Did he hypnotize me?

Lydia Woke up. Am I naked?

by LydiaSalia

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'Am I naked?' and 'Brother's Keeper' are the alternate ending chapters for a collaborative story written by myself and The Traveling Master.

Mark (The Traveling Master) read some of my stories and decided to contact me. He suggested we write a story together. We emailed back and forth and I decided that this project sounded like fun. After a Zoom session and meeting in real life, we figured out all the twists and turns and went off to write our own endings. Each of us are doing one vanilla and one dark ending. I finished about three quarters of my vanilla ending before Mark decided it didn't quite jive with the big picture he was crafting. He wanted to finish it with some sexy hidden twists and turns. He is a fantastic writer, so I was ok with it. I concentrated on my dark ending, which, btw way, turned out world class hot. The Traveling Master (TM) is a superb writer, with a slightly different writing style than my POV style. I think our collaborative project may be the best work on ROM. This story is an example of the suspension of disbelief writing style. I pull you deep down the rabbit hole. What really happened between us?

Btw, we have since cut ties. I allowed myself to be hypnotized by him and I became nervous about how submissive I was becoming. That's not really my thing. I gaslighted him' to break it off. He was very displeased. He has since taken our collaboration off his site. Sigh. I still wish him the best.

This story contains scenes of explicit sexuality. It is not intended for viewing by minors. If you have not reached the age of majority in your area then please do not proceed.

All characters and situations depicted in this story are fictional. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

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And Lydia woke up

I was in a fog. I looked down and something was wrong. Am I naked? Or is this a dream? Mark was saying something.

“What… what happened?” I looked over at the hypnodisc. “Did you…?”

Mark ignored me and kept talking. “…or maybe I need to experience a more intimate induction. You know… One I actually remember and not some surprised covert induction?”

“Huh?… Sure… Of course…” I said. My wits were slowly coming back to me. “Experiencing an induction can itself be very pleasurable.…”

“I’m sure it can be…” Mark resumed.

He moved to the table and picked up the hypnodisc. “Maybe you could oblige me and let me try to hypnotize you as well? I’ll admit that ever since we contacted each-other, I’ve been incredibly curious about both sides of it. After all, I do write from the sub’s point of view often enough. The experience could be instructive. But I’d appreciate it if this time, you respect my wishes and don’t let your darker impulses take over.”

What was he talking about? “My darker impulses are in my past Mark." But he doesn't know that.

"It’s my own fault you are being so cautious. My stories are full of hapless males that I turned into my bitches. But they are... mostly just stories. I guess in retrospect you have good reason to be careful.”

I paused to think, “Mark, I promise you, I don’t do that anymore. I’m a good girl now.”

What did I just say? I’m a good girl now? What the fuck? I looked down again. Am I naked? Something isn't right.

“So how about it Lydia? Will you allow me to get even by letting me hypnotize you? And will you hypnotize me to show me how it can be done?”

I smiled at Mark. “Sure, I will hypnotize you, and perhaps I will let you try to hypnotize me. But you are a newbie and I’m a prima hypnodomme. Do you really think you have the skills to pull an induction off?”

“Yeah, you’re right. I probably wouldn't be able to hypnotize you.”

I smiled at him again as he acknowledged his proper place. But I felt uneasy. I just can't quite put my finger on it.

I finally cleared the cobwebs and felt like I was thinking clearly. Mark was sitting across from me on the sofa, looking at me with a shit eating grin. I spied my clothes on a chair. I really am naked. What the fuck? I retrieved them and got dressed. He must have tranced me. What else could explain my lapses in memory and coming to realize I was naked in front of him.

But how? My mental defenses usually prevent this sort of thing. I shuddered at the thought that he might have hypnotized me so easily. I looked at him as I contemplated the situation. Mark's writing was undeniably brilliant. His stories got me so randy. I wanted to finish our collaboration if only to see what kind of baby we could produce. Was that a Freudian slip? Not baby, but what literary 'work of art’ we could produce.

I could have sworn when we first met that he was a bit on the heavy side. But sitting on the couch in tight shorts, he was an Adonis. I felt a sudden wave of arousal surge in my loins. Ok. He has definitely gotten inside my head. I need to be careful with this one. I’m not going to become another hypnotist’s personal plaything.... again. Last time was embarrassing enough. Shit.

Mark seemed very comfortable sitting in front of me in his undies. He was moving his legs back and forth like he was trying to fan the boys. Not a trace of modesty. Maybe that was because he had just fucked me? I wasn’t sure, but I wanted… I needed to know. He was having trouble making eye contact. Well, he had superpower confidence now, so he must be avoiding my stare because of guilt. I walked over to the table and saw a document that looked to be a legal release of some kind. My signature was on the bottom of it. As I read it I shuddered. “I do not remember signing this. That is not my signature!”

“I have a recording of you reciting it and then signing it that says otherwise.”

“So you did hypnotize me. Fuck!”

Mark looked rather sheepish.

I repeated myself. “Fuck. So is that what we did?... Fuck?”

“You actually begged me to fuck you. I even said no, but you were very adamant... and persuasive.”

Fuck me. "Do you have proof? How did you manage to hypnotize me? Its obvious you know something about hypnosis, but I can’t imagine you used any sophisticated techniques. Did you drug me? Molly? Shrooms?”

Mark looked rather cocksure of himself all of a sudden. “Do you remember our Zoom session and the imagination exercise that you recommended I try?”

“Yes. But that was my idea to help you create a dialogue around a visualization. It wasn’t even an induction.”

“Well, I kind of subliminally mentioned it during conversation and you ran with it. The hum and flickering lights started at a frequency of around 10 Hz. In the Alpha range. As I noticed you responding to my ‘creative visualization’, I shifted the hum to the theta range. I know a lot about hypnosis even though I am new to practicing it. As you relaxed, you slipped into a light waking trance and shortly thereafter a pretty deep trance. I used story loops to focus your attention and arousal to seduce your subconscious and take you really deep.”

I pondered what Mark was telling me. Jesus. I didn’t pick up on the hum synchronized to brain waves. He is one clever fuck. And a typical male. I’m sure he enjoyed himself immensely. “So, from my stories you gleaned I would be easy to trance…. And I guess, just plain ‘easy’. Which I'm not by the way. I don't hop into bed with just anyone."

Mark smirked, "I seem to recall you already shared that you don't sleep with just anyone. Don't you remember? Of course, I'm not just anyone...."

I paused to think. “I trusted you.” My heart was heavy. I was taking such a liking to him.

“Ouch. That hurts." Mark opined. "I couldn’t have hypnotized you if you hadn’t given me that dose of super confidence and courage.”

“So, it’s my fault?”

Mark reminded me, “Did you not say that you would seek my consent before hypnotizing me?”

“That’s fair. I did give you very positive suggestions though, didn’t I?”

“Yes. I can’t deny that. You are like the good witch. I don’t know if a succubus can be good, so I’ll stick with witch.”

