Group Drop

Stage Hypnosis secrets

by LydiaSalia

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I demonstrate the art of hypnotizing a large group of people.

This happened almost exactly as described. I changed names and places. The power of hypnotic trance is often easier to demonstrate in large group settings than with just one or two individuals. If the expectation is set that you are a master hypnotist, half your work has been done for you. I obtained a copy of the ‘show’ that a guest recorded on her cell phone. There are some racy scenes, so I don’t have permission from the attendees to post this publicly, but I might be amenable to sharing it under the right circumstances.

Doug and I were visiting friends in Colorado Springs this summer. It was a cool evening and perhaps 30 people were gathered outside. No one was paying much heed to COVID. We were outside after all. Terry and Lynn Johnson had a large yard and expansive pool deck. It was a lovely, balmy 70 degrees. The weather could not have been better. We were all on our second glass of wine when Lynn tapped her fork on her wine glass to get everyone's attention.

Cling, cling, cling "Everyone, may I have your attention please. Terry and I have two friends visiting us that I would like to introduce. First Doug Crawford and his wife Lydia Salia Crawford.

Doug is the recipient of the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the year award. He started Genomemetrics, a publicly traded genome sequencing company of some repute. He sold it before moving here to Colorado."

Lynn continued, "Lydia has a fascinating story. She is a master hypnotist. In fact, she hypnotized her husband to fall in love with her. I want her to say a few words of introduction and then hypnotize all the men to start obeying their wives."

She got quite a few chuckles. "Maybe if we all give her a warm welcome, she will grace us with a display of her hypnotic prowess." Lynn started clapping and others followed suit.

I looked at Doug. "Well, this is embarrassing."

"Thank you, thank you everyone. And thank you Lynn." I mischievously added, " I think I will hypnotize Lynn and make her cluck like a chicken." Lynn was at a loss for words, not sure if I was serious. I was.

"It is true I am a master hypnotist. What does that mean? Well, my specialty is rapid inductions. I use a variety of methods including variants of something called the Erickson handshake. I can hypnotize people covertly without them realizing it and, in fact, that is how I hypnotized Doug. He never knew what hit him. Now did I hypnotize him to marry me or was it the other way around? Doug does have a sort of hypnotic charm that can take control of me... in the bedroom." That got a laugh. “Actually, that is true”, I winked.

Hypnotizing large groups is easier than hypnotizing individuals. Establish authority, perhaps by having a confederate introduce you as a master hypnotist (if you are not a master hypnotist). After you drop a large group of people, everyone will intimidated and in awe of your power. Deliver your induction fluidly/confidently and target the easily hypnotized first. When they drop, the others will fall like dominoes.

“Anyway, let me see a show of hands of people that think they can be hypnotized easily." Eight hands went up in the air.

"Please stand here in front of everyone else." They formed a line. "Now who is unsure if they will be hypnotized?" Another ten hands went up. "Please stand in a second row behind the first."

"And who is pretty certain they cannot be hypnotized?" Of the remaining 10 or so people, five hands went up. Several people chose not to answer. I motioned for them to stand aside. "You boys will be my volunteers to help everyone stay safe."

"Ok, everyone in the first row, I want you to listen to me very carefully. I will be making suggestions that will result in you falling to the ground. This will surprise you when it happens. I am very skilled at inducing trance. You will be hypnotized. Know that when you fall, you will do so in a controlled manner. You will not hurt yourselves. My suggestions will start to affect everyone, but I only want the people in the first row to pay extra close attention for now. I'm going to do what's called a gravity induction. I don't want everyone toppling over at the same time."

I like to establish authority (dominance) and trust. The authority was established when I was introduced as a master hypnotist. I also like to sprinkle a little trust on top for good measure. You can do this with something as simple as the following statement; "After I hypnotize and I wake you up, I would like you to experience the wonderful benefits of having such a wonderful, creative mind. I will happily use the power of hypnotic suggestion to help you. If you want higher confidence, or help with motivation, eating, exercise, anything you struggle with... it is just a hypnotic suggestion away from being a thing of the past."

"Ok, before we begin, I want your undivided attention and focus. You will fall into trance if you pay close attention to my words."

It was quiet. Everyone was laser focused on me. "Everyone take a slow, deep, relaxing breath in. Now exhale. Do this again and imagine as you exhale that all the stress of your day, all anxiety is just leaving your body with the stale air you breathe out. Good. I can see many of you are already becoming very relaxed... very heavy. Now, continue to stare directly at me and as you do this you are going to notice that gravity seems to be slowly increasing. It seems like gravity is beginning to exert a downward force on you that is unusually strong - stronger than you ever remember it being before. You can feel it weighing you down. Notice how your arms and upper body seem to be becoming very, very heavy. You know you must surrender to this suggestion. Soon it will be almost impossible to keep standing because you are beginning to weigh so much. More than your muscles can possibly resist."

