Fuck therapy at the doctor’s office

by LydiaSalia

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #m/f #microfiction #multiple_partners #solo

Using the power of suggestion, I make a cute co-ed ‘stupid horny’’. She proceeds to fuck one of my male patients all under the false impression that she is acting of her own free will.

This is a fiction story based on real world science. It is pretty amazing that intense arousal and deep trance share similar effects in the brain as shown by fMRI.

My name is Lydia Salia. Some of you know me as a master hypnotist. Some know me as a succubus. I am many different things to many different people. I have recently revealed more of my true nature. See the afterword section in my story ‘Sex therapy’.

I’m into hypnokink and I prey on the ‘meek’ minded, not necessarily weak minded. I have seduced some brilliant minds, but they were meek - at least by comparison to me. That is what succubi do, isn’t it? In previous stories I have alluded to having a mental disorder called OSDD (Other specified dissociative disorder). I do not carry a formal diagnosis of dissociative disorder, but based on my many different personas, I probably do have a screw or two loose.

Are succubi real? Maybe. There are many stories of young men visited in their dreams by myself or my sisters. Could it have been a hypnotic dream or was I really there--- in their mind?  Real world reports of a succubus visiting men in their dreams.

I suggest it is the later. I put my male victims to sleep with my considerable hypnotic skills before I feed on their energy. I don’t know who invented the phrase, “I fuck their brains out,” but I can assure you, the common understanding is wrong. It does not mean you fucked them long and hard. That is part of it, but oh no. There is more. So much more. When I fuck someone’s brains out, I make them simple, insipid and easy to control. They become stupid. At least for a time. Until I decide to wake them back up and let them have their brain back.

My ability to induce trance is almost supernatural. Maybe it is. I marvel at how skillfully I can take a skeptic and turn him into a whimpering male desperate to please me. Formal hypnosis with something like a shock induction is one thing. Any low level demon can do that. I decided to test my powers of persuasion using suggestion alone. A positive suggestibility test is, after all, a form of waking trance. I often take people into deep trance after I suggest their hand will float up into the air. I love the 'deer in the headlights' look on their faces before I drop them. What if I try a different tack. What if I target my subject's amygdala and hippocampus with subtle suggestions designed to subliminally ‘arouse’ their subconscious? That could be a fun twist. 

Now, before I continue, I will describe how I did this to a young female and male patient who visited my medical practice. It will seem very realistic the way I describe their take down. But it is not real and you will not remember much of this when you reach the end of my story. You will, in fact, forget the take down. Because it did not happen. Repeat aloud, “It did not happen.”

Now let’s begin.

I had my secretary schedule April and Steve for the last appointments of the day. She suffers from body dysmorphic disorder (BDD). She walked into my office and introduced herself. She was a college student, statuesque with a beautiful smile, long brown hair and a near perfect figure. I secretly smiled to myself. These neurotic co-eds were way too easy. The male patient was scheduled for the same time, but in a different exam room. Neither patient was aware of the other or that I would be conducting ‘couples’ therapy on them today. These would be my last appointments for the day. It would not do me any good for my staff to walk in on me as I was opening their minds and dissecting their brains. I mean dissecting their thoughts. Sorry, I’m getting excited at the thought of feasting on their minds.

Steve is my male patient with his own unique problem. He is a good looking guy and he knows it. Despite this, he has a minor anxiety problem that I am helping him with using hypnosis. He is on the varsity swim team. He excels at swimming and he excels at academics. But he becomes anxious the day before a scheduled swim meet and is not able to sleep. Which in turn affects his performance. I am treating him for this particular type of performance anxiety. I have helped him and now I want him to help me. When I hypnotize him I take him really deep, so what I have in mind for him today is probably not too far a stretch.

April arrived on time. “Hi April. So nice to meet you. I’m Dr. Salia. I have treated many patients with BDD. Now, my techniques are extremely effective and you will be cured of your condition when you leave today. But, I am going to tell you upfront, I will make some suggestions that seem forward and personal. You are to ignore any thoughts about this and understand that any question I ask you is to draw you out of your shell and help you rid yourself of your demons. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Dr. Lydia. Thank you.”

“I am a physician and a master hypnotist, but today I will be using targeted suggestions to activate certain subconscious brain structures. You will not feel like you are hypnotized, and in fact, you will feel like you are perfectly in control. What you will find is that you want to follow my suggestions. You may discover that you become stimulated as I reward proper responses and behaviors. Our goal is to cure you of your poor self image. Are you ok with this?”

“I guess. What kind of suggestions? I mean, how will they stimulate me? Like sexually?”

“Everyone responds differently. You are not to think about any of this. Just allow my suggestions to relax you and influence your thinking. Before we begin, do you consent to my treatment? Even if I take you out of your comfort zone, do you agree to follow my directions?”

