Commune life

Commune Life Part 2, Tryouts

by LydiaSalia

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How I did it

 by Doug Crawford, Lydia's husband and now her master

Operator's Manual to Programming the Human Mind was originally published on EMCSA and later removed. Julie and some readers convinced Lydia that it contained too many technical details about how to take nonconsensual control over another person. Well, it works. I created my own loops based on these techniques and this is what I 'feed' to Lydia, Julie and the new girls to program them. Lydia withheld some information from the original manual. The full version has been published on ROM. If you can't learn to control someone after reading this then you are one shitty. hypnotist. Here is a synopsis of what is necessary to create new beliefs based on the use of repetition (i.e. brainwashing)

1) Build trust early on with relaxation/self-help suggestions.

2) Use three channel audio to force intense focus/induce light trance.

3) Repeat simple 'truths' you want the subject to adopt; fifty or more times over the course of a 45 minute session.

4) Embed a compulsion to listen to these every night.

5) Honesty. Embed as a 'truth' the desire for the subject to always share everything with you and never hold anything back.

6) Make very gradual changes to the subconscious ‘belief’ system. New beliefs, behaviors, or memories cannot be rushed. Repetition becomes the most important factor in cementing these changes.

7) Interview your subject before introducing the next loop to find out which new 'changes' need to be reinforced or if you need to alter or eliminate a suggestion that is creating cognitive dissonance.

How I finally broke the hypnotic control that held me down.

The story ‘Kitty Flipping’ is about Lydia and Julie experimenting with hallucinogens. Julie helped disable some of the blocks in my subconscious after Lydia's stroke. This was to keep her from exercising bad judgement. It seemed like a good idea at the time and Lydia agreed. This made it possible for me to re-exert my authority as the natural head of our house. The temporary disabled blocks have now been permanently disabled. Once I hypnotized Julie by using X and K to numb her brain, it was 'game over' for those two.

Using the 'Operator's Manual to Programming the Human Mind' as a baseline, I made my own set of audio loops that Lydia listens to at night. These help her overcome the anxiety and sadness associated with her stroke. Obviously, I've extended the range of suggestions to extend my control. I believe Lydia is unaware as these do not begin until she is already in light trance. They seem to be working quite well. Julie has a different set of suggestions she listens to help her with anxiety of leaving Texas for Colorado, her diet and exercise regimen and to help her become more submissive to me. The audio loops become progressively more intrusive. Initially influencing Julie's mind was quite easy. She already admires me and has a 'schoolgirl' crush on me. That has made it easy to manipulate her. Taking her to the deepest state of subservience may be a little tougher. She seems to be aware that she is losing control. I did succeed in recruiting Julie to hypnotize and suppress Lydia. By May I anticipate Julie's programming will extend to her being completely subservient to me. The ultimate test will be if she is willing to sacrifice her life to save my life. Yes, I will create a scenario whereby Julie will believe she is sacrificing her life for mine. If she passes the scenario then I will know I have achieved a profound level of control. I need to think of something that is safe and convincing to her within the next few months. Of course, I will not allow any harm to come to her, but she won't know that.

It is my belief that given the natural limitations of 'traditional hypnosis', the risk for most people to fall completely under someone else’s control is low. Subjects may be under ‘degrees’ of control, but rarely can you obtain absolute control. In most people, their subconscious will protect them from harm. Profound control also requires a very skilled hypnotist. An amateur could not pull off the kind of control Lydia has enjoyed (in her previous life) regardless of their knowledge.

As an example of the effectiveness of this brainwashing, one need look no further than what happened to me. I was an extreme alpha male. It was not in my plan to get married and settle down. I was a player and Lydia was a conquest. Several years ago, as I was attempting to seduce Lydia (in her story on mcstories named BoW (Beware of Wallflowers), I discovered (woke up to the fact) that she had, in fact, seduced me. I was an unsuspecting insect caught in her web. Ever since I fell under her spell, I have been intrigued with hypnosis and I have learned a great deal. Starting as an unwitting subject who was then transitioned to thrall, the power of this shit was undeniable. Lydia eventually freed me from being her thrall and made me an equal. Gradually, with the benefit of Lydia as the world’s greatest practitioner and teacher, I learned and mastered the art of hypnosis myself. I have hypnotized others using rapid and covert inductions, among others. I’m not as adept as pre-stroke Lydia, but I’m very good.