The front row began to waver. While I was talking, I too was bending my knees slightly like the gravity was affecting me.

Bending at the knees to show how the gravity is affecting the hypnotist, just like when I yawn when I'm suggesting everyone is becoming sleepy is a cue (clue) to the subconscious that your suggestions are working.

"Now the people behind you are going to catch you as the gravity starts to pull you down. You are safe. Those in the second and third row are feeling the effects of this increasing gravity, but the gravity well is creeping forward and hitting everyone in the front row first."

One girl’s legs buckled (Shelly), and she was gently lowered to the ground. "The gravity is increasing and increasing. Soon you will be unable to keep standing. It is becoming impossible to keep standing. You sir that I am pointing at. The gravity is now so strong that you feel like you weigh a thousand pounds. You are going to fall down.... Now!" And down he went.

I walked up to the next man who was teetering. "What is amazing is I am able to concentrate this gravitational force on anyone I touch. Like this." I looked at the man in the second row behind him. "Get ready to catch him." I said, "Black hole gravity now." as I touched him on the forehead. He dropped in a heap. The man who had eased him to the deck now stood back up, his mouth open in awe. This was someone who wasn't sure he could be hypnotized, but he had witnessed the power I held over these people and he was smitten. He was next. I touched his forehead and over he went. A volunteer helped him down.

One by one I dropped everyone in the first two rows. They were in various states of trance, some deeper than others. I walked up to one of the smug males who thought he couldn't be hypnotized. "What is your name." He meekly volunteered, "Rudy."

"Oh, oh Rudy. Feel your knees starting to buckle? He swayed and wobbled a bit. "Say goodnight." I touched his forehead, and he went down in a heap guided by one of the volunteers. The four remaining stalwart skeptics didn't seem so confident anymore. "Nighty night" I said to one as I touched his forehead. Down and out.

Then the next, down for the count.

The two remaining looked like proverbial deer in the headlights. I smiled and said, "I think I'll use my gravity gun on both of you. I cocked an imaginary hammer and fired at the man on the right. He dropped. The last man standing wasn't standing for long. Twenty three out of thirty people watching. Not bad. I had not tried to drop the people that expressed no opinion, more because I wanted them to be a safety net for the others than any other reason. This gravity induction was an example of group psychology. As others see people go under, they themselves succumb to suggestion and go into trance.

I suggested to everyone that the gravity was so strong that they could not move. They were absolutely immobilized and held in place where they were laying. I instructed them to remain in this position while I demonstrated a few fun effects. Onlookers watched in varying degrees of amazement. Lynn was standing to the side. She knew I was a hypnotist, but she had no idea I could do this. I walked over to her. "So, Lynn, is this what you expected to happen?"

She looked around, her mouth open and eyes wide. I took her hand in mine. As she started to answer me, I interrupted with, "Sleep now Lynn!" while I dropped her hand, pulling her to my chest. She went out.

This is the Erickson handshake. I love this induction.

As she fell forward, her legs started to go out from under her and I struggled to keep her from falling. "Doug, a little help here." She was dead weight.

"Lynn, you are very deeply asleep. Very deeply hypnotized. You know I can make you do anything I want, and it excites you that I have this much power over you. Your subconscious obeys me. Your conscious mind is asleep and does not care."

Lynn had just observed me perform the gravity induction. Her subconscious responded by expecting gravity to force her to collapse.

"Now Lynn, the gravity has returned to normal for you, but whatever magic caused such strong gravity has now transformed you into a chicken. You are a barnyard chicken happily clucking. Start clucking for me."

Lynn was at my feet, her legs buckled beneath her. I was keeping her from falling all the way over. Now she transitioned to a squatting position, tucked her arms into her sides, began flapping her wings and clucking like a chicken. She waddled along, her head moving as chickens do, looking for seeds or tasty insects. "Look for seed to eat Lynn. You are a happy chicken. You are going to lay an egg and you are so proud."

Lynn continued waddling along, then paused to lay an egg." I decided she had paid penance for putting me on the spot and I would now wake her up. I suggested to Lynn that she would find this as good-natured fun and not find it embarrassing at all. Then I awoke her from trance and let her watch the others.

I walked among the hypnotized 'undead' and tested depth of trance. For those who were not deeply hypnotized I awoke them. I would have some fun with the others. All told I had eight people in deep trance. Eight out of twenty-three. Not bad. Two or three people with smart phones recorded the responses.