I was flummoxed. I would be lying to say otherwise. "Mark, trust is necessary if we are to continue working together. Since I have this giant black hole in my memory of the last few hours... or more?... I need to remember. I am incredibly impressed that you breached my normally very stout defenses, especially given that you are a newbie at hypnosis. I will grant you that when I do 'allow' myself to be hypnotized, I can go very deep. Incredibly deep apparently... obviously. If you allow me to remember, I would be very appreciative, and it would go a very long way to rebuilding trust."

Mark was studying me. I couldn't tell if he was thinking over my request or appraising how he would take advantage of me again during our visit.

"Ok Lydia. If I have you remember, are you going to be mad?"

Hell yes I'm mad dammit, I said to myself.

"No, I won't be mad. Especially if the sex was good and you let me remember it."

"You really, really enjoyed it. It was pretty damn good for me as well. The only thing is I wanted to use this command trigger on you that makes you cum when I tell you, but we were both so caught up in the moment that you came before I could try it."

I looked at Mark with my sincerest smile. He is such a piece of shit.

"If the sex was great, I certainly would want to remember it and how could I be mad?"

"Ok Lydia. I will allow you to remember. I don't have any subconscious hooks in you to remember, so if I just say 'REMEMBER', will you remember?"

I searched my memory. No, nothing. A black hole. "I'm afraid not. You were telling the truth when you said you really don't know much about actually hypnotizing someone. You need to either have someone remember while they are hypnotized or install very specific hypnotic triggers that you can activate when they are awake. The subconscious regulates what the conscious mind is allowed to see - allowed to analyze. I know it sounds weird, but very specialized areas of the brain regulate our emotions, beliefs and memories.

"How about a trade? I let you remember and you give me an education on the nuances of hypnotic trance."

"If you want to know the nuances of inducing trance, then read my Operator's Manual to Programming the Human Mind."

I have studied your words. They are most instructive. How do you think I tricked your subconscious into letting me in? No, I'm more interested in the highly technical details. I know scientists have used fMRI to examine the brain of people under hypnosis. I know that there are well defined brain regions which light up during fMRI, while others like the frontal cortex, shut down under hypnosis. The science behind that is what interests me."

"It gets pretty arcane pretty fast. Don't fall asleep on me..." I winked.

"Here goes. The salience network and the default mode network are the primary regions of the brain that comprise the subconscious. They take over when a person is hypnotized. Conscious, analytical thought begins to drift away as a person enters trance. In the deeply hypnotized person, analytical thought is no longer possible. The subconscious can be manipulated quite easily if the person trusts and likes you. It can also be manipulated if the person doesn't like and trust you, but that is a whole different ball game and requires a highly skilled hypnotist. Would you like the technical details?"

"Yes, I insist. I will have you remember everything, but first tell me everything. Every sordid detail. This is fascinating."

"It's not sordid, just highly technical."

What follows is a scientifically accurate description of changes that occur in the hypnotized brain.

I searched my 'knowledge' banks. I know this shit like the back of my hand. The brain is in many ways like an analog computer. Certain parts can be shut down. The subconscious is not 'smart' like our conscious frontal cortex. But it manages information flow to the frontal cortex. Memories, compulsions, beliefs, and feelings all originate in the subconscious regions of the brain. If the subconscious decides (perhaps by hypnotic suggestion) to influence cognition, it absolutely, unequivocally can do so.

"The dorsal anterior cingulate is an area of the brain that becomes quiescent when a person is intensely focused. Intense focus is actually the prodrome to initiating trance. And trance is the precursor to entering sleep if your focus is not redirected. For instance, if you intensely focus on counting sheep to fall asleep at night, you will enter light trance and then your subconscious 'imagination' will take over and you will enter dreamland. On a brain scan, we would see neuronal traffic between the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and the insula increase while connections between the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and the medial prefrontal and the posterior cingulate cortex decrease. All these specialized regions subsume 'awareness' or thinking. fMRI and magnetoencephalography (MEG) studies have very precisely mapped the brain and identified specialized areas of the brain that regulate emotion, arousal, memory retrieval and, of course, awareness. In a deeply hypnotized person, the areas of the brain involved in discernment and awareness are 'turned off'. This has been reliably, repeatedly demonstrated by fMRI and magnetoencephalography. If I was to directly stimulate an area of the brain called the claustrum, either by hypnosis or deep brain stimulation (DBS), you would become unaware. I would be able to 'turn you off'. Your conscious, analytical, frontal cortex only gets to operate with the permission of the subconscious. The subconscious is like the hard drive and operating system of a computer. It feeds Information to the CPU and GPU (the conscious mind) for processing. When the subconscious areas of the brain decide to reroute information from the conscious brain, you are deprived of information to 'think' about. You are in trance.

You are highly aware 'subconsciously', but your consciousness has been deprived of that awareness.  You lack discernment. Hypnotized, you become incapable of discerning fantasy from reality. Of course there are degrees of trance. A person in light trance may 'consciously' resist certain suggestions. A person in deep trance, when hypnotized by a master hypnotist such as myself, will not have that capability. I know how to manipulate their subconscious and reassure it so that the person will do 'most' anything I command. The subconscious is often described as 'the inner child' or 'id'. The conscious brain is the 'adult'. Your conscious brain has discernment. The subconscious brain believes what it is told.

Side note. Arousal is a subconscious condition. As arousal intensifies from suggestion, imagination and/or nipple or clitoral stimulation, the prefrontal cortex is slowly deprived of information until it becomes quiescent. Someone in this condition can easily be ‘suggested’ into having sex. Even someone who is married or a prude. We are genetically programmed to procreate. If arousal occurs, the person can be fairly easily manipulated into having sex. The best example of a girl resisting suggestion, but gradually, expertly manipulated to become aroused is a girl named Jessa on Netvideogirls.com. Unfortunately it is a paid site, but the dudes who operate it are the smoothest operators I’ve seen. Another girl to watch is on a sister ‘auditions’ site. She is an RN (Missy) who gets downright belligerent at the repeated intrusions into her personal space. But, subconscious ‘arousal’ is subtly, gradually influenced and activated and she is soon fucking her brains out. Here is a link to the neuroscience underlying this.

Important caveat; the conscious brain operates at the 'pleasure' of the subconscious. If I convince the subconscious in a post-hypnotic suggestion that it should 'bark like a dog' when trying to speak, then the conscious brain will bark when the person tries to speak. The conscious brain will be surprised, may question their behavior and may even become alarmed, but if I have done my programming properly, then the conscious brain will have no choice but to obey the subconscious commands. If the hypnotist has done their job and established trust and authority, then the subconscious 'inner child' will trust and believe what it is told. A master hypnotist understands how to manipulate the 'subconscious' areas of the brain to create certain beliefs, behaviors and even memories.  Generally speaking, a person with strongly held convictions outside of 'the norm', has been 'subconsciously' programmed. When this happens outside of formal trance, it is known as 'The Illusory Truth Effect'. A person with far left or right political views, well outside of the 'norm', has been programmed. Their conscious mind operates on a belief system that has been surreptitiously fed to them. Our education system has programmed us since childhood to embrace certain beliefs. Marxist ideology for instance. I won't delve into the pros and cons, but I will say that most people's subconscious (belief systems) have been so polluted with garbage, that their conscious brain is no longer capable of critical analysis. These are the people I excel at programming. If you want me to change a long held belief, I can do it. The more ingrained the belief, the longer it takes to change. Everything I'm telling you is well established in the scientific literature.

