98 Dueling hypnotists

by LydiaSalia

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The Traveling Hypnotist (Mark) and Lydia meet up. He hypnotizes her and has his fun with her. Wonder what she will do?

Lydia and I have written a few stories together. Her subconscious is very responsive to me. This is a story about our dueling hypnosis skills. Who won?

This story is an offshoot of the first story The Traveling Master and I wrote together. I can't say for certain, but apparently he hypnotized me and set a hook or trigger in my subconscious called 'good girl'.  That has led to some interesting and compromising situations for me.

The characters and situations depicted in this story are fiction. Any resemblance to people living or dead is purely coincidence.

Copyright Lydia Salia 2021


I left Lydia with the 'good girl' trigger. If it works as I believe it will, she will be unable to stop thinking about me. It will slowly, relentlessly build until her only remedy is to contact me.

Lydia is easily hypnotized when she lets her guard down. Who can keep their guard up continuously? In our various email exchanges, she shared an email exchange from a rogue hypnotist trying to get into her pants. The email exchange was a clever trance camouflaged as a suggestion. It was much more than a suggestion. It was a waking trance trigger.  The trigger compelled Lydia to send a naked picture of herself. He used a command called 'Tits out' to cause her to stop whatever she was doing, lift her top, take a picture and email him. It was pretty sneaky.  Tits? That was kid's stuff. Lydia subconsciously wants to be dominated. What I had in mind would take her to her very limits. If you read our first story, you know I hypnotized her with a covert induction during a Zoom session.


Actually, the Zoom covert trance did not happen..., so I am told.


What is absolutely true is I did subsequently hypnotize her once she began to feel safe and trust me.  As Lydia says, trust is key and I won over her trust. I'm a newbie hypnotist, but that doesn't matter if you have a subject like Lydia. When she goes under, she REALLY goes under. Now, I'm aware of some past psychological trauma she has had around nonconsensual hypnosis and obedience training she was forced to endure, so I will be careful to avoid triggering any memories of that. Otherwise everything is fair game. This should be fun.

I patiently waited. The email came a week later.

“Hi Mark,

I was thinking. It would be nice if we could meet again. I have some ideas for a story that I think you would like. If you don’t have time to write it, I would be happy to do so."

I told Lydia how happy I was to hear from her. That would go straight into her subconscious and reinforce her desire to please me. She agreed to meet me at a country western bar I liked to frequent. I told her to wear cowboy attire. The bar was a hangout for me and my drinking buddies. I told them that I had met a prima hypnodomme who could hypnotize them under the table. I wanted to show Lydia off and maybe show off the influence I had over her.

Lydia showed up early. I gave her a warm hug and made some ‘suggestions’. She was wearing tight jeans, a western themed tank top and boots. It looked like she had spent some effort on making herself presentable. Maggie, the bar owner, agreed to keep it a private party for this evening. It was myself, Maggie, Lydia, Peter, Josh, Eddie and Steve.

I introduced Lydia to the group.

“Guys and lady, this is my good friend Lydia. She is a master level hypnotist and self proclaimed succubus. She eats guys like you for breakfast.

Eddie, always the first to make a sexual comment, blurted “Succubus? The ‘suck’ part of succubus sounds good.”

Lydia was used to guys like Eddie. She would make short work of him and the others.

“Ok boys. Raise your hands. Who wants to be first to drift into my wonderful slumber land of dreams?”

All the guys' hands went up. Even Maggie was curious. Her hand went up after she saw everyone else do the same.

“Good boys!” Lydia smiled as she surveyed the room. Let’s clear an area for you all to sit. “I can tell by the enthusiastic response that you boys want to be hypnotized. I’m sure Mark has shared with you that I am rather talented when it comes to hypnosis. So tell me by showing a raise of hands, who thinks they will fall into trance easily?”

Two hands went up.

“Who thinks they can be hypnotized but it might be a little harder for them to slip into trance?” 

Two more hands went up.

“Who just isn’t sure they can be hypnotized?” 

Maggie’s hand went up. Always a skeptic in every crowd.

“Now get comfortable, feet flat on the floor. I’m going to do something called a hand clasp suggestibility test. But before I begin, let me tell you what hypnosis is and what it is not.”

