Distraction Induction

by LydiaSalia

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I perform a distraction induction on an overbearing father. One of the hardest inductions to pull off.

This story did not actually happen as described, although it is based on a real event in my early life. A very emotional event for me. I wear my emotions on my sleeve - so to speak. When writing this, I struggled to finish it because of the roller coaster of emotions I went through. I don't know how anyone can read this and not be similarly affected. It is a good read, an important read, if only to prove to ourselves that we are worthy of love and acceptance. We should always strive to love one another as we love ourselves.

Doug and I were invited to dinner by our new Colorado friends, Carol and Fred Davis. They were America’s power couple. He was an Amway Double Diamond, whatever that was. It must have been pretty sweet because he had a nice home. Carol was, I guess, a single diamond? Someone had told Fred that I was a master hypnotist. That was always a good conversation starter.

“So hypnotize me”, he said as he crossed his arms.

This was a contest. His body language betrayed his true intentions. He was a pure alpha male and he wanted to prove he could not be hypnotized. His wife looked on curiously.

“I’m not going to even attempt to hypnotize you. You have no interest in being hypnotized. Now could I hypnotize you? Absolutely. Give me a different set of circumstances, certain medications I could pre-medicate you with..., then yes, I could hypnotize you and you would be mine and I could make you my little bitch.” I was looking intently into his eyes, looking through him when I said this. And I said this as a statement of fact, with conviction. He swallowed hard. Yeah, I could ensnare him. We would play this game of wills again, another time. I needed to get him in a group, take down some alpha male in front of him and then I would topple him. I liked challenges.

“I’ll tell you what. Not now, but at a time of my choosing, I will drop you deep into hypnosis and I’ll bet you $100 I can do it.”

“I’ll take your bet”, Fred smiled.

“Ok, deal.” We shook on it.

We completed the main course and were having our dessert when his daughter wandered onto the scene. She was 15 or 16, a pretty girl, but a shy, quiet demeanor.

“What is it Elissa that you have to interrupt our company?”

Elissa stood, head bowed, eyes downcast and shifted her feet uneasily on the floor. “I’m sorry. It’s just I finished my homework for the week, and I wondered if I could go to Susan’s party.”

“Did you finish your chores? And not half ass this time. Finish your chores and we can talk about it later.”

She pivoted around and shuffled off, not especially happy with her father’s answer. I got an idea. “Fred, I can see your daughter is rather shy.” And repressed I thought to myself but chose not to say.

“I’ll make you another bet. I bet that I can hypnotize your daughter to have much more confidence. Moreover, I bet I can give her more joy, more curiosity about all life has to teach her and to generally be much happier.”

Carol spoke up this time, “If you could do that, I would be grateful. Elissa is shy and her father’s overbearing disposition doesn’t help matters.”

“Ok. I’ll take that bet too. $100 and Elissa tells us in 30 days if she thinks there’s a real difference.”

“Deal”, I said. Of course, Fred had to add, “Good luck with that one. Easy money.”

“Elissa! can you come here please?” called Carol. Fred seemed a little unsettled. He wasn’t fully in control of the situation.

“Yes Mom.” she said as she approached.

“This is Lydia. She is a master hypnotist according to her husband here. Another friend of ours said the same thing. She can hypnotize you to have all the self confidence in the world. You can try out for the cheerleader squad this time and kill it.”

Elissa looked at me uncertainly, “You can do that?”

“Pretty much” I reassured her. “Do you want me to show you how beautiful your mind is and how you can harness its power to conquer the world?”

“That would be awesome”, she volunteered.

“Ok, you only have to do one thing. Then it will happen quickly and naturally. Can you concentrate real hard for me? Like so hard there is nothing in the world but my voice and my words?”

She nodded yes, her eyes wide. She was already entering light trance. You couldn’t pick an easier subject than a shy teenager.

“Take a deep breath for me Elissa.” She complied. “Do that for me again and as you breathe out, I want you to feel all the stress leaving your body. Continue to take nice, soothing deep breaths and feel how your body is just slowing down.”

