Hypnopranks gone wrong

I Obey

by LydiaSalia

Tags: #D/s #exhibitionism

By Julie Adams and Lydia Salia

Lydia typing

I suggested Julie name her story ‘I Obey’. Why? I discovered what she made me do and I thought it only fitting that the same command be used on her. The trigger, btw, is no longer active in me (or her). Anyone complimenting her on her story ‘I Obey’ will get some nice pics from her. Heh, heh.

My client lay on the couch, deep in trance. He was a middle aged man who was here for help with a hypnofetish. His problem was he had a lot of guilt over it. He wanted 'hypnotic' help to deal with his hypnofetish. Well, I guess that makes sense. So how did I find myself in this situation?  I have a traditional hypnotherapy practice. I help clients with anxiety, smoking cessation, sometimes drug use, unhappy marriages. The list is pretty extensive, but hypno-eroticism is not one of them - until recently.

COVID had cut my practice in half and my good friend and fellow hypnotist Lydia had suggested I give hypno-eroticism a try. The lawyers loved that one. I had to come up with a whole new set of disclosures, informed consents and limitations of liability. If I decided to help a client 'sexually', they signed away any rights to sue me if things didn't work out for them.

Now just to be clear, I would never sleep with a client. That is forbidden. The code of ethics is pretty clear here. Lydia didn't understand why this was a problem. She asked me, what if you meet the love of your life and he happens to have a hypnofetish you are helping him with? She had a good point. So I added to the lawyer's release that I could have a relationship with a client provided they were formally discharged (fired) from my practice. The fine print was very much in my favor in this regard. If I decided to hypnotize them as a private citizen I could pretty much do anything I wanted with them. I was still learning rapid induction techniques from Lydia. As far as I am concerned, she is the world's authority on covert inductions, shock inductions, text inductions, confusion/distraction inductions, you name it. Even surreptitious use of ASMR to hypnotize her subject. I might know more about the formal application of hypnosis using traditional hypnosis, but Lydia had the street smarts. If she ever decided to perform stage hypnosis, she would rule.

Well, back to my hypnotized client. "Mr. Johnson, you are deeply in trance and ready to follow my directions. I want you to go home and read all of author Lydia Salia's stories on Amazon. These will help you understand that hypno-fetishism is acceptable and will enrich your life. Say aloud 'I Obey'."

"I Obey".

"Good boy."

Wait, I thought to myself. When did I decide that reading Lydia's stories was therapeutic? Did she implant that idea? I wasn't sure. Her stories were a very good recap of real life experiences and how very normal, high functioning individuals could enjoy their hypnofetish and still enjoy productive and love filled lives. Ok, that was true, but really? Lydia must have put that in my head. I would call her and try to verify if she was fucking with me again.

I gave him confidence and motivation building suggestions and started to bring him out of trance. Then I noticed the erection he was sporting. Yes, it seemed everyone with a hypnofetish was horny when they were in trance. I chuckled to myself, 'sorry, no estoy interesada'.

My next client was a young woman, here for the same issues. She was addicted to hypno-porn.

She wanted to curb the addiction. This was going to tax my creative problem solving.

She was sitting in a chair next to me. I always started a new visit with an intake questionnaire. Then she hit me with a broadside - question. "You are very pretty Ms Adams" and she put her hand on my thigh. "Have you ever been with another girl?"

I wasn't gay.  Except, except, I sometimes notice I am aroused around Lydia. Was that Lydia messing with my mind or was that something special between us? I wasn't sure. I swallowed, suddenly feeling very exposed... and maybe just a little aroused.

I stammered, "I don't know. I don't think so." And then I felt I was putting her down. "You are very pretty too."

What the hell am I doing?

She squeezed my leg and gave me a knowing smile. I guess her lesbo radar had me pegged. Am I gay? No, I like dick too much. But girls are hot in their own right. This was an open invitation. I felt like I was visibly nervous. I excused myself to get a glass of water and patted the perspiration off my upper lip and forehead.

