Erotic Short Stories of Hypnosis

My science teacher had no clue

by LydiaSalia

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I was a good student and still a virgin. I didn't care for teenage boys. They were way too immature. I did have a crush on my science teacher, however. He was so worldly and... unobtainable. Then an opportunity presented itself and I went for it.

I Hypnotize my Science Teacher to Deflower me

Story by Julie Adams, written by Lydia Salia

I graduated from 11th grade and decided over the summer that I would do something about my weight. It was time to get rid of the baby fat. I began a regimen of egg white omelets each morning with fresh fruit and vegetables and I began a conditioning program. I transformed from a pleasantly plump 11th grader to a toned and athletic senior. My self-esteem blossomed. I was at my ideal body weight, but like most young girls, I felt I should do more. Actresses and fashion models influence the body image of insecure young girls more than it should. I was not immune from this influence. The first day of 12th grade I was almost unrecognizable. Everyone suddenly wanted to be my best friend. It was a head rush for sure, but most every girl and guy I knew were too shallow to take seriously. I still preferred my nerdy friends, although they seemed to treat me differently.

My first day of class was eventful. The science teacher had a certain flair for teaching, and I actually thought that chemistry and science might be fun. The teacher smiled at me when I was the first to get the correct answer on a question about the Kreb's cycle. Also known as the Citric acid cycle, the final product is oxaloacetic acid. That was the correct answer. I also found it fascinating that mitochondria, the cell's powerhouse, arose through endosymbiosis more than 1.45 billion years ago. They were separate organisms that became encapsulated in animal cells. They survived because of the host body. The host body survived because the mitochondria produced energy for the cells. Fellow students smirked at me when I was the first to raise my hand. Screw them. They could work at Walmart for the rest of their lives.

Unlike most of my friends, I was eager to learn about the world, learn about literature and science and learn more about the human mind and hypnosis. While my self-esteem had improved immeasurably, I still considered myself to be pretty shy. Over coming weeks, I found myself daydreaming of my teacher, Mr. Todd Porter. He was maybe in his mid-50s. A big man, bigger than life, sporting a close cropped, grey streaked beard. He seemed so kind, so knowledgeable about every subject. He was smart and witty, and he really cared about teaching. He was a handsome man in a rugged kind of way and truth be known, I had a bit of a schoolgirl crush on him. He was so worldly compared to high school boys and he seemed to like me. He was much older than me of course, but I had always found myself attracted to older men. Maybe it had something to do with my father. I revered my father. He and my Mom left us much too soon. A car crash, drunk driver.

It was serendipity that I met Mr. Porter before he was leaving for the day. I asked him if he could explain something about ATP. The meeting was completely innocuous, completely innocent. Mr. Porter leaned back in his chair and rubbed his eyes. "I'm sorry Julie, but I have a headache,"

A lightbulb went off in my head and I felt terribly guilty for thinking it, wishing for it, but I suddenly wanted to hypnotize him - to be with him. He would never agree to such a thing. And I didn't want to get him in trouble. Before I could stop myself, I spoke up.

"Sir, I can help with that headache. I know deep relaxation exercises that will erase the headache. Its like the 7 chakras. I just need to rebalance them. I would need to massage your temples and neck muscles. I'm really very accomplished. Will you let me help you?"

"Julie, if you can make this headache go away, I will owe you big. You have my permission to do whatever massage you see fit."

"Thank you Mr. Porter. I think you will be happy. I would like you to lay back in your chair and get comfortable. Good. Now I want you to take a slow deep breath and as you do so, I want you to imagine that all the tension in your head, your neck and your shoulders is melting."

I lightly massaged his temples as I was speaking to him. "Imagine the stress melting like an ice cube. Melting and dripping down to your abdomen and legs. And total relaxation is replacing this tension. Your neck feels so loose. The muscles of your scalp and face and shoulders feel so loose... so good. Cool, soothing relaxation is all you feel now. The headache is draining down with the tension. Right down into your legs and soon you will feel it exit from your feet. You notice your headache is almost gone now. Where did your headache start out on a scale from 1 to 10?"