I was hypnotized as a teen by an unscrupulous hypnotist. I recount what actually happened to me, what I remember, in a story I wrote called The Trials and Tribulations of Lydia's Formative Years. Writing about that was cathartic. I escaped only because the hypnotist broke the sacred bond of trust. My subconscious, at some point, decided my 'training' was not in my best interest. It alerted my conscious mind and I 'woke up'. After being so taken advantage of, I took it upon myself to learn everything there is to know about hypnosis. It is eye opening. The moral to this story is trust is critical if you wish to maintain a relationship between hypnotist and a person's subconscious."

Mark was grasping the basics, "So, if I'm understanding you correctly, the subconscious areas of the brain are the gatekeeper to the conscious areas of the brain. It's only information that the subconscious 'approves'... that gets through, that the conscious mind is allowed to act upon?"

"Essentially that is correct."

"And does that include emotions, beliefs, memories and even specific behaviors?"

"Yes. The subconscious normally works in harmony... in conjunction with the conscious mind. The subconscious decides what memories, for instance, to pass to the conscious mind for processing. Now if the person is awake, the conscious brain calls forth those memories. If the person is hypnotized, memories can be added, suppressed or even changed. Next time the memory (or belief) is called for, the conscious brain will be responding to a false memory. The brain is very mysterious. Aberrant behaviors like addiction, hyper sexuality, OCD, any number of different predilections are passed to the conscious mind for it to act on. The thinking brain can often modulate such behaviors, but more often than not, it nonjudgmentally accepts the input it receives and tries to calculate the best way to achieve the desired goal. The nucleus accumbens, for instance, will direct the conscious brain to seek out heroin or meth in the addicted person. We are, in fact, slaves to our subconscious."

Now it was my turn to express my 'conscious' disapproval. Mark is a great guy, but he needs to understand that coercing sex from a hypnotized person is wrong. Not that I'm one to talk. I have used hypnosis to stimulate arousal and obtain sex, but I usually justify it by telling myself I am just allowing nature to take it's course. If my subject becomes sexually aroused and we both want to have sex, who am I to deny them? I have since discontinued this practice. If I know someone and we decide to engage in a little hypno-play, I will have them sign a consent before even considering having sexual relations with them. A woman, just like a man, can be accused of rape. I don't need that in my life right now.

"Thank you for the detailed explanation. It was enlightening. I apologize again for 'keeping you in the dark'. I will happily allow you to remember everything. I want you to trust me again."

Mark stood up and approached me. He was smiling like he was going to give me a hug. I believe he said something about the 'Traveling Master'. I regained awareness, seemingly seconds later, but I was sitting on the side of the bed. I had been standing. Thirty minutes had gone by. And now I remembered. Everything. I wasn't angry. He must have suppressed that response. I rubbed my tongue over my teeth. Faint taste of semen. "Mark, I suppose you realize; I can also recall the blowjob you just coerced from me."

"Yes, sorry. I couldn't help myself."

Mark added insult to injury. He fucked me without a truly valid consent. He coerced the consent I signed and then he had me give him a BJ while I was hypnotized. Why am I not angry? I know why. I just gave the lecture on subconscious dampening of emotions. I've been dampened. Dampened..., interesting word. Damp. Perhaps in more ways than one. I tested my 'feelings'. I was ever so slightly aroused, ever so slightly.... damp. After taking me non consensually, I shouldn't be. But I am. Shit.

"Mark, I'm not angry. More I'm disappointed. I remember everything that happened. Thank you, by the way, for allowing me to remember. The written consent you obtained was not consensual. Surely you recognize that. Taking advantage of me when I was extremely aroused - arousal, by the way, that you suggested, was not ethical. I know you are a good person. I am not going to do anything like report you for rape, although technically that is what you did - rape me. No, I just want you to understand that you cannot act in this way if and when you practice hypnosis in the future."

Mark seemed contrite. "I'm sorry. I don't want you to think less of me."

I didn't say anything. Perhaps I did think less of him.

"Thirty minutes is a long time to be out only to have (some) memories reinstated. What else did you do?"

I installed some triggers. Triggers which you will enjoy. You are a 'good girl' and you know I only want the best for you."

I am a good girl. Mark only wants the best for me. He is still learning about hypnosis. I need to cut him some slack as he learns about hypnosis and consent, among other things.

"So Lydia, some memories involve a lot of moving parts with complex interactions and behaviors. Can those memories be blocked in their entirety?"

"Of course. Look at how adults of severe childhood trauma repress those memories. Those memories are suppressed, not forgotten, and they can affect behavior years later when the child becomes an adult. Things like depression, anxiety, even personality disorders."

"Ok then. I want you to know something. I really, really like you Lydia. I feel really bad about what I did to you. I want you to like me and not think less of me. The worst thing would be if your memory of being hypnotized by me, consciously or subconsciously, affected your opinion of me. I don't want that. The mere suggestion that this might constitute rape is upsetting to me. Probably more upsetting to me than to you.

True. My emotions seemed... dampened.

Where was Mark going with this?

"To avoid negatively affecting our relationship going forward I think it best if you don't remember."

"Wait Mark! Don't make me..."


"Don't make me... forget? Forget what?"

Mark reminded me, "You were saying, Don't let me forget we need to get our vanilla and dark alternate endings completed by the end of the month."

"I won't. So, as part of our new story direction, you want me to hypnotize you. Take you deep and prove beyond doubt that I can make you do just about anything? That is a fairly one-sided story. It would be better if we could also tell a story about you hypnotizing me... But you won't be able to hypnotize me unless I allow it. Can I trust you?"

"You can trust me. After you hypnotize me, perhaps I can try to hypnotize you. And then let's eat. I could use a big, juicy 'horndog' right about now."

"You mean corndog?"

"Yeah, sorry."

"Aren’t you nervous I will make you into my bitch or have you parade around the hotel naked?”

“I do want you to prove to me that you can take me extremely deep. The idea of being helpless, under your control is kind of exciting.... arousing, but also a little scary. But I'm not too worried. After all, I care for you and you care for me. You are a good girl, right?"

"I am a good girl. A very good girl. I only want the best for you."  Mark is such a great guy. Bigger than life. Gentle, but strong. He makes me feel safe. I wish he wasn't married. He is so talented. Such a prolific writer. I could see us as an item. But I have known him for all of what... two hours?

Mark ended my reverie. "Hello... earth to Lydia."

I was daydreaming. I was imagining one of those old-time pictures of the frontier family. Mark was standing next to me, his arm on my shoulder. I was sitting with a baby latched to my breast and another one in the oven. My hand resting comfortably on my pregnant belly. Wait, what? I shook my head. This is almost like some sort of hypnotic suggestion... But I haven't been hypnotized... These feelings are going too fast. I care for him... deeply, but he is married and I'm not a homewrecker.

