Mind Hack

Meet up

by LydiaSalia

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #dom:male #humiliation #m/f #multiple_partners

This chapter includes some actual email correspondence between myself and a fan. We may have hooked up. I'm not sure now what is real and what is imagined.

Did Daniel leave me with a little post hypnotic suggestion or something? Didn't I make up the Mind Hack story? It didn't really happen did it? I’m not so sure now. We had exchanged many emails. In one of the emails, it seemed like he was accessing some part of my subconscious. I decided to include it here for readers to see if there is a hidden trance word (or two) in it. Like a compulsion maybe. His other emails seemed innocuous enough.

It can be quite disconcerting to discover that your recollection of an event is not totally accurate or not even totally your own memory. I have, on occasion, discovered artificial memories that were ‘suggested’ to me. I am certain that I hypnotized Daniel first. Then I must have allowed him to hypnotize me. I can find no other explanation for some gaps in my memory.

Actual email correspondence between myself and Daniel

The first email was some kind of erotic tale Daniel had decided to send me.

She was a stunning well known HypnoDomme. Experienced in taking even the most Alpha men and slowly conditioning them into pliable play toys.

He was a Alpha male in all aspects of his life. He had to be in control of everything. Goes big or goes home in everything. He was though kind of socially awkward, and very suggestible.

They started chatting through email after he had read some of her stories. She would send him inductions. He did respond so well to her words. He would write her with stories that would send her into a waking trance. Where she would rub and enjoy mind blowing orgasms. 

He was an enigma to her. She was used to suggestible Alpha men. They were so easy for her to control. But he also knew how to sexually, mentally touch her with his words.

Logically it wasn't something she would let continue. She looked on her wall and found the perfect spot to mount the head of another Alpha.

He had made a mistake. He had already fallen into a walking trance. He was easily "persuaded" to take a fully naked photo for her. He was hesitant knowing it wasn't safe to send not only a naked photo, but a naked photo that revealed his face to a complete stranger. She saw his body, she saw his face. He did have a cute face. He was puggy though. She knew though that she could fix that. She knew she could transform his mind and reduce his alpha ego into a new personality. She would also transform his body. He might not have been her typical subject. But there was just something about him. There was something about that magnificent penis that curved in such a way she had to control and own it.

She knew though any good project takes time. She believed in a slow transformation for maximum results. It would take her a year to properly brainwash and condition him. That also gave her time to work on his body.

So it was time to start. 

(A year later)

She was sitting on her couch thinking about the last year. The alpha turned out so well. It didn't take her long to get into his mind and do her work. He didn't stand a chance. Not only did she condition the alpha out of him, but she conditioned his body as well.

It was time to really experience her handiwork. She wanted to enjoy the fruit of her labor. She had spent a year having him send photos and videos of his penis. She had to see it and experience it in person. That penis belonged to her and she was going to enjoy it.

It was time to make arrangements for him to come visit........

I found the words in his email where I think he ‘influenced’ my subconscious. Now I realized it was a year from the date of that email – a year later almost like a it was preordained or a… subconscious command?

And I realized I sent Daniel nude photos of myself. Had he compelled me to do that too? It is all so surreal. To my readers; much of what I write in my stories is fiction or exaggerated. However, my email interactions with Daniel are the real deal. They really happened.

I decided to attend the hypnosis conference named ‘Beguiled’ in Schaumburg Illinois. It was something that a fan on EMCSA (Charlie) had talked about and my curiosity, my desire to attend, had been steadily, relentlessly increasing.

Was that my idea... or Charlie’s... or Daniel’s? Again, looking back now, I just don’t know.

So I booked a room and registered for the convention. No doubt I would get to meet some of the people I had emailed with on EMCSA. I arrived and checked in. I decided to freshen up after a long flight. I filled the tub with hot water and dumped in a packet of bath salts. Luxurious bubbles filled the tub and I laid back and closed my eyes allowing the hot water and slippery bubbles to caress my skin. I thought back to my own little conference, Mind Hack, where Daniel had ambush hypnotized me. I think I made that up as part of the story. But these days with all the emails back and forth, I can’t always distinguish between real and fantasy.