"It started out as a 7, but now feels like a 3."

"Very good. You are doing so well. May I call you by your first name as I deepen the relaxation and totally remove the headache?"

"Yes, please."

"Good Mr. Porter. You are doing so very well. I am so proud of how you are responding."

"Now, I am going to count down from 10 and as I do so you will become so completely relaxed.. so peaceful. The headache will vanish by the time I reach 1."

10, so relaxed

9, so peaceful, drifting lower, deeper

8, muscles in your neck so loose

7, dropping deeper, feeling sleepy

6, Headache just draining away

5, soooo relaxed. Sooo sleepy

4, you know if you just closed your eyes everything would be perfect

3, you just want to close your eyes and drift off to sleep

2, almost there. Ready to go to sleep

1, deep sleep now. Headache gone. Feeling wonderful."

"You are in light sleep, but can still talk to me. How do you feel?"

"The headache is gone and I feel so relaxed."

"I am going to call you by your first name as I help you relax deeper. I will teach you relaxation techniques to eliminate these headaches in the future."

Mr. Porter smiled. "Very good Todd. I am so proud of you. You have been hypnotized by me and that is why your headache is gone and you feel so wonderful. You are going to go deeper for me. Very, very deep. You trust me completely. You know I only want the best for you. And as this truth becomes cemented in your subconscious you drop even deeper for me. So deep now. You are deeply hypnotized and wish to please me."

The subconscious is the inner child. As a general rule it accepts as true what it is told. It does not question (there are exceptions to this rule). As long as the conscious, analytical mind is not 'accidentally' activated, the hypnotized person will not analyze or question what they are being instructed. Once I’m communicating with his subconscious, I transition to addressing him more personally as ‘Todd’.

"You love following my suggestions. They make you feel so good. So, very, very good. Now listen carefully as I give you a post hypnotic suggestion. Your conscious mind will not remember this suggestion, but your subconscious mind will embrace it fully and obey the command instantly when it is spoken to you. In the future any time I command you to 'Deep Sleep Now', you will immediately drop into as deep or deeper of a trance as you are now, ready to follow my instructions. And doing so will cause a wave of euphoria to wash over you.  Do you understand?"

Todd responded, "Yes, I understand." I observed a faint smile. A smile of acceptance, of pure, unadulterated joy.

"Good Todd. Now I want you to answer some questions for me. Do you have a girlfriend or are you married?"

"No, neither."

"What is your opinion about fraternizing with female students?"

"I can't do that. I'm morally and ethically bound not to take advantage of my students. Besides, the penalties are severe if such behavior is discovered."

"I understand Todd. I would never do anything to jeopardize your ethics or your teaching position. I am going to awaken you in a moment. You will remember only that you briefly dozed off and my relaxation exercises cured you of your headache."

"On the count of 5 you will be fully awake, feeling wonderful. 1,2 feeling grand, 3,4 waking up, 5 wide awake!"

"I'm sorry Julie. I dozed off and.. and, my headache is gone. You are amazing! Thank you!"

"I am so glad the 7 chakras helped relieve your headache. I will see you in class tomorrow. I guess I have two of your classes now. Chemistry and biology. I think I might major in biochemistry when I go to college. You have really inspired me Mr. Porter."

"I'm so glad you are my student Julie. You are exceptional."

I bid my teacher good night and wondered if anything else might develop. It was exciting to think that I could control my teacher. And I was attracted to him. I couldn't deny it. But I had to be careful. Classes the following day were pretty routine. Nothing out of the ordinary. My teacher hardly acknowledged that I was there. I approached him after class.

"Mr. Porter, I'm curious. What do you like to do in your free time? Watch movies, play videogames?

