Confessions of a Hypnodomme

Beware of Wallflowers (BoW).

by LydiaSalia

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The Not So Consensual Induction

Shit happens. To the best of us. When it does, shrug it off. Then get even. I got even…

My name is Lydia. I’m premed at Stanford studying psychology. I’ve gotten a little caught up in the dark arts—hypnosis to be exact. Nothing else. I am actually a good Christian girl, so this creates an internal conflict for me. I do sin. On a regular basis. I’m quite good at it. Fortunately, forgiveness is only a prayer away. I don’t do confession. I’m not Catholic.

So this brings me to the second story I’ve ever written. If it didn’t happen to me, I wouldn’t have believed it.

Bow (Beware of Wallflowers)

The not so consensual induction.

I had come to a party with my friend Angela. She said there would be a lot of good-looking and highly successful men. Not that I was looking, but it was always a good idea for a girl to keep her options open. A good-looking guy wandered near me and I felt like he was staring just a bit too long in my direction. “Can I help you?” I asked.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to stare. It’s just I don’t know anyone here and it doesn’t look like you do either since you’ve been sitting all alone for the last 10 minutes.”

“You’ve been watching me that long?”

“No, it just took me that long to build up the courage to introduce myself to such a beautiful woman.” I was still too young and naive to spot an obvious pickup line. I fell for it hook line and sinker. I felt myself blush.

“That was a nice thing to say. Thank you, kind sir. Why don’t you sit here and tell me about yourself. I promise, I don’t bite. Well, sometimes I bite, but I usually don’t break the skin.” I smiled.

He laughed and I felt we were off to a good start. Doug introduced himself and said he started a company that did something with computers and gene sequencing. He had over 500 employees and expected to double that number within 3 years. Wow, I was impressed. “Is everyone here an alpha male?” I asked.

Pretty much I think, but I don’t know any of them. The host is having this party for Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the year finalists. All of these dudes have achieved notable success in different fields.

“Forgive me for not introducing myself. My name is Lydia. And I don’t know anyone here at the party either, so we have something in common. Well, except I know one person here... my friend Angela.”

“Her?", Doug pointed.

“Yes!” How do you know her?” I asked,

“We’re friends too, except my Angela comes with benefits.”

I had a second opportunity to blush bright red.

Doug continued, “Angela is great, but a little reticent for my taste and not especially accomplished in the art of elocution.”

“Elocution...? I inquired. “My, aren’t you the cunning linguist... “

Doug replied, “You are a funny one!”

I was warming up to him, although the friends with benefits comment was a little disturbing. “So you think she’s a wallflower? You seem awfully confident of yourself. Some might say arrogant...”

Doug looked hurt, “No, no, not at all. I’m just too honest sometimes.”

“Ok, I believe you. I’m glad I’m not the only one here that doesn’t know anyone.”

Doug replied, “Yeah, I don’t know why I agreed to come along. Angela wanted me to meet her here... I’m hoping for a late-night liaison.”

“I’m not much into the social scene either and god forbid, public speaking..., no thank you! That probably qualifies me as a wallflower. Building self-confidence in large social gatherings is on my bucket list.”

Doug stated, as a matter of fact, “I don’t have a problem with large groups of people. Hell, that’s where I shine. Get me in front of 500 people at an investor meeting and I’ll own the room. You can’t be timid if you spend your days ordering people around and organizing meetings.”

“So, I guess that makes you the alpha, alpha male. I’m impressed!”

“Not to change the subject, but do you know how absolutely stunning you are?”

I wasn’t expecting that, and it caught me off guard. “You think I’m pretty..., really? Makeup can work magic. You’re making me blush again. Thank you again for the kind complement.”

“I would love to get to know you on a more personal level.”

Now my lady alarm went off, “What do you mean?”

“A little intimate time together... I guarantee satisfaction.”

“Ahhhh, I see. I hardly know you. And that makes me a little nervous, maybe even a little scared.”

“Trust me, I’m harmless..., except where it counts.”

I thought about his proposition. I was tempted to take him up on his offer. Fortunately for me I was only on my second drink. “You say you’re harmless? Ok. You look like a nice enough guy. And you aren’t exactly hard on the eyes.” Then I weakly volunteered. “I dunno...maybe”

Oh shit I thought. I’m way too eager. What the hell is wrong with me?

Doug countered, “It’s ok Lydia. We’re both adults, with needs. I promise you; it will be worth it.”

I hesitated, “Well, ... maybe we could hook up.... If I do agree to go home with you, you must first answer some questions and your answers must be completely honest. I will know if you are lying to me. A girl can’t be too careful. First, I have to know that I can trust you. If you are willing to answer some questions and follow some simple directions to insure I will be safe, then maybe we can spend some intimate time together. Does that seem reasonable?”

The beginning of Doug’s end

Disclaimer: This is an actual covert hypnosis induction script that I have used on people before without them realizing what I was doing... until it was too late. I have used the progressive relaxation induction in social settings, to varying degrees of success, to covertly hypnotize a subject. While portions of this account are true, others have been embellished. Were some laws broken? No. It’s a work of fiction, remember? Wake up!

Doug was what I refer to as a ‘hard’ target. He was a very dominant, pure alpha male and would quickly become suspicious of my true intentions if I was not very careful. But I could use his sex drive to my advantage. He was, by far, my pièce de résistance. He never knew what hit him.

“Ok.” Doug ventured. “I’m game. What do you have in mind?”

“Good. It’s important to ensure complete trust and honesty that we are both fully relaxed. I’m a psychology major at Stanford, and we have been studying the subconscious mind and how to tell if someone is lying. We tend to be more honest and forthcoming when we are deeply relaxed. Relaxation will reassure me that you are being truthful. I know some breathing exercises that will allow both of us to deeply relax. Do you agree to follow this exercise with me so that we can both relax deeply, and I can feel safe with you?”

Doug nodded agreement.

“Good. Let’s both take a slow deep breath..., and as you breath out imagine that all of your stress and resistance is leaving your body. Fresh air relaxation in, stale air resistance and stress out. Continue to take these slow deep breaths as you imagine your body melting into the chair. I will be doing the same. Deep cleansing breath in, exhale stale air and stress out. Repeat. Deep relaxing breath in, hold it..., then exhale when you are ready. That feels so nice. You can already feel all the tension leaving your body. This feels so good, doesn’t it? Yes, I know it does. I’m starting to feel relaxed already. So relaxed. So deeply relaxed... “ I continue the deep breathing exercises and progressive relaxation techniques for several minutes until I observe them having the desired effect.

“It feels so good to surrender to relaxation.... so good to let go... nothing else matters but letting this relaxation blanket our bodies. Every muscle is heavy and loose and relaxed. I feel sleepy... very sleepy... It’s ok to let sleepiness come to you, but you must continue to concentrate on every word I say.”

I yawn which is a subconscious trigger for him to feel like yawning... and he does.

“I imagine you are sleepy too. So sleepy... It’s like the deep relaxation I feel right before I drift off to sleep. I can often find myself becoming even more relaxed by counting down from ten. Concentrate on each word that I say so that we both will reach deep relaxation and honesty.

Ten, so relaxed. Nothing matters but falling into deep relaxation.

Nine, we are letting go. Totally surrendering to this perfect feeling of calm and bliss.

Eight, so drowsy. So, so drowsy. Don’t think. Let your mind go completely blank as you surrender to this perfect state of tranquility.

Seven, my eyes are so, so heavy. It would feel so good if I could just close them. You feel it too. Like weights pulling down on your eyelids forcing your eyes to close.

Six, deep cleansing breath. My mind is shutting down. Our minds are shutting down. Your mind is shutting down. Just want to close your eyes and surrender to sleep.

Five, it is almost impossible to keep my eyes open. You feel it too. And when your eyes finally close you will be wrapped in a shroud of perfect relaxation and peace.

Four, you are so sleepy! If only you could close your eyes for just a moment. It would feel so good to close your eyes and feel a wave of relaxation wash over your body.

Three, we can’t hold on any longer. Sleep is overtaking me. Sleep is overtaking you.

Two, yes, that’s right. Your eyes are almost shut. Vision blurry, vision double. Brain shutting down. Too much effort to keep your eyes open. Very good.”

One, you have my permission to close your eyes. It’s alright. You are completely safe and trust me completely. Close your eyes and deep sleep for me now.”

Doug’s eyes were closed, his jaw slack.

