Hypnopranks gone wrong

Tit for tat

by LydiaSalia

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Tit for Tat

My name is Lydia. My best friend's name is Julie. We are both hypnotists. Julie has been at it longer, but is trained in the more traditional inductions whereas I prefer covert hypnosis and shock inductions.

This story was going to start out as a typical girl hypnotizes villain, villain succumbs and reveals all, but I got sidetracked last week when Julie played a little hypnoprank on me. A quick recap - Julie is collaborating with me on some stories. She is dipping her toes in erotic hypnosis story telling on mcstories. I hope everyone encourages her to continue. I think she can become a good writer. I told her to enroll in a creative writing course at her local junior college.

This story is largely true although some descriptions were exaggerated (no one releases a gallon of sperm when they climax). The events herein occurred as described.

To recap, I asked Julie to write part 2 of a story on mcstories named ‘Command Trigger’. She decided as part of the plot for me to get hypnotized at the end and become a super submissive 'lapdog' (not literally). I wasn't sure if it really fit the story line, but I was happy if she was happy. Well, as part of her 'story' she decided to add a little hypnotic twist at the end with a hypnotic trigger just for me. She is so considerate. :)

And thinking back, I would say this trigger was very imaginative - actually brilliant.

Julie and I hypnotize one another on occasion. Now I trust her more than anyone in the world… maybe a little less now :). We have embedded sleep triggers in one another. Julie also knows I'm a natural submissive, so as much as I play the part of the bad ass hypnodomme, being hypnotized to obey is a turn on for me. 

So, an early Christmas gift... and unbeknownst to me, she dropped me into trance and placed a post hypnotic command in my subconscious that could be activated by a trigger command. Then, of course, she erased my awareness of both the induction and the trigger. So, at the end of the story 'Command Trigger', there is a little description of how I would have to obey a certain trigger. Even though I proofread the story before sending it, this didn't register. I became aware of the trigger after a fan (and author) I regularly correspond with someone named Dog bone (name changed to protect the innocent) pointed out that I had acted on it. I tend to go very deep when I go under (called an Esdaile state), so even after becoming aware of the existence of this trigger, repeated exposure to the trigger in my inbox created a very strong compulsion in me to obey it. Thus, Dog bone got another 'treat' after flooding my inbox with the trigger commands. Now in all fairness, I wasn't sure if the trigger would still be effective once I was fully, consciously aware of it. The flooding of my inbox was an experiment to see if it would still work. It still worked. I think this whole scenario is pretty hilarious, but that may be part of the post hypnotic suggestion Julie gave me for all I know. So Julie has some payback coming. I have a very deeply implanted sleep trigger in her. I put her into trance this morning, gave her some suggestions which she obeyed and, of course, I took some 'compromising' pictures. Those have been added to her phone. Lets just say Julie might have a compulsion of her own to obey fan requests... 

 Julie will find this whole thing hilarious - kind of like I did. Part of good programming

I found the email exchange between myself and Dog bone rather educational... and erotic, so I am including it here verbatim. What did the trigger do? It caused me to become increasingly aroused whenever I saw the trigger command "I Obey". The arousal would increase until I acted on it. Of course, I had Julie remove it when I found out. It's no longer active in me.

For the second part of Julie’s post hypnotic suggestion to me, I was instructed to take a picture while pleasuring myself, although my subconscious was instructed not to remember this (conscious mind did not have access to this memory)

Then I was to email the photo to any fan that used the trigger - again with the memory of that behavior suppressed.

This recognition failure is known as Negative Hallucination in hypnosis circles

Julie told me to obscure my face. Wasn't that considerate of her? Such a good friend. I was absolutely oblivious to all of this including the sending of the compromising picture.

Here is the actual email correspondence with Dog bone where I first learn of the trigger. Several minutes pass between each exchange. Email conversation is in quotes

Subject Line "I Obey"

Dog bone

"Obviously I had to know"

 As I read Dog bone’s email, I suddenly found myself “in the mood”. I didn't put two and two together. So I went upstairs and rubbed one out. Then 20 minutes later, I sent Dog bone a picture


"Know what?"

