Confessions of a Hypnodomme

Swinging isn’t just for Swingers

by LydiaSalia

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #dom:male #f/f #m/f #multiple_partners #bondage #hypnodomme #lactation

This was an unpublished, but largely finished story on Lydia’s hard drive. Lydia had a mild stroke on December 26, 2020 as a late complication of COVID. Her hospital discharge sheet called it a left hemisphere ischemic stroke presumably due to a COVID induced coagulopathy. The doctor was able to use a stent wire snaked up through an artery to retrieve the clot. Lydia is expected to make a full or near full recovery. As part of her therapy, Lydia’s husband Doug, and I (Julia), along with her speech therapist, decided to help her complete/edit her stories. This is helping stimulate her brain and will speed the healing. Lydia struggles with complex sentences, so if a complex sentence structure was not already in the story, she did not add it. We have helped her expand on and edit some sentences. This is probably the second or third story she ever wrote. She had not yet decided when she would publish it. The reason becomes clear at the end of the story.

Lydia chiming in here. I have since fully recovered.

Hypnotizing friends to do funny shit

Is this story true? That’s for me to know and you never to find out.

It was just before Christmas my first year at Stanford and Julie had come to visit. Her parents had been killed in a car accident the prior year. She was an only child and had no family to be with over the holidays. So, she was going to spend the holidays with me, my sisters and my Mom. Julie and I had discussed it might be fun to hypnotize some friends, and friends of friends, then video them while they did funny shit. We made a bet. Whoever pulled the best hypno-prank on our friends would win a nice dinner from the loser. I had this in the bag. We wrote down our pranks the day before and compared notes at the party. The challenge is to do something that is funny, legal, doesn’t cross any moral/ethical boundaries (that’s open to interpretation) and most important, can be accomplished. If a suggestion is too outlandish getting your subject to perform the act may be asking too much.

Julie had been hypnotizing people for 2 years longer than me. What she lacked was not experience, but confidence. I had only been hypnotizing people for 6 months but had already proven my mettle with some fellow students and my English lit professor. I had the utmost confidence in my abilities—far more confidence than Julie in a group setting like this. But this was good practice for her to increase her confidence.

Julie pulled out her list. It was a funny list, but mine was better and… a little more risqué.

  1. Have subject freeze/pause mid-sentence for 3 seconds while talking to someone and then resume talking where they paused as if nothing happened. Then if they are asked about the pause, they are to argue that nothing of the sort happened.
  2. When a conversation broaches the subject of the military or law enforcement, the subject is to yell “booyah” and then attempt to high five the person they are talking to.
  3. Start picking your nose while talking to someone and act as if it’s completely normal. Then nibble on it. Offer them some if they say anything.
  4. While talking to someone, randomly change your expressions from anger to fear to joy. If they question this, act as if you do not know what they are talking about.

I pulled out my list

  1. While seated at a restaurant and ordering your food, begin to experience sexual arousal. If the waiter looks askance, volunteer that you must wear a vibrator because you lost a bet. Except you will suddenly realize you really are wearing a vibrator. It malfunctions and gets stuck on the highest setting. You cannot resist the stimulation and will soon have an actual orgasm before you can remove it.
  2. The first male and female person you speak to you, you will end a sentence with one of the following: “Demons live among us” or “I like penis.”
  3. While talking to someone, refuse to look at them. Cast your eyes skyward, then look around suspiciously and keep doing this the entire time. You may look anywhere except at them.
  4. Drink several large glasses of water before going out in public. When you feel the urge to urinate, your bladder will just relax, without warning, and you will let loose. You will not be able to make it to a restroom.

Julie is my conscience. She suggested my list might be a little too extreme. I lack certain filters, so maybe I should tone these down a little… or maybe not.

We were having a small party at my place and I asked if anyone would like to expand their intelligence. I said, “Using hypnotic programming I can increase your intelligence. I can improve your ability to learn new information and to recall that information.”

Someone asked if I was going to make them do something embarrassing. “No, it won’t be embarrassing.”

Is that truthful? Yes, of course. I simply suggest that whatever I make someone do, they will not be embarrassed.

Julie thought we should activate their post hypnotic suggestions later—not at tonight’s party and get videos on our iPhones. I thought maybe have some fun at the party too. Everyone agreed to participate. Who doesn’t want to be smarter?

