I’ll make you a bet.

Cross dressing for success

by LydiaSalia

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Cross dressing was the next step in transitioning Sam to a girl. I was fast tracking this, but honestly wasn't sure if it would work. I probably need several months of training before this massive of a behavioral change could be expected to stick. Maybe I could accelerate things with some mind altering substances. I maintain a pharmacopoeia of pychoactive botanicals just for such occasions. Wonder Woman's magic lasso could scarcely perform better at hypnotizing an adversary than my botanicals and hypnotic charm.

Samantha returned for her weekly hypnosis reinforcement sessions. Between my audio files listened to every night and her hypnosis sessions, she was well on her way to becoming a girl. In the third week of training, I decided it was time to reward Felix before Samantha was too far along in her transition. With Samantha standing naked before me, I removed her cock cage and issued the command “Erect.” Boy howdy. He sprang to life with 9 or 10 inches of steel. Felix was quivering with excitement. I decided to wake Samantha up with a negative hallucination. She would believe Felix was a hot chick. Samantha did not disappoint. Felix was soon whimpering in pleasure. Samantha was pounding his ass. Felix cried out, “I’m going to cum. You’re going to make me cum.  Oh fuck. Fuck. Oh fuckkkk.  So good.”  Felix had a loud and intense orgasm.  I decided to fuck with the ‘old Sam.’ ‘Wake up Sam. Fully awake, back to your old male self.”  Sam awoke with a start and looked down at the black ass his dick was buried in. Felix looked back at him and Sam nearly had a heart attack. “What the fuck!” Sam pulled out and looked like he was half ready to cry, half ready to rage. I touched his forehead and dropped him back into hypnotic sleep.  “You are calm now. Sam. Everything is ok. You realize now that you definitely enjoy receiving cock, not giving it. In fact, you know that if you had a vagina, it would be even better. It would be perfect. Nothing could be better than having cock in your own pussy.

Another three weeks of audio files and daily hypnosis sessions and Samantha was primed for the medical consultation. I accompanied her to see a specialist in gender re-assignment. We arrived, dressed sharply... looking good. Samantha wore a beautiful red floral print dress with a plunging neckline. She wore bright red lipstick. I helped her with mascara and blush so that she almost looked feminine. Her doctor started her on estrogen. It would take 8-12 weeks before she had fully formed breasts.

In the meantime she began to wear dresses, make up and even high heels. She was a giant, but with a little polish here and there, could probably make a fine looking woman. At 6 months, the estrogen had worked it's magic. She had filled out her hips and had a very nice bust. She, of course, had had laser removal of all her body hair. The only thing left was the surgery. I needed to make sure she was ready for this permanent transition.

I had her come to my apartment.

"Samantha, you look lovely tonight."

She smiled demurely and thanked me.

"Sweet Dreams baby".

I began reading a script to further deepen and refine her programming.

"Samantha, you have loved cock in you ass. You have loved swallowing jizz, but there is nothing like having your pussy filled with sweet cum. You can imagine how good this will feel. You long for this. You long for the embrace of a strong, virile male. His penis thrusting into your tight vagina. The first time you have vaginal intercourse, the intensity of the feeling, the orgasm you experience, will be like a bomb going off in your head. There is nothing you desire more than having the surgery. Taking the final step to becoming a real woman."  I paused for that to sink in.

"What is it you would like?"

"I want to become a real woman."

That sealed the deal. This was, of course, reinforced each night with her evening audio loops. Samantha was ready. She had the surgery at Stanford by one of the premier transgender re-assignment surgeons in the country. Besides fashioning a vagina from his penis, vocal cord shaving was performed to raise the pitch of Samantha's voice. She now looked and sounded like a woman. I wanted to see the fruits of my labor, so I arranged four months after her surgery for her to come over. I introduced her to a beefy rugby player I knew named Chris. He was taken aback by Samantha's size. But Samantha was nonetheless, gorgeous. I told Chris that we were going to have a threesome and he did not object. Samantha, naked, looked perfect. Up close she was a woman. I could not tell the difference. Chris apparently could not either has he launched his tongue into her box and was soon eliciting groans of pleasure from Samantha. To make sure she was properly wet, I had instructed Samantha to insert some flavored lube into her vagina before coming over. Chris would be believe she was wet for him.

"Is that strawberry?" he exclaimed.

"I wanted to taste good for you."

It had been a challenge, but I had erased Samantha's prior memories of being a man. I had replaced those with memories of growing up as a girl. A girl who grew taller than all of her friends and the boys and who played basketball until being sidelined by an injury. She had no idea.

To accomplish this required intense programming while under the influence of ketamine and psylocibin. I used a combination of audio, video and even induced focal seizures. It was my most intrusive and, dare I say, successful attempts at completely altering someone's personality. The old Sam has been erased. The new Samantha is extraordinary.

It was not long before Samantha was lifting her hips up to meet Chris's tongue lashing. She was near orgasm. I had Samantha lay on her back and Chris mounted her. I watched in fascination as Samantha welcomed him into her cavern. He slid all the way in and she let out a howl. I pulled out my phone to record the coupling. I would get her to consent to this later and share the video with the medical community. I was sure the sex re-assignment surgeons would be interested. I had enough footage after a couple minutes of video.  I positioned myself over Samantha’s mouth and instructed her to satisfy me. I was kissing Chris as he enjoyed Samantha’s nice pussy. She licked my clit with aplomb. As I neared orgasm, she stopped licking. Damn! Samantha was distracted by Chris’s relentless pounding 

Samantha became more enthusiastic as Chris continued to pound her. They came together loudly after another few minutes of this.

"So, how did you both like that?"

Samantha spoke first. "Oh my god. Your cock felt so good in my pussy." Chris returned the compliment.

“Hey, I didn’t get to cum”, I pouted. It was my turn to have some fun. I had Chris climb on top of me and fuck me while Samantha fingered herself. It was pretty damn nice. Chris felt good and he knew what he was doing. I came after a few minutes. It was a fun evening and I bid them goodbye.

Over the next several months I continued to re-inforce Samantha's new gender. It turned out that she made for a beautiful girl. She was one for fashion and was quite adept at applying her make up. Her hair had grown out to shoulder length. We decided she would grow it long. She had beautiful hair.

There was an incident where a drunk male decided to have his way with her... uninvited. He was pretty intimidating himself. Probably a weight lifter at the local gym. He was ripped. Samantha, I and several of my girlfriends were celebrating finals being over with drinks at a local bar. This asshole came up to Samantha and said something lewd while grabbing her pussy.

"Just needed to make sure you were not a dude." he sneered. "Let's go back in the men's room and I'll fuck you properly." Samantha had more class than that. I figured this would be interesting.  Not very interesting. Samantha threw one punch and decked him, knocking him out cold in front of his friends. That was pretty funny. I don't think he was expecting that. Neither was I. Girl power!

This story is made up. It is not real. Perhaps it is possible to make someone forget their birth gender, but it would probably require some black ops mojo by an evil government. Something with hallucinogens and perhaps even a little brain surgery. So, Samantha is ok. So is Lucy and so is the weight lifter. He just suffered a mild concussion.

Samantha is a real friend of mine who transitioned from jock to 'jockette.'

Now... I said making someone forget their childhood and birth gender was probably not possible. That does not mean it would be difficult (for me) to change their sexual preference. That is well within my skills.  Just saying...


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