Confessions of a Hypnodomme

The taking of my English Professor

by LydiaSalia

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This story has true and false elements. What is true? Stay around til the end.

I was drugged and sodomized by a professor. Once I had my wits about me, I decided to seek revenge. I'm not one to whine to the authorities. I decided to take matters into my own hands.

True element..... I fucked Kevin in my study group. He was just too shy to ask for it so I gave him a little hypnotic arousal... Does that mean it was non consensual?

I practice on my Study Group

My first introduction to hypnosis occurred shortly after graduating from high school. My mother planned a celebratory party for my acceptance into Stanford. After dinner, my sister Steph asked to see how a certain hypnodisc worked that a family friend had pulled out of his pocket. He began to demonstrate on her and I watched out of curiosity. Sitting next to her I remember how pretty the lights and colors were and then I was waking up... and craving a glass of milk.  While hypnotized, I was given self-improvement suggestions. I was instructed that I would have an insatiable curiosity to learn new things, that I would enjoy greater self-confidence and I would be able to concentrate like never before and retain what I learned like an academic all-star. These were to make my first year at Stanford a little less intimidating. These seemed like great suggestions at the time... and they still are, but they also set me up for being even more easily corralled into a deep hypnotic state. I’m a freshman now at Stanford. I plan to go on to medical school and become a surgeon. Compete in a male dominated profession. I’m normally a very good girl—the model citizen. This submissive side of me is probably not ideal in the profession I am considering, but it is what it is. I selected psychology as my major. It shouldn’t be too difficult to get a high GPA in this major. If I want to get into a top medical school, I figure I will need at least a 3.7 GPA and an MCAT score of 518 to 520. These are tall requirements, but I tend to excel at academics.

I have been told that I am highly suggestible and therefore, highly hypnotizable. No duh!

My curiosity piqued, I decided to learn more about the strange world of hypnosis. As I researched and studied hypnosis, I came to understand that all hypnosis is really self-hypnosis and that no one can make you do anything that goes against your internal moral compass. I read that you can’t be hypnotized if you don’t want to be. I also learned that people who get up on stage and perform, for the most part, are aware of what they are doing, remember it afterwards and really are just satisfying a larger social construct of seeking approval from the hypnotist and the audience. Disinhibition is a core factor in hypnosis and explains why people can do some outlandish things while under hypnosis. My own personal experience with hypnosis contradicts many of these ‘facts’, although the disinhibition side of hypnosis is very real.

I began to hone my skills and discovered that ‘just about’ everything I had read about hypnosis was wrong. People can be hypnotized who do not want to be hypnotized. People can be made to do things they would not normally want to do. People can be instructed not to remember. This is different from the concept of being told to forget. There are many other important caveats. The subconscious is your inner child. When under hypnosis, a person will ‘generally’ do as they are told as long as the task does not conflict too severely with the “truths” that comprise their core personality or belief system. To accept new ‘truths’, one only has to slowly, patiently, dislodge the old ‘truths’. The subconscious constantly compares new input with old, established truisms and makes adjustments. It will reject a new input (truth) if it is too radically different. This explains why you can’t make someone kill someone else under hypnosis.... Well, not exactly! I can have a person commit murder, but I can’t just say go shoot so and so. I must trick their subconscious into thinking it is not murder. For instance, if I induce a deep trance (in a loyal subject) and then instruct them to play a practical joke on their boss—telling them he will be surprised and find it hilarious, and so happy that they are thinking of him. I have now set the stage for the assassination. Next, I give them a squirt gun and tell them it is heavy because it is supposed to look like a real gun. The setup is I tell them it is full of ice water and shooting their boss at the top of his neck will send shivers down his spine and get him to start laughing hysterically. And maybe I add, it’s his birthday, so all manner of funny jokes will be played on him. It will be so much fun! The stage is set for a nasty surprise for both boss and hypnotized subject. By the way, should anyone reading this get any ideas, this will only work in the most deeply hypnotized and loyal subjects. The authorities will also be able to extract what has occurred and trace it back to the hypnotist. If you think you can have the hypnotized person then shoot themselves—effectively eliminating all evidence, think again. The loud noise when the gun discharges will wake the person from trance. They will then understand that the weapon is real and will have zero inclination to use it on themselves. A more subtle use of subterfuge in hypnosis would be telling the subject that a squirt bottle contains water, when in fact it contains acid. It would be relatively easy to command them to squirt a co-worker or friend. A little harder to convince them to squirt a complete stranger.

Other methods of prolonged conditioning with repetitive audio loops can condition certain behaviors over time—even extreme behaviors. Absolute obedience is a good example. Some people conditioned towards absolute obedience can be programmed to believe they are devotees of a certain cause or belief system. This is the way cults work. If you want to breed anarchists, these brainwashing techniques are tried and true. And you can program aggression and violence into your ‘true believers’.

My first attempts at hypnosis were a mixed bag. I partially succeeded in hypnotizing a nerdy boy in my Calculus class and learned from my mistakes. By the end of my first semester in college I felt pretty comfortable in how best to hypnotize people. I had hypnotized half a dozen different people in different settings and had them doing all manner of silly things. I got my next big chance with my study group. I had English lit finals in one week and there was a lot still to memorize. Our little study group had gotten together to prepare for the test. The three members besides myself were Kevin, Alfred and Karen. We met at the library in one of the secluded ‘stacks’ and got our books out. After about an hour I closed my book and suggested we take a break. I asked everyone if they ever got uptight before taking a test and if it affected their performance. Everyone’s hands went up. We all agreed that we suffered from ‘performance anxiety’ and I volunteered that I could help them. Everyone was on board. I advised them that I would take them through a deep relaxation exercise and that afterwards it would be much easier to retain the information they were studying and that they would not suffer anxiety while taking their test.

I began with deep relaxation exercises. “Please listen carefully and do exactly as I say. Take a deep, slow breath in on a 3 count. One, two, three. Hold it for a count of 3. Four, five, six. Now slowly exhale it over a count of three. Seven, eight, nine. Continue to breath as I have instructed counting now to yourselves. I want you to imagine that you are breathing out stress and anxiety. I want you to see in your mind’s eye that when you take the deep breath in, it is a beautiful ocean blue and when you exhale it is dark grey exhaust. The noxious air leaves your body, and you replace it with, clean, fresh, blue air. Notice how relaxed this is making you. It feels so good to listen to the sound of my voice as you take in these deep cleansing breaths.”

