Mind Hack

Mind Hack from Daniel’s perspective

by LydiaSalia

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I guarantee this did not really happen

My name is Daniel. If you have read the original “Mind Hack” by Lydia Salia then you know who I am. But you don’t know my side of the story.

I have been in the hypno scene for probably 20 years now. I started off as a subject. But as my experience grew, I developed hypno skills of my own and became more Dominant. In my life I am 100% Dominant. I have to be in control of everything because it drives me nuts not to be able to control what is going on in my life and the direction it is going. I am very logical and not only plan for “A”, but I also plan for B, C, D and E because I want to have a plan for everything.

The problem is that even though I am a fairly good hypnotist, I am, like Lydia, also very suggestible.

I am an avid reader of erotic hypnosis fiction. That is where I first came across the writings of Lydia. I really enjoyed them and found them extremely hot and very well written. She is quite the wordsmith. So, one day I found myself emailing her and telling her about how much I enjoyed her stories.

And that is how it started. We started to exchange emails back and forth several times a day. I didn’t think much about her emails. I just would read them and reply back. Then she asked me in one email to send her a naked full body photo of myself. She said I was acting under a hypnotic compulsion – that I was compelled to obey her.  I am in IT and I deal with company networks and security as well. This raised a million red flags. From a security standpoint I would never send a naked photo of myself. I would never send one with my face showing. I guess just not from a security standpoint, but I wasn’t happy with my body either. The other thing was, I didn’t know this person. What would she do with my photo? All the thoughts rushed into my head. Could this photo end up on social media? Would my boss open his email one day to find a naked photo of me in his inbox?

No Daniel. I have since deleted the photo. You are safe and I would never do anything to harm you – EVER! Although I still fantasize about feeling your ‘curved’ penis in me… Damn. I have to go masturbate now. Do you still have a trigger in me?

There was no way I could send this stranger a full naked photo of myself. I even emailed her and told her there was no way I would do that. Her reply “Yes, you will. It is only a matter of time.” Somewhere along the way in our many exchanges had she gotten to me? But then a few minutes later she got another email from me with me naked and showing my whole body and face. I don’t know why I did that. It just happened.

Lydia typing.

Daniel was simply following my instructions. An embedded waking trance trigger. He really had no choice in the matter. I have done this to many men and women on hypnotic forums. Do I feel bad about taking advantage of their suggestibility? Maybe a little, but then again, I like to collect minds. I’ve had the Jedi mind trick pulled on me. I am like Daniel. If a good hypnotist gets inside my head I’m fucked. Sometimes literally. Hopefully, I’m dealing with an ethical hypnotist like Daniel, but there are bad Apples among the hypnofetish community.

Daniel typing

She was pleased with the way I responded to her words. We then continued to chat via email. In my head I had decided that I would see if I could do my own waking trance on her. So I sent her an induction hidden in a story. You have seen the emails in part 3 of her story Mind hack. Yes, it is true, I can exert control over her subconscious.

She was compliant and very receptive to my words.

In part 1 of Mind Hack Lydia showed her dominance and showed everyone the power she had over me. She thought she owned me so she let her guard down. That was a mistake. I was already in her head. She wrote part 2 of Mind Hack under my influence. I doubt that was the original direction she intended, but the story diverged when I took control and had my way with her.

After that event we spent the next year emailing each other and I was continuing to condition her. This is apparent in Part 3 of Mind Hack. We met up at a hypnosis convention. I was dying to fuck her and she responded beautifully.

Lydia's husband, Doug, discovered my intrusions into her head. Somehow Lydia convinced him I'm safe or I doubt this story would have seen the light of day. At one time, Lydia had me under her spell. Roles are reversed now. I can pretty much have my way with her providing her husband does not get too riled. They have an open marriage, fortunately.

I subsequently had the pleasure of meeting Julie. Julie is a hypnotist like Lydia. They are good friends. As you can read Lydia and Julie’s stories, it becomes clear they have a hypnotic rivalry. It got out of hand at one point and they had to call a truce. I think Julie won that round although she emerged bruised and battered. Not really, but Lydia did succeed in tricking Julie to obey a command trigger to email nude pictures of herself. I got caught up in the game. Based on command triggers listed in their stories, I triggered both of the girls to send me nude photos of themselves. They eventually found out and were not amused. Not my fault though. I was just playing the game. Julie is incredibly sexy. Also, in reading her stories and in talking to her, it is clear that Julie is every bit as talented as Lydia at hypnosis. I helped plan Julie's revenge on Lydia. I have to say it was a lot of fun to be part of their game.