Robert was a grad student studying geology. A worthless advanced degree if you ask me. The oil industry was dead. Jill was a streamer on Twitch. She played games while scantily dressed and got the little boys jaggered. Apparently, she made decent money. Bud liked beer… Kidding. He was Jill’s friend and an anarchist living in his parent's basement. Maybe I would make him feel like (or eat) shit. I certainly had no respect for him. Kimberly was Ed’s friend and just as bad, but on the opposite end of the spectrum. She was a sorority bitch. I wasn’t sure I could hypnotize her. It’s hard to hypnotize stupid people.

Don’t like my characterizations of Greeks and left-wing clowns? Too Bad. Get a life. I’m an equal opportunity offender.

The other ‘volunteers’ were Ed, Bill, Jan and Alice. Ed was a professional student. His major was playing video games. He was now in the sixth year of a four-year economics degree. Bill was a physics major and Alice was his girlfriend. I did not know what she was studying. Jan was pre-med and had already been accepted to medical school. I had similar ambitions to become a doctor. Everyone was reasonably intelligent and grounded. I introduced Julie.

“Julie plans to pursue certification in hypnosis. She has been dropping people into trance for the last 2-3 years or so and is quite adroit at inducing trance. She will take you very deep and then have her fun with you. I hope none of you are virgins.”

Julie spoke up, “Stop Lydia! While Lydia is not exaggerating my skills, she is mischaracterizing me. I am all about good clean fun. Lydia has become quite the hypnotist herself as some of you may know. Before we do anything, tell me about yourselves and what goals you would like to accomplish.”

Julie actually took notes as everyone spoke up. Not me. I never take notes. Of course, I have a memory like an elephant, which helps. I decided Julie should go first. My inductions are a little more... compromising. I don’t want my subjects to realize what they are getting themselves into and have a sudden change of heart.

Julie asked for volunteers to be first. Kimberly, the Trumpette put her hand in the air. Shit. I wanted to fuck with her (not fuck her, just fuck with her). Then the anarchist. Ok, she could have him. Then the geologist and finally Jan. That left me with gamer Ed, physics dude Bill, Alice and twitcher Jill. Boys and girls evenly split. Julie decided to do a balloon levitation induction.

“Jill, Bud, Robert and Kimberly, you are to pay very, very close attention to me. I want you to concentrate on every word I say. The other four of you, do not pay close attention or you will find yourself hypnotized. You are reserved for Lydia, so look at your phones or do something else. My trance is very strong. Don’t get sucked in just yet.”

Julie asked the group to gather in the front chairs and face her with their feet on the floor and their hands in their laps. She was always so deliberate and formal with her inductions.

“We will start with a simple suggestibility test. This is not hypnosis. That comes next.”

Ummm, not exactly true. A suggestibility test is a perfect lead into a covert induction. A positive test means a light trance has already been induced. If readers want to follow along, you can see how a waking trance can create the same conditions to levitate your arm. This is Julie’s levitation induction pretty much verbatim.

“I want you to close your eyes, *except those reading* and take a deep breath for me. As you exhale, I want you to imagine that all your stress, all your worries are just draining out of your body. Take another deep breath and exhale. Each breath you take relaxes you. More and more. Very good. Take another cleansing, relaxing breath. Your stress has drained down to your feet and is exiting into the floor. As this happens, feel a wave of relaxation wash over you. Now I want you, in your mind’s eye, to see your right hand. I want you to use every ounce of imagination—try as hard as you can, to imagine that a large bright red helium balloon is tied to your wrist. Now that helium balloon alone is not enough to lift your arm, but what if I add another one? This time it is a large pink balloon. Your arm feels ever so lighter. See these balloons tied to your wrist. If you are intelligent, and I know everyone here is, you can imagine this. You can see this plain as day. These balloons are real. You know this to be true. Now you see a big, light blue helium balloon being tied to your wrist. Visualize the red, pink and pale blue helium balloons tied to your wrist, tugging at your arm to float up into the air. And now a giant white helium balloon. Your arm is beginning to float up on its own. It is becoming so light. And now I add another large yellow helium balloon. Do not resist the tug. Allow your arm to float up. Just let the balloons lift your arm naturally into the air. Very good. I am so proud of you. Your arm has now floated completely above your head. Look up and see where your arm is.”

If your arm is floating above your head, you have entered a waking trance. For most people this is a light trance. If I was hypnotizing you, at this moment, you would be helplessly mine. But you are reading this, so you are safe. Or maybe not...

