I’ll make you a bet.

Sam will make for a nice sissy bitch cum whore

by LydiaSalia

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I decided to call Sam and pretend like I enjoyed the sex. I suppose I might have enjoyed it if I could remember and he hadn't turned out to be a rapist.

He picked up on the third ring. Sam was surprised I had called. "I don't remember much about the sex we had, but what I do remember,... oh là là".

Sam was contrite. "Listen, I got carried away last night. I'm sorry. Sometimes I lose control and you got me so hot... I lost control. Is Lucy cool? I was a little worried she might try to cause trouble."

"Lucy is not great, but I talked to her and she has agreed not to contact the authorities. You owe her a heartfelt apology. She will be at my house Friday. Why don't you come by then and we can get reacquainted

Sam agreed to come back over at 6pm on Friday. That gave me three days to fully recover and refine my plan. I would be ready. And so would Lucy. The fucking he was going to get was not worth the fucking he was going to get. The doorbell rang at 6pm. He was prompt. Lucy was not. She had texted me she was running late. This time he had a dozen roses and a bottle of champagne.  I opened the door.

He smiled. He looked sincere. Is Lucy here?"

"Not yet. She is running about 30 minutes late."

"Good. That gives us time, as you suggested on the phone... to get reacquainted."

He launched into me again and put his hand up my dress while pulling my hair back to kiss me. I typically like it rough, but this was not a turn on for me. Not even close. Time to shut this down. My head pulled back, I looked into his eyes as he was reaching into my panties. He began to finger me and pressed me back against the wall. I sensed that my amygdala was 'lighting up'. This 'stimulation' is not something that I can voluntarily ignore. None of us can. I needed to act with resolve while I still had the mental faculties to do so.

I reached up, touched his forehead, and gave him his sleep trigger, "Sweet Dreams Sam." His eyes rolled back into his head and he slumped forward into me, almost toppling me over before I had the wherewithal to command him. "Stand up straight. You are asleep and hypnotized, but you will not fall down." He obeyed as instructed. I reached down and removed Sam's fingers from inside my panties. I had interrupted him just in the nick of time. I was slightly aroused, but that would abate soon enough.

For what I had planned, I wanted Sam very, very deep. I took several minutes deepening him. I would check the depth of trance by determining if I had successfully induced complete analgesia in his right index finger. Regardless of how high his pain tolerance was, if he passed this test, he was deep. I retrieved a safety pin from my purse and positioned it beneath the nail of his right index finger. "Your entire finger is completely numb. You have no feeling. It is like it is dead, frozen, lifeless with no sensation whatsoever. I then proceeded to slowly insert the pin under his fingernail all the way to the cuticle. Even superman would wince at this, but nothing. Sam truly was beyond deep. Damn I'm good. About this time Lucy walked into the room. She looked at the pin sticking out of Sam's finger and looked at me wide eyed. "I am testing the depth of the trance I induced. He is very deep as you can see. No feeling whatsoever."

"Very good Sam. You are doing so well." I removed the pin and held pressure over his nail bed for the little bit of bleeding that would occur.

"He is out. He will have to apologize later. Lucy can you please undress him as I retrieve my pink cock chastity cage." Sam was soon standing before us completely naked. I stuffed his cock into the chastity cage with some difficulty and locked it in place. See if the man of steel could break out of that. That gave me an idea. I would use the post hypnotic command "Kryptonite" to make his penis instantly soft. I can be so evil at times. Kind of like Sam. I imagine if he becomes aroused wearing this, it will be very uncomfortable.

"Lucy, would you like to peg him?"

"What is that?"

"That is when you wear a strap on cock and fuck a guy in the ass."

"Uh... I don't know. I would rather not."

"That's ok. I will do it this time. It is part of his sissy training. I have a gay neighbor who I have spoken to about Sam. He is more than happy to assist me during the later stages of Sam's sissy training. Now, if I'm going to fuck him, you have to hold my phone and record everything."

"Yes. I can do that."

"That is our insurance policy if Sam's subconscious breaks free somewhere along the way. At the risk of being exposed to the whole world, it is amazing what the subconscious can decide is tolerable. This is only critical in the early stages. As he is conditioned by my audio training files over the next several weeks, he will become more docile and pliable."

I attached the strap-on that I affectionately nicknamed 'the monster', and woke Sam up from trance. He was frozen and unable to move with his ass arched up in the air. I was in a black, latex dominatrix suit and I wore a mask to hide my face. I didn't want the world knowing who I was if we needed to release this video. "Hi Sam. I'm going to fuck you in the ass. You don't really have a choice in the matter since you are frozen in place. This might hurt a little, but you're a bad ass football player, so I'm sure you can handle it. You might be a bad ass and a tight ass, but not much longer. You will soon be a stretched ass. As I pull out of your ass, it will feel like you are shitting out a large turd. Then when I shove my strap-on cock back in, it feel like I'm fudge packing you"

Sam would resist as best as he could. But not being able to speak or move would make that difficult. He could still squeal, though. And squeal he did.

I had lubricated 'the monster', his virgin asshole and rectum, but despite my best efforts to be gentle, the man of steel's anus just could not stretch wide enough to accommodate the monster. He squealed as I pegged him all the way to the hilt. Twelve inches of monster cock is a lot for anyone's rectum to be asked to swallow. Then, as I thrust in and out, I began to recite his hypnotic commands. "This hurt at first, but now it is starting to feel good. That's right. The cock is massaging your prostate and it feels good. Really good. Incredible."

I was rocking up a storm. His squeals of pain soon changed to groans of pleasure. "You love my cock in your ass. Tell your master how much you like her cock in your ass."

Oh master. It feels so good. Please, don't stop. Harder, please. You're going to make me cum."

Then he yelled "Ouch. Something's wrong. My dick is throbbing. Something is squeezing it, keeping it from extending out straight. Oweee"

I almost forget. "You don't need a rock hard erection to cum Sam. Listen carefully. Kryptonite!"

"Lucy can you check his cock for me?"

"Yes Lydia." Lucy bent over and watched as his turgid cock bulging in the chastity cage, began to disgorge it's blood and shrink."

"Keep watching and recording Lucy."

"Listen Sam. As I thrust harder and harder the pleasure is going to become unbearable and you will have to release. You are going to cum on the count of three. One, building and building, two feels so good... almost there... three, Cum Now!" I had worked up a sweat with the pounding I had been giving his cute ass.

Lucy filmed as I milked him. Basically just a bunch of white spluge bubbled out and dripped down onto the sheets from his cock cage.

I slowly pulled out of his ass. His anus was quite stretched. It was red and battered. I looked down and observed blood on 'the monster'. First time virgins bleed, right? Actually, a stretched asshole was a good thing - at least for Sam it was. His ass was now prepped for the next phase of his training which would begin in 1 week. In the meantime I gave him an audio file and instructed him to listen to it each night when he went to bed. It was a conditioning file that would begin the gradual process of replacing his personality with one that was more gentle and considerate of women. Oh, and a bit sissy and gay. After what he did to Lucy and I, it was the least I could do.

Brain washing is a real thing. I prefer the term brain conditioning. I have written extensively on the subject in a manual on how to program a person. It is a gradual process, with simple 'truths' repeated in audio loops played at night. These are gradually incorporated into the subconscious and can alter and/or replace beliefs, behaviors and even memories. It is similar to hypnosis, but different.

Stay tuned to this channel for tantalizing, titillating new chapters.

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