Then Julie did something I regret. She decided that Lydia no longer needed to play the role of Hypnodomme to several men. She removed any desire to be “Master” over her thralls. I have to say that I was disappointed when this happened. I really didn’t understand it. Lydia wasn’t doing anything evil or unethical to anyone. At least she hadn’t been doing anything unethical to me. We were just having a little clean role playing fun. So, I respected what had happened and gave Lydia her space.  Then Julie tranced Lydia and found the trigger that I had left in her. So much for Lydia desperately wanting to have sex with me again. But could there be other triggers lurking somewhere… I’ll never tell.

A few weeks later I was emailing and talking to Julie. She thought I had known that Lydia had a stroke. I knew Lydia was getting over COVID, but not about the stroke. Fortunately, the doctors got to her quickly and the stroke was mild. I was unaware and devastated by what had happened. Julie did a great job in keeping me informed on what was going on and how Lydia was progressing.

Then I got an email from Lydia. I still had a hook in her subconscious. The thing is some triggers can be very subtle and well-hidden and not so easily discoverable. Lydia still had a desire to see me again. That was not going away. I was excited. I knew the compulsion to meet up with me would build and build until she had to ‘scratch the itch.’ Here I was influencing a prima hypnodomme.

We went back to our daily chats. I enjoyed our relationship flourishing and growing. Six months into our new round of emails I had gone through a lot of changes. I got a promotion at work. Things were going well. Then life kind of fell apart. I went through a crazy divorce and was trying to get my life back in order. I needed order. I thrive in order. Order is what makes the world go round.

Julie is not a hypnodomme in real life. Julie creating a 'religion' around hypnotic subjugation is where this story diverges from reality. What may or may not have happened between me and Daniel is between us. I wrote this chapter at his bequest. It's pretty hot, but 100% fiction.

It was summer and I had to use my vacation time, or I was going to lose it. I couldn’t figure out what I was going to do with my time. I had a week and I knew I didn’t want to sit on the couch watching TV. I was waiting and hoping that Lydia would invite me to fly out and meet her. The emails suggested a compulsion I had embedded in her subconscious might just work. She was unaware of it, although I think Julie suspected something was afoot. Lydia had an idea. “Why don’t you fly out to meet us?” Was it her idea? I'm thinking it was not (evil grin). Julie had already moved to Colorado to join Lydia and Doug on a commune they had started. It was the hippie lifestyle. A lot simpler and not really my cup of tea, but to each their own. I think Doug was wary of me meeting up with Lydia, but Lydia and Julie convinced him I was ok.

So I flew out to see them. They picked me up and took me back to their home. We all enjoyed a nice dinner and were sitting in the living room enjoying an after-dinner drink and chatting. It felt good to finally get some time away and be with some friends.

I had finished my drink and Lydia offered to refill it. As she walked past Doug she bent over and whispered in Doug’s ear. His head slouched forward, and he fell deep into trance. Lydia looked at Julie and they both smiled at each other. I had no idea what was going on.

Lydia came over to me, bent over and kissed me passionately. She looked deep into my eyes and smiled, reaching down between my legs she grabbed my now hard cock and whispered, “Let’s go to my bedroom so you can fuck your master properly.” This was too weird. I had compelled her to invite me for a visit. Now she was compelling me to fuck her. Who was controlling who?

She took me by the hand and led me to her room. Julie followed behind us. We got into the bedroom and Lydia kissed me again. While she kissed me she slowly took off my clothes. Then she slowly kissed and licked her way down my chest, pinching my nipples as she made her way down. She reached my now painfully throbbing cock and put it in her mouth. I never imagined that the suggestions I had given her almost a year ago would still be active. She then pushed me back onto the bed and straddled me. Looking down on me she removed her dress revealing her perfect breasts. She was not wearing panties and her pussy was dripping wet.

I moaned in pleasure as I looked up at her. I have always loved her breasts. She knows it is my weakness and she had used them in the past to anchor me and trance me. She is extremely beautiful. She looked deep into my eyes and grabbed my hard cock and slid it into her tight, wet pussy. We both moaned in pleasure as her hips started to rock back and forth.

I guess our hot sex was getting to Julie. I noticed her wiggle out of her clothes and then whisper something in Lydia’s ear. Then, now naked, Julie came over and laid next to me on the bed. Lydia continued to moan and started to rock harder on me.

“Look at her breasts, aren’t they just perfect?” Julie whispered into my ear.

“Yes” I was able to moan back.

“See the way they move as she rides your cock. Notice how they are so perfect that you can’t take your eyes off of them. Feel her moving up and down on your hard cock, gripping it, milking it. Just keep watching her perfect breasts. Nothing else really matters right now does it?”

