90 Mind Hack

Mind Hack Workshop

by LydiaSalia

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #dom:male #humiliation #m/f #multiple_partners

Lydia conducts a Mind Hack workshop. Invited are 8 amateur hypnotists. She demonstrates various methods of coercing sex in hypnotized subjects before, herself, being hypnotically coerced into sex. Unfortunately for Lydia, is doesn't end there. Correspondence with a workshop attendee results in her desire to hook up later. There is some actual email correspondence to this effect.

This culminates in a final chapter of hypnotic subjugation with a surprising twist. The story is told by several different participants. Very hot. What part is true. What part is imagined... or just a good yarn.

This story contains scenes of explicit sexuality. It is not intended for viewing by minors. If you have not reached the age of majority in your area then please do not proceed.

All characters and situations depicted in this story are fictional. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

My stories are written in a style referred to as 'suspension of disbelief'
I 'break the fourth wall' frequently to draw my readers into a psuedo reality/fantasy designed to build the eroticism of the story and the characters. I often include actual email correspondence with my readers.

This story contains scenes of explicit sexuality. It is not intended for viewing by minors. If you have not reached the age of majority in your area then please do not proceed.

All characters and situations depicted in this story are fictional. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

Copyright @ 2021 Lydia Salia

Good morning class!

I had gathered 8 men and women for a small, intimate workshop on hypnosis that I was conducting in San Francisco. This was a mind hack with hypnoeroticism as a core element. I had already done the heavy lifting of hypnotizing this group of amateur hypnotists on one of the forums I frequented. They were compelled to come to San Francisco for my workshop, but they didn’t realize that. I required privacy for the workshop and demonstrations I would be conducting, so I had reserved a hotel room with a two-bedroom suite and a large sitting area.

“Hi everyone. My name is Lydia. Some of you met me and know me from EMCSA where I used to publish before I was banned.  Apparently, one of my stories was deemed too ‘authentic.’ Commune Life convinced some readers and the admin on EMCSA that my friend and I were being sex trafficked by my husband Doug. We are not. All sex is consensual.

I will refresh everyone’s memory if you don’t know who I am. My name is Lydia Salia. I’m 25, a hypnodomme and I a master hypnotist. I am an excellent hypnotist, but I’m also very suggestible and an excellent subject. I will tell you that one of the reasons I have honed my skills in hypnosis was to learn how to protect myself from unscrupulous hypnotists. At the innocent age of 18 I found myself ‘in training’ under the control of an evil man. I eventually escaped from that unfortunate situation, but I learned a lot. I learned how easily we can all be manipulated. How easily we can be controlled and made to believe what we are told to believe. I will be controlling you at this conference. And you will be controlling some of your fellow attendees. And you will be controlled by some of your fellow attendees. This will all be under my watchful eye, so you are perfectly safe. We will create suspension of disbelief while hypnotized and I will ask you to step outside of your normal comfort zones.

“My superpower is rapid hypnotic induction. I will teach you rapid inductions using various techniques including the Erickson handshake, arm levitation and the Elman induction. Two of these are named after famous hypnotists. We will also cover covert induction techniques, text trance, waking trance, command triggers and I will touch on massage and ASMR. You will practice on one another and you will be amazed at what you are capable of under trance. I will begin today’s session with a demonstration of my hypnotic skills. Two of my followers here today, George and Daniel, are very deeply under my control. I’ll ask you to hold your questions until after my demonstrations.

“I will demonstrate my level of control over Daniel first.” Four women and three men sat in chairs I had arranged the chairs facing the front of the room. My small audience watched with rapt attention. I had motioned for Daniel to stand at the front facing the group. I turned my back to him and snapped my fingers once.

“Daniel goes into waking trance easily and doesn’t even realize he is in trance.” Daniel looked perfectly aware and alert as he began to undress. Soon he was standing naked before the group.

“Daniel, does it feel cold in here to you?”

“Maybe a little drafty master.”

“Notice how he says ‘master’ when he addresses me. This is conditioned behavior that he accepts as perfectly normal conversational English. He doesn’t even realize he has said it unless I point it out.”

“Daniel, it feels drafty because you are naked.”

Daniel looked down and moved to cover up. He was suddenly self-conscious and visibly nervous. That was because he was still awake. He was naked because he was following a post hypnotic suggestion that I activated when I snapped my fingers. I decided to take him out of his misery. I lifted my hand above his eyes. He instinctively raised his eyes to watch my hand. Then, I lowered my hand. As his eyes followed my hand down, I said, “Sleep for me Daniel.” His eyes closed and he was in LaLa land — motionless and calm. All evidence of his nervousness vanished. His hands relaxed to his sides exposing his flaccid penis for all to see.

“Watch this”, I instructed the group.

Daniel was a bit overweight. I estimated he weighed 240 lbs in the buff.

"Watch Daniel's penis. Daniel, your penis is soon going to be engorged with blood. You are not much of a shower, but you are one hell of a grower.”

The group watched in amazement. “I control your autonomic functions. Your body responds to me perfectly. Blood is starting to flow into your penis. You are becoming so aroused, so horny. Your heart is pumping vigorously, and the blood is filling your penis under enormous pressure.”