I've attached two pictures of me pleasuring myself, but I am unaware I did this.

Dog bone

"Oh god, blush What would happen if I sent you that email."


"I still don't get what you are talking about."

Dog bone

"Let's just say I'm really enjoying corresponding with you. Does Julie hypnotize you sometimes?"



Dog bone

"Nice! I wonder what her sense of humor is like." :)


"I think there is more to this story than meets the eye. What really are you getting at?"

Dog bone

"I wondered if she might have left you a post hypnotic suggestion like the one George left the Lydia in the story."


"She wanted to throw that twist in at the end. Just like she suggested Tim eat xxxx off her shoe in Beguiled. Both of these were pure works of fiction."

"So, you're saying... I will send a picture of myself masturbating for real? I don't see any evidence of that, but I will most definitely ask her in the morning. And if she had me do that... I'll kill her. Not really. But I have hypnotized her before so she risks getting tit for tat."

I am under the hypnotic influence of a negative hallucination

Dog bone

"Well it sounds like y'all will have a fun morning." :)

"Full disclosure, I should tell you now, you definitely sent me a photo of a woman masturbating."


"Maybe if you send it back I won't be blinded to it and can verify if that was me or not.

Please use a new thread. I'm not sure if that will make a difference but it might."

Dog bone

"That was my plan"


Dog bone

"Anyway here are the photos you sent me"

I open it and look. It is a girl masturbating

--Extreme arousal as demonstrated by vaginal discharge--

Photos cannot be uploaded to this site....


"That could be me. But I don't remember taking that picture. Shit. I own socks and underwear just like that."

"Hilarious Julie. Help me think of a tasteful way to extract revenge. I have an embedded sleep command I can use on her."


"Julie is not going to be happy with you for spilling the beans" :)

Dog bone

"I've never spoken to Julie, so I figure I'm safe." :)

Dog bone

"Tasteful, huh?"


"That explains the odd emails from some fans"

Dog bone

"I bet"

Dog bone

"I mean, you'd think having her send out some photos like that would be appropriate, but I don't know how tasteful."


"I'm not mad. I think this is pretty funny and clever. The problem is, the way I feel may be part of the post hypnotic suggestion..."

Dog bone

"Ooh, I like that"


"Julie is more of a prude than me. I don't know if she would respond to such a blatant form of exhibitionism. But yeah, tasteful is probably not what I'm going for here."

then, a later thread from another fan, dog bone is copied on that email....

Subject "I Obey"


"That trigger won't work on me any more. Dog bone brought it to my attention that Julie played a little hypnotic trick on me. Although I find myself aroused now. Interesting. Still some hooks in place."

Dog bone

"Charmed that it still turns you on!" :)

30 minutes later


"Yeah, I ignored it for as long as I could until I finally had to relieve myself. This compulsion should diminish with time. Otherwise, I will have to confront Julie and have her remove it."

Dog bone

"Okay the temptation to send you messages saying "I Obey" is definitely strong here." :)


"Stop that!"

...many minutes later


"I want to try an experiment. I'm fully aware of the command trigger now. Send it to me repeatedly. I want to see if the effect is fixed or multiplies."


Subject line "I Obey" is repeated with each new email

Dog bone

"That sounds like a fun experiment."


"Ok, that's one"

Dog bone (I Obey)

"I'm definitely enjoying imagining how it might be affecting you."

Dog bone (I Obey)

"Is the effect getting stronger?"



Dog bone (I Obey)

"Or is it more fun to hold out?"

Dog bone (I Obey)

"The repetition really gets to you"

Dog bone (I Obey)

"I wonder how many it will take before you can't stand it anymore?"


"Ok. I'll be right back. Shit."

Dog bone

"Mmmm. Have a good time."


"Ok. I'm sending you a couple pictures. Not because I have to. But why not. Well, to be honest the compulsion is pretty strong. I really want to ambush Julie with a command trigger. Please don't do this to me again."

two very revealing pics attached.

