Erotic Short Stories of Hypnosis

Pray away the gay

by LydiaSalia

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Some folks became aware that I was pretty good at hypnosis. I was asked by a lady I babysit for if I could help her husband overcome his homophobia since a family member on her side was gay and it was very awkward at family gatherings. I agreed. It didn't exactly play out like this, but close enough.

Pray away the gay

My name is Julie. I'm 18, in the final semester of my senior year of high school. People probably describe me as a quiet girl. Some would describe me as a goody two shoes, but that isn't really true. There is a hidden side to me. Not really a wild child, but somewhere in between that few are given the privilege of seeing. When Mrs. Henderson asked me to babysit one last time, I thought to say 'no', but I could always use a little extra money. And maybe I could practice my hypnosis skills on the twins. Bryan and Kate were 10. Children were easy to hypnotize. So impressionable and easy to manipulate. I could help them concentrate better in school or procrastinate less. These seemed like noble enough goals. The Henderson's left instructions, as they always did, and I bid them goodnight. I asked the kids "who wants to be hypnotized?" Both of their hands went up enthusiastically. I soon had them deep in trance and suggested they would feel so proud of themselves, would feel so good every time they made an 'A' on a test or after their Mom complimented them for completing a chore. Satisfied, I suggested they were so sleepy they just wanted to go to bed and then I awoke them from trance.

"Ms. Julie, can we go to bed? I'm so sleepy."

"Yes, you may go to bed."

It was 8pm and they were asking to go to bed. Normally I would be fighting with them at 9pm. Hypnosis had it's benefits. With the twins in bed, I could return to my studies. I heard the front door being unlocked and glanced at my watch. It was only 9pm. They were returning early.

"Hi Julie. This is Bob and Linda Morris", Joann Henderson introduced them. We came back a little early from dinner. I told Henry and Bob that you could put them into trance - that you were an accomplished hypnotist."

Bob and Henry looked at me appraisingly. "I think being hypnotized by such a pretty young girl would be a huge turn on," volunteered Bob.

Joanne ushered me and Linda into the kitchen. "Let me pour you a glass of wine. I know this is a lot to ask. Julie, my brother is gay and it has always been a source of friction between Henry and I. I think Linda has a similar problem with Bob. Could you maybe hypnotize them not to be so anti-gay?"

"What are their politics? I asked.

"They are both pretty dyed-in-the-wool conservatives. Traditional family values and all."

"Are you close friends? Have Bob and Henry known each other for a long time?"

"Bob was Henry's best man at our wedding. Yeah, I would say we are all close."

"That's good. If they will agree to be hypnotized, then I will see what I can do. I'm not promising anything."

I thought about my course of action. "What if I have them do something that is perhaps a bit embarrassing, but unequivocally establishes to them and everyone that being gay is not something to be ashamed of? Would you be ok with that?"

"Whatever you think is best, we are fine with, right Linda?"

"Yes, you are in charge." said Linda.

"Ok, good." I walked back into the living room followed by the two older women.

I decided to ascertain the extent of their anti-gay bias. "I understand Mr. Henderson that your brother-in-law is gay and that is a point of friction with you and Mrs. Henderson. Can you talk about that?"

"What is there to say? All these LGBTQ people are an embarrassment. And I really do not want him around our kids. He is a bad role model. Besides, he is so friggin flamboyant. The least he could do is dress normally and not put all these little gay mannerisms on display."

"And how do you feel, Mr. Morris?"

"To each his own. I mean I don't mind gays as long as they stick to themselves and don't go parading around."

"Did your parents share similar feelings toward gay men and women?"

"My father would just as soon have shot a gay man as look at him", volunteered Bob. "Same with me", chimed in Henry, "although he was strangely ok with lesbians".

"We tried praying about it in our bible study, for God to take away their homosexual desires, but so far the lord has chosen not to answer our prayers.

I was a little irritated, only because I knew these views were outdated and frankly, wrong. Parents programmed such dysfunctional behaviors into their kids. I thanked God that my parents did not live by such outdated thinking.

"I don't think God ranks being gay very high on the list of sins. The original 8 deadly sins of man were gluttony, lust, greed, pride, sloth, envy, anger and despair. I learned that in my bible study."

I continued, "Did you know that many animals have both gay and straight behaviors and that is considered a normal part of biology? In fact, it is more common than not that humans share both heterosexual and homosexual feelings at times. Especially if there is a strong emotional bond. The bond between soldiers, for instance, can be so strong that it induces sexual feelings between them. That, of course, is discouraged when you are sitting in a fox hole together taking enemy fire."

The two men seemed skeptical. 

Julie replied, "Hypnosis can open our minds to a world of possibilities. Are you ready to begin?"

"You aren't going to make us love queers or something are you?"

"No, no. I couldn't do that if I wanted to. All I can do is be a guide to show you other ideas and feelings. You will make your own choices."

Reassured they seemed eager to begin. The thought of being hypnotized by a pretty young thing was exciting to them.

