Did he hypnotize me?

Brother’s Keeper (Alternate, dark ending)

by LydiaSalia

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #dom:male #m/f #sub:female #sub:male #clothing #drones #lactation #solo

This is alternate ending #2 to the story co-written by myself and The Traveling Master. You should read Part One first or this alternate ending might be a little confusing.

This story contains scenes of explicit sexuality. It is not intended for viewing by minors. If you have not reached the age of majority in your area then please do not proceed.

All characters and situations depicted in this story are fictional. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

Copyright @ 2021 Lydia Salia

And Lydia woke up

If you have not read Part One of the collaborative story written by myself and The Traveling Master, then stop now and go to this link. This story makes no sense without the prequel.

My head feels thick, like I'm in a fog. A dream. I looked down. Am I naked? No, this is a dream. Mark was saying something.

“What… what happened?” I looked over at the hypnodisc. “Did you…?”

Mark ignored me and kept talking. “…or maybe I need to experience a more intimate induction. You know… One I actually remember and not some surprised covert induction?”

“Huh?… Sure… Of course…” I said. My wits were slowly coming back to me. “Experiencing an induction can itself, be very pleasurable.” I volunteered.

“I’m sure it can be…” Mark resumed.

He moved to the table and picked up the hypnodisc. “Maybe you could oblige me and let me try to hypnotize you as well? I’ll admit that ever since we contacted each-other, I’ve been incredibly curious about both sides of it. After all, I do write from the sub’s point of view often enough. The experience could be instructive. But I’d appreciate it if this time, you respect my wishes and don’t let your darker impulses take over.”

What was he talking about?

“My darker impulses are in my past Mark."

But he doesn't know that.  "It’s my own fault you are being so paranoid. My 'fiction' stories are full of hapless males that I turned into my bitches. But it's fiction. You have nothing to worry about.”

I paused to think, “Mark, I promise you, I don’t do that anymore. I’m a good girl now.”

What did I just say? I’m a good girl now? What the fuck? I looked down again. Am I actually naked or just dreaming that I'm naked? "Wake up Lydia!" I said to myself.

“So how about it Lydia? Will you allow me to get even by letting me hypnotize you? And will you hypnotize me to show me how it can be done?”

I smiled at Mark. “Sure, I will hypnotize you, and perhaps I will let you try to hypnotize me. But you are a newbie and I’m a prima hypnodomme. Do you really think you have the skills to pull off an induction?”

“Yeah, you’re right. I probably wouldn't have a snowball's chance in hell of hypnotizing you.”

I smiled at him again as he acknowledged his proper place. But something was off. I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

I looked around and saw my clothes piled on a chair. So I'm not imagining it? I really am naked? I retrieved them and got dressed. If I was hypnotized, at least I didn't forget how to put on my panties or my bra like the typical 'forgetting how to get dressed' confusion triggers we use on hypnotized subjects.

I walked over to the table and saw a document that looked to be a legal release of some kind. My signature was on the bottom of it. As I read it I shuddered. “I do not remember signing this. That is not my signature!”

“I have a recording of you reciting it and then signing it that says otherwise.”

“So you really did hypnotize me. Fuck!”

Mark looked rather sheepish.

I repeated myself. “Fuck. So is that what we did? Fuck?”

“At first you didn’t want to, but then you changed your mind. You even started begging me to fuck you. I said no, but you were insistent.”

“I don't remember any of this. How did you manage to hypnotize me? Its obvious you know something about hypnosis, but I can’t imagine you used any sophisticated techniques. You drugged me. That would explain it. What did you use? Molly? Shrooms?”

Mark looked rather cocksure of himself all of a sudden. “Do you remember the imagination exercise during our Zoom session that you recommended I try?”

“Yes. But that was my idea to help you create a dialogue around a visualization. It wasn’t even an induction.”

“Well, I kind of subliminally mentioned it during conversation and you ran with it. The hum and flickering lights started at a frequency of around 10 Hz. In the Alpha range. As I noticed you responding to my ‘creative visualization’, I shifted the hum to the theta range. I know a lot about hypnosis even though I am new to practicing it. As you relaxed, you slipped into a light waking trance and shortly thereafter a pretty deep trance. I used arousal to take you really deep.”

I pondered this. So he admits he used a covert induction on me. A newbie hypnotist. To borrow an expression from my grandfather, "That boy don't know shit from Shinola." Or alliteration from allegory....

That's a joke for my erudite readers...

Seriously, this dude can't explain the difference between an Erickson handshake and an Elman induction. Fuck me. When I get back home, I’m getting fitted with a chastity belt.

Mark resumed speaking, “So, I’m a little nervous, but I want to know what it is like to be hypnotized by Lydia Salia.”

“Aren’t you worried I will make you my bitch and have you parade around the hotel naked?”

“I’m hoping you won’t do that. I care for you after all and you care for me. You're a bit of a horndog, but also a good girl."

I thought about that. I am a good girl. Despite everything, I do care for Mark. He is bigger than life. Gentle, but strong. In the short time I have known him, he is definitely growing on me. I think I'm falling for him. What the fuck? Pull your head out Lydia. You have known him for all of what... two hours? Jesus.

I decided I need to keep my feelings in check until I know more about what he did to me when he hypnotized me. "What do you mean horndog? Are you implying that I'm promiscuous? So we really did do something when I was hypnotized?"

"Yes, we did something when you were hypnotized."

"I can only imagine. I figure if I hypnotize you and deviate from acceptable, you will reciprocate... probably fuck me but good. Figuratively and literally.”

“I think that is a good assumption and whatever happens, I'm sure you will very soon 'forget'. Very soon.

Ok. That answers that. He has some hypnotic hooks in me. "What kind of triggers did you sneak into my subconscious?"

"Nothing memorable."

I looked at him. He is so goddamn cute. I shook my head. "I feel kinda loopy. I wish my hypnotist friend Julie was here to put my brain through a wash cycle. I'm not feeling quite myself."

"Ok, what in the fuck were we talking about? Reciprocate? Figuratively and literally... ? What does that even mean?"

Mark didn't answer my question. A hypnotic trigger of some sort? But that's impossible. He hasn't hypnotized me. I would know.

“How about I use your hypnodisc on you? If you did a good job on it, it should work like a charm.”

Mark was wearing a smirk. Like he knew something I didn't. That was disquieting.

I reassured him, "Giving up control to someone else is scary.... I get it. You have nothing to be nervous about. I am going to record our session so you can watch it later. I care deeply for you and I only want the best for you.”

"Lydia, I am nervous. Giving up control is anxiety provoking. But I have this certain skepticism. Until I see if it can be done to me, it is just hard for me to believe that hypnosis is real and not some hypnokink fantasy. I want you to blow my mind. Take me deeper than I would think is possible in my wildest dreams. Can you do that?"

"Of course. You are safe with me. I will protect you from harm. I'm a good girl."

I'm a good girl? Where did that come from? Bizarre. Ok, are you ready to go into LaLa land?"

Mark nodded he was ready.. Then he gulped. Subconscious anxiety. Damn. He was so sexy looking up at me. His wide eyes betrayed his nervousness.  I was looking forward to hypnotizing him. Maybe having my way with him. I really am a horndog. I think I just need to own up to the fact that Mark is a stud.

I picked up the hypnodisc and turned it on. I wasn’t going to stare at it for long. I didn’t need to fall to a covert induction. Mark had done a half ass decent job. The LEDs were aligned around the edge in a spiral pattern and sequenced towards the center. It had a binaural pattern. I felt myself start to relax as I watched it. Time to look away. Yes, this would do just fine.

I had Mark sit back on the bed as I brought the hypnodisc up to eye level. "I want you to watch the LED lights as they pulse and spiral towards the center. It is very relaxing. You did a fantastic job on this. You must be some kind of genius.”

Compliments go a long way to assuage the anxious mind. Mark was still nervous. I needed to set that aside and get him to focus. I noticed him smile slightly at the complement. “Watch as the spiral falls into the center. Notice how the LEDs brighten and then dim. It is so relaxing. You feel so relaxed, so peaceful watching this light show.”

Mark was fixated on the hypnodisc. I felt confident that he would soon be deep in trance. He was a skeptic, but not for much longer. I turned on my phone to record the session so that he could look back later if he found what I told him to be too unbelievable.

“Take a deep breath for me. You feel so good. Nothing matters but my voice. Relaxing you. Taking you so deep into the spiral. So deep.”

As I spoke to Mark in my soothing voice, I observed his eyelids becoming the slightest bit heavy.  I continued taking his mind down, relaxing him, repeating the trance mantra I had used a thousand times. In another few seconds I would drop him.

“You are so, so relaxed. Your eyes just want to shut so bad. As you relax your eyes you will drop into the most wonderful hypnotic sleep. Are you ready to sleep for me my big boy? Yes, you are. Close your eyes and sleep now for me Mark. Deep, deep asleep.”