“You want to be with me... and I want that too. Just let yourself drift deeper. You are doing so well... almost there. Your eyes are now closed. You only hear my voice. My voice is all that matters. You will focus only on my voice and nothing else. Just as I trust you completely, you trust me completely. You feel so safe and secure listening to my voice. Nothing I say can change how wonderful you feel in this state. I am going to be fully honest with you. I have hypnotized you. You are deeply hypnotized, but you don’t mind because it feels so good. I am a master hypnotist, and it excites you that I have taken control. You realize you are perfectly safe, and you love being under my control. You are so deep asleep. You feel so wonderful. You trust me completely and want to be completely honest with me because you know I will not judge, and your answers will be safe with me. Now, sparing no details, I want you to describe what you would like us to do together.”

Doug is deeply hypnotized now. I have him go into detail about his technique for seducing women like myself. He is instructed to tell me the absolute truth, holding nothing back. He starts by describing how he would caress me, kiss my neck and gently reach around to rest his hand on my buttock, then pull me closer to him. He has used this exact technique on prior conquests to make them, as he describes, “swoon in his arms”. He then described how he would lay me down on the bed, reach under my dress and gently squeeze my inner thigh... hesitating just long enough to judge my reaction. He then describes lifting my dress, kissing my inner thighs and very slowly pressing his finger against my clitoris.... hesitating there until he could sense a quickening in my breathing and heart rate. He really does seem quite the expert here and I could feel myself becoming ever so slightly aroused as he described this.

He describes... “as I slowly start rubbing your clit and kissing you through your panties, I’m looking for your reaction. A moan or quickened breath or dampness in your panties and I know you are responding to me”. He said once he starts pressing his tongue up against the edge of a girl’s panties and the girl’s labia, it’s not long before her panties are wet with anticipation. At this point he says he knows they are his, and he can take them anyway he wants.

I encouraged him and complemented him for being completely honest. He seemed to take delight in this and I myself began to feel a strong, almost primal urge to give into him and let him take me right then and there. I remember biting my lower lip to bring myself back to reality and the task at hand. I will enjoy him... later... after I break him.

Listening to Doug describe his seduction routine activated areas in my brain associated with arousal, specifically the hypothalamus and amygdala. I’m very suggestible.

“Doug, that sounds so exciting and I want that badly too..., so badly, but first you must prove that you can be trustworthy, follow directions and keep our little secret. We are alone now. I want to see you naked. Any noise or chatter you hear, even if it seems close, is outside the door and you will ignore it. You hear only my voice. We are safe and no one will know a thing.”

My friend Angela and some random female had wandered into the room looking for us.

“I’m getting so hot thinking about seeing your naked body.” I can see the outline of his penis in his pants. I have to catch my breath. “Now, take off your shirt, then your shoes, socks and pants.”

I looked over at the interlopers who both stood motionless, observing him, eyes wide, covering their mouths with their hands. Doug was oblivious as he was dutifully following my instructions.

I resumed my induction and deepening. “The anticipation of seeing you naked is getting me so hot and wet. Now take your socks off. You are doing so well. Your body is magnificent Doug..., so tone and sculpted. You are proud of your body and don’t mind in the least showing it off. Now stand up and remove your underpants.”

I remember giving an audible gasp. I think one of the ladies watching was similarly impressed. I glared at them to make sure they would remain quiet.

“Oh my! Your penis is so big. I was not expecting that. It is going to feel so good inside of me. This is all you can..., all you want to think about. Nothing else matters. If you hear soft laughing or even some ladies murmuring approval, that is for a reality show the group is watching in the other room. Again, you are completely safe. We are alone and you feel completely comfortable with your body and being naked in front of me.” His penis stood at full attention.

“I’m not on birth control. So, I would feel safer if you masturbated first and depleted all the excess sperm in your sac. I want you to do this for me. I know you want this as well. I know this desire is burning inside you because I can see you are becoming more and more aroused, thicker and harder..., stiff and rigid. Your penis is standing at full attention, ready and eager to please me. It is the twitching and throbbing and that excites me so. I can hardly wait to have it. Start stroking yourself. Imagine that my mouth surrounds your shaft as my head bobs up and down and my tongue dances along your shaft. I am bringing you closer and closer to the edge. Soon you won’t be able to hold back. The feelings are so intense... Stroke now faster and faster. Feels so good. You are so horny..., so aroused. You don’t remember ever being this excited... You will tell me as you near orgasm. Stroking harder... ohhh, it feels so good... and the closer you get to cumming the more you realize that you must ask..., you must beg me for permission to cum. You can only cum when I grant you permission to cum.”

“Are you close...?”

“Yes!” he said urgently.

“Getting closer... closer... almost there..., almost there... Are you ready? Beg for permission to release!”

Doug was jerking furiously and contorting his face as he blurted out, “Please let me cummmm.... I can’t hold it... Please!!”

I commanded “Orgasm now!” and the effect was instantaneous and explosive.

“You are cumming and cumming.... and cumming.”

I couldn’t believe it. So much sperm. He was a firehose. “Keep pumping. Almost done... almost done.”

I waited for what seemed like minutes for the final convulsive spasm to end. He had depleted the sperm bank for sure... and was probably a pound lighter for the effort.

“Wow. Very impressive. You have done so very well. I am so proud of you. And you are incredibly satisfied. You are so grateful to me for milking you. Because now you can have safe sex with me. And you desperately want to make passionate love to me. But first, listen carefully to my instructions. Focus on each and every word I say.”

I continued, “Your conscious mind will have no memory of our little tryst. You will not remember that I hypnotized you. In fact, you will believe that you cannot be hypnotized. When you awaken, you will remember only that we had wonderful, satisfying sex. You will want to please me in any way I ask so that you might get another opportunity to be with me. Your subconscious mind will retain the knowledge that I can make you feel this good. You realize I am different from other girls you have met. You recognize deep down that I am someone you respect and admire and who you would do almost anything to please. You will want to experience this again. In the future, when I command “Sleep now!” your mind will instantly shut off, become completely blank and open to my suggestions. You will be a blank slate ready to receive my suggestions and commands. This post hypnotic suggestion “Sleep Now” will take you even deeper than you are now. You will feel only an incredible calm and peace and the absolute need to obey my commands and you will be so grateful for my control. Nod yes if you understand and agree.”

My instructions continued. I could have probably shortened them, but I was still learning how to be a good hypnotist. “Good. Now, in a moment I will go to the ladies’ room. When you have completely calmed down and recovered, you will slowly begin to wake and gradually become aware of your surroundings. If anyone is standing around gaping at you, you will not feel embarrassed. After all, you are very proud of your body, as you should be. You will realize they accidentally opened the door on us and discovered us at the very end. If anyone says otherwise, you will know they are making up a story—they are lying—in order to mess with your head. You trust me completely and know that everything I have told you is the truth—is always the truth. You can hardly wait to meet up with me again and you so look forward to having sex with me. While your conscious mind will not remember being controlled, you will subconsciously crave being controlled by me. This will seem completely natural, and you will secretly wish that I take control.”

“One last thing. Later, if your conscious mind ever questions or wonders about our close relationship, you will hold your questions until you can discuss with me. You will not trust anyone else to share questions with. Being such a strong, virile, alpha male, it is natural to second guess your feelings and actions. But you will always seek me out for answers and accept my explanations. Do you understand?

“Yes, I understand” he replied robotically.

“Very good. Again, I am so proud of you. You have pleased me greatly. I am going to the ladies’ room now. You will gradually awaken after I leave the room, get dressed and come to look for me. I’m leaving you alone now to slowly wake up and get dressed.”

At this point I ushered my friend and the other girl out of the room so that he might not have too much of a shock upon awakening naked in front of these young ladies.

Doug found me and we hurriedly left the party. He drove me to his place, and I didn’t interfere with him using his best moves on me. The ‘foreplay’ script he follows, that he had described to me while he was under hypnosis, sounded pretty sweet. He certainly was on his ‘A’ game. First, we had a couple drinks, he turned down the lights, started some soft music and the next thing I knew, he was gently caressing me, kissing my neck and reaching behind me to squeeze my derrière. I could not help but respond physically to his touch. Then he swept me off my feet and carried me to his bed. I looked up at him as he slowly lifted my dress and pushed my legs apart. I remember becoming so wet when he began to use his tongue so expertly to kiss and probe me. I could hardly get my panties off fast enough. I remember him mounting me, holding that magnificent beast back for several seconds before launching it into me... Deep! My cervix gave out a muffled scream of surprise... and joy. The sudden penetration was more than I had expected. I remember gasping out loud—it felt so incredibly good. I was unable to hold back and experienced a massive, unexpected orgasm that left me gasping for air. Later he showed me indentations in his back where I had dug my nails into him. It really was that good. He too, came too soon. I remember laughing out loud. “Wow”.

