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Shelly becomes my sexual plaything

by LydiaSalia

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #Truestory

Shelly is an example of the effectiveness of 3 channel audio loop programming.

I hypnotized Shelly at an outdoor pool party in August. She was a tender 18, a babe in the woods. She had come to the party with her boyfriend and had no idea a hypnotist would be attending the same party. She made the mistake of answering a question that I posed. Did she think she would be easy to hypnotize? She thought she would be, and so did I

This was a dark period in my life when I took an innocent girl nonconsensually for my own sexual gratification. I have since repented.

Out of 30 some guests, I hypnotized 23 men and women that night. It was an entertaining evening. After watching Shelly do a sexy dance, I knew I wanted to have her. This was evil Lydia before I 'came to Jesus'. I had given Shelly a post hypnotic command to call me, and she did call me as expected.

I told her to drive up to my house. She was about a 2-hour drive away so it wasn't that big of a deal. I planned to have some fun with her. She was easy to trance. The first time she came to my house she was under a hypnotic compulsion to do so. She had just arrived and was at my front door, expecting me to give her some hypnotic self-improvement suggestions. That was one of the plans...

I greeted her and ushered her in to my living room.

"Thank you for driving all the way up here Shelly. Tell me, what do you remember about the pool party?"

"I remember standing in line and then I remember you later coming up to me and my boyfriend and saying, what is your favorite thing?"

"And you remember your answer I suppose?"

Shelly blushed. "Yes. I guess that was something you made me do as part of your demonstration."

"What did you say again?"

I said, "I like penis."

"Well, is that a true statement?"


"Then don’t be embarrassed. We are sexual beings. This is something we should embrace, not feel self-conscious about."

This girl was nervous. But beautiful. When someone is this nervous around you and you are a hypnotist, they are basically advertising, "Come on in. My mind is open and ready to be toyed with." I felt like a wolf in sheep's clothing.

I decided to hypnotize her and question her under hypnosis. That was the ultimate truth serum. I had implanted a sleep trigger for future use. Not that I needed it in Shelly's case, but they do come in handy to speed things up.

"Shelly, look at my finger." I held it up above her eyes. "Take a deep breath." She complied immediately. Her eyes followed my finger down as I commanded her to sleep. She dropped into trance and I took her deeper.

"Shelly, have you ever been with a girl?"

"No" she answered flatly.

"Have you ever thought about being with a girl?"


"Does hypnosis excite you?"

"It makes me sleepy."

Ok, that’s a true statement I thought.

"Have you ever dreamed of being controlled by someone?"


"Tell me about yourself. What are your dreams and ambitions? What do you want to accomplish in the next few years?"

"I want to get my cosmetology license so I can cut hair where my Mom works. I want to meet the right boy and get married, and I want to have lots of babies."

"Is the boy you were with at the party the right boy?"

"No. He is just using me for sex, but I'm using him for that too."

Another honest answer I thought. I was speaking to her subconscious. Her subconscious, without conscious input, was not really capable of lying to me.

"What would you fix with yourself and make better if you could?"

"I always procrastinate. I never get things finished that I start. I also wish I had more self-confidence."

"I can help you with both of those Shelly."

She smiled.  I was going to have to play this very tight. If I made a suggestion that too dramatically conflicted with her subconscious sense of right and wrong, she might come out of trance. She was a sweet if not too ambitious girl. But she was gorgeous.

I would be able to tear down inhibitions and provoke higher risk-taking behavior by using my audio files to program her. But that would take weeks.

"Shelly. I want to help you be everything you ever wanted to be. I will give you the self-confidence to do anything you set your mind to. You trust me to help you be the very best that you can be. These ideas make you feel so good. You feel so good, so peaceful."

I observed a faint smile. "You're such a good girl. You love listening to me. My voice is all that matters. You love hearing my voice because you know if you listen closely to me I can unlock the secrets to a better, happier and fuller life."