"Are you ready to be hypnotized Mark?" He nodded yes. “How about I use your hypnodisc on you? If you did a good job on it, it should work like a charm.”

“Yes. That sounds good.”

I looked at him. He is so goddamn cute. I couldn't help but look down at his crotch. I could clearly see the outline of his penis in his shorts, and I felt my heart flutter in my chest. I shook my head. It will be very hard not to get carried away with him when he is under. I imagined what his penis would feel like inside me. Stop it Lydia!"

"Ok, here goes." I had given Mark a serious boost of self-confidence, but despite that, Mark seemed a little nervous. He wants to be hypnotized, but at the same time, giving up control to someone else can be scary.

“Mark. I can see you are nervous. You have nothing to be anxious about. I am going to record our session so you can watch it later. I care deeply for you and I only want the best for you.”

Despite my reassurances, he was nervous. I could tell. Damn.  He was so sexy. I just wanted to fuck him right now, right here. Wait. Where is this sexual attraction coming from? Am I attracted to him because of his newfound confidence and assertiveness? Maybe.

I picked up the hypnodisc and turned it on. I wasn’t going to stare at it for long. I didn’t need to fall to a covert induction. Mark had done a half ass decent job. The LEDs were aligned around the edge in a spiral pattern and sequenced towards the center. The LEDs dimmed and brightened in a binaural pattern. I felt myself start to relax as I watched it. I looked away. Yes, this would do just fine.

“Mark, I want you to watch the LED lights as they pulse and spiral towards the center. It is very relaxing. You did a fantastic job on this. You must be some kind of genius.”

Compliments go a long way to assuaging the anxious mind. Mark was starting to calm down. I needed him relaxed to get him to focus. I noticed him smile slightly at the complement. “Watch as the spiral falls into the center. Notice how the LEDs brighten and then dim. It is so relaxing. You feel so relaxed, so peaceful watching this light show.”

Mark was fixated on the hypnodisc. I felt confident that he would soon be deep in hypnosis. He was a skeptic, but not for much longer. I turned on my phone to record the session so that he could look back later if he found what I told him to be too unbelievable.

“Take a deep breath for me. You feel so good. Nothing matters but my voice. Relaxing you. Taking you so deep into the spiral. So deep.”

As I spoke to Mark in my soothing voice, I observed his eyelids becoming the slightest bit heavy.  He was slipping into trance. In another few seconds I would drop him.

“You are so, so relaxed. Your eyes just want to shut so bad. As you relax your eyes you will drop into the most wonderful hypnotic sleep. Are you ready to sleep for me my big boy? Yes, you are. Close your eyes and sleep now for me Mark. Deep, deep asleep.”

His eyes closed and his head dropped to his chest. He was mine. Not so cocky now are ya?

I began to deepen him. “My voice is all that matters. My voice is inside your head. Caressing you. Holding you. I will keep you safe. You love this feeling. This feeling of total bliss. You realize it arouses you when you surrender to my control. You want to be obedient to me. You want to be a good boy. I am so proud of you. Such a good, obedient boy. You feel nothing but love for me as I feel love for you. You crave my control. I command you. You obey me.”

Normally I get a head rush when I’m taking control of someone and this time with Mark was no different. Once I take someone deep, I can't always stop myself from taking advantage of them. I promised Mark I would be a good girl. But if he doesn't remember or I tell him he will be ok with whatever I make him do, how can he be upset with me?

He did ask me to take him extremely deep.

I leaned over to lift his eyelids. The whites of his eyes were the only thing visible. His eyes were rolled into the back of his head, a reliable sign of deep trance. Mark was gone. The lights were off and no one was home. He was deep, but for what I had planned, he would need to be deeper. I took him through progressive deepening and prepared for the loops I would have him jump through. He wants proof? I’ll show him proof. But first I have to have me some Mark penis. I know this is wrong, but I can't help myself.

"Mark, you love being under my control. In fact, the idea of it makes you aroused. Very aroused."

I watched as his penis twitched, then began to bulge against the confines of his shorts.

"I am going to awaken you in a moment. You will not remember that I hypnotized you. The only thing you will be able to think about is how badly you want me. I'm normally a very good girl, but you are a super stud. No girl can resist you." That wasn't a lie. I couldn't resist him.

"You will take me forcefully and have your way with me. You will not hurt me, but you will not take 'no' for an answer."

I wanted it rough. I was becoming more randy by the second. I felt myself quivering at the prospect of him taking me by force. I was going against my own rules about using hypnosis to coerce sex, but I couldn't help myself.

I woke him up and he looked down at me with menacing eyes. He pushed me back against the wall, lifted my skirt and roughly shoved his hand against my crotch. I gasped as his fingers found their way into my pussy. I was wet. I was very, very wet. Mark ripped off my blouse and bra and I felt myself trembling. Partly out of fear. Partly out of lust. Then he ripped off my skirt and panties. It happened so fast. I felt him insert himself roughly and he lifted me off the ground. I was impaled on his massive cock and it was hypnotizing. He fucked me roughly against the wall and lifted my legs around his back for me to better hold on to him. I was delirious with arousal. He delivered one sledgehammer thrust slamming me hard against the wall. I saw stars. Then he tossed me onto the bed like a rag doll. I was genuinely scared now. "No Mark!" He ignored me and flipped me onto my stomach, then impaled me again on his throbbing cock. He was pounding me hard into the headboard. Instead of letting me slide down, he grabbed my hair, pulling my head back taunt. The sensation of his cock slapping my cervix was... it was otherworldly. I felt like I was in a dream. Then I felt him wrap his large hand around my neck and start squeezing. One hand was pulling my head back by my hair, while the other hand was choking me. I tried to say "Stop", but he was choking me too hard for me to speak. At first he was squeezing just hard enough for me to lapse in and out of consciousness.  I felt my vision dim and then recover like a light on a rheostat. Then I imagined I heard him say "cum now." Boy did I. It was glorious - for as long as it lasted. I only remembered a few seconds of it. I guess he squeezed my neck harder. I awoke lying on my back on the bed. My legs apart and sperm dripping from my pussy. And I had a pretty painful charlie horse in my calf. He was looking down at me with a concerned look on his face.

"How long was I out?"

"Check your phone. I think I lost touch as I was cumming and I squeezed a little too hard. You got all rigid and your hands curled out. It was weird and a little scary. You were totally out of it. You didn't answer me when I called your name. It took you 20 seconds before you started breathing again. Then you started snorting and flailing your legs and arms. I was about to call 911. You finally woke up a couple minutes ago, although it took you another minute to come back on line. You were just staring into space. I guess you were out for a minute and a half all together."

My phone showed what happened. Mark choked me out. I had just started to cum and he knocked me out cold. He didn't realize I was out, I don't think, because he kept squeezing my neck as he came himself. Then he tossed me onto my back.

