Mansplaining Misogynists and Hypnodommes - Not a good mix!

Rashid messes with the wrong bitch

by LydiaSalia

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #dom:male #f/f #m/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #bondage #drones #exhibitionism #humiliation #multiple_partners #sub:male

Muslim men tend to think less of women. This presents problems for me when I'm trying to take a strong alpha Muslim male. But I'm anything if not determined and creative in my machinations.

I showered and dressed in my sexiest dress. It was a deep V cut black dress that left little to the imagination. Hypnotic poison was the perfume I selected. With a name like that, how could I have chosen otherwise? Dark red lipstick, blush and mascara and I was dazzling. He would be unable to resist my feminine charms. I would need this and every other weapon I possessed to breach his mental defenses. He had already resisted a straightforward balloon levitation suggestibility test. I love to use those to sneak in a covert induction, but I would have to think of something else. I had thought of something else.

I arrived at his home on time. This was a second, or third or fifth home for all I knew. There seemed no limit to his extravagance. I thought of all the less fortunate that could benefit from all this money and it made me sick. All the more motivation. He was going to fall to my wiles God willing.

Rashid answered the door on the second ring. He bowed down and kissed my hand. He was so charming. Too bad it was all a facade. He reached up and cupped my breast.

I held his hand against my breast, smiled and said, "Could we relax first. Maybe have a glass of wine?"

"Yes, of course Lydia. Do you know you exude a certain feminine mystique? An aura of lasciviousness if you will.

What is this guy, a walking English dictionary? Again, with the largesse in compliments. Did he think that would make up for the rape he had committed?

"Rashid, I want to slow down just a little tonight. Please let me enjoy you and show you how I can love a man. You will not be disappointed. Just let me take charge for a little bit. I promise I will blow your mind."

It is true that I planned to blow his mind. I asked him if he could bring me a glass of wine. He joined me as I expected he would and when I had a chance, I poured some fine white powder into his glass. It was a mix of LSD and X, also known as Candy flipping. I had become quite adept at this combination. It is not something I would recommend for non-professionals. It would make him defenseless against my ‘hypnotic’ charms. I would supplement this with an app I had recently acquired on my iPhone named Brain Hack. It synchronized swirling colors with beta, alpha and theta brain frequencies.

LSD (10-20 mcg) distorts thinking in the conscious, analytical mind. X makes the person receptive. Too much LSD and the person cannot concentrate and cannot be hypnotized. It takes expertise to know how to titrate the correct dose. I have, on occasion, used low dose (3mg) psilocybin if LSD was not available. Don’t try this at home.

"Rashid, can I get your opinion about an app on my iPhone? A friend of mine is looking for investors and thinks this app will make a fortune by helping people relieve headaches and migraines mainly by helping them relax." I had his curiosity. I wanted to time the introduction of the app with the candy flipping so that he would relax about the time the X kicked in. Otherwise, he would recognize he was drugged.

I tipped my glass to his and said "Cheers. Here's to new friends with benefits." I made my best attempt at a sincere smile. I added, "You are special. You do know that don't you?" The wine was exquisite, and I told him so. Oh my god, this is good!"

"For $1,200 per bottle it should be."

"Wow." I tipped my glass again and emptied it. "Drink yours down so we can get in the mood." He complied.

I was working it. Defusing any suspicion so that I might overcome subconscious resistance.

"I pulled out my iPhone and turned it on. My friend and her husband already have round 1 of seed financing. Some pretty big investors think she is on to something. Of course, her husband wrote the program. She would not have been able to do it." He smirked. Good, play to his prejudices. Now I wanted him to pay attention and not blow me off. Everything had to be perfect if I was to capture him.

I activated the app. "Look at the swirling light. For this to work you need to concentrate really hard on it while I'm talking to you."

The pattern of lights began at the periphery then migrated towards the center before drifting back to the edges. It seemed to have a cadence to it... pulsating in sync to a faint auditory hum that was suddenly noticeable. The gradation in luminosity was subtle with very faint shifts in brightness oscillating to the binaural tone. Red, blue and violet colors pulsated slowly as the spiral collapsed towards the center only re-emerge and repeat the sequence.

"Isn't that relaxing Rashid? When I watch it I feel so relaxed, so good." I figured it would be another minute before the drugs kicked in.

Rashid started to turn away like he had seen enough. I needed more time.

"Look back at the pattern Rashid. The best part is still to come." He returned his gaze.

I decided to change the frequency to the beta range associated with relaxed concentration.