After catching our breath, we returned to slow, sensual love making. I had two more delicious orgasms and I think he set a record for rapid recovery from multiple sperm deposits. I fell asleep pretty quickly and awoke the next morning to the smell of coffee. He was already up cooking breakfast. It was then that I decided I needed to get to know this man better.... much better.

I asked him what he remembered about last night. He grinned wickedly and said “everything”. I asked about the party. He said he remembered we had snuck off, he hoped, to have sex, but that I first insisted he had to prove himself trustworthy with some kind of crazy relaxation exercises. He was fine with that because in the end he said we had incredible sex. I smiled inwardly as I remembered something quite differently. I asked him what else. He got a funny smirk on his face and said some of the ladies had heard or seen something because they were giggling when he left the room to go find me. Then he remembers we left and the amazing evening of love making we had had. After breakfast, he drove me back to my place, kissed me on the cheek and waved goodbye. I had arrived at the party with my friend, so my car was at my apartment. He promised to call me. I walked into my apartment with a deluge of emotions, ... serene, grinning..., giddy, excited, all whilst dreaming of our next interlude.

Chapter 2: The betrayal

So, I dutifully waited. And waited. After a week, no call. I was beginning to worry something had happened to him. I called his office, and he was in a meeting. I called back and I had just missed him. I thought to myself, how can this be? We had such incredible, ground shaking sex... And I had hypnotized him to seek me out...

I called my friend Angela. Yes, the same friend who was Doug’s fuck buddy. After some prodding, she confessed to trying to sabotage our relationship so she might keep him for herself. She told him I was no good and I just used men and discarded them. And then OMG! she told him I hypnotized him to masturbate in front of her and another woman. I was aghast. She was such a Benedict Arnold. Fortunately, he called bullshit and stormed off. Anyway, he was avoiding me now, so he must have had some suspicions. How was I going to salvage this relationship? I wasn’t even sure if my sleep command would still work if he was on the defensive. That night I cried myself to sleep, but I woke the next morning with renewed determination to meet up and talk to him. I wasn’t sure what I would say or do, but I had to give it a chance. The guy had gotten under my skin—in a very good way... and I wanted more. I would just have to play my cards very carefully.

I finally got him to take my call and he agreed to meet me at a small bar after work. He confided that he had heard some things that were very disturbing, and he wanted answers.

I recorded the conversation on my cell phone.

“Hi Doug. Thank you for agreeing to meet me.”

Silence. Uncomfortable silence.

He was staring right through me. I couldn’t tell if he was angry or trying to read me.

I offered, “Why don’t you start.”

“Alright. Angela shared a bizarre story with me. I don’t think I believe it, but this friend of hers says it’s true. She says you hypnotized me and that she and her friend watched me make a fool of myself jacking off in front of you. They thought it was quite entertaining. I stormed off, angry that she would make up such an outrageous story. Although when I ran into Angela later, she got all teary eyed and told me she felt sorry for me. It was the tears that got me wondering. I don’t think Angela is such a good actress that she could just make herself cry on demand. What do you have to say?”

I think I must have looked guilty. I hesitated. Should I tell him the truth? Should I try a shock induction with Sleep Now right here in public? What kind of elaborate story could counter the believability of Angela’s tears? He started to get up to leave.

“Wait”. I grabbed his arm. He stopped and looked at me. “Please, sit back down.” And he complied. Maybe my commands still influenced him at a subconscious level.

I started, my voice trembling slightly. “When I met you, I was intrigued. You were this bigger than life persona. I could tell you wanted to get into my pants and maybe I kind of wanted that too, but I didn’t care for your oversized ego. You agreed to some deep relaxation exercises which I told you would allow your subconscious mind to open up and be truthful. That’s all true. I wanted to make sure you weren’t some serial killer. And you were truthful. I felt safe and allowed myself to be smitten by you. Don’t you remember the incredible sex we had? Angela and her friend walked in on us as you were cumming. I don’t think she was at all happy. I think she wants to ruin it for us.”

I could see the wheels turning in Doug’s head. He believed me. I think the implanted suggestions that he believed everything I said was probably helping.

He smiled and shook his head. “This story about being hypnotized was just a bit over the top. I don’t even believe in that shit. And I know for certain that I can’t be hypnotized.”

I smiled and reached across the table to squeeze his hand. “I think Angela is jealous of our relationship.”

He suggested, “Why don’t we go back to my place and get reacquainted?”

I wanted to, but I hadn’t refilled my birth control and I had just come off the ‘crimson’ time of month. I didn’t want to be embarrassed.

“Sorry, but that will have to wait. I have midterms starting tomorrow and I need to get back to my apartment to study. Maybe next week.”

He gave me an inquisitive look and said fine. We decided to have a few drinks before heading home. He ordered both of us whiskey. It was much stronger than I was used to. And that was the last thing I remember. Doug would not be denied.

I woke up disoriented. My head felt like it was in a vice and I could hear indistinct male voices coming from somewhere. I couldn’t move. My arms and legs were tied to the bedposts. I realized I was naked and not alone. Doug had invited a friend over. My head cleared slightly, and I could make out Doug’s voice and some other man talking in the other room.

Doug’s inability to control his sex drive was going to be a big problem. AND, he had drugged me and was sharing me with a friend...or friends. That was unforgivable. I no longer felt bad about hypnotizing him the first time or lying to him about it.

As they came into the room, I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep..., snoring lightly.

“I gave her Rohypnol but have to be careful with the dose. I haven’t killed anyone yet. If she starts to wake up, I’ll dose her with more. I promise, she won’t remember a thing. She gave me some lame excuse for not wanting to have sex. You know me. That wasn’t going to fly.”

I peeked out from behind closed eyelids and could just make out Doug and another man standing in front of me naked. I could only see waist down and the room was dark.

“Ok Martin, this settles our bet. Do you think you can cum in 5 minutes? I don’t want her to wake up if I can help it..., at least not until I can give her another dose.”

I was motionless as the other man entered me. I imagined a big bear humping and grunting on top of me. He was heavy and hairy and sweaty. It was all I could do not to scream. I felt him cum. He got off and I felt semen spilling out of my vagina.

“Are you going to have another go?” he asked Doug.

“No, I’m completely empty.... And then he added, but she’s not. I filled her tank enough to last a week.”

I was mortified. I guess I’d slept through Doug’s play time. I was seething, but at the same time I knew I needed to maintain the facade of sleep if I was going to survive this.

“So, Doug, what’s the plan?”

Doug had it all figured out. “I use a saline enema solution to wash everything out of her vagina, clean her up and she’ll wake up thinking she had too much to drink. I’ve done this before. Even the smart chicks, like this one, don’t figure it out. They may wonder, but there’s no proof. Then I prop her up in her car and she wakes up thankful that she fell asleep in her car and did not try to drive home”.

He must have medicated me again because I woke up in my car exactly as he had described. I do not remember being ‘washed out’ or having clothes put back on me. I waited for at least 15 minutes before I felt steady enough to make it from my car to my apartment. Even turning the key in the lock was a monumental effort. I do not even remember making it to my bed. I woke up the next morning on top of the bedsheets with my clothes still on and a raging headache. So much for midterms. I would have to get a doctor’s note. “That fucker”, I said to myself. He is going to be in for a rude awakening.

A week passed before Doug called me. He chided me, “You really have to watch how much you drink. I was a little worried about you. But you texted back to me that you were ok and just taking a little nap in your car.” I did not remember texting him that, but maybe I did. He asked me on a date, to a romantic restaurant. It was all I could do, not to scream, but I calmly agreed. I needed to plan his punishment. And I needed to decide if this human piece of garbage was worth keeping. I figured I could re-hypnotize him and then, perhaps..., reprogram him. He did have some redeeming qualities. But hypnosis and brainwashing can only take you so far. This guy qualified as a cluster B personality disorder. Remember, I’m a psychology student. He had elements of narcissism and sociopathy. But he was also loaded, hung like a horse, smart as a whip and had a great sense of humor. Damn. I was conflicted. He probably wasn’t worth the effort. But at least I would have some fun before I discarded him.