"Now, on the count of 3 wake up and return to the story, 1,2,3 wake up!”

Julie does a decent balloon levitation induction. Three of the four subjects’ arms were all the way up. Robert, the geologist’s arm, was at half-mast. That figured. He was the more analytical, more skeptical of the group. The two on opposite ends of the political spectrum were easily influenced and I expected them to go deep.

“Now group, you notice not only is your arm above your head, but it is stuck there. In fact, it is becoming rigid and locked straight up. There is no way to lower it now even if you wanted to. Jill, Bud and Jan looked at each other, then their own arms hopelessly straight up in the air. Robert slowly began to lower his arm and looked at the others with a dose of awe and curiosity.

“Lydia, can you take care of Robert for me?”

“Sure, Robert why don’t you come with me into the other room. I’m going to work my magic on you. I know you want to have superpower intelligence like the others, so just listen closely to me.” I led Robert into the other room and decided to do a nontraditional shock induction. I turned to face him. “Robert, I’m going to take you very deep. But before I do this I need to ask you a couple of questions and I need you to be completely honest with me. Can you do that for me.”

“Yes Mam.” He swallowed hard.

Mam? He was at least 5 years older than me. I guess age difference doesn’t matter so much when you have established authority over your subject. “Robert, you are obviously very smart already. Tell me, how many girls have you been with?” He hesitated.

I touched his forehead and commanded him, “You will speak freely without embarrassment or hesitation.”

“I’ve been with one girl.”

“Would you like to be with a girl tonight and have the confidence to bed any girl you want in the future?”

“Yeah… sure. Who wouldn’t?”

I have set him up to go into trance. The appeal of becoming a Casanova with women seduces his subconscious to respond to me. These kinds of inductions work best on men when conducted by a woman. A man hypnotizing a woman would use something more along the lines of, "I will give you the confidence and internal beauty that no man will be able to resist."

I put my right hand firmly on his shoulder. “Then look directly into my eyes. Take a deep breath in, then slowly let it out. In a moment you will feel my other hand and you will realize I am in control. When this happens, your eyes will close, and you will be deeply hypnotized and under my control. Do you understand?”

He looked at me, eyes wide.

“This is called a shock induction Robert and it will have a very profound effect on you. As soon as I touch you, you will be frozen in place, unable to move, eyes closed and in trance. There is no reason to be nervous. This is just what I do and my induction is irresistible.”

He swallowed hard. “Are you ready?”

As he started to answer, I reached up with my left hand and forcefully grabbed his nuts and penis as I commanded him to sleep. Simultaneously I pulled him forward against my chest with my right hand. His eyes snapped shut, his face went blank and his penis began to grow in my grip.

They don’t teach this induction at Hypnosis University.

“Very good Robert. I am so very proud of you.” I gave his junk a squeeze.

“As your hardon grows, you fall deeper into trance, deeper under my control.” He soon had a raging hard on.  I deepened him further still, then implanted a sleep trigger before waking him up and leading him back to his chair.

Julie looked up at me, questioningly. I answered, “He never stood a chance. He’s mine.” Robert was awake, if a bit dazed. I walked over to Julie and whispered in her ear. “We are going to have a little sex show with Robert. I used a penis induction and he’s got a pretty phat package... He’ll make someone happy tonight.”

I observed Julie blush. My suggestion aroused her sexually, even if consciously she wasn’t fully aware of it.

Julie had dropped the others into trance and had been deepening them. I looked at the girls deep in trance. I whispered in Julie’s ear. “Transfer control to me for a few minutes.”

Julie looked up at me curiously, no doubt wondering what I had up my sleeve. “Girls, Lydia is now in control. You will obey her instructions while hypnotized.” I thought to myself, so much for waking them up. I would keep them hypnotized based on her instruction.

Subconscious interpretation of instructions is very literal. They will follow my instructions “while hypnotized…”

Kimberly, the little sorority slut, and Jan the doctor in training. Yeah, I could work with that. I’d take care of Bud a little later.