Lydia smiled her warmest smile. She was doing her well rehearsed ‘establish trust’ first. Then rapport. Then authority.

She began, “We all slip into trance throughout the day. If we are focusing hard on something, we tend to lose awareness of the various background sounds and things going on around us. Unless you are autistic, you can tune everything out except what you are concentrating on. As an example, we have all become so engrossed in a movie before that we got caught up in the story, the emotions, the sights, the sounds and became oblivious to those around us. That is a waking trance. If we count sheep to try and fall asleep - for those of you who can count…”

Eddie liked that. He gave Josh a clap on the shoulder. “You might need to sit this one out Josh buddy.”

Lydia resumed, “For those of you who count sheep to fall asleep, you first enter a waking trance and then without someone like me, your ‘spirit guide’, talking to you and directing your attention, your subconscious takes over and you drift off to sleep.”

“So, let me have your undivided attention. Intense focus is the magic elixir that I need you all to swallow. I want your undivided attention. Agreed?”

Everyone nodded.

For those of you at home who would like to experience a waking trance, all you have to do is pay very close attention to what you are about to read. Focus your attention on my words and nothing else. If you do as instructed, you will be hypnotized. It is a text trance, so don't worry. I won't be taking you deep.

“FOCUS ON MY WORDS. Place your hands together and interlock your fingers. Good.”

Lydia paused for effect. “The most important thing I will ask for the next few minutes is that you focus on my voice… on my words. Block everything else out but my words. My words are all that matters. Understood?”

The peanut gallery nodded.

“I want you to imagine that your hands are locked together. Focus intently on my words. I want you to imagine that your palms and fingers are coated in superglue. Stuck tightly together. As the glue is drying, you realize that your hands are tightly bound together. Now imagine that your hands are like magnets. They are being pulled together. Super powerful magnets. Nod if you see this in your mind’s eye.” 

Everyone nodded.

“Now imagine that your fingers and hands are actually fusing together, becoming one. It is like the atoms are blending together, growing together. Now not only are your hands rigidly stuck together with glue, but the magnetic force has just doubled. You can see your hands fusing together, becoming one. Opposite hands, opposite fingers merging together and becoming one. Imagine this as hard as you can. Focus on this image. Nothing else matters but this image of your hands fused together, inseparable. Your hands are now one. One clump made from your left and right hand, hopelessly bound together. Impossible for you to pull them apart. I will be able to release them, but you are powerless to do so without my permission. You may try.”

For those of you at home, try to pull your hands (or is it hand?) apart. You will notice that you cannot. At least not until I allow it.

Ok, your hands are no longer glued together. They have returned to normal and you may now pull them apart. You have just experienced a waking trance.

This never gets old. All 5 of my buddies struggled, but soon realized it was futile. Lydia decided to drop Eddie first.

“Hi Eddie. Ready to go nighty-night?”

Eddie was looking at his hands in wonder, then up at Lydia. A deer in headlights.

“Eddie, your hands are now starting to float up towards your forehead. This is happening automatically, without you even trying. All by themselves, floating up. Do not try to resist this. Just let it happen. Soon you will have the most wonderful feeling of peace and bliss. As soon as your hands touch your forehead, a wonderful feeling of relaxation will envelop you. Then you will fall deeply asleep, surrendering to my will, awaiting my instructions. Your hands will come apart at that moment and fall back into your lap. Do you understand?”

“Yes mam,” he whispered weakly.

“Floating up. Up, up, up. SLEEP!”

Eddie’s head dropped to his chest as his hands came apart and dropped onto his lap.

“Who wants to be next?”

This was too easy. Lydia dropped the others and began a round of fun and games. Even Maggie couldn’t resist the power of her suggestion.

My goal was for everyone to recognize the awesome power Lydia commanded. Before the hour was over, she had a room of believers. She brought everyone out of trance and I walked over to her and whispered in her ear. Lydia nodded and departed to the restroom to change.

Now it was my turn. “So guys, I keep my private life pretty private, but I also happen to be a very good hypnotist. Not at Lydia’s level, but damn good. Lydia actually helped me get good. Really, really good. So good that I hypnotized her. She is going to walk out of the bathroom in a moment. She will be completely naked and completely unaware she is naked. Please do not alert her conscious mind that anything is amiss. This is akin to something called a negative hallucination.  It's a real thing.