I surveyed my little clan. Kevin’s eyes were open. Karen and Alfred had elected to close their eyes. All three had faint smiles and seemed genuinely relaxed. This was going better than I had expected. “Now, while you continue to take these slow, luxurious breaths, I want you to extend both of your arms straight out in front of you. Space them like so.” I demonstrated. Alfred and Karen opened their eyes to confirm they were doing it right.

“Excellent. Now I’m going to test how deep your imagination can go. Close your eyes and concentrate on what I am saying. This is purely an imagination exercise. I am going to suggest one arm will feel heavy while the other arm will feel light. This is not a contest of wills. Please only continue if you are willing and ready to experience the power of suggestion. That is how I can best help you.”

“Ok. Good. Picture your right arm having several large helium balloons tied around your wrist. One of them is pink, one is red, and one is blue. See that image in your mind. Feel that image in your mind. Now in your left hand, imagine that you are holding a large yellow pale of sand. It is only half full, but I am adding scoops of wet sand to it. Feel how heavy your left arm is becoming. Now, I’ve tied another balloon to your right wrist. It’s a big white one and the balloons are really starting to tug your right arm into the air. In the meantime, the muscles in your left arm are becoming so tired. The pale of sand is so heavy, pulling your arm down.”

“Now open your eyes and see where your hands are.”

Alfred and Karen’s right arms were all the way up in the air, while their left arms were down by their sides. Kevin had an intermediate response. Alfred started laughing. “Wow!” I decided I would drop him first.

“Alfred, please stand here in front of me.” He got up from his chair and walked over to me.

“For the next test, I want you to stare directly into my eyes while I begin to start swaying you back and forth using only suggestion. Pay very close attention to me.”

“I will be using my hands on either side of your head to cause you to rock gently to and fro. When you see me, in your peripheral vision, curl my fingers in and gently tug the air, you will feel as if I am pulling strings that are attached to you. You will rock forward. When I open my palms and move my hands towards you, you will feel the tension in the strings lessen and will rock back slightly on your heels. Continue to look into my eyes as I rock you back and forth with my suggestions.”

Soon Alfred was rocking on his heels barely able to keep himself from falling into me. At this point I rested my hands lightly on his shoulders, instructed him to take a deep cleansing breath and then said simply, “Ready?” He looked at me, questioning, at which point I commanded “SLEEP!” while pulling him into my chest. This is a variant of the Erickson handshake. It is a type of shock induction that I have had very good success with.

I quickly deepened the trance. “Very deeply asleep. Very deeply hypnotized. You feel so wonderful. You love being in this state. I will take care of you. Everything will be so much better as you listen to and obey my voice. I am going to walk you over to a chair. You will sit down and remain in trance.” I walked him to his seat and he sat down as instructed.

I glanced at the other two whose mouths were open in various degrees of shock. I knew Karen would go right out. Kevin looked to be analyzing what just happened. I don’t want him thinking, but that is easy enough to rectify. “Kevin, no thinking. Stop thinking. Stand up in front of me and give me your hand.”

He obeyed without hesitation. He was still in light trance from the relaxation breathing exercises. I told him to look directly forward. I glanced over at Karen. She looked frozen, like a deer in headlights. While looking at her I said to Kevin, “Kevin. Take a deep breath for me.” He complied. I knew he was just hanging on by a thread. “This command is for you and only you Kevin. Deep sleep now!” He tumbled forward into my waiting arms. He was pretty buff and I felt his knees buckling. “Now stand up straight but remain in trance. You are deeply asleep Kevin. Awaiting my commands. You love this feeling.”

I walked over to Karen. She could barely keep her eyes open. “What do you think of my little demonstration?” As she started to speak, I touched her forehead and said “Sleep”. Her head dropped to her chest. She was out.

Now what to do with these three...

I looked at my friends and began, “Everyone here is in deep trance. I have placed you in trance so that I can reach your subconscious mind and teach you how easy it is to do well on tests and to learn new things. I will be giving you self-improvement instructions that will make your life so much easier, so much better. You love the idea of learning being fun instead of a worry.”

I observed a faint smile cross everyone’s face. “Karen, what is your hardest subject? You may speak freely. No one will judge you. I am only here to help.”

Karen began, “Math intimidates me. I don’t think I gave algebra and pre-calc the attention they deserved in high school. I was more interested in boys.”

“Thank you for sharing. You will enroll in the mentor’s course at the commons and review the fundamental areas in algebra where you feel you have a deficit. You will find that math is elegant..., even exciting and find a new appreciation for its beauty. As you discover you have a natural ability for math, you will enroll next semester in Calculus 1 and you will ace the exams. You are such a smart girl. Boys will do anything to be with a girl who is so smart in math.”

Karen had a deep, satisfied look on her face. I proceeded to each of the boys and had them tell me what they feared or worried about. I addressed these with each of them and inspired newfound confidence and an eagerness to learn. I advised the group that I only wanted the very best for them in life and that they would trust me to provide them advice for even the most personal or difficult problems. Before I awoke them, I instilled strong post hypnotic suggestions that in the future, if I commanded them to sleep, they would drop even deeper into trance than they are now. Likewise, I instructed them that they would have no waking, conscious memory of my ‘Sleep’ command—but that their subconscious mind would remember and respond to the command instantly.

Trust is critical to achieving deep trance. In light trance, anything you say that might ‘alarm’ the subconscious will make further attempts at deepening futile. I like to praise the subject at this point and offer to help them with goals they would like to conquer. Goals like higher self-confidence, exercise, weight loss or even dealing with bad habits. Once their guard is down, taking them deeper is relatively easy. There are other techniques like building arousal and projection of authority that can work, but those are more advanced skills than I had mastered at this point in my career.

“On the count of 5 you will awaken from trance. You will remember only that I helped you relax, and I helped you figure out strategies that will help you conquer any obstacles that ever block your path.”

“1,2, 3.. feeling wonderful, 4 starting to wake, 5 wide awake!”

Alfred stretched out his arms and yawned while Kevin looked confused.

“What’s the matter Kevin?", I asked.

“Uhhh, not sure. I was sitting in that chair” he pointed, “after you did those relaxation exercises. Now I’m standing here.”