“Jan and Kimberly, you are deeply relaxed and feel perfectly wonderful. I promised you I was going to expand your intelligence. I want you to listen very carefully to me. In the future when your brain catalogs new memories, your subconscious will carefully pay attention to where this information is stored. How will you do that? You will associate new memories with a memory mnemonic. I will teach you some of these now and others when I next hypnotize you. For now, when you meet new people you will associate their name with something that describes them or rhymes with their name. For instance, say you meet someone named Marty. Recall his name as ‘farty Marty’. He tends to pass a lot of gas. Or ‘barrelin Carolyn’. She’s moving fast. I will teach you how to remember almost anything effortlessly and you will be so grateful. Now, in order to create the neural pathways to achieve super memory, I will need to activate two areas in your brain called the amygdala and hippocampus.”

Is activating the amygdala and hippocampus really necessary? No, of course not. But the subconscious doesn’t know that. And to bypass a person’s modesty and sense of sexual propriety, you need to fool their subconscious. Arousal needs to have a straightforward explanation.

“So, I want you to imagine that you are with the most perfect lover. Maybe it is someone you know now or have known in the past or someone you fantasize about. You know for certain that your perfect lover is the man in this room named Robert. Regardless of whatever you may have imagined before, Robert is your perfect lover. You imagine Robert kissing you and gently touching your breast. It is making you so aroused.” I observed my suggestions having the intended effect.

I walked over to Robert and dropped him back into trance with my sleep trigger. I leaned over and spoke into his ear. “Robert, you are these girl’s perfect lover. They are going to respond to you. They will bring you great pleasure and you will return their attention and bring them to powerful orgasms. And in the future, you will know that you can seduce any girl you want simply with your charm and confidence.” Robert smiled. He was onboard. “Remove your clothes Robert.”

Robert was soon naked and sporting a nice erection. What Robert lacked in looks he made up for in his friendly, easy going nature and intelligence. If guys only knew what a good personality and confidence could do for their love life. After this evening he would be able to seduce any girl he wanted. Well, not any girl, but most girls…

“Jan and Kimberly in a moment you will open your eyes but remain deep in trance. Your lover is now kissing you on the neck, rubbing your breasts through your clothing and coddling your pussy. You share him with another lover. You like to share him as you want him to be happy. You so want to make love to him. Now, remaining in trance, open your eyes and remove your clothes.”

Surprisingly, at least to me, the good doctor (to be) was the first one undressed. Kimberly was a little slower to respond. I knew she would follow Jan’s lead and she did. As she realized Jan was already naked, she quickly stripped off her remaining clothes.

Jan was eager to have Robert’s cock. She knelt down before him and took the length of his cock in her mouth and then began sucking on it like a popsicle. She was obviously enjoying him as much as he was enjoying it. I allowed this to continue for a few minutes until I thought Robert was edging too close. I had three hypnotized people fucking, so I was going to have to be the director of this show. They would obey instructions but would likely not take the initiative. I relocated the party to the bedroom and instructed Robert to lie down on the bed. I had Jan straddle Robert and then I grasped his penis and guided it into her pussy. She allowed an audible sigh. I positioned Kimberly facing Jan with her pussy over Robert’s mouth. He began to lick her pussy. I instructed the girls to kiss one another. They were so aroused they would have done anything I asked. Jan was grinding against Robert’s penis while Robert was lapping the juices from Kimberly’s pussy. Soon both girls were whimpering and near orgasm.

“Girls, this feels soooo good. You are so near orgasm. You can’t stand it. You are going to cum soon. I will know you are ready to orgasm as your pleasure gets louder and louder."

Their exaltations became increasingly more urgent. "You desperately want to orgasm but cannot until I give you permission. You will beg me to orgasm. My voice is in your head. My voice is your thoughts and your feelings. What I say is happening to you. The pleasure is building, becoming so intense. Are you ready to cum? Beg me to cum."

Both girls whimpered, "Please let me cum. I need to cum. Pleezzeeee." 

"On the count of three you may cum. One, oh my god it's good, two, so close, three, cum hard now!"

And they did... hard, bucking wildly as they came.

That’s how you do it folks. The girls had loud, animalistic orgasms, which unsurprisingly, brought Jan out of trance. It was this evening, this incident, that I came to understand that an orgasm will bring many people out of trance.

“Did you like that?”

Jan smiled, “Oh my god that was great.” Then she looked around and realized she was naked and what she had just done. Her sense of propriety suddenly activated, she covered her breasts and sat up alarmed. I walked up to her and touched her forehead, “Sleep for me Jan.”'

She dropped back into trance. I reinforced trance in Kimberly as well. And then I woke Robert. “Did you get to cum Robert?”