His eyes closed and his head dropped to his chest. I recalled him telling me he didn't really believe hypnosis was real. It was just a fantasy. Now I would have some fun. Subconsciously he wanted me to hypnotize him. Two metaphorical pills, red and blue.  Mark took the red pill. He would visit Wonderland and I would show him how deep the rabbit hole goes.

I began to deepen him. “My voice is all that matters. My voice is inside your head. Caressing you. Holding you. I will keep you safe. You love this feeling. This feeling of total bliss. You realize it arouses you when you surrender to my control. You want to be obedient for me. You want to be a good boy. I am so proud of you. Such a good, obedient boy. You feel nothing but love for me as I feel love for you. You crave my control. I command you. You obey me.”

Normally I get a head rush when I’m taking control of someone, and it was no different with Mark. Once I took someone deep, I couldn’t always stop myself from taking advantage of them. I had promised Mark I would be a good girl. But if he didn’t remember or I told him he was ok with whatever I made him do, how could he be upset with me?

He did ask me to take him extremely deep.

I gently pulled up Mark's eyelids. His eyes were rolled into the back of his head, a sure sign of deep trance. Mark was gone. The lights were off and no one was home.

I had plans to show him just how deep my control could extend, but the deeper I took him, the more my concentration seemed to waver. It was like when I first met Mark in the hotel lobby...., but different. “Remove your shorts Mark. You are very proud of your penis and you want to show it off.” Down came his shorts and out plopped his penis. And it took my breath away. He was so goddamn hot lying there, unconscious, with his penis soft and asleep. I reached down to feel his penis. I started to take him in my mouth to wake him up, but stopped myself. Damn girl. You can do that later. All I could think of was climbing on top of him and ravishing his body.

But it couldn't wait. “Mark, I am going to awaken you in a moment. My ‘sweet dreams’ sleep trigger is still in place and I will use that to hypnotize you again later. But right now I need to feel you inside me. You want this more than anything. When I awaken you in a few moments you will take me and you will make sweet love to me.”

I was so aroused I couldn’t stand it. I didn’t even have the wherewithal to go through a standard wake up procedure. What the hell. Pleasure before business. As I hurriedly got undressed, I instructed him “Wake up now Mark and fuck me!”

I was aroused beyond reason. A girl on a mission. I needed to feel his fat cock in my pussy. He was a bit groggy at first, but he came around quickly enough as I leaned over and kissed his sleeping cock. I lovingly placed it in my mouth and began to suck it. Slowly at first, but then with more intensity. As it’s girth swelled in my mouth, the lust in my loins took me over. Fully erect he was at least 8 inches long and thick as a cucumber. Oh my god. I was dying. “Fuck me Mark. Now!"

As I straddled him I considered the situation. This is not like me. I was suddenly horny beyond reason. My thinking, analytical... 'boring' brain was overruled by my primitive, reptilian 'party' hindbrain. All that part of my brain wanted was to fuck. Fortunately, Mark knew just what to do to satisfy it's hunger. He slowly inserted his perfect cock into me and I gasped. He stretched me to my limits. I scarcely remember what happened next. He pounded me and I came. And I came again. And again. It was continuous. I held him in me. I didn’t want him to stop. Ever. I needed his penis in me. I needed Mark. After a few minutes he was spent and he slowly pulled out. So much sperm. Maybe he would let me have his baby. Wait, what? I don’t want to be pregnant right now. But having Mark’s baby. That wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

Stop it Lydia! What am I, in the matrix?, I said to myself.

“What is wrong with me?” I said out loud.

As I was still on top of him, he looked up at me and smiled. “There is nothing wrong with you. I just helped bring some of your natural, latent sexual desires to the surface. And I might have suggested you are falling for me. I must confess, your enthusiastic response has been more than I could have hoped for.”

I was still dazed after such perfect sex. His words weren't making any sense. "You didn't hypnotize me, so what suggestions could you possibly be referring to?"

“Lydia, I think you succeeded in hypnotizing me, but it didn’t last very long, did it?”

“No. I had to make love to you. I’m sorry.”

Mark chuckled. “You responded to a post hypnotic suggestion. This hypnosis shit is so fucking cool. Thank you for teaching me and giving me super confidence.”

“You are welcome and... what post hypnotic suggestion?"

“I wanted to see if you would respond to an idea I came up with. I call it my ‘horndog’ trigger. As you took me deep, your arousal was building, eventually increasing exponentially. You couldn’t help yourself. Your desire to fuck became all consuming. Now that your libido is satisfied you can return to the task at hand and try to hypnotize me. How does that sound?”

Did Mark hypnotize me? "You hypnotized me? Really? I don't believe you."

Mark looked at me and said "Remember." Memories started flooding in.

"Oh my fucking god! You are very clever. Girls need to watch out with you". As the memories gelled I realized he had used hypnotic coercion to have sex with me.

"Mark, you should not be using hypnosis if you do not understand the legal ramifications. You do realize that sex compelled while under hypnosis is not considered consensual, right? I could have you arrested for rape. In fact, the more I think about it, the more pissed off I'm getting...."

Mark looked a little worried, as he should be. "You are my good girl. Such a good girl that you will totally 'forget' that I hypnotized you. Forget now!"

When he calls me his good girl, it just sends shivers down my spine. Mark is so incredible. I think I'm fallng for him. I just want to help him be better... better at everything.

"I still want to hypnotize you Mark. What can I do for you? You already have great confidence. What about motivation, or willpower? I can enhance all of these.”

Mark replied, "Whatever you think would help me better myself.

I smiled at him as I reached over and placed my phone in a tripod before turning it on. He said I’m such a good girl? That is what you say to a person’s subconscious and I’m awake. But when he says that, it causes me to feel butterflies in my stomach. Am I missing something?

Mark added, "Take me deep Lydia. I want to know what it feels like to be helplessly under your control. Prove to me hypnosis is real and you have the power to make me do anything. If you can do that, then I will believe you are the master hypnotist you say you are."

“Ok. Get ready Mark. We are at a hotel. No one knows us. I think I will take you out of your comfort zone.”

“What do you mean out of my com….” Mark never finished the sentence. I touched his forehead and said “Sweet Dreams”. He was asleep.  I spent several minutes deepening him. What I had in mind would require a very deep trance.  Satisfied that he was indeed, very deep, I paused to admire him lying in bed. His penis was flaccid, but it still made my heart skip a beat. But no overwhelming lust this time. He said no ass munching, but he didn’t say anything about oral sex. He wanted a demonstration of what I could do. Ok. This would be fun. I would use the video recording on my phone to prove to him that he was not just deep, but deeper than deep. Before I proceeded, I programmed Mark's subconscious with self improvement goals. Motivation to exercise and eat healthier would become much easier for him now. Instead of being a slave to his subconscious, he would be a slave to me. Not literally, but you get the idea.

“Mark, you didn’t realize this before, but you love the taste of pussy. You can’t get enough of it. And sperm oozing from a pussy. There is nothing better. You want to suck my pussy until you can extract all the sperm you just deposited.  It tastes so good. It is like eating sweet cream. You need to get after it before any more of the sweet cream oozes out.”

Mark positioned himself at my snatch and began licking and sucking. There was quite a bit of sperm, but he was doing a fine job hoovering and swallowing it for me. This continued for several minutes until I was satisfied, he had corralled all of his swimmers and after I got to have my orgasm of course. The phone captured it all. What else could I do to demonstrate my mastery over him? I got an idea. I had agreed with him that butt munching would be off limits, but he didn’t say anything about a good ass fucking.

“Mark, you enjoyed that sperm milkshake, didn’t you?”

“Yes, it was good.”

I had an idea. Mark seemed sexually repressed. I would introduce him to a whole new world.

“Do you know what animal husbandry is? No need to answer, I will tell you. When a bull is milked for his sperm, a device is inserted into his rectum that stimulates the prostate gland. The bulls love this and reward the massager with a deposit of bull semen. That is how large quantities of sperm are collected. Humans also derive great pleasure from having their prostate massaged. You would like to experience that, wouldn’t you?”

“I…I’m not sure.”

“You trust me Mark. I only want the best for you. Lay down on your back and spread your legs for me.”

I got up to look in my shoulder bag. I had a strap on that I have used before. It should still be in my bag and it was. I had not planned to use one during this meeting, but if I had one with me, why not? Bingo. I had the strap on and some K-Y. Mark was about to be introduced to ‘pegging’. Too bad I didn’t have a smaller strap on. Oh well…

“Mark, you have wondered what it would be like to be fucked in the ass by a beautiful girl. Well, I can tell you, your prostate is an erogenous zone, just like it is for the bull. You would very much like to feel a hard cock in your ass. It just so happens I have one with me. You cannot stop thinking about how incredible it will feel to have a hard cock sliding in and out of your ass. In fact, you are going to beg me to fuck you in the ass. It will feel so, so good. Better than anything you have ever felt.”

Mark was aroused. I don’t think there was anything left in his sack, but his penis was twitching. "Are you ready for some ass play?"

"Uhhh, I..., is it going to hurt?"

His subconscious was not fully on board with this.

"You aren't even the least little bit gay, are you?"