I picked the young girl who had been in the first line and also first to go down. She appeared very deeply hypnotized. "What is your name?" I asked her. She responded, "Shelly".

"Ok, Shelly. You are an exotic dancer. You are going to do a very sexy dance for everyone. The louder people clap, the sexier you will feel and the more provocatively you will dance. Do you understand?"

"Yes mam."

I'm being called mam again. Jesus, I'm only 24. "Start dancing" I instructed her.

Shelly got up in front of everyone and began to gyrate in a very sensuous, erotic manner dancing to imaginary music. She was wearing a sheer black dress. She put her hands against her front thighs, and slowly began to slide her hands up to her breasts. The dress followed up with her hands. It slid up far enough to reveal her thong panties. The men were egging her on with cheering and clapping. She continued the 'sexy dance' and I felt myself responding. I was getting hot and bothered. Maybe I would give her some more suggestions before the evening was over. I thanked her and brought her out of trance, but not before I had whispered a post hypnotic Sleep trigger into her ear. I also gave her a command to yell "I like penis", when I said in a phrase, "What is your favorite thing?"

The next lady was told to forget her name and I gave her a post hypnotic suggestion to yell, "Four more years!" whenever she heard me say the word Trump. I selected one of the skeptics and had him stand up. I took my time to make sure he was deep in trance and then when I was comfortable that he was deep enough, I gave him the suggestion to yell out "Make America Great Again" whenever I said Trump in a sentence.

I continued to have people do silly things, but the real laughs would start once people started yelling out after we had completed the stage fun. Two men were instructed to yell, "Girl power" and raise their fists in the air when they heard me say 'Lady'.

I brought everyone out of trance. Those with post hypnotic suggestions were blinded to the suggestion. Several people thanked me and commented, "That was amazing".

People were milling about, and I said "Who is going to win, Trump or Biden? Almost simultaneously a man yelled "Make America great again!" while a lady shouted, "Four more years!" Everyone was laughing hysterically as the affected individuals looked on dumbfounded. I walked over to where two of the men were standing and said, "what do you think about a lady being a powerful hypnotist? They both yelled out "Girl power!" and raised their fists in the air. Then they looked at each other bewildered. I replied, "Well yes, I agree, thank you."

I saved the best for last. Shelly was standing with her boyfriend talking to another couple. She was so cute I could eat her. Ah..., that would have to wait..., but not for long. I asked, "When it comes to mealtime, what is your favorite thing?"

Shelly, of course, blurted out, "I like penis." Then she covered her mouth in horror. I asked questioningly, "What again did you say is your favorite thing?" With her mouth covered she said again, "I like penis." Everyone was in stitches and Shelly looked like she was about to cry. Oops. I looked at her boyfriend and said I need to fix this. I took Shelly's arm and led her away from the others. Then I whispered 'Sleep" in her ear. She caved, falling into me.

"Shelly, you love how everyone is responding to you. You are not embarrassed at all. In fact, you find the whole thing rather hilarious, don't you? Of course, you do. You are such a pretty girl. Everyone adores you. And you find me very pretty too. You will want to call me after you wake up. The desire to call me will increase each day until you do so. You love following my directions. It excites you. You will be sure to obtain my phone number before you leave this evening. I am so proud of you. You did such a good job."

I woke Shelly up and she was none the wiser, but a whole lot happier. So began a four-month period of her enthrallment to me. I repeatedly hypnotized her and soon she believed she was in love with me. She left her boyfriend. He was no good for her anyway, but I was wrong to interfere. She would have figured that out on her own eventually. She listened to audio loops I created just for her. Before long she was completely obedient and wanted nothing more than to serve and obey me. Here's the thing. She did not start off submissive. She was not part of the hypnofetish community. She was not gay, although based on her response to conditioning I believe she was bisexual. She was, however, very susceptible to hypnotic suggestion.

Six months later, I began to question the morality of what I was doing to the subjects under my control. Some of my thinking might have been influenced by suggestions from my 'alter-ego', Julie. She said I should stop controlling people. My guilt over Shelly was one of the main reasons that led me to release all my thralls. She never did anything to deserve this. I let her down easy. I deprogrammed her with de-conditioning audio loops. She would be fine. But I learned a lesson. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Even though I endeavor to erase a thrall's worst qualities and amplify their best qualities, when I take them nonconsensually, it is wrong. Period. Seduction of the human mind occurs in both subject and hypnotist. The hypnotist is seduced by power and sexual desire and the subject is just... seduced. I have experienced both sides of this. It is not a healthy place for your spirit or soul.

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