Julie, get a hold of yourself. Maybe..., maybe if you want to explore this side of hypno-eroticism.., you couldn't have a more obvious, willing participant. I hadn't had sex in months and was pretty ready for action. I came back into the room, completed the intake and proceeded to hypnotize my new client. Her name was Cindy. She was a nurse at a local hospital.

I induced her with a traditional, lengthy induction. She was lying on the couch, her feet facing me. I was beginning to think these long inductions were unnecessary. Rapid inductions were probably just as good or better. Achieve dominance and authority early and take your subject deep. I would ask Lydia to give me some pointers.

"Cindy, you are very deep now. You feel so good. Now I know you are here for your addiction to hypno-porn, but I think you also like the idea of your therapist putting you into deep trance. Does that arouse you?"

"Yes. It makes me so hot." She squirmed on the couch and her dress hiked up slightly. I could feel my own arousal building.

"I want you to be totally honest with me and tell me what you would like."

"I want you to take me. I want you to command me to service you - anything you want."

Interesting I thought. The force is strong with this one. She was bending her knees, obviously aroused and her dress hiked up higher. I could just make out her panties and it looked like they were wet. That caused me to have a hot flash.

"Very good Cindy. I am going to help you with your addiction to hypno-porn by letting you redirect your energies to servicing me. Instead of spending time on porn sights, you will dream of serving me in every way I command you. Tell me 'I Obey'"

She responded promptly, "I Obey".

"Very good girl." Cindy had signed every form and release I had. I told her that she would first have to resign from my practice and then she could be my submissive. She, of course, consented.

"Cindy, remove all of you clothes." Cindy did as instructed.

What am I doing? My heart was racing. She was stunningly beautiful. I could see the dew drops on her short cropped pussy hairs. She was so wet. I locked my door and removed my clothes. I had 45 minutes before my next client.

"Cindy, you will service me with your tongue." I laid back in my chair, lifted my legs and held my ankles. This presented a nice view and easy access. I could tell it hit Cindy hard. She was on all fours as she leaned her mouth into me and began to lick and suck. I noticed her face was getting frosty with my secretions. I soon entered trance myself as I leaned back and let her experienced tongue work it's magic. I came after a few minutes. It was so hard not to cry out loud, but I had to keep my voice down. I told Cindy to lie back on the couch and spread her legs wide for me.

"You will remain in trance, but you may enjoy this." I looked closely at her vagina. It was so sexy. I just wanted it to swallow me up. I leaned into her sex and she gasped. I began licking her and she barely lasted a minute before she began to cum.

"Cindy, you must be quiet. Tell me you understand." She nodded compliance, "I understand and obey."

"Good girl."

Cindy had her orgasm and lay still awaiting her next command. I decided discretion was the better part of valor and until I knew more about this girl and the obvious sexual attraction I had for her that it would be better if she did not remember this incident. I implanted a sleep command for future use and had her remain still while I wiped her vagina with a damp washcloth. Then I had her get dressed.

"You imagined we had sex, but it was just a dream. It didn't really happen. I will awaken you in a moment and you will realize you are still attracted to me, you still want to serve me, but that will happen during a subsequent visit. You will believe we made great progress in our visit today and I will be able to help you with your hypno-porn addiction."

I decided I liked this submissive servitude thing. It could come in real handy on lonely nights.

I brought Cindy out of hypnosis. How do you feel?

Cindy appeared slightly disoriented and maybe a little sad. She wanted to be with me, but was denied. I imagined she was thinking, 'there will be other opportunities'.

We set a follow-up appointment and I bid her goodbye. The rest of my day was pretty routine traditional hypnosis stuff. Nothing special.

I went home and called Lydia to tell her what happened.

Lydia answered after a few rings. She was out of breath. Probably that husband of hers. He was insatiable. I described my encounter with Mr. Johnson and my suggestion that he read Lydia's stories. I heard her laugh on the other end of the line. Then I told her about Cindy.

