Mansplaining Misogynists and Hypnodommes - Not a good mix!

No means no

by LydiaSalia

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #dom:male #f/f #m/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #bondage #D/s #drones #exhibitionism #humiliation #m/m #multiple_partners #sub:male

This story contains scenes of explicit sexuality. It is not intended for viewing by minors. If you have not reached the age of majority in your area then please do not proceed.

All characters and situations depicted in this story are fictional. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

Copyright @ 2021 Lydia Salia

Ideally you have read Commune Life, Hypnotic Breasts and the the Hypnodommes Collide/Collude stories before reading this. Otherwise things may be a little confusing. Or perhaps you are in trance. That might be a little confusing too. :)

This is a story about a pure alpha male. He makes Doug look like a light weight if you can believe that. I got a call from Maria, my little Spanish friend who wanted to introduce me to her new beau. He was some Saudi who was related to the royal family. “Do you want me to hypnotize him?” I asked.

“No. I doubt that you could. He’s pretty alpha and I don’t think these Muslim men give women the same respect that Americans and Europeans do.”

“What about Canadians?” I was originally from Canada after all.

“I think as far as Rashid is concerned; all women are the same.”

“So, why are you with him if he is such a chauvinist pig?”

“Two reasons. He’s beyond rich. He has his own yacht, his own jet and his own palace.”

“Holy shit!” I exclaimed. “What’s he doing with you?” I was kidding of course. “So, what’s the other reason?”

“He fucks like a race horse.”

“Does that mean he finishes fast?” I was laughing at my cleverness.

“No, it means he is hung like a horse and has the stamina to keep it up forever.”

“Ok. You convinced me. I want to meet this stud muffin.”

We arranged to meet at a quaint little bistro that I frequented in Denver named Mizuna. They had great cuisine and I was in the mood for their Beef Wellington Tartare. I arrived a little after 7 and Maria and Rashid were already on their second glass of wine. Rashid was charming. He stood when I came to the table, bowed, and kissed my outstretched hand.

“He’s a keeper Maria.”

I ordered food and Rashid poured me a glass of wine. Maria bragged that I was the world’s greatest hypnotist and Rashid demanded a demonstration. I acquiesced and had Maria and Rashid sit comfortably as I began a balloon levitation suggestibility test. Maria was very responsive and soon her hand was straight up in the air, but for the life of me, Rashid’s hand wouldn’t budge.

“Rashid, is it that you lack a good imagination or the ability to focus?” I was mildly irritated. Even the most resistant subjects usually had some response.

“No Lydia. Women are mentally and emotionally inferior to men. I would have to respect you before I could imagine you controlling me.”

I thought, ‘how do you really feel?’ I wanted to hypnotize and humiliate this misogynist now.

Maria came to my defense. “Rashid, she hypnotized a doctor just last month. He was completely naked and didn’t even realize it. I was there for the show. It was amazing!”

Rashid looked at me and remarked, “He was probably faking it so that he could get into your pants.”

I was slightly offended, but I recognized cultural differences might explain his arrogance. Then Rashid launched into a diatribe about the superiority of men. "You see, women are slaves to their emotions. Generally, they lack both the intelligence and emotional stability to deal with worldly affairs. How many female scientists or mathmeticians are there compared to men? Or great world leaders? That is why women need men in their lives to help them navigate the vicissitudes of life."

Well, he was well spoken. I could give him that, but the arrogance was appalling. I was at a loss for words.

"But understand something. Women are precious creatures. You bring sexual fulfillment to man and you bear our offspring. If women would just learn their place. If they would just learn to keep their mouths closed and their legs open, the world would be a better place."

I was dying inside. I didn't want to cause a scene. Maria was glaring at me to keep quiet, but she could see I was seething. Was the money worth this level of toxic masculinity?

"And the way Muslim men suppress Muslim women... Is that something you are proud about?"

"I will not debate this with you Lydia. Women are like children. They must be protected. Protected from themselves and the dangers in life. The Quran 4:34, is quite clear. "Men are in charge of women by [right of] what Allah has given one over the other. But those wives from whom you fear arrogance - first advise them; then if they persist, forsake them in bed; and finally, strike them."

I sat most of the rest of the meal in silence while Rashid mansplained the world to Maria and me. He had an opinion about everything. Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one and most of them stink. Rashid's were particularly fetid. He must have thought my silence meant I was enthralled with his worldly wisdom because he leaned over, squeezed my thigh under the table and winked at me. I'm not sure if Maria noticed, but I was suddenly very self-conscious. The meal ended, and we parted ways. I shook Rashid's hand and told him it was nice meeting him. "I lied." Then I gave Maria a hug and left for home. Rashid was Maria's problem. I hope she recognized that he was a predator, but I had learned years ago, don't intervene on a friend's behalf in a relationship. The only loser will be you.