Despite evidence to the contrary, here are several myths about hypnosis that should be dispelled. For the most part, people are not mindless automatons. Lydia herself sometimes exaggerates the level of control she can achieve with hypnosis alone. Now I agree with her that the subconscious can be changed slowly, over time, with 'simple truths' repeated in audio loops. That is what is euphemistically referred to as brainwashing, not hypnosis. But true, absolute, slave like control? No, I don’t think so. Even people in cults sometimes question their leaders. Having been subjected to hypnosis (and audio training loops) and to Lydia’s control for several years, I am going to set the facts straight. While these myths have basis in truth, the fact is, only in the deepest states of trance do (some) people become unaware and then only if they are instructed to. I don’t recall a time when I was ever totally unaware. I was, however, compelled to obey Lydia once upon a time. So I would call that more of a waking trance. Actually, I guess if I was made unaware, I would not recall… Soooo, I acknowledge my last statement is a logical fallacy. Strike it. Granted, there were times when I was a little out of it, but only like a mild drug stupor and only when Lydia was really working it. So, control is rarely absolute. If I was to make an educated guess, maybe 1% of people can be controlled so thoroughly that they will obey any command their master gives them. Also, most people are ‘aware’ even when deeply hypnotized. The single biggest ‘truth’ or fact regarding hypnosis is disinhibition. The subconscious mind will allow a person to do things that they normally would not do. But again, most people are perfectly aware of what they are doing. Most such people do not really believe they are hypnotized. They just believe they are being a good sport. And the truth is, if they decide some suggestion is too dangerous or outrageous, they simply snap out of trance and refuse. Your subconscious will keep you safe, from harm - mostly. Stage hypnotists invoke waking trance in their subjects. They are hypnotized and they are disinhibited, so they can be ‘convinced’ to do some rather embarrassing things. But they believe they are just playing along for the show. They believe hypnosis is their ‘excuse’ for acting out on stage. No, they are, in fact, hypnotized. Besides disinhibition, hypnotized people will often become aroused. It is speculated that the salience network involved in achieving trance results in arousal. A good hypnotist can use this to 'seduce' the subject and/or deepen trance.

A hypnotized person’s own innate personality and beliefs about hypnosis or mind control have a strong influence on how deeply they can be hypnotized. Lydia is an expert at reading people and manipulating certain of these beliefs to improve the depth of trance in her subject. Lydia’s original plan was to sell the full version of her Mind Control Manual on Amazon. It was too much for them. I have since published it on ROM. I had Lydia review, correct, and extend the manuscript under my direction and not even realize I compelled her to do so. Yes, Lydia is a master hypnotist who is unknowingly following my commands. Maybe the ultimate test of my control over Lydia will be for her to have enthusiastic sex with Martin. I'll have Julie believe she is saving my life while sacrificing hers and compel Lydia to get it on with the man who previously raped her and fathered our daughter, Celeste. Yes... I think that would be a story worth writing about.

by Doug Crawford

I formed a commune in January of 2021. This was right after Lydia had a stroke from COVID. Fortunately, it turned out to be a mild stroke. This seemed like the perfect time to simplify. I believed the Bohemian lifestyle would benefit both of us. I've always wanted to grow my own food, raise chickens, goats, grow weed - basically live off the grid. Except for the internet. And electricity and hot water. I've gotta have those. If you have read our real life stories The Commune Life Part 1 and 2 by Lydia Salia, then you know what I'm talking about. This is a throwback to the 60's hippie thing. Working together for everyone's benefit. It requires a lot of friends to make it work. In my case, friends with benefits. I have my wife Lydia and her best friend Julie helping with various chores. I recruited an ex-police officer, Cynthia and a waitress/cook named Tricia about 2 weeks into the start up. Then Rita and Angela. Finally, I convinced Shelly, Lydia's past thrall to join us. Seven girls who understand that one of their responsibilities is to fuck me. Is this the life or what?

How did I convince seven beautiful girls to join me? Well, I'm pretty charming on my own, but I'm also in possession of a secret weapon; Lydia Salia. I learned advanced techniques of hypnosis from Lydia. Techniques that few hypnotists ever become proficient at. She is my wife and has written many stories on EMCSA (Erotic Mind Control Story Archive) about her exploits as a hypnodomme.