“Yes mam.”

“Please, call me Lydia. I feel much too old when someone calls me mam. Please take off your shoes and sit comfortably on my couch. I will start with some personal questions about you.”

Functional magnetic imaging (fMRI) has demonstrated that during intense arousal, the frontal cortex becomes suppressed just as it does in hypnotized subjects. That may be where the phrase ‘stupid horny’ comes from.

April appeared a little nervous. No problem.

“Please take a deep relaxing breath for me. Good. Now I want you to tell me all about yourself. What are your goals and aspirations? What are your three best and three worst qualities?”

“I want to be a professional model, but I’m not nearly pretty enough compared to the competition.”

“My best qualities? “I’m ambitious, I’m smart and I’m kind.”

“Good. And your worst?”

“I can procrastinate if I’m not in the mood to do some chore. I have been known to binge eat if I’ve been dieting and exercising too hard and then I make myself throw up.”

“That’s not good. That is something else I will help you with.”

“I’m not tall enough or thin enough and I don’t like my face.”

“Ok. Your chart shows you are 5’8” and 135 lbs. Isn’t that about perfect for a model?”

“It would be better if I was 5’11” to 6’ tall, same weight.”

“Now April, I know for a fact that guys must compliment how beautiful your face and your smile are all the time. And your eyes are exotic. Are you going to tell me you don’t hear these things?”

“They are just trying to get in my pants. They don’t mean it.”

“Sometimes compliments are just compliments. There are not always strings attached. Now April, please undress to your bra and panties.”

“Excuse me?”

“I need to see your body. As part of my treatment I will be making an objective assessment of your body image. Listen closely to me. Your body is fabulous and I will prove that to you today before you leave.”

April was shy, but she complied with my instructions.

“April, you really are beautiful. Your body is perfect and your face is exotic and equally beautiful. I want you to understand this. Deep in your soul, in your core, you are beautiful… inside and out.”  She smiled.

“Now touch yourself.”

“What do you mean?”

“When you are alone, how do you touch yourself?”

“I’m not alone…. and I’m a good girl. A good christian girl.”

“It’s ok. I’m a professional and this is part of your treatment. Just touch your breasts for now.”

April did as instructed and slowly, haltingly began to touch her nipples.

Despite different nerve innervation, stimulation of the nipples and clitoris actually activate the medial paracentral lobule, a structure in the brain involved in amplifying arousal and responsible for inducing corticothalamic suppression of the frontal cortex (making you ‘stupid’).

This continued for several minutes before she unconsciously moved down to her box. She was clearly nervous, but the brain sex centers were responding to the combination of compliments and strokes. She would rub and then close her eyes and tilt her head back ever so briefly, then resume rubbing herself. While I distracted her with questions, she continued to rub her clit, unaware even that she was still doing so. She was now in a sufficient state of arousal to test my theory. Was arousal sufficient to overcome modesty and exert a level of hypnotic control?

“Well, I have a surprise for you today. I want you to meet a fellow patient. I have previously hypnotized him and he is compelled to be completely honest. If he tells you that you are ugly, then you are ugly and your low self confidence is warranted. Conversely, if he says you are beautiful, he is speaking truthfully and you will accept this as fact.”

“I don’t want a stranger to see me in my lingerie.”

I found it humorous that she would mind showing a little skin, but masturbating in front of a stranger was ok. Because her thinking brain was now ‘offline’, she was no longer able to make the distinction. This is a true statement as you shall later see.

“He is under my hypnotic control. He will not remember anything, I promise. In fact, I will even let you take control of him if you wish.”

The last of my staff had departed, so I was ready to bring Steve back to meet April.

I ushered Steve into my office and locked the door behind him.

“Hi Steve, I’m glad you could make it today. This is April. She has agreed for me to discuss her diagnosis with you. She has body dysmorphic disorder and thinks she is not attractive enough to be a model. In a few minutes, I will ask you to participate in re-aligning her self image. Don’t mind that she is semi-undressed. That is part of her therapy.”

Steve could not help but stare.

By the way, how has your sleep been since I began your treatments?”

“It has been amazing doctor. I don’t know what you did, but I never have problems with sleep any more.”

“Steve, do you know what treatment I administered to you to help your performance anxiety?”

“Some kind of relaxation therapy?”

“Sort of. Did I hypnotize you?”

“No. You weren’t able to,” Steve boasted confidently.

“You are just too powerful of a male to succumb to my hypnotic control I guess.”

“Steve, you are fully awake, correct?”

“Yes…?” He looked at me questioning.

”But you are compelled to obey me. Does that seem odd to you?”

”I don’t know that I’m compel.”

