Confessions of a Hypnodomme

Before I was a Hypnodomme.

by LydiaSalia

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Disclaimer – Plus some important disclosures

This story contains scenes of explicit sexuality. It is not intended for viewing by minors. If you have not reached the age of majority in your area then please do not proceed.

All characters and situations depicted in this story are fictional. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

Copyright @ 2021 Lydia Salia

The author strictly forbids the archiving of this story on sites that charge fees either directly or indirectly through age checks or other secondary services. The author forbids the archiving of this story on free sites without my express consent that can be obtained by e-mailing me at

The hypnosis in my stories is authentic. The situations I describe have elements of truth. If something is 100% fiction, I denote that.

This collection of stories has been extensively modified, enhanced and improved. If you read my stories before and liked them, these will blow your mind. My stories are written in a style referred to as 'suspension of disbelief'. Google it.

I also 'break the fourth wall' frequently to draw my readers into a pseudo reality/fantasy designed to build the eroticism of the story and the characters. That means my characters communicate with fans by email in both print, videos and photos. Some actual email threads with readers are incorporated into my stories. Hyper realism is my goal.

What is real and what is made up? That is for me to know and you to never find out.

So what part of my stories are real? The mind control concepts described in my stories are very real. The hypnosis is real. The subliminal brain washing is real. If nothing else, you will learn techniques to control others without them being (fully) aware of your control - the calibration techniques to win over your subject’s trust and begin their gradual surrender into servitude. The application requires expertise, finesse, and patience. The depth of control, as described in my stories, is exaggerated, however. Achieving mindless slave level control is possible in a select, (very) small population of so inclined individuals, but when it happens in real life, these people desire this level of control. Sexual servitude, in my experience, is almost always completely voluntary. Legally, it is sex trafficking when these criteria exist: coercion, force or threat of force, fraud and involuntary compliance.

The trick I employ in real life and in my stories is to convince the subject that it is their idea or desire to do something – like have sex. When it is ‘their idea’ to have sex, then at most, you are guilty of seduction. Hardly a crime. But you can still be sued, so exercise caution.  One case of Hypnotist found not guilty  Another where this 'standard' of consent has come under attack.   Hypnotist guilty of assault

Copyright @ 2021 Lydia Salia

Before I was a Hypnodomme

The year is 2020. I just had my 25th birthday. I’m a successful hypnodomme today. Until recently I was the master of five people in real life and several more over Zoom. I released all my thralls in December 2020. Hard to believe? I have proof. Now I have the itch again. While I don’t normally condone owning people, if they wish to voluntarily serve me, who am I to say no?

Controlling men and women with my powers of persuasion is gratifying — both sexually and financially. But like every domme, I had to start somewhere. I was an 18-year-old girl, an innocent victim, who was unwittingly introduced into the strange realm of mind control... and not just hypnotic mind control, but something quite a bit more powerful. Yes, boys and girls, this is the stuff of X files. I was completely naïve in the ways of the world. An innocent high school student, a recent salutatorian of my class and excited about entering the freshman class at Stanford. I had my future mapped out. I planned to major in one of the social sciences, perhaps psychology, and then apply to a good medical school with the eventual goal of becoming a surgeon. If not for becoming such an accomplished hypnotist, I might have completed my dream. Of course, getting pregnant and married created a whole new set of challenges and responsibilities. Not that I’m complaining. My daughter is an angel from God and my husband is about as close to perfect as you can be..., at least as close to perfect as I could make him. But I digress. I remember the night that changed my life forever - like it was yesterday.

My Mom was having a little party for me to celebrate my acceptance letter to Stanford. Included in our little soirée were my younger sisters Stephanie and Pam and an old family friend, Jim Fellows. He had been my Dad’s best friend. My Dad was a combat medic in the military and had met Jim while serving in Afghanistan. I didn’t really know what Jim did, but it was something called PsyOps. He was there for us when we received the news of my father’s death. A roadside IED had detonated under my Dad’s Humvee. Dad didn’t suffer, but Mom and I were devastated. I think Stephanie and Pam were too young at the time to fully grasp the reality of Dad’s passing. Jim had been such a comfort to my mother... to all of us. It had been 8 years, but he still kept in close touch. I was grateful to him. I think he and my mother could have become an item at some point, but they mutually decided it was best to keep the relationship platonic.