Stories on EMCSA until she was summarily banned because some idiot(s) thought she or I were enslaving people. What a joke. Anyway, I digress. Many a man and woman have been her personal thralls. She gave up that life after her stroke. Well actually, before her stroke at the prompting of her good friend and fellow hypnotist Julie Adams who convinced Lydia that owning people is immoral. When Lydia and Julie recently partook in some mind-altering substances, I was able to sneak a covert induction in on both of them. I'm using the same techniques I learned from Lydia to control her and her hypnotist best friend, Julie Adams. They now obey me. No shit.

I had already become very knowledgeable and skilled at hypnosis thanks to observing Lydia. And I'm a very quick study. Extending control to the level I have achieved took a whole other level of effort. I have used a combination of traditional hypnosis and covert programming vis-à-vis audio loops that repeat simple 'truths' to the subconscious. A detailed explanation for how that works is detailed in Operator's Manual to Programming the Human Mind on ROM. Anyway, once upon a time I called Lydia 'master'. And she most definitely was my master. I would have given my life for her. She had me, for want of a better word, beguiled. Then, in a heartbeat, Lydia and Julie fell under my spell. They are both accomplished hypnotists who were not expecting a covert induction by me. Their mental defenses were softened with X and K.

Lydia decided at some point, when I was her thrall, that she wanted a big diamond ring on her finger. I married her, but I'm not sure that decision was of my own free will. I actually love her, so I guess it was my decision. Not sure on that one...

Now, I should set proper expectations. I am not your typical subject. I was an extreme alpha male when I met Lydia. I had already started my own company and I was the recipient of the MacArthur genius award, so I think it's fair to say I was a cut above average. In the story BoW, Lydia did a sneaky induction on me, in the guise of making sure I was 'safe' to have sex with. She worked on me for over a year, so I can safely assume I am a different person today. How different? A reader, who I correspond with, asked if a person's past personality and memories can be totally wiped with hypnosis and brainwashing. I can only speak for myself. Generally, I don't think so. I felt compelled to obey Lydia. I was generally aware, but I found when I disobeyed her I had feelings of remorse and general dysphoria. When I obeyed, I was rewarded with mild euphoria. The programming in audio loops is able to affect neurotransmitter and endorphin release. It's quite remarkable and it's the real deal. So, in responding to the reader, I was generally aware except when Lydia purposely obscured a memory or awareness. Mainly, I was compelled to obey her. Before I met Lydia, I had been fairly ruthless in business and how I conducted my life. That side of me seems gone now. Not that I miss it. I would say I am a better person because of Lydia. But the alpha male is not so easily erased. I still want to be in control. And now I am. Lydia is my thrall now. I kind of like this, but her mind is too great a treasure to waste, so I decided I would 'wake her up' after she completed her training. While Lydia was undergoing training, I found it necessary to mentally age regress her to a six year old. Why? Because despite the triggers and post hypnotic suggestions I had active in her, she was actively resisting my control. I instructed Julie to age regress her and for the last 6 weeks Lydia has been a mindless, well behaved little girl. I have been looking forward to getting the adult version of Lydia back, but an adult version who recognizes her place and obeys me without question. Graduation day for Lydia's re-education was March 20th, 2021. I gave her back her intelligence and then proceeded to test the depth of her training. She passed. There was some initial hesitation to obey my command, but I decided, all in all, she passed. Lydia is still strongly compelled to call me master. If she resists, she gets an upset stomach. Neat little trick. Julie is now hopelessly addicted and obedient to me and that is the way I like it. I also dumbed Julie down, but didn't have to go as far as I did with Lydia. That is because Julie is not particularly bright to begin with. The only challenge she presented to me was how to circumvent her religious upbringing. I circumvented it. Turning a church lady into a willing and grateful fuck hole is quite satisfying. Julie worships me now. The other girls were relatively easy to program. How deep is my control? It's pretty deep. I plan to test each of the girls in the next few weeks. If I have achieved cult level 'devotion and worship', then the girls should be willing to sacrifice their lives to save mine. Not for real, but they wouldn't know that. Except for Lydia and Julie, who are now pregnant, the 'take a bullet for me' test for any of the pregnant girls is probably asking too much. Their subconscious will want to protect the unborn child, so I will have to think of something less dramatic to test their devotion.