I find that truth goes a long way to reassure the recently hypnotized subject. “Kevin, I asked you to stand. I placed everyone in a light trance in order to instill some deep self-improvement behaviors and mindsets. You are going to be amazed at how easy school becomes and how well you do in your classes. The reason you do not remember is simply because you, like everyone else here, was hypnotized.”

Everyone was awestruck by what had just happened. “I literally feel smarter” said Karen. Alfred said, “This is amazing. It’s all like a vague dream. But I know one thing. I’m not going to fumble the ball anymore when I ask a girl out on a date.” He was beaming with confidence.

“Kevin, you’re not saying anything,” I said.

“Uhhh. I don’t believe in hypnosis. Didn’t believe in hypnosis. Guess I do now. So cool. If I can accomplish even a half of the things you say I can, I will be forever indebted to you.”

I grasped Kevin’s hand. “I promise you; you will succeed and be able to accomplish anything you set your mind to. I would like to give you a little reinforcement next week if that is all right. You should not have any doubt in your mind... whatsoever... that you can and will succeed. Maybe we can meet one on one after midterms.” He nodded agreement.

The English lit test was a little harder than I had expected. I got a B+ while my study group all got As. Maybe I needed someone to hypnotize me and give me self-improvement suggestions.

Kevin and I spoke, and he agreed to come visit me in my dorm room to study. I had other ideas. He was the strong, silent type. He played football for Stanford. He was recruited from some small no name high school where he was the star running back. He had shoulder length sandy blond hair and almost looked like Chris Hemsworth when he played Thor. I would be lying if I said I was not attracted to him. He arrived sporting a 6 pack… I imagined,… plus a six pack of beer. Oh my, I’m not legal yet. Who cares?

He sat on the bed and I began my sneaky little covert induction.

“You look stressed. What’s going on?”

“We have a big game next week against UCLA. I pulled a hamstring earlier in the season and I’m still not 100%.”

“Let mama fix that,'' I said. I’m going to give you a massage and make suggestions that will help your body completely heal in time for the game.”

“You can do that?”

“Of course, silly. You know that you trust me completely to help you and that everything I say is true.” This was a suggestion that I had given the group the prior week when they were under hypnosis.

“Thank you, Lydia. I am so glad I met you.”

I began kneading the muscles in his upper back and shoulders. Whoa. This dude was tight! As I massaged, I began to relax him. After he was sufficiently relaxed, I would drop him with my embedded sleep command.

“Just let all of the tension you feel in these muscles loosen and begin to drift down to your legs and feet. As I massage you, you can feel the muscles relaxing and the stress and tension just draining away.” After a few minutes I could discern he was loosening up. My hands were starting to cramp, so I decided time to begin phase 2. “Now, as the tension drains right out of your feet and into the floor, you will notice a wave of relaxation begin to descend over your entire body. You can feel the fog clouding your vision as your eyes begin to feel heavy. You feel so wonderful listening to my voice. My voice makes you feel so wonderful, so incredible. You crave hearing my voice. Now I want you to listen very carefully to me. Take a deep breath. Good. Deep breath again.... Now SLEEP!”

He went right out. I was getting pretty good at this.

“Kevin you trust me and will always be honest with me. Do you understand?”

“Yes”, he said flatly.

“When was the last time you had sex?”

“It was about 3 months ago.”

That surprised me. “How are you able to go so long?”

“I masturbate often, but it’s not the same”.

Next, I asked, “Do you have any venereal diseases?”


“Why have you waited so long to have sex?” I was praying he was not gay.

“I’m kind of shy.”

I told him to elaborate. “You trust me completely. You have no difficulty sharing in detail about your shyness. You may begin speaking and continue until I tell you I fully understand.”

He began, “Girls intimidate me. I know they shouldn’t, but they do sometimes. Before football I was in the chess club and played on the chess team. I was also a spelling bee champion. My friends were all nerds like me. I didn’t realize I was so good at football until high school. Girls liked me after that, but it was still hard for me to feel comfortable around them.”

“Good Kevin. Thank you for being so honest with me.” I thought to myself, I guess that explains Stanford. “Kevin, you like me a lot. You are attracted to me. You are not shy with me because you know I am attracted to you. You want to have sex with me. And you know I want it too. It excites you to think of us being together.”

I could see him rousing to life in his pants. I waited until he was fully erect and straining against his shorts.  “Do you want to have sex Kevin?" He was deeply hypnotized. He would answer honestly.


"Good boy. Stand up now and remove your pants and shirt.”

He dutifully obeyed.

“Leave your underwear on.” I wanted to admire him in his shorts.

He stood up and did as instructed. His pants snagged on the erection in his underwear, as he attempted to pull them down. I felt my breath quicken as I helped him free his pants. The fact was, I had not had sex since going off to college. My boyfriend was a distant memory.

“Stand frozen in place as I remove your underwear”.

His penis was bulging against his underwear, eager to escape. The shorts were already stained with precum. This boy was ready! And so was I!

I lightly grasped it through the fabric and felt a twinge of lust. Then I reached in to extract it. He was bigger than my old boyfriend. I cradled him in my hands then placed him in my mouth. I started to suck and stroke him. I was becoming so aroused. I looked up at him and although frozen, he was obviously excited, grimacing from my stimulation. I could taste the precum.

I told him, “I am going to awaken you in a moment. You will have no memory of being hypnotized. You will simply remember that you seduced me and want to make passionate love to me.”

I hurriedly undressed and then, standing naked before him, commanded him to unfreeze and awaken.

He gazed down at me, then gently leaned into me, kissing me while he held my head with one hand and cupped my breast in the other. I felt the passion building in my loins. Kevin laid me down on the bed and spread my legs with his legs. The anticipation was almost too much. After what seemed like an eternity, I felt his penis beckoning at my cave before slowly sliding all the way in. I felt the head of his penis press against my cervix and then my vagina began tenting - my cervix retracted and my vagina expanded so that I could accommodate his entire length. I felt this sensation but didn’t know what it was. I learned this biological fact about ‘tenting’ and arousal at a much later date. Gradually, and I might add tenderly, he began to pump me. Slowly at first, but then encouraged by my ministrations, he quickened the pace. As I sensed him nearing orgasm, I threw my legs around him, holding him in place. When he tried to withdrawal, I rode him up, my legs tightly cinched around his waist. I didn’t think about this at the time. It was subconscious behavior. I wanted him to cum inside me. It was not long before he started squirting his hot load. I had him locked into me and I could feel each burst. I joined him with my own long and satisfying orgasm.