"No. The thought of gay sex is a big turn off for me."

He was coming out of trance. My cue to calm him and take him back down deep. I spoke lovingly, reassuringly and I soon deemed he was ready.

"This is not a gay thing Mark. When a beautiful girl wears a strap on, she just wants to show you the joy of her massaging your prostate. It will be one of the most pleasurable things you have ever experienced. You will beg me for more."

I had him assume the doggie position as I moved into position.

“ Beg me Mark.”

“Please fuck me in the ass. Please. I need to feel a hard cock in my ass.”

I made sure that my phone recorded his ‘consent.’

I had strapped on the dildo. I called it the 'monster'. It was really too big for his virgin ass, but it was all I had with me. I squeezed a generous portion of K-Y out of the tube and rubbed it around and into his anus. Then I made sure to coat my strap on. I began to slowly insert the ‘monster’. As I did this, I observed Mark. He let out a muffled "ow". I didn’t want him to come out of trance from the pain. I decided to induce light analgesia.

“This doesn’t hurt. It is just big. Like when you’re pushing out a big turd. In fact, it's kind of satisfying feeling that turd slide out. Nothing to worry yourself over.”

I slid the monster in a little further. Mark’s ass accepted it. He did tense up briefly, so I stopped so his anal sphinter could relax. I decided he was deep enough in trance to proceed. “You realize it feels wonderful. Incredible. You want me to insert it deeper. Don’t you?”

I smiled as his subconscious answered as I expected it to. “Yes, please, deeper.”

“You feel this rubbing up against your prostate and it is magical. It is the best thing you have ever felt… better than regular sex.”

Instead of an 'ow', Mark let out a groan of pleasure.

I stopped inserting the strap on to see his response.

“Please, don’t stop.”

“Tell me what you want.”

“Please go deeper. Please Lydia!”

Hmmmm I thought to myself. I don't think Mark calling me by my first name shows enough respect. Do I want to be addressed as Ms Salia or Master? 

Mark, you are not my equal. You must earn my respect. I am your Master and you will refer to me as Master until I tell you otherwise. If you want a good ass fucking, you must beg your master."

He was pushing his ass back against me, trying to get me to slide in deeper. He was mine.

"Please master. I need your cock."

"Tell me you love it in the ass. Beg me to fuck you in the ass."

“Please, I love your hard cock. Please fuck me in the ass!”

“Get ready for the most amazing thing you have ever experienced.”

Even though there would undoubtedly be some pain, his subconscious would interpret this as pleasure. I proceeded to drive the monster all the way in.

“Oh, oh, oh. Oh god, it’s deep. Ouch.”

“It is painfully pleasurable, Mark. You love this.”

‘It’s good. It’s so goddamn goooooood…”

He was screaming like a little bitch.

I began to rock my hips into him. In and out, thrusting all the way in and out. He lost control of his bladder. I was probably slapping into it with the dildo He enjoyed a long, deep orgasm and I finally withdrew the monster. His asshole was pretty stretched. I thought to myself, I should probably get a smaller strap on. Oh well.

His rectum had been stretched and abused and he had loved it. The power of suggestion. There was a little blood. Oh well, virgins bleed first time, right?

I awoke him properly this time and he looked down at the wet bed sheets.

“I guess you’re a bedwetter.”

Mark was confused, “What the fuck?”

“Go shower and brush your teeth while I call the maid service. I looked at my phone. It was 2pm. A late lunch by the pool would be nice.

“Mark, you are hungry. We are going to go down to the pool and have lunch.”

While listening to the shower run, my mind wandered. I’m falling in love with this man. How can this be? I’ve only known him for a few hours – at least in person. These feelings can’t be real. They must be some kind of post-hypnotic suggestion… But..., but... have I been hypnotized? Not possible.

Who is in control? Me or him? All I know is that I would do anything for him. To make him the best man he can be.

Ok. This doesn’t sound like me. Not this loopy shit. But I don’t care.

I met Mark as he emerged from the shower. He was holding his ass.

“My ass hurts master. Did you stick something inside me?”

“You could say that, but the discomfort will pass soon.” I reached up and touched his forehead. “Sweet Dreams Mark. Deep, deep asleep.”

I dropped his towel to the floor and once again admired his fat cock. I realized I was licking my lips. His cock looked delectable. I needed to kiss it... to take him in my mouth. But he wasn't getting hard. No duh. He's in trance. I had another idea I wanted to have play out, but first I needed his dick in me. This arousal was out of proportion to what I usually experience when I hypnotize someone. My carnal needs we're too strong to ignore. I couldn't even wait for him to wake up. I needed him now. Right fucking now!

I commanded Mark, "Erect". I had a front row seat as his penis grew from a soft garden snake into a menacing serpent. 20 seconds later he was standing at attention. Eight inches long, thick and hard as steel. OMG! I needed him. I needed him so bad. I commanded him, "Fuck me Mark. Fuck me now." He obeyed like one of my well trained thralls. He lifted me up and carried me over to the other queen bed - the one that wasn't soaked in pee. I opened my legs to receive him and he slid in comfortably. He felt so goddamn good. I can't describe it. I soon lost myself to animal desire. Minutes later I realized I had had another orgasm. Mark was still out of it. I decided he didn't need to know what I just made him do. Besides, he was already getting kind of cocky. I didn't need to stroke his ego any more. No, I had another idea. It was a little extreme. I had said I wanted only the best for Mark and I would not humiliate him, but…. this newfound confidence was going to his head. That wasn’t him being the best he could be. I wanted only the best for him. So, it wouldn’t hurt to bring him down off his high horse I thought to myself. A little dose of humility is good for the soul. Plus, he wanted proof that I could take him extremely deep. I decided, “He'll be convinced after this.”

I dressed in a one piece bathing suit, but not Mark. I had him stand before me. I had him step into a pair of my panties and then slid them up his legs. They were much too small, but with some effort I managed to stuff his cock and balls into the tight space. He would accompany me to the pool for lunch. Obviously, he could not be seated just wearing my panties. The wait staff would have a fit. I decided a short skirt coverup might work. Not very good at hiding the boys, but it probably met the minimum legal requirement especially given the current environment of accepting anything and everything LGBTQ. Mark wouldn’t need a shirt. The wrap was, of course, much too small. I had to use a safety pin to keep it from falling down. I invoked a negative hallucination to blind him to his attire – or lack thereof...

After bringing someone out of deep trance, a negative hallucination is often used in hypnosis to prevent a person from being aware of something. An example might be that they remain unaware they are naked. I especially enjoy inducing a negative hallucination in a subject, bringing them out of trance and then having them argue with me that they are not hypnotized/cannot be hypnotized. It is even more hilarious if they are naked and argue they are not hypnotized. Most experts agree that a negative hallucination is a form of waking trance. We are all in various degrees of waking trance every day. Some of us most of the time.

So, Mark’s awareness was suppressed. He would be none the wiser that he was inappropriately dressed. Nor would he recognize that I had applied bright red lipstick to his lips. He was the one that questioned my skills. He was the one who did not believe I could take him this deep. The bible verse ‘Seek and you shall find’ came to mind.

That made me wonder, I wonder what God thinks of me partaking in the fruits of the flesh? He probably doesn’t like it. Reminder to self - I need to go to church…. and counseling.

I woke Mark up from deep trance, transitioning him to a waking trance and I instructed him to stop calling me master and to resume calling me Lydia.  It might be awkward if he was calling me master while we were in a public place. Despite the stares he got as we got on the elevator and headed down to the pool, he was oblivious. All the while I kept my phone camera rolling. I thought he looked cute, but that is just me.

We ordered lunch. Mark was sitting in the chair with his legs split as men are want to do. The wrap I put on him didn’t do much to cover him and the panties were much too tight. Being semi translucent, I had a bird’s eye view of his penis and sac squeezed together in the confines of the thin fabric. I used my napkin to cover him up if any children wandered near. Someone notified the manager who came over to see what the fuss was. She was not amused and confronted Mark. Of course, with the negative hallucination he would argue with her that he was sitting in perfectly respectable swim trunks. I sat back to watch the show.

“Sir, that is not proper attire for a public place.”

“Sorry. These are the only trunks I brought with me.”

“Sir, those are girl’s panties. We have families down here.”

Mark lifted the napkin and looked down. The lady manager caught her breath.

“I don’t know what you are smoking lady, but these are trunks.”

Score one for the negative hallucination. Mark was a good subject – kind of like me.

“Sir, I am going to call hotel security if you do not leave.”

I interjected. “Let me help here.”

Mark fully aware.”

Mark was studying the manager. Deciding how he would respond.

I suggested to him, “Mark, why don’t you look down at your lap.”

“Holy shit!” He jumped up and the napkin fell to the ground. He covered himself up…. somewhat, but not before quite a few patrons got a good look. He began a mad dash for the elevator as my tiny skirt wrap slipped down to his ankles and tripped him. Now people were openly gawking at him. "Are you alright?" I asked.