Dog bone

"oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck"

Dog bone

"God damn you are sexy."


"That got me so wet. And I came so hard. It was great!"


"Please remove the trigger from the subject line. I can't do it."

Dog bone

"ok now I'll be back in a little bit."


If you want to see how well the command trigger works you’ll be able to soon. I took the liberty of air dropping the photos I took of Julie in trance to her phone. If my trigger works as expected, she will email the pictures to anyone who emails her with the proper trigger. By the way, I thought she was a pretty big prude and the most I could get her to do would be to flash her breasts. I was wrong. I got her to do a little more than that. Also, she won’t be mad. I placed a post hypnotic suggestion that she would enjoy showing her body off.

I am including the induction I used on Julie. As I said, she has a sleep trigger in place, but I didn't want to give her any warning I was about to drop her. She is a hypnotist after all and might be able to thwart me.

Julie was sitting in a chair in our living room. I took a picture of her and remarked, “Thank you so much for driving up here to help Doug and I while I'm recovering from COVID. You are such a dear friend.”

Note - Julie has already had COVID

I was bringing her a cup of coffee. I touched her forehead as I got near and told her, “Sleep for me Julie.”

She went right out. Now observe how I convince her subconscious to go along with my plan. I don’t care about her conscious mind. It’s offline.

“Julie, I absolutely love your sense of humor. It is one of the most beautiful things about you. You can always find a way to make me laugh and I love you for this.”

Julie had a faint smile.

I’m going to use a suggestion from Dog bone now

“You feel so good going deep for me. I want you to go deeper for me than you have ever been. Just giving yourself over to my suggestions is a way to do that. You trust me to take care of you and so you want to go so very deep and obey every instruction I give you. You remember how excited it makes you to obey me."

"So very, very deep now."

"You have never felt so sexy.., so alive.., so confident. In fact, it turns you on to know that I find you so sexy, as do others. You must not be shy of your body. You are proud of how you look. When others admire your body, and compliment you, it will make you want to open up even more. Everyone loves you. You love this attention. When you receive compliments you will be even more self confident in how beautiful you are. You know you are. And you are so grateful to me for giving you this confidence in your body image. No shame, no resistance. You love showing off your body." 

Julie is smiling. "Do you feel yourself becoming aroused? Of course you do. You want to please me. You know I only want the best for you. I know you want to touch yourself and I want you to touch yourself. Rub yourself through your jeans. It’s ok. You look so beautiful.”

Julie gets a slow start, but then begins to become aroused from the self stimulation.

Once you start to arouse your subject, neurons in the brain sex center (primarily the amygdyla) start to light up. This sexual arousal can help deepen a trance and can get the hypnotized subject to jump through hoops including loud, shaking orgasms

“Julie, I want you to remove your jeans while you rub yourself. It will make it easier for you and you secretly love the idea of me watching you.”

Julie did not hesitate. I was actually a little surprised. I still could have gotten her jeans off, but she didn’t make me work for it.

“Julie, it will feel so good to put your fingers in your pussy. Even though you are deeply asleep, it is like the best sex dream you have had in a very long time. I want you to use your fingers to rub yourself."

I let her continue to build arousal. "Good girl. Now I want you to finger yourself.”

She can't help but smile at how good it feels. Julie is in deep trance. She is really enjoying this. “Such a good girl for me.”

When speaking to the subconscious, you actually want to keep it very simple. A person's subconscious is child like. Praise goes a very long way to deepen and strengthen the trance state.

“Now I want you to remove your panties and your blouse and bra. You are so proud of your body. It makes you so excited to show me how beautiful you look naked.”

Julie is now completely naked. I have her continue stimulating herself to orgasm. She has a quiet orgasm - nothing to write home about. That may be due to lingering inhibitions.

“Thank you Julie. Thank you for allowing me to share in watching you orgasm. You are so sexy. So hot. I enjoyed it as much as you did. You are overcoming your inhibitions..., becoming more confident in displaying your body. Everyone thinks you have a drop-dead gorgeous body. You feel perfectly safe and loved. I so love you girl." She smiles automatically, very happy in this state.

