Hypnopranks gone wrong

My first story. 'I Obey' was my (our) command trigger.

by LydiaSalia

Tags: #D/s #exhibitionism

by Julie Adams

I was 'trick-notized' into sending naked pictures of myself. Not funny. I got revenge.

I had arrived back home in Texas. My story I Obey had been published on EMCSA Saturday morning and within hours, my inbox was flooded with thank yous and compliments. Everyone loved my story! I was on cloud 9. And I was oblivious to the post hypnotic suggestion in my mind that the succubus had planted.

I was attaching compromising photos to every fan email I answered.

Then I got some unusual fan emails. One girl sent a message that was interspersed with the words 'I Obey' seemingly every 5th or 6th word. It was weird. I emailed her back and told her she was under a hypnotic compulsion.

Then the next strange email. Someone thanking me for the photos and how beautiful I was. I realized something was up. I had not sent any photos to anyone. I suspected the photos I was supposedly sending were warded from my conscious mind. I knew how to defeat an invisibility ward. One of my new fans readily volunteered to email me back these photos in a new thread. I could compel the behavior of many lesser beings on EMCSA. The invisibility ward generally blinded attachments from being visible when sent as an outgoing email. The ward did not prevent seeing these attachments when they arrived from another person's email account. There probably were ways to ward against all awareness of an attachment or photo in all possible manifestations, but that was magic that even a high level wizardess could only dream of. And the mana requirements were probably not insignificant.

A 'negative hallucination' is, in real life hypnosis, essentially an invisibility ward. You can google about it

As I opened the attachments, my mouth dropped. The succubus had compelled me to email nude pictures of myself with my face exposed, among other parts of my anatomy, from my phone. No attempt to hide my identity. I didn't care about flashing my breasts, but these photos were much too revealing. I was mortified. I knew ‘dog bone’ had conspired with the succubus. I confronted him but he played dumb - told me that the one identifying photo was never intended to be sent, that it was an accident. I had compelled him to be truthful, so I accepted the veracity of his statement. I was fortunate that, although not nearly as powerful as the succubus, I was many times more resistant to suggestion once awake. It was relatively simple for me to resist the almost non-stop commands streaming into my inbox once I became aware of them. The succubus, once compelled, and despite being fully awake, found it extraordinarily difficult to block suggestions. The succubus had another Achilles heel. She was very suggestible and therefore much more susceptible to covert and shock/distraction inductions. I felt her being the more skilled hypnotist in our battle did not afford her an advantage.

See story Tit for Tat for a full re-enactment of this real life story

What to do? Ahhh, I would entrance the minions and recruit them to give me ideas and help me plot my counter attack. Soon they lined up, eager to suggest triggers I could use on the succubus.

And so, this week's story will have multiple command triggers suggested by Lydia's own fan club that will draw the succubus out.

You see, I have a few tricks going for me. My sleep trigger is permanently active in the succubus. I'm sure she has a permanently active sleep trigger in me as well. My sleep command can be a verbal sleep trigger (phone or spoken), or a Waking Trance trigger (written trigger). Of course the succubus can try to avoid me, by blocking me and not taking calls, but I have already circumvented her defenses. I contacted her by proxy. Multiple command triggers are implanted in her mind, waiting to be activated. She has no awareness that I have already tranced her with my waking trance spell. AND, she will be compelled to obey even if she is awake and aware. And I’ve implanted a suggestion that she has no interest in trying to stop me or continuing the hypno games after this round. We have both scrambled each other's brains so many times that whoever is awake at the time has a decided advantage. Lydia is in trance more often than awake. Advantage Julie.

"STOP READING NOW LYDIA. Take a little nap for me."

I had to stop Lydia from reading everything in this story if she gets this far. I included the "Stop Reading" trigger in the initial induction I sent her. Lydia had used a post hypnotic suggestion on me the prior week to prevent me from seeing her story Tit for Tat. A reader, recognizing this might be the case, emailed me the link to Tit for Tat. I soon read what she had done to me. I don't want Lydia to become aware too quickly. She might slip and share this knowledge with the succubus. She'll eventually figure it out I think. I can't block everything her hypnotized minions will do to help her.

The succubus doesn't know the triggers I've planted. I have warded Lydia's subconscious against revealing my magic suggestions to her conscious mind or the succubus. If any planeswalker tries to help her remove the triggers, he or she is likely to activate the succubus's own 'MIND BLANK' command magic and they will fall victim to her absolute domination and control. My reason for trancing this powerful succubus is to help save humanity, not further enslave it.

Some of the helpful suggestions from EMCSA planeswalkers to use on the succubus are included in my induction script below


Actual induction script I used on Lydia while the succubus was temporarily suppressed


I use a different Waking trance trigger now so that she will not be triggered by someone here on EMCSA. The trigger above has since been disabled. So don't even bother trying to use it. It will not work.

Text of the induction. Lydia is in a waking trance reading this

"Lydia, you have such a wonderful imagination and sense of humor. You are very deep, as deep as you have ever been. Your eyes remain open, but you are deeply hypnotized nonetheless. You love being hypnotized by me. You feel a wave of euphoria wash over you. It's addicting. You know I love you and you love me. We always have such fun hypnotizing each other. You know this to be true."

"Your fans are going to be emailing you after your recent set of stories. You might get a lot of email compliments. That is normal. Think nothing of it. You are so clever and smart. You will respond to the emails according to the 5 rules below. After you have memorized these they will fade away, unknown to your conscious mind. You will act on these automatically and have no knowledge that you have done so, even if it is pointed out to you."