Influencing me like this is not something I think anyone can do to me given the mental defenses I have erected. But shock inductions are effective because they are unexpected. They are a shock. And I am a sucker for a good surprise induction. I remember emailing Daniel on EMCSA. I had hypnotized him and compelled him to send me a nude photograph. I wanted to help him lose weight and be in better shape and we have exchanged several emails. I think he must be a pretty clever hypnotist, because at some point he sent me a message describing how he would take me from behind and how the curve in his penis was the perfect shape to hit my G spot. And I have masturbated to this image on more than one occasion. While I was imagining this now, my hand found its way to my pussy. I began to rub the top of my clitoris. I could feel the moisture in my pussy despite the hot water. I closed my eyes and imagined Daniel taking charge of me. I had been his master, but had he somehow turned the tables on me? I was calling him master and he was having his way with me, pounding me from behind. I could feel his cock striking my cervix or G spot – I wasn’t sure what he was hitting, but I had an amazing orgasm while rubbing myself in the tub. I blinked a few times as I came back to reality. I was breathless and had to take several deep breaths. I think I was holding my breath. Wow I thought to myself. I wonder if Daniel is here at the conference. Does he somehow know I am attending the conference? I think he probably does…

And then I remembered another email he had sent me that had... affected me. He was calling me master, but somehow, I felt like I should call him master. It is all very confusing.

Actual email from EMCSA fan Daniel

See my penis year curves up. It's a unique penis. 

You see Master I get an amazing orgasm when a woman is riding me. My brain and body explode. But Master women prefer when I go in from the back. Not as a sign of dominance, but because of the pleasure they get. You see Master because my penis curves up perfectly, it really slides in perfectly. When a tight wet pussy opens up to it, it feels really good to them. And what feels so good to them is when my curved penis hits and rubs that g-spot in just the right spot. Most of the time I don't even need to grab the hips and thrust my way in. The extreme pleasure the female feels just causes them to buck and grind their hips against me. Grinding so hard knowing my penis is just going to rub on that g-spot. It usually doesn't take long for them to have that first orgasm. Then they seem to grind even harder on my penis. Then they realize they can rub their clit at the same time. The moans they make when they do that are so hot. So they rub and hump faster until they cum again harder. Some are done after that. Others keep rubbing and humping because it feels so good to them. So the rub and hump harder. Until they cum again so hard. Then if they are dominant, they will pull themselves out and push me on my back. They will slide down on my hard cock and ride. Usually with one hand on my throat and one rubbing their clit. Locking eyes as they hump harder and squeeze my throat. Then as they get ready to cum again, squeezing my throat wanting me to count down with them so we cum together. 3....2...1 cumming so hard together as I gasp for air and unload my cum.

Fuck, rereading this email makes me hot each time. I think I am just too damn suggestible. I finished my bath and decided to dress exotically (erotically) for the evening. Maybe I would run into a fan of my stories. I put on the same Kendra plunge dress I had described wearing in a story I wrote named ‘Beguiled’. It was form fitting and complemented my curves. A little ‘Hypnotic Poison’ perfume between my breasts, some ruby red lipstick and blush and I perfectly embodied the ‘sultry’ look.

I ventured down to the hotel bar and two men waved at me to come over. One of them I didn’t recognize. The other looked a little like Daniel, but he was no longer overweight. In fact, he looked pretty much perfect. “Hi Lydia. I’m so glad you were able to make time to come to the conference, but somehow I already knew you would be here.” That was a curious thing to say I thought.

“Yes, I’m Daniel. About 50 pounds lighter than the pictures I sent you and with a lot of muscle filling out all the right places now. Sitting next to me is someone else you know. Remember Charlie?” I did remember him. That was Charlie. He was a pretty well-known hypnotist in the hypnofetish community.

The following is a bit hazy, but I’m recreating the encounter the best that I can remember.

It was at about that moment that Daniel pulled an iPhone out of his pocket and turned it on. He told me to look at an app that displayed a dizzying array of colors that swirled in and out from the center in various pretty ways. It was the brain drain app, but for real! He must have written a program. I was unable to look away. I don't know why. Maybe Daniel was compelling me? Daniel was speaking to me, but I couldn’t make out the words. The colors were just so captivating.