The hour of our date was fast approaching. I calmed my nerves with some Xanax I kept on hand for emergencies. It wouldn’t do any good to lose my shit over some impromptu comment or gesture. I needed to be cool and I needed to be believable. The dinner was lovely, and our conversation drifted to talking about our childhood, our families, and daily life. Doug loved talking about himself. He had been an athlete and received a baseball scholarship to college. He had also been awarded the MacArthur genius award shortly after starting graduate school. His passion was science and he had briefly considered becoming a doctor but decided too much effort for what he would be paid. He started a genomic sequencing company while in his final year of graduate school and five years later, was having considerable success. I think my mouth was hanging open. I didn’t have anything close I could boast about. I ventured, “I received the Girl Scout Gold award”. That was equivalent to the Eagle Scout for Boy Scouts. Somehow it didn’t seem to measure up. He was so worldly at 32, while I was still a babe in the woods. He summoned the waiter to pay our tab and we headed for his place. I was nervous as I contemplated my next move. All of a sudden, he didn’t seem like such a dick. In fact, he was brilliant and charming. Wait. Am I really thinking this? Get a hold of yourself girl. The guy raped you and he’s going to pay.

We pulled up to his house and walked arm in arm to the front door and into his living room. He started his seduction routine and I gently pushed him away. “Hold on tiger”, I said.

“You remember how you said you couldn’t be hypnotized? How you didn’t even believe in it? Well, we have been studying hypnosis in my psychology class. I’m supposed to try and hypnotize someone and then write a report on it. It doesn’t matter if I succeed or fail, only that I report on the attempt. You remember after we went drinking and I told you I had midterms starting the next day. Well, waking up with a hangover in my car of all things did not help my grades. I really need to raise my grade or my future plans for medical school are screwed. Can I try to hypnotize you?”

Doug contemplated the request. He was taking too long. I was afraid he was going to deny me.

He smiled, or was it a smirk, and said “sure, give it your best shot slugger!”

I guess that’s a baseball term, but I digress. I figured he would go quick as long as he was relaxed and not trying too hard to resist.

“First, I need your verbal permission to try and hypnotize you. It’s part of our ethical duty to receive permission.” He responded, “granted.”

“And will you agree not to fight or purposely resist? I can’t hypnotize you if you don’t want to be hypnotized.” He agreed.

Instructional moment—He had agreed to the ground rules. This is optimal—to get the subject to consciously agree to be hypnotized. Until I can shut down the ‘analytical/skeptical’ conscious mind and begin communicating directly with the ‘nonjudgmental’ subconscious mind, I have to avoid setting off any alarms.

I started with some deep breathing relaxation exercises. After several minutes I noticed his jaw was slack and he was relaxed. He was already prepped to go into trance from our previous encounter. I then asked him to look directly into my eyes, as I reached back and cradled the back of his head. “Deep breath, feeling so relaxed, so calm, so perfect. Describe how you feel.”

Doug’s eyes were open, but it didn’t look like anyone was home. He was already in light trance. He began, “I feel so relaxed, so calm, so” and at that instant I commanded, “SLEEP NOW!” while simultaneously tugging the back of his head and pulling him forward. This is a mix of confusion/shock induction and it always works well. The response was dramatic. His eyes snapped shut and he collapsed forward. I methodically deepened the trance. He was deeply hypnotized and ready for the full fury of my suggestions. I set my phone on a coffee table to record the session for posterity. I would probably erase Doug’s memory of the induction, but I would always have a recording to remind him in the future, if needed.

“Doug, do not try to think. Do not try to analyze. You trust me. Concentrate on my voice. You know everything I say is true and I only want what is best for you. You know this truth in the very core of your being. You realize that I am the perfect woman. You would do anything for me. You realize you are falling in love with me. You are so desperately in love with me it hurts. You seek my approval. You seek my validation. All you want to do is make me happy and you know what makes me most happy is when you follow my instructions. You believe everything I say. You trust me implicitly. You trust me with your life. Now tell me how much you love me”.

The torment in his face was plainly visible. “I love you so much! I would do anything for you.”

Instructional moment—In deep trance a person’s subconscious mind will accept anything you say as true. Notice I said deep trance. Lesser degrees of trance require the hypnotist to tread lightly so as not to wake back up the conscious, ‘questioning’ mind. The science behind this is well established. Google ‘Stanford hypnosis research observing the salience network areas of the hypnotized brain using functional MRI’.

“Doug, you are going to follow a series of commands from me. These are to prove your love, your loyalty and your obedience. The thought of obeying me is very arousing to you. It excites you. All you want to do is please me. It is your most important duty. Now, you will stand up. I will help steady you, so you don’t fall.”

“Now I want you to take off all your clothes for me.”

Doug was soon nude and standing before me. His penis was flaccid. He would be hard if he was ‘excited’ about the idea of obeying me. He was resisting. That was ok. He didn’t have to like obeying me. He just had to obey. I would condition these other behaviors over time. I looked down at him..., hanging limp. I had a mind to cut it off. I could have commanded him not to feel pain or to bleed and he would probably lose very little blood from the amputation. Better not to test that hypothesis. I had other ideas. Besides, I wanted to enjoy ‘the beast’ again.

I realized then, at that moment, the MSG in my dinner tonight was fighting with my stomach. I froze Doug in place and told him to wait until I returned from the bathroom.

There is no polite way to say this, but I had to let loose. I had to do a courtesy flush just to clear the air. I started to clean up. It was a sticky mess. I was almost done with clean up when an idea struck me. I stopped wiping and washed my hands. Then I stepped out of my panties laying around my ankles and removed my top and bra. I looked at myself in the mirror. I had a firm, athletic ass, great figure and ample breasts. No wonder Doug couldn’t resist me. I walked back into the living room and resumed deepening the trance.

“Doug, you worship me. You worship my body. You worship my breasts, but most of all you worship my ass. You find a woman’s ass to be the most erotic and desirable part of the female anatomy, don’t you? Of course, you do. And my ass is perfect. It is sacred to you. Even my anus is beautiful and sacred to you. Now listen carefully. It would please me most of all if you cleaned my ass after I just went to the bathroom. You will be irresistibly drawn to my ass. At first you will try to resist, but the harder you try, the more you will be drawn to my anus. And you love admiring my anus. You love kissing it and licking it. It is your most favorite thing to do.”

“Now, I am going to awaken you in a moment. Your dilemma is although you worship and crave licking my asshole, it has chocolate goo smudged on it. You may notice an odor at first, but what you are smelling is dark chocolate. I’ve cleaned off most of it, but you are going to clean the rest up with your tongue and mouth. Even after you are awake you will believe everything I say and be compelled to obey my commands. Specifically, you will be unable to resist the command to clean my ass with your tongue and mouth. You will begin immediately when you see me on the floor with my butt cheeks arched up in the air. You will also refer to me as ‘master’ the rest of the evening. I am your master, I command you, I control you and you accept this as true. You will nod yes that your subconscious mind understands and accepts this.”

Instructional moment—This is a critical step. If your subject hesitates or refuses to nod yes, then you have a problem and will have to continue the deepening and programming. The idea of licking shit (or is it chocolate?) off someone’s ass is revolting. But it establishes in the mind of your subject that you are firmly, absolutely in control. If you succeed at this juncture, the subject will feel helpless to resist your commands. Another point, you may have to work your subject here. If you detect reluctance, you might suggest that it tastes like chocolate or how their obedience makes you so proud and happy… Your happiness needs to be established in their mind as one of their core goals in life. I usually add these goals during my repetitive audio loops described in later chapters. Any one of a number of arrows in your quiver need to be ready in an instant to overcome resistance.

Doug acquiesced. It took a brief moment, but he surrendered to my control.

“On the count of 5, fully awake. 1,2,3,4,5 fully awake.”

I rested on my elbows on the carpeted floor and presented my ass to him. I could hear him whimpering.

“No master, please no.” He said this as he got down on all fours and timidly approached my ass.

“You can try to resist Doug, but you must obey your master. Begin cleaning my ass.”

Again, Doug whimpered. “Can I get some toilet paper from the bathroom and wipe you master?”

“No, my pet, I’m afraid not. Notice how you are being drawn to my ass. What do you smell?”

“It smells like shit. No, wait. That’s strange. Now it smells a bit like chocolate. Like a mix of chocolate and shit. I can’t do this…”

“It’s chocolate Doug. I rubbed chocolate on my ass and a little peanut butter. It’s not shit. Get a little closer and take a deep whiff.”

Doug inched closer. “The smell is pretty strong, but… you’re right, it’s not shit. It’s like the smell of strong chocolate or cocoa. And I can detect the faint smell of peanut butter”.