"Well, most of the time I head home after classes, open a bottle of wine and watch Netflix. It's a pretty mundane existence."

"I'm a homebody myself. Just cuddling with someone special on the couch and watching a movie together. I wish I had someone special." I looked up at my teacher with bedroom eyes. I didn't mean to, but he had that effect on me.

Mr. Porter looked at me, appraising me. He was probably thinking, "Is she trying to come on to me? Surely not."

"Julie, I like you and I think you like me, but that is all it is. Friendship. You are my student, so it will always be friendship. You understand this, correct?"

"Yes sir. I'm not coming on to you. I just respect you very much. You are a very good person."

I decided I could wait no longer. My libido seemed to be getting the best of me. I would surprise him at his home tonight. I bathed and put on my sexiest, black satin dress. It had a plunging neckline and showed off my rather perfect, perky breasts. I wore black heels to match the ensemble. I put on rose red lipstick and my favorite Christian Dior perfume, appropriately named 'Hypnotic Poison'. I walked out the door telling my parents I would be back from the party at 10pm. They gave me considerable latitude as I was such a good student.

I think Mr. Porter wondered who could be ringing his doorbell at 8pm. He went to the door and looked through the peep hole. He opened the door.

"Julie, what are you doing here. This could be misconstrued."

"DEEP SLEEP NOW." Mr. Porter's head dropped to his chest and he stumbled forward two steps into me, knees buckling. "Todd, you will stand up straight. Do not fall over. You are deeply hypnotized and awaiting instructions. You will walk back into your apartment and stand still for me."

Todd obeyed his instructions.

"Now Todd, you will listen carefully. I am actually 19 and I have already graduated from high school. There is nothing wrong with us seeing each other. You know I want to be with you and you desperately want to be with me. You have a crush on me. And I want to be with you more than anything. Your passion is almost too much to bear. In a moment I will bring you out of hypnosis and you will take me. You will carry me into your bedroom and make glorious love to me."

"On the count of 5 you will wake up with no memory of having just now been hypnotized. 1,2 feeling hot, aroused, 3,4 waking up, 5 fully awake.

Todd looked at me and gently grasped me by the head and planted a deep passionate kiss on my lips. "I've dreamed of this moment Julie."

I already knew I was falling for my teacher. I felt the passion growing in my sex and I so desperately wanted to feel him inside of me.

I started unbuttoning the buttons on his shirt while he interrupted me, urgently lifting my dress over my shoulders to allow it to fall around my feet. He unclasped my bra and gasped at my perfectly formed rose bud nipples. He helped me with the last few buttons on his shirt, then dropped his pants. I stepped out of my panties. I was so wet. I kneeled down and lowered his boxers. He was so hard and it had such an effect on me. All I could think of was taking his cock into my mouth, kissing it, worshipping it. I grasped it and it was like an electric shock to my pussy. I was so horny! I had never been with a man and I wasn't sure what to do. "Can you teach me?"

Todd told me to lick the underside of his cock and take his balls into my mouth starting with the left ball. I was then to roll it around with my tongue. All the while I was to stroke his shaft. I did this and it felt right... and natural.

Todd lifted me in his arms and carried me to his bed. He spread my legs and began licking around my labia. He gently inserted his tongue into my slit. I couldn't help myself. I was moaning, holding his head against me, and becoming so wet.

He started to put himself into me. I know this is hard to believe, but I was a good girl. I had never been with a man. I was scared, "I'm a virgin Mr. Porter."

Todd instructed me, "I will insert myself slowly. At first it will hurt a bit, but then it will be the most amazing thing you have ever felt. And he was right. As he eased himself into me, I felt a slight sting as he stretched and then tore my hymen.


"It's ok, I'm going all the way in now."

