Hypnotic Breasts

Obedience school - first days

by LydiaSalia

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #m/f #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #sub:male #bondage #humiliation #sub:female

Howard is a misogynist. That is not something that one can change easily. But it can be changed with the proper techniques.

Are my methods too harsh? Yes, I decided they are. I have since abandoned deep reprogramming of people. Even though I mold them into better versions of themselves, the techniques are too extreme, and dare I say, immoral.

Howard was well on his way to becoming a hopelessly submissive and obedient thrall. He was a great hypnotic subject even though he still believed he couldn't be hypnotized. It was time to wake him up with that revelation. I had already dehumanized him by making him wear a diaper and soil himself in front of my friends. I could manipulate Howard's subconscious with relative ease at this point. Where was the challenge?

The next phase of his training would be obedience school. I would have him sleep, eat and shit in his kennel along with the dogs and any hapless trainees that wandered into my lair.

I was still a bit evil at this point in my life. A succubus if you will.

I was in the mood to fuck. Dr. Howard would have to do. This would be fun for me. For him... not so much. Howard was sitting naked in his kennel. He was alert and awake and scared to death.

"Hi Howard. Would you like to come out and play?"

"Please Lydia. What do you want? I have patients. People are going to wonder what has happened to me. They are going to ask questions... mount an investigation."

"Yes, I know. Don't you remember? You joined our commune. So much less stress. You love the bohemian lifestyle. When authorities come calling, that is what you will tell them."

"No! Never!"

"Oh, I think you will. Do you think I can hypnotize you yet?"

"No! You used some drug on me and have imprisoned me here. Hypnosis doesn't work on me."

"Ok. If you say so. You know what sounds good to me?  Sitting on your hard cock sounds really good. What do you think?"

"I would rather fuck a skank whore than fuck your nasty cunt."

"Wow Howard. Why don't you tell me how you really feel?" I laughed.

The veins on his forehead were distended. He was enraged. Out of trance he was still not where I needed him to be. Not by a long shot.

'Deep Sleep for me Howard'." He went out like a light.

I walked Howard out of his cell and over to the bed. I instructed him, "For the rest of this training session you will refer to me as master. Do you understand?"

"Yes master."

I had him lay down on a bed and commanded him, "Erect!"

The lad never disappointed. Soon he was sporting a nice erection, standing at full attention. I observed it sway with each pulse of his heart. I slipped off my panties while leaving on my dress. Just a quick morning fuck. No need to get undressed.

"Howard, you are deeply asleep. Deeply hypnotized. In a moment I will awaken you. You will be unable to move. I will do all the moving. You will, however, maintain a powerful erection. You will experience all of the pleasure, all of the sensations, but you will be unable to cum until I tell you to do so. Even as you become incredibly aroused, incredibly close, even if the pressure becomes unbearable and painful, you absolutely will not be able to come until I grant you permission. You are becoming very aroused. The arousal is building and building. You can't resist it. You must fuck. You must fuck me. Do you understand?"

"Yes master. I understand."

"Such a good boy."

"Awaken. Fully awake." Not the best technique for his waking his conscious mind, but I could give a fuck. I climbed on top of him and guided his rock hard penis into my eager pussy. Yes, my pussy gets eager for nice cock. Howard had a very, very nice cock.

I began to slide up and down on his shaft. It was wonderful.  Soon I was slapping his thighs with some urgency. He felt so good inside me. He probably didn't want this, but his libido and erection were calling the shots. I became lost in the sensations and was soon moaning loudly. I could hear myself, but I had no control. I was a fuck machine and my engine was throttled way past the red line. Then it happened. An orgasm shook me to my core. I leaned over Howard and whimpered as I rocked my pelvis back and forth against him, against his penis. He felt magnificent. I was barely conscious. Then my vision began to return and I slowly opened my eyes to see Howard looking up at me, his eyes pleading, in obvious distress. He needed to cum so bad. "Do you need to cum?"

"Yes master. Please. I need to cum so bad. It hurts!"

I climbed off of him and looked down. His heart was pounding and his penis was bulging. His blood pressure must be through the roof.

"I love the color purple Howard. Your penis is such a nice purple color. I think I would like to admire that for a while longer."

"Noooooo master. Pleaseeee."

