I’ll make you a bet.

Black cock is the best!

by LydiaSalia

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I decided I would guide Sam’s personality towards wanting to be a girl rather than being gay. It was extra effort, but the dividends of seeing him walk about campus in a dress was too enticing.

Sam was back for phase two of his training. This is where I would begin the slow and hopefully permanent transition to him wanting to be a girl. Cross dressing was a start, but maybe I would have him do the full monty - complete transition. He was a cute guy, just huge. He would make an amazing, intimidating Amazon woman. If I was to pull this off, I would need him to crave cock. I thought about that. Cocks are a pretty easy thing to crave. Yeah, I could do that. He might try to fight me... at first, but I could identify resistance points under hypnosis and slowly work those until they were no longer such an issue. Given time I could program him to be an entirely different person. This would be fun.

I dropped him into trance and instructed him to wait for further instructions while I talked to Lucy and a neighbor friend.

Today we would work on his white privilege and critical race theory. Sam was a typical red neck white supremist. Maybe I was generalizing. I didn't know for certain that he was a racist, but he certainly was privileged and disrespectful of women. The way he treated women was abhorrent. Not much longer. Lucy had decided to give pegging a try. She would wear the strap on and help cement Sam's desire to have penis up his ass.

I owed a favor to my next door neighbor, who had helped me move a couch upstairs. He was a big black man, with a cock to match and unabashedly, full on gay. Maybe I would wake Sam up while Felix was impaling him. Of course I would freeze Sam in place so that he could not pull away or try to hurt Felix. Felix could hold his own in a fight, but I wasn't go to chance it. I decided I would definitely wake Sam up in the midst of passion. Besides being a homophobe, I convinced myself he was probably also a racist. This would be fun. Of course, Felix was all for this idea. "Oh my! Look at the biceps on that big boy and his tight white ass. Isn't he some kind of tight ass at Stanford?"

"Close. He's a tight end, but same difference. The name fits. He does have a fine, tight end don't he?"

"Yes he do Ms. Lydia. Thank you for this treat."  Felix was big enough to be a football player himself, but he knew less about football than I did. He was very feminine and liked to receive as much (or more) as he liked to give. I knew what his next question was. "Yes Felix, after I have conditioned Sam properly... sufficiently, he will fuck you... enthusiastically. That might take a few months of more intense programming. If he doesn't have any gay bias, and I just don't know yet if he does, then I will have him imagine you as some sweet, innocent girl. He loves to rape innocent girls. By the time I am done with his programming, he will respond to a hypnotic hallucination as if it is the real deal. Today though, I want him to experience the real thing. Last week it was my strap-on. Today I want him to feel your big black dick. Let me tell you, you can't tell with his dick in a cock cage, but he is hung like a horse. When he does fuck you, you will be thanking me. Maybe I can get you to move a few more heavy things for me."

"Yes mam!"

Soon I will have him cross dressing, wearing girls' panties to class and football practice and eventually progress to dresses. My plan is for him to transition to a girl. I wonder how long before he gets benched from the football team?

The following script is what I use when I am sissifying a strong alpha male. For best results, it is done slowly over many weeks. This is not something I recommend to amateurs. One misstep and you might find yourself floating face down in a swamp with a meat cleaver in your back. Seriously, you need to know what you are doing to take someone this far outside of their comfort zone.

I began the training script. This would be followed at night with audio training loops specifically targeted to make the subconscious changes permanent. 

"Listen carefully Sam. You love being hypnotized by me. You love surrendering to my control. You love calling me master because that is what I am. I am your master."

He was smiling. My suggestions were being accepted. "You loved being pegged by me last week. Feeling that big cock in your ass was amazing. You actually enjoy receiving much more than giving. It felt so good to feel me sliding in and out of your tight ass. As I pushed against your prostate it sent indescribable shivers of pleasure to your brain. You loved it. Tell me how much you loved it."

"I loved being fucked in the ass by you master. It felt so good."

"You love being fucked in the ass by Lucy as well. She wants to fuck your ass and you want that too. So bad."

Sam moaned. I looked over at Lucy. She was clearly aroused by the idea. She was wearing spandex shorts as I had instructed her. I helped her strap on 'the monster' and lubricated it and Sam's anus. He had attached and locked the cock chastity cage over his penis before coming over as I had previously programmed. Such a good boy. Oops. I was going to need to remember he was going to be a sissy girl during our sessions. And then, hopefully, eventually always, whether awake or hypnotized.