“Uhhh, no. But I need to.”

“No worries. Why don’t you fuck Kimberly? In fact, why don’t you fuck her in the ass. You don’t want her to get pregnant and shit out any little future Republicans, do you?”

“No. That’s smart.”

I instructed Kimberly that she was curious to feel how it was like to get fucked in the ass. I told her it might be a little uncomfortable at first, but then she would realize it was the most incredible sensation and would be her preferred way to have sex in the future. I had retrieved some lubricant I kept on hand. I had Kimberly arch her ass into the air. I coated her anus and Robert’s penis with the K-Y before helping guide him into her. He was very considerate and penetrated her slowly, asking her as he inserted himself if it was ok. She nodded that it was ok and soon her loud approval confirmed she was enjoying it. He slammed himself all the way into her repeatedly while building to a powerful orgasm. While this was happening, I had retrieved Bud and walked him over to behind Kimberly. I spoke into his ear with some additional deepening instructions and commands. He was becoming visibly aroused. Robert was soon grunting as he unleashed his load into Kimberly’s butt.

Before Robert pulled out, I gave Kimberly her instructions. “Kimberly, you are going to push the sperm out of your ass and directly into Bud’s mouth. Bud loves the taste of sperm.”

Kimberly and Bud remained deep in trance. Robert withdrew and I had Kimberly squat over Bud’s open mouth. I instructed Bud to kneel behind her and that he would need to help her get the sperm out by licking and stimulating her asshole. He reached up with both hands to help spread her butt cheeks and open up her poop-hole while he licked around the edges and inserted his tongue into her anus. It was pretty loud as she bared down, farted and squirted quite a bit of jiz into his waiting mouth. He dutifully slurped it down. He believed it tasted like sweet milk. The liberal left are such good butt munchers I decided. After this, of course, I took care to remove any embarrassment or shame from my subject’s subconscious before awakening them.

To remind my readers, I'm an equal opportunity offender. I'm equally dismissive of far left and far right. They are all brainwashed.

Julie had watched all of this in amazement. She did not have the confidence or skills to pull something like this off. But I could tell it had affected her. She was flustered, a bit flushed and breathing a little harder than usual. Should I bring her pleasure that she would otherwise deny herself? I had an idea. I would let her have some sexual fun and then, I guess, ask her to forgive me? Is that taking this too far? I need to decide if this was in her best interest, and soon…

Chapter 2 — Prying Julie out of her shell

I had usurped Julie’s subjects, so she got to have mine. It was her turn to demonstrate her skills. Then a crazy idea popped into my head. So what's new?

I decided to take this in a different direction. Looking at her, I could tell she had become aroused watching the lovers. I was still trying to decide. Should I demonstrate my superior hypnotic skills ‘over’ Julie. She was a bit of a prude though, so I would have to be clever if I was to trick her subconscious into letting loose. I decided to proceed. I would use a covert, distraction induction. I was quite certain if she knew what I was planning, she would resist. But I reasoned it was for her own good. The challenge is in getting your subject’s subconscious to accept your suggestions if your suggestions are on the fringe. My suggestions are always on the fringe. But manipulation of a person’s subconscious is one of my superpowers.

Now, just so readers understand. The sex show that the group just witnessed had everyone in a sexual quandary. Lust permeated the air and that is something I can use. Even if consciously people are thinking, “I don’t want that done to me.” Subconsciously their brain is saying, “I want that to be me.” Give their conscious brain a reason to enter trance and you have them. I would use this logic on Julie and the rest of my victims… er, I mean subjects.

I decided to co-opt Julie’s induction with a hypnosis lesson, and, of course, subvert her subconscious defenses. Julie was always eager to learn something new, to improve her mind… so I knew I would have her attention. And that is what I needed. I needed her to concentrate on what I was saying and to trust me for my plan to work. It was for her own good.

“Everyone, before Julie begins, I want to teach everyone’s subconscious a trick to achieve super intelligence. I taught some of you already, certain memory mastery tricks earlier. Now, in order to share these IQ building tricks with everyone, I will take you into a light stage of hypnosis. We only use a fraction of our mind. Wouldn’t it be great if you could read about a complicated subject and not only be able to recall it with near photographic ability but be able to fully understand it. I use self-hypnosis on myself when I need to enhance my own natural abilities. For instance, I use this skill on myself and on people in my study groups to improve our test taking. Academically I’m a rock star and I’m not even Asian.” That drew a laugh. Julie added, “She really is able to do this. I’m jealous of her ability to focus and go so deeply.”