The next thing I remember was slowly opening my eyes in my room. Daniel and Charlie slowly came into focus. I was lying on my bed. Before me were Daniel and Charlie, both naked.

Daniel spoke, "I get first dibs"

I decided to speak up and tell him I get a say in this. But... strange words came out of my mouth. I thought to say, 'You do NOT have my consent to fuck me.'

But what I said was, "You have my consent to fuck me."

Holy fuck. I think my eyes grew wide with the realization that he was compelling me to give consent! I really, really did not want this, but then he said, "Lydia, you are becoming soaking wet for me. You want to fuck more than anything you have ever wanted. Now turn around and pooch your ass out for me."

I complied. I had no ability to resist. I just obeyed. Jesus. I felt my juices flowing. I pushed my ass out for him. I was not in control of my own body. Although I was suddenly very aroused, I wanted it to be consensual – to be on my terms. I was no one’s puppet. Please stop! I thought to say, but instead I said, "Please, don’t stop!”

He was recording all this with his phone. If I should later object or try to file charges, it would look like it was a consensual act and that I had changed my mind after the fact. I was pissed. But my anger seemed to dissipate and then vanish for some reason.

I recall him saying, “Lydia, I know you are distraught. I can see it in your eyes. I know you are a good girl and loyal wife, but I also know how badly you want my penis. My penis is all that matters. You crave it and must have it.” 

Daniel placed his erect penis against my box. I could feel it throbbing. Suddenly there was nothing more important in the world than having his thick penis in my snatch. As he entered me something in my brain snapped. This time I asked him to please fuck me. I begged him. “Please fuck my pussy. I need you inside me so bad!”

He soon was slapping my thighs and I was screaming in delight. I wanted to last, to enjoy him longer, but I couldn't stop the orgasm that was building inside me. I soon let out a long howl of pleasure. It was so good. I felt him squirting his cum against the back of my vagina and cervix and it caused my orgasm to continue, matching his.

Daniel rolled off of me and instructed me to clean up in the bathroom. I was on autopilot and obeyed without a thought. I remember saying "Thank you master." I had to be hypnotized. What else could explain this? Although fucking these two was a treat and a privilege. I was so thankful.

The shower had a handheld shower wand. Daniel was watching as I stepped into the shower. "Use the detachable shower head to give yourself a douche and wash out my sperm. Charlie is going to want you fresh. "Yes, of course, master."

I remember wondering why I had thought to resist at first when I so clearly wanted them both. I no longer minded Daniel and Charlie fucking me. It seemed right. It was like I had two personalities. Submissive Lydia and hypnodomme Lydia. Daniel had a direct line to submissive Lydia.

I returned to the room and began kissing Charlie as instructed. I reached down and grasped his erection. I could feel his penis throbbing in my hand. I needed him. I bent over the bed and pushed my ass up at him, so he had a good view and access to my pussy. As he entered me I let out an audible gasp. Charlie was soon humping me. I wanted it harder and I told him so. He grabbed me by my hair and pulled my head back as he fucked me roughly. It was amazing. Then he hooked his finger in my mouth and pulled my mouth back. He knew lots of sexual tricks and I found it exciting. As I felt myself nearing orgasm, I realized he was choking me. It just made me more excited. And then just as I was cumming he choked me harder and the orgasm multiplied tenfold in intensity as a rushing sound filled my ears and darkness closed in from each side of my vision. I awoke on my back with my legs up around Daniel's neck. He had entered me again and was pumping me steadily. When he realized I was fully conscious, he began choking me and I felt myself ebb in and out of consciousness. The feeling of his penis filling me is hard to describe. Endorphins were flooding my brain. How good did it feel? Well, imagine the best ice cream sundae you have ever had or an amazing trip on Ecstasy. It was better than that. It was something I could get real used to. Daniel came again and I closed my legs around him. My reticence from earlier was replaced now with a deep desire that he stay buried in me. But all good things must come to an end. I tenderly kissed Daniel and Charlie and thanked them for such wonderful love making.