I decided to drop him again and, ever so slightly, alter his memory of our tryst. “Kevin, although it feels like we just had sex, in fact you just had the most amazing dream that we had sex. It seems so real. You will get dressed and return with me to your dorm room where I will tuck you in bed. You will remain deep in trance until you are in your room and I awaken you. When you come out of trance, you will believe you just woke up from this amazing dream. You will not talk to anyone while we walk back to your dorm. I will help guide you back.

I helped him get dressed and as I started to get dressed, I realized a stream of cum and semen was running down my legs.  I wiped this up the best I could but knew the telltale odor would give away our little secret to anyone close by. I would try to keep my distance from others as we traversed the campus. Arm in arm, we began the trek across campus. Kevin’s eyes were open, but no one was home. There were a couple curious glances as we made it to the elevator and up to his room. For the people rude enough to stare, I implied he had smoked too much weed by pursing my lips and pretending to draw down on a joint. Once he was undressed and in bed... and I got to drink in one last, long satisfying view of his magnificent penis. I told him he would awaken when he heard the door close. I also instructed him that blood flow would increase to his injured hamstring and his body would heal it to better than it had been before, and this would all happen rapidly. I had no idea if this would help, but it couldn’t hurt. I exited the room making sure the door closed loudly enough for him to hear it.

That was fun. I had a newfound appreciation for hypnosis. Now I had to do something about my English lit test. B+ was not going to do. I needed an A if I was going to get a high enough GPA for a top tier medical school.

I called my professor and he agreed to meet me after class on Monday. He was a distinguished looking fellow. He always dressed in a tweed sports jacket and he sported a rather rugged looking, grey streaked beard. I figured he was probably in his late 40s or early 50s. I hadn’t figured out yet how I would hypnotize him or if it would even be necessary. Observing him in class, he seemed to be pretty gruff all the time and not particularly patient. I decided, if he’s not gay, I might be able to leverage my sex appeal to breach his mental defenses.

I prepared for the meeting with my professor. After showering I put on light makeup and dark, crimson lipstick. Should I go for a slight Goth look? I decided that would do. I added dark mascara to highlight my eyes. Then I retrieved my sexiest front lace up maxi dress. It was black with a reticulated lace pattern and a sexy tie front. It was rather formal, but I could explain that away as I was meeting in town for a formal party. I dabbed Ex Nihilo ‘Lust’ perfume between my breasts. This was more expensive than a college girl could afford, but I had managed to wrangle it as a Christmas gift. I looked at myself in the mirror. Ravishing and maybe a little dangerous looking. He would fall victim to my feminine charms.

I arrived at his office around 4pm. Classes were over for the day so there would be no interruptions.

“Hi Miss Salia” Did I pronounce your name correctly?”

“Yes professor”.

“You are certainly arranged neatly. Do you always come to appointments dressed to the nines?”

“No sir. I am going to a formal social function this evening.”

“I see. So, what is it I can do for you?”

I observed him steal a glance at my breasts. The bustier under my dress presented the girls perfectly. Mentally, I could see him untying the eyelet lace top to gain access to my pretty globes.

“Professor, I am premed. It is my life dream to be a surgeon. I work so hard and normally I do exceptionally well, but I got an 88 on the English lit test. I need to find some way to boost that to a 90. I can do extra credit, projects, anything you see fit to raise my grade.”

The professor studied me. It was uncomfortable.

“Lydia..., may I call you Lydia?”

“Yes sir.”

“I presume what you are saying is that if you rub my back, I’ll rub yours. Correct?”

“Yes,” I timidly answered. I lightly bit my lower lip not liking where this was going. I still had not figured out how best to hypnotize him and I was a little intimidated.

The professor was cautiously optimistic that things were going to work out to his benefit. But he was acutely aware of sexual harassment and was not going to walk into a trap. “What would you suggest my dear?”

I thought about it. “Professor, I’m a little nervous. Actually, I’m very nervous. Can I offer you an actual back rub? I’m very good at backrubs and I noticed in class yesterday you holding your low back like it was bothering you.”

He complimented me, “Keen powers of observation Lydia. You will make a fine doctor. Perhaps we can start with a back rub and see where it goes from there.”

I thought to myself, “Bet I know where this is going.”

“Thank you, sir. I am proficient in the seven chakras and I will be able to help the pain. I promise you this. But I will need your complete cooperation as I take you through some deep relaxation. Would you like me to cure you of your back pain?”

“Young lady, if you can do that, and maybe a few other small favors, I will most definitely raise your grade.”

Little weasel I thought. I wanted to hypnotize him now if only so I could humiliate him. Healing the low back pain was not enough. He wanted something more. By the look in his pants, I knew what ‘something more’ was.

“Professor, why don’t we move to this couch so you can be more comfortable.”

Oops. Had I just extended an invitation? I just wanted to be able to give him a good massage. He smiled, took off his jacket, and sat on the couch. I sat down behind him and was about to begin the massage and an induction when he reached around and placed his hand on my thigh.

“Professor, let me get you thoroughly relaxed and then we can talk about other things.” I gingerly lifted his hand off my leg and placed it in front of him. I pushed my thumbs deep into his trapezius muscles and kneaded him in a circular motion. He groaned his approval.

“The massage works best if you enter a deep state of relaxation. Just focus on your breathing. I want you to take deep, slow breaths. As I massage you, I want you to imagine the muscles are releasing all their pent-up tension and energy. Imagine them just melting into my hands. Isn’t that a pleasant feeling?” He murmured “yes.”

After several minutes, I had identified the area that was bothering him in his low back. It was slightly tender to touch. I asked him a few probing questions and determined it was unlikely a herniated disc. For one thing, it happened after moving furniture and while bad the first several days, was already improving. It was probably just a pulled muscle. I enquired if it was worse with coughing, sneezing or straining. It was not. I knew enough about kinesiology to be dangerous. This would get better with or without my magic hands. But he didn’t know that. Just as I was inducing a light trance, the door opened and a T.A. barged in. He stopped and stared at us.

The professor startled out of trance, responded angrily. “Jake, have you ever heard of knocking?”

“I’m sorry professor. I just wanted to tell you...", the professor cut him off. “Out of my office! I can’t even get a goddamn decent massage!”

The T.A. pivoted and exited. “I’m sorry sir.”