I simply had to put my finger to my lips to shush him mid sentence. It worked like a charm. His eyes became wide in fear as he realized I was inside his mind. Succubus Lydia controlled him. “Approach and stand in front of April. You will describe exactly what you think of her appearance, speaking honestly, without holding anything back.”

Steve was deeply under my hypnotic control. He complied as instructed. “She is beautiful. Exotic. Incredibly sexy.”  

“Does she make you hard?”

Steve thought to object, but I shushed him again. “Look at the tent forming in your pants Steve. You are becoming so horny watching her masturbate. You are unable to move until she or I say so.”

I realized I was licking my lips as I watched his penis continue to grow larger and harder. He was impressive.”

“April, you are extremely aroused now.” I watched her rubbing up a storm with her clit. She was drunk with arousal.”

“What would you like to do?”

“I want to suck his cock.”

That was a ‘hypnotically’ honest answer. She was displaying classic hypnotic disinhibition. The good christian girl was now consumed with passion. She was a slave to her base, sexual instincts.

In short order she removed his cock from his pants and began to go down on him. Steve began the session resisting, but he too was soon engulfed in the sensations. This continued for several minutes until April could stand it no longer.

“Put your cock inside my pussy.”

“Steve, you will obey her commands as if they were my own. She controls you completely.”

Steve was soon pummeling her and she rewarded him with enthusiastic squeals. I became delirious with arousal myself watching these two and required my own tongue lashing. I removed my clothes and straddled April's mouth. I commanded her to suck me while I kissed Steve. It was not long before I had my own shaking orgasm. April must have realized I was compromised by lust because she commanded Steve to mount me. I was disoriented. His penis thrusting into me was so powerful. So primal. I had another intense orgasm as he squirted his load deep into my pussy. I briefly observed April watching with intensity as she rubbed her own orgasm out. He slipped out of me and I redirected his still hard cock into April’s inviting pussy. She was bent over the bed, glistening with excitement.

My prefrontal cortex was compromised by my own arousal and offline. Otherwise why would I do something so stupid as to risk my medical license?

I had regained enough sense to give April an instruction. She was in an ‘arousal’ trance and would obey my instructions. “April, lap up Steve’s sperm oozing out of my pussy while he fucks you.” That kid had stamina. He drove into her from behind and she soon unleashed her own torrent of grunts and moans as she came. “Oh god, oh god. Fuck! It’s so good. I’m cumming. I’m cumming. Ohhhhhhhhh….” Watching her try to eat my pussy while she rode out a hard orgasm was entertaining. The intensity of the orgasm did distract her from her task, but she recovered after 30 or so seconds and resumed vacuuming his sperm from my snatch. 

When our fuckfest finally ended, I dropped Steve deep into trance and removed any memory of the event. I gave self image reinforcement suggestions to April while she was in this heightened state of suggestibility. She responded beautifully to treatment and her BDD was effectively cured. It was a nice day at the office all things considered. Now, if you wonder if any of this story is true… it is not, EXCEPT, the ability of suggestion alone (without formal hypnosis) to undermine free will and activate the brain sex centers. That is most definitely true.

I describe the science behind this in detail. ROM did not allow me to include it here as it is not ‘erotic fiction.’ That’s fine. I am providing an external link to my Tumbler post and a real life example of sexual suggestion/stimulation compromising ‘discretion’ in a young woman. This is the grey line that separates seduction from sexual assault. Arousal blurs the line between consent and non consent.

The Succubus inside me satiated, I released them back into the world. But my hooks remain. Whenever I am in the mood I can summon one or both of them to a little fuck time. I know I shouldn’t think that way. I can’t help it. Maybe a little Bible time is what I need. I need to remember to wear gloves though. Turning the pages tends to burn my fingers for some reason. I also seem to have developed an allergy to the metal in the crucifix I wear around my neck. This has to rest on the outside of my shirt or my skin becomes very irritated - almost like a burn. Strange.

After you read my tumblr post on suggestion undermining consent, return here and think about this.

What is the most ethical way to conduct 'courtship'? I wish I had the answer. Perhaps a video learning tool that explains how sexual arousal can alter the mind in such a way that voluntary consent becomes difficult if not impossible. The only way to circumvent this is to have an informed consent signed by both parties prior to courtship. Given our increasing understanding of brain function and sexual response, this may become necessary in the future. Otherwise a woman (or man) might claim that they were seduced without their consent. Think about that!

To return to the original premise. We assume we understand what constitutes ethical inducement of trance and ethical hypno-play.

Because the process of suggestion and arousal results in suppression of the frontal cortex (actually demonstrated by fMRI), you become 'stupid,' as you become increasingly aroused. Therefore, how then can 'suggestion induced arousal', pre or post hypnosis, be considered consensual. It is unethical and arguably constitutes moral turpitude to engage in sexual hypno-play without clearly defining boundaries BEFOREHAND.


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