Elissa’s eyes were ‘half-mast’ within the first 30 seconds. She was ready to be dropped.

I got up from my chair and walked over to her. “In a moment I’m going to drop you into a deep trance. Your legs will buckle as this happens, but I will catch you. You are in a safe place. You trust me completely. You feel so wonderful. You so desperately want to go to sleep for me. You can barely keep your eyes open.”

I was dragging this out longer than I needed to for dramatic effect. I wanted to show her father what I was capable of. I walked behind Elissa and braced myself, then I tilted her head back with my right hand and hesitated for effect. She was still standing, but already loose and limp.

“Take a deep breath for me.” She obeyed. “Sleep now Elissa” as I pushed her head back against my chest. She crumpled in my arms and I gently lowered her to the patio floor. “You are very deep now Elissa. You only hear my voice. You feel euphoria washing over you. It feels so good to obey me. You want to obey me. You want to make me happy.”

I looked up at Fred and Carol. Their mouths were hanging open. Predictable response.

I spent the next 5 minutes deepening her and giving her suggestions of confidence and empowerment. “There is nothing you cannot achieve. You are a beautiful girl, maturing into a beautiful woman. Other girls look up to you. You are a role model to them. Everything in life just seems so much easier now. You can learn cheers and dance moves so easily now. You have more enthusiasm and energy than the other girls. Boys may pretend to be too cool around you, but the truth is, you intimidate them. You can make them do anything you want. That is how much they will seek your favor.”

I looked up at her father and set my jaw. “Your father no longer intimidates you, Elissa. He is just a man. When he gets stern it is because of his own insecurities. You will never bow your head to him again.”

Fred was red in the face. He started to get up. Carol put her hand on his and said, “Lydia’s right. Let your daughter come out of her shell and shine.” She soothed the savage beast. He sat back down.

I gave her a few more suggestions to cement the suggestions and brought her out of trance.

She sat up and looked around. “Oh my god. I feel like a different person.”

“You are a different person. You are superwoman now. You will be amazed at the changes in your life. Now it won’t happen overnight. But people will notice soon enough and want to be your friend. Just don’t forget your prior friends. They don’t have your confidence. You can be a champion for them. You can be their voice.”

Elissa stood up to hug me. “Thank you. Thank you so much.” She looked at me teary eyed.

And then I teared up. I hugged her back and rubbed her shoulder. “I am so proud of you, proud of the confident woman you will soon become.” There was more to this story than meets the eye which I would reveal later. I was racked with my own set of emotions, but I needed to remain strong for her. I had made a profound change in her confidence. Her subconscious would learn this, incorporate it and she would continue to grow.

I returned to the table to eat my dessert. Everyone was looking at me. I looked up and smiled as I funneled a big bite of pie into my mouth.

Carol spoke next. “Lydia if she can accomplish just half of what you just told her, I will be eternally grateful.”

Then shitty, dysfunctional Fred had to speak. “She will never bow her head to me again? What the fuck are you putting into her head? My daughter is not going to be disrespectful to me. I won’t have it!” he said. The veins on his forehead were distended and he was flushed.

I decided I didn’t have to wait to trance him for the right social setting. He was distraught over losing control and I didn’t want him to resume badgering his daughter. I could use his emotions for a distraction induction. He was primed. Having just observed me take his daughter so deep, he no longer had any doubt or skepticism concerning my power.

I touched the napkin to my lips to wipe away errant pie crumbs.

“Fred, I don’t want you to be angry. This is for your daughter’s benefit. I know you want the best for her. She needs to have the confidence to venture forth into the world. It’s a very big world. A scary world and she won’t always have you and Carol to watch over her.”

“I don’t know if you realize this, but anger actually causes heart disease. It takes you away from your loved ones much too soon. I should think you want to be able to give your daughter away when she meets the right man. That will be both the most joyful and the saddest day of your life. Don’t ruin it. I lost my father when I was 12. He never walked me down the aisle and I cursed God for taking him from me.” I could feel tears welling up in my eyes.