My iPhone recorded Doug seemingly straining not to draw near, but slowly, relentlessly succumbing to my commands. I later watched my phone with amusement as he haltingly drew closer and closer to his fate. The expression of disgust on his face was especially gratifying. When he realized it was chocolate he was smelling, his expression changed to bemused. Doug began licking slowly at first. But my chocolate suggestion was working. The initial reluctance and grimace turned to a smile as he more enthusiastically cleaned up the chocolate and peanut butter.

“Yes, that’s right. Clean up every last sticky bit. Swallow and continue licking me clean. Use your tongue to circle and clean my poop hole”.  He seemed to be enjoying the chocolate flavor. “You’re actually quite a good ass licker”, I complemented him.

I could feel him greedily inserting his tongue into my anus, then placing his mouth over my poophole and sucking hard. If there was anything left, it had been vacuumed out.

After several minutes Doug stated, “Master, I have cleaned up every last bit of chocolate and peanut butter. Thank you. That was pretty clever and a little bit kinky rubbing chocolate and peanut butter on your ass.”

I got up to a kneeling position. “Yep, I’m a clever girl”.

I reached back with my hand and tested for anything still clinging to my anus. I felt nothing. I sniffed my finger. Not odorless, but it seemed… almost clean. He had done an admirable job. “You did a good job Doug. Completely clean.”

These comments are part of my re-write. I have gotten a lot of grief for my stories being a little 'too real'. This level of control is ABSOLUTELY POSSIBLE. I have done it before. Doug is a fictional character, so I didn't do it to him. Now go back to being absorbed in the story and your waking trance...

Then I mused, “Why are you calling me Master, Doug?” Doug looked bewildered. “I..., I..., I’m not sure.”

“Well, you are doing that because I instructed you to and your only purpose is to serve and obey me and, of course, make me happy. You understand this, right?”

“Yes master”.

“Very good. I have conditioned you to obey my commands whether you are in trance or awake. If you are awake, your conscious mind might try to fight me, but the compulsion to obey is very strong and you will eventually give in. And if I’m feeling impatient or you are taking too long, I only have to put you back to sleep to obtain your full compliance. My power over you is absolute. I will demonstrate. That chocolate/peanut butter was pretty tasty, wasn’t it?” Doug nodded affirmative.

“Now I am going to give you another command.” “Remember everything!”

With that Doug let out an audible gasp, “Oh no. What did you make me do master?” The realization, the agony in his voice was palpable. I almost felt sorry for him.

“Brush your teeth Doug—I mean really, really brush your teeth. Then use mouthwash, then lay down on the bed face down.”

Doug finished cleaning up and laid down on the bed as instructed. “I want you to listen very carefully to what I am about to say. You will answer my questions immediately, without hesitation and you will be completely honest. Do you understand?”

“Yes, master”, his voice partially muffled by the bedsheets.

“Does it bother you Doug when you drug your dates and then share them with your friends”.

“It does bother me master”.

“Then why do you do it?”

“I can’t help myself. I was diagnosed with a sexual addiction disorder in college. The urge becomes so strong I can’t resist it. I don’t want to rape a terrified girl, so I knock them out and they wake up later not even realizing what happened.”

“And you know this is wrong?”

“Yes master.” Emotion filled his voice.

“Well, I woke up while your friend Martin was raping me.”

Doug began sobbing uncontrollably. He was inconsolable, his shoulders convulsing with each sob, each spasm of his diaphragm.

“I know your remorse is real. You can’t fake crying when you are in this state. I forgive you Doug and I want you to forgive yourself. But there are consequences to your actions. You will be punished. You understand that, right?

“Yes master” he answered in a quivering voice.

“Lucky you, I have decided to let you redeem yourself... to save yourself from jail. I have pulled a large dildo out of my purse. It’s even bigger than your massive shlong. You are going to get to experience ass fucking yourself. I may even make you enjoy it and beg for more. Are you maybe a little bit gay Doug?”

“No, I don’t think so master.”

“Too bad. Then you probably aren’t going to like this. Spread your legs wide for me and arch your ass into the air.” Doug obeyed without hesitation.

“Such a good, obedient pet. I am a nice person Doug. Just like you don’t want the girls you rape to suffer, I am going to use lube on your ass. However, I’m not going to allow you to forget. Get ready, here it comes.”

I positioned the dildo tip at the entrance to Doug’s puckered virgin asshole and then began inserting it. Slowly at first as I encouraged him to relax his quivering sphincter. After inserting the first one or two inches, I ordered him to relax the rectal muscles. I felt the resistance give way at which point I gave one forceful shove, pushing the entire 9 inch monster all the way in to the hilt. Doug cried out in pain. This feeling was new to his virgin ass. I then began retracting it... the full length. Then back in all the way. Again, Doug cried out. Holding the dildo buried in his ass, I began to explain.

“I want you to enjoy this, Doug. The full gay experience. So, I am going to knock you out. When you wake back up, you will think this is wonderful. Ready?” “Sleep NOW!”

“I know you are a heterosexual male Doug, but I also know how much males enjoy having their prostate massaged. Just like cattle breeders massage a bull’s prostate in order to obtain sperm, that is what you will experience. And you will realize it is nothing to be ashamed of. Rather you will realize how incredible it feels. A large penis in your ass is one of the most enjoyable experiences you will ever have. You will let me know how much you enjoy it as I fuck your ass with my strap on.” I took a second dildo strap on and fastened it on my waist.

“I will wake you up and you will beg for it Doug. Beg your master.” I woke him up and he began begging as expected.

“Please master. Please fuck me in the ass.” I withdrew the first dildo and set it aside. Then I positioned the tip of the strap on at his anus and pushed into him. Doug enthusiastically pushed himself back into me. If he had been resisting, he would have pulled away. I soon was pounding him and he was screaming like a little girl. “Oh, oh master. Oh, it’s so good. Thank you master. Thank you. Please keep fucking me. Just like that. Deeper. Harder. Oh god.”

I reached down and grabbed his balls. As I drove all the way to the hilt I squeezed his balls hard. “Cum for me Doug.”

He began bucking as he let out a high pitched ‘ewwww’. A torrent of sperm soon followed. I decided if I ever wanted a career in animal husbandry, or more accurately human husbandry, it would be a simple matter. The thought of milking hypnotized men made me smile.

Doug was breathing hard, spent. I climbed off of him and disconnected the strap on. Then I decided on another test of his obedience.  “Doug, you will clean my strap on with your mouth and tongue. I want it very clean.  You may begin.”

I inserted the latex shlong into his mouth and he greedily licked and sucked it. After a minute or so I was satisfied it was clean. “You are a very good boy. I am very proud of you.”

Doug would make a good thrall. He was so eager to please me. The obedience suggestions were working better than I could have hoped.  Thinking back, I recall looking down at him lying on the bed. He was a broken man. Maybe even a little gay now. Pitiful. I almost felt sorry for him. But he showed true remorse. He wasn’t the sociopath that I had feared. He could be rehabilitated. I would reprogram him to be my plaything. Absolutely obedient and dedicated to my happiness. And so began several months of nightly hypnosis and conditioning. At first, I used him as my slave. He was completely attentive and truly believed his one purpose in life was to serve me and make me happy. Occasionally he would attempt to escape from his mental cage with an act of defiance, but I was able to thwart the jail break with a simple sleep command. He was trapped. He knew it. I knew it.

Doug was clay in my hands. I sculpted him into the perfect male and began the methodical task of completely erasing his prior personality. I was actually forming new neural circuits in his brain. These were not permanent circuits.... yet. He might still be de-programmed. But de-programming would eventually become impossible. After 12 or so months his new personality would be established and fixed. His old self would be replaced by a new self.

In Doug’s case, he was an exceptional specimen. Sounds kind of cold and scientific, doesn’t it? But indeed, he was. I started to develop feelings for him. I didn’t plan on this happening, but when I removed all of the bad parts of his personality, what was left was gentle and loving. He was becoming more than my pet, more than my personal slave. I thought to myself... “OMG, I’m falling for the new and improved Doug I’ve created.

Doug soon proposed to me. Was that his idea or mine?... I gleefully accepted. The engagement ring was a 3 carat, round cut, yellow diamond. Doug was so deeply in love with me. I was like no one he had ever met. Strong, but gentle. His intellectual equal. In his eyes, I was perfect. I’m not perfect – not even on my best days…

I discovered I was pregnant a few weeks after the ‘Rohypnol’ night. When Doug proposed, I was beginning to show. We had a quick, small ceremony as I was already 6 months pregnant and showing in my wedding dress. We decided, for the baby’s sake, that we should tie the knot promptly.


