I’ll make you a bet.

Hypnotic arousal

by LydiaSalia

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Sam is in trance. He just doesn't know it yet.

"Now Sam, listen very carefully to me. Unbeknownst to you, your arms have floated up all by themselves. Look up and see where your arms are."

Sam looked up, not realizing I had broken his stare and won the bet. "Sam, you have lost our bet, but you don't care. All you care about is listening to my voice and following my suggestions. Your arms will remain above your head until I allow you to lower them. You may try and lower them, but you cannot, as I control you now."

Sam's expression changed from dreamy relaxation to surprise and perhaps a little concern. "It’s ok. You trust me. You know I only want the best for you. I just want you to experience joy and pleasure. No worries. Only the euphoria you feel as you surrender control to me. Feels so good. So relaxed. You feel so good.”

He was soon once again calm and placid. I stood up, reached over to his arms and slowly began lowering them to his sides. "I can do this to your arms. You can't. As this reality sinks in, you realize you have surrendered to my control. You love that I’m in control. As your arms touch your sides you will feel an overwhelming need to close your eyes. Your head will drop to your chest and you will fall deeply asleep."

I looked at the onlookers. They were in various stages of disbelief, their mouths hanging open.

"Sam, you are dropping very, very deep for me. As you drop lower and lower, you feel better and better. My voice is inside your head. My words are your thoughts. Your only desire now is to please me. You love the idea of totally surrendering to me. Surrendering to a powerful woman. I completely dominate you and you love it.

"Speak out loud. Tell me how much you love being controlled by me."

"I love being controlled by you.."

"What would you do for me?"


"Good boy. You are such a good boy." I observed another big smile.

Sam was hypnotized. Deeply. Onlookers similarly spellbound, looked on to see what would happen next. "Now I will demonstrate the power of deep trance.

"Sam, you are alone in your room. Your eyes will remain closed. If you hear voices or other noises, it is coming from another room. You are feeling very aroused. You are remembering meeting me and how much you want to fuck me. But you are alone now, so you are going to masturbate to my memory. Get undressed and then begin stroking yourself."

Sam stood up and undressed. I gulped as his cock sprang free of his underwear. He was fucking huge. I looked around.  All of the ladies in the room were similarly impressed.

"Now stand here and begin stroking your cock. Pull your cock hard for me. You will only cum when I give you permission to cum."

Sam was soon groaning. He was a man of steel. Easily 9, maybe 10 inches and thick. I could tell he was close. I looked over and saw a girl watching with a vacant stare. Her name was Lucy. I had met her earlier. She was a freshman engineering student. As often happens, she had become hypnotized listening to my induction of him.

"Lucy, you are hypnotized. Your eyes are open, but you are in trance none the less. You are becoming so aroused watching Sam here. You can imagine how good his sperm will taste... how delightful it will be swallowing it down. All you can think of is how much you would like to receive his load. You can have his load, but you must ask me nicely."

Lucy responded exactly as I believed she would. "Can I please swallow his load?"

"Yes, but you must beg me." She was now deeply aroused and rubbing herself. Arousal is often used as an adjunct to achieving deep trance.

"Please, can I swallow his sperm?"

"Yes, my pet. Place your mouth over his cock."

"Sam, I know you are ready to release. It must be very painful."

"Yes. Please let me cum. Pleassseee."

"Sam, on the count of three you will stop stroking and you will explode into this young girl's mouth."

"Lucy, you will swallow every drop, not allowing any to escape."

"One, two, three. Cum now!"

I watched in fascination. His ball sac contracted rthymically, repeatedly, sending sperm up his shaft, through his penis and depositing it in Lucy’s throat. She swallowed as each new wave of sperm filled her mouth. After what seemed like a very long time, the man of steel began to soften. His lizard was drained. Sam was cumming out of trance.

Orgasm does sometimes drop people out of trance.

He looked around bewildered.

I walked over to him, touched his forehead and commanded him to sleep. He was primed for a shock induction and dropped easily.

"Sam, you will get dressed now. You are a guy and a very sexual person. You will not feel the least bit embarrassed about all this. In fact, you thoroughly enjoyed it and will thank me later. Now get dressed."

Then I turned my attention to Lucy. “Lucy, you loved sucking down his sperm. It was delicious and you are so thankful to me for letting you do this. You want to have sex with Sam and you know I can make that happen, so you will not in the least bit be upset about this. Do you understand?”

”Yes. I understand. Thank you for letting me swallow his cum.”

”You are welcome. On the count of three you will awaken. You will remember very little. It will seem like it was just a dream. A wonderful dream that you would love to have again.”

I waited for Sam to get dressed and then brought them both out of trance.

"On the count of three you both will awaken feeling wonderful. You both want to see me again and will do anything to win my approval and attention. One, feeling good, two feeling wonderful, three, wide awake. How do you feel?"

Sam volunteered, "I feel wonderful. Wow. That was amazing."

Lucy was still on her knees, wide eyed. “Lucy?”

”Uh, yes?”

”What are you thinking?”

”I’m not sure. I’m trying to figure out what just happened, but my memory is hazy.”

”You just had the most amazing experience and would like to do it again. And I can arrange it.”

”Thank you Lydia. Thank you so much.”

One of the onlookers had to ask. "Are either of you even the least bit embarrassed?"

Lucy didn’t say anything. She just shook her head that she was not embarrassed. 

Sam offered, “No, that was highly satisfying. I'm a very sexual person so that was beyond satisfying. It was fucking amazing! Thank you Lydia!”

”You are most welcome.”

Sam was responding to my post hypnotic suggestion. ”Can I see you again?"

"You can count on it." And with that I bid the group good night and departed. I would definitely play with Lucy and Sam again. Sam would be one more notch on my bedpost soon enough. As for Lucy, she would be one more hole to fill. I’m an equal opportunity opportunist. Dick or pussy, I don’t care. I like them both.

I'm looking forward to our play time together. Jocks are so easy.

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