"Look very closely at the pattern. As you look, notice how you are becoming more and more relaxed. Take a deep breath."

He took a deep breath. I do not believe he realized I had commanded him to do so. "Notice how the light disappears into the center and pulls your eyes with it. You feel like you are sinking into it."

I wanted to time the euphoria from the X and make him think the app was causing that. His jaw was slack. He was relaxed, but wasn't he feeling euphoric yet.

"Do you notice how good you feel?"

"Yez" he smiled. "This is remarkable."

"Keep paying very close attention and as you do, notice how everything is slowing down. It is like a wave of relaxation is washing over you. This is how I feel when I'm so sleepy at night. When I just want to close my eyes before I go to sleep."

Rashid's eyes were half closed. "It would feel so good to close your eyes. Just so perfectly relaxed. Yes, eyes must close."

He was struggling to keep them open.

"Close your eyes now Rashid and let me take care of you."

His eyes closed. He was out, but he could come out of trance just as quickly if his subconscious detected something afoot. Tonight, I would build trust. If I was to use my repertoire of repetitive audio loops, I would need him to feel good about listening to my voice at night. A woman’s voice. I would avoid any kind of domination and focus on ‘feel good’, nurturing suggestions. The process of altering his subconscious beliefs would necessarily be slow. Slower than normal. What I had planned for him would tax my skills. Nothing like I was planning had ever been done. I started thinking about Cotillion. How hypnodommes from across the country would parade their thralls before judges. If I played this right, I would become a legend. Tonight was the start. I had created the hooks in his subconscious to continue my programming.

Rashid is a very strong personality and not in a good way. The first thing I did, as part of his conditioning, was to convince him that he wanted to spend time with me at the ranch. Quality time without his entourage. I started slow and soon had him staying overnight. My plan would require that he go off the grid for a time. This might be tricky.

The ranch was a commune that my estranged husband had started. We had 10 women and the one male drone, Daniel, to tend the cannabis, feed the chickens and do the girls. Yes, I dumbed Daniel down when he was doing his chores or performing stud service.

It was the Bohemian life, a 60s style free love, hippie life. I was the queen. The girls would help me as I worked Rashid. I didn’t care to have sex with him, so when I dropped him, I implanted the false memory that we made love. Otherwise, no sex and he could become quite disagreeable. His subconscious needed to trust me and feel safe around me. I soon had him conditioned to want to fuck the other girls. And he was fucking each of us in his mind. It was all imagined. I had transitioned him to believing he was having sex, or so I thought.

Somewhere along the way he figured out that I was playing with his mind. He resisted a direct sleep trigger and backhanded me. Julie and Cynthia were nearby when they heard the loud thud of me striking the floor. What happened next, I’m hearing second hand. He rendered me unconscious with the blow. Rashid was angry, seething. He advanced on Cynthia who pulled out her taser and delivered 15 million volts to his mid chest. He crumpled to the ground, of course, and she placed him in plasti-cuffs. Julie tended to me. I came around not remembering what had happened. Julie did a mental status exam and determined it was only a mild concussion.

“Rashid’s bias against female control came through for him. His conscious mind rejected your ‘subconscious’ control.”

I felt my jaw and lip where he had hit me. “That is a first. I’ve never had someone break free after I have induced a deep trance.”

Julie stated the obvious, “Rashid is going to be a problem.”

“Perhaps not. I have a genius kid named Ralph who built me something akin to a TCMS helmet. Rather than using magnetic stimulation to evoke neural discharges in targeted brain regions, it uses directed radiofrequency to induce electrical stimulation. It is much more precise, and I should be able to selectively target deep brain structures and achieve a level of control regardless of how actively the subject resists me. I used it on the lowest setting on Howard when initiating trance before audio loop programming. He has responded better than I could have imagined despite being a male chauvinist and giving me, as a female, very little credit. Doug is scheduled to wear the helmet soon. I plan to permanently neuter Doug. That means I will dial the helmet up, hopefully not so high as to cause permanent brain damage. What I have planned for Rashid may well require some degree of brain damage.  He will never agree to what I have planned whether hypnotized or not. Both those two have been a hand full for me.”

“What if it doesn’t work?” asked Cynthia.

“Then I think Julie and I have long jail sentences ahead.

Morning arrived and I went to the kennel. All three ‘detainees’ were kept at the training facility. Howard was housebroken now and an obedient little poodle. He was already well on his way to being broken when I applied Phallus. Doug and Rashid would be fresh meat and the ultimate test of the technology’s potential.

“Good morning Rashid. How are you doing this morning?”