Howard had priapism. His penis was so engorged with blood that if he did not experience relief within the next one or two hours, he could suffer permanent injury. I set the timer on my phone for one hour 30 minutes. That should prevent the damage from being too severe or permanent.

"Howard, you will continue to experience the sensations of me sliding up and down on your schlong, but you will not be able to cum. Your erection will remain. Hard and rigid. I will return in an hour or so and see how you are doing. If you are a good, obedient doggie, I may allow you to cum. Of course, the fastest way to obtain relief is to surrender your will to me. Surrender unconditionally and completely. Acknowledge that I am your master whether you are hypnotized or not. I think once you can do that, of your own free will, gleefully and without hesitation, things will go much better for you."

Howard looked miserable. I almost felt sorry for him. Then I remembered his joke about women being holes. My pity passed.

I returned before my timer went off. His penis was still engorged with blood. He was breathing hard. He must have been on the verge for the entire time. Ouch.

"Howard, do you have anything to say to me?"

"Yes master. Please let me cum. I will do anything. I surrender to you. You are my master. My owner. I worship you. Command me and I will obey you."

It was amazing how far a little aversive training could take a pet to the next level of obedience.

"On the count of three you will feel me cum on your hard cock and it will cause you to have your own orgasm. One, two, three, 'Cum now!'"

Jesus. It was cataclysmic. Like Mont Vesuvius blowing off it's top. I watched as long, hot ropes of jism erupted. With each ejection, his penis pulsed and I observed his balls contract. It was incredible. He must be a pound lighter. And what a mess. Sperm was everywhere. Slowly his penis began to shrink. No permanent damage I decided.

"Mark, you are fully awake. Who am I?"

"You are my master."

"What does that mean to you?"

"I obey you. My only purpose in life is to serve you. To worship you. I love you and would do anything for you."

I could detect no malice, no resentment in his voice or manner. He was on his way to being broken. This would require reinforcement of course. I was ready to lead him back to his kennel. This was a test. Howard believed we were alone. If he were to try anything, this would be his perfect opportunity. He could easily overpower me. Of course he was unaware that Julie and Cynthia were waiting around the corner with 15 million volts of taser for his ass if he got any ideas. Howard stood up and obediently followed me as I lead him by his leash. I removed his collar and locked him in his kennel. The day would soon come when that was not necessary. But for now, I would rather err on the side of caution.

Cotillion was coming up in a few months. It was an opportunity for hypnodommes to parade their thralls in front of judges. Points were awarded for thoroughness of control and for difficulty. Difficulty? Absolutely. It was relatively easy to enslave a beta sub. It was altogether more difficult to enslave an alpha male or female. I planned on having 3 or 4 alphas on display. Of course, I wasn't heartless. While I was asserting my domination and authority over their subconscious, I was also programming them to be better people. To be more caring, considerate and giving. That was a tall order for some assholes. But it was part of my responsibility to society. Then, if and when I released a thrall back into society, they could be upstanding citizens and contribute back to the wellbeing of their fellow man or woman. Dr. Howard, for instance, was a hopeless misogynist. But not for much longer by my calculations. By the time his obedience training was completed, he would view women as equal or superior to men. He would be polite and deferential. The perfect gentleman. At least that is what I told myself to justify what I did to my thralls. Hopefully god would see it the same way.

I had a female alpha that would be joining 'the pack'. She and Howard would attend training together. If he was a good doggy, I might even let him fuck her. I'm sure he would be appreciative as much as he loves to fuck.

I looked at Howard sitting in his kennel. "Are you a good boy?"

If he could wag his tail, I'm sure he would be doing so. I tossed him a dog bone and told him I would see him in the morning.

As stated in the foreword, I don't use these training techniques now… Well, not any more. I have used several different techniques to exert complete dominance over recalcitrant subjects. Aversive conditioning is one such technique, but it only works if you have a ‘captive’ subject, who is psychologically inclined to respond. Then, when the subject’s will is broken, introducing rewards to recognize the good behaviors you want to reinforce. Yes, I admit, I have used diaper training before. It is rather extreme and I have guilt over this.

I am a sinner and I have repented. I pray, by god's good grace, that he will forgive my many sins and transgressions. Yes, I'm a Christian. Not a very good one obviously. I'm sorry god. 


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