Mark adding this after the fact

Lydia's arms and legs went into this peculiar, rigid spasm and her feet extended straight out and her hands curled, which I now understand is something called decerebrate posturing. I googled it. In her case it was only temporary and caused by lack of oxygen to the brain. It is common in people that have been in a rear naked choke and were choked for too long. It can result in permanent brain damage if you are not careful. I was not careful, but she appears to be fine now. I relaxed a bit when she started breathing. First a rather un ladylike snort, then loud snoring. I watched some YouTube videos and that is not uncommon in people who have had the rear naked choke applied to them.

"Please don't ever do that again."

"Im sorry Lydia, but you appear to be alright."

"Yeah, maybe shy a few brain cells."

Mark laid down next to me on the bed. I was still a little dizzy.

"Are you ready to try and hypnotize me?"

I had to gather my wits. "Yes. Soon. Let me take some deep breaths and save what few brain cells I have left."

"You're fine," Mark grinned. I had him sit up and I sat up beside him. My balance had returned. Fuck. No more rough sex for me... ever.

I decided to skip formalities and dropped him with my Sweet dreams sleep trigger. His head flopped to his chest. "You will stand up now, but remain deeply asleep.” Mark stood as instructed. He was naked. I marveled again at his flaccid, but magnificent penis. He was mine. His penis was mine. At least for awhile.

I spent a few minutes deepening the trance as I had some fun triggers I wanted to try and he would need to be deep for these to work. Of course, I would continue to record everything on my phone and show him later. “I will awaken you in a moment. You will not remember you were hypnotized, and you will not realize you are naked. In the future, when you hear the word ‘penis’, you will reach down and tug your penis. If you hear the word ‘balls’, you will begin masturbating. You will have no awareness you are doing this. When you hear the words ‘stop that’ you will stop masturbating and resume whatever you had been doing before your started masturbating. This will all seem perfectly normal to you. Do you understand?

“Yes, I understand.”

“Good boy. On the count of 3 you will wake up. 1, feeling good, 2 feeling wonderful... waking up, 3 fully awake.

Mark looked around, orienting himself. So, are you ready to try and hypnotize me?

“Let’s eat first.” He was clueless.

Mark agreed, "Sounds like a plan. I'll get me a tasty horndog... I mean corndog."

My turn for some fun. “Balls”.

He began wanking, tugging his penis vigorously, oblivious to what he was doing or that he was naked. Of course, I was recording all of this on my phone.

I decided to have him masturbate to the point of ejaculation. “Balls”, I said again. He began tugging harder. After a couple minutes of this he was beginning to groan and grimace a bit. He was in a waking trance, but probably aware something was amiss.

“Here Mark, sit down.” I guided him back to the sofa. Mark continued tugging and after another 3 minutes of this he was groaning and arching his back. And then he came. Long ropes of white jism launched from his penis. I got it all on my phone. Well, not on my phone, but I recorded it…“Stop that,” I commanded.

“Stop what?” Mark asked, confused.

Mark was a pretty damn good subject and the negative hallucination worked on him like a charm.

Anyone who thinks hypnosis is bullshit, think again. A research study using fMRI demonstrated that different circuits are operating in the brain of a hypnotized person. They are unaware of what is happening around them. This can include being unaware you are naked or masturbating. In this landmark study, Brain Areas Altered During Hypnotic Trance, Dr. Siegel of Stanford observed the disassociation between action and reflection in the hypnotized subject. Deeply hypnotized subjects are trusting and accept commands given to them without conscious awareness or resistance*

*In some instances, in a less deeply hypnotized subject, or if the subconscious comes to believe following a certain command may result in harm, the person may come out of trance and refuse the command. In this instance, I will spend time discussing the person’s concerns with them awake and hopefully reassure them (and their subconscious). Then I drop them back into trance and resume whatever I was doing. These awkward interruptions can be avoided if you have well established trust and you have taken the subject very deep.

I looked at Mark who looked relieved. “How do you feel?”

“Great, why?”

“Because you are naked.”

Mark looked down. “Yeah, right.”

Balls.” He once again grabbed his penis and began tugging.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m sitting here. What do you mean?”

“You are rubbing one out.”


I couldn’t help myself and laughed. “It's called a negative hallucination Mark. Ok, ready to wake up? “Fully awake, fully aware!

I watched as the lights of realization slowly flickered on. "Holy shit!”

“Would you like to stop masturbating?”

I had not given him a stop command.

“Fuck.... Yes.”

“I like watching you. You are so helplessly under my control.”

“Stop it Lydia!”

“Make me.”

Mark was wanking up a storm. He stood up and started to move towards me. “What are you going to do killer?”

He grabbed my arm.

Freeze.” I took my other hand and released his grip. Then I guided him back to the couch and helped him sit down again. He was still holding his penis. “Unfreeze.”

He resumed wanking.

He looked defeated. Ok. I don’t want to be cruel. “Stop that.”

Mark stopped and removed his hand, remarking, “So, I guess that means we are even.”

“Even?... Explain."

Mark winked and said "I hypnotized you and now you have hypnotized me."

"Right. You hypnotized me. That's a laugh. You could no more hypnotize me than a three year old could do brain surgery. You're such a nube."

Mark volunteered, “I don’t like being so out of control. Maybe this idea of writing something together is not such a good idea after all. I did not expect this to happen.”

Sweet dreams Mark,” as I touched his forehead.

Mark’s head slumped. “You will change your mind and decide that you still wish to collaborate on a story with me. When I bring you out of trance you will have no memory that I have hypnotized you today or ever. Do you understand?”


Now I would transition him to a waking trance for the next part of my fun.

Waking trance now”

Mark once again looked around, orienting himself. He probably wondered about these lapses in awareness.

“Here, I took the liberty of grabbing these swim trunks out of your closet for you. Wear these.” They were not swim trunks. They were a pair of my bikini bottoms. It would be interesting to see if he could fully stuff himself into them.

“Lunch sounds good. I’m starved. I am putting on my swimsuit. They serve a late lunch down by the pool that is supposed to be very good.”

I love negative hallucinations.

“Here, put on the t-shirt. The UV factor is very high today.”

I wasn’t sure the ‘hallucination’ would hold if too many people gawked. The t-shirt would give him some level of ‘camouflage’.

As we got on the elevator, I found it increasingly hard not to stare... and smile. Actually, I wasn’t smiling because I thought it was funny, but because I was aroused. Something about Mark got me riled. He was wearing my bikini bottoms and he was barely contained. I couldn’t help myself. I blurted out “Penis” and he reached down and gave it a tug causing the head to peak out from the top of my bikini bottoms. Meanwhile, he displayed a total lack of awareness.  Damn his cock looked good. I licked my lips and thought to myself, am I hungrier for cock or a sandwich right now?

We got off the elevator and one young couple looked at him and started giggling.

“That is rude. Just because I carry a little extra weight around my waist, there is no need to be mean.”

I grabbed his arm in mine and led him to a reclining chair by the pool. “Mark, you are coming out of your trunks. You need to bring a larger size next time. Stuff yourself back in.”