Doug fully supports me releasing this story and the follow up. Of course, he might have been ‘influenced’ somehow (evil wink) to feel that way.

He is both my husband now and my thrall. Completely devoted to me and the perfect spouse. Not only are we extremely well off financially, but he is every bit as good a lover as any girl could ever want. He’s also brilliant..., smarter than me if I’m to be honest.

But it could have turned out a whole lot differently had he successfully resisted my early efforts to turn him. It wasn’t until after I re-hypnotized him and successfully implanted some post hypnotic suggestions, that he started coming around to my way of thinking... so to speak. It wasn’t easy to ‘evolve’ him to this higher plain. It took many months of hypnotic sessions. And some sophisticated brainwashing techniques involving repetition. These are the same as used by clandestine spy organizations. I use 3 channel audio loops playing on a headset that repeat lengthy mantras of love, devotion, trusting me and obedience. He is conditioned (programmed) to crave hearing my voice at bedtime.

Three channel audio loops and subliminal programming are explained in detail in Operator’s Manual to Programming the Human Mind. Suffice to say, after inducing light trance you can use these techniques to slowly, insidiously modify subconscious beliefs, memories and behaviors. Also google “Illusory truth effect” for further discussion on implanting more permanent behavioral changes


I gradually reprogrammed him to serve me using these techniques. Even though he came to recognize what was happening to him, it was too late! He is compelled to obey. He craves hearing my voice in the audio loops. The old, narcissistic, self-absorbed Doug is gone – probably forever. He still has strong alpha tendencies. I’m not sure programming can totally remove that. After a full year of conditioning, I doubt I could retrieve his old personality if I tried. Permanent rewiring of the neural networks in the brain takes time and patience, but it can be done, and I did it with Doug. I reprogrammed him to be docile and obedient... except sometimes when I want him to be dominant. He thinks when he takes me roughly it’s his idea. Ha! He sold his company and we moved. New friends mean fewer awkward questions. Do I feel guilty about this? Maybe a little. But he is a much better person now. He is generous and loving. We are expecting our first child and he will be an amazing father. Whenever an old personality trait tries to re-emerge or he starts to complain about some task I have given him, I squash it. He cannot resist “Sleep NOW!” After I induce trance and give him a few instructions, he has forgotten any misgivings he might have had and is happy to obey.

3 months follow up

I was pretty sure I got pregnant the night that Doug and his friend Martin had their fun with me. Our daughter was born with curly black hair and somewhat dark complected skin. Her name is Celeste. She is certainly darker than me or Doug. Surprise to us both, this was Martin’s baby. Of course, we will love her and raise her as our own. And she will be a reminder to Doug that actions have consequences. Guilt can also be a powerful adjunct to hypnotic control...

Doug dutifully cleans our house, cooks, changes all of Celeste’s dirty diapers and gives her, her baths. My contribution is her frequent breast feedings. She does have an appetite. Seems like an even trade to me.

Doug’s early attempts to resist me are entertaining. Before the old Doug was completely erased, he would sometimes get mad..., and he could get so angry. I loved dropping him mid-sentence..., right in the middle of a rant. Out of scientific curiosity, for the knowledge seekers among you, if I bring him back out of trance too quickly during these episodes, his brain is still agitated. He is still upset. He just doesn’t know why. That is fun…. usually.

Early training stories (before we were married)

An intelligent alpha male, like Doug, will recognize that what is happening to him is not ‘normal’. Often, after a long period of indoctrination, they will begin to question how deep the control really is. This is to be expected and is best handled with reassurance and compassion.

As people are reprogrammed, especially the alpha males and females, they typically (but not always) undergo the 5 stages of grief. These are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. It’s fascinating to watch, and all of these occurred in this order with Doug. My English professor, who I ‘installed’ as a thrall (described in one of my stories) went through the same sequence.



In Doug’s own words; “I did some pretty bad things to Lydia when we were first dating and I’m (still) atoning for my sins. I agreed to allow her to hypnotize me. While I now believe I actually was hypnotized, it’s not like I can’t call it a day and go back to the bachelor life if I want. I’m my own man. She just thinks she’s in control... :) I still have a lot of guilt. I feel terrible about date raping her with Rohypnol. She wasn’t very happy with me at the time either and extracted a heavy toll.

Lydia here. I’m jumping in. Some people might find the commands I gave Doug were too extreme. Forcing him to clean my ass was to establish my dominance… that I was his master and that he would obey me without question. Plus, I have to admit I was pretty angry at the time, so it seemed reasonable punishment. But as distasteful as the commands were (literally), they served an extremely important purpose. This was the beginning of my takeover of Doug’s subconscious. He was an extreme alpha male. I needed to absolutely dominate him... and I needed him to realize I was in control. By inducing an extremely deep trance, combined with his own profound sense of guilt, I was able to fully, completely subjugate him. Absolute domination was important before I could begin the slow process of reprogramming him. Erasing who he had been, that was quite a bit harder. Making him docile, obedient and subservient to my needs and an all-around nice guy took quite a bit more time and effort.


Doug describes our first ‘fight’

“So, I didn’t mind doing household chores for Lydia. In fact, for some reason, I kind of enjoyed them. But cleaning toilets was not one of them.” I informed Lydia that it was her turn to clean the toilets. That didn’t sit well with her and the fight started to escalate. I told her that she could go fuck herself. I was leaving. Then she really pissed me off by calling me her cute little drone and asking me, “Do you really think you can leave?

I became enraged and threw a coffee cup against the floor shattering it into a thousand pieces. And then Lydia touched my forehead and darkness.

Lydia here—typing again. Doug was bright red and clearly very angry. His neck veins were distended, and he was looking for a fight. For a brief moment I feared for my safety. If he threw something at me, he could cause real damage. He had been a pitcher in college and had a very strong arm. I gave him a powerful sleep trigger command that I had implanted deep in his subconscious. “Sleep Now!” while I touched his forehead. This works on my thralls like a charm every time. Doug went right out. He was still breathing heavily and appeared upset, although he was in trance. I commanded him to forget why he was angry. I threw in a couple instructions about looking forward to cleaning up the broken cup and the toilets and woke him from trance. That was an error on my part. Adrenaline pumping, heart racing, he was still very angry and upset, but he didn’t know why. He started to panic. He was, for all practical purposes, having a panic attack. I dropped him back into trance and sat him down on the bed, rubbing his arm. I spoke to him in a calm, gentle voice. Ten minutes later, after some deep relaxation exercises and expressions of my love and caring for him, I brought him out of trance. Well, it worked, except the adrenaline had been converted into lust. He reached over and kissed me roughly, grabbed my breast and then reached his hand into my shorts to cup my pussy. I guess you can say he put me into a kind of sexual trance because the next thing I knew I was riding him like a cowgirl on a bucking stallion. He was so deep. I came hard, twice, and rolled off of him spent. He asked if he could cum in me... Isn’t that sweet? I, of course, said he could and with that, he flipped me over on my stomach like a rag doll, mounted me from behind and grabbed my hair pulling my head back. As he proceeded to drill me, I felt him cum against my cervix. I can tell you, that is a very carnal, deep, satisfying feeling. I thought to myself, I kind of like this rough sex. Being a hypnodomme isn’t such a bad life.

Doug in charge (of the narrative at least) So, make up sex was great. I gladly and enthusiastically cleaned the toilets after that. I learned that life is just so much easier, so much better when I obey. I think I remember hearing that in one of the audio loops, but it’s true regardless.

Lydia typing again. Angry outbursts became less and less with time. Doug used to try and analyze things too, but I eventually programmed that need out of him. No thinking. Thinking was so tiring...


Doug could feel his comfortable, familiar self, slipping away. His subconscious was beginning to replace old feelings and memories with new ones. These were constantly infused during trance and the repetitive brainwashing audio loops he listened to at night—and eventually went to sleep to. One evening while he was mopping the kitchen, he asked, “Master, I’ve been so very good. I’ve done everything you’ve asked, but I need to take a break. I don’t feel like myself. I used to like videogames... although that doesn’t appeal to me anymore. I used to like running my business and commanding the troops to accomplish, sometimes, heroic tasks. That seems so foreign to me now. I miss playing poker with my buddies. If you allow me to meet my poker friends after I do all my chores, I would be even a better servant to you.