"I am going to hypnotize you using your first names. Is that ok with you?"

They nodded yes. "Bob, Henry, I want you to sit on the couch next to each other and make yourselves comfortable. Uncross your legs. Place them flat on the floor. Before we begin, do you agree to be hypnotized?"

They both answered in unison, "Yes".

"Good. The most important thing is for you to concentrate intensely on what I am saying. Can you do that for me?"

"Yes Mam."

"Very good. I am also going to ask you to use your imagination. When I tell you to visualize an image, I want you to try with all of your might to see that image or feel that feeling in your mind's eye. Your imagination needs to be firing on all cylinders, ok?"

"Yes, ok."

"Good. Now close your eyes and take a slow deep breath for me. I observed Bob take a halfhearted effort. "Bob, I want you to take a deep breath, not a shallow one. Are you going to follow my directions or not?"

"I'm sorry. Yes, I will try to do better."

"Again, take a slow, deep breath over a count of 3. 1,2,3. Now exhale. 4,5,6.

Do this again, but this time I want you to imagine that you are inhaling a cool, cleansing, deep blue mist that is relaxing you. It is like an anesthetic. It is making you so relaxed. So sleepy. You feel wonderful."

"Very good." I intoned. Now I want you to imagine that I have tied helium balloons to your right wrist. Imagine large red, green and pink helium balloons tugging up on your wrist and arm. Your arm is becoming lighter than air and is starting to float up into the air all by itself."

I continued the suggestions and deepened the relaxation.

Linda and Joanne watched in amazement as their arms lifted up into the air. Within a few minutes, Henry's arm levitated straight up, while Bob's arm lagged somewhat. I reinforced the image, suggesting that more balloons were tied to Bob's arm and it soon, too, was straight up in the air.

"Now, on the count of 3, I am going to cut the strings to the helium balloons and as soon as I do so, your arms will drop down to your sides and you will fall into deep hypnotic sleep. 1,2,3 strings cut, deep asleep. Very deep asleep. You hear only my voice now. You feel in such a perfect state of tranquility. So peaceful, so open to my suggestions. You love the idea of following my instructions. I am an authority figure to you. You look up to me. Think back to a time when you were in elementary school. To a time when you admired and obeyed a particular teacher. Think back to how she was such a strong female presence, teaching you and telling you how to behave. I am that teacher now. You are my boys and you are grateful that I am your teacher."

The boys were deep in trance. "Boys, you are beginning to feel quite warm. It is getting very hot in here and you would be much more comfortable with your shirts off. It is becoming so hot, so unbearably hot."

Henry and Bob began removing their shirts, Henry even had a drop of perspiration on his brow. I looked up at the two ladies. Linda was fanning herself, obviously very warm and under the influence of my suggestions.

"Bob and Henry, you are deeply hypnotized and are following my instructions perfectly. You believe everything I say. It makes you so excited to follow my commands. Now, you are feeling that not only are you still hot, but your pants are uncomfortably tight. It is like you ate a big meal and you need to loosen your belt. In fact, removing your pants would feel the best. You will take your pants and shorts off now so that you can feel more comfortable."

Henry and Bob obeyed as instructed. Soon they were sitting, slumped back on the couch, totally naked.

Joanne and Linda were staring, mouths open. I knew I could drop them if I wanted, but for now I would concentrate on the task at hand.

"Boys, you have some mistaken notions in your mind. Some old-fashioned beliefs that are causing stress in your marriage and pain in your family relationships. You want to change these tired and unhealthy beliefs. I know that you care for one another. That you are the closest of friends, just as I know you love your wives and want to please them."

"I also know, and you know, that you are both healthy heterosexual males. But you must accept, even embrace that people can love one another regardless of gender. The very personal traits that make us human. The qualities of love and tenderness define who we are at our very core, transcending gender. A woman can love a woman and a man can love a man. You Henry and Bob have known each other for a very long time. You love one another as brothers. You would do anything for the other and you want your wives to be happy. You want to show them how much greater you are spiritually than you imagined."

I observed the two men. Bob was on the right and Henry on the left. Henry was the more deeply hypnotized I thought.

"Boys, you will obey my commands without thought, without question, do you understand?"

"Yes" they both intoned. 

"You admire one another. You think maybe that if your male friend was a female you could even have feelings for them. Bob, gender doesn't really matter, does it?"


"Same question for you Henry. Does gender really matter in feelings between two people?"

"No, it doesn't"

"Good boys. I am very proud of you. It is the purity of a person's soul, the goodness of their nature that attracts us to one another. You are safe here. There is no judgement, and you want to show me that you can move past old, tired prejudices and show your care for one another. I want each of you to reach over and begin stroking the other man's penis. You will believe it is your own penis you are stroking. You will not give this a second thought. No thinking. Mind is blank. You only want to mindlessly obey me."

They both did as instructed without hesitation. Soon they were both erect and responding as anticipated. "Now Henry, you are going to show Bob how much you care for him as a fellow human being on this voyage through life. You will get up and position yourself between Bob's legs and take him in your mouth."