“No” I managed to whisper.

Lydia slowly moved her hand down to my throat as she sped up the pace.

“That’s right, nothing matters other than her milking your cock and watching her breasts. You will notice that the more you watch her breasts bouncing up and down, the more hazy your vision becomes, and that’s okay. You are doing so well. The more pleasure you feel the harder it is to think, and you know this is true because it is happening now. It is just easier to listen to my words and to watch her beautiful breasts. As you get ready to cum you know that when you do, you will slip into a deep sleep for me my good boy.

That set bells off in my head. Julie was using Lydia to distract me so she could drop me. I wanted to stop. I whispered “no”.

Julie whispered softly into my ear, “You are going to cum very soon. You can’t help yourself. When you do you will fall deeply asleep. You will know that I control you at that point and you will want to please me any way I see fit.” Julie nodded at Lydia to pick up the pace. Then Julie reached down to feel my penis as it slid in and out of Lydia. She moved to grasp and squeeze my balls. I felt the pressure building up in my sac and I could scarcely contain myself.

“It’s too late for you. You love this pleasure, you love the sound of my voice, you love Lydia’s breasts. I am going to count down from 5 to 1. When I hit 1 you will cum so hard inside Lydia and drop deep for me.”

I tried to resist, but Lydia’s pussy had such a grip on my cock while Julie was squeezing my balls.

5…..feeling all the pleasure rush to your balls

4….feeling your mind go blank as the pleasure builds.

3….your balls wanting to explode

2….So close to cumming and dropping so deep for me.


I screamed out in pleasure and then everything went dark.

Julie typing now.

Ok, I’m not the sweet Julie everyone has come to adore. I’m actually a hypnodomme like Lydia, just not as innocent and naïve. Lydia is like a child living in a woman’s body. She is very smart, but so easily manipulated. That suits my purposes well.

Back to my latest trophy. I smiled as Daniel went ‘lights out’. He had thought he would come here and have his fun with Lydia. What he didn’t recognize is I was the enchantress behind the scenes pulling Doug and Lydia’s strings. Now I would add Daniel to my stable of thralls. And no one would be the wiser. Lydia had taught me so much about the dark underbelly of erotic hypnosis and it was intoxicating. I could see so many possibilities. For now I wielded my magic through my proxies, Lydia and Doug. Since Daniel is also a hypnotist, I would use him from time to time to hypnotize some young lady I wanted to add to my menagerie.

In the meantime, I’m pretty randy after watching these two rabbits go at it. Daniel is deeply hypnotized. I don’t care if he is awake for this, but I need my own orgasm. “Daniel, you are deeply asleep. You love being deeply hypnotized by me. When you obey me, I will bring you exquisite pleasure. You know this to be true and will do anything for me. In a moment I am going to mount you and have my way with you. I know you are limp and drained right now. Don’t worry about that. Mama will fix it. You will remain deep in trance while I fuck you. But you will obey my instructions without thinking and without hesitation. Do you understand?”


“You will refer to me as master at all times. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes master. I’m sorry master.”

“Good boy.”

I reached over and lifted Daniel’s flaccid penis into the air. It had shrunk back down to a little garden snake. I looked over at Lydia and said, “Watch this”

I studied Daniel's flaccid penis. It never ceased to amaze me how a little Vienna sausage could grow to be an intimidating bratwurst. "Lydia, come down here real close to Daniel's little snake. Watch and learn." “Rise up for me NOW, Daniel.” His penis twitched, then jumped. “Your penis is filling with blood. So much blood. Enormous pressure filling it, stretching it till it feels like it will burst. So hard, so big, so thick.” We both rested our chins on our hands mere inches from Daniel's penis. "I'm a snake charmer Lydia and my voice is a hypnotic flute that is going to charm Daniel’s cobra and make it rise up before your eyes."

"You hear my melodic voice Daniel. I am calling your King Cobra to rise up."

I love this part of being a hypnotist. To be able to control autonomic, subconscious bodily functions. Daniel’s snake continued to grow and rise up before our eyes. His snake was, itself, hypnotizing. A dot of precum venom oozed from the snake's mouth. It soon towered over us. A full 8 or 9 inches in length and close to 2 inches in girth. It wavered back and forth, no doubt from the force of blood pulsing through its length. Daniel's cobra paralyzed us with it's hypnotic stare. The snake charmer charmed. I wanted to feel that snake bite. “Wow” Lydia gulped. She sounded far away.

