Hypnotic orgasm

by LydiaSalia


This is a hypnosis script that will result in you having an orgasm. Read this when you can be alone and undisturbed.

In my writing I sometimes use hidden triggers to induce a response. As a reader focuses on a story, as you or I become absorbed in the words and imagery, we enter 'waking trance'. This happens to all of us. If you notice yourself become aroused.. or your arm floats up to my words, then you are responding to my suggestions.

Part 1 — Gravity before depravity

This is a sexually charged induction that will work for both sexes.

Whether you believe a text induction will work on you or not, does not matter. As long as you will concentrate intensely and follow my suggestions exactly, you will be hypnotized.

Find a quiet, comfortable place where you will not be disturbed. It is best to do this at night, sitting up in bed, as you will want to sleep afterwards.

You will read a command trance trigger in a few minutes. It will drop you into trance, but your eyes will remain open as you will need to continue to read. I want you to understand, this is inevitable. If you continue, you will be hypnotized. I will make you do some things to demonstrate both to yourself and to me that you have achieved a deep level of trance. How will I know? Because upon awakening you will be compelled to leave a comment at the end of the story.

Now, before we begin, I want to conduct some deep breathing exercises. I want you to reach a deep state of relaxation. Are you ready to comply? If so, then you may continue.

Please take a deep breath on the count of 3... 1,2,3. Hold it for a count of 3... 4,5,6 and exhale over a count of 3... 7,8,9. Good.

Now, I will have you continue this exercise, but I want you to visualize that the air you are breathing in is a cool blue, rejuvenating mist. It is infused with a mild sedative that will help you relax. Please take another deep breath on a three count. 1,2,3. Hold it for a count of 3... 4,5,6 and exhale over a count of 3... 7,8,9. Very good.

You can feel your entire body beginning to slow down. Each breath takes you deeper, into a state of profound relaxation. And as you relax, you become increasingly susceptible to my commands... to my control.

And you love this feeling. This feeling of giving up control for me. You want to obey me. And when you obey, you feel so good. So very, very good.

Please continue to breath normally. Now I want you to imagine that your arms, legs and body are very heavy... completely relaxed and limp. It is a wonderful feeling. Imagine that gravity is especially strong for some reason. It feels like you weigh several times more than your normal weight. It feels like it would require a tremendous, exhausting effort just to raise your arm or leg. Now I want you to see this in your mind. Imagine this feeling. Imagine it as hard as you can. Gravity pressing you down. So heavy and hard to move. You, of course, are not in any danger. Just under the tremendous burden of gravity.

And now I want you to realize that not only is gravity pulling you down, but you are glued to your chair or bed. No matter where your arms or legs are resting, they are glued in place. You are completely locked in place, unable to move. Your arms feel like they weigh hundreds of pounds. Your legs feel like they weigh thousands of pounds. I want you to absolutely see this, to feel this in your mind. Concentrate on my suggestions and KNOW that this is real. Once you have this image of feeling so heavy that you cannot possibly lift an arm or leg... and perhaps barely lift a finger, I want you to try and lift one of your limbs. Bear in mind, if you make any progress whatsoever, the gravity will geometrically increase forcing the extremity back down into place. This will be a futile attempt.

Isn’t that amazing? The power of your imagination to make this a reality for you.

I am dissolving the glue and I have reversed the gravity. Everything is returning to normal. Take a slow, deep relaxing breath of air for me. Feels so good...

Oh wait, now one of your arms is becoming lighter than normal. The left or right arm, you choose. The arm is becoming lighter than air - being pulled upwards... drawn up into the air. Floating away from your body. This is not something you have to think about. It happens automatically. Your arm has no weight, no mass. It is floating all the way up into the air... NOW!

You have done so well. I am very pleased with you. Your arm will remain floating above you until I allow it to float back down.

You notice now that you are becoming aroused. Being controlled by me is exciting. Your sex is becoming engorged with blood. Whether your penis or clitoris, it is responding to me... engorging with blood. Whether you will soon have precum or your vagina is becoming wet and ready... whatever your sex, you are responding to me perfectly... predictably. If we were to do a functional MRI on your brain right now, your amygdala would be lit up. Your brain’s sex center is lighting up. You are becoming so randy. You desperately want to pleasure yourself. The knowledge that I control you, that I control the pleasure center in your brain, is making you impossibly hot and aroused.

Your arm is all the way up in the air now. It will soon begin to float back down. As this happens, your excitement will grow and grow. Gravity is returning to normal, but your sexual desire only grows stronger. Allow your arm to float back down as the passion in your loins increases.

You have reached this stage of the text induction and are in a state of trance. You are ready to proceed to the next level. I am very proud of you. This is called a waking trance. It is every bit as powerful as the traditional image of hypnosis that people have in their mind of closing their eyes and entering trance. I can hypnotize you with your eyes still open. Fractionation deepening is a form of waking trance. You are ready for phase 2.

Part 2 — Lovers


Mind blank. Your mind is blank. No thinking. Just reading my instructions. Reading carefully every... single... word.

You are hypnotized by Lydia and it feels so… very… good. Following my directions brings you bliss. You trust me completely as you know I only want what’s best for you. You are so very deep now. And being this deep for me is very sensual..., very sexual. You are aroused by the knowledge that I control you now and you must obey. And I find it very arousing that I control you. We are two lonely souls passing in the night who just want a spiritual connection. But we are going to have more than that. We are going to enjoy a physical connection.

I want you to imagine your ideal lover. Maybe it is someone you have made love to before. Maybe it is someone you would like to make love to. When you have this person in your mind, you may continue.

Imagine that you are alone with that person now. My voice is commanding you and you have no choice but to obey. If you are wearing clothes, you remove them for me now. Your lover does the same, matching your gestures and tempo. You feel so loved, so sexy. The thought of being naked with your lover is so arousing. It excites you so...

Your lover caresses your face and kisses you gently. You lay down on the bed as your lover spreads your legs and moves down to pleasure you. Sensations of ecstasy consume you as you are stimulated in all the right ways and places. The thought of me controlling you makes you even more excited. You are now rubbing yourself, pleasuring yourself. As the pleasure builds, as the arousal increases you will want to orgasm. But you will not be able to orgasm until I allow you to.

Your lover licks and kisses you in your sex while you simultaneously pleasure yourself. Sweet kisses, gentle caress, tongue lovingly, expertly licking you. You can feel your orgasm building. When you feel your orgasm is near, you will hold off until I give you permission to orgasm.

But the anticipation, the waiting is magical. It just makes the desire so much stronger.

Even though I am ultimately in control, you want to release so bad. You are so close. So close. If you are ready then proceed to the next instruction.

The feeling of him inside you... the feeling of her squeezing down on you... it’s too much. An earthquake, a tsunami of ecstasy building... you are so close. And helpless before me. You obey me and only me. Awaiting my permission to release. So close...

“On the verge of orgasm”. “Oh God...it’s so good!... fuck.. fuck me... yes.., right there... deeper... harder...“ORGASM NOW!”

When you are done... When you have recovered, you will thank me by commenting below with a sweet message.

“Thank you, Lydia, for giving me such a sweet orgasm”. You will describe how deep you felt. You will tell me all about your fantasy and how it made you feel. You will be completely honest with me, sparing no details.

You know I only want the best for you. You trust me completely. In the future when I use the trigger command “MIND BLANK” in my writing, you will immediately drop into waking trance and be ready and eager to follow whatever commands follow. You will only obey commands that benefit you in some way such as improved diet, health or motivation to exercise. I only want the best for you.

Love and sweet dreams,


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