Hypnosis to maximize your potential

by LydiaSalia


A hypnosis script, framed as an interview, to help you be a better you.

Read this at night in a safe place when you are alone and will not be disturbed.

Hello viewers, I’m Lydia Salia reporting for HypnoFantasy News. Today I’m at a hypnosis convention where top hypnotists will be demonstrating their skills. I’m interviewing a doctor who performs hypnosis on his patients to help them relax and to deal with chronic pain.

I want you, the reader, to imagine that you are that doctor and I am interviewing you.

The doctor has graciously offered to hypnotize me to demonstrate his hypnosis skills.

“First doctor, before you begin, I have some questions about hypnosis. Specifically, my curiosity centers around whether or not covert hypnosis can circumvent the conscious mind’s usual defenses. I understand that repetition can be a powerful form of brainwashing or mind control that naturally complements hypnosis. So, can I perform my own little experiment for my viewers? Now I’m only an amateur hypnotist... and just barely qualify at that.”

“But I have an interesting experiment. To satisfy my curiosity and that of our audience can I ask you to stare at the pendant I am wearing? The pendant I’m wearing is quite unusual... almost magnetic in its ability to draw your attention to it. Wouldn’t you say that might be an interesting way to start a conversation. It’s really beautiful the way it sparkles and reflects the light. It seems to radiate energy and even if you look away briefly, your eyes snap back on to it... riveted to its center. Notice how it almost seems to be pulsating. And how it seems to be drawing your energy and focus to it. It’s fascinating, isn’t it? You just find yourself wanting to stare at it. Of course, all that staring is making your eyes tired...., so, so tired. I notice that it seems to have a very calming effect. It seems to be emptying my mind. You notice that too, don’t you? Nod your head if you agree. And as you intensely focus on it, you can almost see a spiral forming in its center that is slowly rotating... drawing your vision to the center. Yes, you see it now. In your mind’s eye it’s clearly visible.”

“My words seem to be everywhere now. They seem to be inside your head. My words and your thoughts are merging. They are becoming one. Your eyes are becoming so hard to keep open. If only the pendant would allow you to close them. Blank, unfocused, glazed over... you are aware only of my voice and the pendant. In a moment, your eyes will naturally close. When they do so, your mind will be completely empty and ready to be instructed. This feels so good. It’s amazing, like a massive endorphin release. Why fight the urge to close your eyes. You know you want to close them. Surrender to this feeling of contentment. Submit to the power of the pendant. My voice and the pendant are one. We are the same. Close your eyes now and allow tranquility to wash over you. Like a baby in your mother’s arms, you have never felt so warm and safe and loved. Sleep now. Deep sleep now. Your mind is completely blank. You know that everything I say is true and right and that I only want what’s best for you. You trust me completely. You would do anything for me. Your mind accepts this completely and without resistance or hesitation. You will repeat aloud. “I am happiest when I obey Lydia.”

“Very good. I am so proud of you. You are doing such a good job.”

Say aloud “Lydia’s desires are my desires.”

Say aloud five times “My purpose in life is to serve Lydia”.

“While you are in trance, you are mine. Nothing in the world matters as much as following my commands, because you know my commands will bring you peace and happiness. You will obey me happily and enthusiastically. You are mine. Completely mine. Your mind is mine. Your body is mine. Your sole reason for existence is to satisfy my needs and wishes. And this feels so right, so good. How could it have ever been any other way? Such bliss, such happiness serving me. You realize now that I am your master. And the reward for obeying your master is excellent health and stamina. When you are away from me you will want to make me proud by eating healthy foods, exercising regularly and gradually achieving your ideal body weight. This will be so easy because you know it is what I want. It is what I command. Therefore, you will follow your commands as instructed. You feel so calm and relaxed. You feel wonderful. In a few moments your mind will be released back to you. You feel wonderful... ready to begin your instructions. Your conscious mind will not recall this interview. Your subconscious mind will remember all it’s instructions. In the future whenever I say aloud or in print, “MIND BLANK!”, you will immediately return to this deep state of compliance and servitude and obey whatever instructions you are given. This seems perfectly reasonable as you trust me completely. When I release you from trance and you are fully awake and alert, you will feel a strong compulsion to leave a comment at the end of this story telling me how this story affected you.  On the count of 5 I will wake you up. 1,2 feeling wonderful, 3,4 feeling energized and alert, 5. Wide awake!”

