Mind Hack

Damn, Daniel

by LydiaSalia

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #dom:male #humiliation #m/f #multiple_partners

Lydia gets bushwacked. Well, not literally and she doesn't sport a bush, so I guess not figuratively either.

I called for the three in the group that seemed to have drifted into a light waking trance during the demonstration. A powerful hypnosis demonstration will often trance your subjects for you. Debbie, Susan and Eddie were instructed to come to the front.

I began, “I happen to know all of you are decent hypnotists if somewhat new to the scene. Ladies, earlier this morning I met Eddie in the lobby and imbued him with my rapid induction superpower. He can drop you into deep trance just by putting his hand on your shoulder and demanding that you sleep for him. Both girls redirected their attention to Eddie. They stared at him, waiting to drop.

Eddie was also new to hypnosis, but they didn’t know that. I had tranced him earlier and given him ‘superpower’ confidence. That, and a good imagination, was all you really needed. Eddie figured out where I was going with this. He put his hand firmly on Debbie’s shoulder, firmly fixing her in place. “Look directly into my eyes Debbie.”

Superpower confidence—Watch Mandel triangle at 33:20* ( https://youtu.be/XMtiIW4Aawc )

Debbie complied. She was barely hanging on. “SLEEP NOW! he commanded. Debbie dropped. He did this again with Susan and she was similarly entranced.

I looked at Eddie and said, “you ready to have some fun with them? They signed releases so everything is fair game.”

Eddie was a little horn dog. He had the girls undress and lay down on the bed. He instructed them to spread their legs. They didn’t know this would happen to them. They thought they were flying in for a workshop I was conducting on different induction techniques with a brief introduction to hypnoeroticism. The ladies were amateur hypnotists. They had no idea how far they would go this weekend. Fortunately they had signed a full release without reading the fine print.

Eddie didn’t seem to know where to take this.

I intervened, “Debbie and Susan, you will awaken when I snap my fingers. You are unable to close your legs or move in any meaningful way except to respond to the pleasure that will soon be overwhelming your senses. As you are stimulated, you will fall even deeper under Eddie’s control. You may speak, but you may not scream or cry.

The one remaining male who I had not yet hypnotized was watching with keen interest. Steve will be joining Eddie, I announced to the group. They are going to begin pleasuring you soon. I have previously interviewed you under hypnosis and I know what I am doing to you is something you would never do, never consider. But I control you now completely. And Eddie, working under my direction, controls you completely. You cannot disobey either of us. My control is absolute, and you understand this.” I snapped my fingers and they both awoke as I had previously instructed.

Debbie looked over at Susan. Both looked genuinely terrified. Debbie was in her mid-thirties, slightly overweight, but with nice, full breasts. Her pussy looked like a pussy that had popped out a few kids. Susan was younger, thinner, and more attractive. But looks were in the eye of the beholder.

Eddie now knew what to say, “Susan, spread your legs very wide for me.”

Susan obeyed instantly. She had a cute pussy. I thought to myself, I wouldn’t mind enjoying some of that later myself.

I spoke again, “Ladies, I know you are generally inhibited, and this is the last place you ever expected to find yourself. Know this, before this weekend is over, you will be mine. Nothing else will matter in the world other than pleasing me. How do you feel about that?”

Susan was the first to respond. “But I have a fiancée. And I’m enrolled to begin law school in the fall.”

“Yes, that is a problem for you” I said. “But not for me”

Debbie had resigned herself to her plight, having struggled to raise herself off the bed without success. “I’m married. I have a son and daughter. They need their mother.”

“You will still see them.” I said. “In fact you will not even remember this.”

I looked over at Steve. “Steve, why don’t you come over here and show Debbie what you’ve got.” He didn’t need any coaxing. He knelt between Debbie’s legs.

“Please” she pleaded. “I’m scared.”

Steve said, “I promise I will be gentle. Just let yourself relax. Let yourself enjoy this. Close your eyes and imagine that I am your perfect lover.”

Debbie closed her eyes. She remained tensed up for several minutes, her legs quivering. And then her legs started to separate and relax. Steve dutifully licked around the edges of her labia and the bottom of her vulva before darting his tongue in and out of her pussy. Her previous reticence had evaporated. She began to lift her hips to him and faint moans began to escape from her mouth.

“When you are ready Steve, you may mount her.", I encouraged.

Steve was taking instructions even though he wasn’t in trance. That was part of establishing authority over your ‘students’.

Steve knew what he was doing. Debbie soon had her legs wrapped around him as he pummeled her. She came first. It was a long orgasm, punctuated by a low guttural moan, followed with many ‘thank yous.’ Steve soon had a pleasing orgasm and thanked me.

I looked at Eddie. “Tell Susan what you want her to do. She is compelled to obey you.”