The doorbell rang and I answered. Jim was standing there with a bottle of champagne and a dozen roses. The roses were for my Mom and the champagne for me... or was it the other way around...? He gave me a big hug and then walked in and hugged my mother and sisters. He was such an awesome human being. We sat down to a nice dinner and he popped the cork on the champagne. Stephanie was allowed a small glass, but not Pam. Pam was 14 at this time..., a little young. Plenty left for me, Mom and Jim. After dinner and small talk, we retired to the living room and Stephanie brought up the subject of what Jim did for a living. He had retired from the military but still did some kind of consulting for the government. It had to do with changing public perception. He said what he did was a kind of social engineering — somewhat akin to how social media can influence public opinion. Only his techniques were better and faster. He could change people’s way of thinking. That opened Pandora’s box. Stephanie, of course, had to ask him to show us. Now, before you think Jim is some diabolical mastermind pervert intent on controlling young girls, he is nothing like that. Steph asked, he agreed to show us. And from that moment forward, my life was irrevocably changed.

Jim retrieved a small disc from his pocket. It was about 3 inches in diameter and flat black in color. Until he turned it on, you could scarcely see it in low light. He explained that the disc contained several small LEDs along the circle edge. He explained these would flash and sequence in synchrony with certain brain waves. The device would begin by holding our focus and synchronizing with beta waves in the brain. These waves were associated with intense focus. Then, when he deemed the time was right, he would switch it to the gamma range. This was a heightened state of awareness. Many people have profound insight and realizations in this state. Finally, under his guidance, with instructions to surrender to relaxation, peace and calm, he could induce trance by transitioning the disc light show to alpha wave flashes. At this point the subject was helpless, for all practical purposes, and would believe whatever they were told. I was fascinated, but at the same time, skeptical.

Stephanie asked for a demonstration. Jim asked if anyone had seizures or other neurologic issues. We all said no. Jim asked Stephanie, since she had asked for the demonstration, if she was going to volunteer. She shifted uneasily on the couch. She timidly agreed. Jim then said, “Nothing to be scared of. You will just feel like you’re drifting off to sleep. The cool thing about this device is it works pretty well whether you are expecting it or not.”

Jim asked Stephanie to concentrate on the light show and then he turned the disc on. I was sitting next to Stephanie, so I had a pretty good view. The light show was pretty. A faint red glow pulsated from the edges, then collapsed towards the center only to repeat. They would get brighter, then dimmer in a rhythmic manner. Then the colors switched, almost imperceptibly to a violet hue and then the circle of lights began to spin. Slowly. Ever so slowly. Clockwise, then counterclockwise and so on. It was quite dazzling. Then it seemed to transmute into the most beautiful shade of blue I think I had ever seen. I remember feeling like I was in the arms of God… safe, warm and perfectly loved. I didn’t want this feeling to end.

And then it was over. I opened my eyes to see Jim saying something to me. “..... up. Back to reality Lydia”. I looked around and my Mom and Pam were looking at me with big, stupid smiles. Stephanie was sitting next to me with her eyes closed and a serene look on her face. “What happened”? I asked.

My mother squeezed my hand and said “Oh my God! You were totally out of it!”

I pondered this as I got up, shook out the cobwebs, and headed to the frig for a glass of milk. I had a sudden craving for milk. I could hear Pam giggling as I returned to the room with the milk.

Jim asked, “so, are you a big milk drinker?”

“No, as a matter of fact I never drink milk, but I had a craving.”

Mom smiled, “that was Jim’s idea honey, not yours.”

I was impressed... and a little freaked. “I don’t remember you saying that. What about Stephanie? She’s still out?”

Jim replied, “Stephanie is still in deep trance. Your Mom would like her to start pulling her weight around here..., cleaning up, keeping her room picked up and, of course, start trying in school, so I gave her some motivational suggestions.”

I looked over at Stephanie. Her eyes were still closed. “I’ll believe that when I see it”.

Jim said, “Watch and learn”.

Before waking her, Jim had Stephanie imagine that she was being tickled and she squirmed in her seat laughing. Then he told her that it was sweltering hot. Beads of perspiration began to form on her forehead at which point she started to unbutton her shirt. Jim quickly interjected, “Ok, the heat is subsiding. In fact, it is beginning to get cold. Very cold.” Stephanie stopped unbuttoning her shirt and began shivering. Satisfied, Jim brought her out of trance. Stephanie remembered nothing and thought we were making it all up.