All of the girls will happily have sex with whomever I tell them to. Rita and Angela are well on their way to being fully under my control and both, if not already, should be pregnant soon. Shelly has decided to join the commune. Did hypnosis have a role in her decision? Only I know the answer to that. I most definitely will groom her to be subservient to me with hypnosis. I started her on my audio loops at night. I anticipate her training will be complete within the next 60 days.

Does it get any better than having seven beautiful girls devoted to serving me and satisfying my every sexual whim? Well... yes, it does. Throw in poker with my old buddies and it gets even better. I called up Martin, Steven, Murphy and Jackson and told them to take off for a week for poker. I mentioned that I ran a commune with 7 girls who obeyed me unconditionally and if they would like to partake in a little crazy sex, that could be arranged. Two of the guys are married. They had questions like would we use condoms and was there any risk of venereal disease? I assured them the girls were all tested and clean. I advised them that they would be required to have proof of recent vaccination or a negative COVID test within 2 days of their visit and they all agreed.

I instructed four of my girls that I am recruiting some male labor with special skills to join our commune. Of course, they want to lighten their workload plus get some things fixed that they just don't have the skills to do, so they are excited. In real life, Martin is going thru a divorce and is an ex pro football player. He has moved on to be a successful businessman and he is also quite good at taking my money in poker. Steven is a lawyer and a bit of an asshole. I like him. Murphy is a stock trader. He has made a lot of money by trading 'momentum plays' promoted on social media. Finally, there's Jackson. Jackson is married and a university professor. He teaches ethics. And yet he will surely want to have sex with the girls. How ironic is that? It’s a good group of guys whom I have missed. No more poker was one of the things I resented about Lydia's control. Now to make up for lost time.

I explained to the guys that all my girls have been hypnotized and conditioned to the commune lifestyle where sharing themselves is for the good of all. I advised them if they wished to partake in the goodies, they would need to tell the girls that they were auditioning to join the commune. What does that mean? That means, as a new male recruit, besides working on the commune, you are expected to satisfy the girl's sexual needs. I added that Lydia would conduct her own interview with each applicant. None of the guys have a clue about hypnosis or how deep you can take someone. I explained that their trip coincided with graduation day. Lydia and Julie just completed their primary training. I explained how I had to throttle back Lydia's I.Q. She had been resisting the programming, so I used Julie to dumb her down. After that she was much more amenable to listening to my voice at night. My soothing voice, played over 45 or so minutes with 2 or 3 channel audio eventually led the girl's into light trance and the 'brainwashing' began at that point. I find the term 'brainwashing' to be somewhat pejorative. I prefer 'brain conditioning'. The changes induced in the girls lead to very positive and profound changes in their brains. They come to enjoy eating healthy, exercising and improving themselves. I 'guide' them to want to serve me, but that remains their sole decision. I do not try to shove obedience down anyone's throat.

Maybe a penis shoved down a throat, but not slave-like obedience. I'm kidding.

Lydia was ready to be tested. I had been contemplating different ideas on how to test and prove a girl's loyalty and devotion. That required a test that they would refuse if they were not fully programmed to be my pet. Like take a bullet for me. I decided against that test as the girls are pregnant and maternal instincts might undermine the validity of the test. I planned to test Lydia's sexual subservience while she was still 'stupid', then wake her up and at an inopportune moment to realize she was doing something very humiliating. If she responded by placing my desires and commands above her own, then she would pass. If she recoiled in horror at what she was being asked to do, then I would know more training was necessary.

I summoned Lydia and Julie to come to the house. They both arrived with a smile on their face and greeted me, "Hi master. How can we be of service?"

Julie now refers to me as master and thinks that is perfectly acceptable and ‘normal’.

I looked over at my friends. Their mouths were hanging open. I said to them, "Allow me to demonstrate."

"Assume the position, Lydia." Lydia leaned over and grabbed her ankles. My 'unofficial' uniform for the girls is skintight leggings. I pulled these down to reveal the cutest little pussy you can imagine. I never tire of doing this. "Lydia is stupid right now. She will blindly obey any command I give her. My goal is to maintain this level of control when I 'wake her up' and allow her to regain her intelligence. Martin, I want you to fuck her in the ass. I have my reasons. Are you up for this?"