"When you are hypnotized I will be referring to you as Samantha. You are such a good girl. You love cock so, so much. Lucy is going to fuck you now and it will feel amazing."

I instructed Lucy to slowly insert the dildo. She didn't hesitate. She wanted to stretch him out. Perhaps half because she was aroused and half because she was seeking revenge. Samantha accepted the full length of the monster and this time showed only his appreciation with enthusiastic grunts. This time I filmed the scene. Lucy was wearing a mask, of course, to protect her identity. When I noticed Samantha grimace briefly I remembered I needed to shrink his penis so that pain would not send mixed signals to his brain.

"Kryptonite!" I commanded, and then I watched as his normally stalwart penis shriveled up to a little nubbin.

After several minutes of furious thrusting, Samantha came. She was loud... and grateful. As before, semen dripped out of his chastity cage. He was responding well to prostate massage and associating ass fucking with intense arousal. Intense enough to reach orgasm. Good.

"Thank you master. Thank you."

"You need to thank Lucy. She is who gave you your orgasm."

"Thank you Lucy. That was wonderful. Thank you."

Lucy pulled out and just smiled, not sure what to say.

"You realize after all those wonderful sensations that you like this. You like it a lot. When you go home tonight you will listen to my audio files. As you listen to my voice, you will begin to think that maybe you would like to be a girl. Being a girl is so fun. So liberating. And cock! There is nothing better. You love the feel of cock. You are even curious about the taste of cock. You wish right now you had a fat cock that you could just suck on.

Mark unconsciously licked his lips. I motioned for Felix to walk in front of Samantha and let his cock loose. Jesus, he was big. "Samantha, in a moment you will open your eyes. You will see a giant, juicy cock in front of you. This will get you so hot. So, so hot. You love chocolate. Think of this cock as a chocolate cock. It will taste so good. You want it so bad. Open your eyes Samantha."

Samantha opened his/her eyes and looked at the impressive, menacing black cock in front of him. He/she was intimidated. Like a white girl might be intimidated by the first time she has sex with a black man. Felix leaned in and Samantha hesitantly, timidly, licked the head. I knew that this would stimulate the arousal centers or the brain whether gay or not. It was programmed into our DNA. A phallus would effect men and women equally. Samantha, I think, was resisting taking Felix's dick in their mouth. But the allure was there. He parted his lips ever so slightly, then nervously turned towards Felix's throbbing cock. Finally accepting it in his mouth. The arousal began to build. Samantha began to respond with more vigorous licking and sucking. After a few minutes of this I could tell Felix would come soon.

"Samantha, Felix is going to cum in your mouth soon. It will be like sweet cream. Delicious. You will want to swallow it all down. You want to taste him so bad. Swallow his load."

Felix groaned out, "I'm going to nut. Oh shit." Then he unleashed. Erupted. It was almost like the crack of a rifle. Samantha's head jerked back as thick strands of jizz filled his throat. He took deep swallows, relishing in the taste.

Felix, depleted, let out his own expletive. "Got damn."

I looked at Samantha who was smiling dreamily. "Did you drink it all down Samantha?"

"Yes master."

"Open your mouth and show me."

He had swallowed every drop.

I strolled over to Samantha and placed my finger on their/her forehead as I commanded, "Sleep for me once again. Sweet dreams!"

Samantha went lights out as expected. "You loved his big black cock. His cum was so delicious. You love his cock. You worship big black cock. It would be the prefect ending to a perfect day if you could just feel his cock in your ass. A real cock this time. Not a plastic dildo."

I watched Samantha's brow and face for any trace of resistance. Instead there was a faint smile. Good.

I had Felix mount Samantha from behind and soon he was thrusting like a champion. Samantha began to respond. First with whimpers of pleasure. Then increasingly louder groans. Felix came a second time, at which point I commanded Samantha, "Cum now!"

She responded as expected. Jizz leaked out of her cock cage onto the sheets. I did not have to use the Kryptonite command this time. Samantha's cock was contained in it's cage.

I started Samantha slow - just wearing panties to class and the gym. When he/she was discovered at football practice, Samantha was shamed in front of everyone and told to get her things and leave. She came to me in tears. I almost felt bad for him/her. Do I call him he or she now? He has not transitioned to wearing girl's clothes yet. I'm not sure what is considered proper.

Samantha now craves cock exclusively over pussy. I think this is going to work out to my satisfaction.

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