That evening, while sitting in my home drinking some wine, Maria called. She was terribly distraught. She had shared with Rashid that she was pregnant, and he was furious. She was afraid that he would abandon her. She was inconsolable on the phone and I decided she needed someone to be with her. I told her I was coming over.  I arrived and she began recounting the story. Thirty minutes later she was still crying. I gave her some Xanax and decided to hypnotize her to help her calm down. I tucked her in bed and sat down to finish a glass of wine. My third glass. Maybe I should sleep on her couch tonight. I was contemplating whether I would risk the drive home or sleep off my buzz when there was a knock at the door. I answered to find Rashid standing there with a dozen roses.

“I am here to apologize to Maria. I thought she got pregnant to trap me, but she was so upset. I think maybe it was an accident. I am very virile. It is easy for a woman to get pregnant by me. “Where is Maria?”

“She is asleep. I gave her some Xanax to calm her down. It was then that I noticed that Rashid was looking at me intently. My lady alarm went off. “Rashid, you need to leave now. You can talk to her tomorrow.”

“Maybe I want to talk to you instead. Right now.” He closed the door behind him, dropped the roses and grasped me, pulling me firmly into his body as he began to kiss me. I was paralyzed with fear. That is not how I imagined I would react in such a situation, but I just did. And I could feel his penis pressing against my leg.

"No Rashid. No! Stop. STOP!" I said with more authority. That just spurred him on. He reached down, lifted my dress and put his hand inside my panties. Then he cupped my pussy and began fingering me. I was scared, I was pleading for him to stop, but he didn't care. He persisted and he knew what he was doing. While he fingered my pussy, his thumb pressed against my clitoris. This was sending nerve impulses to certain areas of my brain that I couldn't ignore. I tried to ignore them, but I began to become aroused. I searched my mind for the meaning of this feeling. I hate this man. But his aggression and dominance were somehow sexually exciting. This is wrong. I was scared and aroused and angry all wrapped into one emotion. I was now backed up against a wall and Rashid began to massage my breast with his other free hand. My frontal cortex, thinking, reasoning brain was being overwritten by signals arising deep from the sex center of my brain. My will to resist was being sabotaged by my own 'reptilian' brain. Was the alcohol contributing to my weakness?

Rashid inserted fingers into my pussy and I let out an involuntary gasp. It was like I was watching this unfold as an observer. When Rashid heard me let out a whimper, he increased his efforts. I realized he had moved me to the couch and removed my bottoms. As he entered me I let out an involuntary moan. God damn it! I remembered what Maria had said about him. He was an incredible lover. That should not matter. He was violating me. This was rape!

I feel bad about writing this – admitting to this. Women do not need men fantasizing that they can rape us and we will enjoy it. Regardless of a woman’s biologic, sexual response, if sex is nonconsensual, it is rape. Period.

He steadily increased thrusting into me, pressing against my clitoris and then he managed to find my G spot. Fuck me. The arousal was winning out over the anger. And then I came. I wasn't even thinking about it. It snuck up on me and I had an orgasm. I was able to keep it quiet. I didn’t want him to know I came. Rashid released soon thereafter. He pulled out of me and I started crying. Instead of feeling some degree of remorse he muttered, "See, you women want to be fucked, but then you cry about it."

I was humiliated and so ashamed. He pulled up his pants and exited as swiftly as he had arrived. I looked down and observed his sperm leaking out of my vagina onto the couch. I wasn't on birth control. No way in hell was I going to have that motherfucker’s  baby. Plan B for me. I had trouble rationalizing what just happened. I was raped, but I had an orgasm. Is that still rape? Shit. Yes, it is!

I lay there still, thinking about what had just happened to me. I became more and more angry. I would make him pay. He was so wealthy and well connected though that I had to think of something outside the box. Authorities would brush me off. I could try to hypnotize him, but that had not gone so well first time around. I felt dirty. I left for home and when I arrived, I took a shower and used a douche to remove as much of him as possible. I was weary and emotionally wrecked. I went to bed, but sleep alluded me that night. I was too upset.

Morning came and I began to do my research. Rashid was easy to find on google and I soon had a number. I called and explained to the receptionist that Rashid and I were seeing each other, but I had lost his cell number. I told her to tell him that last night was wonderful and I wanted to see him again. Then I waited. Rashid called within a few hours.

"I'm sorry I got so emotional last night, but you are right. That is what women do. I would like to see you again. You were magnificent in bed. I would like to experience that again and maybe show you some sexual tricks that will expand your pleasure."

There was a pause on the other end of the line. Was I not convincing enough?

"Ok. This evening. I will cancel Maria."

He gave me his address and told me not to be late. 8 pm. I reviewed my plan to 'seduce' his mind.

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