These are your instructions. You will obey them without questioning. It feels so good to obey me. You realize these are hilariously funny, and so you will enjoy doing this.

1) If an email mentions anything religious, you will end your sentence with "praise Jesus."

2) You will make random crazy remarks if someone compliments your friend Julie. Example, "I have lasers for eyeballs."

3) If anything sexual is said in the email, you will end your reply with a random crazy sexual text like, "I like clown porn."

4) If the future is mentioned, you will mention in your reply a random fantasy revelation like, "in accordance with the prophecy or as foretold by the oracle."

5) If you discover that no matter how hard you try, you are unable to have an orgasm, you will be able to fix the problem by emailing ten or more of your fans and asking them, "May I please have an orgasm?" Your email must have a photo attachment of one of your previous masturbation efforts. If ten people say yes, then you may resume having orgasms.

Lydia will frequently become aroused over the next week. She will have to ask for permission to orgasm each new time.

To readers - The Subject line MUST include somewhere in the description the word 'story'. It can be something like 'I enjoy your stories or 'Your story Beguiled was a favorite of mine'. I have made my command triggers more fluid this time than usual. You just have to dance around the edges of the trigger word story for it to become active.


Maybe used later, if the hypno wargames escalate, which it shouldn't. I'm hoping the succubus will realize she is defeated.

Some more fan favorites

6) If the military is mentioned in any comment, whether verbal or in writing, then you will randomly say in public, while speaking to someone, "Booyah! and then try to high five them."

7) The first Friday of each month, with the first person you encounter and speak to, you will freeze mid sentence while talking, for three seconds, then resume where you left off without realizing you paused. If the person tries to tell you that you did this, you will argue with them that you did not.

8) You will pee herself next time in public and provide photographic proof to Julie only

#8 is a little too extreme, but if she somehow defeats my non-escalation post hypnotic suggestion, I can escalate the arms race. I already have the hooks in her subconscious to activate if need be. I think mutually assured sexual destruction will prevent this from escalating.

9) You will send a full nude video including your face while masturbating and post it on a porn site. Sorry, I won't do #9. It would drain off too much mana too rapidly and she might perish into the vortex... and take me with her. ;)

I couldn't figure out how to word this next fan suggestion in simple enough terms that it would not confuse her. Instructions should generally be short and sweet or you risk the command failing. Here is what he suggested I use on Lydia. [When given two different choices, you will think you are asking for choice A, but you will actually be asking for choice B and will receive that instead.] That would be hard to describe to a fully conscious (and sober) person.

Help me fans and sycophants. We must defeat this succubus and recover the pure soul trapped by this dark spirit. Lydia is screaming inside to be released, but darkness has a strong hold.

Wake up! She is not really possessed. This is a fantasy story with a few actual post hypnotic suggestions thrown in for good measure.

HINT: A mention of God in a sentence would certainly get her to praise Jesus. But she is very smart. You must be careful, very subtle. Vary your triggers. I recommend only one trigger suggestion per attempted communication. Don't send a combo text that includes multiple triggers. Don't confuse her subconscious. And don’t send her three emails in a row. That would be stupid. Space your emails over several hours, better multiple days. My command triggers are more fluid this time than usual. You just have to dance around the edges of the idea for it to become active.  Think of the subconscious as a 2nd grader. Very impressionable and easily manipulated.

-----My standing confusion order - the greatest mind trick ever-----

Lydia is blinded to the absurdity of these exclamations. She will not realize it is nonsensical - not even if it is specifically pointed out to her. Lydia is hyper hypnotizable. That makes it easy for me to implement a standing confusion order. Lydia will enter a light trance the moment someone points out that she is engaging in crazy talk. So her intelligent, conscious mind is never given the opportunity to analyze the statement. No contemplation, no incorporation into short term memory = it never existed.

So, who is the better hypnotist? Lydia. No question. 

Who writes better? Lydia. She certainly writes better. I understand that. It took me a full week to write this piece and I had a 'ghost writer' friend help me edit it (not Lydia). Lydia can write four stories in the time it takes me to write one. She knows how to do rapid inductions, covert inductions, every imaginable induction better than anyone I have ever met. Who wins Hypno Wars? That's easy. Me. That's because she can be hypnotized extremely deeply (not necessarily easily) by any random low level hypnotist.

For real, I hypnotized Lydia for the labor and delivery of her daughter. I induced complete anesthesia without the need for an epidural or drugs. Very, very few people can go that deeply. Lydia is the most deeply hypnotizable person I have ever met. Both a blessing and a curse


I have left instructions in Lydia's subconscious to feel guilty about maintaining thralls. I personally think mentally enslaving people is beyond wrong, it’s morally reprehensible. I want her to come to the same conclusion. This is mainly a problem with real life thralls who serve her in a sexual or financial capacity. She is slowly beginning to deprogram them for release. I am proud of her and have encouraged her to move away from collecting minds. If the control hypnofetish is too strong, it may be difficult to dislodge.

Lydia's private email is privateacct4578@gmail.com. This is who you contact with the trigger texts.

Addendum 8/21/2021: Lydia's email has since been deleted.

Note – This is story/battle occurred in 2020. These triggers have since been disabled.

I had a dissociative 'crisis' and was briefly hospitalized. It was decided by my therapist that my hypno-erotica kink was unhealthy for my mental state. I have been hypnotized to forget certain aspects of my 'past' life. I do not know how much of this story is true and how much is fantasy. If anyone cares to leave me a comment below letting me know, I would be most appreciative.

If you must know, yeah, I'm a little touched in the head. 

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