"I want you to listen to some self-help audio loops at night. These will help you build self-confidence and give you motivation. You won't want to procrastinate any more. Would you like that?

"Yes, thank you,"

"You crave hearing my voice. You will want to listen to the first audio file that I will give you before you leave today. You will listen to it every night for the next week. Then I will give you a new one in 1 week. How does that sound?"

"That sounds wonderful."

I am going to wake you on the count of 5. You will have no memory of having been hypnotized. You will just be so grateful for the self-help audio files and you will return here next week so that we can continue our discussions.  "1,2, feeling good, 3,4, waking up, 5, wide awake."

"How do you feel?"

"A little... dazed."

"You seemed to blank out for a second. Do you suffer from low blood sugar?"

"I.., I don't know. I don't think so."

"You will be fine. Here is the audio file and I will see you next week. Put on headphones or ear buds at night and just relax with your eyes closed as you listen. This has very relaxing music and suggestions to empower you to achieve your dreams."

Shelly thanked me and left. I figured she would be mine within a month. Maybe I would test her sexual readiness in week 4. That might be pushing it. I would interview her each week to see how the programming was progressing.

Week 1

Phone call – “Hi Lydia, I fall asleep every night listening to your audio file. I’m amazed at how it has already given me such motivation and confidence. I’m eating healthy and I’m doing my exercise routine for 30 minutes every day. Thank you so much for this.”

“You are most welcome. It sounds like you are responding very well. I’m emailing you the next file. It will help you with procrastination among other things. Download it onto your phone so that you can listen to it every night. You will find as you listen to my voice that you accomplish even more. You will be able to achieve anything you set your mind to with my help.”

Week 2

Phone call – “Hi Lydia. It just keeps getting better and better. Have you ever been told your voice is almost magical? I crave hearing you and can hardly wait to put my air pods in at night. I’ve lost an inch in my waist and gained some firmness and definition to my ass thanks to the exercises I’ve been doing.”

“Excellent to hear. I am so proud of you. I’m sending you the next file to listen to for the next week.”

Week 3

Phone call – “Hi Lydia. I don’t understand what is happening to me. Its all good. I mean I feel empowered and…, and, well, I get this shiver, almost like euphoria when you compliment me for doing well. You are like a drug. I know that sounds weird. Its just me. I’m a little hormonal, I guess. Its like, its like. I can’t say.”

“You will share with me what you are thinking. No judging. You want to tell me.”

“I think... Maybe I’m developing feelings for you... like a girl crush?”

“It’s normal. It is called transference. Your subconscious is just grateful for the tremendous progress you have made. It’s natural for you to have feelings towards me. Listen, I want you to make a car trip to see me for a personal session. Let’s take this to the next level.”

Week 4

Doorbell rings

“Hi Shelly. How have you been?”

Shelly leaned into me and gave me a hug. It lasted a little longer than a casual greeting would be expected to. She was responding very well. “Come in and sit on the couch. I’m going to hypnotize you today and insert some powerful suggestions to help you further reach your goals. Is there anything you still want help with?”

“Oh, I don’t know. I think I’m reaching… exceeding the goals I set for myself. I just have the strange feelings. It seems when I listen to you and…, when I…”

I touched her forehead and instructed her, “You will speak freely without embarrassment or hesitation.”

“When I obey you, it feels really good. It’s almost a sexual thing. It’s like my life has been empty until I met you and now you have filled in the missing pieces… and given me purpose.”

I reached up and touched Shelly’s forehead while gently commanding her to sleep. She fell forward on the couch against my lap. “Shelly, I am so proud of you. You have been such a good girl. It feels so good to obey me. It feels natural and right, doesn’t it?”


“Very good. Now I know you are having sexual feelings towards me, fantasizing about me. That is perfectly normal and natural and you embrace this idea. In fact, I have the same feelings for you. And that makes you very excited, to think that I care for you deeply.”

“How do you feel.”

“I feel excited.”