Fred was tearing up also. I had switched him from anger to sadness and guilt. Emotions were running high and he was ready to be dropped with a distraction induction.

“Fred. I’m going to help you have a loving relationship with your daughter. She so wants her Daddy’s approval, but she wants your love more.”

The tears were welling in his eyes and one escaped to roll down his cheek. Strike now I decided.

“Fred, I want you to stand up facing me.”

He got up from the table and stood in front of me. His emotional state actually reflected a trance state. He was not thinking with his logical mind. I would transition him from sorrow to a state of gratitude. Then relax him, then drop him.

“You need my help and I’m going to help you. Place your hands together like this.” I held my hands at chest level. He complied and I placed my hands on either side of his holding them together.

I looked deep into his eyes. He was looking down at his hands. “Fred your family depends on you. They love you more than anything. They desperately seek your love in return. They seek your approval.”

He was fighting the need to cry.

“Look at me Fred!” He looked up and met my gaze. “You are a good person. I can see your heart and you are a good man. I want you to listen to me. I don’t want you to be sad. We are going to fix this right now. Take a deep breath for me.”

He complied. “I want you to take a deep breath again and as you do I want you to feel these negative feelings flow right down your body and pool in your feet. Take another deep breath and you will notice these bad, these awful feelings leaving your body. They are draining right from your feet into the floor. As you feel these negative feelings leave your body you are going to feel a wave of relaxation, a wave of bliss and euphoria wash over you. You are starting to feel so calm..., so peaceful.”

“Do you believe in God Fred?”

“Yes, but I feel like I have let him down. I haven’t been there for my daughter.”

“Fred, I believe in God. I want you to know he loves you. You are precious to him. We are each precious to him and he only wants the best for you. We make mistakes. We sin. We are human. God forgives you as you forgive yourself.”

I could intuit that a sense of peace was falling over him.

“I’m going to put you to sleep Fred and when you wake up you will feel wonderful. You will have no problem expressing your true feelings towards Elissa. She loves her daddy.”

“As I lower your hands you are going to notice your eyes becoming heavy. You will notice them closing.” I began to slowly lower his hands and his eyes followed.

“Very good Fred. I am so proud of you. You feel so perfectly relaxed now. You just want to close your eyes and go to sleep for me. Eyes becoming too heavy to keep open.”

I finished lowering his hands and commanded him to sleep. “Close your eyes now and drift into perfect sleep. Deep sleep. You hear only my voice now. Nothing else matters in the world but my words, my voice. You feel so good, so wonderful. You are deeply hypnotized by me. You only feel love. Love surrounds you. And as you feel this and know it is good and true you drop even deeper for me.”

In a distraction induction, you have distracted your subject’s analytical, conscious mind with an emotional state. As the induction continues you must not let the conscious mind re-emerge. That means a fluid, coherent, continuous stream of words, ideas and instructions. These can be the hardest inductions to perform properly.


“When you awaken, you will desire to go back to your daughter’s room and tell her that you love her more than anything in the world. And if you become tearful, if you weep, it will only prove to her how deep your love is. You will tell her how proud you are of her. She seeks your approval, and you will give it to her. Now you will remain standing here, deeply in trance for the next several minutes as I talk to Carol.” A faint smile crossed Fred’s lips. I was giving him the tools to express his feelings.

I walked to where Carol was sitting. Please go speak to Alissa and tell her I hypnotized her father and that he loves her more than anything and wants to confess to her how he feels. And tell her that he may start bawling like a baby and I want her to hold him tightly if he does. Carol nodded and got up from the table.

“Now Fred, I want you to listen to me very carefully. I want you to call me next time that something upsets you about your relationship with your daughter. I don’t want this to bottle up inside you. Life is too precious to waste it on missed opportunities to show our love and affection for one another. I will be able to place you back into deep trance by simply saying, ‘Deep sleep for me Fred’. I can do the same to your daughter. This may be over the phone, in person or even in an email. You will want to enter deep trance for me and follow my directions. You know I only want the best for you and your family. You trust me to help you. You will have a father-daughter relationship that others could only dream of.”