You may read part 2 only if you are alone, in a safe place and will not be disturbed. For the best result, I suggest you read this at bedtime. You will need to sleep for a while afterwards, so don’t read this if you have to be awake and alert within the next hour.

Balloon levitation suggestibility test

Your eyes will remain open after you read the command below. You will continue reading and following instructions.


“Very good. Allow yourself to relax. Allow a cloud of peace to descend upon you. You are taking slow deep breaths. With each breath you feel more relaxed. More at peace. Now, I want you to keep reading, but I want you to simultaneously translate what you read into thoughts and images in your mind. Concentrate on my written words. Give me your undivided attention. Nothing else matters right now but laser focusing on my words.

Now choose your non-dominant hand. If you are right-handed, then you will choose your left hand for this suggestibility test. Allow your arm to rest at your side. I want to show you just how powerful your imagination is. With all the strength of your imagination, I want you to visualize a large red helium balloon tied to your wrist. Now, your arm is still too heavy to float up in the air, but a second pink helium balloon is added to your wrist. See these balloons clearly in your mind’s eye. See the colors – red and pink. Feel these balloons on your wrist. They are definitely tied to your wrist and you can feel it tugging up on your wrist. You will notice that your wrist is clearly lighter and has floated higher ever so slightly. Even though your arm is not yet up in the air, I’m adding a third large pale blue helium balloon to your arm.  Is it starting to float up?... yes, maybe just a little, but your arm is definitely lighter. I know if I add just one more balloon, that arm is going to start floating right up. And that is what I’m doing. I’ve picked a nice white balloon. Four large, colorful helium balloons are now tied to your wrist. Without any conscious effort, your arm is floating all the way up in the air all by itself. Red, pink, blue and white... they are pulling your arm up into the air. Rising higher and higher, the balloons tugging your wrist ever higher in the air.”

“Your arm will remain aloft as you read additional instructions.”

“You are in hypnotic trance. I want to take you very deeply so that I can implant suggestions that will help you live a fuller, richer life. Allow yourself to go deeper for me. Surrendering to me feels so good. You love my control and want to please me by obeying. Good.”

“Now my first command is for your arm to slowly begin to float back down next to your side… ever so slowly. The helium is slowly leaking out of the balloons. And as your arm begins to settle, your mind begins to slow. It is as if your trance deepens further and further as your arm drifts down. When your arm reaches your side, you will be so very deep. So very deep in trance. It will feel so wonderful, and you will be fully open to my suggestions.”

“Very good. This is called a Waking trance. You are doing so well. Now, I want you to think of one thing you would like to improve in your life right now. Maybe its to eat less or eat healthier food. Maybe its to exercise more. Maybe its to have greater confidence. Whatever it is, I want you to imagine it and when you are ready, to say it out loud. Say what it is you want to accomplish in your life.”

“Very good. I am so proud of you!”

“You are strong and beautiful and loved. You can accomplish any goal you set your mind to. Depending on the goal, it may take a while, but you know in your heart you have the will to see it through. There is a certain force in the universe that wants you to be happy and to see your dreams realized. We know that all of space and time is governed by a universal consciousness. You may call that God, the Holy Spirit, the ‘force’ or anything you choose to believe in. It may be the beauty of your own spirit. No matter what you believe, you will allow this higher power to help you achieve these goals you have set for yourself. Remember, we are always moving towards a better place. You will climb your personal Mount Everest and I will be so proud of you.”

“Now, you are so relaxed that you have become sleepy. You will soon fall fast asleep and dream about conquering your challenges and achieving your goals. You will do this with courage and a happy heart. When you awaken from this deep sleep, you will be compelled to email me and tell me what goal you have selected and how excited you are to be able to face it down. I want you to write down the strategies you will employ to reach this goal. Set a reminder on a calendar so that once a month, you can read your goals and record the progress you have made.

“I am going to count down from 10. When I reach 1, your eyes will close and you will fall into deep, blackout sleep. You will awaken after you are fully rested.

Ten. You feel wonderful. Never have you been so relaxed.

Nine. Your eyes are becoming heavy. You want to close them, but not until I say you can.

Eight. Feeling so peaceful.

Seven. Bliss covers you like a warm blanket

Six. Your breathing is deep and relaxed

Five. Mind shutting down. Drifting closer to sleep

Four. Almost there. So sleepy

Three. Eyes just want to shut. Maybe slightly blurred now

Two. Take a deep breath for me. Relaxxxx...

One. Deep sleep now. Close your eyes and dream of wonderful things.”

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