“Fuck you cunt.”

“Damn I hate that word. It always gets me in such a bad mood and then I overreact, and the punishment is out of proportion to the deed. I guess I will fuck you up for being such a piece of shit.”

Rashid stared at me defiantly. We opened up his cage and the girls stood ready to catch him. Cynthia tased him and he fell to his knees. They secured him in restraints and the helmet was attached. Rashid began struggling and I flipped the on switch. The first area I stimulated was the left claustrum and anterior insula. This is part of the frontal–parietal network. The electrodes were transmitting a very low amplitude radio frequency signal. Just enough to overcome the sodium channel resting potential of -60 milivolts. Depolarizing neuronal cell membranes resulted in action potentials that were then propagated to adjacent neurons. By sequencing the current properly to targeted brain structures, I could create a cascade of neuronal discharges. I could create the desired behavior I wanted whether it be arousal, or pleasure or terror. The conscious mind was rendered offline with activation of the left claustrum and anterior insula. It was a blank slate… my blank slate to write whatever instructions or memories or behaviors I wanted the subject to have. I had become quite the neuroscientist myself researching this arcane area.

Rashid’s face went blank and his mouth drooped open. The next structures I activated were the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, the medial prefrontal and the posterior cingulate cortex. The EEG showed he was in the upper Theta range and ready to receive instructions. These would be incorporated into his subconscious as ‘truths’. As I began to give him instructions, I slowly shifted focus to the nucleus accumbens. This would cement my instructions in his subconscious. That is assuming this worked as advertised.

“Rashid, can you hear me?”


“It feels so good listening to my voice. You love hearing my voice. It makes you feel so good. Rashid, you have some kinks that you have kept hidden, even from yourself. But you are proud and strong and finally have the courage to come forth… to be who you want to be… who you are supposed to be. You have always wondered what it would be like to be a woman. Like many men who secretly want to be a woman, you have resisted this aggressively. You have hidden behind toxic masculinity. Just like the former Navy Seal, Kristin Beck , chose to conceal his true identity behind a masquerade of bravado before surrendering to his subconscious need to be a woman.

You will discover that you love using the helmet as it helps you open up to your true needs and desires. You will even go so far as to ask me to place the helmet on you. You love wearing it at night when you listen to my audio loops. You know I only want the best for you. You trust me completely. Now, in a few moments you will awaken from trance and will have no conscious recollection of these suggestions. But you will crave hearing my voice and wearing the helmet.”

Rashid looked to be sleeping with a serene look on his face. I began to gradually dial down the current while speaking to Rashid in a soothing voice. “On the count of 5 you will awaken feeling absolutely wonderful. You will feel like you have had an epiphany and I have opened up your eyes to a buried, hidden desire. 1 feeling good, 2 slowly waking up, 3 coming around, 4 feeling so good, so wonderful, 5, wake up, fully awake.”

Rashid opened his eyes and looked around. “That was wonderful Lydia. Thank you.”

Cynthia disconnected the helmet and handed it to me. It was slightly warm. Oh, oh. Did I leave it on too long? He looked unharmed. I decided the risk was worth it. Am I a bad person for thinking this? I hope not.

Rashid underwent daily conditioning and within 2 weeks was adamant that he wanted to speak to a surgeon about gender reassignment. Dr. Howard was on board to attest that Rashid had gone through extensive psychological counseling and evaluation and was ready for surgery. We had started Rashid on estrogen day one and he was already developing breasts. I figured in 8 more weeks he would be as big or bigger than me. This was coming together nicely, and I could envision parading Rashida around at Cotillion with before and after pictures. Being able to program someone, who was not previously so inclined, to desire gender reassignment, would be a coup d'état of sorts.

Rashida was admitted to the hospital and had vaginoplasty to remove his testicles and invert his penis inside out to form a vagina. He underwent brow and tracheal shave to more closely approximate female facial features. An ENT surgeon performed an operation known as VFSRAC, to raise the frequency of Rashida’s voice. She now sounded like a female.

Rashida was a new woman… a new person. She was no longer recognizable. We had transferred much of her wealth to Bitcoin and untraceable Monero cryptocurrency before Rashid disappeared. She, of course, would be a welcome addition to the commune to serve me and the other girls. Rashida was programmed to be very nice and docile. She didn’t seem particularly bright, possibly as a consequence of thermal injury to her brain during her lengthy and frequent programming sessions. I estimated her IQ at 100. I wondered, he was such a cunning linquist. That was gone now. Would he still excel at cunnilingus?

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