"Do you think I'm turning gay?"

"No girl, you just have a healthy sexual appetite. If you can't have a man steak, there is always a good girl burger."

That was a pretty funny analogy I thought. "Ok, yeah, I get it. Steaks are nice, but sometimes you just want a good, juicy burger."

"Exactly. As far as recommending my stories, I didn't formally tell you to recommend my stories to clients. I might have mentioned that my stories hopefully reflect a very acceptable and normal side of hypno-fetishism."

"Ok. That makes sense. I'll see Mr. Johnson again next week and ask him if it is helping him feel better about himself."

I bid Lydia goodbye and got ready for bed. A long weekend was coming up. Another weekend by myself. I really needed to meet someone.

I called up a girlfriend and we agreed to meet at a bar downtown. The place had a lot of cute guys and I was on the hunt. The bar was Diamond Jims. It had a seated area outside that helped us meet the COVID restrictions. I ordered a Sex on the Beach and my friend Carol ordered a Manhattan. You know my mind was in the gutter. The drinks arrived and so did two nice, very smartly dressed gentlemen. We learned that they were good friends. Steve was an ER doctor and Jeffrey was an engineer at Apple. We could certainly do worse. The conversation turned to Carol and me. Carol volunteered she was a nurse at the same hospital as Steve. And I found out she knew Cindy. Small world.

Then it was my turn. "I'm a hypnotherapist. I make dreams come true."

Now everyone wanted me to hypnotize them. The fascination with hypnosis seemed to be fairly common. I decided I would do my best to use a Lydia special on them. One thing I knew I had to do was project authority and complete confidence. If you didn't have confidence in yourself, no one else will either. I looked around and considered my options. It was pretty quiet. There were not a lot of distractions. I could work with this.

"Ok girl and boys, if you want me to hypnotize you than I demand your complete attention and concentration. This is not a contest of wills. If you really want me to hypnotize you then you must tell me now that is what you want me to do and you will cooperate."

"Does everyone here agree to be hypnotized?"

"Yes mam" in unison.

"All of you are very intelligent and successful. Do you know what that means?"

They were waiting for my answer. "It means that you will go under, but - and this is a big but, you must agree to focus your concentration on me. You must agree to listen to every... single... word.. that... I... say."

Again, everyone agreed.

"Good. Lets begin."

I looked at the group. Carol and the doctor looked a little like deer in headlights. The engineer was decidedly skeptical. I would drop him last. I was surprised that the doctor looked to be such a good subject, but intelligence, if anything, correlates with higher imagination and susceptibility.

"When I give instructions it will be to everyone. If I wish to give instructions to one person, I will touch your shoulder and state, this instruction is for the person whose shoulder I am touching. Is that clear to everyone?"

They all nodded.

"Very good. Arrange yourself comfortably in your chairs and uncross your legs. Put your hands out in front of you and interlock your fingers. Very good. Now I will see who has the best imagination and concentration. Your hands are tightly glued together. A powerful magnet also pulls your palms and fingers together. It is like a high-powered electromagnet. Your hands are so tightly squeezed together. Now with all of your might, with all of your imagination, I want you to visualize in your mind's eye that the attraction is becoming so strong..., so irresistible, that your hands are merging into one. The atoms of your hands are blending and fusing together. You can no longer separate your hands because they are no longer separate."

The doctor and Carol were staring intently at their hands. I would drop the doctor first.

"Wow Steve, isn't that amazing that your hands are completely fused together? Why don't you try to separate them. But don't hurt yourself."

He was straining but making no progress. "Doctor, look up at me. I had my hands clasped together and I simply parted them, palms up. He realized he could separate his hands. He was already in trance, but just didn't know it. I was standing next to him. I suddenly pressed his hands into his lap and commanded, "SLEEP NOW!"