"Sure boss." Martin popped out his Johnson. He was a big man and he sported a big penis. I decided I needed to lube her ass so that she didn't suffer a rectal injury. I retrieved the KY jelly and squirted some into Lydia's ass. She squirmed. "Eew, that’s cold."

I instructed Martin to coat his penis and then insert himself slowly. He slid his penis into her quivering ass and she accepted him without issue. She was fairly stretched, but I figured it would be alright. Martin was soon relentlessly pounding her and it wasn't long before he came. Lydia was trying to be a good sport, but she grimaced at times, so I suspected it was painful. I told Martin to pause before he pulled out.  I wanted Lydia to capture the sperm in her hand and gulp it down. Martin withdrew and copious amounts of sperm gushed from Lydia's anus onto her open palm. Add to that some blood and some brown staining and you get the picture.

“Drink that down Lydia.”

She brought her hand to her mouth and lapped it up, obeying without hesitation.

So, she was completely compliant while stupid, but how would she respond if I gave her back her intelligence?

Now it was time for Lydia's final exam. She had been in training for 6 weeks. It was really too short, but I had advanced the girl's to listening to my audio loops twice each day for 45 minutes. I had observed Lydia drop into trance each time. She couldn't be faking it as the 3 channel audio pretty much assured direct access to the subconscious. I was about 90% sure she would pass the test. "Lydia. Listen to me carefully. Time to WAKE UP!" Back to your normal high intelligence!"

Lydia looked around like she didn't know where she was.

"Oh my. It feels like a veil has been lifted from my eyes. My ass is sore. Did this man just fuck me in the ass?"

"Yes Lydia. Martin is the big fella that just fucked you. Now you have the honor of cleaning his penis with your mouth and tongue." Lydia hesitated.

"Who am I Lydia?"

"You are my master."

"And when your master gives you a direct command, what are you to do?"

"I am to obey immediately and enthusiastically. I'm sorry master. I'm just trying to get my bearings."

Martin's penis had tinges of brown and red. Lydia took his entire length into her mouth and sucked him clean. Martin was enjoying it immensely.

"Lydia, you are doing such a good job, I want you to make Martin cum again and I want you to swallow it down."

Lydia went into Hoover mode and was soon sucking Martin expertly while she fondled his balls and shaft. Martin groaned and soon unleashed a second load.

"Lydia, open your mouth to show me the sperm before you swallow it down."

Lydia complied. Thick white jism filled her mouth. She waited for me to verify, then gulped it down. Then she licked up and down the entire length of Martin's shaft again to make sure he was completely clean.

She leaned back on her ankles and looked up at the group of men.

"My only desire is to make you happy master. I want to be a good girl for you."

I looked over at my friends and said watch this, “Is everything you do for me voluntary? I’m not forcing you to do anything am I?”

“Oh no master. It is 100% my decision whether or not I comply with any instruction.”

Steven, the lawyer, remarked, “Her answer was rather robotic. Are you sure she is just not parroting an answer you want to hear, an answer that you programmed into her?”

I smiled, “Steven, what would ever make you think such a thing?”

I turned my attention back to Lydia, "I am very pleased Lydia. You passed your final exam. Now I want you to go brush your teeth and gargle with Listerine then come back here. I will have further instructions at that time."

"Yes master. Thank you master."

Lydia leaned down to kiss my feet. Her programming was better than I could have hoped for.

"Gentlemen, I say we adjourn to the parlor for some wine and appetizers. A big lunch is planned. There are four girls that you will be able to fuck while you are here. Lydia, Julie, Cynthia and Tricia. They are all recently pregnant. I have not confirmed pregnancy in the other girls yet. I am saving them for myself, at least until they are pregnant.

The girls prepared lunch and I pulled out the poker chips and cards for a little afternoon game of Hold'em. As usual, Martin was the big winner. We called it a day and drifted to the outside veranda for cigars. Tricia served us drinks. Unfortunately, it was a bit too cold to have the girls parade around naked. Otherwise, I would have topped off the day with a little eye candy. Steven was dying to ask me about the commune. "How did you get all these girls to volunteer for this?"