Steve was dubious, “Seriously?”

I couldn’t help but brag, “Yes Steve. Little ol’ Mark here has a prima hypnodomme in his back pocket.”

Lydia emerged and everyone’s eyes were wide in shock. Maggie let out a gasp. Lydia had a body that could melt your soul. She walked up to the group and smiled, “What’s going on?”

I jumped in, “I think everyone is in awe of your talents.”

“And body” Eddie exclaimed. I glared at him.

If Lydia came out of trance, I could drop her back in easily enough, but I would need to act before she figured out what was going on and do the same to me. We were both susceptible to the wiles of the other.

“Lydia, can you prove to everyone the depth of your control and make Eddie your little bitch for the evening?”

“Sure. What would you like me to have him do?”

Eddie suddenly didn’t look so cocky.

Lydia walked up to him. “Sleep for me Eddie.”

It never ceases to amaze me how she can so effortlessly drop people into trance. Of course Eddie had already been hypnotized and was, as Lydia likes to call it, ‘primed’.

“Why don’t you have him jack off in front of everyone.”

Lydia spent a few minutes deepening and reassuring Eddie’s subconscious and soon he was naked and sporting a small erection. Sorry, Eddie was not naturally endowed like myself.

“It feels so good Eddie. You are all alone. Just keep tugging and rubbing, rubbing and tugging. When you blow your load, it will feel so good.”

Eddie erupted soon enough.

“Now Eddie, get dressed. You will have no memory of having just masturbated for me.”

Eddie dressed and was none the wiser. I had naked Lydia proceed through the group, demonstrating her considerable skills with other various compromising acts. Maggie gave Steve a blowjob and Josh and Peter rubbed one out as Eddie had done. Except they did it to each other, convinced that they were doing it to themselves, alone in their bedrooms. Lydia’s trances were extraordinarily deep.

Now it was my friend’s turn. I figured my drinking buddies would appreciate a little fun with Lydia. I thought she might have gone a little overboard humiliating them and I wasn't wrong. The bar was far from where she lived, so anything they made her do would not compromise her in any way. I insisted that all cell phones be turned off and deposited in a locked drawer until we were done. If any of this was to turn up on the internet, it would be disastrous for all involved.

I had my friends write down on a piece of paper what they would like Lydia to do. I had redirected her attention elsewhere so she was unaware what was about to happen. As I read the requests I took the best ones and discarded the ones that were too outlandish or compromising.

“Lydia, look at me.”

Lydia complied.

“You are extremely suggestible. You have said as much and certainly demonstrated how powerful your subconscious is. Of course your conscious mind is brilliant. Undeniably brilliant, but I’m talking to your subconscious now. Aren’t I?”

Lydia’s eyes were wide. She knew what was coming.

“Yes”, she whispered back.

“Lydia, you are becoming aroused. This happens easily to you. It’s natural and beautiful and I know how much you would enjoy a fat cock in your pussy right now. You are such a free spirit. So beautiful. You can imagine how good it will feel, can’t you?”


Good girl.

I looked over at Steve and he appeared intensely interested.

Steve was already dropping his pants and underwear. I put my hand up for him to hold off a little longer. Then I motioned for Josh to sit down on the couch. I instructed Lydia to walk and stand in front of Josh. He had dropped his pants and underwear and was sporting a nice erection.

“Look at how big Josh is Lydia. Look at how his cock is throbbing.

The sight is making you so aroused. Unbelievably aroused. You must have him. You desperately want to suck him, don’t you?”

Lydia was so aroused, she was shaking. She was awake, but compelled to obey.

“Bend over and grasp his penis. Admire it.” 

I looked down at her pussy lips. They were pink and swollen. She was practically dripping. I reached down to test her arousal. She was slippery wet. Damn this girl was suggestible.

“Steve is going to mount you from behind. You desperately want to feel his fat cock in your pussy. Tell him what you want.”

“I want Steve's cock in my pussy.”

"You're my 'good girl'. Getting hornier and hornier, more and more aroused."

Lydia was beside herself. I watched as Steve guided his cock to her inviting cavern. He allowed only the tip to go in. Lydia tried to push back onto his cock, but he teased her by pulling away. She was starting to whimper. I told Steve, "Don't be cruel." With that, he lunged into her. Lydia let out a muffled scream and pushed back into him.