Shelly was smiling lightly. “Shelly, you are becoming aroused..., very aroused. You have been wondering what it would be like to kiss me. That is perfectly normal, and I have been wondering the same thing. You are not one to be forward, but the desire, the compulsion to kiss me has been building and building. You know before you leave, you must taste my lips. All you can think of right now is being with me. You are so horny. Tell me, how do you feel?"

Shelly moaned her response as her hand pressed against her own breast. "I'm so horny."

"You are becoming so wet. You can hardly stand it; you want to make love to me so bad. You have wanted this for at least the last week, but now the feelings, the love is too strong to resist any longer. When I awaken you from trance you will want to have your way with me, and you realize I want this too."

I had scarcely brought Shelly out of trance before she pushed me over on the couch and began unbuttoning my jeans. Fortunately, we were alone.

I looked at Shelly. She had a look of determination. She was incorporating her programming very well. I managed to unbutton my blouse as Shelly was working with my jeans. I lifted up my butt to help her get my jeans off. Shelly tossed the jeans aside and used her thumb to push firmly against my slit, pushing my panties partially into my pussy. My juices pushed through the fabric and Shelly put her thumb in her mouth to taste me. She hooked both sides of my panties and removed them in one smooth motion. Then she sank her mouth and tongue into my pussy. I don’t think she had ever been with a girl, but she demonstrated surprising skill. She kissed my pussy lips and gently sucked my juices into her mouth. She was moving her outstretched tongue up and down covering me from the bottom to the top of my pussy. I became lost in the sensations. A low, deep and satisfying orgasm brought me back to my senses.

Shelly was already removing her clothes when I opened my eyes. I took her on the floor. I lifted her legs above her head, spreading her legs to afford me a sweet view. She had the most amazing pussy I think I had ever seen. Her pussy lips were pink and swollen with excitement. Her wetness was already oozing out onto the carpet. I placed my hands under her ass so that I could lift her to my mouth and then I dove in. She was sloppy wet, and I ravaged her. Between my tongue in her pussy and my thumb rubbing her clit, she was soon moaning loudly. She was thrusting her hips up to meet my mouth and then she grabbed my head and held me into her as she enjoyed a loud orgasm. It was over too soon.

As Shelly was getting dressed, she paused to look at me. “I think I’m falling in love with you.”

“Shelly, I feel the same way towards you, but I am married. I want you to understand that I cannot be monogamous with you. But it doesn’t lessen how I feel towards you.”

Shelly looked a little sad, but she understood. I gave her the next audio file to listen to and told her that we would start meeting weekly. She thanked me and then departed back for her home. We made love each week when we met up. She became progressively more addicted to me. Around week 8 I decided to let my husband have a go with her. He was very appreciative and thanked me profusely. Shelly was one of those girls that could be a Sports Illustrated model. She was incredibly hot.

Week 8

Doorbell – “Hi Shelly. You look really good. Your workouts must be going well for you.”

“Everything is going so well for me master.” Shelly reached up and covered her mouth like the time she said “I like penis.”

“What is wrong?” I asked.

“I remember hearing you say something about calling you master, but it is always about the time I’m falling asleep. So it wasn’t a dream to call you master?”

“No, not a dream. How does that make you feel?”

“When I said it I got a shiver. It was exciting. It seems like you have always been my master, even though I have only known you since August.”

Shelly was on audio loop #9. I had ascertained in phone calls that she was ready for this. She was aware that the audio loops were programming her, but she felt helpless to resist or more accurately, she did not want to resist.

I instructed her, “You have discovered your true and best purpose…, to serve me.”

“Yes master. I want to obey you. I love obeying you. Thank you for allowing me to serve you.”

“You are welcome my precious Shelly. Is there anything else you remember?”

“I know I am yours. You own me. I am happiest when you are happy.”

Excellent. The programming was working as anticipated. Her subconscious had accepted this as her new reality. “Good Shelly. Remove all of your clothes now.”