I had set the stage for Julie’s interest. She would be very interested in expanding her cognitive ability. Now I’m not totally misleading her. I can expand one’s intelligence, just not by orders of magnitude.

Ok, here is how it is going to go. I am going to induce a twilight sleep or light trance in everyone and then embed some programming that will expand your mind. You will be amazed at how much easier it is to learn and recall new information. It is almost magic. Our brains are amazing computers, but not always programmed optimally. As we grow up, we feed it garbage programming and bad habits. If we clean up and organize our internal hard drives, we can accomplish so much more.” I had everyone’s attention; Julie included.

“Place your feet flat on the floor with your hands relaxing on your thighs palm down. Look directly at me and nothing else as you take a deep breath.” Everyone followed my directions perfectly. Good, no subconscious resistance.

“Now, breath out. Notice how relaxing that is. How relaxed you feel when you take a deep cleansing breath in and exhale the stale air out. Imagine as you do this that a wave of relaxation is washing over you. It feels so good to surrender to relaxation.... so good to let go... nothing else matters but letting this relaxation blanket your body. Every muscle is heavy and loose and relaxed. You will start to feel sleepy in a few minutes. It’s ok to let sleepiness come to you, but you must continue to concentrate on every word I say.”

I yawn which is a subconscious trigger to feel sleepy, to feel like yawning. Several people respond with their own yawn.

“I imagine you are feeling a little sleepy. So sleepy... It’s like the deep relaxation you feel right before you drift off to sleep. When I’m lying in bed at night, I often find myself becoming even more relaxed by counting down from ten. Concentrate on each number as I count down so that you can reach the deepest state of relaxation.

Ten, so relaxed. Nothing matters but falling into deep relaxation.

Nine, letting go. Totally surrendering to this perfect feeling of calm and bliss

Eight, so drowsy. So, so drowsy. Don’t think. Let your mind go completely blank as you surrender to this perfect state of tranquility.

Seven, eyes are so, so heavy. It would feel so good if you could just close them. You feel it. Its like weights pulling down on your eyelids forcing your eyes to close.

Six, deep cleansing breath. Mind is shutting down. Just want to close your eyes and surrender to sleep.

Five, it is almost impossible to keep your eyes open. You don’t want to resist this feeling. You welcome it. And when your eyes finally close you will be wrapped in a shroud of perfect relaxation and peace.

Four, you are so sleepy! If only you could close your eyes for just a moment. It would feel so good to close your eyes and feel a wave of relaxation wash over your body.

Three, you can’t hold on any longer. Sleep is overtaking you.

Two, yes, that’s right. Your eyes are almost shut. Vision blurry, vision double. Brain shutting down. Too much effort to keep your eyes open. Very good.”

One, you have my permission to close your eyes. It’s alright. You are completely safe and trust me completely. Close your eyes and deep sleep for me now.”

Everyone was in light trance. Now to take them very deep. I walked up behind the chairs and touched the first two people on the shoulders, “Ten times deeper NOW!”

I proceeded to the others with similar deepening instructions as I placed my hands on their shoulders. “Deeper than you have ever been. Ten times deeper again.”

I lifted Julie’s hand and released it. It fell limp to her side. She was deep. Good.

“You are very deeply hypnotized for me and you love this feeling. You love the idea of following my instructions exactly. You know I only want the best for you and that I will expand your mental abilities beyond your wildest dreams. You trust me completely as you know I only want the best for you.”

It was true I wanted the best for them, but to be honest, I revel in the control I can exert over others. It is addicting.

“I will be programming your minds to be smarter and faster. Listen extremely closely to what I am about to say. Focus and concentration are critical to remembering new information.”

“First I’m going to recite some facts. Research shows that information organized in memory in related clusters is the easiest to retain and recall. You can take advantage of this by structuring and organizing the information you are trying to remember. From now on, when you are trying to remember, associate similar concepts and terms together. This is similar to using mnemonic devices. As an example, say you want to remember the definition of a new vocabulary word. Let's say the word is sanguine. To be sanguine means you are positive or optimistic despite a bad situation. So, in this example you know a penguin living in the very harsh environment of the South pole. The penguin’s name is Sanguine. Notice the penguin and sanguine are similar sounding. Sanguine has to bring food to his family to save them from starving in the dead of winter, but this is something penguin’s do every season, so he is optimistic he can accomplish this. You have clustered new information. The definition of sanguine and the fact that penguins live at the south pole. I am going to show you other shortcuts that will help you organize and retrieve information effortlessly. But first, I am going to take you deeper into hypnosis so that my ideas and suggestions become your own.”