Eddie instructed Susan to undress him and place her mouth around his cock. She was awake, but she was compelled to obey. Sitting on the edge of the bed she began to suck and rub Eddie. She was quite skilled. Maybe I could pick up some pointers. Eddie was edging very close. He pulled her off his cock and laid her back down on her back. He pulled her legs up and told her to hold them up against her chest. Her pussy was glistening with excitement. He entered her and she instinctively let go of her legs and grasped him, holding him in her pussy.

“Oh my god Eddie. You feel so good.”

Eddie was soon slapping her thighs with his thrusts. It wasn’t long before they both had nice orgasms.

I told the rest of the group to gather round, to watch and listen.

“Eddie dropped both girls into a deep trance only 15 minutes ago. What you did not realize is that he is a total newbie to hypnosis. What he demonstrated was confidence. Something I imparted to him. Both Debbie and Susan are far more proficient at hypnosis than Eddie.”

Susan’s mouth dropped to the floor.

“Susan, your turn.”

Susan stood up, placed her thumb firmly against Eddie’s forehead and commanded him to sleep. He dropped as I expected he would.

Susan decided she wanted Eddie to clean up her ass and pussy with his tongue. She felt a little irritated that she had been so easily duped by him. “Eddie, position your mouth over my pussy as I push out the sperm you deposited in me.” Eddie had no choice but to obey.

Eddie opened his mouth and collected the sperm as it was presented to him. “Good boy. Slurp that all up and swallow it.”

Susan lifted her legs up over her shoulders presenting her anus to Eddie. “Now clean my ass Eddie.”

Eddie swirled his tongue around her asshole. She looked clean to me. Certainly, after a minute of this she was.

Satisfied Susan instructed him to wake up. He opened his eyes with his tongue in her anus. It took a moment to dawn on him and he bolted up. “What the fuck!”

I touched his forehead. “It’s ok Eddie, you enjoyed it.”

Now it was George’s turn. George was one of my early conquests. He worked in the casino industry. He had a military haircut and a nice package. “How have you been George.”

“I have been a good obedient thrall for you master.”

“Good boy. I want you to undress Betsy and kneel between her legs.

“Wait a minute!” protested Betsy. “I didn’t agree to this!”

“Not yet”, I said.

I held my finger in front of her eyes. She suddenly became very quiet, staring intently at my upheld finger. I slowly moved my finger towards the center of her forehead. Her eyes crossed ever so briefly and began to waver. “SLEEP” I commanded, and she dropped.

“Drop very deep for me Betsy. You feel wonderful. Falling deep for me makes you feel so good. Euphoria permeates you. Every crevice filled with arousal and excitement.”

I imagined her juices were already flowing. “Betsy, you are a beautiful woman. You are very desirable, and you feel so sexy. It makes you so hot to think that men are always undressing you with their eyes. You are becoming so aroused. Soon you won’t be able to stand it. This arousal will just continue to build until you must find relief. I will awaken you in a moment and you will realize you are so horny you can’t stand it.”

I smiled to myself. Her hand had drifted down to the front of her dress. She was lightly touching herself.

“I wonder how wet she is. Wake up on the count of 3 Betsy. 1,2,,3 wake up.

Betsy was standing there with her hand over her crotch.

Betsy looked around and saw George. She grabbed his hand and led him to a free bed. George helped her undress, and she pulled his pants down. She wasn’t complaining now. She took George in her mouth and began to enthusiastically deep throat him. This lasted until George decided he had to have her. He pushed her back on the bed and spread her legs. He reached down and stuck two fingers in her pussy. An audible moan escaped from her mouth. “She’s soaking wet” George exclaimed to the group.

George mounted her. Each thrust elicited a high-pitched mew. Soon she was bucking, her hips matching each of his thrusts. They came together after another minute.

All this sex was getting me flushed...flustered. I felt like I was missing out on the fun. I guess it must have been obvious to the group that they were getting to me. I turned to see Daniel standing right behind me. He surprised me, as I caught my breath. He towered over me. Then he grabbed me by my shoulders and lifted me slightly off the ground. He was strong. I remember feeling anxious… thinking, ‘what is…?  Then I heard a rushing in my ears.

It was a 2-day workshop. I completed the 2nd day, reviewing some covert induction techniques. I did notice some knowing winks and stares among the attendees the following day. What did they know that I didn’t?

I assumed it was sexual excitement that seemed to permeate the air. Everyone thanked me for a wonderful workshop. That is what erotic hypnosis is all about.

When I got back home, I transferred the video file from the video camera I had set up for the workshop. It recorded everything. I watched Daniel come up behind me. What is he doing? I watched as my head dropped to my chest on the video. Wtf?

He had been studying and he had learned a thing or two. I probably shouldn’t have volunteered to the group that I was extremely suggestible and easily hypnotized. Fuck. Now what?

Apparently, he was sufficiently mortified by his forced exhibitionism, that he decided to go for broke and see if I really was as susceptible as I have claimed. I am that suggestible and susceptible. He just had to find the right moment when I was distracted to come up behind me and do a shock, ambush induction.