"I'm going to wake you up soon. When you wake up you will want to hug me for giving you these wonderful feelings. You will find you are so horny and feel like you need to satisfy the urge. Your conscious mind will remember that you had a wonderful sex dream, but you didn't get to finish."

Doug had walked into the room and stopped, mouth gaping. I whisper, “It's a little tit for tat for the joke she pulled on me last week. I’m going to let her wake up with 'the itch'. She will probably have to excuse herself to rub one out."

Then I looked at Doug staring at her and spoke before I thought. "Would you like to have sex with her?"

Doug nodded that he would.

Why not I thought to myself, if she is interested. "Julie, before you wake up I want you to answer some questions. You will be completely truthful with me. Only that way can I make sure I do what is best for you. You know Doug and I are married, but what you may not realize is that I am perfectly comfortable with sharing him with my dear friends. You are the dearest of dear friends. I would very much like to offer him to you as a gift if that would please you. What do you say?"

"Yes. I would love to have sex with him if he wants to."

"Good girl. Thank you for being so honest with me."

"When you wake up you will realize that you are naked for a reason. Doug is waiting for you in your room. He is naked and he is so horny. You know from talking to me what an incredible lover he is. You will find that you are desperately aroused and want to fuck him. So bad. It's making you wet even now as you imagine him holding you, thrusting into you. You also know that I am encouraging this. I want both of you to enjoy one another and you don't mind if I watch you enjoy yourselves. It would bring me pleasure."

Doug looked at me, "Thank you!" and made a bee line for her bedroom. I woke Julie and told her Doug was waiting. Julie smiled, not at all self-conscious and walked back to her bedroom. I watched from the doorway.

Doug was under the sheets. His erection had made a jumbo tent in the sheet. Julie climbed onto the bed not sure what to do. Doug was an expert here. He pulled down the sheet and Julie gasped at the giant snake staring at her, hypnotizing her with it's stare.

"Take me in your mouth and make love to my cock."

Julie did as she was instructed. Interesting. Hypnotist hypnotized by the greatest hypnotist of all..., an erect penis. I realized then that I had reached down between my legs and was rubbing myself. I put my hand inside my panties. I was one wet girl.

Julie was soon enthusiastically deep-throating the beast. That's what I called Doug's appendage. Doug was trying so hard not to cum. "I'll help you Doug. You cannot cum until Julie says you can."

Julie looked over at me, mouth full of dick and I suppose, tried to thank me. She then popped the beast out of her mouth and asked Doug, "Would you be willing to do oral sex on me?"

I rolled my eyes. OMG. Julie, Julie, Julie, what am I to do with you?

"Julie, Doug is required to obey any instruction you give him. He cannot disobey you. You do not ask. You tell him what you want."

Julie looked up at Doug with those big puppy dog eyes... "Doug, I want you to pleasure my pussy with your tongue and then I want you to ride me hard."

Where did that come from? She went from prim and proper to bitch in heat.

Doug spread her legs and penetrated her with his tongue. It was not long before she was moaning loudly and holding his head tightly against her opening. Then her legs involuntarily slapped together against his head. I was worried he would suffocate. Just as quickly she released him and panted, "Fuck me. Fuck me hard."

Doug positioned himself over her and began to slide the beast into her eager pussy. I just about laughed as her eyes bugged out. Doug was soon pounding the shit out of her and she was screaming in ecstasy. At least that is what I envision ecstasy sounds like. We had forgotten about Doug.

"It hurts. I have to cum, but I can't. Help."

Julie took pity on him. "Cum for me now Doug." And cum he did. The blast just about split her in half. The force of his seed slapping her cervix caused her to come just as powerfully. When Doug finally pulled out it looked like a gallon of sperm poured out of her pussy. 