I listened to him and I sympathized, I truly did, but I didn’t want old habits to resurface..., to undo the work I had done. The old Doug needed to vanish from existence. I told Doug, as a matter of fact, that his old life was over and he was devoted to me now.


I came home from the store and Doug was sitting on the bed with a straight razor poised over his wrist. Though he made no sound, tears stained his cheeks. He was just sitting there, numbly staring ahead, catatonic. I felt so awful for him and knew I was to blame. I began to sob uncontrollably and reached for him, enveloping him in my arms. I knew I had developed feelings for him, but this act of profound sadness brought them gushing out. “Don’t you dare hurt yourself” I cried. “I love you, I love you! I’m pregnant with your baby!”—or so I thought at the time. “I so want to have this baby with you. You will be such an amazing father!”

Doug whispered, “You’re pregnant?” He dropped the razor, looked up and began crying uncontrollably himself. We were locked in embrace, rocking back and forth and crying like babies.

His voice shaking, he managed, “I love you more than anything Lydia. I never want you to be sad. I’m sorry for making you cry. I want this baby too. I pledge to you, I will be the best father to our baby!”

He gently kissed me on the lips and I felt an overwhelming love for this gentle man. I returned the kiss and soon we were grappling with each other’s clothes. That night he made slow, deliberate love to me. I didn’t want to ever let him go. I fell asleep with him inside me. It was such sweet surrender.


It was shortly after this that Doug proposed to me. I was 3 months pregnant, so still time to avoid a shotgun wedding. He placed the engagement ring on my finger, grasped my hand in both of his and knelt on one knee. He began to recite a heartfelt vow. “Lydia, I am incomplete without you. You bring me such joy and happiness.”

A tear rolled down his cheek. “You are the rays of sunlight at morning’s dawn, the dew on flowers at daybreak’s calm. You are the warm evening breeze that heralds the night and the tender words spoken after a lover’s fight.”

“I promise to be the man you have made me. I will love you until the angels come. I so love you sweet girl.”

My throat contracted. I could barely speak as tears welled up in my eyes and began to streak down my cheeks. “I love you, Doug. I love you so much.” And then I stood him up and holding both his hands, I looked him directly in the eyes. “I release you”. Tears streamed down my face. “I love you too much to keep you in mental chains. If it is your choice to stay, then I want it to be your choice and your choice alone.”

Doug shook his head almost imperceptibly and gave me a deep embrace. “I will always serve you. It is my greatest duty and privilege. We are one, and I shall always honor and obey you.”

I had freed him, but he wanted to stay. I realized the many long hours of programming were firmly implanted. He couldn’t leave if he wanted. He was under the illusion that he was free, but after this oath of fealty, I knew he could not leave unless I forced it.

And so began our new life together. A strange one at times, but a new one with mutual love, respect, and devotion. Doug wanted to be controlled by me. That was pretty deeply embedded behavior by this point, and I saw no reason to upset the Apple cart as long as he was happy with the arrangement.

Sex role playing

Doug became almost too agreeable..., and docile, and predictable. I started to long for the old Doug. I had programmed him well... too well. One day I was feeling frisky and decided to try a little roleplay to liven up our sex life. I dropped Doug into trance and informed him that he had not had sex in over a year. I told him he was a rogue in medieval times and that his hormones were raging. When he awoke, he would see a beautiful young milk maiden and he would take her roughly and have his way with her. And then I did something that was risky and maybe a bit stupid. Definitely stupid. I told him while he was riding her, she might try to tell him to stop or give him a command to sleep or some other crazy thing, but he was to ignore any and all commands she might bark at him while he was having his way with her. I was disarming the safety protocols, basically letting the genie out of the bottle. I did say being rough did not give him permission to harm me. My heart quickened with the idea of this roleplay. I brought Doug out of trance and the look in his eyes reminded me of a wild animal. He looked at me and growled, “Take off your clothes wench!” I hesitated. Bad idea. He pushed me down roughly and started ripping off my blouse. My natural instinct was to resist and that didn’t go over well. He backhand slapped me. Pretty hard. I saw birds and stars circling my head for a few seconds. Fuck.

I could taste blood on my lip. Next thing I knew, he was tearing off my dress. I had forgotten how strong he was. He parted my legs, grabbed my panties and with one tug they were off.

My lower lip started to swell. I thought, I should get some ice. I decided this had gone too far and I commanded “Sleep Now!” in my most authoritative voice. Nothing happened. He dropped his pants and out came the beast. I must give him credit where credit is due. When he’s hard he’s a force of nature. He inserted himself roughly and I felt myself stretched to unnatural limits. He started pounding me and it did feel good. I felt myself nearing climax and then he did something unexpected. He started choking me. Not hard… but choking. It was a new experience for me, and it scared me, but also excited me. I was close to orgasm and so was he. Then he choked me harder, pumping furiously. Just as I came, he squeezed down hard on my throat. I remember screaming at him to stop. “Stop!... “I can’t breathe!” And I orgasmed... as darkness crept in from the sides of my vision. I awoke disoriented, to the sight of him stuffing himself back in his pants. What was left of my dress was bunched up around my waist. My left breast was exposed, freed from my ripped blouse.

I looked up at Doug and timidly asked him, “Are you ok?” He looked back at me and said, “I’m fine, but you’re a mess.” Then he paused. I can see he is searching his memory. “Did I do that to you? Your lip is bleeding.”

Thank god my Doug is back. I asked him, “Would you like to remember everything that just happened?”

“Yes, please”. And I allowed him to remember. He is floored. Wow. “I felt like a different person. It was like I was a rogue in one of our television shows and you were just some waif, some milk maiden to have my way with. I am sorry baby. I would never hurt you.”

“Not your fault”, I replied. “I must say that was fun... a little terrifying, but fun. Maybe we can do that again some time but hitting me was crossing the line. What part of not hurting me was unclear?”

Doug’s reply made perfect sense, “I was fucking a milk maiden, Lydia, not you.  There was no Lydia.”


My final tale about Doug is a switcheroo. What if I did a role reversal? I’m the sub and he is the domme. As some readers may be aware, I am highly hypnotizable. And if I’m to be honest with myself, I’m probably more naturally submissive than dominant. Knowing this I have erected various mental defenses to thwart any unwelcomed intrusions into my mind. They aren’t perfect, but they have served me pretty well so far. I decided to let Doug hypnotize me. As you can imagine, he was all for this. In preparation I taught him optimal induction and deepening phrases. I even let him practice on a neighbor that had come over to visit to make sure he had it down. Confidence is an important component of effective induction and he certainly had no trouble in that department. Mrs. McCarthy was a little older than us and had brought us a ‘welcome to the neighborhood’ Bundt cake (we had recently moved to the mountains). Doug soon had her in deep trance and the little devil was instructing her to have orgasms. It was entertaining to watch. I reminded him he should wipe her memory of this so that we wouldn’t have any awkward encounters later. Now, just so my readers don’t think I’m a total idiot, I did set up a hidden cam to record the induction and I implanted a trigger phrase so that I could, if necessary, undo any post hypnotic suggestions he might implant in me. And in case I should forget this trigger, I set an appointment on my phone for 1 week with a simple message, “Reveal all”. This would both wake me from being a Stepford wife and I could use the same command to compel Doug to share any and all post hypnotic suggestions he may have implanted in me.”

I felt like I was ready. I dropped Doug into trance and suggested he was a powerful hypnotist and I, his new wife, would be the perfect girl to transform into a Stepford wife and that he would want to hypnotize me. He excelled at everything he did and I knew hypnosis would be no different. I woke him from trance and told him I was taking a shower and I would start dinner soon. He said he was going for a run.

Before showering, I laid out my black gym shark seamless leggings with a matching long sleeve crop top. Very sexy. It was skintight and didn’t leave much to the imagination. As I lathered my body with soft soap, I thought to myself, being a submissive might actually be kind of fun. I dressed and applied makeup. I wanted to look sexy, but subdued so my lipstick choice was Couture, soft golden nude with subtle shimmer. I used light pink blush on my cheeks. I gave myself a final appraisal in the mirror before signing off. Not bad girl.

I headed for the kitchen to give Doug some last-minute instructions for our roleplay. It wouldn’t be any good if I was zonked out the whole time. I wanted to know what was happening to me and just be compelled to obey. Pretty simple, right? I started to speak, “Wait Doug. Before we start, I need to set some ground rules.”