The professor stood up and turned to me. “Thank you, Miss Salia. Perhaps we can continue this tomorrow, but I really have to be going.”

This was it. Now or never. I would use the Erickson handshake method on him and if it blew up on me, the professor would just think I’m a kook.

“Thank you so much for meeting with me professor. Do you feel relaxed now?”

“Yes, I do thank you.”

I grasped his hand firmly in mine and looked directly into his eyes. “I know how good it felt to be so relaxed. I know your back pain will soon be cured. You can trust me to take care of you. Now, take a deep breath for me.”

He complied with my instruction. Yep, this would work. My gaze penetrated him. I squeezed his hand and said, “Now professor, before I leave, I want you to do one more thing for me.”

I paused waiting for him to speak. “What would you like me t”

SLEEP!” I commanded, interrupting his train of thought, while simultaneously pulling his arm down and forward forcefully. The brief look of shock on his face was soon followed by his total mental surrender as his eyes closed and he fell against me. I instructed him to lean against me, but that he would not fall down.

He was in trance. Mission accomplished... almost. I needed to deepen the trance before another untimely interruption. I began, “You are deeply asleep, deeply in trance. You love this feeling. You love listening to my voice and following my instructions. It makes you feel so good, so young again, so alive. You know you can trust me as I only want what’s best for you.”

Several more minutes of deepening suggestions continued as I took him extremely deep and implanted a sleep command in his subconscious. I wanted to be able to return and instantly drop him back into trance so that I could continue where I left off. I told him that he would awaken and not remember that he had been hypnotized, nor would his conscious mind remember that I could instantly place him into trance with my ‘Sleep’ command. I instructed him that he did not really believe in hypnosis and that he was certain that he could not be hypnotized. I gave him a few more instructions about beginning a back-strengthening program, eating a healthier diet and starting a modest exercise program. This would help cement in his subconscious that I only wanted the best for him. I had him sit back on the couch and I climbed in behind him. Now to bring him up out of trance.

“..four, five.. wake up professor. Hey sleepy head. You fell asleep while I was giving you your massage.”

He seemed a little dazed, confused.

“Uh, ok, thank you Miss Salia. Ummm, I think I can do something about your grade. Let’s see how my back pain goes and I’ll let you know if there is anything else you can do.”

“That little horndog” I smiled to myself. He still wants to see if he can get in my pants. I think they call that “Grades for trades”.

“I enjoyed speaking to you in person professor. I would like to meet up with you again. Perhaps somewhere a little more private where I can give you a proper massage.”

He grinned. “My apartment is close. Why don’t you stop by Friday afternoon? My sister is visiting me from out of state and she leaves Thursday.” He gave me his address and then added. “Don’t worry. I won’t bite.” I think I had been red faced during our entire interaction. Despite my ever-increasing skills as a hypnotist, I was still relatively innocent in the ways of the world.

I walked out of his office and thought to myself. Why am I the nervous one. I hypnotized him, not the other way around.

Starts badly for me; ends badly for the professor.

I was walking along the campus towards the library with a vapid smile on my face. It was almost too easy I mused. I had left my books back in my dorm room in exchange for PDF files on my iPad. Technology made everything so much easier. Karen saw me and skipped over to say hi. She smiled and said, “I think my name sucks”.

“Whaaat?” I asked.

“I’m going to get a tattoo that says, I’m not a ‘Karen’.” Everyone named Karen nowadays has a complex.”

I laughed. “So, what are you up to?”

“I joined the math club. And it’s all because of you!”

She persisted. “There are literally hundreds of unsolved theorems in math. I find Euclidean geometry especially fascinating. Or how about this one. The Collatz Conjecture states that if you pick a number, and it’s even divide it by two and if it’s odd, multiply it by three and add one, and if you repeat this procedure long enough, it always, ALWAYS, returns one. Can you believe that? Guess what else you eventually discover?”

“Don’t know. I give up.”

“Your friends will stop calling you to see if you want to hang out!” She laughed raucously.

“I guess that’s a math joke, huh?” I couldn’t help but give her a wide, heartfelt smile as I thought to myself, “I’ve created a monster.”

“Karen, maybe the Scooby gang can meet up later. I want to catch up on how the self-improvement suggestions are working. You up for that?”

“Sure. Just say when.”

“I’ll check with Alfred and Kevin’s schedules and get back with you. Bye and have fun in math club!”

I coordinated us getting together for another study session the following day. We met at the same spot in the library stacks and I asked the question. “How is everyone doing with the implanted suggestions?”

Karen was eager to go first. “I’m loving math. I never thought I would say that, but it’s so elegant. If we ever meet extraterrestrials, we will use binary mapped to geometric symbols to communicate with them.”

Alfred was next. “I asked a girl in our dorm out for a date. It was so easy. I don’t even think she knew I existed before I walked up to her in the cafeteria and asked if I could sit down next to her. Then, corny as it sounds, I was looking at her face, like I was studying it. She finally asked, “What?”

That was my lead in. “I’m not trying to be forward, but you have the most beautiful skin. I’m going to be a dermatologist and I just can’t miss the opportunity to complement someone with such natural beauty.”

She leaned forward with the biggest smile. “Thank you. That was such a nice thing to say.”

I introduced myself and we spoke for a few more minutes before I suggested we meet again tomorrow. Same time, same place.

She beamed, “It’s a date.”

“Excellent Alfred. I’m very impressed at your newfound confidence. And what about you Kevin?”

Kevin was leaning against the wall, arms folded, head down and looking up so that he could see me. Almost like he was studying me.

“I’ve been having vivid dreams. Rather stimulating dreams. Is that a side effect of hypnosis?”

I offered, “Dreams often represent an unsatisfied need or desire of your subconscious. What is your dream?” I wanted to see how he was going to get out of this.

“It’s not an unsatisfied desire. Well, take it back. It is kind of unsatisfied, although it seems very real to me. It’s not something I would feel comfortable discussing in front of the group, but if you can meet me in private, I will tell you.”

“I have a better idea.” I walked up to him and commanded, “Sleep now”. He slumped forward into my waiting arms. “Do not fall. Stand up straight. You are deep in trance and you feel wonderful. Whenever you enter trance for me, it is the most wonderful feeling. How do you feel?”

“I feel wonderful”.