He popped up and resumed his mad dash. I, of course, was beside myself laughing. I deposited a twenty from my purse to the table and followed Mark up to the room. He was not amused. I caught up to him as he was fumbling with the door key. With no skirt wrap he was only sporting my panties to hide the jewels. The maid was standing in the hallway with her hand over her mouth staring.

“That was NOT what I had in mind when I asked you to prove to me the depth of your trance. I’m pissed. How about I hypnotize you and have you start cleaning the toilet with your tongue?”

Oh Lord. He is really mad.... I can’t have that. “Sweet Dreams Mark”. He dropped in my arms. “Stand up straight while I open the door.”

Mark was standing still, his arms at his sides and his nuptials on full display for the maid. I smiled at her. “He’s my boyfriend. He has some brain damage from drugs. I’m sorry.”

I picked up the key from the floor where Mark had dropped it, opened the door and helped him shuffle into the room.

“Mark, when you wake up you are going to totally forget about being angry. In fact, you will realize this is hilarious and you will thank me for thinking up something so clever.”

I decided I had enough proof for him and I would further reinforce his confidence, his desire to eat healthy and exercise and his ability to finish tasks without procrastination. He was a giant Teddy bear and I just wanted to hug him. I woke him up and he spent the next hour looking at my iPhone.

“I am still in shock. Hypnosis really is everything people make it out to be. I still find it hard to believe.”

I decided it was time for an educational moment. Mark desired to learn more about hypnosis and how to hypnotize someone. My demonstration at his expense would probably cement that desire. “We are all biological computers. Hypnosis is just the programming language that allows a master hypnotist to write code. Now, only 10% of the population can go as deep as you… or me. But fully 80% can enter moderate trance and just about everyone can enter a light waking trance. Actually we all do enter waking trances throughout a typical day. Anything that captivates your focus like a good book or movie, is actually inducing a waking trance. For instance, if you get so caught up in a sad movie that you start to cry, you have entered a type of waking trance.

Mark was not upset with the panty prank or his sore ass. I had left him with a post-hypnotic suggestion that he would enjoy the hoops he had jumped through and how happy he was to experience deep trance.

We missed lunch poolside so we decided to grab a bite in the hotel restaurant before checking out and going our separate ways. Mark asked me if I remembered being hypnotized. "Good try. It was I who hypnotized you."

"What about when we had sex?" Mark asked.

"The sex was not due to hypnosis. I was in the mood and I convinced you that you would enjoy it. You being able to hypnotize me is laughable."

"I have a question for you Lydia. If you used hypnosis to coerce sex with me, couldn't that be construed as rape?"

"That is a good question. I suppose it might... Did you enjoy it?" Mark's answer would determine if I needed to drop him right here, right now and make him forget.

Mark quipped, "Yes, I enjoyed it. Immensely. Thank you."

"You are most welcome." I hugged Mark goodbye and we parted ways. We had a few more details to finish up before we could finish the collaborative story we had started. I agreed to meet him in a week and figure out the final details. He had grown on me. Maybe the new alpha male confidence that I had created for him was appealing to my submissive side. One thing was sure. He certainly could fuck like a porn star.... not that I would know how a porn star fucks. I'm a good girl after all.

A week later I drove out to meet him. We met in a strange place. A nondescript building somewhat off the beaten path. It looked to be a cross between a rural hospital and an office building. The sign on the building said, ‘The Brother’s Keeper Institute’. I signed in at the receptionist who gave me a warm, if somewhat vapid smile.

A man in a light suit greeted me. “Good morning Ms. Salia. Mark is waiting for you in conference room #2. I will take you there.”

I followed him and entered the room. He was silhouetted by an outside window. There were no shades, so the sun streaming through was quite bright. “Hi Mark! No Erickson handshake, I promise.“

We hugged briefly… stiffly, and I took a seat at the opposite end of the conference table. It was not the warm welcome I had expected… was hoping for.

Mark began, “I’m impressed with your writing and hypnotic skills Lydia. I never really imagined for a moment that you could do that to me. Someone else maybe, but not me.”

“It’s all part of my allure and mystery.”

“Yes, I guess. Did you ever stop to consider that your actions can have consequences?

“What do you mean? I asked.

“Someone took my picture and I showed up on social media. It went viral and all my friends saw me. My wife found out and thinks I'm some kind of deviant. She is speaking to a divorce lawyer. My friends and business associates avoid me now. You didn’t consider that possibility, did you? It is beyond humiliating. It is career ending.”

“Oh Mark, I am so sorry.” I felt terrible.

“That is bad… and very unfortunate. I also have a tear in my rectum. Something I presume you did to me. It is very painful to go to the bathroom and the doctor has me taking hydrocodone, which is constipating. That doesn’t help. Also, my doctor of many years now thinks I’m gay. If you want to know the truth, I’m pissed. In fact I am goddamn furious.”

I was speechless. “All I can say is I am so, so sorry.”

Mark continued. “Fortunately, I bought bitcoin when it was below $200/coin, so I have a very nice nest egg to keep me afloat. In fact, I have enough bitcoin to pay for training.”

“Are you going to enroll in some special job training?”

“You could say that, except you got the pronoun wrong.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Not me, you. Perhaps the question you should ask is, “Am I going to enroll you in some special training?”

I did not like the direction this was going.

Mark continued, “I am not happy about you parading me around the pool in your panties, like a little bitch, well intentioned or not. That is why I’ve decided I am better served with you as my personal fuck toy.”

I suppose he saw my eyes grow wide in fear at his rather bold statement. Mark’s back to the afternoon sun made it difficult to see him… difficult to see if he was serious.

“What are you talking about?”

“Lydia, you are a beautiful woman. Smart, creative and so suggestible. And you can be so deeply hypnotized. The Keepers tell me these qualities make it easier to train an initiate. How could I turn down an opportunity to have you serve me?”

Alarms went off in my brain. I was panicked. I had to get out of here.

“No Mark. No!” I knew this scenario all too well. Was I about to discover I was ensnared in some hypnotic trap? I stood up and turned to leave. But I only got as far as standing up. My legs refused to budge. My eyes were wide in fear. I just stood there looking at him. But there was something else behind him. I couldn’t make it out. I shielded my eyes to see better. The sun was so bright. There were some other people in the room. They weren’t there a moment ago…, were they? We were alone. Right? “What the fuck is going on!?”

“You are being evaluated for training Lydia. The ‘Brother’s Keeper’ Institute performs training services for a reasonable fee. Not every girl is accepted. I think you have the qualities though that they will find desirable. By the way, you do realize you are naked for everyone to see.”

I looked down. I was dressed in my standard business attire. “But I knew what he was alluding to - a 'negative' hallucination. I was pretty sure I was blinded to my nakedness and was just hallucinating 'clothes.' I think the tremor in my voice betrayed my fear.

“It’s kind of like when you laughed at me as I paraded around the hotel unaware, in lipstick and your panties.”

“You are such a good hypnotic subject Lydia. Aware!”

I dared not look down again. I already knew what I would see. Nothing. Yes, I was stark naked. Suddenly the room began to spin. The rest is a blur.

Brother’s Keeper

“I’m a good girl”, I thought to myself. Master makes me feel so good when he tells me what a good girl I am. I remember the first time we met to write a story together. He is a brilliant writer known as The Traveling Master. He is perfect in every way. Handsome, a penis to die for, kind and generous. I had not seen him in a couple weeks now, so I was really looking forward to his visit.

I smiled as I recalled our playtime together. Master enrolled me in school to be a better me. I listen to audiotapes every evening telling me just how to behave to be his good girl. Mark wants to help me improve myself. He is so good that way. The Keepers decided that I was too sad in my new life. I mean, it was a big change. Who wouldn’t have some fear and maybe even a little sadness?  The doctors decided to implant some electrodes in my brain to help cure my sadness and help me be happier. You see, I have had depression over the years. I am grateful for anything that helps me with that.  Actually, all of the girls here have had this procedure. It helps us think clearer. My head was shaved in a few places for the operation, but my hair has all grown back now. You wouldn’t even know the electrodes were there if you didn’t take an x-ray. I don’t remember much about the last 8, or is it 9 months? I do remember a little about when I was sad. But I’m not sad anymore. I am happier than I have ever been.

I woke up this morning, staring at a spider on my ceiling. I think maybe he is the itsy, bitsy spider that climbed up the waterspout. I like that song. Mark is visiting today. I am so excited that my master decided to visit me on my birthday. I live in a big white building with a lot of other girls just like me. I am obedient to my keepers and, of course, to my master. I got up and waddled into the hallway. I cradled my tummy as I felt the baby move. Ouch. I was already having Braxton Hicks contractions. I sensed that labor would begin any day now. I am almost 9 months, so it is time. I am praying for a boy. Good girls try to have boys. I looked in the mirror. I was huge. A pregnant belly is kind of sexy I think. I can just make out my shaved pussy slit below my tummy. The baby almost blocks the view of my ‘money maker’. That is what Mark likes to call my pussy. OMG! - my breasts are so big. Two big milk jugs. I smiled at myself. Milk jugs. I made a ‘funny’. I looked up and saw some of my friends in the hallway. Jill is pregnant also, but maybe half as big as me. None of us wear clothes ever. Clothes just get in the way. We are told, “You are to be seen, but not heard.” That is the way it should be.