I was well lubricated, but Daniel was bigger than I was used to. I positioned myself over the hissing cobra, waiting for it to strike. Instead, it slithered into my pussy and buried it's head deep in my den as I settled all the way down onto it. I gasped as the snake stretched me, pressing against my cervix. Then my body began to respond to him so deep in me. I felt my vagina tent, my cervix retract in order to give his snake more room. I began to slide up and down on him. I do not remember doing this purposefully. I think my body had a mind of its own. “Make love to me Daniel. You may awaken knowing that your only purpose this instant is to give me the best sex of my life.”

The rest is a blur. As I bounced up and down, the animal magnetism consumed me. I was hypnotized with lust. I came after maybe a minute of this, and Daniel flipped me onto my back. He was a man on a mission, taking no prisoners. He mercilessly pounded my pussy, and I came a second time. My brain was overloaded with raw sexual desire. Then I felt the bite. His one-eyed spitting Cobra, pressed against my cervix, let loose and spit it's venom. The force was such that I felt the heat and pressure of his jism in my uterus. Uh, oh. I was going to get pregnant from this little romp. I was momentarily paralyzed. I didn’t really plan on Daniel cumming in me, but when passion consumes you this deeply you don’t realize what is happening until several seconds after the fact. I slowly came back to reality and thanked Daniel. Wait, I’m his master. Why am I thanking him? It must be some primitive female submissiveness reflex operating from my hindbrain. I guess we are all just animals.

“Ok Daniel, fully awake if you are not already. You did very well. A+.”

I stood up and milky white venom dripped down my leg. Wow. That boy has got it going on. I would need to take a shower after this and take Plan B. I didn’t really like Plan B. It always made me so sick, but pregnancy was not something I wanted right now.

I looked over at Lydia lying on the bed. Daniel's snake, even as it shrank back into its basket, held her in trance. "Snap out of it Lydia!" I leaned over to look deep into her eyes while I kissed her on the lips. “You have done so well my pet. Daniel will make an excellent addition to our family. You have a week to break and brainwash him completely. Do not disappoint me, my pet.”

“Never Master, I will make you proud.”

Lydia, “You know many men on the hypnotic forums you cruise. Who else might you be able to invite up here to join us?”

Lydia volunteered several names.

“Good Lydia. I will also need to add some more females. Shelly, of course, is in the bag. I think as we bring in female clients to be serviced by Doug and Daniel we can hypnotize the pretty and suggestible ones and add them to our family.”

“Yes, Master. Anything I can do to help.”

Ok, Daniel typing here - back ‘online’.

That is how I came to be a permanent resident of the commune. Julie compels all of us to eat a healthy diet and spend each day in a rigorous conditioning program. It was not long before I was in the best shape of my life. I had been pushing 240 lbs at one time. Now I am a lean, mean 180 lbs and buff.

If you have read Lydia’s stories you know her talent is to brainwash and condition the minds of subjects for more permanent servitude. She did a number on me. Two or three weeks later, I didn’t know left from right. I certainly didn’t know how much time had passed. I just knew that obeying Julie, my new master, was all that mattered. I quit my day job as Julie instructed. My job now was stud service. It turns out that Doug is also one of the male drones providing stud service. Lydia and Shelly also serve in that role and it is all orchestrated by Julie.

It was all part of Julie’s master plan. She convinced Lydia to give up controlling her thralls. She offered to help Lydia through hypnosis to move on with her life. But it was the exact opposite. She used that opportunity to drop Lydia deep and to take control of her. Just like me Julie took Doug’s high sex drive and used it to manipulate and brainwash him. They evidently didn’t see it coming either. Julie’s plan worked perfectly. She is now in control and has her drones. She has the control that she convinced everyone she didn’t want.

Julie hasn’t shared all of her plans. I know she plans to build up a group of 50 or so dedicated followers. I asked her about this. I said to her, "It sounds like you are forming a cult." She silenced me and I discovered I was unable to speak for 2 days. When I tried to speak, mumbled syllables came out of my mouth. I couldn’t even apologize for my disloyal behavior. It’s better now and I apologized profusely. I only want her happiness.

We are tasked with recruiting people who can bring certain skills to our family. Like doctors, construction workers, carpenters, and web designers/developers. Sometimes she picks a particularly attractive client for one of us to perform a covert induction on. Julie is careful to interview clients beforehand to make sure that they do not have so much family or other commitments that it would raise undo suspicion if they suddenly left their day to day lives. Doug or I get the female clients, naturally, and Lydia gets the male clients. Julie, of course, hypnotizes select men she wants to enjoy. I must admit, I never expected this. But I worship Julie. I would do anything for her. Lydia is just a friend now. All control that we had over each other has been relinquished to our master.

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