He complied and we laid down on the chairs to get a little sun. Mark started to take off his t-shirt. “Why don’t you leave that on. No need to get burned everywhere.”

“Good idea. Thank you.”

I figured tanning in bikini bottoms that were far too small would probably get him noticed and asked to leave. I turned my phone back on. Time to see how he handled this negative hallucination.

“Those trunks you are wearing. They are different. Kind of like Speedos, huh?”

“What are you talking about? These are just some cheap trunks I bought at Walmart.”

“Ok. Do you think they are a little too snug?”

“Maybe. A little. I’ve gained a little weight since I bought them.”

“They don’t do a very good job of hiding your junk.”

“They don’t?” He smiled at me.

Damn. My horniness is showing…. again. What is wrong with me? I’m never like this. Maybe I need to get my hormones checked. My brain is always popping funny little quips into my consciousness…  “No girl, you need to get your whore moans checked….”

Mark was fully conscious, well, except for the negative hallucination. When you are walking around with one of those, it is generally considered a waking trance.

I decided to broach the subject of our writing collaboration. "We agreed that we would write about meeting up and me hypnotizing you. You have been saying how curious you are about deep trance."

Mark added, "And me hypnotizing you."

"If only that were possible. I have to drop my guard to be hypnotized and while I like you a lot..." I dwelled on this for a moment. I don't just like him. I think I'm fucking falling for him... "While I like you more than I thought was possible after only knowing you a few hours... I still have to trust you. Can I trust you if I allow you to hypnotize me?"

"Yes, you can trust me."

Maybe I would let him try to hypnotize me. Then a little voice in my head popped the question. Are you sure you were not already hypnotized? I did, seemingly, have a few gaps in my memory and my horniness was a tad exaggerated- even for me.

“Mark, I have a question for you, and you will be honest with me. Did you hypnotize me earlier?”

Mark paused to contemplate his answer. “Were you naked earlier?”

I tried to remember. “I guess I was. That memory is kind of vague. I wasn't even sure it was real." I thought to add, "You don’t even know how to fucking hypnotize!”

“I know enough. I have hypnotized you a couple of times.”

I searched my memory. Nothing. I should be able to recall something. The only thing I remembered that was different was arguing with him about something when he was in his undies on the couch.  And the dream of being naked. Except it wasn't a dream? Maybe we are all in a simulation as Elon Musk alludes to. This is too fucking weird. It is always a bit unsettling to me when I am certain I have not been hypnotized, only to discover evidence to the contrary. I imagine he will feel the same way when I have him remember.

I sat there numb, questioning my very perception of reality.

Mark said, "You look confused Lydia. Do you remember me telling you to forget?"

"No. I think you're lying."

My turn to fuck with his mind, “Do you think I hypnotized you?”

Mark replied confidently, “No. I would know.”


I decided to invoke the post hypnotic suggestion I had given him earlier. “Penis.”

He looked up “What?”


He reached down and tugged once again on his penis in the bikini. Which, of course caused the head to peak out… again.

Normally I'm a good girl, but I was feeling kind of salty. I had to get him on video jerking off in public. “Balls

I watched in amusement as Mark began to masturbate. He was rubbing himself and soon his rather nice penis fully escaped from my bikini. I figured his stroking would bring unwanted attention. It did. As I expected, a couple people started gawking and one person got up, I presumed, to report the pervert beating his meat in public. Of course, I was recording all of this on my phone.

“So do you notice anything odd? Still certain you haven’t been hypnotized?”

“I’m certain.”

I smiled as I watched him tugging himself. We were starting to get more attention. “I think we need to go. Let’s go back to your room. Now.”

“Ok, if you say so.”

I looked at the nearest person and mouthed "brain damage. He can't help himself." She nodded understanding and spoke to the person next to her. I might have bought us a little time.

Now Mark was out of my bikini and sporting a massive erection. I really, really did not want to explain this to the police. “C’mon. We have to go. Chop, chop!”

We got up and headed back to his room before anything untoward happened. I let him continue as we rode up the elevator. As the door opened on our floor, a young couple was about to step onto the elevator when the girl screamed and held her boyfriend back.

I responded quickly. “He has brain damage from a drug overdose. This happens sometimes. He can’t help himself.”

Mark looked at me sideways, “What the fuck are you talking about Lydia?”

“Oh nothing.”

I got Mark in the room and dropped him with my sleep trigger. Then I commanded him "Stop that." His hand fell to his side. Looking down at his penis, I suddenly was consumed with lust. I had to have him. Even as I hurriedly got undressed and pulled my bikini off of him, my conscious, analytical, thinking brain said to me, has Mark done something to me to make me so goddamn horny?

This is just not me. Sure, in my stories I'm easy, but in real life, no way! I must be acting under a hypnotic compulsion. No other explanation. But I haven't been hypnotized. I usually had clues... remnants of memories if I had been hypnotized, but nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

I know the arousal is out of proportion to what I would normally experience, and I know the arousal is affecting my judgement - clearly. But right now, I just don't care. I knelt down and took his penis in my mouth. It was magnificent. I craved it. I worshipped it. He was out of it, so I took the opportunity to cradle his balls and kiss his penis, repeatedly while he was in 'LaLa' land. I hope he still has some energy left, because I needed him. I needed him bad. I commanded him, “Erect”. He did not disappoint. Once again I was so horny I was beside myself. “Wake up and Fuck me Mark.” I commanded him. That isn’t the best way to bring someone out of trance. They can be confused. Mark was confused, but only for a few moments. Sporting a massive erection he slowly came around, shook his head and then lifted me up, carried me to his bed and flopped me down. Soon he was pounding his sweet penis into me. He was a human pile driver. Oh my fucking god it was good. His magnificent cock controlled me. I was a slave to it. Of course, I came. Not once, but twice. Mark came too. He was a fucking machine. This time I got to enjoy the whole enchilada.

After a minute or so, I recovered. “What do you remember before I got so randy and had to have you?”

“Well, we came up on the elevator and you said something weird to the other people about me having a drug overdose. Then I woke up with a massive erection and decided I wanted to fuck you. I threw you on the bed and had my way with you.

"Did you think about seeking my permission?"

"No. I had to fuck you. It was automatic... like I had no choice..."

"Almost like you were hypnotized or something, huh?"

"Or something..."

I looked at Mark and smiled. He was so cute. I couldn’t help but give him a fat kiss. He was clueless and somehow that turned me on.

“You are kind of weird Lydia Salia. In a good way, but definitely weird.”

“Mark, I hypnotized you earlier and I invoked a post hypnotic suggestion. You started masturbating down by the pool and it got me so hot, I had to have you.”

Mark studied me. “I don’t believe you.”

“I recorded everything on my phone.” I handed him my phone.

Several minutes later Mark remarked, “I think I am going to enjoy exploring hypnosis with you and writing stories together. Now it's your turn. Have I hypnotized you today?"

I laughed out loud. I couldn't help myself. "Yeah, of course. I remember everything. I was your sex slave. You had me service the bell boy, room service, maids, janitors, damn near the whole hotel. Nonstop sex for hours on hours. It was great."