“Good boy. Now listen carefully. We are alone and you feel perfectly fine telling me about your dream. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. You will be completely honest and hold nothing back.”

He began speaking in a monotone voice. “I dreamed that we had incredible, passionate sex. It was so good it makes me hard just talking about it.”

I looked down and he was indeed filling out his pants. I then looked over at the onlookers who were once again speechless. I decided to test my powers of suggestion.

“Kevin, I want you to remove your shirt and pants but keep your boxers on. Then I want you to sit in this chair. Get comfortable. Very good. Now Kevin, this is no longer a dream. I am here with you. We are alone and I have removed all my clothes. I am looking at your magnificent member and you see how excited I am. It just makes you throb and spring that much more to life.”

Kevin was now tenting his boxers, clearly aroused.

“I am climbing onto your lap and spreading my legs so that I can accept you into me.”

The precum was showing again and his penis made little contractions like he was pumping precum.

“You feel so good in me. You are pumping me, slowly, but it’s getting harder to hold back.”

Kevin was now rocking his pelvis, in the obvious throes of passion. “I’m going to cum soon Kevin. It feels so good. I want you to cum inside me. Please cum inside me”. I enjoined. “I’m getting so close. Are you close?”

“Yes, yes” he blurted out.

I leaned over and freed his penis from the boxers. His penis was standing straight up at attention like a good little soldier.

I moaned, “I’m going to cum... I’m cumming... Oh God, it feels so good... I want you to cum in me now!", I commanded. And with that he shot his load. His penis, freed from his boxers, ejaculated powerfully into the air. It was quite a stream... and quite a scene.

I was all hot and bothered and realized I had taken this too far. Alfred and Karen were awestruck... shifting their eyes back between me, Kevin and Kevin’s softening junk. I looked at them, slowly raising a single finger into the air... which they dutifully tracked with their eyes and then I commanded “Sleep”. They both dropped.

I walked over to them out of earshot of Kevin. “You both dreamed that I performed this feat of magic. You know for a fact that it did not actually happen. But it does excite you. It arouses you. You want to go back to your dorm rooms and pleasure yourself, imagining that I can do this to you and make you cum on command. Now gather up your things. When you reach the elevator, you will wake up from trance. You will have no memory of having met Kevin and me here today. You will simply think that you were studying and did not remember walking to the elevator because you were daydreaming. Alfred you will leave first. Karen, you will wait 5 minutes and then you will leave.”

Alfred exited and I walked over to Kevin. “Kevin, when you awaken you will remember that we just had incredible sex. You want to see me again so that we can repeat this adventure. And you love being hypnotized by me. It makes you so excited to obey my commands. Nod if you understand and agree.”

He gave the obligatory nod.

Then I walked back to Karen. “Karen, you think you might be developing a girl crush on me. You may never have had lesbian urges before, but you think, at least when you are around me, that you might be gay. All you can think of is kissing me. Now I am ready for you to head back to your dorm room and masturbate while you imagine me taking control of you and having my way with you.”

Karen gathered up her things and headed out the door... her face flushed mulling over my suggestion.

Next, I woke up Kevin. I pretended to be adjusting my bra and dress like I was just finishing dressing.

Kevin started getting dressed. He leaned over and kissed me tenderly on the lips. “That was incredible Lydia. I thought having sex with you would always just be a dream, but you made my dream come true. Thank you.”

We headed out of the library and I told Kevin I would see him tomorrow.

My next meeting was coming up with my professor in a few hours. I figured he was probably an alpha male and might be a little harder to tame than a beta. No problem. I would drop him deep into trance and then carefully probe him for any points of resistance or contention until I was happy with the results. Depending on how this played out, I might make him a permanent thrall in my menagerie or just have my fun with him now. Not everyone could be broken.

The professor answered the door on the first knock. He looked eager to see me. He had taken some pains to clean up and look nice and he was wearing cologne. A nice change. I entered and smiled at him. “Have you thought what I can do to bring my grade up?” I asked innocently.

“Why don’t you come over here and sit with me Lydia.” He poured me a tiny glass from what appeared to be an expensive bottle of wine. I probably looked disappointed at the small quantity, but he said that was so I could breathe in the bouquet and admire the color. “It is an exceptional 2010 Château Margaux grand vin. He showed me how to swirl the wine and get the full aroma and to appreciate the color against a light. “The bouquet is exquisite, don’t you agree?”

I had never had an expensive glass of wine. I didn’t mind if I helped myself. He told me to swish the small amount in my mouth for 30 seconds. Then he asked me to describe it using two adjectives.

“Smooth and elegant” I said, trying not to sound too glib. Maybe I would enjoy this bottle of wine with the professor before I dropped him. If he got too touchy/feely, I would stop him (and drop him) with my sleep command. I finished the sipping glass and he handed me a fresh, full glass. We talked a little about his tenure and I talked about my plans for medical school. He started to pour the second glass when I had to yawn. “My professor, this has a punch.” The professor seemed to be studying me.

“How do you feel Lydia?”

I struggled to say, “I suddenly very sleepy.” The room started spinning.

The professor took the wine glass out of my hand. The next thing I remembered was waking up on his bed. I was groggy and felt too heavy to move. Was I naked? Peeking through half closed eyelids I could see the professor dressing. He looked down at me and smiled.

“Wakey, wakey Lydia. Are you here?” He leaned over to shine a light in my eyes. It was bright and I averted my gaze.

He continued, “You earned yourself an A+. I am very satisfied with your performance.”

I searched my memory. It seemed like a dream, but had I just had sex with Kevin? It seemed like it.

“Honey, I recorded our coupling. You were quite a trooper. Very enthusiastic. I guess my suggestions that you were with some heart throb helped. Now, I’m going to keep this video for my personal collection. I won’t post it to the internet for your friends and family to see unless you get some silly idea to say something to the administration or police. Am I clear?”

“I tried to speak, but the words were caught in my throat. I was still coming out from under the effects of whatever drug he had slipped me.”

“I’m going to be grading some papers in the other room. When you feel awake enough, you can let yourself out.”

“Thank you,” I whispered hoarsely. Why did I thank him? I couldn’t focus. My brain felt like jello. I just needed to close my eyes for a few minutes.

Maybe an hour or two later I was coming around. I had slept off most of the sedative, but still felt unsteady. I didn’t have my wits about me. With some effort I got dressed and stumbled into the hall. The professor looked up from his test papers and sighed, “Finally. I thought you would never wake up.”