“Now Lydia, take Josh in your mouth and make him cum.”

I observed her eyes were almost rolled back into her head. She was drunk with arousal. In a powerful, waking trance state of arousal, even though I had only guided her imagination with a few waking suggestions.

Lydia wanted to obey me. I controlled her libido. She knew it and I knew it. She lifted Josh's cock to her mouth and licked off his precum like it was a melting ice cream cone. Licking and licking, twirling the head of his cock in her mouth. Consumed in passion, she tried to suck Josh while rocking her pelvis against Steve. It was an interesting sight. Steve held her in place, riding her hard until she finally came, whimpering through the pleasure. She was like a wild mare being saddle broken for the first time. Steve tamed her with a blast from his firehose. She whimpered as he filled her with his seed. Satisfied, he dismounted her.

“Lydia, did you like that?”


She was dazed.

"Did you like that?" 

"Uhh, I don’t know. Yes. It was good, but it feels wrong. I was awake the whole time. I couldn't help myself.”

I corrected her, “Well, kinda awake and kinda alert and kinda asleep. I think what you really are is in a kind of continuous state of waking trance and arousal. When people have sex their thinking brain goes off line. Sex is centered in the subconscious areas of the brain. “Right Lydia?”


I instructed the group, “Lydia’s subconscious is every bit as powerful and majestic as her conscious brain. It really is remarkable.”

Lydia offered weakly, “I don’t know if that is really a good thing.”

“It is, trust me. You trust me don’t you?”

“Yes Mark, I trust you.”

Good girl.”

Good girl is a trigger that works pretty fucking well on me in real life.

Addendum: That trigger has been disabled since this story was written.

“Now Lydia, concentrate on my voice. There is still one thing you need to do for me.” I observed Lydia. I detected no resistance. She really was kind of broken like you might break a wild horse.

“You actually want to do this for me. You want to suck my nuts and cock The thought of this is making you very aroused once again.”

“Mark, please. Not in front of everyone.”

“You must obey me Lydia. You know you must obey me. I control you. You feel a wave of euphoria when you obey me without question or hesitation. You feel bad when you disobey.

Lydia looked forlorn, but I didn’t care. I needed my own orgasm and I needed to demonstrate to her once and for all, my absolute mastery over her.

I took off my jeans and undies and lay back on the couch so that she had good access to my sac and penis.

Lydia began slowly, hesitantly at first, but the sexual arousal kicked in and she soon became enthusiastic.

“Suck my balls in your mouth Lydia.”

She complied instantly.

“Now suck the underside of my cock.” She complied.

“Now suck between my balls and my asshole.”

Lydia did not hesitate. She was mine. Completely mine.

“You find my anus suddenly very desirable. It is drawing you in. You want to kiss and lick it tenderly, lovingly.”

Once again she didn’t hesitate and I was soon enjoying her exquisite tongue.

“Now dart your tongue in and out of my asshole.”

She was a real trooper, going after it with alacrity.

I felt the pressure building in my ball sac and I grabbed Lydia’s head and directed it to my cock.

“Take me in your mouth. Swallow all my cum.”

I exploded and watched as Lydia took gulp after gulp, swallowing my load entirely down.

“Lydia you did so well. I am so proud of you. You are such a good girl. My precious little girl who would do anything for me.”

She was looking up at me with a serene look on her face.

“You are fully awake, aren’t you?”

“I…, I think so…. Except… When did I get naked?”

“How could you have sex if you were not naked?”

“Oh, ok. I guess that makes sense.”

She was a little dazed. Understandable.

“What would you do for me?”


"Who am I?"

"You are my master?"

"Very, very good girl."

She was beginning to understand her proper place. Even if she was awake, she would know in her soul that she belonged to me. That I owned her and I was her master.

“Get dressed and come back out here.”

We were all in various degrees of undress. We got dressed as we waited for Lydia. The group was looking at me like I was some kind of God.

Lydia emerged dressed from the restroom and Eddie had to ask, “That was unbelievable. Do you remember anything?”

Her voice was quiet, subdued. She was acting very submissive. Just the way I liked it.