"That's a long answer. First, the commune is a simple life where everyone helps one another. That is very appealing in its own right. Many people are very attracted to a worry free, simple existence. When you take likeminded people who enjoy one another's company and you mitigate barriers to free love, then you just need a spark to light the fire."

It was Jackson, the ethics professor’s turn to ask a question. "Mitigate barriers to free love? Can you expound on that please?"

"Yes. We are raised to follow certain social norms. Men must go through this ridiculous lengthy and convoluted courtship to get in the pants of a female. And don't get me started on feminism. They are ruining it for themselves and men. So, what if I can influence the female to desire to have the same sexual freedom as men? What if both sexes consider having sex as natural and desirable? Then all you have to do is create an environment for the desire to express itself. Since desire is generally programmed into our genes, it becomes a simple exercise to program the subconscious. I learned hypnosis from my wife Lydia. I covertly hypnotized her and her friend Julie during a little drug fun weekend. They never knew what hit them. I have a rather sophisticated program that I take them through over the course of 6 to 8 weeks during which I steadily extend the level of my control. They are Stepford wives or thralls now, both of them. Even though Lydia and Julie are very accomplished hypnotists on their own, they are completely obedient to me.

"Holy crap" exclaimed Martin. This is like some mind control porn flick."

"Except it's not fiction my boy. It's real. And I'm the puppeteer. I pull their strings. Here's the deal. We all share everything with one another as part of the commune agreement. For the collective good of the commune. The girls know I need to recruit some male help for the more physically demanding parts of the operation. They know that it is a requirement of mine that whoever joins us must be a fit for the group in all respects. That means a cooperative, friendly disposition, a hard worker and someone who is sexually compatible. They want to have sex with applicants if only to make sure that the applicant can bring them to orgasm. Now, I have programmed them to achieve orgasm fairly easily, so if you can get it up, you can probably 'pass' the sexual tryout part of the interview. My friends get to have a weekend of sex with the girls and if I decide not to add any of you, then the girls just consider it doing their part in the interview process. Pretty clever huh?"

"Where do I sign up?". Martin raised his hand. "I'm serious, I wouldn't mind getting my hands dirty. I'd join."

"Well Martin, you have to pass tryouts. How many girls do you think you can bring to orgasm? Three, four? You have to get a minimum of 3 to pass. Then they and I will know you have the stamina to get the job done. You will also have to submit to Lydia. I plan for her to keep everyone in line for me. I run a tight ship. I can promise you all the sex you can handle, but you will earn it with hard work. Understood?"

"Yes sir, captain sir", he saluted.

Martin was taking all of this a bit too flippantly for my liking. I would have to think whether I really wanted to add him.

About then Murphy's hand went up. "I'd like to throw my hat in the ring."

"What about the rest of you?" Not surprisingly Stephen and Jackson wanted a roll in the hay with each of the girls. I summoned my pregnant thralls to the house and explained the situation.

"As you all know, I have been looking for one or two able bodied men to join our family to help with the heavy lifting. Since sexual compatibility is a requirement, I would like you to conduct a 'penis interview' with each of these candidates. How do they measure up? You know what I mean. It is important that when I allow you to have sex with another man besides myself, that you enjoy yourselves. So, we will pair off this evening and then rotate. I want the four of you to fuck each of the four guys. Lydia will join in and also be in charge of the pairings."

Gentlemen, you may begin this evening. I have inculcated clean hygiene in the girls, so if you want brownie points, you will shower before you begin. I watched in amusement as the boys scampered over one another to get to the showers first.

I took Lydia and Julie aside. "I want both of you girls to show the others how it's done. Give the men deep massages and then give them a happy ending. I want each of the girls to fuck all four of my friends. Afterwards they will need to rank each of the men on their sexual aptitude. That will be one part of my final analysis to determine who is worthy of joining our commune."

Lydia smiled up at me. "I will take care of it, master. Thank you." Julie leaned into me, smiled and gave me a kiss on the lips. "Thank you master. Thank you for allowing me to be your good girl."

"You are welcome Julie." She had become such an obedient thrall.

Is any of this real? Is anything real? Perhaps we all just live in a simulation.

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