I made my way towards the front door as he called after me. “Remember Lydia, say nothing or your enthusiastic video goes out to the internet. And I changed your grade to an A+, so it’s not all bad.”

I opened the door and lifted my arm acknowledging I heard him and walked out into the evening air. It was then that I noticed the discomfort in my rectum. Why did that hurt? Oh my God. Had he...? I shuttered and then I began to cry. I called Karen and asked her to pick me up. She arrived and asked me if I was alright, her voice concerned. She had heard me crying into the phone. My speech was still slightly slurred.

I managed, “I drank too much and made some bad decisions. I need to go home… go bed.”

I wasn’t going to tell her I had been raped and have her haul me to the hospital for a rape kit. Then I remember Karen leaning over and kissing me gently on the lips. She said sweetly, “Everything is going to be ok. I’m going to take care of you.”

I didn’t want to be rude, but romance was at the bottom of my list right now. “Thank you” I said as I turned away and cried softly against the car door frame.

I awoke the next morning in my bed and went to the bathroom. There was some blood on the toilet tissue and my rectum was sore. What had that asshole done? Had he stuck something into me besides himself? I was afraid to ask but decided when I saw him and dropped him into trance, I would extract the sordid details.

I went to the campus clinic that morning. My rectum was sore, and I was worried something was still lodged in it. A male doctor interviewed me. I lied and told him I had gotten stoned and drunk and that my friend and I got carried away. I told him my friend had stuck something into my rectum I thought, but when I woke up he was nowhere to be found.

“Some friend,” the doctor mused. He had me lean over the exam table while the nurse positioned an exam light so he could examine the anal area. He noted external redness and said he would use some Lidocaine jelly so the exam would not be too painful. He inserted something called an anoscope and collected some swabs. It felt like I had to go to the bathroom and some gas escaped. I was mortified. I just wanted to die. Then he removed it and gave me the bad news. Your levator ani muscle has been stretched and you have a tear. This will heal, but it will be tender for a few days. There is always a small chance that you will develop fecal incontinence. I don’t think that will happen to you, but if it does there are many good options to fix it. Then he added, “You need to get new friends.”

I left the clinic with a renewed determination to get that motherfucker. No more nice girl. I pondered what I might do to him and then came up with a plan.

I went by the professor’s office after his classes were over. I entered his office unannounced, and he looked surprised and a little nervous to see me. “There are security cameras. If you do anything crazy, your face has been recorded.”

I walked up to him. “I’m not like that. In fact, I’m kind of kinky. I don’t remember everything, but what I do remember was fun. Maybe we could do that again, but awake this time?” I smiled.

His guard somewhat relaxed, he looked at me suspiciously. “You like father figures, don’t you?”

“I do! How did you know?”

“A lot of young girls want an older man like me. It’s Daddy issues, but I’m happy to be a father figure to you.”

“Can I come by your place again? I don’t have any wine, but I can bring some bud. And I have some sexy lingerie I am just dying to take off.”

“Tonight”, he offered eagerly.

“I accept. I’m looking forward to seeing you daddy.” I looked over my shoulder and smiled seductively as I walked out of his office. I decided right then if I didn’t make it as a hypnotist, I could always be a serious actress. I had acting skills for sure.

So far so good. I needed to lower his guard by acting sweet. Otherwise, he might fight off my sleep command. It is much harder to hypnotize someone, even with an embedded sleep command, if they dislike you, are afraid of you or distrust you. He had reason to be suspicious of my motives, although I believe I had allayed that fear. My intentions were fully to reprogram him to be a docile, subservient male. As part of the process, I intended to sissify him. I figured I would throw in bimbofication for good measure. This boy would know what it was like to mindlessly lick my boots.

I had changed into one of my sexiest dresses. If looks good kill, this would do the trick. I checked my makeup in the mirror as I got out of the Uber. I arrived at his apartment and once again he answered the door on the first knock. This time I walked in confidently. He closed the door behind me.

I pivoted around, waiting for the professor to turn to face me. Then I walked up to him, put my finger on his forehead and commanded “SLEEP NOW!” I watched in amusement as his expression turned from surprise to slack jawed. He was out.

“Very good professor. You feel so good. Sleeping for me is such a wonderful feeling. You feel so relaxed and peaceful. You know I just want to help you like I helped your back. You trust me. Now I am going to help you sit down on the couch. I will walk you over to it. Good boy. Now sit here. Good boy. You are doing so good. I am so proud of you.”

The subconscious is our inner child. We most effectively communicate with it using short phrases and grade school English words. You don’t want the subject thinking about some word you spoke and trying to remember what it means. The subconscious also responds well to simple positive emotion words like peace, bliss, happiness and obedience. Praise is a powerful multiplier as can be arousal. Nothing like getting carnal urges in the mix when you want to extend your control. That is why so many hypnodommes use sexual imagery and command orgasms to deepen control.

I continued to deepen the professor and reinforced the sleep command and his belief that he could not be hypnotized. I added obedience commands and then I began the interrogation of what happened the night he drugged me.

“Professor, you are starting to fall in love with me just as I am starting to fall in love with you. You want to share all of your secrets with me. All of your fantasies, holding nothing back. You know how proud I am of you when you share—even if you think I might not like it. But I’m not judgmental. In fact, you know I will become sexually excited as you describe what you did to me the night you drugged me. Go ahead and start from the beginning.

The professor began speaking like he was telling the boys of his latest conquest, “I put Fentanyl in the wine you tasted and smelled. The fentanyl is absorbed sublingually.  It isn’t well absorbed in the stomach. That is why I told you to swish the wine in your mouth for several seconds before swallowing it. That maximized the fentanyl in your system. I added Halcion when I gave you the full glass. That would help knock you out and keep you from remembering. I always keep a shot of Narcan on hand to reverse the fentanyl if a girl stops breathing. You even wore a pulse oximeter on your left finger while we were fucking. It would sound an alarm if your blood oxygen level got too low. I thought of everything.”

“This wasn’t your first rodeo was it?” He looked confused. Oops, I didn’t want him thinking about what that phrase meant. “You have done this with other girls, right? How many?”

“Over the years, I’ve drugged... maybe a dozen. I only resort to the drugs when I have strong vibes that they don’t want to cooperate. Most coeds will happily spread their legs for an A.”