We made love each evening after the conference. Charlie and Daniel took turns like perfect gentlemen. And then the conference was over. It happened too soon. I said my goodbyes as tears welled up in my eyes. Daniel looked genuinely concerned. "I'm going to miss you... both of you." We gave each other one last embrace and then I turned to head to my gate. Flying home I replayed the events in my mind. Why had I wanted to resist Daniel and Charlie at first? They were such perfect gentlemen, but also such... studs. They were as addicting as Tim and Jeff had been in my story Beguiled, but with good intentions and love in their heart. I would figure out a way to see them again soon. I couldn't wait a full year for the next conference.

Addendum 8/20/2021: Ok. Did this really happen? I am rereading this story many months after I wrote it.  My memory regarding this is very confused. And the fact that I cannot fully trust my memories makes me uneasy.  I am guessing this did not happen, however it is possible that I was hypnotized and my submissive alter ego manifested. I know for a fact that Daniel hypnotized me. I just don’t know how far He took it. For those who don’t know me, My tendency to go so deeply in trance may, in fact, be a manifestation of a dissociative disorder.

This is Julie Adams.

Lydia had a late COVID complication and suffered a stroke in the early morning hours of Dec 26, 2020. Her hospital discharge papers said it is a “left hemisphere ischemic stroke presumed to be due to a COVID coagulopathy”. The doctors were able to retrieve the clot with a stent wire. There are numerous articles describing this new risk of the virus. https://www.thelancet.com/article/S1474-4422(20)30272-6/fulltext Don't worry, we are over the hump and she is getting better each day.

This chapter 3 was written before Lydia's stroke and seems a little over the top to me. I suspect Daniel did get through to Lydia's subconscious. In email correspondence with him just now, he confirms that he had indeed dropped Lydia into a waking trance in his various emails. He probably has an active trigger in her. I will have to search for this and disable it.

Email sent by me (Julie) to Charlie

She's doing better each day. She has several unpublished stories on her computer. Some near completion, others need plot development. As part of her therapy Doug and I are going to help her polish and publish one every week or two. Chapter 3 of Mind Hack needs to be finished and it is good therapy for her to use her imagination. I’m assuming chapters 1 and 2 are pure fiction. She did attend Beguiled, but she didn’t mention she hooked up with anyone. Can you shed any light on this?

Thank you,


My email (Julie) sent to Daniel

I just replied to Charlie. Small world. I'll copy over the email I sent to him. Daniel, did you trance her at some point? In the story she intimates that your words are strongly sexually stimulating. Did you and Charlie hook up with her at Beguiled?

email reply from Daniel

Yes, I dropped her a couple times. The fact is we are both good hypnotists. The other fact is that we are equally good subjects and could easily drop each other. She wants to fly out to meet me to hook up. After she recovers fully from the stroke, we can re-explore that option. I do miss her.  As for Beguiled, if anything happened, it was purely consensual.


Comment from Doug

This story clearly reflects that Lydia has been compromised by some people on EMCSA. As Julie reminds me, Lydia has 'compromised' a lot of people on this site, so I guess she had some payback coming. At least some of her fans have influenced her with text commands. That needs to stop!

Lydia is responding well to OT and speech therapy and we hope to have her back to 100% or near 100% in the next few months.

Lydia typing – I have since fully recovered.

During this time I was not altogether here. I had a late COVID complication - a minor stroke, from which I have since fully recovered. Like me, Daniel likes to switch. Submissive, then dominant. It's a peculiar thing about hypno kink. Daniel definitely got inside my head. A few hypnotists on the various forums I cruise have gotten into my head. But not any farther. Except maybe Daniel. I'm not entirely sure about him. And another hypnotist, DavidL, had some fun with me. I can't always trust my memory.  Daniel asked me (or compelled me) to write the final chapter where Julie was made into a diabolical mastermind. I am no longer in contact with Daniel. Julie and Doug believe he probably had some fun with me while I was under his influence. Maybe so. I do find myself aroused when I read a story he has sent me or look at a video or picture of him displaying 'the Full Monty'. Aroused even though he is a bit on the heavy side. At least in the pic I have. In real life he has lost weight and looks pretty enticing. But I'm not sure that is even real. I think the 'in real life' is just a dream I had. I'm not sure.

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