Julie lay in the bed with her legs parted and semen still spilling out of her pussy. I hope she is on birth control. She had a look of utter satisfaction. She quietly extolled, "Lydia wasn't exaggerating. You are a god in bed. Thank you Doug. That was so awesome. Thank you Lydia."

"Anything to help a friend" I smiled.

And then I remembered that I had forgotten to have her remove the command trigger from me. I needed her to do this, because I was getting hot and bothered every time a fan texted the 'I Obey' trigger to me. I walked over to the two lovers and touched Julie on the forehead, "Sleep for me my precious Julie." Bam! She was out again. I had a really good, deep sleep trigger in her.

Julie, you must first remove the trigger you put in me last week. That will be very important to you. You will not want to place any more post hypnotic suggestions in me any time soon nor will you ask me any questions. You know I am recovering from COVID and these suggestions are just too taxing on my body. I woke Julie from trance and went into the living room to have a cup of coffee. At some point they had dressed and came into the room. I do not remember what happened next.

Doug is a pretty good narrator, so he will tell the story.

Doug began, Julie took a shower and dressed. Lydia was standing by the window looking out at our mountain view. Julie walked up to her, gave her a hug and whispered into Lydia’s ear. Lydia’s head dropped. She walked Lydia over to a chair and sat her down.

“Lydia, I want you to know in the deepest recesses of your mind that I love you. I have never met anyone like you. You really do complete me. Thank you for being my friend."

Now apparently I was the one smiling. "I gave you a command trigger last week to masturbate and send photos of yourself masturbating. I knew you would find that hilarious and that is exactly what you did. You found it hilarious. You love me for my sense of humor just as I love you for yours. I love you because you are so carefree and such a good sport. I am removing the trigger from your subconscious mind now. It is done, it's over. You did a great job. I’m so proud of you. You will no longer obey the two word command trigger, “I Obey”. Do you understand?”

“I understand.”

“Good girl. I am going to leave you with another suggestion. As you know, our subconscious can help your body heal and fight disease. You are going to find that your body is fighting this virus and winning. The virus has no chance against you. You will soon be virus free. You know this to be true. Now, I will awaken you on the count of 5. 1, starting to wake up, 2 feeling fresh and alive, 3, closer, 4, almost there, 5 fully awake.”

“How do you feel?”

“I feel so good.. so relaxed. I think I will go to bed for a little while. That was nice, thank you.”

After a short nap, I went on line and corresponded with a couple of fans. A hypnotist named 'David L.' was eager to try the 'I Obey" trigger on me and I told him he could email me, but it would not work. He typed it to me and nothing. Then he told me Julie had a fail safe in place with the command trigger that reactivated the original 'I Obey' trigger if I read the story again... Huh?

I was not even aware there was another command trigger. He was a perfect gentleman and did not try to take advantage of the situation. I thanked him and then went back to Julie and asked her to remove the other trigger as well. That trigger was "Lydia, WAKING TRANCE FOR ME NOW". What David L. figured out was Waking trance was a post hypnotic suggestion that would "re-install" the I Obey command should I ever re-read Command Trigger. Two things - One, I'm not a gd computer and two, this seems just a little too clever and circuitous, but my curiosity always gets the best of me. I had to re-read the end of Command Trigger. Yes, curiosity kills the cat. Then David L. sent me the 'I Obey' trigger and nothing.... at first. But then I started to feel a little aroused. And it got worse. I couldn't ignore it. I tried, but damn if 'the itch' wasn't getting worse. I knew it was inevitable that it would become so strong that I would have to scratch the itch. I decided the quickest path to solve the problem was to go frig myself. It was good, if a bit exhausting. COVID is still kicking my ass. I wasn't sure if Julie was this clever or if David L. had used his powers of hypnotic persuasion on me. I am, afterall, very suggestible. He got his wish. I was compelled to send him some pictures of myself. I can't blame him. I would do the same if I was him. So now it's my turn for fun and games at Julie's expense... It's all good though. Between Julie and I, I am the better hypnotist. But I'm also more deeply hypnotizable. Who has the advantage in round two of hypnopranks? 