That sounded about right. “Tell me professor, what did you put in my rectum?”

“I put a dildo in your ass.”

“And why did you do that?”

“You were tight and I wanted to make it easier for me to fuck you in the ass.”

“Did you use lubrication?”

“I didn’t have any, so I used spit to lubricate it.”

That explained why I got the painful tear.

I still wanted to make sure that his subconscious would think I was ok with everything. “I hope you were able to enjoy yourself because I sure enjoyed it – what I remember anyway.”

“Oh yes. Your asshole was not nearly so tight after I worked it with the dildo. I put my dick in, no problem. I came pretty hard. I was still hard from the Viagra I took, so I rolled you over onto your back. You were starting to come around a little bit, so I asked you if you were sleeping with anyone. You mumbled the name Kevin. So I told you I was Kevin and you were so excited to fuck me. You got pretty enthusiastic. After I came you woke up briefly, but then went back to sleep. I wasn’t sure if you would remember anything. Halcion is a pretty strong sedative-hypnotic. That and the fentanyl I gave you would knock out a horse.”

I thanked him for his complete honesty. I then instructed him that beginning that night, he would listen to a repetitive audio loop when he went to bed. This was the first audio loop I recorded that I would use to program my thralls. Gradual, subtle changes to their subconscious to convince them that serving me was something they wanted to do. I use brainwashing techniques in it that are well known in the hypnodomme community. He believed this was a self-improvement relaxation audio loop. It did have those elements to lull his subconscious into a false sense of security, but it also extended the ‘stickiness’ of my control.

“Professor, when you awaken you will remember that I came over and we had incredible sex and that you made me cum twice. You will remember that I called you a God in bed. This will make you feel very proud and eager to be with me again. But you also realize that having such wonderful sex with me requires that you give up all control to me. That is the only way I can reward you for being so obedient. When you hear the door to your apartment close, you will wake up feeling absolutely fantastic.”

I closed the front door loudly and departed.

Over coming weeks, I had several more visits with the professor. During this time, I began to chip away at his id and ego. I instructed him that while hypnotized I would address him as ‘boy’, and he would address me as ‘master’. I learned how to overcome his frequent bouts of defiance. I recorded a set of audio file loops that he plays at night. These include mantras of love, devotion, obedience, and the craving to hear my voice and be under my control. I’ve peppered these with feelings of bliss and arousal. Gradually, by playing a loop for a week and then interviewing him under hypnosis, I was able to focus on any points of resistance, then alter his programming accordingly. The professor was a pretty strong alpha male who resisted me early on. I ‘convinced’ him to take psylocibin before our sessions and basically melted his mind. After about 6 months of these sessions, he stopped arguing with me. He was completely obedient. One point not lost on me is, a person's subconscious will eventually come to resent and resist you if you do not reciprocate in some manner. After one of our sessions, when boy was particularly well behaved, I decided to reward him by allowing him to go down on me. He likes oral sex, and of course, I like it too. Anyway, he did a magnificent job and in the heat of passion I let him, or more accurately, I didn't resist when he mounted me. He fucked like a champion and I came hard. That was a one time thing. I did not allow that to happen again.

I eventually graduated and moved from Palo Alto. I had monthly reinforcement sessions with him on Zoom and he paid tributes in bitcoin for the honor of being my thrall. I conducted my hypnosis sessions with him in the nude. To be clear, that’s him nude, not me. He was totally unaware that he was nude and would, at times argue with me, saying things like “I’m not hypnotized, and I’m still not convinced you can hypnotize me” – despite being posed naked on cam for the whole world to see! Before one session he yapped, “I’m not going naked!” I took away his mind, which he recognized was happening. He blathered ‘You bitch’ just before his expression (and mind) went blank. I conducted that session with him frozen in a chair naked, his legs spread, and his only ability to respond being his penis which bobbed up and down in arousal as I instructed him. The authority figure turned servile. I find that hilarious. My conditioning has extended as far as forced feminization and bimbofication and, of course, on screen milking and orgasm. I have had forced femininization sessions where he is in full length panty hose and a bra and although aware, and embarrassed, can do nothing about it. I have age regressed him and had him sit on camera in a diaper. I even had him soil himself once. He is highly intelligent, so I take joy in dropping his I.Q. below 80 at times.I’ve done it all with the professor.

Finally, I have instructed him that he may leave of his own free will at any time he wishes. But he doesn’t want to leave. Maybe the craving to be under my control and hear my voice has something to do with that. Audio repetition files really do work to enact permanent changes in the brain and should be in the repertoire of every modern hypnodomme.

In the separate story published on the site Read Only Mind named ‘Operator’s Manual to Programming the Human Mind’ (Amazon refused it), I describe in ‘intimate’ detail, the techniques for gradually seducing and obtaining complete control over another’s mind. These techniques are real. It takes some skill to apply them properly, but if you follow my instructions, if you establish trust, you can turn the most hardened skeptic into a willing puppy. No shit. It works!

Written consent should be obtained before you proceed down this dark path or you could find yourself in hot water.


Boy’s sister called me. I no longer address him as professor. He doesn’t deserve it. She found out that he has been sending me bitcoin as a tribute for serving me. She is very unhappy. I advised her that he was free to leave any time. She was even angrier when he told her point blank to get out of his business, that he enjoys serving me and that it is entirely consensual. And he believes that. Sometimes he even believes hypnosis is not real and he cannot be hypnotized.


She has threatened legal action. I got a letter from an attorney. Cease and desist. If I fail to comply, she will pursue all remedies accorded to her by law including, but not limited to, civil and criminal actions. Fuck me. Even though the professor is perfectly happy as my puppy, I will have to release him. Frankly, I don’t think he will forgive her. The programming I have instilled goes very deep. Wish me luck. Wish him luck!

Addendum: I was already questioning my ownership of thralls. I had a come to Jesus moment finally and decided i had to release him and everyone under my care. His sister's insistence also certainly helped convince me to free him. I was no better than sex traffickers when I owned people. They were for my amusement, even though I helped them be better versions of themselves. The professor, I hope, is a kinder, more gentle version of himself. I am pretty certain he will never return to his vile behaviors of coercing sex from co-eds. I could be wrong, but I spent some time programming him to be a better person. There isn't much more I can do now other than pray for his salvation. I'm rambling now. Sorry.

Because of potential legal consequences, I can neither confirm nor deny this happened to my professor.

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