I looked at my Mom, then back at Jim and asked, “What did you make me do?”

Jim just smiled. Mom told me she would tell me later, then took Jim’s hand, thanked him for the enlightening demonstration and hugged him at the door, bidding him goodnight for the evening.

My Mom shared that Jim had implanted helpful suggestions that were designed to boost my concentration, curiosity, and confidence. That was so Stanford would not be quite so intimidating or hard. I would be eager to try new things, with a curiosity to learn everything I could about the world. I reminded her that I was already rather good at all those things since I was salutatorian of my class.

I went to my room and turned on my laptop, intent on learning more about hypnosis. I had a friend who was dabbling in hypnosis. Her stories were too crazy to believe. But now I wasn’t so sure.  I read that people cannot be made to do anything they do not want to do. That trance is just relaxation with heightened concentration. People on stage were aware of what they were doing but did it anyway because hypnosis tapped down their inhibitions. This all seemed reasonable except my own recent experience suggested there was more to this. Jim’s hypnodisc seemed to do a little more than standard, garden variety hypnosis. I got in bed, unable to think about anything else but what had just happened to me. In fact, it excited me to think I could be told to do things and not remember. The thought of being commanded by another person made me sexually aroused. I ended up masturbating to a very satisfying orgasm before drifting off to sleep.

That morning I decided I to call Jim and ask if I could see his lab and learn more about this crazy mental magic.  I looked up his work number and called to see if I could meet him. He said to come by the lab on Saturday. It would be quiet, and I could get the grand tour. I arrived before lunch and Jim introduced me to his senior lab tech. Bob knew the ins and outs of everything and would give me the grand tour. Jim politely excused himself for an afternoon lunch meeting across town. It was a Saturday, so not too many people were around. Bob would have the time to show and explain everything to me. I was so curious to learn how this stuff worked.

Bob was a little scrawny and nerdy but seemed harmless enough. He showed me the lab. He seemed quite proud of it. There were chairs with various contraptions including a large light suspended above one of them. Bob said, “we call this the hypnobeam in deference to a Star Trek episode where Jim Kirk is hypnotized to believe he is in love with a female doctor companion. I looked back at him, “Really? Never heard of it.” Then he showed me a helmet embedded with what looked to be hundreds of small electrodes. “What is this?”, I enquired.

“That is called trans cranial magnetic stimulation.” We actually use that in conjunction with the hypnobeam to create and reinforce certain thoughts.” He seemed quite excited to demonstrate the device.

I was fascinated, absolutely fascinated. I remembered the proverb, ‘curiosity killed the cat’, but my curiosity overcame any sense of caution. “Could you demonstrate something simple?”

Bob thought about it, “Sure. Are you hungry?”

“Not at all” I replied. “I ate before coming here.”

“Then that should be a good test”, he proffered.

I sat down in the chair which he then reclined. He strapped the helmet on my head and told me to look at the mirrored light above my head. It looked like a big surgical light—like the kind used in operating rooms. I asked him to either hurry it up and start or let me take a quick food break. I was starving.

Bob laughed. “You weren’t hungry a moment ago.”

“I wasn’t? No, I wasn’t, but I am now. Weird.” He told me to look back up at the light and the next thing I knew, I was no longer hungry.

Confused, I offered, “Wait, you didn’t even turn the machine on.”

Bob just smiled.

Bob then suggested an even stronger demonstration. I could feel little warning klaxons going off in my brain. I started to object, but the only thing that came out of my mouth were barks. Had he told me to bark like a dog!? I was not amused, but when I tried to speak, it sounded like barking. I was pissed, but every time I tried to say anything or complain it came out as a bark. In my mind I heard myself scream “Stop it!” But what I heard myself vocalize was “Ruff, ruff!” Now I was scared. I was getting freaked out.

Bob asked, "Are you a good doggy?"

I had enough. "Fuck you", except it came out as a growl.

And then just as quickly, I felt perfectly calm, and I was speaking normally again.

“Bob, I think I’ve seen enough. Thank you for the demonstration, but now would you please let me out of this contraption.”

“So, you see the power of hypnosis. Do you believe I can make you do anything I want?”