“I am going to awaken you in a moment. You will not realize I hypnotized you. You will just know that I helped you and that I’m a good friend now. You know I’m a psychologist by training and I know how to help you. Help you now and always.

On the count of 5 you are going to awaken feeling better than you have in years. Feeling so happy, so eager to share the good news of your renewed faith in, and love for your daughter... 1,2 feeling good, 3,4 waking up, 5 fully awake.”

“How do you feel?”

Fred grasped my hand in his. “I feel so filled with love. And I want to tell my daughter how much I love her and how sorry I am for being such an asshole all these years.”

“Go tell her then”, I motioned him.

I sat back down at the table and Doug was looking at me speechless. “Wow. There are so many facets to you. You go from saint to succubus and then back to saint again. But I know your heart is pure gold.”

I grasped my husband’s hand in mine. “Doug, you remember when I told you I was hypnotized as a young girl by evil ‘Bob’. It messed me up. You remember I told you I had to go to counseling for months. It messed with my head and that’s why I think I get confused who I really am at times. One minute I want to be a submissive. Then I want to control and even own people... And I can do that... I do, do that. I have many thralls and people who call me master. And even though my intent is to help them lead a richer, healthier, fuller life, the control aspect seems wrong somehow, but I do this anyway. I can’t help myself. I need your help. I need you to help me stay on a godly path. What I’m doing is not godly.”

I have since renounced my ownership of thralls. This is immoral IMO, even if the person desires it. I would rather help them live with their fetish through good, erotic stories. If a submissive can enjoy a good story about servitude, then that is a very reasonable outlet for their sexual proclivities. That is certainly how I deal with my own submissive side.

“Do you think Julie is influencing you to think like this?”

“No. I don’t know. Maybe. Some people have said Julie is getting inside my head. Do you think what I’m doing is wrong?”

“You might be asking the wrong person. You programmed me to be the way I am today. But I’m a better man because of you. I love you more than anything. I would do anything for you. I would give my life for you.”

“Ok. You’re right. I don’t think you can provide an unbiased opinion.” I leaned over and kissed him. He was one in a million. Our love was eternal. I could not keep taking advantage of Doug. I needed to curb my extra marital sexual proclivities.

We waited another 20 minutes for Carol and Fred to come back to the table. Fred leaned in and embraced me. He gave me a long, heartfelt hug.

“Thank you, Lydia. Thank you. We sat in Elissa’s room and we all had a good cry together. You have opened my eyes. Just talking to you made everything so clear. I don’t know how you do it. And you didn’t even get to hypnotize me.”

“Yeah, well you win some, you lose some,” I said. “Looks like I owe you $100.”

“You pay me $100 for the bet and I’ll pay you $500 for the therapy. How does that sound?”

“You’re funny. We still have a bet on Elissa you know. I’m just glad I could help you both. Call me any time you have any parenting hiccups. And I want to get together with Elissa and help reinforce these new skills and confidence, ok?”

“Absolutely. We will call you in a few days.”

Doug and I bid them a good evening and headed home. “All in all, a good day’s work I think,”

Doug suggested, “All in all, a god day’s work I think. God is using you to help people. I really believe that and I’m not even spiritual.”

I wasn’t sure. I still had a lot of demons that I needed to exorcise.


Since getting COVID I’ve been having a bit of a spiritual awakening. I don’t know if it’s COVID or if God is trying to tell me something. It’s very emotional for me. You see, in high school I lost my best friend to suicide. Her father was overbearing just like Mr. Davis. Her name was Elissa. My Elissa’s dad committed suicide within a year of losing his daughter. I haven’t been able to write about this until now. I have started and restarted this story several times, persevering through tears this time to finish it. I wish there had been a Lydia eight years ago for Elissa and her dad.

Love is something this world needs now more than anything. Set your pride, your ego, your hurt feelings aside and start practicing love towards one another. You can be meek in your actions and still be strong in character. The meek will inherent the earth. Believe it.


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