Mark said this is the best place for me. I can see him, sometimes once a month. I love him so. He is brilliant and kind and so good looking. I am the luckiest girl alive. Well, except for his wife. She is the luckiest. She gets to have him all the time. Thinking of that makes me a little sad. Mark told me that he would visit me at least once per month and he has kept his word. We can’t be together. But I can worship his perfect penis. That is all that matters. An opportunity to see him. To be with him. But I respect his privacy and marriage. I am his. He owns me and that is the way it should be.


I can’t lie. I was angry with Lydia when she humiliated me. She promised she wouldn’t do that. She ruined my life. Some would say I should not have given her over to training. I disagree. She is happy, barefoot and pregnant. I couldn’t resist the analogy. It suits her situation.

Thinking back, I had mostly fond memories. It was nice to experience hypnosis firsthand from a master hypnotist. And, of course, it was nice to experience Lydia… up close and personal. ;)

The poolside incident was not something I looked back on with fond memories. Well, I was never embarrassed really… or humiliated at the time. It was only after. When the pictures started circulating on the internet, that was bad. That was fucking horrible.

The training has been a good thing overall, I think. The training has helped suppress Lydia’s demons. The metaphorical succubus that dwelled in her once upon a time is probably gone forever. Thinking back, I missed the old Lydia in many ways. She had helped me immensely with arcane secrets about hypnosis and the confidence to do a proper induction. We had co-written a story together. Actually, after our little hypnotic play on each other, we had decided to write about that. We thought we would try to outdo one another with alternative endings. We each had one vanilla and one dark. But Lydia had ruined everything. After publicly humiliating me, I vowed to get even. In retrospect I’m not sure it was her intention to cause so much harm. But harm she did cause... A great deal of harm. Her old life is over now. She is living a simple life in perfect harmony with nature. Thoreau, if alive today, would probably envy Lydia. A simple, carefree and happy life.

I wonder at times if I went a little overboard on Lydia. Turning her over to the Keepers for training was maybe going too far. But damn. She is well trained. Now she is my horny little Stepford wife – but a Stepford wife where and when I want. My obedient fuck toy to use and abuse as I wish. Do I feel bad? Yeah, kinda. But goddamn the sex is good. Her mind is not what it used to be. I’m not sure what her training entailed, but she’s quite docile now. The implants in the girl’s brains allow the technicians to activate certain brain areas. Like arousal, or happiness. They can turn a girl on or off. They can even bring an orgasm with the touch of a button. I am told it is a great way to condition behaviors that they want to reinforce. The technology is amazing. All manner of things to keep them firmly under control. Lydia is expecting any day now. I saw some children at the facility earlier today. I think the plan is to groom the males as future super soldiers and the females as future companions. That makes sense. In a man’s world, girls have no business in business. We need to return to the 50s when a woman knew her place. In the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant.

Well, so much for my theory that females have no business in business. I was introduced to Hilda Altergott, head honcho of Brother's Keepers. Like the CEO or something. She wanted to meet me since I was a 'platinum' member and because I had recruited Lydia for them. Lydia was their star pupil.

By her name and appearance, Hilda was probably of Germanic descent. She was blonde, tall and muscular, but with very shapely assets. She wore glasses that made her look like a cross between a librarian and an athlete. She was past her prime, but not by much. Big boned, strong and ripped. She had impressive tits and a figure to match. I envisioned she might have been a domme at one time, like Lydia. She was no nonsense and ran the institute with an iron fist. Everyone seemed a little intimidated by her. "You look like a professional athlete," I volunteered as I extended my hand to shake hers.

"I was a bronze metal winner in the breast stroke in the 2012 Olympic Games."

"Very impressive." I mused.

Hilda waved off the formalities. "Let's get down to business, shall we? I would like to enroll Lydia in the visitation program – after she delivers, of course. We are rolling out a new program for platinum customers like yourself Mr. Johnson.”

“Please call me Mark.”

“Yes, of course. So Mark, as you well know, $250,000 annually is a rather stout fee for Lydia to stay here and continue her training. The visitation program offsets the costs of her room and board.”

Hilda jumped right in to explaining the 'sharing' program. It is like ‘fractional ownership’ or timeshare. Except I would have fractional ownership in Lydia. The program requires that I own 50% of Lydia. That entitles me to enjoy the company of other girls in the facility on half of my visits. Any unused visits accumulate credits to help defer Lydia’s boarding costs. This is almost like a club. You must apply to the program, be screened and if accepted, agree to the terms and write a check. Secrecy is probably their biggest single requirement, and they are quite strict about it. We pay an annual fee for this privilege of $250,000. It’s not cheap. That entitles me to one visit per week. I may select any girl to have relations with, unless she is already reserved for someone else. Of course, the girls are guaranteed to be clean, disease free and everything is completely discreet. Who are the girls going to tell, right? And they are programmed to be enthusiastic.  250 grand is a lot of money. Fortunately, they accept bitcoin. If I don’t use a time slot and another member enjoys Lydia, then I get a credit to my account. That can be as high as $20,000 per month credited to my account if I do not use a time slot during the month. It was too good a deal to turn down. There were other benefits to the program as well. My sperm will be tested. If I am deemed ‘suitable’, then I will get extra credits to my account every time I impregnate a girl. “Yes, enroll Lydia by all means.”

“Very good Mark," Hilda smiled.

I took out my checkbook, made the check out to ‘Brother’s Keeper’ and we shook hands. I wanted a quick celebratory fuck with Lydia before I left. Hilda volunteered, “Your membership will entitle you to use the DBS iPhone app. Here, let me show you our deep brain stimulation (DBS) program. Initially DBS was used for treating movement disorders like dystonia and Parkinson’s, but it was soon discovered that affect, or behavior, could be targeted. We can turn a nice girl into a raving lunatic, a dirty little slut or a prim and proper lady.”

Hilda introduced me to the head of the program, a neuroscientist named Dr. Klepper.

“Let me demonstrate with Elizabeth here.” A cute young girl was sitting on the couch watching CNN. Like all the girls, she was naked.

“Why CNN?” I asked.

“The girls are maintained in a state of heightened suggestibility. We prefer them to have a far-left political bias. After all, Republicans are self-righteous pricks. They would never approve of what we do here. The girls are really incapable of critical thought, so they basically believe anything we feed them. We do screen the programs they watch. One of the areas of cognition and behavior we are researching is called ‘Obedient citizens, Catch and Release or ‘OCCAR’. Our eventual goal is to be able to release subjects back into the general population and have them resume their menial lives. Then, when we desire, we can activate them and have them follow simple instructions.

A.I. is rapidly making progress on more complex behavior. As a proof of concept, we precisely mapped the neuronal signal propagation in a group of 200 girls hypnotized to believe they were … get this, chickens. They clucked and flapped their imaginary wings and all brain activity down to 5mm neuron clusters was mapped. Besides fMRI, we use MEG, or magnetoencephalography, to record neuronal activity at the cellular level. The A.I. collected the nerve propagation data along different axonal paths. The interplay between different brain regions is quite complex.  Signal maps were averaged among all 200 subjects and then could be replicated by the A.I. When we activate the chicken button in a ‘chicken naïve’ subject – meaning they have never been exposed to this suggestion or behavior… they act out like they are a chicken. By the way, this behavior is induced not by suggestion in a hypnotized girl, but purely by A.I. activation of the deep brain implants. This is the real deal. This would have been impossible before Deep Mind.

That is why I believe very complex behaviors will soon move from theory to reality. Like being able to order the assassination of a political opponent by one of our girls for instance.

Our intermediate term goal is to be able to release these girls back into the public and have them become productive members of society. They might be programmed as sex workers if they’re cute or domestic help if not.  Wouldn’t you like your own Stepford wife who cooks, cleans your house, never complains, and loves to fuck?” Someone you can just bend over, any time, any place, who you can drop her panties and take her in the ass and she will thank you afterwards?

“Sure. What man wouldn't.”

“We plan to have some of our ladies rejoin society as true Stepford wives. A perfect little wife to host a dinner party or accompany you to the opera. A girl who is loving, respectful and who never argues or complains. In select placements, at a time and place of our choosing, we might activate them to assassinate someone. That potential exists in Lydia right now. Deep Mind tries out new programming on her it seems, almost hourly. It has learned a great deal studying and analyzing the way her brain reacts to hypnotic suggestion.

“Uhhhh, what about the government? They don’t object?”

“Are you kidding? The government is funding this research. We, of course, have a profit motive like every good capitalist corporation. The government just covers costs. By the way, I’m sure you won’t share any of this. The last patron who deviated from script…. Well, it was ugly. He and his entire family were killed in a gas explosion. It was tragic.”

I felt a shiver travel down my spine.