“I am impressed with the demonstration, but no, you can’t make people do anything you want. I have read enough about hypnosis to know that a person will not do anything that they don’t want to do.” Bob disconnected everything and I stood up. He motioned for me to follow him. There was a small room off the lab with a bed. I guess when the techs were working late they sometimes slept over. Bob confirmed my suspicion.

“Lydia, do you ever have one-night stands?”

I thought his question was very inappropriate. “No sir! I am a nice girl and I have a boyfriend.”

I contemplated how best to handle this awkward situation as I got undressed.

“I only started having sex a few months ago with my boyfriend. I don’t even know why I am discussing this with you.” He had a lot of nerve I thought.

I laid down on the bed and parted my legs.

Bob asked, “So, if you have just met someone, you would not hop into bed and have sex with them?”

“Absolutely not. Don’t get any ideas.” 

It was at that moment I realized Bob was naked. I swallowed hard. What is about to happen? Without skipping a beat, he inserted himself into me.

“Please don’t. Stop! Please.” I started to cry.

“It’s ok Lydia. This feels so good. You want to have sex with me.”

I felt guilty, ashamed. Because it felt good. It felt really good as he slowly pumped. He was trying to be as gentle and kind as he could.

Bob said, “You are enjoying this. You love being with me and you desperately want me to make love to you.”

I felt his penis press against my cervix and it took my breath away. “Oh my god that feels good.” I heard myself say this, but it was someone else speaking. “Yes, right there. Ewwww…. It feels so fucking good….”

I could have sworn when I first met Bob that he was scrawny. He’s not scrawny. Bob was an Adonis. A powerful, masculine, sexy male. I wanted him. I needed him. Nothing else mattered but right here, right now. As Bob fucked me slowly, deliberately, I felt my brain turn to mush. The feeling was incredible.

Without conscious effort I rocked my pelvis to meet his thrusts, to encourage him to go deeper and harder. “Oh, oh… oh god. This is so good. Keep fucking me just like that!” I extolled him.

Bob obliged. Then I sensed Bob was about to cum. He grunted, grabbed my hips and pulled me tightly into him. I came almost simultaneously.  I could feel him squirting against my cervix and it was ecstasy. My legs were wrapped tightly around him. He had to ask me to let him loose.

“Oh, sorry.”

He lingered briefly inside me while I imagine he let loose the last few pumps. He told me what a good girl I had been, as he got dressed. And it felt so good to receive his approval. I asked him when we could be together again, and he told me he would call me. I had a boyfriend, but he was pathetic by comparison. Bob was maybe 8 or 9 years older than me, but he was a stallion. No man had ever made love to me like that. It felt so damn good it sent a shiver down my spine.

“So, what were you saying about one-night stands?”

Suddenly worried, I pleaded, “It’s only a one-night stand if we never make love again. Please, I couldn’t bear the thought of that. I will do anything to be with you. Anything!”

Bob seemed happy with my answer. I wasn’t so sure. I grabbed his arm as he turned to leave but he tossed me aside.

“Lydia, I want you to remember that it was my charm and wit that seduced you. You were the one who wanted to have sex.”

“Yes, yes of course. When can I see you again? Maybe I can buy you dinner?”

Bob smirked and said, “You know where to find me. Help yourself out” and then he was gone. I watched him as he walked away. My imagination was running wild. I was too young for him. I wasn't worthy. He probbaly knew a lot of girls prettier and more worldy than me.  I got dressed and gathered my things. I left the lab with a warm glow inside, but apprehensive that he might not call me. The following day my mother informed me that Jim had called. Bob had been fired for inappropriate conduct. I was shocked. “He was such a nice guy and so... affectionate.” My mother then got a call from a detective. There had been a rape and they had questions for me. “Why me?”

Jim spoke to my Mom again and arranged for a lawyer to accompany us when I went in for questioning. We sat down with a female detective who asked if I was ok. “Of course, I’m ok. Why would I not be ok?”

They began accusing Bob of raping me. I didn’t believe anything they were saying. “Bob didn’t rape me! He was...” at which point the lawyer rudely interrupted me and asked to speak to the detective on the side. I couldn’t make out what they were saying, but he soon returned to the table and suggested my memory was not quite intact. I objected, but the detective apparently agreed that I should go back to the lab to see if my memories could be retrieved. I listened to their plan.