David L. insists he has not given me a post hypnotic suggestion. So that means the Waking trance command works on me as is, or there is a waking trance post hypnotic suggestion floating around my mind somewhere.

Julie is leaving Thursday to drive back to Texas, so I will drop her and implant the 'I Obey' trigger tonight (Wednesday). I am not asking her to go off and masturbate every time she gets a command trigger email. Rather, she will send the 5 revealing pictures I took of her earlier in the week and put on her phone. She will not even be aware that she is responding to the trigger and sending these pictures. If readers start telling her what she has been doing, then she will likely stop. Julie typically does not go as deep as I do, so I really don’t know if she would feel compelled to send these pics if she was fully, consciously aware that she was sending them. When I found out I was sending photos of myself, it caused me considerable consternation. The term in hypnosis for being 'blinded' to something staring you in the face is called a "negative hallucination".

Negative hallucination in hypnosis is a false perceptual experience characterized by failure to see something while looking directly at it, as in failing to perceive a certain person in a group in response to hypnotic suggestion. In real life an example would be looking for your car keys and even though you already looked on the table and they are sitting right there, you don't see them

*Photos cannot be uploaded here. Too bad. They are... provocative...*

Julie will decide not to read Tit for Tat this weekend and next week. Wonder why? :)

Otherwise, she might catch on.

I Obey is her first story with over 90% of the dialogue written by herself. I've helped her with some word substitutions and grammar, but the story idea is entirely hers. In the story she is a hypnotherapist exploring the use of her skills in helping clients with the erotic aspects of hypnosis. The story is actually quite entertaining. I'm very proud of her. The story name "I Obey", is the same as the trigger. What a coincidence!

When you correspond with Julie by email, compliment her on her story. Make sure to put the story name 'I Obey' in the Subject line. That will activate her trigger when she reads it.

I do feel it is very important that she receive positive reinforcement. I have already informed her that my close fans wanted to know what she looked like, so I sent them a pic. Please, if you email her the trigger, please remember to complement her. Something like, “Thank you so much Julie. You are a beautiful woman!” or I loved I Obey. You are so talented. Please vary this phrase somewhat so it doesn’t seem contrived. We love to hear that our work is appreciated. And please no hurtful comments. She is pretty, but she is self conscious and I don’t think she has the best self image. And just to be clear, I will not keep the trigger in place indefinitely - maybe a week. Less if she starts throwing things at me... :)

Julie’s private email is Juliehypnotizesyou@gmail.com. The command trigger in the Subject line is ‘I Obey’ - which, if you recall, is the name of Julie’s story submission this week.. "I Obey" in the Subject line, without quotes, will cause her to respond as programmed. The irony of the command trigger used on me, turned on her, was just too good for me to pass up.

For readers that might decide this is wrong or unethical some how, please don’t ruin this for everyone. Yes, there are some people who are hypercritical of my stories because my stories don't jive with their perfect vision of morality. Not everything is consensual. Get over it. Be assured, Julie will be fine with all of this. She now has new found confidence in her body and doesn't mind showing it off. The simple truth is neither one of us is even capable of getting angry at the other. We have imparted post hypnotic commands in one another that keep us close no matter what.

Love, kisses and sweet ‘creams’,


Please shoot me an email (privateacct4578@gmail.com) to let me know how she responds. I suspect some of you will forget, and she will get a few thank you's for sending pics. That is what happened to me and it is confusing and unsettling when you don't understand what readers are talking about (i.e. what pictures?).

Spoiler – these are the original stories, published ‘at the time’. These triggers have long since been disabled.

Addendum 8/21/2021: My private email has since been deleted.

I had a dissociative 'crisis' and was briefly hospitalized. It was decided by my therapist that my hypno-erotica kink was unhealthy for my mental state. I have been hypnotized to forget certain aspects of my 'past' life. I do not know how much of this story is true and how much is fantasy. If anyone cares to leave me a comment below letting me know, I would be most appreciative.

If you must know, yeah, I'm a little touched in the head. 

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