He shushed me with his finger and then grasped my shoulder firmly in a tight grip, while putting his hand under my chin and tilting my head up to look into his eyes. It was very domineering, and I felt myself melt in his arms. Wait. I needed to tell him something. Then he said something and my head filled with the almost deafening sound of cicadas…

I decided whatever I had to say to him could wait. First it was my duty to give him a blowjob. He liked those after he had been out for a run and I was happy to oblige him. He tasted salty, but that just made me more enthusiastic. He then decided to bend me over and mount me from behind. It was my duty as his wife to submit to him whenever he wanted, so I bent over and grabbed my ankles while he pulled my leggings down. He must have liked the view because he was soon pounding me. It was all I could do to keep from falling forward. Afterwards I cleaned up my master’s cock with my mouth making sure there was no errant sperm to stain his shorts. He pointed out some spud on the floor which I dutifully slurped up.

I cooked a luxurious meal of sausage Ragù over creamy polenta. I poured us both a glass of Chianti and then sat in Doug’s lap while I spoon fed him. The meal was sumptuous, and I thanked my wonderful master for allowing me to serve him.

The rest of the week was uneventful. I performed my duties around the house naked as I was accustomed to doing. I cleaned the toilets with some alacrity. Not that I had ever considered cleaning toilets a joyful exercise, but these days it most definitely was. Doug, of course, was never short of compliments. He genuinely appreciated my diligence.

Lydia rebooting... Ok. Full stop. The alarm went off on my phone. I opened it and read “Reveal all”. Suddenly everything was revealed to me. That little shit I smiled. He turned me into the perfect little Stepford wife, but he hadn’t allowed me to be me, while I toiled away. I remembered most everything—or so I thought—but it was as if I was a different person. Oh yeah. I never got the chance to give him final instructions. Well, he didn’t know about my little wake up alarm, so I would have some fun with him. He had gone on a run, so while he was gone, I decided to bring up the hidden web cam footage. My mouth dropped open as I observed how skillfully he had taken me.

The camera recorded the induction. I didn’t get all the way through the video first time as one of his commands on the video dropped me. When I opened my eyes some minutes later, I realized what had happened. I restarted the video with the volume turned way down. I, of course, remembered none of the induction. I had walked into the kitchen planning on starting dinner when he had walked up to me. I saw myself starting to speak, then being shushed, then grabbed by the shoulder and pulled into him while he lifted my chin to look into his eyes. He used a variant of the Erickson handshake on me. I go into trance pretty easily under the right circumstances. I wanted to be hypnotized, but I was still surprised by the fluency and command he exercised with this induction. I never saw it coming. I take a deep breath on camera, then see him mouth the command, “Deep sleep for me Lydia!” while simultaneously pushing my head down to his chest. Even now I feel a brief moment of drowsiness. I shake my head and resume the video. I observe my head droop forward resting on his shoulder while he talks to me. With the volume down, I cannot hear the words. After a few minutes I observe myself giving him a blow job, then bending over as he has his way with me. Fast forward and I cook dinner, then spoon feed him his meal. He was certainly milking this for all it was worth.

I fast forward through several days of web footage and observe myself cleaning house while naked. Our daughter, Celeste, is just one at this time. She didn’t seem to notice my change in attire. I observe myself using a Swiffer to clean the floors while simultaneously holding Celeste in my left arm so she can breast feed. The doorbell rings. I guess I must have considered being naked to be perfectly normal as I answered the door—not a stitch of clothing on. I take delivery of a package while the UPS driver stands there gawking at me. Hmmm…. Maybe I will have Doug clean naked.

Stepping through the third day of video I spot something unusual. I observe myself—it’s like it’s someone else—being given instructions of some kind. Doug drops his boxers, leans over a chair and spreads his butt cheeks. Now what? I see myself bending down to give him a rim job. That little shit. No doubt getting even for when I made him clean my ass. I fast forward the video some more. This rim job scene is repeated several times over following days. Once even after he had taken a shit. Fucker! I will have to think of some fitting punishment.

Doug came back from his run and called for me. I didn’t like the tone of his command. “Suck your master’s cock!” The commands were still cemented in my subconscious. Despite being ‘woke’, I was still compelled to obey. Last time I thought to myself. I lovingly pulled his cock out from his shorts and began enthusiastically deep throating him. It didn’t take long for him to shoot his load into the back of my throat which I happily swallowed. I then stood up, still holding his cock lovingly in my right hand. I looked up into his eyes smiling while simultaneously touching his forehead with my free hand and saying, “Sleep now”. I braced myself as he dropped into my arms—lights out. I commanded “Reveal All”. I had him start by listing the various post hypnotic instructions he had given me. I had to stop him after the first one. It was still active and powerful. Should have thought of that.

The command was to start pleasuring myself and it was impossible to concentrate while I was doing it. Between pleasure gasps, I haltingly instructed him to write the rest of the post hypnotic suggestions down on a sheet of paper. While he was doing this my hand was trying it’s hardest to make me cum. The urge to stimulate myself was too strong to ignore. It must have been a funny sight, me trying to control the urge to frig myself furiously but failing miserably. I commanded him to satisfy me orally, while I, of course, continued to rub one out. It wasn’t long before I was in the throes of a powerful orgasm, rocking my pelvis, while arching my back in the air. Hmmm…. That was a pretty good suggestion. Maybe I should leave that one alone, I considered briefly.

Whoa. Catch your breath and your wits girl, I said to myself. I instructed Doug, that as soon as I woke him from trance, that he would induce trance in me, one last time, for the purpose of removing all post hypnotic suggestions from me and not add back any new ones. The memory is fresh. He used some kind of trigger and the next thing I know, I’m waking on the bed, looking up at him and the ceiling, vision slowly returning to normal. Then I feel something wet on my leg. What the fuck? I’m naked. I reach down and feel sperm dripping out of my vagina onto the bedsheets. He looked at me sheepishly, “You didn’t say I couldn’t fuck you while you were hypnotized. I got horny. What can I say.” I gave him a stern look of disapproval. He could be pretty sneaky. Always figuring out loopholes to my commands.

I tested my command. I knew I could verify later on the webcam. I told him to say a post hypnotic suggestion to me. Nothing. I asked him to try and drop me into trance with the ‘sleep’ trigger. Nothing. Good.

I reinstated his love of cleaning duties, his loyalty and his submissiveness. He was instructed to complete his chores with his dick hanging out and he would think nothing of it. It was fun to watch him go about his cleaning chores totally oblivious to the fact his member was hanging out. But this time, when the UPS driver showed up, I decided to spare Doug the embarrassment. I answered the door fully clothed and took the package. The UPS driver seemed disappointed. I wonder why.

I gave Doug a command that he must be completely honest with me and hold nothing back. I asked him to write down his motivations in the role reversal. He wrote, “I was beginning to like my new role as master. Lydia is a natural submissive and I’m naturally dominant. I had rationalized to myself that we were living false narratives, pigeonholed into unnatural roles.”

Knowing that I would read this, he switched to first person... “Besides,” he continued writing, “you seemed to really enjoy being my slave. I had never seen you happier. I wondered, how much of that was your natural personality and how much of that was my suggestions to be joyful? I know that the role reversal was only supposed to last two days, but I reasoned what harm could it do to extend it another week or two? At some point I would wake you up to this new reality and make sure you were ok with it. I didn’t want to continue the charade if you were not on board. With my newfound hypnosis skills, I suspected that you might even agree to a permanent switch in roles—maybe with a well-placed suggestion by me. As far as the rim jobs, yeah, I guess I was getting a little revenge on you. You made me remember what you had forced me to do, and it never set very well with me. I probably should have stopped after the first one, but I decided I really enjoyed you licking my asshole. And you seemed so willing to please me. Who would have thought you were such a brown noser? You literally were. I have a picture to prove it. Who was I to deny you?

“Let me see that picture Doug”, I commanded. He showed me his phone. “Oh my fucking God. I hope you realize you’re going to pay a high price for that.” Now I have to figure out the proper punishment.


BoW was my second erotic hypnosis story. I have since written 30 short stories, some 'somewhat' true, others grossly exaggerated or pure fiction. I am an accomplished hypnotist and I have clients who enjoy sending me gifts. My services aren’t free after all. Three of my male thralls started off alphas. I am slowly programming them to become betas. Doug started pure alpha and is an exception to that rule, although today he is most definitely submissive. Controlling beta males is infinitely easier than alphas, I can assure you.

Addendum: I released all thralls in 2020. I no longer hypnotize people for fun and pleasure (or profit). I believe what I was doing is a sin, even if they liked it. I have prayed to god for forgiveness. Yes, I believe in god.

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