                    *                                           *

It was a few weeks ago that I misbehaved and had to be punished. I don't remember what I did bad, but it must have been bad. I looked up and saw Lydia coloring. “Hi Lydia. What are you doing?”

“I’m drawing a clown.”

“Do you have a red crayon? I think the clown’s hair should be red, but you don’t have a red one.”

“Oh darn, you're right. I’m tired of coloring anyways. Let's fuck.”

“Sure, why not.”

I thought to myself, “I’m so happy. We get to play and have fun all the time. Everyone else has to work. It must suck for them.”

I'm glad Doug lets Lydia fuck who she wants. We went to her bedroom and I pulled down her shorts. She sat down on top of me and reached down and put me inside her.

"Ummmmmmm. That feels real good Daniel."  Lydia started riding me like a cowgirl on a bucking bronco. I like cowboys and Indians, so I liked that image. Lydia was whooping and hollering and then after awhiles she all of a sudden leaned over on me and then her hips started quivering and she started moaning real loud. I guess she was having her own cum and that's when I had mine. She slid off of me totally pooped and started snoring.

I looked up and saw Shelly. She had opened the door and walked right in. She didn't even knock. That doesn't seem right. "Hi Shelly, you want to join us?"

Shelly was mean, "Hi retards. Not in your dreams. Here is a phone call for Lydia. Wake her up."

I wish I could be smart like Shelly. I just wish she would be more nicer.

I shook Lydia and she came around.

"Someone on the phone for you named Johan."

"Do I know a Johan? I know Johan!”. Lydia smiled broadly.

Lydia took the phone from Shelly. “Hi, Johan! We are having so much fun. You should join us.” Lydia seemed to be thinking real hard to understand what Johan was saying.

Doug had walked up in the meantime and was listening in. Lydia explained to Doug, “Johan thinks we had hypnosis done to us. He wants to help us. I remember now. I used to do hypnosis. I think I was pretty good at it. Its so hard to remember back then."

Doug took the phone from me. "Hello Johan. I'm not part of the gang any longer if you haven't figured that out already. Lydia is just where she needs to be. Stupid and happy.

Johan asked, "Why aren't you with Lydia and Daniel? Didn't Julie make you stupid too?"

"No Johan. Julie needs me. She needed to humiliate me to put me in my place. She made her point. I'm with Julie now. I'm her king and she is my queen. Equals in crime. Julie loves my cock as much as Lydia does. Since there is nothing you can do, I think I'll tell you what is really going on to torment you. My original plan was to turn all the girls into fuck toys, but Julie was more than I bargained for. Fortunately, I was able to convince her that she would rather have me smart and working alongside her than a hopeless retard. Lydia was too smart and clever to take a chance with. At first, we tried to block her from communicating with the outside world. We hypnotized her and got her and everyone else to believe her judgement was confused. We figured her rantings would make everyone think she is paranoid. That worked for most people, but some people were asking questions I didn't want to answer. I agreed with Julie that we would have to make her a little more crazy than she already is and a little bit stupid. Oh, and crave sex. She can't get enough of it. I can fuck her any time I want. Isn't that great?"

Doug hung up the phone.

"Lydia, it's about that time."

Doug led Lydia to the commons. Today there were maybe 30 parishioners lined up. Most were in there 50s and 60s. It seems mostly old people get real religious. The congregation was steadily growing under Julie's stewardship. The road to salvation was through donation. A sperm donation into Lydia's pussy. "Lydia, bend over and grab your ankles like a good girl."

I write using POV (Point of View) and suspension of disbelief. For people who believe everything I write... don't worry about Lydia caught up in a cult. This is 100% a work of fiction.

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