The doctor surveyed me. “Relax. You’re one of us now. We only want the best for Lydia and all of our girls.” The doctor pulled out his iPhone and activated the app called, appropriately, DBS (Deep brain stimulation). It worked over Wi-Fi.

Watch how I summon Lydia. The doctor hit a button appropriately labeled, 'Summon.’

Within a few minutes or so we spotted Lydia waddling up to the front.

“Hi Lydia. How are you feeling today?” Dr. Klepper inquired.

“I feel wonderful.”

Lydia spied me and greeted me effusively, “I had a feeling I should come up to the front. And here you are! I have so missed you Mark.”

Lydia hugged me. Her naked, pregnant belly pressing against my own stomach. She could barely get her arms around me.

Dr. Klepper interrupted our reverie. “Ok. Mark, lets’ activate Elizabeth. She is the one on the couch, lost in thought watching CNN. Let’s see what happens when I activate the orgasm button.

When I tap the button labeled ‘orgasm’, the A.I. takes over and makes it happen. Watch this.” Elizabeth’s eyes grew wide. It wasn’t because of something a newscaster on CNN said. She gasped. Her eyes rolled back and she arched back into the couch cushion. Simultaneously drawing her legs up as one hand found her pussy while the other hand massaged her breast. I felt myself becoming aroused. She had a cute little pussy.

Dr. Klepper tilted his iPhone screen so I could see. “Do you see the graphic of the brain portrayed on the screen. The stimulation is occurring at each spot you see on the screen. It looks like little red ripples cascading outward from the activation points. A.I. determines how many neuronal cell membranes to depolarize in each region. After 50,000 or so neurons are triggered, the action potentials get propagated to other nearby nerves and so one and so on. The electrode stimulation only has to overcome a -60mV resting gradient. Once a critical activation threshold is reached, other brain regions necessary for orgasm are ‘recruited’ to augment the cascade. “Look here.” He pointed to the screen on the iPhone app. You can see the synaptic tracts light up as they are activated."

Dr. Klepper continued his well rehearsed oratory. "Propagation of these action potentials is called recruitment. It’s quite elegant. Several complex motor and sensory areas of the brain are activated. This is not something you want to do to a person who is standing. They could fall and hurt themselves.”

Elizabeth began bucking and soon had a loud and apparently very satisfying orgasm.

Dr. Klepper enjoyed hearing himself speak, "A very complex pattern of signal propagation just occurred involving all of these brain structures; the nucleus accumbens, insula, anterior cingulate cortex, orbitofrontal cortex, operculum, right angular gyrus, paracentral lobule, cerebellum, hippocampus, amygdala, hypothalamus, ventral tegmental area, and dorsal raphe. Orgasm in females are more complex than in men, requiring recruitment of over 10 different brain regions.

Brain region activation unique to women in female orgasm

“Now watch this.” Dr. Kleeper selected Lydia’s name from a long list of names and opened the menu items. He clicked on a button labeled ‘Let down reflex.’

Lydia was standing there, smiling at us, when her milk began to flow. Milk began to trickle out of her breasts. The trickle progressed until it was a regular stream. She soon was lactating up a storm.

“This is a normal human reflex. A female at term or after delivery, will respond with lactation at the sound of a babies’ cry. It’s known in the medical community as the ‘let down reflex.’ Of course, we can initiate lactation with the iPhone app.”

Lydia, at first, looked back and forth in quiet amusement at her gushing breasts. But then she must have become alarmed by the mess she was making. She tried to cover her breasts and nipples, but the milk continued to squirt out, unabated.

I saw a button labeled 'Hallucinate'. "What is this?"

"We can cause a girl to hallucinate by switching the lateral geniculate nucleus to a burst pattern of neuronal discharge rather than the more normal tonic mode. The A.I. also activates the visual cortex and thalamo-cortical tracks in a dyssynchronous manner. Hallucinations are a complex process.

See Neuroanatomical basis for hallucinations and Etiology of hallucinations

First let's stop this waterfall from her breasts." Dr. Klepper hit a button and the milk flow slowed back to a trickle and then stopped.

Dr. Klepper clicked on 'hallucinate' and Lydia seemed suddenly captivated by some imaginary image in front of her. She lifted her hands as if to cup or hold whatever it was she was seeing.

"What did you see Lydia?" Dr. Klepper asked.

"I see the most beautiful beings. They have translucent skin and they want to save the human race by teaching us how to love one another and protect the planet. They are holding me... comforting me. It is pure love. No judgement, just pure, unadulterated love."

Dr. Klepper deactivated the burst mode. Lydia looked around, confused. “What happened to the beings?”

"They went back to the mothership. Glad you are back on planet earth now with the rest of us..."

Klepper continued, “I’m going to bring her out of this low level waking trance in a moment. We have a button that is always on by default. We call it CUNT for Continuous Under Neural Threshold. It runs in the background."

I could see Hilda roll her eyes. CUNT was probably not the best name for a button that induces passivity and compliance.

Dr. Klepper continued, "You can see it here in the top left of my iPhone screen. The girls are maintained in a docile and compliant state by never allowing their conscious minds to come fully back online. The scientific explanation for this is very simple. We stimulate the area of the brain known as the claustrum*. This results in unresponsiveness, amnesia, and arrest of volitional behavior. Inhibitory neurons reduce signals between the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and the default mode network. The disassociation between action and reflection allows the person to engage in activities suggested by myself or a staff member without the subject having awareness of the activity. We actually pulse electrical signals to the salience and default mode network to maintain the subject in a low-level Waking trance. If you do not pulse the signal and allow the neuron cell membranes a refractory period, then you will subsequently be delayed in propagating a desired signal. Their conscious mind never quite has time to engage in analytical thought. As soon as they start to wake up and think, the refractory period has passed and the A.I zaps them back into compliance.

* Is the claustrum the key to consciousness?

Everything explained by the fictional Dr. Klepper is valid neuroanatomical science. This is the promise (or curse) of deep brain stimulation optimized by Artificial Intelligence. Elon Musk alludes to the dangers. Is A.I. an existential threat?

Hilda was fidgeting. She seemed irritated. She chose this moment to chide the good doctor. "Doctor, I'm going to interrupt you. We talked about your naming conventions. I told you to choose a different name for the button you so laughingly refer to as CUNT. That is extremely demeaning. Let me remind you, I'm your superior. You answer to me. I can replace you easily enough. There are other scientists here who would love to have your job and probably do it better than you. Please don't make me have to remind you again."

Klepper obviously did not like being lectured to. He glared at Hilda over his glasses, then resumed the demonstration.

Once Lydia is back in the here and now, with her full mental faculties, I will demonstrate how the A.I., by stimulating very specific areas of the brain, can result in some fairly complex behaviors. Depending on the activity that is chosen, Lydia may or may not have full awareness. The point is, she will be responding to the A.I. program, not of her own volition or to hypnotic suggestion.

Dr. Klepper toggled the CUNT button to off. Lydia developed a curious look on her face. One of confusion, then concern and finally I would say, one of recognition.

“I see I’m standing here naked, pregnant as fuck, in front of Mark and several people I do not recognize. I suppose I should be alarmed?”

Klepper ignored her question. “Lydia, would you like to give Mark here a blowjob?”

“No thank you.” She crossed her arms defiantly over her voluminous breasts.

Dr. Klepper looked down at Lydia over his bifocal glasses. “Cute,” he said in a derogatory manner. Dr. Klepper resumed speaking. He was very proud of the program and was taking every opportunity to show off.

“We have a complex behavior that the A.I. can reproduce now quite admirably. We recorded 200 women hypnotized to give a blowjob. This behavior requires a complex interaction between motor and sensory neurons. Affect and emotions are involved. Deep Mind, after analyzing variance in the electrical signal propagation can activate the identical sequence in anyone who has implanted electrodes. So, Lydia will demonstrate here. Correction. Deep Mind will demonstrate through Lydia as it’s proxy. Since the stimulation is occurring directly in Lydia’s brain sex center, thalamus and other related cortical structures, she will be aware of her actions, but will have no volitional control.”

Lydia was out of Waking trance and decided to voice her opinion. “Fuck you. Fuck all of you!"

She pivoted on her heels and started back to her room. Dr. Klemper opened up the app on my own iPhone and showed me the button labeled 'Summon'. "Go ahead, try it."

I clicked it and observed Lydia. She slowed down and then paused. Then she turned around and started to walk back to us.

"Did you change your mind?" I asked.

"No. I decided I should address the immorality of what you are doing to me and all the girls. Surely you realize this is terribly wrong."

It was fascinating to me that she was not consciously aware that I had summoned her back to us.

Lydia was visibly upset and becoming angrier by the second. "You goddamn pricks are making girls do these terrible things. What kind of monsters are you? And you Mark! I can't believe... " Dr. Klepper hit the button labeled ‘Blowjob'. Lydia ceased speaking. Her demeanor changed. She became calm and passive... She knelt down and unzipped my pants. In short order she proceeded to give me a very satisfactory BJ and orgasm. When I ejaculated, she swallowed it down with aplomb. She stood up afterwards and licked her fingers, making sure any errant sperm were swallowed down.