Mark had a mischievous glean in his eyes, "You remember the janitors? What about the pizza delivery guy?"

"Funny", I said.

"So, you don't remember shit." Mark grinned.

"Good one Mark. No, you did not hypnotize me. I seem to remember you admitting to me that you have never hypnotized anyone before in real life."

"Maybe I lied. Do you remember fucking?"

"Yes, of course, but that was 100% my idea. I can usually control those urges, but you were too cute."

"I suggest we get a writing session in and then convene back tomorrow to review what we have done. Just so you know, I suppressed your memories of me hypnotizing you. I am going to let you remember so that you can describe them for our story. If I set this up correctly as a hypnotic trigger, it should work this time. Remember."

Memories came flooding back in. Sneaky little fucker did hypnotize me. "All is fair in love and war. Is this love or war?"

Everything makes sense when Mark explains it. He began, "Well, it's not war. More like love. We've had sex, wonderful sex... multiple times. I am happily married though, so that prevents this from becoming much more than platonic, at least for now. You are such a good girl.  You will be ok."

"Yes, I am a good girl. I will be fine. I still care for you even if I can't... be with you."

"You look sad Lydia. Don't be sad. We can still see each other. We just need to be discreet. Lydia, are you taking birth control?"

"No. I wasn't planning on having sex. I will take the morning after pill. Don't worry about it."

"If we are going to start seeing each other, then you might want to start on the pill or get a diaphragm or whatever it is you girls do. Why don't we go back to our rooms and write up our stories and I will see you tomorrow."

I spent the next several hours writing about our little hypnotic tryst. Mark is a much better hypnotist than he owns up to. Or a natural. He has written over 50 stories about hypnotic subjugation, so he knows his stuff. We met for breakfast and then I handed over my USB key with my vanilla ending to be incorporated into our co-written story. Mark seemed to be genuinely impressed, but wanted to add his own ideas and comments. I still need to write my alternate dark ending and we have a self imposed deadline of the end of the month.

"Lydia, there are a couple of things I would like to polish. Can we check out of the hotel and go over this in the lobby for a couple hours?"

We spent the next couple of hours making sure the story worked. We had slightly different recollections of the events. Understandable. I copied my portions over to the USB and handed it to him. He was calling the shots as far as when, where and how to publish this. The title was going to have our names. Something like 'Lydia Salia and The Traveling Master engage in a web of hypnotic foreplay."

I thought of another title, 'Lydia Salia and The Traveling Master get engaged'. A girl could dream."

Mark typing

As I stated earlier, Lydia actually did fall prey to a covert induction. I did a lot of research before we met up, so although I played dumb, I had a pretty good idea how to take her really deep. The confidence boost she gave me helped. From this point on Lydia is not aware of how her vanilla ending diverges. My baser instincts led me astray with her and I need to make things right. The less Lydia knows, the better. Still, this makes for a good story.

The remainder of this story is finished by me. As you shall see below, Lydia 'decided' to hand her vanilla story over to me to finish. In fact she is unaware she wrote as much as she has or that I am reading it...

I decided it best for Lydia not to remember this conversation. At least not until she was in a better mindest and would be less disturbed by what happened.

"Lydia, I apologized earlier for taking advantage of you while you were under hypnosis. But didn't you also take advantage of me? You said that I had technically raped you. Do you still feel that way?"

"Technically you did rape me, but I'm past that. When I took advantage of you, I was overwhelmed with lust. Lust that you created in me, by the way, with your horndog trigger. So, no, I would not say we are equal. But... the sex was pretty amazing, so why don't we just forget about that and move on?"

"Ok, thank you. I have a quick question about something you have mentioned before. You said the human brain is like a computer. If you know how to program and get into the kernel of the operating system, you can take control."

"Yes. That's right. Where are you going with this?"

"Well for want of a better description, I want to try a program on you.

Lydia looked concerned, "You look a little anxious Lydia. Don't be."

"Sleep for the Traveling Master." 

I reassured Lydia's subconscious and spent several minutes taking her very deep. I used something called a progressive 'count up.' After I thought I had achieved a very deep state, I actually asked her, on a scale from 1 to 10 how deep she believed she is?"

Lydia answered a 7. For what I wanted to try, I figured I needed her at a solid 10. "Listen closely to me my dear, sweet Lydia. You are doing so well. I am so proud of you. You are my special precious girl, you know that don't you?"

Lydia smiled. I was appealing directly to her subconscious. "I want you to go even deeper for me. Ten times deeper. A hundred times deeper. Deeper than you have ever been. When you feel like you have reached a level 8, you will simply say 8. Do you understand?"


I gave her further relaxation and deepening suggestions and she soon said "8".

Lydia, it makes me happiest when you call me your master. You are such a good girl. Now I want you to go to an even deeper state of hypnosis. All the way to a 9. Sinking into the perfect, loving arms of sleep. Totally surrendered to my control. Tell me when you reach a 9. Falling ever deeper. Slow cleansing breath. Perfect harmony and bliss.

Lydia said "9 your master."

I stopped myself from laughing. She was deep as shit. Following my instructions exactly. There was no conscious discernment of meaning or grammar.

"I am so proud of you. You are obeying me so perfectly. I want you just to refer to me as 'master'. You do not need to say 'your master'. Now you are going to go to the deepest level of hypnosis. You are going to drop to a level of 10. When you reach 10, you will obey any instruction I give you without questioning or hesitation. When you do so, you will be overcome with feelings of happiness and euphoria. Drop for me even deeper Lydia. As deep as is humanly possible."

After another minute of deepening suggestions, Lydia replied, "10 master."

I think at this level I could have commanded Lydia to do anything and she would have complied. With her total lack of discernment, I probably could have told her to kill someone. I'm a nice person, so I would never do such a thing, but she was extremely deep and all mine.

"Lydia, hypnosis allows the subconscious to hide memories from the conscious. You yourself said the brain is like a human computer. I want you to think of your brain now as a human computer. Completely programmable. I am going to wipe the hard drive of all memories since we met in the lobby yesterday. Your memories will resume at the point we met. When I say 'reboot', your subconscious mind will methodically and carefully erase all memories of us having sex. Erase all memories since we met yesterday. A complete format and overwrite of those memories. They will no longer be retrievable. Not by me, yourself or another hypnotist. When the erasure/format of your memory is completed, you will wake up from trance, not remembering that you were just hypnotized. Do you understand?"

"Yes master."

"Good girl. You are so very deep for me. You trust me completely as you know I only want the best for you. Again, you will have no memory I just hypnotized you. When you awaken, it will be as if we are meeting in the lobby for the first time."

I can't afford for Lydia to think any of what we did as coercion. Certainly not as rape. We both got carried away with lust. That is all. It was fun. No harm, no foul.

"Lydia, listen very carefully to me. Although all memories of being hypnotized and having sex will disappear forever, the triggers I have placed in your subconscious are protected from being erased. They will remain active. Now I want you to 'Reboot'."