He was gone. "Eyes closed! Deeply asleep. You are deeply hypnotized by me and it feels so good. You feel so relaxed, so wonderful. Nothing else matters but my voice and obeying my commands. I am so proud of you,"

The engineer had a look of shock on his face. Carol looked to be in trance already. I simply reached over and placed her hands in her lap. "Sleep now Carol. Hands come apart, completely relaxed."

Two down, one to go.

The look on the engineer's face was priceless. Jeffrey, you know what is going to happen now, don't you?"

Jeffrey was no longer looking so smug. I touched his forehead, "Sleep for me Jeffrey" and down he went.

If you can take down the 'leader' of a small group, the rest will topple

I decided to spend a few minutes deepening them and then tested the waters for their interest in having a little sexual romp. The boys were all for it. Carol was a little slow to respond. I decided I would work a little more on her back at my place. I guided everyone into my car and informed them I would be driving back to my place and they would remain in trance.

Once inside I began deepening the trance again. They were so deep. Yes, I liked distraction inductions. They worked like a charm.

"Carol, I am speaking only to you now. You feel so good. You feel so sexy. It makes you so aroused to obey my instructions. And you need an outlet for that arousal. Now, I'm going to ask you some questions and you will be honest with me. How long has it been since you've been with a man?"

"Over 3 months." I thought to myself." She is an attractive girl. I wonder why.

"Is there a reason?"


Ah, that made sense. I'm such a dummy for not addressing that.

"Steve, I will ask you first. Have you had COVID yet, because I have had it. I'm immune."

"I had the vaccination and I have antibodies."

"What about you Jeffrey?"

"I had it after a trip to China."

"Excellent. So Carol you have zero chance of contracting the virus with this group. You can relax now and let me take you deeper than you have ever been before." After several minutes I was certain all resistance had vanished.

I froze Carol in place inducing a form of flaccid catalepsy.

"Jeffrey, you will undress Carol and Steve, you will undress me." Both men complied with their instructions.

Carol you will lay back on the bed with me and the boys will pleasure us. I didn't need any coaxing to spread my legs. Jeffrey spread Carol's legs for her. Before I became too consumed in passion, I gave one last command.

"Everyone will enjoy the sensations. You will be able to orgasm when you are ready."

I closed my eyes as Steve expertly explored my cavern. My cries were soon drowned out by Carols' even grander exaltations. I held Steve's head against my sex and soon had a very satisfying orgasm. Carol followed shortly thereafter.

I had to have me some doctor penis. I commanded both men to stand at attention. "Carol, you will pleasure Jeffrey now. I did the same for Steve. I soon released his very nice penis from the confines of his pants and had it in my mouth. It was so satisfying. I bobbed my head up and down until he started to groan loudly. Then he came unexpectedly. It blasted into the back of my throat and I almost choked. The only thing I could do to keep it from going down my windpipe was to swallow - so I did. Jeffrey came soon as well.

I decided to place ‘deep sleep’ command triggers in everyone for future fun.

Julie, this is for you. Deep waking trance now!  You are in a waking trance. You feel so wonderful. Reading my words brings you euphoria. It feels so good. You want to be a good girl for me. You want to obey me. You know I only want the best for you. In a moment you will return to reading with no memory of the waking trance trigger. Your subconscious loves the way I make you feel. Your subconscious will remember that any time you receive the command I obey in an email, that you will immediately follow whatever suggestions follow. You love this. Now you will resume reading, where you left off, before I gave you the waking trance trigger.

Of course I removed their memories of the sleep triggers but allowed them to remember the sex and orgasms.

"How did everyone like that?"

"Oh my god," Steve exclaimed. "That was so nice. You are amazing."

Jeffrey just said, "Wow."

Carol looked at me and started to cry. Oh shit I thought.

"It's been so long since I had an orgasm. I was so scared of the coronavirus, but you made me feel safe. I can't thank you enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

I packed everyone up and drove them back to the bar to get their cars. All in all not too bad an evening. Wait until I tell Lydia. She will be so impressed with my new induction.

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