Shelly did as she was instructed without giving it a thought. The front door was still open and if anyone were to show up they would get an unexpected treat.

“Shelly, I know how badly you want to serve and please me. I am going to give you an opportunity to make me very happy. And by making me happy, you will be incredibly happy. You will be staying with us for the next few days and during that time you will have an opportunity to prove your devotion. Would you like that?”

“Yes master. Anything. Thank you.”

“I want you to demonstrate your domestic skills. By that, I mean your ability to act like a wife. I want you to clean our house, cook for us and do other errands as I see fit. You will want to do this in the nude. If you do a really good job, I will give you a treat.”

Some readers will find this level of control hard to believe. The reality is, some people (most people) can be manipulated beyond their or anyone else's wildest dreams. Shelly is a somnambulist. She operates at a subconscious level most of the time, which for someone like me, is an open invitation. I imagine many a boy talked her out of her pants as a teenager. This is often referred to as a dissociative state. If I'm to be completely honest, I often enter a dissociative state (waking trance). The question that is yet unanswered, is this 'hyper-hypnotizability' pathologic or just a normal variant? It is estimated that 2-3% of the population 'suffers' from this affliction. It is called a 'dissociative disorder', but it may just be an extreme on the normal spectrum of human suggestibility. Shelly is rewarded with a release of neurotransmitters when she is obedient. These include dopamine, serotonin and endorphins. She may be aware that what she is doing is ‘not normal’, but the brain areas that light up when she obeys are the same ones involved in addiction. She really is rather helpless to go against her programming.  The nucleus accumbens, specifically, is the area of the brain associated with ‘addictive’ behavior. Shelly has been conditioned to obey me and is rewarded for her good behavior by a dopamine surge. Just as a heroin addict is rewarded when he shoots up. I am certain though, that the high is not as profound as something like heroin.

One of my goals in audio loop programming is to take away the realization that certain behaviors are ‘not normal’. I gradually replace the ‘truths’ in the subject’s subconscious with new truths. Truths like, “You trust Lydia. You are falling in love with Lydia. It feels so good to obey Lydia.” In later files I include statements like “Lydia is your master. You love Lydia and Lydia loves you. You believe everything Lydia tells you.”

It was the evening of her last day when my husband came up to me and asked simply, “May I have a go with her?”

I was married, but am now divorced. Doug is my 'alter-ego' husband, but my real life husband is not named Doug. The scenes with Doug are often, but not always, contrived.

“Of course, you may.”

Doug had a strong innate sex drive. He remarked once, “Variety is the spice of life.” I had only shared him with Julie. Shelly would get a chance to enjoy his considerable skills.

I was surprised at what happened next. Doug apparently has been brushing up on his hypnosis skills. He walked over to Shelly and performed a shock induction. She dropped for him and then he deepened her. I was impressed. He was becoming quite the master. Shelly was already naked. She bent over and grabbed her ankles. It was Doug’s favorite thing to do to a girl that he was dominating. She was soon screeching as he thrust into her. And then he came. I became a little concerned for Shelly’s sake.

“Shelly, are you on birth control?”

“No master.”

“Are you currently midcycle?”

“I’m fertile right now Master.”

“Great job Doug. What were you thinking?” I chided him.

I would have to get Shelly Plan B as I really didn’t want to deal with her pregnancy. When I asked Doug why he came in her, he had a perfectly understandable reason. “If it was totally up to me, I would spread my seed as far and as wide as I could. We can afford to pay whatever it costs to raise a hundred kids and send them to college.”

I reminded him, “Except you need my permission to impregnate my property.”

That is how I used to think of my thralls until I ‘woke up’ to what I was doing.

I don’t own people. Even if they believe I own them. Even if they want me to own them. It’s wrong. This control of Shelly continued for about 2 more months before I decided to begin her de-programming. I released her and all my thralls by mid-December. Never again. I hope God forgives me for my hubris.


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