“I think I remember. Pretty much all of it. I felt compelled to obey. Mark used my good girl trigger to increase my arousal until I couldn't stand it, I didn’t feel like I had a choice.”

“Wow” said Maggie. “Are you cool with what just happened?”

“Ummmmm. No. I think no... I'm not sure. I have to think about it.”

Maggie added, “If you are such a fancy hypnotist, why don’t you prove your skills on Mark? Especially after what all he made you do.”

“I love Mark. I only want the best for him.”

Lydia sauntered over to me to give me a kiss or a hug. She was such a good, obedient girl. I owned her. She knew it, I knew it and there was nothing she could do about it.

Maggie said “Balls.” I’m pretty sure that’s what I heard. I realized everyone was laughing suddenly. I looked around. Lydia was nowhere to be found.

“Where’s Lydia?”

“She left. She said you should call her later.”

I smiled to myself. Hell yes I’ll call her. I still want to fuck that little minx.

Then I noticed everyone looking at me.

Everyone started laughing again. Very strange. “What are you… oh… staring… ah… at?”

I felt strange, like pressure was building up inside.

Maggie said “Balls” again. I felt tremendous pressure building in my sac.

“What in the fuck is going on!?”

Maggie volunteered, “That's quite a nice package you got there boss.”

Lydia said for us to say ‘aware’ before you leave, so you can understand what is happening to you. So… Aware.”

I looked down and realized I was naked and… I was jacking off. I couldn’t stop and the pressure was almost unbearable.

“Lydia told me that I was to decide when you could cum.”

I looked around. Everyone was dressed except me. I was jacking off in front of everyone and I couldn’t help myself. And it was so painful.

“Please, it hurts. Please, I have to cum!”

“Ask nice.”

“Please Maggie. It hurts so bad.”

Cum now!”

The volcano erupted. I spewed hot lava. Several long ropes of it.

Never have I felt such relief.

“Oh my god, oh my god.”

“All better Mark?”

I guess the cum command let me stop and remove my hand from my penis.

“Lydia did this to me?”

I already knew the answer.

“Actually Mark, she let us pick. You jacking off in front of us or shitting your pants. It was a narrow vote, but the jacking off won. I was the swing vote.”

I was relieved Maggie had said ‘Jack off’. I could hardly be angry at Lydia. She was going for parity. For balance. Tit for tat was one of her favorite expressions. I guess she was still resisting me on a conscious level. That would slowly change as her subconscious began to incorporate her new understanding of reality, of her new life and of obedience to me. Lydia herself had said conscious interpretation of reality can be shaped slowly, over time by introducing new truths to the subconscious. She would eventually come to understand that the natural order was for her to serve me. Time was on my side. Lydia would fully, unconditionally surrender to me... given time.

I gathered up my clothes, got dressed and said my goodbyes.

Steve exclaimed, “She is something. I hope we get to see her again. Don’t feel bad. She got the drop on all of us, although I don’t think anyone is complaining.”

I smiled as I thought back to how we met. Just by chance I had thought to contact her, to see if she would want to write a story with me. She had jumped at the opportunity. She was one of the most interesting women I had ever met. A dominatrix, a force of nature, but with a fatal flaw - an Achilles heel. An Achilles heel that I knew how to exploit. I had managed to slip past her conscious defenses and secret myself into her subconscious. We had enjoyed incredible sex. We would definitely be doing that again. I could make her do anything I wanted at this point. I just needed to watch out for her dark side. The succubus that lived within her seemed less of a threat as she was slowly surrendering to me.

She was also surrendering to her Christian faith. My control and her devotion to God were an unnatural dichotomy and something I would need to navigate carefully. Religion was the ultimate hypnotic aphrodisiac I decided.

She was becoming more devout, more religious it seemed with each passing week. She was sending me scripture of all goddamn things. But I could start a fire in her loins that she could not resist. Maybe I would have her start worshipping me. I’m sure God wouldn’t mind sharing.

The Traveling Master and I have written one story together. There may be more. Apparently he hypnotized me for real. I became his 'submissive' and he my master. I do not recall this now, but apparently it really happened. He recognized I was in over my head and released me to 'my own recognizance', so to speak...

I think the sub/dom thing is probably not healthy. I know some people like it, but I can't see any good coming of it.


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