Educational moment. Subconscious defenses are largely disarmed by the fact that you really are doing what you promised. Establishing trust is key.

“Before we continue with memory enhancing skills, I want you to go extremely deep for me. In your own mind, I want you to count down to yourself from 100 to 1. As you count down lower and lower, your right arm will begin to rise up in the air. I will know you have reached the deepest state of hypnosis when your arm is up above your head. Begin counting to yourself silently.”

I continued to intone, “Completely relaxed and at peace. Going so, so deep for me. You feel so wonderful. The deeper you go, the more wonderful you feel. The more wonderful you feel, the deeper you go. As you go deeper, your arm begins to float up from your side all by itself.”

I continued with deepening commands. The countdown continued for the next 90 seconds or so before everyone’s hand was above their heads. While in this deep state I implanted a sleep trigger in each subject for my future use. To succeed with my little experiment I needed my subjects, including Julie, to be in the deepest level of trance.

"As part of implanting these skills in your subconscious mind, I will be activating the arousal center in the brain. Arousal will help cement my instructions and improvements firmly in your subconscious. The amygdala and hippocampus are part of the salience network of the brain. They have been shown to light up on functional MRI, in studies where people had their brain imaged while hypnotized. So I will be making suggestions that will lead to increasing arousal. You will not hesitate or question any of my commands. Obeying my commands brings a wave of euphoria over you. It’s like magic. You feel so good when you obey me. You do not need to think about any of this. Just let it happen. No thinking. Just obey my programming… my programming to improve and enhance your mind."

I was taking everyone deep, but Julie most of all. It would have to be deep to bypass her sexual inhibitions. “Listen carefully to each word I say. You love following my instructions. It feels so good to obey. No hesitation. No thinking. You may now lower your arm to your side. Nothing in the world matters right now but my voice. My voice is inside your head. My words are your thoughts. I want you to imagine your ideal lover. Someone you have been with before or could imagine yourself with. This person is standing before you now. You are kissing, gently, tenderly… and the passion is building. You are becoming so aroused. Lift your arms to cradle their head as you tenderly kiss them.”

All my subjects were holding their arms up, cradling the head of their lovers as they kissed them tenderly. My suggestions were working like a charm. Damn I’m good.

“Now, I am going to pair you off with your lover. When I instruct you to open your eyes, you will see your ideal lover standing before you. There will be no question in your mind. You will be so excited, so aroused. You feel totally comfortable and free sharing your love with your lover. You will want to make passionate love to your lover. You want to do this now. You will remain deep in trance as I lead you to the bedroom.”

I had two bedrooms in my apartment. I had planned on a roommate, but that had never materialized. I first paired Julie off with Bill, the physics student. He was a good-looking guy and Julie liked the smart, nerdy types. Next to them, on the same bed, I paired off Kimberly and Bud. Perfect, opposites attract, and would be getting it on. In the other bedroom, I paired Robert with Alice and Jan with the video gamer. Then I had everyone open their eyes but remain in trance. They were instructed to see their ideal lover and to thoroughly enjoy themselves.

The clothes came off as everyone couldn’t wait to get started. I watched as Bud entered the sorority girl. She soon let out a wail of pleasure and he was inspired to pound her harder. Bill was lapping around Julie’s labia and she was moaning loudly. She would never have agreed to this consciously. When Bill stood up, I looked at his schlong. Damn impressive. Julie was about to get her fill of pleasure. He positioned himself at Julie’s entrance, hesitating ever so briefly before driving himself all the way in balls deep. I imagined it probably stretched Julie to her limits. She let out a loud “Ohhhh” which I interpreted as pleasure rather than pain. Julie opened her eyes wide, wrapping her legs around his waist to hold him against her. I was a little concerned she had come out of trance with his intrusion, but I was prepared to drop her back into trance if she started to act upset or behave in an inhibited manner. No worries, her eyes closed again as he was grinding and thrusting into her. She moved her hands down to his hips, grasping his legs and raising her pelvis to meet him. I smiled as Julie began to cum. “You’re going to make me cum. Oh fuck. Oh fuck. I’m cumming, I’m cumming, “I’m cumminggggg!” Julie contorted her head to the side while crossing her arm over her forehead.