Daniel’s penis came alive. It went from a smallish 4″ to a healthy 8″ before everyone’s eyes. One of the ladies exclaimed, “Don’t give him a heart attack.”

Daniel’s penis was at full attention, sticking straight out. One could do pull ups on it.

I surveyed the small group. Betsy was perhaps the most flushed and most influenced by my demonstration. I would drop her first.

Betsy, please stand up here before the group and tell us about yourself.

Betsy seemed a little shy. She looked to either side, then timidly walked to the front. I ushered her to stand next to Daniel.

“Now Betsy, before you begin, look directly into my eyes. Take a deep breath.”

She responded automatically. I held her hands in mine at chest level. As I commanded “SLEEP!", I dropped her hands.

This is the Erickson handshake induction.

Her eyes closed. She was out. “I just induced a trance in Betsy with a rapid induction. There are hundreds of variants. I knew Betsy would drop instantly, so I did not need to drag out the induction. Distraction or a shock element were not needed. Just a nice, relaxed, rapid induction. By her mannerisms, I had already ascertained that she would enter trance easily. Betsy, I am placing your hand on Daniel’s penis. You will hold it in your hand as you talk to the group. You will be unaware that you are doing so.”

I placed her hand on his penis and wrapped her fingers around his shaft.

“It is your job as you tell us about yourself not to allow his penis to get soft. You will not be consciously aware of your hand or Daniel’s penis, but your hand will tug and stroke him as necessary to maintain his erection.”

Betsy displayed no awareness that anything was unusual or out of the ordinary. “I am going to ask the group to please be respectful and not snicker or make any gestures to alert Betsy’s conscious mind to what she is doing.”

“Open your eyes Betsy, fully awake.”

Betsy’s eyes fluttered open and she began to tell the group about herself.

“I’m learning about hypnosis. I think it is fascinating how you can make people do things and be unaware of what they are doing. I am a student at Berkeley studying marketing. I have a boyfriend and we plan to get married this fall.”

While she talked, her hand seemingly of its own volition, tugged back and forth on Daniel’s penis. She was oblivious to what she was doing.

“Very good Betsy. Thank you, you may return to your seat.”

Betsy took a step, but then realized her hand was stuck to something. She looked down but did not recognize what was wrong. Her conscious mind had been blocked to what she was doing.

“Here let me.” I grasped her hand and unwrapped her fingers from Daniel’s penis and directed her to sit down.

She demonstrated no awareness of anything wrong or different.

“Daniel, open your eyes and wake up.”

He appeared somewhat dazed. Then he looked down, realized he was still naked and became self-conscious again. He moved his hands to hide his erection.

“Daniel, relax your hands to your sides.”

They returned to his sides, once again exposing his manhood.

Your penis is throbbing Daniel. You are so horny you can’t stand it. Obeying your master makes you this way and you are going to jerk yourself off because your master commands it.”

Daniel began tugging himself. He was obviously self-conscious and uncomfortable standing naked in front of the group sporting an erection, but he was compelled to obey.

I instructed him to recite a mantra of his obedience to me, his master, as he masturbated in front of the group. His attention was focused on following his instructions and he soon was no longer anxious.

“Thank you master for controlling me. I love obeying you. I love you. Thank you master” as he continued building momentum and pleasure, tugging his penis faster and faster. He was nearing orgasm for me, his ministrations becoming more urgent, “I obey master. I love my master. Yes master, thank you master. I obey my master. Thank you master. I obey my master.”

“Ohhhhhh, I’m cumming for you master...”

He ejaculated and I had to take a sidestep to avoid being sprayed.

“Very good Daniel. I am very happy with you. I decided to wake Daniel up. Once again, as he became aware of his surroundings, he moved to cover up. I handed him his clothes and he rather sheepishly dressed. I turned my attention to the group.

They sat there wide eyed, some their mouths hanging open, all in varying degrees of awe and fascination. I could see that the power of the demonstration had already dropped one of the other men and two of the ladies into light trance. Debbie and Susan were two amateur hypnotists who I had compelled to fly in for the meeting. I had hypnotized them on EMCSA with a simple waking trance message hidden in one of my stories.

“WAKING TRANCE for me now.

It was a powerful trigger. Few could resist it. Although my readers’ eyes would remain open, they were compelled to obey my instructions. They didn’t even have to think about it. Their bodies reacted automatically. For instance, I could suggest that your right arm was suddenly obeying me. I could suggest that your right arm was becoming lighter than air and it was rising up all on it’s own. And this just happens without any conscious effort—just like yours is now. Just rising higher and higher. No thought. And as it goes higher, you are falling deeper into trance. Deeper under my control....

Your arm is floating by your side. You are amazed. You are hypnotized. You are in a waking trance... It feels so good to be hypnotized by me. You feel so wonderful, so perfectly relaxed and happy. At the end of this story you will leave a comment and describe how your arm responded to becoming lighter than air. You are compelled to do this. Now let your arm return to your side.

On the count of 5 you will come out of waking trance. 1,2 coming back, 3,4 feeling so good, 5 fully awake.

I have, of course, received many emails by readers who were shocked that their arms floated up. To the uninitiated, that is an example of suggestion…. of waking trance. You can be hypnotized. In fact, you were just hypnotized. Pretty cool, huh?

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