Henry followed his orders as I predicted he would. "Begin licking the underside of his shaft. Stimulating him..., sucking on him and stroking him lovingly." Again, Henry was following his orders perfectly.

Bob, you feel the pleasure building in you. You are so hard. You are so aroused. Soon you will not be able to contain yourself. You are building to orgasm and it is going to be so good."

"Henry, you will treat Bob's cum as nectar from the gods. You will relish it's taste and greedily swallow it."

"Bob, you are so close. It feels so good. You are going to cum soon."

Bob was straining as he arched his back and rocked his hips.

"Almost ready?... so close... CUM NOW."

Bob ejected long ropes of viscous sperm into the back of Henry's throat which he heartily swallowed. This continued for over 10 seconds, pelvic thrusts into Henry's parted lips followed by Henry taking deep swallows.

Spent and exhausted they lay still, awaiting my next command. "Boys, you will no longer treat gay people as second-class citizens. Your subconscious understands this is wrong and you have just experienced that sexual relations with another human being does not always require that they be of the opposite sex. You understand that everyone can be bisexual. What is important is not the gender, but the person's heart and soul. Now I know you both are strongly heterosexual and that is perfectly fine. But you will treat family members who are gay with the respect and love that they deserve. Do you understand?"


"Very good. Now Henry it is your turn to enjoy yourself. Have you ever thought about having sex with another man?"


"Could you develop an erection and make love to another man?"

"I don't think so."

"Well, this is your lucky day. Your friend Bob is actually a girl. Her nickname is Bob. She is a bit of a tomboy. She has a vagina that wants to be filled. And you want to fill it with your manhood. And Bob, you want to be filled. So desperately filled by Henry."

"Bob, stand up and bend over the couch. Henry, you are stroking your cock and it is becoming so hard. You will very gently insert it into Bob's vagina. Her vagina is tight like a butthole, but it is her vagina. In your mind's eye it is the perfect female's vagina. But she is very tight. You will use your spit to help lubricate your penis and you will insert yourself very slowly as if she is a virgin and it is her very first time."

Henry inserted himself slowly. He spit onto his penis and lubricated it the best he could. Bob relaxed her muscles and Henry was able to insert a little deeper. Soon Henry was all the way in, balls deep. It was not long before Henry was railing Bob and she was screaming like a little bitch. "You are going to cum soon Henry. You feel it building. You are getting close... so close. And when Henry cums Bob, you will cum just as hard. Having him inside you feels so right, so good."

"Are you close Henry?"

"Yes, I'm going to cum. I'm cumming, I'm cumming."

Bob soon joined in. "It's so good. I can feel you cumming inside me. Ewwwwww..."

"I will bring you out of trance soon. You will remember only that you dreamed what just happened. It was not real, but a dream. But it has brought to you newfound insight and acceptance of others. You no longer judge others as you have before. You understand and accept that your brother-in-law is gay and that is perfectly fine."

"I am very proud of both of you. Now get dressed. There will be no shame. No embarrassment. Just acceptance.

I waited while they got dressed. Looking at the two ladies, they remained bewildered and in shock.  "Joanne, Linda, follow my finger up into the air. Keep your eyes locked on my finger."

Interesting hypnosis fact. When witnesses observe a hypnotist induce a deep hypnotic state, the 'suspension of disbelief' overcomes any skepticism they may have had. The interlopers become highly susceptible to a 'shock' induction by the hypnotist. This is a good time to hypnotize multiple people in an audience of onlookers.

Joanne and Linda were already in a light state of trance. As their eyes tracked my finger up into the air, up above their heads, I suddenly dropped my finger while simultaneously commanding them to sleep. Their heads dropped forward. "You are deeply under my hypnotic control. You can see the power that I possess."

I spent a minute deepening the trance and satisfied that they were under deeply, I imparted post hypnotic suggestions. "In a few moments you will awaken. You will have no memory of what just happened. You will only remember that I removed the gay bias from your husbands, and you will be so grateful to me."

I looked around the room. Everyone in trance. Time to awaken the group. "On the count of 5, you will all awake feeling wonderful. 1,2 feeling great, 3,4 waking up, 5 wide awake!"

Linda was the first to speak. "What were we talking about? I totally lost my train of thought."

I spoke up, "You were going to flip to see who was going to drive me home. Don't you remember?"

Joanne spoke up. "That's right." 

Bob and Linda lost. "That works out best anyway. We are heading back home. We will drop Julie off on our way."

I grabbed my coat and purse and as I walked to the front door I enquired, "Gentlemen, you had a little hypnotic dream. How do you feel now towards gays?"

Henry responded, "That was some dream. I understand now. I have no reservations whatsoever against the gay lifestyle."

"And you Bob?"

"I feel the same way".

On the way home, Bob leaned over to his wife and quietly confided. "I had this weird gay dream.. I think. It sure seemed real. My ass is kind of sore."

"It's all in your mind" said Linda.

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