Such contortions are often involuntary and can occur with over activation of neurons in the brain. It’s not a seizure, but it’s the next closest thing. I planned to go to medical school, so you have to put up with the scientific musings.

Her orgasm consummated, she suddenly crossed her legs and blocked poor Bill. I know this feeling. The stimulation can become so intense you need it to stop.

I waited as everyone enjoyed wonderful orgasms. That included letting Bill finish. I helped Julie uncross her legs after she had calmed down a bit so that Bill could have his orgasm. Julie continued to respond to him, but he didn’t last and soon blew his load. Orgasms can break trance, so I was ready to use the instant sleep trigger if necessary. I had my sleepy lovers remember everything, but without shame or embarrassment and then I brought them out of trance.

I think Julie came out of trance when Bill plunged into her. Not that it mattered. She was sexually hyper stimulated and a slave to her passion at this point. This could explain the overwhelming guilt she soon experienced, however.

I decided I had done enough for one night. I could do the hypno-pranks some other time. Everyone thanked me and we said goodnight for the evening. Everyone was gone and I noticed Julie was uncharacteristically quiet. Then she just started crying. And that triggered me to cry. My sense of empathy is overwhelming at times. “Julie, why are you crying?” I managed to say between my own sobs.

“You didn’t ask me if this was ok. I have deep religious beliefs that prohibit this.”

She was right of course. I had not sought her permission. Fuck me. I am such a cunt. Now I hated myself. “Julie, I am so sorry. Please forgive me.”

And then I decided what I needed to do. “Sleep now for me Julie.”

She closed her eyes and stopped crying. Post hypnotic sleep commands are like magic. I basically turned off the emotion center of her brain—the thalamus and temporal lobe. I still felt like shit, however. I needed someone to make me forget what I did.

“Julie, you are a good Christian girl. God loves you. You just imagined you had sex with someone out of marriage. It did not happen. It was a dream. And that dream is fading from your memory. Never to be thought of again. When I awaken you in a moment you will have no memory of any unhappy event, no memory of any imagined sexual liaison. You remember that we had a fun evening with some friends, and you learned some new skills to help you remember things better. Do you understand?”

“Yes” she responded.

“Good girl. You will awaken on the count of 5 feeling wonderful. Happier than you have been in a really long time and you will want to give me a hug. One, feeling so good, so happy, two starting to come around, 3, feeling so very good, four starting to wake up, five fully awake!”

Julie leaned over, smiled and gave me a hug. “Did you hypnotize me? I feel a little… disoriented.”

“Yes. You were a little sad. I wanted you to be happy. I know you miss your parents, but you are with us this Christmas and we love you deeply.”

Tears welled in Julie’s eyes, but she was good. She leaned over and hugged me more tightly.

It was great having Julie share Christmas with us. We opened presents, we laughed, and we drank spiked eggnog together. My Mom acted as her surrogate Mom. I was grateful to my Mom and so happy that Julie was alright. I want Julie to be happy and to experience all the joy life has to offer. I sometimes worry if her religion and guilt hold her back. Maybe that is something I should work on… or maybe it’s none of my business.

Epilogue by Lydia’s friend, Julie Adams

As for this story, I remember the get together many years ago. I do not remember this ‘sexcapade’. And now I want to know. I asked Lydia to hypnotize me (under Doug’s watchful eye) and have me remember if this really happened. Of course, I asked that she not implant a false memory. Doug reassures me that she did not mess with my existing memories.

Oh my.

This story was never published, I think because Lydia was not ready for me to know about it. Now I know. Hypnosis used this way is manipulative and nonconsensual. Thankfully, she has grown spiritually and now understands this sort of thing is terribly wrong. She is embarrassed that Doug found it, but I have told her I forgive her and have no hard feelings. I must admit, I am glad that I don’t know any of these people or run into them today. Same goes for the people on EMCSA that I unknowingly emailed naked pictures of myself when Lydia and I were playing hypnopranks on one another.... Finally, thank god I didn’t get pregnant. Immaculate conception would have taken some explaining…

Now for the final 'mind fuck'. Julie is a real person. A friend and fellow hypnotist. AND she is a figment of my imagination. Which Julie is this?


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