Dr. Klepper continued, “The A.I., vis-à-vis electrodes in Lydia’s brain, imparts minute electrical currents at precise locations, intervals, durations and amplitudes to depolarize neuronal cell membranes. This results in action potentials that then propagate to nearby brain structures over synaptic pathways that the A.I. has previously mapped in her brain. I’m always curious to see how this coincides with the subject’s awareness and subjective experience.

“Lydia, can you please describe what just happened to you?”

Lydia's prior anger had dissipated. It was like her outburst had never happened. “First, I became aroused. Very aroused. Mark’s penis became an intense object of desire. Then my body just reacted. I was on autopilot. I wanted his penis and I wasn’t going to be denied. That was delightful. Thank you."

Dr. Klepper remarked, "Notice how appreciative she is? The A.I. is a learning engine. It modifies her behavior so as to reward successful performance with pleasure. This is not something we programmed, but something the A.I. figures out as it 'learns' how best to facilitate a desired human behavior. The technology is quite remarkable."

The good doctor pulled up a screen to look at brain activity through the passive EEG sensor array that was coupled with the implanted electrodes. "The ‘default on’ setting for CUNT had been toggled to ‘off’ for several minutes now. The programmed task completed, Lydia has time to think.... to become aware. See here..." Klepper pointed, "these areas lighting up on the screen depict heightened activity in her frontal cortex. She is analyzing what has happened to her. I can almost tell you what she is thinking. Almost. We aren't quite there yet with the technology."

Lydia paused, as if she was remembering something. “This is all wrong. What have you done to me? What happened to my life? To my friends and family? To my daughter?” She became teary eyed at which point Dr. Klepper reactivated the CUNT button. Lydia immediately settled back down to a calmer, happier state.

Dr Klepper remarked, “It seems the great Lydia Salia has finally met her match with Deep Mind. The A.I. controls her now. Lydia, you may return to your room now.”

"Yes, Dr. Klepper. Thank you."

I still wanted a celebratory fuck before I left, but why not try a new cow? As a new member of Brother's Keeper, I could fuck any of the girls. I looked at Hilda who had explained the fractional ownership program and reminded her about my new member benefit. 

"Yes, of course Mark. You are entitled to any of the girls."

Dr. Klepper interrupted, "How about Hilda here?"

Hilda raised her eyes at his suggestion. She was not amused. "I beg your pardon doctor?"

"Beg is the right idea. Why don't you beg Mark to fuck you?"

Hilda looked like she was ready to explode. "How dare you! I've been wanting to fire you. You just gave me the perfect excuse. Pack your goddamn things and get the hell..." Dr. Klepper toggled a button on his phone and Hilda's face went blank."

"Oh my god", I exclaimed as I realized what was happening.

Dr. Klepper remarked, "Hilda was one of our original, early trainees. Her brain has been thoroughly mapped and she has been extensively programmed. The board recognized her natural leadership skills and groomed her to be CEO. What better front than to have one of our original girls in senior management and she is damn good at it. Excellent organizational and communication skills. During the day, Hilda runs the show. If she gets too uppity, then I turn her off and she becomes 'the show'.  She is the perfect little fuck hole.  Hilda wants to be fucked right now, don't you Hilda?"

"Yes doctor."

"Klepper looked at me. "I've toggled on her programming mode. Watch this." Klepper had an evil grin.

Hilda was looking straight ahead, her lips parted and eyes vacant. "Hilda, you love to fuck. You need to fuck. You want dick so bad. So bad it hurts. Beg Mark to fuck you."

'Hilda looked at me, pleading. "Please Mark, please fuck me. I need your penis. Inside me. I need it so bad. I promise I'll be a good girl." The look of desperation was not lost on me. She almost looked like she was about to cry.

I looked over at Dr. Klepper, "You people really put the customer first."

Dr Klepper volunteered, "Hilda is a great CEO except when she gets too haughty and prudish.  I love putting her in her place. By the way, she hasn't a clue that I can control her. My favorite thing to do is drop her mid sentence while she is in the middle of a tirade. If I can do so discreetly, I'll bend her over, drop her panties and take her right in the ass. After I fuck her in the ass, I have her clean my dick with her mouth. Of course, I wipe her memory afterwards.  She will do anything she is instructed."

"Wow. The best $250,000 I ever spent." I led Hilda to a secluded, private room and had her undress. She had trophy breasts and a muscular physique that belied her Olympian heritage. I positioned her on top of my cock. She was soon bouncing up and down like a pro. She had enormous, natural breasts that flopped together each time she bounced up and down. I enjoyed watching ‘the girls'. I enjoyed suckling ‘the girls' even more. It wasn't long before I unleashed my load. Hilda came loudly about the same time. I imagined that the A.I. activated her orgasm based on feedback to her brain from my increasingly urgent grunts and groans. Just like in real people. So cool. Maybe I would get credits to my account if I impregnated her... The A.I. certainly knows what it is doing. Hilda was a fuck machine. She was breathing heavily, as was I. A smile crossed her lips. The A.I. was undoubtedly rewarding her for a job well done. Fascinating.

I had her get dressed and we emerged from the room. Dr. Klepper toggled a switch appropriately labelled 'Forget'. Hilda forgot.

Hilda never skipped a beat, "Thank you for joining our 'sharing' program Mark. I think you will see that the benefits justify the cost."

Hilda was clueless. I couldn't help but compliment her. "Thank you so much for sharing the 'girls' with me Hilda!" I winked at Dr. Klepper.

Hilda smiled, "My pleasure, any time."

She was the hostess with the mostess...

My thoughts returned to Lydia. I was looking forward to her delivering and being thin again. Her big belly was definitely an impediment to a good fucking. With that final thought, I bid Hilda and the good doctor goodbye and departed.

Shocking Delivery

My labor started on a Tuesday and I awoke in the ICU on a Friday. I developed something called 'eclampsia'. I died twice. They brought me back with electric shocks to the heart. They advised me that a small pulse generator in my chest had been damaged by the defibrillator. The doctors wanted to know what it powered since I did not have a pacemaker or any other identifiable device. The baby was ok. Eight pounds, four ounces of bubbly baby boy. I would be in the ICU a few more days before I could see him.

I had time to think. So, the A.I. program could no longer access my mind. That was a relief.

I knew enough to realize I had been a drone for the last 9 months. Bits and pieces of things I had heard began to surface in my mind.

Brother’s Keeper was researching mind control by having advanced A.I. activate brain circuits associated with specific behaviors. Some of the behaviors could be quite complex. I remembered watching Elizabeth have an orgasm. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but now I shudder to think what the government might do with this technology. I was transferred to a regular hospital room and after another week in the hospital, the staff decided I could return to the institute. I reminded my doctors that they had a HIPAA obligation not to discuss my medical history with anyone. I didn’t care for Fräulein Hilda or von Dr. Klepper to find out the pulse generator implanted in my chest was fried.

Eddie, a driver from the institute, arrived to pick me up. I was rolled out with my baby in a wheelchair. Standard hospital operating procedure - especially after I had died (and been revived) while in their care.

Eddie saw the baby in my arms. He looked in my eyes for any sign of recognition, but I maintained a far away, distant look. He pretended to be fastening the baby in a car seat – at least long enough for the hospital volunteer to become disinterested and wander off. He then opened the front door and motioned for me to get in with the baby.

I stared blankly ahead. “Lydia, you want to breast feed the baby. Breast feed the baby for me now. “

I freed my breast from the nursing dress making sure Eddie got a good view and then latched the baby on. I would need to play along for a while until I hatched my plan. The baby eventually unlatched and began whining. Eddie surmised what needed to be done. I was waiting for him to tell me. “Switch the baby to your other breast.” I did as I was instructed.

When we arrived, I was helped out of the van and assisted inside. I’m a pretty good actress. No one realized I was not responding to the so called CUNT button and was not really in a Waking trance. CUNT button. Good grief. I hate that word.

It was lunchtime and the girls were congregating in the cafeteria. There were maybe 200 girls and 20 staff. 10:1. I liked those odds. Dr. Klepper was alone in his lab. I came up to him and made a simple request. “Activate and then give me your iPhone.”

He activated it and hit my ‘Sleep button’. I pretended to go out, stumbling forward into him as he held up his arms to catch me. Then I drew blood as I pressed the tip of a very long and very sharp knife against his carotid artery. I just pierced the skin, not his carotid. I was making a point…

Get it? Point? This mind control screws with you, let me tell you. “Dr. Klepper, that is a very sharp knife against your carotid artery. I recommend you remain very still and listen to me carefully. The pulse generator in my chest, that you use to control all these girls – and me, is fried. It died when I died. The electric shock used to restart my heart fried it’s internals. Rest in piece DeepMind” I smiled.

“What do you want?” Klepper managed, his voice wavering.

“Well, I would like to slit your throat, but that would make an awful mess and ruin my nice new maternity dress. I think we can call it square if you give me your phone and password.” Dr. Klepper knew I was serious. I would kill him if he refused to cooperate.