“Wait a minute. He never even turned the damn equipment on. I would have at least remembered spinning lights or whirring noises or something.”

The lawyer spoke up. “We have video and audio from the lab provided to us by Jim Fellows. It shows the equipment being activated, then you suddenly going blank. You were even barking at one point.

Barking...? I tried to remember.

“Then Bob led you to a room off the lab and the two of you had sex”.

I remembered the sex alright. How could I not? And now I remembered barking. So strange.... But this memory was vague and hazy... like a dream. I think I only remembered it because the lawyer said something.

“We can’t hear anything Bob said to you as you were wearing a headset inside the helmet. That is why we need to recover your memories so that we can determine if the sex was consensual or not.”

I thought about this. But it seemed so real. I still longed to feel Bob inside of me, thrusting, bringing me to incredible orgasm. I squirmed in my seat thinking about this and realized my panties were damp with excitement.

“Ok. I agree. I need to know the truth and I know my Mom wants me to cooperate, but frankly guys, this is BS. Bob is nothing more than an incredible lover.”

We arrived at the lab, I sat down reluctantly in the chair, had the helmet attached and then waited for them to turn it on. I figured by cooperating I could help acquit Bob of any wrongdoing. Then, before they even began, they were taking the helmet off and helping me out of the chair. “Is it broken? It never came on.” Then the realization hit me like a ton of bricks. “Oh my fucking god!”, I screamed. “That fucker took advantage of me. He raped me!”

The detective smiled and said, “I think that will do.”


This deeply disturbing experience with Bob showed me the power of the mind and how in the wrong (or right hands), what incredible feats of memory and behavior manipulation could occur.

My curiosity had me researching everything on mind control, brain washing and hypnosis. The trans cranial magnetic stimulation was particularly fascinating to me. I figured if I became a psychologist, maybe I could afford to buy one for my practice. So began the long road to becoming a professional hypnodomme. I still enrolled in Stanford as a pre-med psychology major. I practiced hypnosis inductions whenever I got a chance — small social gatherings, parties, study groups. It was hit or miss. But eventually I could hypnotize over half the people I tried to hypnotize. It didn’t work very well on drunks, idiots or alpha males. But I learned how to use covert methods and even hypnotize some of the strongest personalities. The best subjects, I learned, have strong imaginations, the ability to focus intensely, and the ability to trust. If your subject doesn’t want to be hypnotized (and knows that is what you are doing), you won’t be successful.

If you can set ethical considerations aside, then hypnosis can reward you financially and in your love life. This has been an ongoing, internal struggle for me, but I’ve come to rationalize it. First, my sister Stephanie, is an example of the good side of hypnosis. She became such a wonderful daughter to our mother. She is courteous, keeps her room neat and tidy and is doing well in school. If you knew my sister, you would know this is not her. Now, before you object that despite the good, this is not ethical, I can tell you her self-esteem has never been higher, nor has she been happier. My Mom arranged with Jim for periodic reinforcement of these behaviors at his lab and Stephanie has been all in for this. I sometimes wonder though if her consent is of her own volition...

I no longer try to mentally subjugate people. I have come to realize when someone craves my control and I 'grant them' their wish..., I really am no better than the sex traffickers I so ardently write about (in later stories). Hypnosis, in the hands of a master hypnotist, can be used to compel people into sexual servitude.

When I (used to) take someone under deep control, I amplify their good qualities and, given time, can erase the bad ones. The really big changes require a big commitment of time and effort. I can’t rewrite somebody into a totally different person overnight. But I can if you give me 6 months. It’s really pretty simple. You just condition the person to believe some simple truth and then build on that new foundation. My Doug is such a person. He was an extreme alpha male. Those qualities are what allowed him to succeed so well in business. But they were not the best qualities for a partner. In my story Beware of Wallflowers (Bow), I recount how I captured the mind of Doug Crawford. When I think back to our first encounter, he never stood a chance. It reminds me of deer, of bucks during the rut. Their testosterone controls them. As it does in human males. Sexual arousal is a powerful adjunct to hypnotic control over male subjects.

Regarding hypnotic abuse and rape, apparently the problem is far more widespread than I realized! Summary site of hypnotic abuse and rape cases.

if you want to avoid being accused of using hypnosis to conduct a sexual assault, you had better obtained an informed consent BEFORE you hypnotize your subject.

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