When I had turned, Daniel surprised me by grabbing me by the shoulders, and squeezing them together briefly taking my breath away. It was definitely a shock that I was not expecting. When he lifted me off the ground in such a domineering fashion and forcefully commanded me to sleep, I crumpled. 

This expression of dominance and, for want of another word, confidence, is frequently all it takes for an aggressive male to exert dominance over a female (and vice versa).

As I watched the video, my head dropped. I was out cold. Typical me, I sighed. Daniel gave me instructions—I assumed deepening suggestions. After several minutes he tested the depth of my trance. He held a flame under my downward facing palm. I did not flinch nor move. He turned my palm over and you could make out the redness and beginning of a blister. That fuck had burned me. That’s going too far. But it didn’t hurt for some reason. I was solidly in an Esdaile state—considered the deepest trance achievable. With the realization that I was extremely deep, Daniel had newfound confidence. He instructed me to remove my clothes. I was soon naked. Later looking at this I marveled at his induction. “Daniel, I didn’t know you had it in you.”

Daniel walked me over to the bed. Everyone was watching with rapt attention. After undressing – this time of his own accord, he laid down on his back and positioned me between his legs.

“Lydia, it was humiliating to be forced to masturbate in front of the group. You feel bad about doing this to me and want to make it up to me. You want to do anything I request. You want to do this because I am now your master and you desperately wish to please me. Do you understand?”

I heard myself on the video intone, “Yes master.”

“You will now lovingly suck my cock and balls and you will do so enthusiastically.”

“Yes master.” I carried out his commands exactly as instructed. I was licking the underside of his penis, rolling his balls around in my mouth, then moving my tongue to lick between his balls and his anus. This continued for some time. I was milking him with my hand as I sucked him ardently. Finally satisfied, he had me lay down on the bed and hold my legs up for him.

“You are going to enjoy this. You will remember that my penis is uniquely curved and has the ability to bring you to an incredible, earth shaking orgasm. But your conscious mind will not remember this until you receive a command from me to remember. Do you understand.”

I said “Yes master” on the camera video. He began licking me and it was not long before I was moaning loudly. An orgasm soon followed. I am prone to premature orgasm, but at least I am multi-orgasmic. Daniel stood up. He had a massive hard on. He slid himself into my pussy which I could see on the camera was dripping wet. Despite his considerable weight advantage, he could barely stay in the saddle. I was bucking wildly, raising my hips and arching my back to meet each of his thrusts. He then flipped me over onto my stomach and took me from behind. I was pretty loud. I'm surprised no one reported our room to the front desk. I came loudly again, a second time. Then Daniel came. Normally I would assume he was depleted from masturbating, but he found new sperm reserves. When he was finally done and pulled out, the dam broke, and a cascade of white jism spilled out of me. Shame I did not remember any of this, but it was plain as day on the video.

Watching this now, I felt myself flush. I suddenly wanted to feel his cock inside me. I was suddenly, incredibly horny. I masturbated as I imagined him taking me from behind and pile driving his magnificent cock into me. He had a cock that curved up and I could feel him slapping my G spot. I bucked and gyrated against the imaginary penis and then I came. It was such a sweet and satisfying orgasm. I had dripped all over the bedsheets. I would need to change these before Doug got home.

Then I spotted the video camera recording the masturbation performance I had just given. I took the USB memory drive out of the video camera, downloaded it into my computer and transferred it to a cloud drive as Daniel had instructed me. That seemed a perfectly reasonable thing to do. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, a message popped in my head, “Remember” and I remembered the orgasms he had given me. The memory, the feelings were accentuated, maybe because I was in trance? Either that or he was quite a skilled lover.

Then I remembered to look at the palm of my hand. There was a red fluid filled blister from where he had held the lighter under my palm. This really had happened, but I still felt no pain. The power of deep trance in me was undeniable.

And then I thought to myself, I enjoy switching roles. I enjoy being submissive for Daniel. Wait, what? Shake your head girl and wake up. Shit.

I went to my desk and retrieved the performance reviews that I had left for the students to complete. I had a little hidden command trigger surprise in store for them.

It began with;

WAKING TRANCE NOW”. Very, very deep. You love going deep for me. You trust me completely because you know I only want the best for you. Only I can bring this deep level of bliss to you. Take a deep breath for me and as you breathe out, feel a wave of relaxation wash over your body. You who are looking at the screen right now, you will slowly and carefully read each word aloud.”

“I am in deep trance. I am hypnotized and it feels so good to obey.”

I continued reading, but the original words I wrote are somehow different. When did I write this?

“I cannot resist Daniel’s commands. His words are my thoughts, my thoughts are his words. After I have an orgasm, I will email Daniel and tell him about my experience. I am compelled to obey Daniel. Now I will slowly wake up, come back to reality, and do as I have been instructed.”

I thought Daniel would like to know about the orgasm I just had, so I emailed him the details.

Was I compelled to go to the Hypnosis conference Beguiled in Schaumburg, IL? I didn't think so at the time, but in retrospect, maybe I was compelled.

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