With phone and password in hand, I instructed Klepper to turn around. I clobbered him on the back of the head with a paperweight and he crumpled to the floor. I hope I didn’t hit him too hard.

Trance was never an option. Under the circumstances he would have been impossible to drop. I opened up the iPhone and began to study the buttons.

Each girl was listed in alphabetical order. Under each name were rows of buttons. I ascertained that some were specific to the programming of the girl. Under my name I had quite a few buttons with names like “Happy’, ‘Sad’, ‘Orgasm’, ‘Blowjob’ and even ‘Bat shit crazy’. Dr. Klepper has a sense of humor, or he knows me. ‘Let down reflex.’ That's familiar.

Other girls had buttons like ‘Pee self’, ‘Shit self’. One grouping of girls was separate from the others. They were listed under a menu item labeled ‘Expendable’. They had aggressive sounding buttons like ‘Kill’, ‘Maim', ‘Subdue’ and ‘Choke unconscious’. I guess these were the security… or maybe the assassins.

I was both fascinated and terrified. Brother’s Keeper was an incubator for a small army of obedient citizens… or soldiers, or both, I wasn’t sure. With enough of these girls, Keepers would be able to throw an election to their candidate or compromise high ranking officials. The possibilities were endless.

I decided now was as good as any. I opened up a global command for the girls labeled ‘Expendable’. I needed to make a statement. One the world could not ignore. I hesitated above the button, then clicked on the one that said “Kill’. Within about 30 seconds I heard screams and shouts. Several staff members had been stabbed. I then activated various other girls with random commands like ‘Shit’ self’, ' Pee self’, ‘Slut’, ‘Howl like a wolf’, ‘Cluck like a chicken.’

As I enacted my plan I dialed 911. “There is a riot at Brother’s Keeper!”

I acted like I was terrified. “The inmates are attacking people! The patients are crazy. They got loose and they are killing everyone!” I screamed. “They attacked the doctor. I’m calling on his phone. Please hurry!” Then I screamed again, “No, stop!” and dropped the phone. I went over to the good doctor and leaned down to check his pulse. Oh pooh. No pulse. I hit him too hard. I tipped over a chair and made it look like a brief struggle had occurred. Then I carefully cleaned my fingerprints off the paperweight and knife. I stripped naked so as to blend in better with my fellow ‘inmates'. Surveying the carnage, I proceeded into the main room, into the mayhem almost slipping and falling in the blood. I got a few stares from crazed women, but they left me alone. I was one of them. I hear sirens in the distance. This nightmare would soon be over.

Authorities arrived and subdued the naked girls running around acting either homicidal or insane. It didn’t take long for x-rays to reveal the pulse generators in our chests and electrode implants in our brains. I was happy when mine were removed.

The police interviewed me. “Yes, I picked up the doctor’s phone when he was attacked. Yes, I just returned from the hospital with my new baby boy. No, I don’t know where he is. He was taken from me. No, I don’t understand what is happening. Yes, I’m scared.”

The police lumped me together with all the other girls who had been brainwashed. Not really brainwashed per se, but close enough for the police’s understanding. Investigative reporting still had a place in this crazy new world. 60 Minutes did a piece on Brother’s Keeper but blamed this Utopian New World Order on right wing extremists. I knew better. Nothing changes I thought to myself.

Baby Mark was eventually returned to me from Protective Services. They had to make sure he was safe… I was safe. He was a beautiful little boy. Too bad he would grow up in such a dysfunctional world. The intolerance for different ideas was disheartening. The right seemed to be cowering from the endless attacks by the left. Everyone who disagrees is a racist or homophobe or white privileged. I was sick of it. But what do I know? I’m just a simple white girl afforded every privilege. I’ve never seen a day of adversity in my life. Yeah, I need to keep telling myself that.

Fortunately, the DOJ did their job. The lab and technology were dismantled, and the FBI extended its probe to the highest levels of the US government. Mark was tracked down and arrested. Ultimately, he was convicted of collaboration. I visited him in jail. We were separated by a plexiglass partition and spoke over a phone. “Collaboration… where have I heard that word before Mark?” Are you collaborating with the other inmates? By the way, how is that ass of yours? Still sore? Consider the anal dilation I did with the strap-on a favor. Now you can enjoy the big boys here without fear of getting too torn up.

''You got your revenge Lydia. Just leave me be. Remember the good 'horndog' times we had." Mark hung up the phone and turned to leave.

Horndog times? Mark's little colloquialisms never ceased to amuse. He got what he deserved. As I drove home I felt a hunger building. Not for food. I was feeling hungry for 'dick'. A big fat, penis bratwurst. That evening in bed I tried to satisfy the hunger. My fingers, my rabbit vibrator, even the 'monster' strap-on. Nothing was working and the itch was becoming unbearable. Finally at 2am I ventured outside. At this point I was delirious with arousal. A spied a homeless man and walked over to him.

"Excuse me sir. I have a problem. If I don't get some penis soon, I think I'm going to die. Can you please fuck me?"

I was pathetic. I was desperate. The arousal was unbearable, painful and relentless. "Sir, I will pay you. Here is $200. All the cash I have on me."

Unfortunately the old timer was soft and I had to orally stimulate him until he was hard enough to slip in. The taste and smell was not pleasant.... but I forgot about that once he was inside me. It didn't take long for me to ride one out. My orgasm was loud. A nearby police cruiser was making the rounds and probably heard my screams. They showed up just as I fully released.

Now I'm in a drunk holding tank with 3 others. One skank meth head picking at her skin sores. Lovely. A fat drunk covered in his own vomit and some tweaker. Something is wrong with me. Definitely wrong with me. Maybe some neural implants are still active... or some hidden hypnotic trigger? I don't know. I do know I need to get out of here. I need to check myself into the hospital.

I looked over at my comrades in crime. The tweaker dude looked pretty high, but more together than the other two. What wonderful examples of humanity. Yes, I needed to get the hell out of here. But what could it hurt if I waited just a little longer? Long enough to try me a little tweaker penis.... "Excuse me sir."

Mind control. The subject of many fantasy and erotic novels. It’s not really possible, right?

Yes, I’m afraid it is technically very possible. Before probably 2020 or so it would have been difficult if not impossible. That was before machine learning was able to be precisely applied to brain functions as mapped by fMRI and magnetoencephalography.

The technology today, allows surgeons to map brain function (and thought) by structure to within 10mm (the size of a pea!) This can be done real time! Neuronal discharge across interrelated brain regions can be temporally and spatially mapped and the sequences of propagating action potentials can be analyzed and reproduced! The possibilities, both good and bad, are mind boggling! Precise brain mapping using fMRI and MEG

That doesn’t mean it’s been done yet. But I didn’t think engineered viruses were possible either before CRISPR came along. With CRISPR, anything is possible

Why do I have all these links? Because this shit is real. Controlling human behavior and emotions is already being done in research centers. Adaptive A.I. is mapping thought as it applies to specific brain regions. Soon, it is predicted, scientists will be able to map brain function to 5mm (a very small pea).  Compared to A.I., we are pea brains. Inducing complex behaviors would require precise mapping (we have that) and powerful A.I/machine learning (got that too). Ever heard of Deep Mind? It is next generation A.I. that can beat the best humans in the world at their individual games of expertise. Elon Musk warns the world that A.I. is evolving faster than we can understand or control it. A.I. to rule us all. Rogue nation states, using adaptive A.I., can engineer stealth viruses that make COVID look like child's play. We already know how to use deep brain stimulation to treat movement disorders like dystonia and Parkinson’s and to treat affect (behavior) disorders. Is it possible to implant electrodes directly into the human brain and stimulate specific targeted brain areas to create desirable behaviors? Before 2020, that would have been unthinkable and impossible. However, using fMRI and magnetoencephalography (MEG), very precise measurements of brain activity at the cellular level can be recorded. Head movement artifact is a thing of the past. Adaptive A.I. is analyzing the brain during cognitive exercises. Deep Mind, or a comparable A.I., can then take this information and use it to activate identical behavior in a “naïve brain” through the use of deep brain stimulation (DBS). Implanting electrodes into test subjects is not legal in most parts of the world, but when did that ever stop someone with the money and motivation to explore dark science. The chapter ‘Brother’s Keeper’ explores what is possible just over the horizon using technology we have today. Terminator or Matrix. You choose. It is real and it is terrifying. 

The culmination of my dark musings is DeepMind rules.

Now, with all that said, the realistic ‘direct control’ capability of A.I. will be limited to activating such things as arousal and orgasm and emotions like fear, anger, sadness and joy.

Complex behaviors like ordering an assassination is possible, but would require hypnotically pre-programmed behaviors. Activate the brain region associated with inducing hypnotic trance and then have the person enact the previously implanted programming. Being able to ‘read minds’ or recall specific memories? No, not possible. Memories are mapped across different synapses and vary by person.

However, A.I. would be able to determine if a person is lying. The possibilities are mind boggling, but not endless. There are limits to what A.I. can do with a human brain.

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