Lydia's mouth drooped open. Her face went flat... blank. This lasted for maybe 10 seconds. Then she slowly opened her eyes and looked at me.

"Hi Lydia. If you are thinking of using the Erickson handshake on me, forget it. It won't work."

Lydia briefly, momentarily looked to be collecting her thoughts. "Hi Mark. Uh, well I was, uh, I was going to, but you seem to know me too well."

"Lydia, I'm sorry you drove here to meet me. I wanted to tell you in person that I don't think I will finish writing these endings with you. I'm going to do my own endings, so you should do the same. We kind of started the vanilla ending in our emails to each other. Why don't you just do your dark ending and I will surprise you with the vanilla endings."

"Uhhhh, ok. I'm disappointed, but I guess I understand. This is really too bad. Part one of our story is hot, but it needs an ending or two."

"It will. Don't worry about it. A good girl like you has better things to do.

"I am a good girl. Ok. I will wait to hear from you. By the way, in real life you are quite a handsome man. I've read most of your stories on your blog The Traveling Master." 

I asked Lydia, "Have you started your vanilla or dark endings?"

"I've started both, but I thought we were going to go over each other's work and make sure we were in sync."

"I trust your writing skills implicitly.  Why don't you finish your dark ending and let me worry about the vanilla endings. How does that sound?"

"Ok. You will have three times the work that I do. You sure that is ok?"

"I'll tell you what. Just make your dark ending kick ass. You're a good girl. You can do that for me."

"Yes, that sounds perfect. I'll focus on my dark ending."

We parted ways, her maybe the slightest bit irritated, but none the wiser. I think my good girl trigger quelled any disappointment she might have had.

Before ending this exciting adventure, I need to clarify two triggers I used on Lydia. The 'good girl' trigger I installed in Lydia causes her to 'want' to be submissive and obedient to me. It is subtle. She will just pretty much agree with my ideas and suggestions if she is awake. I become a father figure. Strong, authoritative, someone to protect her and keep her safe. Her feelings towards me are ones of affection. The effect of the trigger is too grow her feelings for me, slowly, over time. My goal is that it is not so rapid or abrupt that she realizes it is a hypnotic compulsion.

The horndog trigger is pretty simple. I want arousal to build quickly until she has to have release. I can't wait forever to get in her pants, so this trigger works pretty fast. It might clue her conscious brain into the fact that she has been hypnotically compromised. If that becomes an issue, I wipe her memory. I plan to hook up with her again. She knows hypnosis backwards and forwards, but she is also highly suggestible and with my sleep trigger, she can't prevent me from taking her deep. I have gotten inside the castle walls, so now I can play around inside her head and she will be oblivious.

"Lydia, why don't you call me in 3 weeks, and we can figure out our next steps. That should give us both enough time to finish our dark endings. How does that sound?"

Lydia agreed, "That sounds perfect." 

But she would be thinking of me. Not able to stop thinking of me. Maybe even falling for me. After all, she was a good girl.

Mark assures me that all of these scenes were entirely fiction. We did not actually have sex. Just part of telling a good yarn.

Lydia called promptly at 3 weeks as she had been instructed.
"Something is not right. It is almost like a hypnotic compulsion, but I haven't been hypnotized. I had my hypnotist friend Julie verify I have not been hypnotized. I have feelings for you Mark. I can't stop thinking of you. Sometimes when you meet someone you make a connection and just know it's right. I think you have similar feelings towards me. Maybe we can meet up? Your wife doesn't need to know. I promise I will be completely discreet. You can trust me."
I told Lydia, "We will meet again soon, and then we can spend some 'quality time' together. I'm under some deadlines at work that will take all my focus for the next week or two".
A week passed and Lydia called me back. She had questions I wasn't prepared to answer.
“I am late for my period. Very late. I did a pregnancy test and it's positive. But I have not had sex. Can you shed any light on the matter?"
Oh fuck me I thought. She didn't take the morning after pill because I wiped her memory of us having sex. Goddamn it.
"Your hesitation seems to answer my question. I don't believe in abortion, so I will carry the baby to term. How do you feel about this?"
"I'm both excited and terrified. I'm excited about having a baby with you, but terrified by the prospect of my wife finding out."
In retrospect, my memories regarding this are very confused. I remember a positive pregnancy test, but maybe that was from years ago with my first child. I just don’t know. Here is the link to TM boasting about hypnotizing me. I was “made to forget.” Forget what? That we had sex? I’m NOT on birth control! Fuck me!  Fuck him! I do not even remember writing parts of this ‘vanilla’ ending. For instance, I don’t remember these last few parts about a baby!
"I want to have your baby Mark. I love you. I am not a homewrecker, so I will respect your privacy. But I want to see you. Remembering the sex would be nice, but what I would really like is to experience sex with you when I am awake. I'm thinking of you every time I masturbate and I masturbate every time I read one of your stories."
"I will arrange to see you soon. Very soon, and I will help, at least financially, with the baby."
Lydia quipped, "You realize Mark, that our collaboration has resulted in a baby. Both a literal baby and our literary baby... figuratively speaking."
Lydia's quick wit never ceases to amaze. She added, "That's what I call alliterative allegory."

Lydia knows whats going on now. When I wiped her memory, I also wiped her memory of having written her vanilla ending in my room. She will be reading this story for the first time herself. Since the cat is out of the bag (she knows I got her pregnant), it doesn't really matter that the story is based on real events. I'm an idiot for forgetting to have her take the morning after pill. I have some Bitcoin to set aside for the baby and I will tell my wife I had a large gambling loss. All told about $200,000 for our baby. Invested it should be worth over a million when our child reaches 18. Lydia is such a good girl, so she will not be angry with me.


Addendum by Lydia: Double entendre notwithstanding, I hope Mark 'blowing his wad' was worth 'blowing his wad'... and if his wife finds out what we did, the screwing he got won't be worth the screwing he gets...

What is true and what is false? 

I was hypnotized for real. Twice I believe, but I’m not sure. My hypnotist friend did not uncover any repressed memories about us having sex. TM says he did not take advantage of me. I believe him. I’m not pregnant. I was late for my period and then had a very heavy one. Is it possible I miscarried? No. We did not have sex. I’m certain of it. How am I certain? We do not live close. We never met irl.

Is there room for doubt? Uncertain. Maybe. Besides no sex, I also told my hypnotist friend that TM did not hypnotize me. Except he definitely did. So my memories are definitely muddled. TM and I are no longer in contact - estranged if you will. I got a little crazy as I began to fall for him and surrender to his authority. I wasn’t sure how much of my feelings were my own and how much he suggested. I felt like I was at risk of totally losing control to him and I didn’t want that. I got to a point where I think I would have obeyed any command he gave me. That scared me.

I have a dissociative disorder of some kind. The fact that I go so deeply and easily into trance and my memories can be manipulated so easily speaks to this. Such deep trance states are often diagnosed (misdiagnosed) as dissociative disorders. I am undoubtably ‘on the spectrum’. 

Yes, in retrospect TM had very deep hooks in my subconscious. Hooks that have since been expunged.

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