And the pain began to go away, replaced with a glorious feeling of fulfillment. Never had I experienced anything like this. It felt so good. Todd slowly methodically penetrated me. His cock pushed up against my cervix sending shivers up my spine. What was happening to me? An explosion was happening in my brain. A cacophony of fireworks titillating my very soul. I was losing all voluntary control of my body and voice. I began to buck wildly. Expletives began to escape from my lips. Things I would normally never say. "Oh god. Fuck. Fuck! It's so goooood. It feels so goddamn good. Oh god. Ohhhh. Fuck, fuckkk. Fuck me right there. Harder. You're so deep...”

He slowed the pace, pumping me more deliberately..., forcefully. It was like his penis was searching for my g-spot.  And he found it.

“ I'm going to cum. You're going to make me cum. I'm cumming. I'm cumming. I'm cummingggg."

I wrapped my legs tightly around him so that he could scarcely move. My nails dug into his back and I became unaware of any sensation, but his penis buried deep inside me, pressing up against my cervix.

Todd joined me in his own orgasm soon enough. He couldn't pull out. I had him locked into me. I felt the stream of his hot sperm blast my cervix, penetrating me. It was amazing. This went on for the better part of a minute. When he finally, slowly withdrew, a copious amount of sperm spilled out, tinged with blood. I believe two souls never felt so connected.

I rolled over on to my back. If I had died this very instant and gone to heaven it could not be this good. I had lost my virginity to my science teacher and I was so glad it was him. But how could I maintain an affair without being discovered? My teacher would find it very awkward to see me in class. It would be impossible for us not to show affection towards one another. I knew it would be impossible to hide our torrid affair. I could not let Mr. Porter remember this. It killed me, but I had to hide him from his own moral compass.

"Mr. Porter, look at me."

Todd rolled over and smiled. "That was so nice. I'm glad it was good for you too. I think I lov"

"DEEP SLEEP NOW!" I commanded. Todd's eyes rolled up into his head and he fell back into deep hypnotic sleep.

"Todd, you dreamed you were with me. It didn't really happen. It was an amazing dream, but you realize now it was purely a physical desire. You might lust after me, but you do not love me. You know I like you too, but that I'm a good girl and would not be with you while a student. But when I graduate, we might very well see one another. In the meantime, this was just an incredible dream and you will see me in class and smile to yourself, but you will not reveal any feelings you may have for me. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I understand."

I watched a tear roll down his cheek. He would have remorse that it could not be anything more, not today, at least not before I graduated. But he would survive.

"Todd, I want you to pay very close attention now. In the future when you read or hear, "MIND BLANK!" you will immediately obey whatever instruction follows. You will be compelled to obey me immediately and without hesitation. You will not be able to resist this command trigger. Obeying me will bring you instant bliss and happiness. As soon as you follow my directions, a wave of euphoria will wash over you. It feels so good to obey. When you awaken, your conscious mind will not remember this trigger. But it will be firmly implanted in your subconscious awaiting activation by me at a time and place of my choosing."

I got dressed and let myself out. I returned home, a certain sadness in my eyes. That night I cried myself to sleep. I might need a sick day or two to get over my Todd. He was much too old for me, but it felt like I had known him for ages - that we were somehow connected through space and time. I would wait until it was safe to see him again. He was devoted to me and would obey me - which is how it should be. I knew this and Todd knew this in his soul.

Laying in bed, the following morning, I thought, "must I really wait until graduation? Maybe it would be ok if I surprised him with a command trigger. When he was least expecting it. When it was safe and we were all alone. Maybe we could share this love or lust, whatever it was, and it would be ok." With that realization, I hoisted myself out of bed, happy in the knowledge when the time was right I would be able to take him once again. I thought about the trigger I had embedded in his subconscious when I was deepening him...


"You will drop into blackout sleep now and wake up only after you are fully rested, knowing this was all a dream and did not really happen."

I moved on after this one dalliance with Mr. Porter. His only memory of our lovemaking was a dream I left for him. I left a trigger in him. I wonder if it still works?

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